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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 28, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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ten students praying at their school in texas around 199 0. now it is a student-led event and that is in a lot of ways to avoid constitutional challenges. the tradition candidaontinues. it's time for shepard smith. shepard smith reporting live from the fox news desk. >> the news is breaking on capitol hill, very big news indeed. we have history today as the first time that an obama veto has been overridden in congress. the house now does have enough votes to override president obama's veto of a bill that would allow 9/11 families and survivors to sue saudi arabia. the vote is still open, but once it's final, this will be the first time congress has overriden one of president obama's vetoes and the bill will, indeed, become law. in fact, it will become law immediately as the house finishes the vote. shep, if they haven't finished the vote, why are you telling us it's passed? the reason is they needed 300
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votes. you needed two-third majority in the house. first you needed a two-third majority in the senate and they got it. harry reid of nevada turned on the president. he got all the republicans who had been opposing, you know, pretty much anything the president has done, and in addition, he got all democrats. the democrats who for the course of his presidency have been working not to allow overrides of his vetoes abandoned him on this measure. now, i'll get to the reasons for that in a moment. the president argued against the bill last week telling lawmakers it would make the u.s. vulnerable to retaliatory lawsuits. now, hear this. retaliatory lawsuits. the details on that in a moment. again, once the vote is final in theous, the 9/11 lawsuit bill automatically and immediately becomes law without the president's signature. they have all the votes they need but the full vote tally is not in and when that full vote tally is in just minutes from now, this bill will be a law on capitol hill.
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because there's nothing else that president obama can do about it. let's bring in two experts on this to give you context and perspective. judge andrew no paapolitano is , as is john bussey, u.s. associate editor at the "wall street journal." let's start with the effect of this first. the effect of this is that people who are family members of 9/11 victims or in their own way 9/11 victims, themselves, survivors if you will, can sue saudi arabia for what? >> they can sue saudi arabia for claims. for their involvement in, you know, whether or not they were involved with supporting the hijackers who came to the united states and flew in those planes. that's the issue. was saudi arabia in some way facilitating what they did? and you don't necessarily find that out until you bring all to a courtroom. the issue here is that this intrudes into a zone, a very careful diplomatic zone, of sovereign immunity. what the united states is
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concerned about, was obama has said to congress, is if you do this, what the unintended consequences of this is it may unleash lawsuits abroad against the united states. against our military, against our diplomats overseas. and that to defend those individuals, we may have to go to court and disclose all sorts of confidential intelligence. >> all over the world. >> that we don't want to be doing. so you're opening up a pan dodos box is the argument the obama administration has made. >> on the legality of this. >> well, as you said in the intro, this will become law inl >> it's complete now and it is law. >> okay. so as of this very moment, as john said, survivors of 9/11, or their families, or both can sue for damages but just as important for people to know, the process of suing involves what's called discovery. this is lawyers gathers documents, information, and taking testimony before the
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trials start. this has never, ever happened before. between the united states and saudi arabia. the essential nation of our relationship has been shrouded in mystery, the bush administration and in the obama administration. that shroud is about to be lifted by the plaintiffs' lawyers who will bring people from the saudi government into their offices in new york, put them under oath, and ask them questions. >> the final vote was 384 aye, 47 nay. one person abstained. that's an overwhelming rebuke of president obama's veto. why did it happen? why did democrats go along with it? they went along with it for politics. it is a political season. elections are coming up. to be seen on the -- against the 9/11 victims is in many ways, political constituencies, political suicide and for the moment it appears some analysts will say at this moment that the consequences, not unknown consequences, known
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consequences, known potential consequences have been overlooked for the politics of the moment. john bussey, is that a fair assessment? >> that's a fair assessment. christina peterson is writing about this in the "journal " right now. this is a relationship shrouded in mystery. why is that? saudi arabia is one of our key allies in a very difficult zone of the world. the mideast. and yet, saudi -- the royal family has kept its own fractious nation, you know, calm by funding a lot of very conservative islamist groups that may, may not have had some role in this. that relationship within saudi arabia, alone, could be subject to all sorts of untangling and discovery in court that is going to damage that relationship between the united states and saudi arabia. saudi arabians have already been in washington lobbying very hard against this bill. they said, look, we got a lot f assets in the united states, we
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hold a lot of u.s. debt. that, too, could be at threat. >> and this could be destabilizing in the region. >> well, i think any time you step -- >> further destabilizing. >> exactly. any time you step into that relationship, which is already complicated enough, and you open up the veil, you know, the shrouded in mystery, well, it's kind of kept shrouded in mystery for a whole bunch of pragmatic reasons. even though we don't feel entirely comfortable with those pragmatic reasons. >> let me tell you -- isn't part of this wikileaks? >> yes. >> you want to know why this is boiling? a large part of this, wikileaks. we know a lot of things we know about because of wikileaks. we're in a digital world with nothing is private, and old secrets are going to fall and they're falling in front of us and we're about to find out what the -- do 9 the 9 /11 families deserve to know whether saudi arabia helped murder their family, friends? what's going to happen? >> well, what's going to happen, their cases are going to be
