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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 28, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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that a saudi arabia is going upn gas prices. gas prices are going up. we'll see you then. all right. for the first time for president barack obama getting a veto overridden. welcome everybody. i want to take you to virginia and give you a peek at a group to listen to the president of the united states who will likely comment on this development, a stunning development at that and something that seemed unthinkab unthinkable, a democratic president getting reputuated by his own party members as well. the senator reed in the senate, that 9/11 measure would allow
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families to sue saudi arabia instantly becomes law. decisively overridden now. we have more on what happens next. >> reporter: well, this bill is effectively law. if he is overridden by both members of congress, without hms it becomes law. it went to the house. the vote there was 348 to 77. they were well above the threshold. you needed 284 based on 425 members that were voting. you talked about this being a reputuation. one of the reasons it came to the floor right now is because mitch mcconnel decided to
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override about five or six weeks before election. this is good politics especially for the republicans. the speaker of the house did not vote. it is customary he only votes a couple of times each year. he had reservations. i should point something else out. when this moved through the house and the senate there was no role call vote. we typically have a role call vote. it was approved by unanimous consent and on a voice vote in the house. everybody in favor shouts high and those opposed shout nay. you have to have a role call vote where they document and that's one of the reasons today. one of the reasons it passed earlier is simply because a lot
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of lawmakers did not want to be on the record opposing this in the month of september. that's bad politics. >> all right. thank you very much. again, back to this crowd that the president is addressing, largely soldiers. i linked this to development today. he will commit more soldiers to the region, up to 600 of them. the argument is that it would put such soldiers in danger includes diplomats, soldiers and those that would lose their sovereign immunity. we were looking and weighing at all of this. she lost her son on flight 93 outside pennsylvania. i always hate to get together with you under these types of circumstances but it is what it is. what do you think of what the
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president is likely telling them? he will be reassuring them but there is -- they are in greater danger because of this 9/11 measure. >> well, i think that our military and diplomats have nothing to worry about because justice against sponsors of terrorism act has passed. it effects only those sponsors and supporters who have acted to kill americans within our borders. >> so you tried for years as did many other brave and resilient family members for this day zwrous go ahead and have the opportunity to bring anyone that could answer your questions into court. the saudis, they don't have to do that. so i'm wondering, what happens
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or what would you do or what would you colleagues do if they simply refused? >> that's a good question. i'm no legal expert but i know american families of people who were killed on 9/11 have a better footing in court now that several r sovereign immunity will be set aside there. there is a very good reason 15 of the 19 hijackers were exactly saudi nationals. there is a very good reason certain saudi officials showed up in san diego specifically in other places to help these ugly terrorists and supported them and gave them lodging and sus ten nance. there is a very good reason a saudi family moved up and packed up and got out of orlando a
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couple of weeks before 9/11. in other words, there was certain intelligence abroad long before the first aerp, flight 11 hit the north town on 9/11. it is dreadful for us to review the facts and realize for too long there have been people who mean to harm us and there is a supposed ally of the united states that is truly and will be proven in court to be very bloody handed. we know president obama will net rest to bear one more time or two more times to try to muzzle the people --
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>> but to be fair i know your grief and i certainly understand other former presidents, reason included, have supported him on this that it could lead to reprisa reprisals. >> i understand. >> you have heard that argument. >> yes. >> i'm asking you the saiudis hinted if this were to go through and the president didn't veto this, they might stop buying our treasure debt or further more start selling it or use oil as a sort of weapon against us. >> i know. >> i find the timing on deciding to cut back on production curious, the same day it is overriden. >> yes. certain members of the royal family are innocent of the ugly acts of 9/11 then they have
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nothing to fear. if they are not they are doing a very ugly job of making sure the 9/11 families do not have their day in court. this will not pose a danger tore diplomats overseas or to our military whom we prize and value and are very very grateful to. it has been very carefully written to go after only the guilty. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> it doesn't get easier. >> no. it doesn't. it feels like yesterday. >> i'm sure it does. >> you serve mark and his memory well. i want to take a quick look before we show what's going on in the country. optimism that the saudis, the timing of this is curious. it's just me but they committed to do this, which will jack up
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oil prices on a same day a measure is aimed at getting to the bottom of 9/11. all of this happened on the same day. we are also watching the president in virginia. he will be addressing troops. he is committing to expanding to afghanistan and iraq. donald trump will be speaking in io iowa. hillary clinton before a crowd in new hampshire and michelle obama doing just that for team clinton in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. lots going on. a lot more after this. burning, f diabetic nerve pain, these feet played shortstop in high school, learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain, from moderate to even severe diabetic nerve pain.
