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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 29, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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the sun? yes. fair game. tell me what you think. that is all the time we have left for this evening. thank you for being with us. we'll see you back here hopefully, tomorrow night. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> the way it's received is that somehow islam is terrorist. that then makes them feel as if they're under attack. >> president obama's last stand. he leaves office soon and held a town meeting last night to explain some things. talking points will analyze. >> we're going to protect christianity. can i say that. i don't have to be politically correct. >> donald trump behind closed doors today with some religious leaders. but we know what was said. we will tell you tonight the most part she looked composed, smug sometimes not necessarily attractive. >> also ahead, brit hume attacked unfairly for that statement. we will tell you who the villains are in this frakus.
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>> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama's last stand. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. just 40 days left before barack obama becomes a lame duck president. so last night he participated in a town hall among friendly folks. the president dealt with many issues. two of them caught my attention. first, why he doesn't say the words islamic terrorism. >> i learned from listening to some of these muslim families both in the united states and overseas is that when you start call these organizations islamic
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terrorists. the way it's heard, the way it's received by our friends and allies around the world is that somehow islam is terror his stick. that then makes them feel as if they are under attack. >> now, with all due respect to mr. obama, that is a naive view of the world. everybody knows most muslims are not violent people however, many muslim nations contribute heavily to terrorism. iran, for example is, a rogue country that actually helps terrorists kill people. pakistan allows the worst jihadists to live on soil and plot their murderous scenarios. saudi arabia allows torn indoctrinate. and in africa a number of governments that allow muslim killers free reign. so the juwaad is not an aberration. it is a well-financed, well-organized movement that has gained support among a
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significant number of muslims worldwide. that's the truth. by being soft on the juwaad. by failing to confront the worldwide evil. president obama has allowed other groups to gain strength it is a fact that some believe the jihad is winning because it has not been crushed the way it should have been. there is no question that barack obama is sympathetic to the peaceful muslim world. and that's not a bad thing. we need allies like jordan, egypt and morocco. those countries help us and we should not alienate them. any rational muslim is not going to take offense at the words islamic terrorism why? because that would be irrational while visiting france this summer i saw firsthand how the french supreme generally turned against all muslims. you can hear and feel the bitterness over the isis attacks also because of mass muslim immigration into
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france. some of that bitterness is not rationale and could be mitt dated if the french muslim population would outwardly condemn the jihad. that has not happened to any meaningful extent. all over the world many muslims stay silent. president obama's primary obligation is to protect the american people. a strong argument can be made that he has not, not done that effectively. the enemy needs to be defined, mr. president. and if some people get their feelings hundred then that's too bad. the second thing that caught my attention in the town hall was disrespect toward the u.s.a. as you know some americans believe this is not a nobel country that blacks, for example are treated harshly by the system simply because of their skin color. the football player colin kaepernick believes that so he is disrespecting the national anthem. few other athletes have followed him and some kids have as well. mr. obama addressed that. >> so i want mr. kaepernick
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and others on a knee, i want them to live to the pain that may cause somebody who, for example, had a spouse or child in combat and why it hurts them to see somebody not standing. but i also want people to think about the pain that he may be expressing about somebody who has lost a loved one that they think was unfairly shot. >> that is a false equivalence that mr. obama is putting forth. issues of police shootings, for example, should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. no system is perfect. there are bad law enforcement officers in this country. and that should not be tolerated. however, the overriding nobility of america far outweighs individual bias and terrible mistakes on the part of a few police officers.
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colin kaepernick and others who despise their i own country do have a right to vent. by taking things out of context. by diminishing the proud history of this country and freeing millions of people all over the world. those anti-american displays insult us president obama should not equate personal disenchantment of mistakes, even fatal ones, when it comes to disrespecting the legacy of this country. president obama did redeem himself somewhat by saying this. >> i believe that us honoring our flag and our anthem is part of what binds us together as a nation and i think that for me for my family, for those who work in the white house, we recognize what it means to us but also the men and
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women fighting on our behalf. >> okay. the mark of strong leadership and that's what we need in this country is strong leadership is to take a stand. mr. obama understands that diminishing america is a bad choice buy somehow he always equivocates and does not make his points with certainty and clarity. there are not two sides to this story. america is a noble nation, period. those who dissent have to be tolerated, but you don't have to applaud that dissent, if it is misguided and uninformed. as for the jihad, it should have been defeated a long time ago. a strong leader would have done that or am i wrong? and that's the memo. next on the rundown, donald trump holds a closed meeting for some religious leaders today. we will tell you what happened in there. and then later, mr. trump says america is falling
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now that fedex has helped us we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave.