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presented before jurors in new york city and lower manhattan and jurors will decide what's the fair market value of the losses? loss of life, those who suffered horrifically as the planes took the buildings down and whatever consequences there were. this could be financially catastrophic for the saudis as wealthy as they are. >> and more than that, american -- united states sec t secrets wrapped up in relationships with saudi arabia could be secret no more and loose lips sink ships. >> that's saudi arabia. other countries are going to look at this and say, hey, wait a second, if they're going off saudi arabia, we're next so we're going to sue the united states based on the same principles they are pursuing in this new relationship with the saudi arabians and with the new view of sovereign immunity. and that could be over drone strikes in pakistan, drone strikes in afghanistan. it's just a big unknown and that's what the obama administration has been saying.
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and you're already seeing in congress some people say, hey, maybe we need to revisit this and tie it up a little tighter. >> that's what i was going to say. after this election, there is, it appears they're going to come back together and look at this again. it's very much worth a read, if you're interested in this in any way, remember the attacks of 9 /11, understand our relationship with saudi arabia, would like to, google it. find a fair-minded website that you trust because of facts, not because of ideology, and read it. read it, learn about it, because it's coming back. thank you, gentlemen. hillary clinton rolling out the big guns on the campaign trail just moments from now, she's set to take the stage with her old rival, bernie sanders n the swing state of new hampshire. a live look at the town of durham, new hampshire. it's the first time the two have campaigned together since they held that unity rally when he endorsed her back in july. senator sanders and senator -- i should say secretary clinton fought a tough battle during the primaries.
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obviously. he's now calling for all of his supporters to get behind her. the president saying a vote for -- a vote for anyone but secretary clinton is a vote for donald trump. and they're making the political argument about it. the polls show she can use the help winning over millennials. we'll take you to that live event in new hampshire when it starts in just a minute. first lady michelle obama also campaigning for hk illary clinton today in the key swing state of pennsylvania. she spoke in philly earlier and is set to speak again in mi pittsburgh minutes from now. we'll bring that to you live. earlier today john warner endorsed hillary clinton for president while campaigning with her running mate tim kaine in the state of virginia. senator warner was not just a senator. he is a former secretary of the united states navy. he was on the senate armed services committee. he is very well versed in foreign policy and military affairs and widely respected throughout the republican party for decades. he talked about his time on that
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same committee with secretary clinton. listen. >> when she joined our committee in the senate, and i think i mention this chapter because i know it well and i can speak without any reluctance to tell you she came to those meetings of the armed services committee over those six years that i worked with her prepared. i watched the debate. all of us did. very carefully. i thought it was interesting. and i'll just point out one thing. candidate clinton maintained that composure throughout that debate. the other candidate in my judgment did not. >> well, that wasn't the end of it. there was one more sentence that went along with that, but somehow it got chopped off. senator warner said to donald trump from that podium, donald trump loose lips sink ships implying donald trump does not have, i don't know, does not
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have the wherewithal to keep secrets. this is not the first time the former navy chief has supported a democrat. he endorsed his democratic successor in the senate back in 2014. other republicans have also endorsed clinton and last night the arizona republic newspaper backed senator clinton. the first time it has endorsed a democrat of any kind. in its 120-year history. the editorial board wrote, and i quote, "clinton retains her composure under pressure. she's tough. she does not back down. trump responds to criticism with a petulance of verbal spit wads. that's beneath our national dignity." the editorial board goes on "when the president of the united states speaks the world expectsubstance, not a blistering tweet." jennifer griffin live, durham. now some big names, jen. >> reporter: right now, we are waiting. in fact, i think that hillary clinton and bernie sanders are coming on stage. they're coming on. she's going to be talking about
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college-free debt, mostly because she's polling very poorly with millennials right now. last month she was 24 points up. now she's five points out. she's bringing out a 70-year-old senator who ironically is an icon on college campuses. she's also taking a play from his playbook by talking about college-free debt. she's offering debt-free college. in fact, tuition-free college for any families making under $125,000. what's interesting, shep, there aren't a lot of students in this audience right now. there were lines of about 400 students who were turn eed away. she hadn't been getting large crowds at a lot of the venues. i don't think they planned for enough space for the students so they had to turn away a lot of students. you have a lot of 50-year-olds behind me in the audience. and so all of this designed to try and make her more appealing to this younger millennial crowd
