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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  September 29, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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go to tell me if i'm right or wrong. thank you for being with us. we will see you back here hopefully tomorrow night. ere unafraid. brit hume is "on the record." >> good evening and welcome back. i'm brit hume and this is "on the record." there so no evidence in the available polling tonight of a major shift in the presidential race following this week's debate. the real clear politics average of polls shows hillary clinton with a 3-point lead in a two-way race and just under that in a four-way race. the betting odds now show gamblers are favoring her to win by 68.7 to 28.8. that is virtually unchanged from last night. there will be a yo new fox news poll taken post debate out tomorrow and no doubt other polls as well. in the meantime, what can we glean from the post debate polls that have been taken? for that we turn to the pollster and writer kristin -- welcome. >> thank you very much for having me. >> so what can we say based
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on what you have seen so far? >> so as you mentioned there is very little polling that's come out. what we have seen so far is not a huge change in the race. the polling average is going into the debate had clinton with a small lead. the poll has have come out since the debate tend to show her around a 4 point lead which would put things right about where they were. >> had three on the nose. >> that's right. we did a poll found clinton up by 4 on the democratic side of the aisle found clinton up by 4. it had be interesting to show -- the polls that come out tomorrow shows. i don't suspect the debate dramatically altered the course of this race. >> what else can key say about this race based on, you know, the debate and sort of what is in the air? >> one of the groups that i'm going to be looking at ithe most is the subgroup of young voters. voters. one out of 5 said they will change their mind as a result of what they saw. for the millennial vote it was higher 28% who told
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pollsters who might change their mind. part they favor the third party candidate. was an opportunity for lindt or trump to pull voter away third party candidate with their special platform in those debates. >> in the paper people who are young tend to be liberal, you would think that the millennials would be breaking toward her that hasn't be the case. >> it hasn't. ii thought the republicans were doing good with young voters. donald trump is only winning about a third of young voters at best while hillary clinton only performs at best about 50%. a huge portion of the youth vote is still nowadays going for gary johnson, jill stein. >> barack obama did exceedingly well among the outcome. what would you say roughly that mrs. clinton would need to, you know, give her enough to have that piece of the old obama coalition and
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attack for her on election day. >> she has really been harmed by some of the damage that was done by bernie sanders. really strong performance with young voters during the democratic primary. she was losing young voters by 80 to 20 sorts of margins in many of these states there has really been a broken trust there she seems like she is part of a system that just hasn't worked out for millennials that they distrust. seems like a traditional partisan. part of an old system. they are looking for something new and different. they are not looking to just tow a party line. >> donald trump is new and different. if nothing else he is really different. >> donald trump isn't who donald trump is necessarily fighting for young voters. there have been rumors out this week. she might begin airing ads against georgia johnson and jill stein to shore up the youth vote. >> that demographic you are talking about, it does not appear that stein and stein and johnson are really doing much compared to past third party candidates who have had a big impact. the. >> youth vote is a huge piece of their success.
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i think that is in particular why hillary clinton is going to be focused so much on trying to pull them back. donald trump is able to really run up the numbers older white voters. she needs to hang on to that millennial vote and win them by a sizeable margin in order to compete. >> what is it that keeps him from doing well with those voters in your judgment doing better anyway. >> with younger voters? >> yeah. >> i think there are a number of issues where donald trump's position is just a little bit at odds with where millennials are. donald trump's statement of make america great again in a way can be interpreted as backward looking. it's talking about reclaiming a time that's been lost in america. a time that for many of these millennials they don't remember. they lack that nostalgia. for them making america great again it may seem like it wants to repeal. >> go go back to the old days. >> go back to the old days where things may not have been as good for women or people of color. that doesn't sit well with them. >> kristin, thank you very much. >> thank you, brit. >> the air since monday has
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been full of talk about the subject donald trump hinted he had planned to raise but didn't. >> do you want to know the truth, i was going to say. >> please, very quick. >> extremely rough to hillary, to her family and i said to myself, i can't do it. i just can't do it. it's inappropriate, it's not nice as we now know he was going to talk about bill clinton's affairs going back to the white house and her dealing with other women. is this a legit issue. let's ask our panel molly, is this a legitimate issue to raise? >> there is a conventional wisdom that you should never bring up inifidelities for the spouse that were wronged. bill clinton and hillary clinton are not traditional.