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good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business and this is not a passive aggressive environment. i just wanted to say, you guys are doing a great job. what's that supposed to mean? fedex. helping small business simplify e-commerce. campaign 2016 segment tonight. earlier tonight donald trump held a closed meeting in new york city with 30 religious leaders mainly protestant and catholic who had a chance to question him. jeffers elm seed that meeting. why no press. >> the trump campaign didn't want people coming feeling like poster children for the campaign. they wanted them to speak freely. right decision. >> they didn't want to politicize the q and a. >> that's right. with the religious people were they all clerics. >> catholic and
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evangelicals. >> pinheads? >> i'm the emcee i'm not going to put myself in category. >> theologians. >> practical. concern about diminishing of religious liberty due to the pursuit of the secular prorve agenda. they feel like it's being crammed down the measure public's throat. >> give me an example of how some questioners feel that religious freedom is being. >> little sisters of the poor. high school football coach being fired because he prays voluntarily before football game. christian colleges, not secular, christian colleges title 9 telling you that you have to allow men confused about their gender into the women showers. those are all examples where you have an out of control court system and federal government that is really diminishing. >> did all three of those examples come up. >> yes and many more. >> what did trump say about them. >> look, donald trump believes the remedy forever all of these problems is
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conservative supreme court justices most of these cases are ultimately going to deliberated in the court. donald trump believes that we ought to have court suives who interpret the law using the constitution not political correctness. >> people of faith have to be worried that if hillary clinton is elected she will appoint another or two liberal judges and it's all over. secularism always overrides the religious. >> that's exactly right. >> so, therefore, some religious people are over -- are willing to overlook donald trump's personal profile. >> right. >> i'm not casting aspersions of mr. trump. but he is not a very religious man. is he a doctrinary religious guy did. that come up in the meeting today? did the religious folks, the theologians question trump about his personal lifestyle? >> they didn't. but. >> no question? >> no question came up with him present. but i went ahead and
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broached the subject in my closing remarks. >> what did you say? >> i said with him seated to my left i said, look, i'm not going to choose donald trump, necessarily to be my child's 3rd grade sunday school teacher. that's not what this election is with about. we are looking for somebody to reverse the downward death spiral of this country. bill i said to them there is only one candidate running for office pro-life, pro-religious. pro-conservative justices on the supreme court. only one candidate who speaks with respect when he talks about christian values rather than contempt and disdain like hillary clinton. and that candidate is donald trump did you get push back from any of the 30 in the meeting? did they say look, we don't care because we don't feel is he fair to migrants? >> after he left, i got a little push back. i had somebody say, i resent you being so absolute. because i said to me, bill, this is not a war between republicans and democrats. this is a battle between good and evil, right and
8:15 pm
wrong. >> wow. >> righteousness and unrighteousness you did a hell and brimstone good and evil. >> right. >> you are saying trump is good and hillary is evil. >> i'm talking about the princiners who need jesus forgiveness. i believe there are absolute rights and sloot wrongs. >> no muslim clerics? >> this was catholic and evangelicals. i do know his campaign has reached out to the muslim community as well. >> jewish people. >> not in this meeting but other meetings where they have been in. in fact, a year ago i was up there in trump tower and we had jewish folks there for that. >> final question, trump needs the evangelical vote. many of those people stayed home and didn't vote for romney because he was a mormon. >> that's right. >> that wasn't fair. do you think they will come out, the evangelicals? do you get an indication of that. >> i believe they are, bill. >> you want them to. >> i want them to, from but from what i'm sensing and i have talked to thousands of pastors over this past year. i really do think this is the last opportunity to turn this country around. >> all right, pastor, we
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appreciate it thank you very much for coming in. directly ahead, terrible train crash here in new york city today in the area, i should say it's in jersey. once again spotlighting the fact that this country's infrastructure is falling apart. truth serum has been investigating donald trump's charge the federal government is responsible. then, later, brit hume what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you.
