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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  September 29, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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congress says no to president obama over the 911 bill handing him first veto override of his presidency. this is "special report." good evening and welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. congress is emphatic tonight. members of both parties in both chambers overwhelmingly rejected president's bill of allowing alleged involvement over the terrorist attacks. first time since took office congress has overridden the veto and president obama is reacting.
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doug is on the site. >> reporter: in a congress which is paralyzed so often. this 97-1 tally and nearly similar vote on the house side a sign of near unimitty and stinging rejection. first override of presidential veto in the history of the obama administration but comes with severe potential repercussions. >> when weighed against the moral imperive. we have to do right by the families of the 9/11 victims. i urge colleagues to override. >> liberal senator imploring colleagues to override president obama's veto of bill that gives families of 9/11 victims right to sue foreign governments if court finds government complicit on terrorist attack.
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despite the tally some torn br empathy and how it could damage diplomacy. sovereign immunity. >> going to support passage of this legislation today but do so understanding there could be unintended consequences that work against our national interest. >> the white house had unleashed its heavy hitters to warn against it, could lead to intrusive discovery process which might threaten military secrets. cia director spoke moments before the house voted. >> piercing the concept of sovereign immunity which has undergirded international relations for centuries is slippery slope. >> didn't work. >> all the objections i believe were addressed, changes made and this bill not put american soldiers at risk or diplomats.
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>> late this afternoon a stung president obama reacted to the override. it's a dangerous precedent and example of why sometimes you have to do what's hard and frankly i wish congress had done what is hard. >> so far silent is saudi arabia, most likely to be singled out. 15 of the 9/11 hijackers were saudis and pages from the commission report suggests a saudi connection should be further probed in court of law. the saudis have kept a low profile saying it's domestic issue but privately they have to be seething. see themselves as loyal ally in the war of terror, shared tlejs to help disrupt terrorist plots. >> looks like shutdown averted.
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reaching a continued resolution to fund the government through december 9. what changed? just a little while ago it was looming large. >> because house democrats wanted to include money for funding for the flint water crisis for the resolution. but had already passed a separate resources bill and house bill didn't include the money. house ensured house democrats they will include it in the bill, debate happened late tonight. details worked out in congress committee in the lame duck session. money will be provided by end of this year, everybody is happy and gets to get out late tonight to go home and campaign for the elections. >> until the next fiscal cliff. doug. thank you. three months of republican frustration with the fbi
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director's refusal to seek charges against hillary clinton and her aides spilled out. intense three-hour hearing. >> the more fbi director comey talks about integrity of the investigation, the less republicans and critics seem. >> i don't think it's at all. i do have great deal of respect but i think a heavy hand is coming from someplace else. >> when you have five immunity agreements and no prosecution, when when you're allowing wngss who happen to be lawyers and targets to sit in on interview, that is not the fbi that i used to work with. >> i hope someday when the political craziness is over you look back on this because this is the fbi you know and love. >> focus on five clinton aides and support staff who got immunity deals from the justice
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department. it's all about politics because the agents acted independently. >> you took issue with whether or not they were compromised or adhering to somebody else's message. >> absolutely. you can call us wrong but we're not weegsels are woorks honest people. >> and two people who got deals today were accused of lying to the fbi. >> how do you keep your deal if you lie to federal investigators? >> fbi director struggled with that question. republican lawmakers accused paul of lying to the fbi and pressed comey on why allowed to keep his deal. took the fifth on the hill after destroyed clinton archive and tried to destroy -- wiping clinton's e-mail address from the record. >> just last week going online trying to delete the reddit
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posts. >> you don't think that's important? >> and this point also emphasized by another senior republican. >> so when you got immunity, what did you learn? >> no one had directed him to do that. >> you really think he just did this by himself? >> again i never affirmatively believe anybody except my wife. >> comey confirmed there was no consultation with congress about the immunity deals which could derail the ongoing investigation. >> you were granting, handing out like candy according to some, immunity, did you or to your knowledge department of the justice confer with chairmans with ongoing subpoenas and investigations? >> not to my knowledge. >> and clinton's personal attorney got a deal broader than