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long played clinton in his infidelities going back many decades a lot of people foreg.e.d. get or conveniencely forget what happened in 1992 when he was running for president and dealing with bimbo ejection dollars. she called him bill's rodeo queen. jack wrote a memo that the campaign accepted that talked about how the campaign should do everything in its power to discredit and destroy jennifer flowers who was the woman that bill clinton had a long-time affair with that's exactly what they did. this is not a typical situation of a completely wronged spouse who has no role to play here. >> not as if hillary clinton has ever been reluctant to attack women when she felt it was necessary. >> right. not just with jennifer flowers with every single woman of any women who alleged anything from voluntary sex ideal affairs with the former president into to involuntary.
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>> that rape alleged by broderick. your thoughts. >> this is what trump wants to do. he wants to say hillary clinton, you call yourself a feminist but when your husband mistreated women and they complained, you attacked them. you smeared them. you called them crazy and did all. this that's what trump wants to do. it has two possibilities of back fire first one make hillary clinton a sympathy. she was involved in a lot of the scandals. >> also involved in issues, too healthcare which was not a popular proposal. >> after the lewenski affair. her aproposal rating went way up because she was viewed as the wife who was wronged. so does -- how does the public react to bringing that up this time? it could be similar. the other way it can back fire, kind of an exploding cigar in trump the face is this is gay who ran around with women and left his first wife. and ran around with women
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and left his second wife. hillary clinton can say donald trump is talking to me about marital infidelity, give me a break. it has a lot of ways to blow up in his face. >> is there any way it could work for him. >> it will be hard for him to press this occasion of her fighting of her mistreating women. it's going to be tough. >> what do you think, molly. >> one of the issues from the primary is donald trump was viewed of someone who would be willing to go for the juggler against hillary clinton. as monday night's debate showed. is he not proving what he said he would be only able to do among all of the republican candidates this idea that he would be so well suited for this task. he needs to put up or shut up on this. he needs to put up. that's absolutely what he needs to do. he needs to figure out how to thread this needle. i think hillary clinton did give him openings and opportunity. she did want to take credit for husband's work touring his presidency. she is wanting it to be another one of these two for
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the price of one deals. they are a partnership. political partnership. this is an issue that can be brought forward. it has to be done carefully. >> byron, are you suggesting, perhaps, that he has got to wait for her to bring up that that might relate to? >> absolutely. >> not to bring it up himself. >> absolutely. not bring it up himself. this is a candidate who does pretty well when he talks about the issues. he did well at the debate when he was talking about trade and jobs. less so when he is under attack about birtherrism or his taxes or something. the more he talks about trade, about jobs, about immigration. the better off he is he hud hud -- sthud have a way to talk about bill clinton's attacks. >> donald trump and hillary clinton were both out on the campaign trail cause imagine today. donald trump in new hampshire and hillary
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clinton in iowa. the sight of her first 2016 primary win. new hampshire the site of his first. fox's campaign carl cammeron is covering both campaigns from new hampshire. hi, carl. >> hematocrit, brit. they are returning to the scene of their victories, as it happens in both places these are important days. here in new hampshire, absentee balloting began last week when means the eequivalent of the early early state's early voting one of the reasons why she is in iowa is early process began today. voting is underway. talking about hillary clinton how it's time to put the era of clinton scandals to rest. and she can't be trusted and talked about her corruption. said that not only did she put the state department for sale but if she gets in the white house she would sell it. and mrs. clinton, for her part, was asked about this issue that you have been describing with the panel there. what if trump goes after bill clinton's affairs?
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and what the trump campaign says in a memo to their surrogates, if you are asked about this strategy, just point out that hillary clinton is no famil no feminist. hillary clinton basically brushing it off. >> trump campaign is signaling that they're poised to get personal about your husband's past, about your past. how will you respond at the debates and what's your response today? >> he can run his campaign however he chooses. that's up to him. i'm requesting to keep talking about the stakes in this election. i'm going to keep talking about my agenda. >> they have both been trying to do that as for donald trump his aides have been trying to get him to stop talking about monday's debate. [cheers] >> trump fans on their way to a kerry underwood concert in new hampshire.