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truth serum segment tonight, the collapse of american roads, bridges, airports, tunnels and transportation. >> when we have $20 trillion in debt and our country is a mess. one thing to have 20 trillion in debt and roads are good and brings are good airports are from like a third world country. today in hoboken, new
8:20 pm
jersey, a commuter train crashed into a wall. killing one woman and injuring more than 100 people. this disaster not unexpected because the new york city area is literally falling apart despite the fact that new york state has the highest taxation in the country. what the deuce is going on. here in new york city truth serum panel eric shawn. we are local correspondents together on the streets. and i am paying and i'm sure you are an enormous amount of tax to the city of new york, to the state of new york, to the federal government and everyone i go things are falling apart. what is the essential problem? >> new york has the highest in the country, 12.7% state and local taxes, here is the deal, you are right. also when you drive, in the tolls we pay 1/3 of the tolls in the whole country, $4,000,000.000000000 in the new york area. midtown tunnel from manhattan run by the mta
8:21 pm
1.2 billion in tolls. >> it cost -- just so -- cost $16 to come in and out of new york city if you have to do it today it's 16 bucks admission to get in here. you mention the midtown tunnel. and it's falling apart. it's literally falling apart. where is all that money going. >> the midtown tunnel right now. who he you are not late for work right now engaged in one year plan, a year to go. 200 and some odd million dollars to fix the tiles and electricity and that sort of thing infrastructure of the tunnel. caused amazing backups at times. >> every road in manhattan is blocked off with construction. things are falling off buildings. my question again is where is the money going, the billions and billions of dollars in taxes and tolls and all that? how did it get this bad? >> they say it's going to fix the infrastructure. but they have ignored a lot of the infrastructure for many years. >> they being the politicians?
8:22 pm
>> politicians. >> the governor, the mayor? half the roads in manhattan, the gel in the city are in poor condition 50%. 43% of the roads in poor condition and 47 bridges in new york. >> mismanagement the other thing is the union pensions. people who work on the roads here are all union people. get a disability, you are out. you have got to pay pensions. i'm not hitting the working man on this. enormous amount of money going to pensions and disabilities. >> for the whole country estimate weed need $3.6 trillion they haven't budgeted half that. >> let's get to the next picture and miss bream. it's not just new york city, it's everywhere. the interstate highway system. trump is right. $20 trillion in debt borrowing and borrowing not fixing the infrastructure of america. why not. >> we can't keep up with it. $16 billion a year on
8:23 pm
infrastructure in this country. utilities, highways, dams, bridges, those kind of things. they are crumbling faster than we can fix money spending every year does not keep up with the basic maintenance on them. they continue to deteriorate. we are not catching up because the money isn't there. >> what do you mean the money isn't there? the taxation here in in america is enormous. where is the money? if it's not there for the infrom a structure. $416 billion a year isn't going to do. how much is going to do it? >> both the candace have talked about this. mrs. clinton wants a big upfront $250 billion allotment that would go to freezing rain structure. >> on top of 416, so that gets it up to close to 700 billion. she says that will created jobs and it would. >> trump wants to double that people want to talk about government spending. you could sell low interest bonds and those kind of things to finance it. you know this is something he talks about all the time and he has for the first time i interviewed him. big on infrastructure. he says it will make america
8:24 pm
great again. >> both of you saying that the politicians, the people in charge of allocating the money on the state and federal level, all right don't really put it in to infrastructure or haven't. they diverted it in to other places. the money went to military. trump made this point that it went to the middle east. trillions of dollars spent in iraq and afghanistan and all that while our own country is going to hell. >> well, the american society of civil engineers says there is a lot of money going to it. it can't keep up with the demand. for example, they say that roads, you need $100 billion a year just to keep up. we are allotting 91 billion. >> that's a 9 billion short fall that's not the problem. >> that's just to keep up with infrastructure. forget doing anything new these are just repairs. >> are there more cars on the road now? i have been living on long island, i was born in long manhattan and raised in long island. it was never this bad. did everybody buy four new
8:25 pm