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went up the waterspout. down came the rain... ...and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement and now owns the sleep number bed. his sleep number setting is 25. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. anchts day the 9/11 measure was overwhelmingly approved despite
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his veto. lieutenant general wendy maciello. command sergeant major nathaniel bartise. i know it's the proud home of the armed support command but i know we have other services represented here, navy, marines, air force. we have our outstanding civilians in the house and we have a whole lot of army. now, i'm not here to give a big
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speech. no. no. the main thing i wanted to do was come by, shake some hands. i had a town hall with cnn and some of our extraordinary troops, veterans, military families. we had an important discussion about how the nation has to uphold obligations to you and your families. >> all right. you're watching the president addressing troops in virginia. he will commit 1,600 additional troops to iraq. i believe i said afghanistan. i apologize for that. it allows victims families to sue saudi arabia. it is something that worries jack kaine. you said the big concern you
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have is that it puts american interest in danger including many of the men and women in that room who might be finding their way to iraq. what did you mean by that? >> well, my concern is that if you override this bill our diplomats, our soldiers, our intelligence officers, they are all subject to being pulled into a courtroom by a foreign power. an example of that would be let's say we unintentionally killed civilians. the participants in that affair would be subject to that trial. they would be subject to that trial and punitive damages. we are all very sympatheticic to what's taken place with 9/11
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victims. this has been partial to me. that is a basic concern the pentagon has. >> thank you for your indulgence on that. i felt i should ask you about it. i also want to ask you about the additional troops thchlt president who famously wanted to wind down what the administration at the time called the bush wars. it is reversing that what do you make of it? >> well, it is the 11th increase in troops in iraq. i think if we had -- it should have been done in the beginning, put together a campaign plan to defeat this in iraq and also in
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syria. this would have been largely over by now. all of that said, this increase is about retaking mosul and the extra forces that are needed to do that. that is about to begin within a week or two. how long that campaign takes will be based largely on how much isis chooses to resist. ever since cabani in syria going back well over a year when they stood and fought and took tremendous losses, what they have been doing is resisting a little bit and committing their forces to depart unscathed. we don't know what they are going to do in mosul but i suspect they will do some resisting but they are not going to fight to the death. as the result of that they will take mosul. after that the political situation in iraq is as
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troublesome as this military situation with the kurds fighting to among themselves. a very weak iraqi government and the united states diplomatic service that refused to play an influential role as they have in the past. as a result of that the iran ias have undue political impact. >> we noted today the saudis decided to cut back oil production. i don't know how they do on their diets. mine generally sound good but that's what they want to do. it's the same day we had congress overriding. coincidence? >> you put your finger on it. yeah, they are reminding us that they have their lever thoon
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switch and that we still have economic dependence on oil from the region, certainly that's the case. but i'll say this, the saudis have pushed back pretty hard on this. i believe having spoken to a number of officials off the record obviously, they understand that this is a charred political issue in thenitis as a result of 9/11. they certainly resent the finger pointing that is going at them in the public media. they also know this is a political reality in the united states and why many snaerts of congress who were very close to them and support them as an ally are voting to override this veto. it think it will pass in terms of saudi seeking any retribution, not going to
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happen. they want to return with the relationship they had with the united states before this president imposed the disengagement he has been doing with the middle east at large because of iranian nuke field and any action that would interfere with that deal. the saudis are looking far new administration to reunite this alliance. twlas they are look at. this will eventually pass for them. >> all right. we'll watch closely. thank you. always good seeing you. >> good talking to you, neil. all right. we are showing you the president addressing soldiers in virginia. the crowds were off the chart for hillary clinton and debate performance the other night. if she can get to a fraction of
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that crowd she could be off to the races. donald trump is still getting very large crowds. a great deal of fundraising. we are waiting to hear from him in iowa. is it me or is this a campaign year? zuccolis. through ancestry, >> i thought i married an italian. rn european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at
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all right. i want to show you something here. this long line to the left, we can't be sure whether that long line was by hearing that bernie sanders was going to be there or in response to hillary clinton's critically acclaimed debate performance that seem to have gal vvanized her campaign. they had to tauurn a lot of fol away, i ronicalronically a lot students. so, what happens now ? has she gotten a lot of that vote back? if so, what does it mean? that's what she wanted, right, to sort of shore up that support. did she?
