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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 28, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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say he's out it, this guy is out of touch. the businessman who brags about being smart, paying little if any taxes at all that's not what you want to be. the battle is on. these guys are not lying back. >> hi i'm kimberly guilfoyle with ron williams, dana perino and greg gutfeld. this is "the five". hillary clinton struggled to turn out the youth vote during the primary season so she's now turning to a millennial magnet for help. her former opponent bernie sanders -- now bernie tried his hardest to rally young americans for hillary in new hampshire earlier. >> we must invest in our young people and the future of this country. and at a time when we have massive levels of income and wealth inequality it is absurd,
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it is disgraceful for donald trump and his friends to be talking about hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks for the top 1%. this election is enormously important for the future of our country. it is imperative that we elect hillary clinton as our next president. >> the secretary followed then with her own pitch to the youth. >> bernie's campaign energized so many young people. some of you in this crowd. and there is no group of americans who have more at stake in this election than young americans. because so much of what will happen will affect your lives, your jobs, the kind of country we are, the kind of future we want to build together. >> clinton's support from millennials evaporated this summer. she's 4% ahead of trump with
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voters under the age of 35. so do you think this has anything to do with jobs, the economy, or them wanting to make sure they have a future when they graduate >> i'm not sure -- yes it's important to millennials as almost every demographic across the board. she's still seen as that insider, the d.c. elite that people chose -- they chose bernie sanders first on the left. they chose donald trump on the right. also bernie sanders no longer an option they went to the libertarian candidate, they went to johnson and then the green candidate jill stein if they are not on the stage they immigrate back to the outsider and that is trump. he's done a good job with it but that's trump's mandate, to continue that going forward for the next six weeks until the election to say i'm still the crowder candidate. even if you're a democrat -- if you're not into d.c. politics the way it's been done for 230
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years, then tried something new. people thought johnson and stein were taking away from trump. but these battleground states poll his numbers are jumping. >> young people and we're talk millennials so the audience know, people 18-35. they have a strongly negative view of donald trump. >> and hillary clinton. >> they have trouble with it but nowhere near. they are more supportive of hillary clinton than any other age group. even with the decline and we know they like bernie sanders. they love bernie sanders' energy. that's what we're talking about, can she energize this base so they don't go not only to johnson or stein or the libertarian and green party candidate but do they vote or do they stay home. >> why as kimberly points out why is that race tightening. >> previously, i might vote for
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third-party candidate. i just think hillary clinton is inevitable, not going make a difference in a don't like her that much so i'll go -- >> they are coming back. >> they are not coming back to trump. that's not what numbers show. >> dana, from a communications point of view, this is something imperative for theory turn out this vote and energyies her biz. they know to glue hervelle introduce bernie sanders and try to get out that momentum, get out the vote and speak to education and reform of loans and things. >> last week on i wrote this piece how not win the millennial vote. bernie sanders to me a very unlikely celebrity politician. but the young people they absolutely love him. they will turn out for him. he ends up being a good warm up act for her. warming up the crowd. she comes in.
