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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 29, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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his birthday wish was i don't ever want to eat cake again. >> what? >> he blew it out. >> that's it. so what really happened? this is special report. good evening. one of the most heavily traveled transit stations is a disaster scene tonight. a train failed to stop as it crashed into a new jersey rail station at the height of rush hour. we have been at the new jersey station all day. he joins us live right now. >> good evening. there are unconfirmed reports
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the train was doing 30 miles per hour when it hurdled into the train station this morning. they did not confirm that at a news conference. it just wrapped up. the engineer was hurt in the crash has been released from the hospital and will be speaking with investigators. part of the roof collapsed on that front car. it's not safe to get in there until they can remove some of that debris. it will give them information about speed. they will be reviewing video cameras on board the train, in the station and along the train route, along the track. we have seen some of that footage already which shows the three cars and push locomotive hurdling towards disaster. ambulances and other first responders were arooifg thrivin morning. others were being rushed out on
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stretchers. >> i have a report of train into the station. it was one of the nation's large ers public transportation system. the impact sounded and felt like a bomb going off. >> i observed it coming at a high rate of speed. it basically went through the air, traveled about another to 40 feet and came to a rest when it hit the wall of the waiting room. >> lights went out. people were falling over who were standing and then it just -- the roof came down, the roof of the train popped down and caved in. >> this train came in at a high rate of speed into the station and crashed through all of the
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barriers, bringing it right to the interior wall of the terminal. >> silver lining, only one fatality thus far. the destruction really is significant. >> one woman is killed standing on a platform when she was hit by flying debris. she was found semi conscious and vague. he is now in critical condition. some passengers kicked out windows to escape and others crawled to safety. >> it was surreal. when it first shimmied i thought this is going to be a life changer. the impact came and it is a life changer for everybody. >> reporter: no sign of terrorism so far. they describe the scene behind me as chaotic. investigators will be here for the next seven to ten days.
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there is more about an automatic braking system that might have supported the system. we will likely hear more in the days, weeks and months ahead. >> thank you. to the campaign trail now, donald trump is trying to generate enthusiasm and campaign cash. while the republican nominee tries to get out his plan he continues to defend his management of a situation years ago. carl cameron is with the campaign tonight in manchester. >> in new hampshire polls show hillary clinton ahead donald trump renewed his post debate attack. >> she put the office of secretary of state up for sale and if she ever got the chance she put the oval office up for sale too. >> following clinton's debate
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slam for calling the 1996 miss universe miss piggy because she gained weight. >> i saved her job because they wanted to fire her for putting on so much weight. it is a beauty contest. they know what they are getting into. it's a beauty contest. >> a clinton surrogate back shamd trump saying we are concerned about donald's bagt. campaign stress? we think a public daily weigh-in is called for. during his appearance trump knowledged he would like to lose 10 to 15 points. trump wanted to fire women who weren't pretty at his golf club according to documents on tand by the l.a. times. trump knows he trails among women and minorities in the polls. back in 1998 just before the
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brief first run trump hotels and casino resorts paid to research a potential trump casino in cuba. traveling in new hampshire trump denied ever having tried to do business in cuba. despite his refuse value to release his tax returns trump says he did not admit to paying no federal income taxes. >> first of all i never said i didn't pay taxes. she said maybe you didn't pay taxes. i said that would make me smart. a lot of people say that's the kind of thinking i want running this nation. >> trump's aids wanted to stop talking about monday's debate. he complained saying he had to fight the moderator and the
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system is rigged. gary johnson says he had another quote aleppo moment. it is a reference to when he failed to recognize the name of the syrian city at the focus of the country's civil war. it happened during a cable news town hall yesterday. >> canada, mexico, europe, asia, south america, name a foreign leader you respect. >> i guess i'm having an aleppo moment. >> i'm giving you the whole world. anybody in the whole world. >> former president of mexico. >> this afternoon johnson tweeted it has been almost 24 hours. i still cannot come up with a foreign leader i look up to.