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has she? >> reporter: absolutely. we can't know they were there for bernie sanders but we can contrast that the night of the debate. right after that, what people say was a very winning performance and it was a much smaller kraucrowd. i think getting them to advocate is very helpful. you're seeing it play out right now on your tv screen. we know that bernie sanders was getting 70% of the millennials. hillary clinton needs them if she will be in the white house. >> the issue i have heard from a lot of experts from donald trump supporters, they will walk over broken glass. hearse not so much. they are out there but the passion, the ones who associated with bernie sanders didn't quite feel the same love for her. has that changed?
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will she effectively rally them to the polls? >> reporter: right. well, polling has shown, yes, there is enthusiasm gap between donald trump and hillary clinton. you can see that playing out in rallies. you're even seeing it among african american voters and the campaign was just reported today the hillary clinton campaign is very nervous about that. i'll tell you, i have long been under the opinion when hillary clinton came out early and often attacking donald trump personally and attack his supporters. it is calling them deplorable and ir redeemable. it is not of strength but of weakness to go negative. she is using that negative campaigning to try to drive african american voters to the polling booth in november to cast a vote against donald trump, not for hillary clinton. >> yeah, that's sort of a double-edged sword strategy. >> it risky.
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we know when they go negative there is also a boomerang effect. maybe she thinks there's really not a lot to lose and she wants to make donald trump seem unacceptable. >> thanks very much. >> thanks for having me. >> all right. we are waiting to hear from donald trump to see what he has to say about all of these developments on that. gingrich on that and how he gets ready for debates after this. (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable.
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all right. hillary clinton trying to turn that against donald trump by saying he gouged his contractors and when it comes to taxes, a lot of years he doesn't pay them. she says she smart in that case but how does it fall out? i know what donald trump was when he was getting that remark.
1:33 pm
in taxes she then puts out an ad or her people do to say he hates soldiers and hates everything good about america by not paying for it. the point there is the comments you made of the debate that if you're not doing what donald is doing then you're an idiot. if you're paying taxes you're an idiot. did that possibly register? >> the clintons have spent large parts of their lives living in houses given to them by the government. they love high taxes because they expect to get them as part of their various projects.
1:34 pm
i think most americans would agree as a principal that as long as you follow the law if you can find ways to minimize your taxes that's totally legitima legitimate, part of the way of life. nobody expects to pay more than your fair share. your fair share is defined by law. trump can make a case. second, he has to come back and he almost did it in the debate. he has to come back and say there are people because they didn't meet my standards. if the federal government was tougher about not paying people who didn't meet his standards we get a lot more done. it is bringing a business approach that much tougher standards and means you would deliver more for the taxpayer. if you look at the skating rink
1:35 pm
in central park -- >> i remember it well. >> or when he created the ballpark -- >> i agree with you. i thought he would going to counter more effectively on that as he is getting ready to address troops. rudy giuliani about to address him in iowa. i wanted to know why he couldn't have just said are you giving me financial advice here or to your point about getting tough on contractors. if those were a fraction of stuff we wouldn't be running up the deficits. >> in all fairness -- and i like trump a lot and i think he is the best natural debater i have seen. in the reaspublican debates he s amaising. lester holt was on hillary's
1:36 pm
side. one of the debates, the town hall will be one on three. i think he needs to prepare more, practice more and have automatic fall backs. nfl quarterbacks very seldom make up a play. they have a whole series of plays available. they go into almost automatic process of implementation. she gave him a lot of opportunities. i was not unhappy with the debate. i think he went in there winning. he came out of there winning. >> you have to embrace who you are. mitt romney didn't do that. he was ashamed as well. donald trump shouldn't be in that same position for the fact that 47% of americans aren't paying any federal income tax at all. >> and by the way, i think trump
1:37 pm
has to be authentic more than he has to be clever. i think the country is more comfortable with donald trump being who he really is. he is a businessman that will be very tough negotiating with people who supply him. he has had a lot of people willing to work for hip and willing to help him build really big buildings. i think he probably needs a little more cheerful pointing out how many thousands of people have done very well working with donald trump. all right. thank you. very good seeing you. all right. donald trump will be addressing this crowd in iowa. he has turned things around in a number of states, including iowa. mathematically even someone like
1:38 pm
rudy giuliani introducing him, he has more options than a week or two ago. we are waiting on polls and whether it still holds true. stick around. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪
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people just do not give her credit. part of it is because she is a woman. we have not elected a woman president before. >> by logic then when hillary clinton was up in the polls, did we not know she was a woman then or were we more enlightened then? i wanted to bring these very sharp women that could teach me a thing or two.