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reported. shielded for destruction of justice and government records and no consequence when classified information found on her laptop. >> thank you. more for the panel. president obama is sending more troops to iraq ahead of major offensive to capture a key city from isis terrorists. quite interesting from administration that touted removal of troops from iraq as major success. reporting from white house. >> reporter: the pentagon announced deployment of troops to iraq and president obama visited the rank and file. >> you're helping us destroy ice ill and we will destroy them. >> reporter: ranging from 200 to 1500, total number of it u.s. troops and advisers in iraq will exceed 5,000 by the time the
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president leaves office. some americans have embedded at brigade and battalion level, administration maintains no u.s. forces are participating in combat operations, just miking advisory position. bracing for attack on last stronghold of the terrorist group. >> but i need to make clear once again, american forces combatting isil in iraq are in harm's way. >> reporter: in interview with the unit, retired general petraeus faulted president obama for withdrawing majority of u.s. troops from iraq and thereby allowing isis to gather strength and declare a caliphate. >> there was opportunity if we pursued aggressively keep troops
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there and do without agreement. irony i is we have approaching 6,000 proop troops on the ground. perhaps could have taken the risk. >> incrementalism of the current approach in iraq carries echos of the 1960s, johnson in vietnam, gradually adding to troops and advising force. ended in anguish for lbj as professor of the naval academy stanted in "into the quagmire," views are his and not navy. >> decision makers and those in the field carried beyond where they intended to do. i suspect obama and his advisers just as susceptible to that
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dynamic and pressures as johnson was. >> reporter: noted 104,000 u.s. troops in iraq when president obama took office. says the mission now is markedly different although acknowledged some special forces will carry out discrete missions in which they engage the enemy directly. >> james thank you. more on this with the panel as well. >> president obama is expected to extend the bombing campaign in libya for another month. according to three officials. tell fox news the order marks second 30-day extension since the air strikes began august first. at the time said the mission likely last weeks not months. africa command says as of monday marine corp. jets and have
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conducted 175 air strikes against isis in labor. >> secretary of state kerry is threatening, spokesman says told foreign minister ser gay lab rof that holds russia responsible for use of insendary bombs in urban area. made no reference to bombs in its statement. in politics tonight donald trump is storming through the midwest in latest campaign push. trump was in illinois and iowa earlier today. and he is set to speak at rally in wisconsin in the next hour. carl cameron is here tonight.
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>> reporter: one of the busiest campaign days he's had since the primary as aides try to put the debate in the rear-view mirror. republicans concerned about the debate performance. subdued courting the business alliance by blasting rival's husband by criticizing accepting syrian refugees. >> attacked poland saying democracy is too much trouble. interesting. >> former president's remark was in may and likened poland's antirefugee stance to putin and suggests like trump. >> just give me authoritarian dictatorship and keep the foreigners out. sound familiar? >> reporter: waited to see the debate and first time in 20 year history chose not to back republican and endorsed clinton.
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when the president of the united states speaks, the world expects substance, not a blistering tweet. trying to jump start, list of officials supporting millionaire. team trump also wants $140 million ad blitz which may arrow trump is donate more of his own money. next is month and a half, more focused and concise counterattacks and better handle her attempts to bait her. top surrogate rudy giuliani may have revealed what mrs. clinton will be confronted her. >> you didn't know when monica lewinski said it, you're too stupid to be president. >> reporter: escalated attacks
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on what he calls clinton's corruption m. >> american people have had it with corrupt clinton ways. had it. tired of the lies. tired of trivial politics, being talked down to, looked down upon and treated like second-class citizens. >> reporter: tonight holds a rally in wisconsin, the last state in which he lost a primary to ted cruz. tonight's rally take place in the same place that wisconsin governor scott walker announced his short-lived presidential campaign. currently the polls show hillary clinton with a slight lead or basically atoss-up like so many other states. hillary clinton is going after the millennial vote, teamed up with former rival bernie sanders trying to appeal to voters who supported his bid.