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he picked up the endorsement of thes -- clinton trails in the polls. we have the story from des moines. >> with polls trailing hillary clinton clinton returned to the hawk eye state ton first day of in-person early voting. >> when you finish here you can go vote. we can be ton path to victory here in iowa. >> more than 20% of iowans who voted did so before election day. clinton is trying to get off to a good start. it reveals clinton has work to do trailing trump by almost 5
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points. 45.3 to 40.5. clinton was greeted by protesters here in des moines. clinton is also still dogged by hi husband's sexual scandals of the past. chelsea clinton called her dad's scandals a distraction. he said chelsea, you said you don't remember a time in your life that your parents weren't being attacked. he said your mother has always lied and covered up for him. clinton if issued this warning this week. >> we don't want to engage in a different kind of war fair bre. the russians need to understand that. >> another comment has come under fire from his critics and some in law enforcement. >> i think it's a problem for
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everyone, not just police. i think unfortunately too many of us in our great country jump to conclusions about each other. >> trump took that comment for labeling police and many others. >> how can she lead this country when she thinks america is full of racists, deplorables and ir redeemables? >> he is warning against bringing up the scandals noting clinton herself was asked by reporters a short time ago. she said trump can run his campaign however he chooses. >> thank you. there are smirks and eye rolls coming after the head of the fbi says no one in the clinton e-mail investigation received special treatment. chief intelligence correspondent responds the more they learn about the investigation the more
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they doubt its veracity. >> 3,000 pages of e-mails deleted and recovered by the fbi will be processed before election day. the state department spokesman seemed noncommital about posting them online. >> you take the court order seriously traditionally we do make public our responses to requesters. >> the congressional testimony wednesday shows the e-mail investigation deviated from standard practice. a routine step to give the government power. in this case sheryl mills laptop. >> why did you not decide go to an investigative grand jury? >> you can often do things faster with informal agreements especially when you're interacting with lawyers. >> the editorial page took aim quoting his highly unusual methods in investigating plsz
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clinton have tarnished the fbi and knocked off his halo. >> i don't think there's any reasonable prosecutor out there who would have allowed two immunized witness central to the prosecution to proving the case against her to sit in the room. >> the attorney general assured in february that she would be guided by professionals and not politics. >> make a determination. >> but the so called chance meeting on a phoenix tarmac one week before the fbi interview cast doubt on her independence. they say his community that lives and dies when classified information has lost faith in both leadership. >> one of the things she is lacking is integrity and
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discipline on the part of those who looked into the incident. >> and the office of the director of national intelligence says no formal assessments will be done even though they contain classified information. these assessments are required known as 732. >> thanks. >> you're welcome. you can take a selfie if you live in new hampshire. a law prohibiting voters from posting photos of their ballot is unconstitutional. we told you about that during our prime time show last sunday. lawyers for new hampshire say it was intended to prevent voeter coerci coercion. up next, could a cold shoulder lead to a cold war over syria? fox 40 in sacramento, as jerry brown signs a bill eliminating the ten year limit on filing
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rape and related charges. the measure comes after several women say they were sexually assaulted by bill cosby more than a decade ago. the new law will not help those accusers. fox 2 in detroit where rain has watched southeastern michigan. forecasters say that rain started today and is expected to stretch into the weekend. parts of detroit have already received more than 5 inches of rain today. this is a live look at orlando from fox 35. one of the big stories there tonight sign off on a 14.5% rate hike in insurance premiums paid by lawyers. the price increase is less than the hike insurers asked for. that's a live look. we'll be right back. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester.
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new questions tonight about syria. is the obama administration out of time to come up with a new plan to halt the slaughter there? have the decisions to date left the president and his advisers without any good options? we have that from the white house tonight. >> reporter: from aleppo nearly destroyed by a ferocious a rare spot of good news as rescuers saved a little girl that killed at least 23 people. a world away with prospects to stem the bloodshed in syria all
3:19 pm
but extinguished john kerry appeared to knowledge the ogpgs. >> what is the alternative? is the united states of america going to go to war in syria? i don't think that's going to happen. >> reporter: kerry spent much of this week threatening to seven communications bus his language was less than forceful. >> we'll have to pursue other alternatives, borrowing some clearer indication that they are prepared to consider how to approach this more effectively. >> reporter: reported that the national security council weighing whether to with anti aircraft systems. >> we are limited because they haven't within cleared for public discussion. >> reporter: president obama headed to israel to speak at the the funeral for shimon peres.