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who are so important. let's listen to what she's saying. here you go. >> you've come to the right place. thanks very much for being here. i want to thank secretary clinton for inviting me to join her here in the great state of new hampshire. and today i am asking all of you to think big, not small. to understand that here in the united states, we are the wealthiest nation in the history of the world and if we are prepared to stand together and not allow people to divide us p
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u up. if we are prepared to stand up to powerful and wealthy and greedy special interests, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish, no goal that we cannot achieve, and that includes making fundamental changes in the way we fund higher education in our country. now, here is a simple truth. 40 or 50 years ago in new hampshire and vermont, virtually any place in america, you went out, you got a high school degree, the odds are that you can go out and get a decent paying job and make it into the middle class.
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that was the world 40 or 50 years ago. but that is not the world today. the world has changed. the global economy has changed. technology has changed. and education has changed. today, in a highly competitive global economy, if we are going to have as a people the kind of standard of living that the people of the united states deserve, we need to have the best educated workforce in the entire world. but let me be very honest with you and tell you that, sadly,
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that is not the case today. our nation used to lead the world in the percentage of young americans with college degrees. we were number one. today, we are number 15 and that is not acceptable. and that is why secretary clinton and i understand that in today's world, when we talk about public education, it's no longer good enough to talk about the first grade through high school. that was good. that was wonderful 30 or 40 years ago. it is not enough today. and today when we talk about
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public education, it must mean making public colleges and universities tuition free for the middle class and working families of this country. now during the campaign, the primary campaign, secretary clinton had some very strong proposals. i had a different approach. but we came together after the campaign and reached an agreement that says that every family in this country earning $125,000 or less, that is 83% of our population, should be able to send their kids to public colleges and universities tuition free.
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and make no mistake about it, this is a revolutionary proposal for the future of our country with wide-reaching implications. it means that first, students will not be leaving college with outrageous levels of student debt. i went all over this country during the campaign and i talked to too many young people and people who were not so young who were paying off student debts of $30,000, $50,000, $100,000 and in some cases it was taking them decades to pay off those debts. i want young people to leave school excited about the future. the new businesses they'll open
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up. getting married. having kids. buying a house. not being saddled with tens of thousands of dollars in student debt. and secondly, making public colleges and universities tuition free does something even more profound than just reducing student debt. in my state of vermont, here in new hampshire and throughout this country, there are millions of low-income and working-class families with kids who don't know anybody who graduated college. their parents didn't graduate college mi college. my parents never went to college. and they are thinking to themselves, there is no way in god's earth that they are ever going to make to college and into the middle class.
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what this proposal, secretary clinton's proposal, tells us, is that if you are a low-income family, a working-class family, if your kid studies hard and does well, yes, regardless of the income of your family, your kid will be able to make it into college. that is a big deal. today, hundreds of thousands of bright and qualified young people do not get a higher education for one reason and one reason alone. their family lacks the income. that is unfair to those families. it is unfair to the future of this country. how many great scientists and engineers and teachers and
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police officers are out there who will never get a chance to do what they could do because of lack of income of their families? secretary clinton and i are going to change that. you have the ability. you will be able to get a college education. and while we're going to make public colleges and universities tuition free for the middle class and working families of this country, we are also mindful that there are millions of people out there who have already incurred deep debt and we intend to change that and lower those student debts as well. it makes no sense to us that when you go get an automobile loan, refinance your home for
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2%, 3%, 4%, that there are millions of people stuck with interest rates on their student debt at 6%, 7%, 8%. people should be able to refnls those debts at the lowest interest rates they can find. now, some people will say, our critics will say, well, you know, it's a good idea making public colleges and universities tuition free, but it's expensive. costs a lot of money. the truth is, it is an expensive proposal, but i will tell you what is even more expensive and that is doing nothing. we must invest in our young people and the future of this country. and i will tell you something else. that at a time when we have massive levels of income and wealth inequality, it is absurd,
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it is disgraceful, for donald trump and his friends to be talking about hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks for the top 1%. >> well, we lost the feed momentarily. it appears it's now back. let's listen. mrs. clinton will be up in a moment. >> overwhelming majority of the ameri ameri american people understand that it is far more important to invest in the future of our country than to give donald trump a -- and his family -- donald trump's family -- a $4 trillion tax break if trump were to repeal the estate tax. the walton family, wealthiest family in america, would get a $50 billion tax break.