cars? >> you have got four, eric has four. >> i only got one car. >> i have only got one and one doesn't run. >> use ez pass. >> the best way to get around in new york and l.a. i was in l.a. l.a., you are driving across people's lawns that's how bad it is. i'm coming through the backyard everywhere you go it's jammed everywhere. the roads in l.a. are not as bad as the roads in new york because the weather isn't as bad. and the weather takes its toll. it's the same thing everywhere. they are not prioritizing. and trump suggests, shannon that a lot of this money has been wasted and stolen. do you believe that? >> you know, one of his big things is he is going to go after fraud and abuse. every government system depends on level. do you think new york is a corrupt city? >> it has been, yes. >> they have spent billions
8:26 pm
of dollars. they have within behind. they are trying to play catch up. and we don't have enough money to make it right. >> we do have enough money, see, that's the thing. there is enough money coming in from the folks. it's just being spent the wrong way, i believe. put it this way this train thing, infrastructure deal track went wrong there is going to be hell to pay. american police under siege accused of shooting too many folks. is it legal has been investigating that situation. brit hume being hammered by left wing zealots for a comment he made. bernie with the story. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting
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is it legal segment tonight. what are the standards police must meet before they fire their guns. san diego this week cops shot a black man who pointed a vape at them. walking erratically. he adopted a shoot like pose with the vape. in charlotte, north carolina, police shot a man dead saying he had a gun but that gun was not pointed at cops, according to some videos. so the question becomes, when can police defend themselves with deadly force? with us now our is it legal duo, kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. are there standards? >> yes. back to 1985 law. there are standards that say police can shoot, if they
8:31 pm
reasonably believe that someone is going to harm them or someone else around them. and they also reasonably believe that shooting someone is the only way to keep them from running away, that it's the only way they can keep them from not being arrested. so they have got those two things. harming someone else. >> shoot a fleeing suspect? >> correct. >> really? >> if that is the only way that they can keep them from being -- they are fleeing. >> escaping? >> escaping. >> i didn't know that. >> and harm someone else or got a gun and going to harm someone else. they got the gun and fleeing and harm someone else. >> in the case of charlotte, and we believe the police that the man did have a gun. violent history. he had guns before. >> right. d.n.a. is supposed to be on the gun. woe believe it the gun wasn't pointed at police, guilfoyle. >> yes, but nevertheless the presence even of a gun that an officer can see county suspect refusing to comply with commands ordered by the
8:32 pm
police dramatically escalates the situation then if the officer feels it's reasonably necessary to use force, of course you would want to subdue the individual. really ups the anti. >> you guys are on the grand jury because that's where these cases go, right? >> for the trier of fact. >> so the police officer, obviously, is going to say, listen, we asked the guy to do, this and that's on tape. >> right. >> comply, he would not comply. he had a firearm, not a book as some witnesses falsely claimed. but the gun was not pointed up. that will be enough to say justifiable? >> it's got to be what the reasonable police officer believed at that time. >> obviously a police officer was involved. said we felt we were in danger. we saw this gun. >> right. >> he wouldn't comply and that's why these officers get off so much. because the grand jury says okay. >> but the themselves in
8:33 pm
there. >> you are going to take the stand and take an oath and you are going to tell the truth and have other officers there and in this case you not only have eyewitnesses from the scene you also have other forensic evidence that matches up to show d.n.a., et cetera. and you have videotape. and you can put all that together and you hear repeated commands without compliance. >> don't do it, don't do it. i don't know what that means and we don't want to speculate. >> i used to come on theolved sg team for the d.a.'s office. >> interesting. >> specifically staged out four scenes like, this to arrive at the scene, question it and do quefing the officers. >> so you being on that board from what you know about charlotte, was that justifiable shooting. >> very high likelihood it will be deemed a justifiable shooting. >> in san diego where the guy didn't have a gun. >> right. >> he had a little thing and he was -- >> -- vaping, they say. is that enough? >> the vape looked like the
8:34 pm
gun. again, it's the reasonable. >> looked like a gun. you have to put yourself in the position of that reasonable officer at the time. >> all right. now. >> it's a tougher sell. could you see it was a vape? >> why would you shoot a guy though who had electronic cigarette? >> no. >> two officers at the time. one -- simultaneously firing. one used a taser. one used a gun. what that then does one used a taser. one used a gun is that the officer who used the gun, was that officer then not being reasonable? >> that's a more dicey case. >> you could even have a split decision on that. >> i would say in the three oklahoma, charlotte, and san diego, this is speculation but i think it will turn out that at least one, and maybe all three of these guys who were shot dead had pcp in their system. >> that's the argument for certainly one of them. >> that makes you crazed and act erratically.