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they faltered for not having a plan b in place once the cease fire brokered. >> i know russia doesn't believe there's a plan b. assad doesn't believe there's a plan b. how can a secretary of state have any chance of success in ending the murder, torture, rape, bombing of innocent people, killing of young people when the white house is unwilling to have a back up if diplomacy fails? >> reporter: one of the top spies told a washington audience on wednesday syria is the moeks complicated issue he has dealt with in his 36 year public career. he says a lot has happened none of us were able to forsee.
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>> james, thank you. congressional republicans are coming after obamacare with a new tactic tonight. they are accused president obama of ill leeegally paying off. >> with more insurers dropping out of obamacare the health care law has now been hit with an embarrassing legal opinion from the government accountability office. it says it is acting in conflict with plain reading of the law as issued. it is the reinsurance program. it is a tax-payer funded payout. premiums that were expected to rise because of increased enrollment. the law requires the department of health and human services first make those payments not directly to insurers. today in an unambiguous dressing
3:22 pm
down the g.a.o. wrote we conclude that hhs lacks the authority to ignore the statute. a group of republican legislators praised the opinion today noting it confirms the obama administration is not above the law. in a june 30th interview hhs secretary knowledged that hhs has faced previous court challenges regarding the use of taxpayer money. >> there has been a lot of court challenges that have gone through and we continue to have those but as they go through i think you have seen those are cases we win. we believe we have the authority. >> what legal weight does today's gao opinion carry? >> we are right at the end of the 2016 fiscal year.
3:23 pm
it was not intended to go any further than right now. the money has been dispursed. the money not paid to the treasury that is owed to the treasury will be hard to collect that. >> they estimate hhs illegally diverted about $2 billion of taxpayer money to insurers. they released a statement saying it implemented the program lawfully and it strongly disagreed with the opinion. >> thank you. a suburban chicago veterans hospital under fire for excessive wait times, black mold and cockroaches is accused of leaving bodies for up to six months without proper burial. illinois republican senator is demanding the chief of administrative services be fired. the dow lost 196.
3:24 pm
the nasdaq fell 49. the ceo of wells fargo is going to have to write a really big check because of the scandal of unauthorized accounts. not only is he looking at a corporate fine approaching $200 million he is also digging pretty deep into his own pockets. peter barnes looks at the numbers. >> did you steal? >> our people did not do what was right. >> the ceo of wells fargo back in the hot seat because of the scandal of over 2 million bank accounts. john stump apologizing again, this time to house lawmakers after the grilling in the senate last week. >> i would like to talk about my commitment to accountability. >> he the foregoing stock bonuses, giving up his salary and won't get a bonus this year.
3:25 pm
the board resended stock bonuses for the former head of community banking who retired under pressure. from lawmakers from both parties that's not enough. >> if the buck stops with you. you said i apologize, the buck stops with me and you admit criminal activity was going on in your bank then you should be fired because it stops with you. >> again, congressman, the board has that power. my energy right now is to lead this company forward. >> regulators fined wells fargo. it repaid customer fees and fired 5300 employees. they are making sure wells fargo troubles are far from over. >> we will make sure those betrayed by wells fargo are not forgon forgotten. it is on nar behalf we have
3:26 pm
launched an investigation of your bank's activities. today's hearing is just the beginning of the investigation. it is not the end. >> wells fargo's problems got even worse when they announced paying $24 million to settle allegations about auto loans it made to military service members including that it illegally possessed while some were away on active duty. >> thank you. there will be no shutdown. lawmakers finalized after compromises to address the flint michigan water crisis. the president signed that legislation this afternoon. the deal also provides more than a billion dollars to fight the zika virus as well as rebuilding flood ravaged parts of louisiana. the measurement keeps it open and running through early december at which point there could be another showdown. saturday is the day the u.s.
3:27 pm
relinquishes control of some of the internet's core systems. congress has so far failed to delay the transfer of domain name to a nonprofit oversight organization. opponents believe the move threatens online freedom of expression and intersurprisente. chris joins us from deldelaware. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> i want to update our viewers. a lot of people don't follow this closely. some people are just getting it. this organization stands for internet corporation for assigned names and numbers, icann for short. this company tracks millions of web sites worldwide. in march 2014 the department of
3:28 pm
commerce announced the intention to transfer authority to this group, icann. it is scheduled to happen saturday. the purpose of the transfer is to privatize international authority over domain name and they believe it gives too much control away to authoritarian. >> it is a threat to the internet as we know it. the obama administration plans to give away control of an internet to an international body of the united nations. i rise to discuss the irreparable damage it could wreak on the nation and free speech across the world. >> senator cruz is almost
3:29 pm
exactly wrong on this because he described icann as an international organization like the u.n. it is almost ironic senator cruz, who is so often a champion of the private sector instead of federal government control is in this case arguing for the retention of a federal government role rather than privatization. the sub committee, we sat through a two and a half hour hearing where seven different witnesses thoroughly examined this issue in detail. i'm convinced that the companies that have helped to build and strengthen the internet are right and that what senator cruz is saying is wrong, that the transition doesn't strengthen to role of russia and china and iran in any function.