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so when you have republicans telling us that it is okay to give tens and tens of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the richest people in this country, do not tell me that we cannot afford to make public colleges and universities tuition free. all of you know that new hampshire is a battleground state. all of you know that this is a very tight election. and in fact, new hampshire could decide the outcome. so i am asking you here, today, not only to vote for secretary clinton, but to work hard to get your uncles and your aunts, to
12:25 pm
get your friends to vote. if anybody tells you that this election is not important, you ask them why the koch brothers and sheldon adelson and other billionaires, why they are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to elect their candidate. this election is enormously important for the future of our country. it is imperative that we elect hillary clinton as our next president. and with that, let me introduce the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. >> thank you.
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thank you, all, so much. it is great being here on the stage at unh with my friend, bernie sanders. one of the most passionate champions for equality and justice that i have ever seen and someone who i am looking forward to working with to get the kind of agenda through our congress that will begin to make our country stronger by providing the kind of support that working families and middle-class families so richly deserve. you know, bernie's campaign energized so many young people. some of you in this crowd. and there is no group of americans who have more at stake in this election than young americans because so much of
12:27 pm
what will happen will affect your lives, your jobs, the kind of country we are, the kind of future we want to build together. i am proud of the primary campaign that bernie and i ran. we ran a campaign about issues, not insults. and when it was over, we began to work together to try to figure out how we could take the issues we agreed on and come together, knowing we are stronger together, to come up with specific policies in education, in health and so much else. thank you, bernie. thank you for your leadership and thank you for your support in this campaign.
12:28 pm
now we're going to need some help in washington and i hope new hampshire will send your now-governor maggie hassen to washington as your senator. and i sure hope you'll send sheryl k. porter back to washington. isn't this one of the strangest elections you've ever seen? i -- i really sometimes don't know what to make of it. standing on that debate stage the other night, i was especially thinking about that.
12:29 pm
and, look, i've been very clear about what i want to do if i'm fortunate enough to be elected president and americans increasingly are zeroing in on the fact that we're not only electing a president, we're electing a commander in chief. we're looking to see who can protect our kun frcountry and p steady and strong leadership around the world. i was very honored today to earn endorsement of john warner, a retired republican senator, world war ii. veteran. former secretary of the navy who served under two republican presidents. i served with hill on the senate
12:30 pm
armed services committee and i have the deepest respect for his patriotism and it's a great honor. he's never endorsed a democrat for president before. and i'm also very grateful that a number of republicans and independents here in new hampshire have announced their support for this campaign. in fact, it is really an extraordinary honor that 150 republicans here in new hampshire are supporting this campaign because they understand how high the stakes are. the next -- the next 40 days will determine the next 40 years. so i'm going to close my campaign the way i started my
12:31 pm
public service and my career. fighting for kids and families. that's been the cause of my life and it will be the mission of my presidency. and when you go to vote in november or if you vote early, it's not just my name on the ballot. every issue you care about. think about it because in effect it's on the ballot, too. it's whether or not we continue to fight climate change or we give in to denial. this is a big deal. i never thought when i gave my acceptance speech at the
12:32 pm
democratic national convention that i would have to put in the following sentence. "i believe in science." and climate change is real. it's serious. and we have to be united and committed in addressing it. i never thought i'd hear someone running for president, my opponent who says he wants to appoint supreme court justices who would overturn marriage equality and turn the clock back on lgbt americans. overturn a woman's right to make her own health care decisions and reverse that fundamental right. and so much more. so there's a lot at stake and
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that's why some of the analysts are saying more americans will vote in this election than ever before. we had more people watching that debate than any presidential debate before. and that's why we have to focus on what we want to do because i want to make a difference in your lives and one of the biggest issues that i heard about throughout the campaign, that i hear about from every corner of our country, is how much an education costs. bernie's absolutely right. i remember, you know, when i went to college, my dad who was a small businessman, he had saved up money, but i had to work. i had to work through college. work during the school year. work during summers. but that was okay. we were able to put it together. it wasn't so much that it