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he's willing to do that. so you have that unity on the ticket. but the other person that's helping on the millennial vote for clinton and that's michele obama. she was out today. and i think she's the most popular politician in america and there's articles that she and barack obama feel a very strong vested interest in trying to help hillary clinton and other democrats win, try to continue their legacy, challenge for donald trump will to be say you guys really want eight more years of this? it's a question will the youth turn out? the problem for both of them they feel uninspired. barack obama inspired them big league. >> dana, on the big league point in terms on what advice did they give to trump supporters and trump surrogates to garner some of that energy and momentum and pull them in on the outsider feel? >> it's hard for me to say in term of the millennial vote because of how they get information and share
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information. it's really different. apparently both campaigns and the trump campaign has done a great job with snapchat. your baby boomer generation is not looking at snapchat. they figured out ways to target and talk to millennials where they are and i think this will be a little bit of an experiment to see how the turn out ends up on election day. >> one more thing. donald trump has 25 million followers between twitter, facebook and instagram. but 30 million. clinton is about 30% fewer followers on her side. so he may be winning the social media war. >> maybe they are following him for other reasons. >> entertainment. >> greg, you are always entertaining. >> i talk to a lot of millennials. i'm actually sick and tired of this obsession with generation. the fact is, if there's one
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thing you learned about this election, is that the two most electrifying phenomenons among millennials are two senior citizens. the assumption that only youth appears to youth is b.s.. we should not worrying what kids want and focus on ideas or something that's beyond what the people tell them they must believe. i think that's amazing. it's not about age, it's about ideas. we've been told that you can only empathize people that are like you. only whites can understand whites. only blacks can unz blacks. how dare you empathize with anybody else. we have two people who are in their 70s. i saw an intriguing trend at hofstra. all my experience on college campuses have been with the typical lefty student protester going back to the late '80s. that's all you saw. but on monday you saw just as
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many nonlefty protesters and activist there's. for the longest time the left owned the turf of academic dissent. they were the ones out there. all the other students would shut up and say that's for them, we'll go study electrical engineering. we'll go major in business administration. we'll let them own that turf. that's over. there's a young right that is creating their own student movement and it explains the reaction in the safe space histo hysteria. >> the right loses that battle. with millennials the ideas are on the left free college theition. what do they real estate late to? college contiguous. on the right the selling point is stick with us down the road you'll get better jobs and make more money and tax will be lower and that's aspirational down the road. >> there's one difference, the right, the young right have
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actually had enough with the politically correct climate on campus. >> tough sell. >> i think they enjoy -- they enjoy being able to say screw you we don't care about your feelings and safe places and microaggression. >> what has donald trump been up to since the debate. taking more shots at his opponent. take a listen. >> the single weapon that hillary clinton has, i mean she couldn't even pass her bar exam in washington, d.c. she failed it. the single weapon that she's got is the media. without the mainstream media, she wouldn't even be here folks, i can tell you. we're going to get rid of that crooked woman. she's a crooked woman. she's a very, very dishonest woman. okay. so juan, taking shots at miss clinton there saying that she's
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a crooked woman. he didn't use any of that language or make personal attacks against her during the debate. your thoughts on this? >> one thing i think he shouldn't have said woman. at the moment given all that's going on with miss universe and clinton campaign using that to great advantage of the latina beauty pageant. he needs to stay away from the woman angle and given the importance of the woman vote, white suburban republican leaning women he doesn't pick up on that issue. i want to come back to something greg was talking about. >> talk in iowa as well. >> which is that issues of importance to millennial voters. first of all it's important to understand, millennial voters are now the biggest single cohort in terms of the electorate. they are bigger than baby boomers. for them the issues that really matter are so interesting to me. they really like obamacare. especially dana has been telling me obamacare, but they like it.
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they like this idea of a social safety net. they like the idea of having help with their college loans and debt. safety net social issues are th. they do not like wall street. they don't like big business. they think that's just not great for them. so as a result, they get turned off by politics because they see politicians defending big business, too big to fail and all the rest. they don't think no one is invested in them and that's what bernie sanders did so them. >> they are missing an economics lesson. you can pay for obamacare and free college without business. >> how do you sell that then? how do you message it to that group if you're a conservative? >> i was thinking along the same lines and how difficult it is then to keep on ideas and only talking about ideas rather than own personalities because the basics of economics are not filtering through on that level.
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that is tough, especially if you add the culture issue, pop culture, not on the conservative side for the most part. i do think there's something that's interesting politically and that is that in the debates and in this election this is the first presidential election we've had in several goes around it where the issue of gay marriage is not on the table. there was not a debate question about it. there's no discussion about it. and for millennials gay marriage is like they are for that. they are for fairness, nontrim acceleration and doesn't matter your sexual orientation. in some ways you can focus back on ideas once you take some of those social issues off the table and talking about economics really important but harder sell for conservatives who want smaller government if the largest generation, 90 million, about 90 million strong want more it and thinks wall street isn't going to be able to
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help them. >> and choice did not come up as well. >> abortion. >> there was nothing on gay rights, abortion, nothing on religion. this is a key club that's missing from the left wing golf bag. it's not going to work any more. what they have replaced it with, i think, is they expanded the accusation of bigotry and identity politics to make up for this because they think they see that as a way of cornering republicans either on the race card which they always used. but they are using it more often. >> income in equality. >> the other new club they put in there. the other thing that's interest cigarette watching how trump's advisors in order to talk to him are actually using the press. they realize they can't get to him so they go to the "new york times," they leak information. it's like taking an advertising out in a newspaper to get your girlfriend back because she's not talking to you. >> did it work? >> i tried it.