1:42 pm
>> what do you make of that argument? we have a problem, that's why hillary is in the fight of her life. >> wouldn't it be nice if mr. obama paid attention to what martin luther king said judging about to their character rather than the constant identity. they can't go very deep on hillary because 70% of americans don't trust her. they certainly don't want us thinking about what's happening with the vote regarding saudi arabia. hillary clinton took $25 million for her foundation and they don't treat women or gays very well. that's why he is diverting with politics. >> let me ask you, i think there will be more women in congress. we have more than 100 right now.
1:43 pm
there could be more fortune 500 ceos. all of these numbers i sited seem to show a willingness to put women in position of power. so why is the president whining? >> well, the percentages of the numbers you just laid out, for example, the fortune 500 ceos, something like 5% are females. to get away from the label of sexism, i think it's better to just speak directly to the women in your audience who understand that guy at work who has no ideas, who interrupts you, who steals your ideas. >> what do you mean interrupts you? >> exactly. >> or women out there who would understand if hillary clinton had five children from three
1:44 pm
different men she would not be the nominee of a major party. that's the reality. that's the reality. >> we didn't get the right to vote until 1920. it was never going to be easy for the first woman. >> i will grant that the country is a little late in seeing its ways but more women are in congress than ever before. more women are in senate than ever before. more women are fortune 500 ceos. could all of the numbers be higher? absolutely. doesn't it even demean women when you look at it in the context of we don't have a woman president today or we give this one a tough time today. might it be because of this woman or coming from this old administration? >> yes.
1:45 pm
sq >> i think a lot of americans would be put off by this. the progressive feminist movement has been touting this line for years and years and years and since the day she launched has been pushing this narrative that she will be swimming upstream. it is showing this is simply not the case. when across all the country that the media treats women just as fairly as men and so do the voters. >> why do you think that? gina, a separate narrative, that donald trump was constantly interrupting hillary clinton. he interrupted her far more times than she did he. many wrote that that was rude
1:46 pm
almost because it was being done to a woman. what did you make of that? >> yeah, well i don't think four more times than she interrupted him is any number to have a conversation about except that of course the media is going to jump to her defense. you sthave to understand mr. trp had to interrupt to get his points across. i think it's a really important point to consider here. >> i understand he interrupted donald trump a lot more. i'm only left wondering, is there a double standard here that is more offensive when a guy does it to a woman and not as much as when a guy does it to a guy? >> there is definitely a double standard. we should all aim to have the same standards judging hillary clinton as we judge donald trump. there is extensive research that
1:47 pm
shows when a woman, you know, defies gender norms and is seen as assertive there is actually a backlash against her. when they think these are male attributes. >> is there a backlash against these women? wait a minute. has there been a backlash against women in congress? that backlash that you speak of, if it was so severe, they wouldn't be where they are. >> we are 50% of the population. we are certainly not 50% of congress. we have a lot of work to do. quite frankly it's un-american we -- >> wait -- >> it's un-american -- >> i have to jump in here. i'm sore rhode islary. i think america has had its chal lengs and there's always ways we can improve. >> we are.
1:48 pm
>> the parity is not the same thing as equality. the reason that hillary clinton is having trouble in the polls is because she doesn't resonate with a lot of american women. >> maybe that's the issue. maybe that's the issue. maybe it's because -- >> let's take sexism out of it. let's talk about her policy. >> go ask the women. >> stop. stop. stop. pretty please. >> all right. i am out ragraged we have not elected an italian american of the united states. >> neil for president. >> there you go. >> guys, thank you very very much. a feisty debate there. all right. we have donald trump talking about the committeconomy. his team says he started off very very well. they want him to finish that way. that's next. there's only one egg that just tastes better.
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all right. you saw earlier on this network. bernie sanders bashing donald trump and his wealth and cluelessness. duhon nestly think donald trump would let that go unanswered? speaking to a crowd in iowa -- >> she gets rid of 13 phones. how many people have got 13 phones? how many people -- on one hand, what business are you in? what's your business? i think he was just a wise guy, that's all. but she destroyed a number of them with a hammer. how many people have destroyed an iphone or a phone with a hammer. anybody in the room. a couple of hands go i think they are kidding.