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jennifer griffin is with the campaign in carolina. >> reporter: good evening in new hampshire this evening and saw hillary clinton and bernie sanders on stage together. her lead among millennials nearly evaporated since last month. in a push to mobilize millennials hillary clinton took to the stage with a 70-year-old senator who has become an icon on college campuses across the opportunity adopting one of his campaign promises. >> we should and will make public colleges tuition-free for families earning less than $125,000 a year. >> this is a revolutionary proposal for the future of our country with wide-reaching implications. the next president of the united
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states, hillary clinton. >> reporter: president obama called into the steve harvey radio show and expressed frustration that clinton is not getting the support he says she deserved. >> people don't give her credit and part of it may be she's a woman and haven't elected a woman president before. >> reporter: clinton campaign officials concerned about black women voters in florida and enthusiasm gap in millennials. >> if you don't vote, that's a vote for trump. we need hillary to win. >> it's not about voting for perfect candidate, there is no such person. >> reporter: michelle obama hit the campaign trail for clinton in philadelphia, reminding students how much trump's pushing of the birther movement hurt herself and her family. >> questions designed to undermine his presidency,
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questions that can't be blamed on others for swept under the rug by insincere sentence uttered at press conference. >> reporter: this as clinton earned endorsement from senator john warner. made the announcement in the swing state today. >> i will when he go into the booth cast a vote for the clinton-kaine ticket. >> reporter: his apparent admission in the past he has not paid federal taxes. >> that means zero for troops, vets, schools or health. >> reporter: 1 of clinton's surrogates howard dean doubled down hon his theory of donald trump having sniffle in the debate. >> that's a sign of people having cocaine and grandiosity.
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>> reporter: the four electoral votes in wisconsin may seem small but shows how close they think the election is brought bernie sanders out to campaign. haven't campaigned together since july. >> they have a given accent in new hampshire than north carolina, apologize for getting durhams mixed up there. up next investigators say they know what happened to malaysian airliner that went down two years ago. first fox affiliates around the country. fox 40 in sacramento where california governor jerry brown signed a law allowing prisoners to vote. state and federal prisoners still banned. bill opposed by sheriff's and police chief's organizations.
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texas, voter registration hitting new records. drives getting new voters signed up. 14.8 million residents. and foggy san francisco, big story at least 300 homes threatened by growing wildfire. cal fire says the destructive blaze south of santa fe has grown, just 10% contained. evacuation orders in place for residents of some canyons and other rugged areas. live look outside the beltway, when we return, look back at life of shimon peres, i traveled several times to interview him and he showed me a fig tree from
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the presidential garden. >> all right. okay. pretty good. >>
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a shooting at elementary school in south carolina has left two students and teacher with non-life threatening injuries. police say the teenage suspect killed father at home before coming to the school and hoping fire. townville elementary school near the georgia state line. pointing finger at russia in the massacre of the malaysian
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airliner two years ago but russians fighting back. >> russian-made missile held in area of russian rebels took down the airliner killing all 280 people on board. that's the conclusion of the dutch-led investigation into the doomed flight which instigated in amsterdam. >> the trailer was brought in from the russian federation and after launch returned to russian territory. >> say the evidence is irrefutable, eyewitness testimony, amateur pictures, records and other data. at this stage of the ongoing investigation not placing blame. russia labeled probe politically
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motivated, blamz ukraine for the shootdown. >> openfully reivities providing data? >> for families, after two years of wait, news was gratifying. >> were a lot of speculations but a big relief. >> nothing can take away the grief of all who lost loved ones on that terrible day. this announcement is another step toward brings those responsible for this outrage for justice. >> some families of victims not waiting for dutch to name names but a lawsuit against russian federation and vladimir putin. thank you. sources tell fox news fbi has identified individuals seen on
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video near the pressure cooker device found in new york. not in the country anymore but in the middle east. say not considered suspects. >> dow gained 111, s & p finished ahead and nasdaq grew 18. many customers say finding options dwindling and premiums skyrocketing. when health republic insurance of new jersey announced it's shutting down, 17th failed coop since obamacare started. leaving many scrambling for coverage. going up double digits in some cases. opposite of what he said would happen. >> if the employer is doing the right thing, help save.