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endangered me or my family's financial future. and then i decided to go to law school. my dad said, i can't help you. we're done. we can't help you. so i kept working. i got a small scholarship but then i took out loans. and i paid those loans back, but i was lucky because i signed up for a program that gave me the opportunity to pay my loans back as a percentage of my income. not a fixed interest rate. that's why i could go to work for the children's defense fund. think i made $14,000 a year, as i recall. i could never have done that if i had had the kind of interest rates that so many young people now are facing. it's absolutely wrong and it has undermined the fundamental right to pursue your dreams, to have that education, to get those opportunities that you so
12:35 pm
rightly deserve. now, new hampshire has the highest proportion of students with debt in the country. and the second highest average debt per student. a student i met here in new hampshire said, going to college should be hard, but paying for college shouldn't be so hard that it prevents you from getting your education. indeed, here in new hampshire, we've got so many young people graduating with debt who aren't able to get started in their careers. aren't able to do the jobs like i could do because they have to get a job that pays as much as possible to begin paying their debt down. so we should, and we will, make public colleges tuition free for families earning less than
12:36 pm
$125,000 a year. and if you already have student debt like so many students have here in new hampshire, we will help you refinance it. it is absolutely outrageous that you cannot refinance student debt, and it is even worse that you're being charged interest rates that are so much higher than anything that anybody else is paying to buy a house, to buy a car, to borrow money for a business. i don't know how we got to where we are, but we are going to fix it. this is wrong. it's wrong for students. it's wrong for families. and it's wrong for our country.
12:37 pm
i also have met a lot of young people who want to start a business, they want do be entrepreneurs. it's the classic american story. start that business in the garage or the basement. get going. but they can't get credit because they have student debt. nobody will help them out no matter how good the idea is. so we're going to put a moratorium so you don't have to pay your student debt back for a couple of years while you try to get your business started and you get the chance to get the credit you need. we're also -- we're also going to provide loan forgiveness for people willing to go into public service or national service.
12:38 pm
and in florida on friday, i'll give a speech about why that's so important. now, when you add it up, our plan will help millions of people save thousands of dollars. our campaign has built a tool to help you see how our college plan will actually help you. not in general, but really specifically. you. the situation you're in. to check it out, go to now, we have an example right here. and this presentation is what you can see when you go to our website. you can say, i have student debt. you can say, i'm planning for college. you can put in what your annual household income is, how much you will save. and we are trying to make it as
12:39 pm
specific as possible because i don't want anybody to miss out on what this plan can do for you. you can choose whether you have student debt. i met a young woman just yesterday in north carolina who said, nobody really explained to me and my family what i was getting into. i hear that so much. you know, these financial aid forms, it takes forever to fill out. and at the end of it, you really don't know what it means. well, we're going to be really explicit. you know, we do have technology in america and we ought to use it more to help people understand what they're getting into. and to provide alternatives so that they don't make the wrong decisions for themselves. so, please, use this, you know?
12:40 pm
you will save $60,640 if you're if one of these there is a way to understand the choices you have to make for everybody. so i hope you will. go to i have to say this, none of this will happen if you all don't turn out and vote. none of it. you know -- i see all the signs saying "i will vote." there's also a website. please go to to make sure you're registered. all the information is there. you put in your name, you put in your address. and through the miracle of technology, you can find out if you're registered or maybe because you moved, you were purged from the records and you have to register again. new hampshire make ts ea new hampshire makes it easy. you can have same-day registration.
12:41 pm
so both bernie and i are excited about what we can do together. i am really looking forward to working with him and other strong democrats and republicans who want to help solve problems again in america. bringing people together is what i'm going to spend a lot of my time doing as your president. and if you've had a chance to see or meet my running mate tim kaine, you know how hard he'll work to get things done and make it a high priority to produce results. so, we're going to move now to the panel and i'm very pleased to have mary jo brown moderating
12:42 pm
along with doug martin who you heard from earlier. >> secretary clinton speaking durham, new hampshire, with a lead-in from her former rival bernie sanders there and ovation from unh, university of new hampshire students it sounded like in the crowd. she referenced, though, -- jen griffin is there. sounds like a lot of students there and sound, i don't know, forgive me, fired up and ready to go. >> reporter: well, it's interesting, shep, there are a lot of students on the risers behind her. they obviously were invited here. most of the people in the seats that you hear and you see clapping and standing and giving her standing ovation, they're in their 50s or 60s. a lot of the students waiting outside, there were lines, some of them said they waited 2 1/2 hours. they couldn't get in because it was so filled here. i think a lot of these people are bernie sanders supporters, but what was notable about what she just said is she has taken a page out of bernie sanders' playbook. she is offering free college tuition to any family making under $125,000 a year.