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>> the social justice part, the racism, that generation is very much into social justice. on the gay issue. we got to go. >> the fbi back on the defense on hillary clinton's e-mail investigation. snung details on what the agency found on the computers of top aides who were granted immunity. next.
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>> you canal call us wrong, but don't call us weasels. whether you agree or disagree with the result it was done the way you would want it to be done. >> heated moments on capitol hill as hillary clinton's e-mail scandal was front and center. the fbi director adamantly his bureau's decision. they granted imnunity to several top aides. >> who authorized granting cheryl mills immunity? >> the decision made by the department of justice. i'm not sure what the negotiations involved. i believe her lawyer asked for active production immunity with respect to the production of her laptop. >> the fbi wasn't part of those
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conversations? >> doesn't it concern you as an investigator that the chiefs in the justice department decided to become an immunity producing machine. >> doesn't strike me there was a lot of immunity issued. my reaction this looks like ordinary investigative process to me. >> he also revealed what was found on the laptop along with another aide granted immunity. >> i think there were some emails on the computer that were recovered and classified. >> is that a crime? >> no. without knowing more you can't conclude if it was a crime. you have to know the circumstance, what was the intention around that. >> he was a former prosecutor, and so he was the chairman and talking to the fbi director earlier and said this. >> what concerns me, director, is when you have immunity agreements and to prosecution, when you are allowing witness
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witnesses who happen to be lawyers, who happen to be targets to sit in on an interview that's not the fbi i used to work with. >> i hope some day when the political craziness is over you'll look back anthony. because this is the fbi you know and love. this was done by pros in the right way. >> interesting thing about that exchange they are friendly, they know each other and have a lot of respect for each other. very different opinions on the matter. what do you think? >> look, that was a lot of passion coming from comey. trying to defend, the agents that were assigned to case and reports of fbi agents that were on the investigation had to sign nondisclosure agreements. then you're worried about your pension, worried about your future and that career that you committed to and invested in. i think that's interesting. then i understand also as a former prosecutor why trey gowdy is upset. when you hear that lit any of facts and information and then a
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preposerous conclusion that doesn't make sense. then you say why were these people granted immunity? why are they all granted immunity. >> they get a chance to sit in, cheryl mills acting as a lawyer -- >> complete conflict of interest, totally inappropriate. no way in good conscience, even like a good man like james comey could defend that. why was that woman granted all of this in addition to the people you see on the screen. >> you smell a rat, greg? >> she wasn't running for president -- anyway. it's interesting. i learned that they were trying to buy blackberries from e-bay, her assistant was trying to buy new blackberries from e-bay. like buying why are wear on the treat. people will winter this as a political witch-hunt but it really is about national security. if a president can't handle
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classified info in this era of technology. lecting hillary is like dropping will ma flint stone into the jetsons. she's the wrong person for right era. if she wasn't running for the president, she would be running from the law and her husband bill would be on whatever he is on at the time. >> judge napolitano was on earlier and he asked how could the fbi director be proud of an investigation that didn't use any of the tools available to the fbi. >> and he said he was proud of it. look, i trust james comey. i think he offered immunity because he was trying to get to a goal, trying get to some information. my problem isn't any with that. once he got the information we know he got, talk about buying blackberries on e-bay, talk about having 13 devices, hillary clinton had 13 devices after saying one or two, smashing devices and this one where they
2:23 pm
admit to using bleach bit. when you get this information you say you know what there may be more here. rather than saying i don't recommend an indictment, he should have said i think this needs to continue, we need continue to research and find out why someone would go to such lengths to make sure that no one finds those 32,000 emails. you get immunity to get to another person. >> nobody is left. >> she's left. >> juan, when you were a "the washington post" reporter, putting that hat back on would you follow up anthony story? do you think there's something there? >> oh, sure people thought there's something there. that's why the "new york times" got involved. >> i mean now. >> it's done. you like jim comey because for a while there was criticism of comey. the fact is they have concluded. there's nothing there. the reason that they gave immunity to cheryl mills and the
2:24 pm
others was because they were engaged in an active effort to try to find out if anything was wrong, anything illegal done at the very top and they found zero. in fact, he said the problem -- if an fbi agent did something like that he might be in trouble internally and wouldn't be producted. with regard to what eric was talking about, bleach bit stuff, this was simply to keep her e-mail address private. not about any criminal or obscuring information or classified information. and, you know, they don't police who attends these meetings, who can be a lawyer for someone in an open discussion with an fib agent. so mills walked in. this problem i have, the big problem is you guys keep making this the equal of anything that's been done by trump or worse anything done by trump. it's exact italy opposite. trump is the one who is under active investigation for the illegalities done by his foundation. trump is the one who is going on
2:25 pm
about not paying taxes. >> those issues are not regarding national security and classified information. >> neither is this. this is federal. i don't doubt jim comey. >> that's a good point. >> very good point. >> they don't trust comey any more. >> director comey also -- >> we don't have any more. >> the director comey -- director comey talked about america's terror fight and warning of a threat like we've never seen before after we win the war against isis and greg has all those details when we return. >> washington is out of control. debt is out of control. nothing in that story will change so you have to. approaching medicare eligibility?