3:30 pm
in fact making this transition is the best way to prevent russia and others from being successful that it should be transitioned to the u.n. >> why now? why do it? what's the upside now? >> right. great question. back to 1998 the international community has been pressing the united states to make a transition away from having the u.s. department of commerce effectively run the phone book of the internet. every two to four years we said yes, yes, we'll do that. we'll tl will be a transition eventually. the world community has gotten skeptical that we are ever going to do it. we developed a reputation with critics like russia and china that we will never allow a transition a u.s. government entity to a nonprofit privatized international body.
3:31 pm
so they have begun to suggest an alternative path where a u.n. body called the i.t.u would have their own sort of separate phone book of the internet. it is time to relinquish so that the u.n. doesn't step into the role. >> you know this is the camel's nose under the tent. it starts here and evolves and the international organization really can't keep up. it's in somebody else's hands essentially. we don't have a say as much as we do now. she talki he is talking about the organization's transparency. >> we see an organization blasted this last july for the inability to carry out basic duties of self governance.
3:32 pm
they found that it has quote failed several transparency obligations. >> i guess there is concern it is ready to go. >> i respect him and his concerns. the entire hearing examined that specific issue in great detail. there have been revisions made to the transition and governance stru structure. i have heard that the u.s. chamber of commerce to google, inte intel are in favor. if we were to delay it any further i thought we would lose our -- >> i want to ask you, oftentimes
3:33 pm
republicans have to answer for something someone else has said in the republican universe. i would like to ask you about howard dean who tweeted notice trump sniffing all of the time, coke user. any thoughts on that? >> some times folks in public life make unguarded comments. i'm not sure why former governor dean tweeted that out. this is a political season where far too many of us have made attacks and i don't think it adds to the general tenor of the debate. >> thank you. we appreciate your time. thanks for coming on. >> thanks. donald trump on weight gate. we'll talk about that when we come back.
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the american people have had it with years and decades of clinton corruption and scandal. remember that? the clintons are a distorted past. we will be the very bright and clean future. >> he can csay whatever he want to say. >> donald trump and hillary clinton today. the special report average of the five polls that we trust looking at this average right now you have hillary clinton plus 2.9 -- i'm sorry, 2.2 in this average of polls.
3:38 pm
let's bring in john goldberg, lisa, zeke miller and charles. okay. state of the race. >> i think it is a very narrow lead. i think that he has been losing by epic proportions. he is still arguing about whether he called miss universe fat. it is a lack of discipline and message control coming up. >> why is that? what happens there?
3:39 pm
>> i don't understand. i mean he absolutely took the bait with hillary clinton. they had an ad cut and ready to go. when you're not doing so great why are you attacking a hispanic woman. we saw donald trump start doing much better in the polls after the convention when he finally stuck to the issues. when he finally started getting the speeches that americans actually care about. it is puzzling why he would go back to what we saw with the khans in this unnecessary war he is waging. he talked about the clinton problems of the past. he gets drawn out and answers fully and completely. >> i think it demonstrates sort of the lack of discipline which
3:40 pm
is what jonah mentioned. it is a problem because he does well when he is in charge of the narrative. that is how he puts hillary clinton on her heels. that's where he needs to keep that focus so that he can keep hillary clinton on her heels and talk about issues we actually care about. >> donald trump made his entire career about winning. he was in a sort of widely panned performance. he lost. so now 80 plus million people -- >> if we looked at the first 30 minutes you were probably pretty happy. >> yeah, he won the first 30. >> yeah. he took the bait. we saw him struggle to make excuses it is kind of bizarre.