12:43 pm
bernie sanders says that is 83% of the american population. they are going to forgive loan debts. this is all part of a very strong move to try to attract millennia millennials, try to attract students who polls have shown in recent months, there's a huge enthusiasm gap. she had a high enthusiasm rate among millennials in july. it was about 24% according to the latest quinnipiac poll. now it's down to 5%. so they're very worried. they also believe that new hampshire could be the key to her winning the election. they think that this race is going to be so tight that new hampshire could be very important. >> that would be quite a thing, indeed. jennifer griffin at unh at the hillary clinton event. in a moment, there's a michelle obama event coming. and also donald trump, our carl cameron on what donald trump is doing today. something about debate preps for the next time around. in addition, we have brand new information on the school shooting on which we've been reporting for the last hour or
12:44 pm
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swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. ask your doctor if you're tresiba® ready. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ new numbers show donald trump may need to adjust his behavior if he wants to win a very important battleground state. new poll from christopher newport university in virginia, twice as many voters there say hillary clinton was the right -- had the right temperament to be president and even more say she has the right experience. look at these numbers here. 60%-20%. in the same survey voters give trump the edge when it comes to being honest and trustworthy but it's so close, it's a statistical tie. you can see neither candidate did well and you can also see down there for the dates that this was taken, the dates that this were taken were before the debate the other night. so he already had problems before that. also, trump leads when it comes to the economy and job growth. in case you're wondering who's
12:48 pm
actually winning virginia overall, the real clear politics average of the polls shows secretary clinton leading donald trump by seven points outside the margin of error. all those polls from before monday's debate, we'll wait and see whether things change in one direction or another. meantime trump is making his play for parts of the midwest today. he campaigned earlier in chicago. telling polish american -- telling the polish american community there that he's clearly the better choice for trade, business and all things money. >> we're going to have a trump administration that's going to get things done. that's going to lower taxes. hillary clinton, who i happen to believe is grossly incompetent, by the way, i just feel she's grossly incompetent, but hillary clinton is going to increase taxes. i think it would be worse than four more years of obama. i think it would actually be worse. >> donald trump also has a rally scheduled to begin at the top of the next hour in iowa. then it's on wisconsin.
12:49 pm
badger fans know it has been lately. which is where we find carl cameron 15 miles west of milwaukee. trump's stop in chicago also had a big focus on syrian refugees there, huh, carl? >> reporter: well, it was interesting. he made a rather pointed remark that was aimed principally at bill clinton so the polish american alliance has been around for a long time. trump went to chicago to meet with them. he also had a fund-raiser in chicago. that may have been part of the reason he was in illinois which is not a battleground or swing state. he made a reference to remarks that bill clinton made back in may. clinton was out on the campaign trail stumping for his wife and he specifically focused in on poland and hungary which at the time were resisting syrian refugees. saying we don't want them. and what bill clinton said was that both poland and hungary wouldn't be free nations today were it not for the sacrifices for democracy that the united states made during the second world war and other times during history and that what they want
12:50 pm
is a putin-like dictatorship or authoritarian government that would keep foreigners out and he ended the line with, sound familiar? so what he was doing was, campaign acknowledged this, he was taking a so trump is making an argument against clinton when in fact he was talking to people who were immigrants and german. >> they have been paying donald trump for lots of things. i'm told trump will put money back into his campaign. >> yeah. he has been posting for a while. as for the debate the other
12:51 pm
night the trump campaign raised about $18 million. but they are planning on $140 million in the last five and a half weeks of this election. about 100 million to tv and the other to digital. they have raised a lot, 18 million would certainly be a boost. in order get to 140 he will have to put in some of his own money which is something he didn't want to do. clinton has more money as well. it could make a huge difference but in this -- at this stage of the campaign to raise that kind of money is going to go to ads all over the country. they will need that just to be competitive. trump has boasted all year about not having spent as much money and he doesn't have the cash in his campaign account.