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>> insurance companies asking for big increases, none bigger than the hike sought by blue cross blue shield in texas. critics say saw it coming. >> basic promise making health care more affordable, it's not, it's more expensive. >> problem is risk pool with too many sick people and not enough young and happy. forced to raise or leave the exchanges. just recently indiana people learned obamacare plans are going away. >> i think we're seeing the beginning of the death spiral as far as exchanges are concerned and they pull out. >> obama administration points to growth in health care access a positive with the holy grail a public option. >> could bring premiums down, payi paying doctors and hospitals less, having no overhead and
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profit would lower the federal costs. >> presidential candidates with polar opposites hillary clinton favors a public option to compete against for profit companies. donald trump said would scrap the obamacare and let carriers compete across state lines. tonight much of the world is mourning death of israeli statesman shimon peres, died last night two weeks after suffering a massive stroke. president obama will attend and lead the american delegation. >> shimon peres was last of israel's founding fathers. first elected in 1959 and served as minister in 12 different cabinets in 40-year span. twice as prime minister, only israeli to serve as prime minister and president, elected
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in 2007. once considered a hawk, early supporter of controversial settlements in west bank and gaza and helped establish israel's nuke weapons program. a vocal opponent of a two-state solution between the israelis and palestinians. over time his views evolved. i interviewed him several times. i visited with then president peres and we walked and discussed the attacks inside of israel and plight of the palestinians in gaza. >> when you look over here. >> doesn't give me pleasure if people are killed or wounded. >> his time as foreign minister he left his mark on history. chief architect of the oslo accords, helped usher in a
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decade of progress and mutual understanding with the palestinians. along with arafat and it sauk rab rabin, awarded the nobel peace prize. >> do you have regrets? >> the past doesn't interest me very much. what happened is over. you can't change. the main should be about the future. >> after leaving active politics, peres spent time promoting joint abe-israeli peace predicts, believing neighbors no matter the shared history must find way to live together. >> this is olives and figs. >> oh, yeah. >> the same tree can provide us
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with two different fruits. >> is that a metaphor for anything for you? >> ever so. first of all it's a statement about what you can do with nature. but it's a metaphor too. >> same tree. >> the same tree. >> living in the same place. >> living in the same -- and according to the bible, each have the right to live under his fig and under his -- yes. >> until the end of his life shimon peres faurgt for israel both in war and
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on this vote the yeas are 348, nays -- 23rds in favor,
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vote has passed. notify the senate of the action of the house. >> concern that i have has nothing to do with saudi arabia per se or sympathy for 9/11 families. it's me not wanting a situation where we're exposed to liabilities for good work we're going around the world. >> the chief argument against jasta is not strong but flimsy, we have to do right for the families of the 9/11 victims. choice is clear. >> overwhelming override of the president's veto in senate and house. senate is was 97 to one, harry reed the only nay in the house and huge number in the house, that said there are major
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concerns about the repercussions and what happens toed u.s. abroad after this. bring in our panel. syndicated columnist george l. columnist for theton times and krauthammer, talking about the 9/11 bill, jasta, allowing families of the 9/11 victims to sue saudi arabia. >> unassuageable fury of the families of 9/11 is understandable and desire to torment saudi arabia, which even if it were not directly involved inhijackers, by spreading madrasas around the world fomenting the terrorist that came to our shores that day. that said, sovereign immunity is principle that nations and governments are immune from tort liability and one nation in all
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the world to suffer most from diluting that principle is ours, because we have more activities and assets abroad than anyone else. drones and everything else would be open field for people to sue us. during which would be discovery processes which could unearth information about intelligence and military operations and would be a legal nightmare. >> the supporters and lawyers fight are for it claim it's narrowly structured and don't see the threat. >> which is interesting because i talked to several staffers on the hill saying during the lame duck session planning to make amendments to the bill. there is that concern. you see several lawmakers and senators hesitant to move forward. voted on this, knew had to be a political move, talking about election year with democrats on re-election. you can run a serious ad against barack obama by not supporting
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this 9/11 bill. i think the democrats were in a difficult position but looking to address this come the lame duck session, to deal with -- although a narrow thing to change through amendments. >> classic case where this was a vote that would have been very hard for anybody to vote against something 9/11 families are demanding. i don't think it's going to make any difference other than give them some kind of outlet. i don't think there's going to be any result from this but will be long-term on the question of sovereign immunity. not most important issue in the world. what is at stake with sovereign immunity is not irretrievable but it's a vote extremely hard to take. after almost eight years now, i wish congress had shown the same kind of spine in resisting some of the other more agreeshs
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encroachments of the executive. this is the first and only one overridden in entire tefrmt i wish it had had the courage to do something like this on the iran deal. >> it was surprising and seemed like supporters arguing with the president of the concerns not were caught off guard but didn't have forces pushing back soon enough. >> well, a lot of the concern has been met in a rewrite of the bill at some point, that allowed a lot of people to feel that they could be on board. their efforts to slow litigation and or stop it. so what is interesting to me is politically looking at president obama's breakdown of whatever cohesion was left between them and congressional democrats, let alone republicans. now a situation of 97-1 vote in the senate to override veto and