3:41 pm
it is that one scare foot above the candidate's shoulders. >> not next week we have vice presidential debate. we don't know the true impact probably for another couple of days. we have new polls out by tomorrow. i see that on a special report. your thoughts. >> i don't understand why everybody is surprised at his lack of discipline. he has been out there for 15 months. he is completely undisciplined. yes, for a month he has been lead around, shackled, handcuffed by his staff, made to read by the teleprompter. immediately after she is
3:42 pm
reacting. what immerges is his weakness. you have seen this all along. >> it doesn't effect his basic orders. when he is trying to reach out to independents and people who have not decided, there are not that many of them, that's the issue you're saying? >> i don't know if his strategy is to go after targeted audience. trump's strategy is to express himself. he did extremely well in doing that in the primaries. he came out of nowhere. he trusted himself. anybody surprised he is continuing the feud with miss universe? the worst part was the interjection about not paying taxes. there is a man who when he is personally attacked has to respond to defend his self image. that explains all of the things
3:43 pm
that appear to be puzzling my colleagues over. >> let me play another little exchange that didn't get a lot of focus because of the post debate focus. so let's play the trump-clinton on implicit bias. >> i think implicit bias is a problem for everyone, not just police. i think unfortunately too many of us in our great country jump to conclusions about each other. >> she accuses the entire country, including all of law enforcement of implicit bias, essentially suggesting that everyone, including our police, are basically racist and prejudice. how can she lead this country when she thinks america is full of racists, deplorables and ir redeemables? >> that was trump today at his event but the implicit bias.
3:44 pm
>> yeah. it sort of warmed over cultural hogwash. i'm sure it plays well to her democratic base. with the increasing war about bill clinton's infidelities, it reminds me of the scene in the sopranos where he starts saying i partied with you and i partied with you. these guys are so -- such mirror images of all of these charges. he said a mexican judge wasn't mexican because he wasn't mexic mexican. it is hard to score them because they are such tattered candidates. >> what about bringing up the clintons task and the possibility that it could happen at the next debate if it happens down to a different level of this election? >> i do think that it is fair to an extent not to donald trump. i don't think donald trump
3:45 pm
should be a messenger. hillary clinton can't say that every victim deserves to be heard, deserves to be believed but then we know it has been widely reported she went after these women, she dragged these names through the mud. there is hypocrisy there but i don't think that donald trump should be the messenger. i think it diminishes him and his candidacy. >> i want to bring out one more thing and that's the f.e.c. is considering changing its rules. it is beginning with the process to prohibit companies with foreign ownership as small as 5% from funding expenditures. some with as much as 25% included is news corp., new york post, wall street journal, new york times also has foreign
3:46 pm
ownership as do many politically acted firms like ben and jerry's. what about this move? >> completely unnecessary. is there a threat to the independence of the media or intervention so called in our process by foreign elements? you know, a news organization owned by an australian, new york times heavily invested by a mexican tycoon? is there any evidence of a problem? anything that kcurtails open political active tiff ity is ne. >> next up, is the u.s. giving the cold shoulder to russia and what does it mean about syria?
3:47 pm
test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test
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unless we were willing to sustain a large presence there, and escalate, if and when russia or iran got involved, then we were going to be in a situation where at some point the situation would collapse, except we would have a bunch of folks on the ground and be very much overextended. >> president obama in a town hall on cnn last night talking about syria. this as secretary of state says essentially diplomacy has failed with the russians. it's a nasty situation as it has been. we're back with the panel. zeke, this does not look god for any kind of progress and there was a hearing today in which obama administration
3:51 pm
officials said, really there is no plan b. >> yeah, that's something we have heard throughout the political spectrum. political race specifically. he said a this is what keeps him up at night. what wakes him up. and it should. because for the president, this has been his most glaring failure on the international stage. you know, this is an area -- something that he didn't anticipate being such a big problem. he decided to take the precaution approach and in a lot of ways came back to bite him. here he is having to deal with an unanswerable problem. that's going to hang over his legacy all the way through, until somebody solves the problem, if it can be solved. >> lisa? >> look, i think it's silly to think that russia is going to be a good actor here or assad is ever going to be a good actor here. president obama essentially opened the door for russia's insertion into syria by failing to draw -- drawing a red line and failing to following through with it he created a vacuum for russia.