8:35 pm
>> and refused to comply. >> if that is shown, that certainly will be. >> a defense, absolutely. >> that's why you have to wait for all the facts like you are saying. >> that's what i say all the time. the reason we ask you to do this is the american people should know what the standards are. >> absolutely. >> for every police officer. thank you very much. ladies. when we come right back. brit hume under fire. pardon the pun. for comments he made about hillary clinton. unfair? you bet. then gutfeld and mcguirk on more politically correct madness, this time at the university of michigan up
8:36 pm
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click or call. thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight, listen to this statement by brit hume just after the debate on monday. >> what did they think of the two faces that they saw while the candidates were not talking? while they were listening? the trump expression was one we are all familiar with from the earlier debates. he looked annoyed, put out, uncomfortable, and she looked, i think, for the most part, she looked composed, smug sometimes, not necessarily attractive. >> obviously, mr. hume was talking about hillary clinton's facial expressions. he defined that at the top. that did not stop the vile
8:40 pm
media matters organization from insinuating that mr. hume was talking about hillary clinton's fiscal attributes. the incredibly biased vanity fair magazine said, quote, brit hume can't stop making sexist comments about clinton. the amazingly inept sexism award goes to brit hume for saying that hillary clinton was not necessarily attractive during the debate. also participating in the smear campaign huffington post, "fortune magazine," aol news and the guardian. joining us is bernie goldberg. i don't think interest is any question the way brit hume framed it he was talking about reactive shots during the debate. he actually said that so these peopleig southern
8:41 pm
gentleman. and there is no way in the world, no way that when owe said sometimes unattract -- sometimes smug. and not necessarily g
8:42 pm
ammunition, the liberals, they need to man up is what they need to do. >> you don't say that at the university of michigan. we will do that with mcguirk and gutfeld in a moment. they come out with you can't use man and woman anymore. but anyway, look. i see this as not a brit hume issue so much. an attack on the fox news channel because it all comes out of media matters, which this is what they do. take things out of context. try to smear the network. they never understand it never works. we are are b. to celebrate our 20th anniversary here. still high and away the highest rated news service.oran. you could say chris christie is fat. you could say bernie sanders is an old, old whiteech police
8:43 pm
stop, i'm begging you guys. stop it. >> they are winning with this stuff. and it's true. they are absolutely winning these crazy left fanatic zealots are winning because now we have an issue, the racist label, the sexist label. they slap it on you. people get upset. who wants to be called that? they may have to defend themselves. you know, it's -- they are winning. and i don't know, because there isn't enough media to come up against them. like you and i are doing this segment. nobody else would do this
8:44 pm
segment nobody else. they get away with this crap. they get away with benghazi, whatever mrs. clinton told the families of the dead men there. they don't care about that. the irs scandal, o love it. >> this is what they're concerned about. >> all right, bernie. got to run. thank you as always. mcguirk and gutfeld on deck. a deer attacks an american citizen. >> this wild scene, short as it is, was captured on the dash cam of howell township police officer austin. >> i have never seen anything like it. the boys moments away.
8:45 pm
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correctness running wild on college campuses all across the u.s.a. university of michigan web page now allowing students to choose their own preferred pronouns. with us now to explain further bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. gutfeld, what's going on in ann arbor here? >> ms. ann ann arbor to you. you have already violated the university of michigan. they unveiled a web page to give students the opportunity to choose their own pronoun. exercise in inclusiveness because he, she, him, her, those are exclusive. you need something more gender neutral like z. himself, i am elf on a self. >> z is ze.
8:49 pm
what does that mean? >> it comes from the french. it's like i love ze beret. >> all right. so say you pick your pronoun, mcguirk. >> right. >> and you don't want to be referred to as him or he anymore. >> right. >> do you walk in and tell the professor you have to call me what ze. >> or hir here. some made up. >> i -- is that -- ms can't do that anymore. >> if do you you get arrested for a hate crime now don't this sounds absurd but you are telling me in the classrooms in the university of michigan you can insist that your professor call you some kind of crazy thing. >> it started at the university of wisconsin, university of oregon and it's not just political correctness. it's lunancy. it's madness is what it is. and the college campuses used to be fun places, right? they use to be joyful places
8:50 pm
now they are like indoctrination camps. angry, thumb sucking cry babies bullies looking to be victims, looking to be offended by somebody, they're turning into language cops shoving all of this down people's throats and it often bleeds into the society at large is what it happens. >> it won't bleed into this society at large here. >> i don't believe it's gone long enough. why are vehicles all feminine pronouns. what if a boat feels like a he. >> or a ze. >> or a ze? i don't think we should be calling boats and planes shes. >> like a bunch of bed-wetting losers. the russians are going to be laughing at us and the canadians and the swiss. >> please don't call me a him. right off the head. >> this is when elections matter, by the way. >> there was a terrible incident, the video is
8:51 pm
unbelievable about a deer being struck by a car. roll the tape. >> fighting to keep a 200-pound buck from getting into her suv in this unbelievable video, ellen snyder pulled no punches. >> i can't believe get me head about it. it's crazy. >> this wild scene was captured on the dash cam of howl township police officer nicolas austin. >> i've never seen anything like it before. >> so the deer -- the car hit the deer and then the guy stopped and tried to find out the damage, and the deer actually went into the car after the guy. >> that's right. it actually was a woman, believe it or not. >> it was a woman. a a ze perhaps. possibly. i don't want to offend anybody. look, was this staged? that's my question because these dash cams when you really need them -- >> but the deer died, didn't it? >> it was a heroic death. >> it's terrible story.