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spokesman says it's embarrassment and calls out lawmakers that called out concerns but still beloved in it. anybody still believing the kisses blown in the lame duck session is fool. we have no idea what it will be like who wins. you can't base decision on what somebody promises you. >> and turn to fbi director pressed on the hillary clinton investigation. >> who authorized granting cheryl mills immunity. >> negotiations made by the department of justice. i don't know for sure what it involved but i believe the lawyer asked for production immunity with the production of the laptop but fbi not part of those conversations. >> doesn't it concern you as investigator that your piece in
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the justice department decided to become an immunity producing machine. >> i don't think of it that way. doesn't strike me as a lot of immunity but a regular process to me. >> at least two people who got these deals were accused today of lying to the fbi. >> extraordinary hearing because you had two manifestly intelligent and experienced people, former prosecutor and direct looking at same fact pattern and concluding entirely different things i think with palpable sincerity all around. the fact that immunity was granted four or five times but did not result in prosecution, does not mean that something nefarious happened. it means they gave the immupity to get information, got it and
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on the basis of that concluded that investigation was not warranted. >> this is a stain on the fbi and director comey and everybody involved. it's one thing for him to come out and indict her politically, saying extremely careless, which is soft. but what we learned since hangs a cloud over the process, makes it look terrible for the entire administration, whether obama was complicit and knew too much or whether or not they intended for the investigation to go south from the start. really going to be aen on the s hillary clinton, even if she wins and staffers get to join her in the white house. it's why people don't trust the government. >> donald trump at debate tapped into this one time. >> that was more than a mistake. that was done purposefully. not a mistake. when you have your staff taking
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the fifth amendment, take the fifth so they're not prosecuted, when you have the man that set up the illegal server take the fifth, i think it's disgraceful and this country really thinks it's disgraceful also. >> look, it looks awful. normally you give immunity so you can prosecute. may lose the case but at least prosecute. not even a prosecution. impression left is, we'll probably never know. it was understood, not said, written or e-mailed but understood we were not going to indict the democratic candidate for the presidency, thus everything else followed. and close aides are getting immunity as well. looks very suspicious. i credit comey's sincerity but i don't know what role he played. one thing i would say, if she
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wins i think it is possible that obama will pardon the remaining high officials who are going to end up in office with her as a way out of this. otherwise this could pursue her and them into her presidency. remember watergate came after, long after re-election. there's a fuse here that i think will remain lit otherwise. next up, more american troops headed to iraq and
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president obama and secretary clinton created a vacuum the way they got out of iraq. the way they got out was a disaster. and isis was formed. but they wouldn't have even
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been formed if they would have left some troops behind. >> the only way that american troops could have stayed in iraq is to get an agreement from the then iraqi government that would have protected our troops and the iraqi government would not give that. >> there was an opportunity, i do think, if we had pursued it aggressively to keep forces there, perhaps to do it without a status of forces agreement. the irony is that we have now approaching 6,000 troops in iraq on the ground wows a status of forces agreement. so perhaps we could have taken that risk and con that unfortunately when our forces pulled out, not only did we lose the visibility, we also were no longer able to enable our iraqi special operations force counterparts in particular to keep the islamic state flat on heir face. >> but you don't think there was some element of president obama saying, well, the iraqis they didn't want us. >> i don't know what his thinking was. i know the only chance we
1:50 am
would have had for an agreement would have been his intensive involvement personally with maliki. and that didn't happen. >> former defense secretary bob gates in an interview with general petraeus today. part of an hour special we are working on about the u.s. military. this as increase of u.s. troops announced today. there have been a number of them in recent months. and you can look back to june 2014 and the increase of american troops on the ground, this is after the withdrawal that obviously happened after the status of forces agreement, the administration said, couldn't be reached. we're back with the panel. charles? >> it's not as if americans would have been on the ground fighting hand to hand with isis, al qaeda in iraq. it's that our presence there had been able to stabilize the political situation. in mostly, for example. we were the only honest broker that the arabs, the sunnies, and the shiites, the government as well, and the kurds could trust.
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and we kept the peace. when we were involved with petraeus in the surge, the maliki government went to war with the radical shiites on his side and took them down and we took down the sunni extremists, and that's what yielded the stability that obama talked about himself. when we left, we weren't around within days of our leaving on the -- in january of 2012, maliki went around arresting the leaders of the sort of arab, what was called the arab sups who had been with us. and that led to the beginning of the end of the holding iraq together. that's what killed it. it's clear that obama wanted to get out. he wanted to get out in time for re-election. did he. he could have completed as everybody could see at the time. a status of forces agreement. he didn't want to. that's why it never happened. >> mercedes? >> you know, i agree with charles. i think that with the fact that he was so ---obama was
1:52 am
so focused on let's withdrawal our troops. create this vacuum. it's no wonder in 2014, you had the isis surprise in mosul. you had the fact that iraqi police and the sunni arab forces abandoned their post. and now it's recovery time. and it's interesting now how the iraqi prime minister said this is the final increase of numbers that we need for our troops to see if we can recapture mostly. but we have lost time. millions have been displaced and it's disastrous. >> take a look at the map the u.s. troops are going to bases around mosul. and only this is working with the iraqis. here is general david petraeus today talking about the operation to retake mosul and the real challenges ahead. >> this will be a tough fight. isis has dug in. they have tunnels. they will have impro-advised explosives, ambushes and all the rest of that but i don't think it's as tough as we would have imagined it six months or say a year ago. there will be fierce fighting without question.