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basically says that it is time for him to begin to get more serious. beef up the debate planning a great deal. and he didn't do that again today. he, again, criticized the moderator, saying that he had to fight the moderator throughout the entire debate and suggested that the debate process is rigged, which will surely spark more speculation about his attendance at the final two debates which he said, when asked if he is going to go a couple of days ago. sure. but he is where beginning to try to discredit the process yet again. bret. >> okay, carl. good stuff. thanks very much. we have a little bit more about that news conference you saw a little bit of it in carl's report with hillary clinton. taking a few questions. we'll have more on that later. in the meantime, more email headaches for hillary clinton. about 3,000 emails recovered by the fbi from clinton's private email server will be released before election day. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here. hello, catherine. what do doo we know. >> for context, these are the emails that the clinton
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team scrubbed, the fbi recovered and they provided to the state department on a series of disks in july after the fbi director said he would not recommend criminal charges. the argument before the federal court here in washington has been its july since you have had them. it's time to process them and release them. the state department said we don't have the resources to do. this the judge said you need to put more resources on it speed it up and process them so they are out before november. at the state department today, spokesman john kirby seemed to waffle whether they would make them public by early november. he was virginia noncommittal whether they would be able to do that. >> do we have any sense about what these might contain and what the subjects are? >> what key with expect is a lot of duplication from records that are already out there. critic will say it's evidence that she did destroy government-related records in the emails. others will say, look, there is nothing here anymore. you have to keep driving. there will be some benghazi records. what we know is that almost
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all of them are duplicates. but, for those who feel that records laws were broken, it will be more evidence that, in fact, they were broken because of the thousands of records that were recovered and eventually released leading up to the election. >> catherine, bengals continues to have unanswered questions. i don't think it will shed my more questions what she did that night. >> i think it's very unlikely. the big development, brit, i think going forward is that mrs. clinton had a deadline today to answer questions, written questions under oath in another federal lawsuit brought by judicial watch. they extended that deadline now until october 13th this is important. under oath answers to questions about why she set it up and how she set it up and whether it was an effort to skirt the records laws. this will now be public, just three weeks before the election. so they kind -- it's like your homework you get an extension but you still got to do the project.
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that's what you are looking at right here. >> catherine, thanks very much. let's speed rita read some other nurse in the field of politics. republican leaders in congress are having second thoughts of overriding that veto that allows 9/11 victims to sue saudi arabia and other countries. paul ryan says the bill needs to be changed. is he concerned that u.s. military members stationed year seas could be at risk for legal troubles there. both men say they will try to fix the bill later. executives over at cnn may be relieved over this news corey lewandowski former trump campaign manager and cnn analyst is no longer on the trump payroll. lewandowski had been receiving emergencily severance payments while on air for cnn. thought trump campaign has paid off the remainder of the contract in one lump
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sum. the man that went on a shooting rampage not a citizen but voted three times. registered to vote and participated in three election cycles it operates on al honor system so he never had to show proof of citizenship. charged with murdering five people at macy's department store. libertarian presidential candidate got stumped. first it was when he didn't know what aleppo syria was. now he could not name one world leader he admired when asked about that. today he treated this it's been almost 24 hours and i still can't come up with a foreclosure leader i looked up to. hillary clinton was also asked that question today she and she says she very much admires angela merkel. john kerry has threatened russia. will kerry's words make any difference? general jack keane is here next. brand new conspiracy theories. theories. do they hold an any
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with the syrian cease-fire in the state of collapse and russia bombing the city of aleppo. secretary of state john kerry has issued an ultimatum of sort. he threatened to cut off further with moscow unless it stopped. that's on consultations with syria. some of those attacks have been on hospitals and water supplies. retired four star general jakeenan joins me from new york. general, is that kind of a they like toy have any
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deterrent effect on russia? >> absolutely none whatsoever. these two efforts we made with negotiated cease-fire russia has violated them. they had no intention of abiding by these cease fires. this has been a feels fools god operation from the beginning. the secretary is preoccupied with process and if is he involved in some kind of negotiation process, i think he feels good about it. so, absolutely not. he has nothing left he for some time i know because i have had personal discussions with him. he wanted military options so that he could get a diplomatic political solution. and those have been summarily rejected by president obama. >> so if we were going to have -- if we're going to say something to russia now that would have meaning, and might teeter their behavior, what would that be? >> no words will do that. only action will do it. robustly arm the syrian
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moderates, which we have done some of. with the cia program. but do a more aggressive program and give them kind of weapons that they need. to shoot down airplanes and antitank weapons. that was recommended in 2011. in 2012. and the president said no. they are considering that again in the white house. set up safe zones near the border in jordan and near the border in turkey. where humanitarian relief operation could be conducted there. we can get some of these people out of harm's way. these are things that would impact on russia but more particularly would impact on the regime itself. we have got to turn the momentum against the regime that is the only pressure point that we have to eventually get a political solution. right now, there is no political solution in front of us because we have nothing to force that political solution. >> and if we did set up, say, the safe zone that you describe, would we have to
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administer that militarily perhaps with our own forces? >> i think the smartest thing would be not to use any of our forces but to use forces that are in the region some of them would have to be on the ground but protect with patriot missile batteries as well. we have a tremendous capability, brit. we have stand-up cruise missiles. if assad's air power ever got involved in that the operation out of six airfields we could take these things very quickly and never have to fly a pilot in syrian airspace. it would be very limited operation. even after this late date after five years of the civil war there are still options left. admittedly, brit, they are not as good as they were two or three years ago. >> can i understand that is it your sense that the generals are seeking to get the president to take such action or other advisors around him?