8:52 pm
i mean the deer was obviously confused and didn't know what to do. the reason we're doing it is because there are some things you can do to avoid hitting deer. if you live out in the countryside after dark, i mean you got to slow down. you got to. you can't be driving the pickup truck 90 because you're going to hit something. and the second thing is, and i didn't know this, if you see a deer and the deer comes out, if you blast the horn -- that's why there are no deer in new york city. horns are blasting 24/7. you blast the horn the deer is going to get out of there. that's the big impediment. >> that's true. >> this was a last final act of a deer was to say, if i'm going down, i'm taking another car with me. i thought it was pretty heroic. >> i wonder if you can blame the cop in this whole matter? >> no, no. but we -- all life should be -- >> yes. >> all right. gentlemen, thank you. factor tip of the day. one of the best parts of my job
8:53 pm
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8:56 pm thank you all. now to the mail. you went on and on about kaepernick in the trump interview. no one cares. wasting time. disagree, debra. the big picture is declining respect for america among its own citizens. mr. trump promises to make america great again so the respect issue is a keystone of that. dr. marks, new port, rhode island. mr. o., it's always nice to see when you interview mr. trump. it's like two alpha males going at it. my job is to provide insight. bill, you are getting worse with trump, trying to get him to say things that make headlines is a disgrace. john ferguson, california, good job with trump, o'reilly, you held his feet to the fire. he keep his shoes on. i simply asked questions i thought you guys would want to hear. steve biggs, new jersey, when is
8:57 pm
hillary clinton getting interviewed? working on it. in the meantime mr. trump gets his word out consistent on the factor. last night's interview was printed verbatim by the washington post. trump is smart to come in here. we hope that mrs. clinton notices. peter from australia, my wife and i do not understand why the birther issue is so important to america. new york, i am 13, i'm reading "killing the rising sun" i have a new respect for those troops who invaded the beaches. bingo. that's what we want. vivian, new jersey, i read every killing book but rising sun is in a class by himself. when my father spoke of the war, his eyes filled with tears. now i know why. jim, california, with your
8:58 pm
successful factor and best selling books, you are as money hungry as hillary clinton. or maybe it's just that i work hard, jim. wise up. and finally tonight, factor tip of the day. there's a new cliche in america called the bucket list. basically it's what you want to do before you die. now, i visited about 80 countries, so i don't have too many more places to see, new zealand, himalayas. but my real focus is on meeting people. last week i got to say good-bye to the best baseball broadcaster ever, 88-year-old vin scully, calling his last l.a. dodger game on sunday. he's an inoperation to me, a humble man who is brilliant at what he does. that's what i like to do, talk to people who are excellent at what they do.
8:59 pm
over the years i've managed to speak with guys like clint eastwood, sean connery, jack nicholson, barbara walters, all five living presidents and mike wallace, howard cosell. i found all of those people fascinating and they all taught me something. here's the tip of the day. when you see someone who is really good at what they do, and it doesn't matter if it's a carpenter or airline pilot, try to speak to them, you'll learn something and sometimes the benefit to you will be huge was as they say. this is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website. we would like for you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world, o' name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day. this is a good one. do not be a booboisie. this is a real word. it's a real word. i didn't even know this word.
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do not be a booboisie when writing to the factor. thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember that the spin we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, a big story out of campaign 2016 as a new look at battleground polls shows donald trump closing the gap in states that matter most, even winning states that repeatedly voted for president obama. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. today we found some dramatic numbers in the seven key states that together represent a third of all of the electoral votes needed to win. according to the average of polls, donald trump is now leading in five of the seven top battleground states. he's up by five points in iowa, more than two points in nevada, two in ohio, almost a p


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