1:53 pm
who knows. her staffers take the fifth amendment, how about that. and her ring leader is getting immunity. she has people taking the fifth amendment. four people who illegally did the server, he put in the illegal server. so there are five people taking the fifth amendment, like you see on the mob, right? you see the mob take the fifth. if you're innocent why are you taking the fifth amendment? and then they read a whole list of charges. she's guilty on every one of them. then what do they say? but that's okay. yet other people that have done 2% of what she did, their lives have been destroyed. you tell me. you tell me what's is going on with our country. what's going on with your government? foreign enemies with easy access to hack her server, lies to
1:54 pm
congress under oath, about turning over her work related emails, which are largely destroyed, although i have a feeling they can get emails. we've always heard you can't destroy emails. i don't think they tried too hard to get them, do you? does anybody think? i don't think they tried too hard. the clintons have perfected the politics of profit, but more importantly when you look at what's happening i think it has more to do with other things, large corporations. who support terrible trade deals. and offshore jobs. and they are donating to the clintons. when you look at some of the deals that we all have to suffer with, and you look at the deals that are made, a lot of those deals is not because the politicians are so stupid. now in some cases they are. seriously. but not all. probably in most they aren't.
1:55 pm
friend of me said how is it possible that such and such a deal was made and then you look who is making contributions to the campaign and you see why the deal is made. okay. it's very sad. what does it mean? it means our jobs are fleeing our country. our companies employing our people are leaving for mexico and other places. china can devalue their currency and do whatever they want. wall street has rigged the regulations against the middle class are donating to hillary clinton. they are certainly not donating to me. the wealthy donors who want to shut down american energy, they are donating to hillary clinton. and, by the way, ethanol, we like ethanol, right? we like ethanol. the special interests who want open borders are donating to hillary clinton. and you have your problems here with open borders. and i've been hearing a lot about open borders even here.
1:56 pm
you don't think of this part of the world for open borders. you have your problems. a lot of people are telling me. that's why hillary clinton is pushing -- we'll build a wall. we'll build that wall. believe me. we'll build the wall. we're going to build the wall. and mexico is going to pay for the wall. believe me. 100%. mexico is doing very well thanks to the united states. mexico is very happy with the united states. mexico's leaders are so much smarter than our leaders. so hillary clinton is pushing for 550% increase in syrian refugees coming in to our country. it's actually unbelievable. i have to be honest. i sit up here, i stand up here and i do all of these speeches and discussions and i read, all i read, and i see all i see and
1:57 pm
you hear that 550% increase. i said 500%. press said trump is wrong. i figured wrong it's 300%, 400% lower. he said he was wrong. it's actually 550% increase. they even correct you on the upside. that's the first time that ever happened. she and her financial backers will say anything, to do anything. they lie about everything to keep their grip in power, to keep their control over the country. the american people have had it with corrupt clinton ways. they've had it. they've had it. they are tired of the lies. they are tired of trivial politics. they are tired of being talked down to. looked down upon and treated like second class citizens. smart people. not being treated right. how many more clinton scandals can this country take?
1:58 pm
one after another after another. you know the story, folks. you've seen it for years and years. and we can't take another four years of barack obama and we can't take another four years of crooked hillary clinton. you can't do it. they are the sordid past. we will have a bright future. we're going to make america great again. we're going to make america greater than ever before. we can do that. but if we don't win this election, it will never ever happen. we'll never have another shot. this is it. the tables will be turned and it will tube late. our campaign outlines big changes and bold solutions to make your life better the clinton campaign focuses only on small and petty distractions. never in american history have
1:59 pm
so many serious challenges been met with so unserious a campaign as the campaign of hillary clinton. and i'll tell you what. you know we had the debate the other night. and every single online poll had us winning sometimes by a landslide. and then you go on television, and this "time" magazine, drudge, phenomenal man, drudge, big, big groups, i mean other than i'm on the cover of "time" magazine a lot, they are no friend of mine, believe me. i'm winning my massive margins in many cases. and one was 80% to 20%. i'm winning all these polls. seven or eight or nine. hundreds of thousands of votes. >> we are still monitoring on donald trump speak to the crowd. we wanted to do that earlier on. you heard hillary clinton working with bernie sanders to
2:00 pm
say he's out it, this guy is out of touch. the businessman who brags about being smart, paying little if any taxes at all that's not what you want to be. the battle is on. these guys are not lying back. >> hi i'm kimberly guilfoyle with ron williams, dana perino and greg gutfeld. this is "the five". hillary clinton struggled to turn out the youth vote during the primary season so she's now turning to a millennial magnet for help. her former opponent bernie sanders -- now bernie tried his hardest to rally young americans for hillary in new hampshire earlier. >> we must invest in our young people and the future of this country. and at a time when we have massive levels of income and wealth inequality it is


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