12:52 pm
>> thank you. now michelle obama campaign at the university of pittsburgh. pennsylvania is a vital state. the first lady spoke earlier where vice president joe biden was. let's listen to the first lady. >> i will share with you things i have learned about this job, things that seem more relevant and critically important after watching monday's debate. first and foremost, this job is hard. it is the highest staked most 24/7 job you can imagine. the issues that cross a president's desk are never easy. the easy questions never get to the president and solutions to per spersistent challenges.
12:53 pm
think about his first term alone. barack obama had to rescue our economy. he had to make a call to take out osama bin laden. he had to respond to devastating natural disasters like hurricane sandy and so much more. when it comes to the qualifications that we must demand in a president, to start with, we need someone who will take the job seriously. the president and the president alone always has to make the
12:54 pm
final call. we also need someone who is steady and measured because when making life or death, war or peace decisions a president cannot just pop off or lash out irration irrationally. we need a grown up in the white house. finally, we need someone who will be a role model for our kids, someone that's not just in this for themselves but for the good of the entire country. here is the thing -- >> michelle obama campaigning live in pittsburgh, pennsylvania this afternoon. it is in pittsburgh where both sides really believe it will be won and believe it will rest on
12:55 pm
white educated women. michelle obama's campaign rally live streaming right now. we do have important breaking news we have been following. i want to update you on it, that shooting at townville elementary. it is anderson county, a federal small elementary where they confirm the suspect is in custody. there was a shooting by one suspect. the greenville news reports the suspect is a teenager. the sheriffs office indicates one teacher and two children were shot and are hurt. from everything we are hearing all are expected to survive. no life threatening injuries. a s.w.a.t. team checked the school and they do not believe there was a second shooter. we now know someone else has been killed 3 miles from that school and they believe that killing is related to this
12:56 pm
shooting. for the rest of this story trace is on it. >> reporter: they went into the school and opened fire and did strike two children. the new york times reporting one of the children was shot in the foot. it is unclear where the other student was shot. both of them taken by air ambulance to a trauma center in greenville. the reason being is because anderson county does not have a level one pediatrics trauma center. the kids were taken to a different trauma center in greenville. the teacher was taken by ground ambulance. still unclear if that teacher was shot. we also know the s.w.a.t. team has gone and cleared that building. they do not believe the seco--
12:57 pm
second shooter was involved. listen now to a mom and her daughter. >> it is a really scary event. you never expect anything like this to happen at an elementary school. you fear for everybody. it is scary. >> very little information coming to us about the suspect. >> that school is about 40 minutes outside of greenville, south and west. from that school you go about 3 miles and there's the scene of another dead person. what the you tell us about that? >> reporter: we are being told it was a mile and a half and earlier it was confusing because at the same time we heard about this school shooting we heard the coroner was being sent to a different area about a mile and a half away. a man apparently was shot to death inside that home and now the sheriffs department is saying there is a direct connection between that shooting
12:58 pm
and school shooting. it is unknown if it was a relative or somebody the shooter might have known. there is clearly a direct connection. now you have the s.w.a.t. team at the school, a different crime scene investigation a mile and a how the two will are trying to eventually come together. >> we are watching the local news there and they are reporting the other person who is dez was a relative. it sounds like -- i don't have to tell you that earl i reporting is always right but it sounds like the man was killed, the shooter went to the school and is now in custody. we are not saying he was a student at the school, just that he is a teenager, right? >> reporter: just that he was a teenager and how was the shooter stopped? it was very quickly in and out and over as far as the police tell us.
12:59 pm
the question is was that teacher that was injured, did this teacher some how intervene and was able to some how stop the suspect from shooting? it is very unclear how the student went into the school, what his connection was, whether he was shot and the relative has some connection to the school but at some point the teenager went into the school and opened fire but was quickly stopped and apprehended. it is unclear exactly how. >> following this story half way across the country. we are waiting for more from this local jurisdiction there. the authorities have spoken only briefly. we have more information on that. we'll bridng it to you right away. a crazy day in the market. i want to show you this. right about here we got word
1:00 pm
that a saudi arabia is going upn gas prices. gas prices are going up. we'll see you then. all right. for the first time for president barack obama getting a veto overridden. welcome everybody. i want to take you to virginia and give you a peek at a group to listen to the president of the united states who will likely comment on this development, a stunning development at that and something that seemed unthinkab unthinkable, a democratic president getting reputuated by his own party members as well. the senator reed in the senate,


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