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i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here. fbi director james comey said the u.s. should expect a wave of terrorists. once we get isis out of iraq and syria -- roll it. >> the challenge will be through the fingers of that crush are
2:30 pm
going to come hundreds of very, very dangerous people. they will not all die on the battlefield in syria and iraq. there will be a terrorist different aspara sometime in the next two to five years like we've never seen before. we must prepare ourselves and our lies especially in western europe to confront that athlete. >> diaspara. i think i caught that. what's he talking about? he's talking about skitles. remember the mean would you eat a bag of skitles if you knew some were deadly. it describes how one might look at refugees in the age of isis. today it's easier for bad people to infiltrate good places and kill good people by blending in with good people fleeing bad places. we have a cyst through the skitles to make sure the good comes in with bad. the media likely majored
2:31 pm
inhumanity in college where they o.d.' d on metaphors. copy's other warning the killers are not abroad they are within. with home grown evil skittle thing doesn't work. what does? our immune system. we spend time and money building athletes within and without. left or right we are hardened the soft target with exercise, nutrition, preventative check ups. why do we embrace this with our health but not our nation. it's a good question one we must answer before our country catches something terminal. >> are you saying refugees are like smoking? >> yes. no, i'm saying that we have to look at our borders and our military and our national
2:32 pm
security. >> skittles are out of the bag. >> but there's something in there that could risk -- >> yes. >> like the visa program. >> veeping is like the visa program. there you go. well that's a wrap. >> i'll argue with you. i'm a humanities major. philosophy major. i didn't have much time for coffee. but i like coffee. now anyway. my set point you're picking up on this is it donald jr. that used the skitles analogy. >> yes. >> is it mars that makes skitles. >> i think so. >> even the mars people said, you know what? skitles are not human beings. >> that settles it. mars settled the argument. they didn't want bad press. >> they said it had nothing --
2:33 pm
nothing to bad press this is contrary to our values as americans. so let me just say that my values to you. you know what? if it was a matter of a couple bad skitles i wouldn't eat any. >> but the point is, the isis threat. the picture behind us. >> my point to you is with human beings you have a whole different set of standards because you realize that our country's history is very proud about welcoming refugees. >> i understand. >> fleeing oppression and terror. go ahead. you're smirking at me. tell me. >> if i said you were a sinking ship with the "titanic" would they write a note and complain. >> here's the headline of the good news. enough with the skittles. so comey is saying yes good news the caliphate will be crushed. okay. however there will be this terrorist diaspora in its wake as you have different factions that will come together.
2:34 pm
they will flee the burning building, i.e., iraq, where the caliphate is the center and come here, and come to europe and hit the west. part two of bad is that they already are here. and that you have seen even the effectiveness of one individual acting in the name whether you call knit expired or directed, never the less is they are creating acts of violence and jihad here on our soil. skittles can't save you. >> it really is about softening hard targets. now if somebody is here -- look at san bernardino where there was no gun and tans is softening hard targets. >> that's not the only answer. hardening soft targets. >> it's all those viagra commercials. sorry. >> i think it's part of an overall problem.