1:53 am
i wouldn't be surprised, actually, to seat islamic state leaders though go out the back door, which has actually been historic as well. the real issue here bret, is that this is not about the fight against the islamic state, in my view. that's not the principle concern. we will defeat the islamic state. there is no question about that. the real issue here though is the issue of post islamic state governance. >> because george, there is still the sunni, she a, kurdish, it's hodgepodge of sectarianism. >> yes, when is almost certain to occur the so-called caliphate is destroyed with all the good that can come from that. the kind of charisma of isis comes from actually controlling territories and having pretense stated. when that's done. the real trouble may begin. because we will have, by definition, created a kind of vacuum where something, we find it repulsive where something now is. >> the critic then senator obama, is now in a position of dealing with a sectarian
1:54 am
situation and he is putting more u.s. troops as president obama in to iraq. >> and your graph shows it's at this pointed to increase. it he we will not be able to bolster the iraqi defense forces suitably to handle the end of isis or after isis. we will stay there. it's really up to both candidates. you know, i don't think anyone in this country really know what is a status of forces agreement is beyond the people discussing it at this level and they don't have. and i don't think they care whether or not donald trump was for the iraqi war on the howard stern show or anything else. i think they really need to hear from the candidates an acknowledgment that there are going to be these u.s. forces there for years to come. what are they going to do about it? what are they willing to put on the table and put off the table? and they need to be honest about this. they are going to be there for years to come. as george said, there is going to have to be a
1:55 am
political resolution in years to come and they are not talking about it. >> this will be a big deal in the election. as you look at history you can learn a lot from history. charles, i'm coming after you. i'm coming after you. i'm announcing today the cover of my new book. coming out in january. it's right here, three days in january dwight eisenhower's final mission. and trying to sell as many books as charles "things that matter." it's about dwight d. high hour, john f. kennedy. three speeches within days of each other that essentially changed the world and transition of power. this book comes out january 10th right before another transition of power in january 2017. >> congratulations it's about a subject that is not well known and i can't wait to read it. i'm not sure i will buy it first. [ laughter ] >> i will sign yours. >> mine is still available. >> i knew we had to get it in. a group of nfl players shows
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us the little things that matter. ♪
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... finally tonight, players with the tennessee titans made a little boy's day at a recent day against the detroit lions. watch as wesley woodard and other titans show some love to a fan. >> put your hand out.
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>> what's up, buddy? >> what's up big man. >> hi. hi. >> mean joe green commercial way back when. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special "sl report," fair, balanced and unafraid. no online show tonight. it's been a long couple of days. i'm going to head home. "on the record" with brit hume starts right now. >> good morning. it is thursday september 29th. the presidential nominees are hot on the trail riding the debate momentum. donald trump unleashes a brand new online attack. >> how many more clinton
1:59 am
scandals can this country take? one after another after another. you know the story. you have seen it for years and years. >> that as clinton shares the stage with her formal rival. we are live in tv. >> a noncitizen accused of killing five people in one minute. >> the washington bomb shooter that will have you outraged. >> something to perk you up this thursday morning, free coffee. where you can get a jolt for nothing today. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪>> it is time to wake up.
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a live shot from outside the studios in new york city for you. you are watching "ff of on this thursday. >> are you up? >> i am up. >> we are ready to go. i am abby huntsman. thank you for starting your day with us. donald trump and hillary clinton 40 days away now from the election. >> 40 days and counting. garrett tenney has the latest from the campaign trail. >> garrett, you are up as well. >> i am up. >> donald trump was criticized for not being aggressive enough. in true trump fashion it comes complete with a hashtag, follow the money. trump laid out this new attack at a series of rallies at iowa and wisconsin yesterday casting clinton as a corrupt politician bought by wall street and


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