3:52 pm
russia has more invested interest in proppin propping asd with naval base there. and be involved with the middle east for the first time in quite some time. look at assad, we made a deal with assad in 2013 both with russia and other international players as well. and assad also joined the chem cap weapons geneva convention as well but then proceeded to use chemical weapons after that happened as well. so why in the world would we think that russia or assad are ever going to be truthful or honest players here. >> because they wanted some out to that situation at that time. and it's just panning out to not be the case. the president was also go ahead asked by a gold star mom lost her son about the use of a certain phrase. >> why do you still refuse to use the term islamic terrorist? >> the truth of the matter is that this is an issue that has been sort of
3:53 pm
manufactured. that's a slippery slope. and the way we're going to win this battle is not by betraying our ideals. >> john? >> it is a broken record. this has been a point one in another a thousand panel discussions around here about barack obama is obsessed with shaping a narrative more than he is actually obsessed with shaping facts on the ground. and so whenever there is a terrorist attack, he slow walks the acknowledgment of every piece of the terrorist attack. he always rushes to the lone wolf explanations when he has to. it's always self-radicalized. it's violent extremists. it's states of concern. kinetic overseas. it'soit'sor wellian. troops on the iraq and finding new pieces of sound that pantd a different picture. take a listen to this. >> now so now we have a
3:54 pm
little over 5,000 u.s. troops in iraq, around 300 or so in syria. >> the only way that american troops could have stayed in iraq is to get an agreement from the then iraqi government that would have protected our troops. and the iraqi government would not give that. >> what i would not have done is left 10,000 troops in iraq that would tie us down. that certainly would not help us in the middle east. now, you just gave a speech a few weeks ago in which you said we should still have troops in iraq. that is not a recipe for making sure that we are taking advantage of the opportunities and meeting the challenge of the middle east. >> the irony is that we have now what is now approaching 6,000 troops in iraq on the ground without a status of forces agreement. so perhaps we could have taken that risk charms? >> so much error so little time. her statement that without
3:55 pm
the protection the immunity that would come from a status of forces agreement we couldn't have left anybody on the ground as petraeus said. we have 6,000 americans on the ground now with no immunity. no protection. they are there because we need them there. as for obama he is still delusional. he thinks there would have had to have been a sort of the renewal of the grand war that we in the last deck decade. the answer is. no weed me needed a minimal number of troops maintain the stability of the government and prevented the maliki government from doing what tended up doing, which is to alienate the sunnies and to undo the whole anbar awakening. one point on syria. this is really the epitome of the obama ideology and strategy. he and kerry have this idea that diplomacy exists in the abstract and we have to be the ones to deploy it unlike the bush administration. without force behind it, and there is none, has never
3:56 pm
been. its useless. and that's what we are seeing today. obama was saying earlier, we don't want to have troops on the ground early in the condition flick. we could have destroyed the syrian air force. knocked out the air fields. and there would have been a far different outcome of the war. >> much more to follow on these developments. that's it for the panel. it won't be a broken record. i promise. next up, a couple taking wedding photos in new york gets a surprise. attention!
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i've never been #1 in anything until i put these babies on. now we're on a winning streak and i'm never taking them off. do i know where i'm going? absolutely. we're going to the playoffs. allstate guarantees your rates won't go up just because of an accident. starting the day you sign up. so get accident forgiveness from allstate. and be better protected from mayhem, like me. it's good to be in, good hands. finally tonight a wedding couple posing for pictures in central park. you know how they do it. ran into a special guest. >> oh my god! >> you are very beautiful. >> can we pay get a picture? >> by all means. >> what's your name? [inaudible] >> what's your name. >> brian. >> brian, you're a lucky
4:00 pm
man. you have done well for yourself. >> tom hanks. he said if they didn't have a preacher, he is a registered minister. thanks for inviting u your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. brit hume is "on the record." >> good evening and welcome back. i'm brit hume and this is "on the record." there so no evidence in the available polling tonight of a major shift in the presidential race following this week's debate. the real clear politics average of polls shows hillary clinton with a 3-point lead in a two-way race and just under that in a four-way race. the betting odds now show gamblers are favoring her to win by 68.7 to 28.8. that is virtually unchanged from last night. there will be a yo new fox news poll taken post debate out tomorrow and no doubt other polls as well. in the meantime, what can we glean from the post debate polls that have been taken? for that we turn to the pollster and writer kristin -- welcome. >> thank you very muc


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