2:35 pm
overall problem. yes. what you're saying is true about the targets. but what -- it's not just the people that's the problem that we have to fight it's the ideology because the people will keep coming sponsorship that's where on monday night's debate we did not have a conversation at all from two candidates who are going to have to help us to continue fighting the war on the ideology. it's not just the people. i would commend to people there's an article on a great website called war on the rocks and it's called the coming jihad in russia and it's about the soft under belly of terrorism that basically is filtering up through the ranks of russia. it's not just america that has this problem but civilization. >> you always give viewers reading material with every single comment. eric. >> sounds good. good to go. >> we need more resources and more imagination to win. >> deadly force. >> okay. >> we could keep it going. >> let's take a break. howard dean is trying to make
2:36 pm
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delicious. ice-t at a lemonade stand? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money marin saved by switching to geico. yo, ice-t! it's lemonade, man! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. can >> howard dean is off the rails again. another pun. former presidential candidate and former governor, liberal loon howard dean had to say about donald trump keying in on the sniffling that was picked up. he said notice trump trump sniffling all time, cocaine user? dean doubled down telling msnbc this. >> you can't make a diagnosis over the television. i would never do that. but he had some interesting -- that is actually a signature of people who use cocaine. i'm not suggesting that trump does, but i'm suggesting we think about it.
2:41 pm
>> may have seen dr. dean rich taking a shot at the candidate making that sniffling sound. there's a sound you were famous for. >> we're going take back the white house. [ screaming ] >> pot calling the kelly back. k.g., dr. dean dropping a coke reference. >> that was ill-advised. that's not helping him or hillary. she doesn't want him to say that. there's no evidence or proof of that. now he's going to have a target on him. he'll refwret that statement. you shouldn't say something like that because that's quite disparaging to say somebody has a drug problem or doing cocaine before the campaign. donald trump doesn't even drink. >> should dean walk that back? >> that's up to dean. i'm interested -- you know what he did? he is trying to keep this story alive because here we are
2:42 pm
talking about it and we're giving it attention. it's unbelievable. i don't think it's fair politics. that's the way politics are played these days. this gets into the culture. people pay attention to it >> you're pushing back on dean's -- >> i don't like him. >> dana your thoughts? >> i don't like him and i didn't like it people were suggesting she had parkinsons and needed assistance to get up the stairs. all of is -- hillary clinton has an opportunity to push against howard dean and show some grease towards donald trump. >> he's one of her bigger supporters. he's out there as a surrogate. >> greg your thoughts? >> clearly he's on angel dust. anybody who shouts like that, obvious symptom of a pc p addiction. probably going over decades. nothing matters any more.
2:43 pm
you can say what you want. there's no bar. when you can say p.o.w. is not a war hero you can say that. don't ask for an apology. too late for apologies. you lost it. >> remember greg is the one that did a wonderful segment of showing all the snorting, sniffling, so i guess -- >> reminded me of old times. >> long term effects. >> hey man we're going back to washington, d.c. to take back the white house! [ screaming ] >> i'm afraid that's contagious. juan is next and very excited to tell you about a new endorsement for hillary clinton making news today. stick around. we'll have lots of time to talk about it.
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life ♪ ♪ that's what all the people say ♪ what an election. another newspaper has endorsed hillary clinton, the reason why, this one is especially noteworthy is because it's a paper that's never backed a democrat before in its 126 history. the conservative "arizona
2:48 pm
republic" chose to back clinton over trump because quote the 2016 republican candidate is not conservative and not qualified to challenge the united states faces domestically and internationally demand a steady hand and a cool head. hillary clinton understands this and donald trump does not. so i know this upsets you, eric, what do you think? >> steady hand, cool head, hillary clinton. >> that's what they say. >> good luck with that. by the way, when the supreme court is left and when the federal courts are left, go back to the arizona newspaper and ask how do you like your choice now? >> you have "the dallas morning news," the cincinnati inquirer, other conservative papers -- i mean these people didn't endorse kennedy, fdr. >> it's not an anomaly or a trend. it's not determinative of the outcome. republicans will keep arizona in the red column although it's getting closer.
2:49 pm
in 2020 and 2024 with continued demographic changes that could be different in the future. when "new york times" endorses hillary clinton it's not news they do it every day. not a big deal. but this would be -- this is being used because it's so unusual and 126 year history i was thinking would have been fun to be a fly on the wall for the argument amongst ted board before this decision was made. i don't know it was unanimous. i imagine it was not. >> in fact some of these papers said they have lost subscribers. newspapers, as you know, are a declining industry in terms of finances. you know, they write editorials. they say based on principle and principle can have a cost and they are willing to pay the cost. how would you respond? >> i take issue with them saying that she is somebody that can be relied on. i don't find it even based just on the e-mail scandal she's somewhat distrustworthy. she thinks she's above the law
2:50 pm
to avoid prosecution and being brought to justice for her crimes. look at the clinton foundation, look at the e-mail scandal, look at benghazi. no. fine. don't do an endorsement. nor is she fine don't do endorsement but neither is she a conservative. >> another newspapers didn't endorse clinton but gary johnson, libertarian. >> what are those papers you speak of? >> never heard of them. >> no paper. paper? it's a thing? i question whether anybody really cares. upside about -- it does reveal an interesting truth. trump brought something good to this election. the death of ideology but also brought something bad, doesn't seem to be any governing principle rooted in in
2:51 pm
conservatism, yet to hear him utter something but no longer piled on with the typical clichés that have made republican conservatism hard for a lot of people to stomach. >> are you saying with death of ideology, these papers say they're conservative because they have been but despite the fact they're conservative and republican they're willing to veer off and that's the death of ideolo ideology? >> they're sticking to their guns. that's to be admired but shouldn't have endorsed hillary. >> high? >> not a conservative. >> that's the bifunction on the right there, if you don't like donald trump and feel you can't pull the lever that's fine but go ahead as conservative or whatever on the right and decide to take it one step further and not only not vote for other but
2:52 pm
vote for hillary clinton? that is the death of the right right there. that defines death of the right. >> trump is the one that's exploded and imploded the republican party and conservative movement? >> maybe it is, maybe the right, it's time to try something new. >> we're going to try something new, one more thing up next. >> that's old.
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it's time now for one more thing. greg delight us. >> i will. let's go to this thingy. >> greg's robot news. >> all right this is more proof it's only a matter of time before the robots enslave all of us. look at pepper in japan, a robot trying to learn how to land a ball in a cup. it fails after ten times after 50 times 80 times but had it gets to 100th time, it actually does land the ball in the cup and from then on, it never fails again. and that is because it is recursive learning. a metaphor for the coming superintelligence, once artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence we'll be hens and chickens their farm husband, raise us for brain meat and it's only. >> we'll be the balls in the
2:57 pm
cup. >> another terrifying moment from greg. >> check it out. race is literally tightened p almost to a lock dead even. >> that looks like a gun eric? >> feeling a microaggression. >> why -- >> i think it's coming down to donald trump has to have florida. if not it's game over. pan handle northern part is republican. south florida will break democrat mostly because of the miami area is heavily democrat, the corridor here, the purple area, 69% of the state is non-hispanic whites but in the i-4 corridor, hispanics moving in at high growth. and villages effect in the middle of the corridor. >> love villages. >> fastest growing city in
2:58 pm
america, educated whites who will fall for trump. >> not litterally fall. >> it's going to be won or lost right there. >> his campaign event in melbourne, flarz was amazing. >> just south of daytona beach. >> remember last saturday we had our show and ran out of time and wanted to tell you more. that's the tease. telling you about a purdue professor of entomology. larry murdock, this is american ingenuity at one of america's great universities. former governor mitch daniels is president there now. came up with this idea how to create particular bags that help prevent pests from getting inside so farmers in sub-saharan
2:59 pm
africa can get product foz market. most earn less than $2 a day but with this technology and initiative, going to do better. >> i love. it one of my favorite classes at uc davis, entomology. and parasitosis. >> we love proposals at baseball games right? one proposal looked like a slow motion disaster. andrew fox pulled out box and ring fell out, couldn't find it. nobody could find it. everybody was looking in total distress and broadcast on the jumbotron and tv but luckily found the ring. look at this. >> wait a second, yes! yes! >> poor guy was pretty nervous. rick perry was a team player but
3:00 pm
eliminated from "dancing with the stars." and able to talk about veterans issues and that's why he did it. that's it for us. "special report" is next. congress says no to president obama over the 911 bill handing him first veto override of his presidency. this is "special report." good evening and welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. congress is emphatic tonight. members of both parties in both chambers overwhelmingly rejected president's bill of allowing alleged involvement over the terrorist attacks. first time since took office congress has overridden the


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