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>> well, in terms of right now being discussed significantly increasing arming of the syrian moderates and certainly there is backing in the national security team to do that. i don't know if the president is going to agree to that. he has resisted most of these in the past except for a covert cia operation that assisted the rebels with antitank missiles. it remains to be seen. there is no support in the white house to establish any safe zones or notify zones which you would have to have in support of that safe zone. i don't think that's going to happen. >> general, is it your sense that the president basically has sort of written syria off and decided not to try to really do very much there? >> i think pretty much. it's a sad commentary because there are 5 million dead and 11 million people displaced, brit. what froze his hands. he will never admit it certainly. from the beginning when his entire national security team wanted to take some
11:24 pm
action to create momentum against the assad regime. it was the iranian nuclear deal. he did not want to do anything that would rattle the iranians and force them to take action to move away from the negative yaghtsd table. because, after all, what is propping up this regime. assad regime and brutal of it is iran and russia. that has paralyzed him i think from the beginning. >> yeah it seems to be still be the case. general keene thank you very much as always. >> good talking with you, brit. >> president obama is ready to hand over the internet to international group. what does that mean for you if anything? a text expert is here next to explain all of that. stay with us.
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within days the obama administration is set to enthe arrangement under which the u.s. government oversees the organization that coordinates the internet addresses we all use every day. four states attorney generals have filed lawsuits. they say the transition would violate the u.s. constitution and, more importantly, perhaps, make the internet a much more dangerous place. to help us understand what this all means, cyber security expert and senior fellow at the center for digital government mr. wright. >> thank you. >> tell me, first of all, the organization we are talking about that assigns these organizations and coordinates everything is called icann what does that staged for. >> incorporate corporation for assigned names and
11:29 pm
numbers. that is fancy name fox news translates to ip address instead of numbers. when you type in that you go to >> and not some place else, right? >> and not cnn or anything like that. >> wouldn't want nig that. >> so this -- they are doing so under contract, this organization, with the u.s. commerce department. that's been going on for years, right? >> since about 19198. >> any problems. >> ask mark zuckerberg and the guys at twitter and stuff. untold wealth economy that works. physical it's not broke why are we fixing it. >> when this transfers it, will transfer to some other body, right, the supervision that we have -- at least the oversight that we have as a government will transfer to some international body. what is that? >> it will still be icann open up and be -- think of the u.n. for the internet. that's basically what it's going to be. they already have 111 member
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countries a lot of those already being u.n. member nations and so they're looking. >> u.s. being one of those countries. >> u.s. being one of those countries. gets back the real question with that many people we have seen how effectively the u.n. works. will this be effective in terms of how it manages going into the future? will would he be able to protect our interest more importantly and our space. sea, land and airspace. cyberspace is where we will fight the next war. >> other countries won't have any more access to these addresses in order to do any mischief than we have right? >> that's unmoney known. >> really? >> that's one of the great unknowns about this because the coordination of this. any time you assign new addresses and numbers, eventually have sob signed off by the ntia. >> what's the ntia. >> national intelligence telecommunications industry. part of the department of commerce as well. >> our government. >> our government says can you signed these things up and when they do create these new addresses and then there is it what is called
11:31 pm
top level domain server. when that happens, they create a record. it's the record of authority, it is what it is. it is absolute, it's the ground truth. that's why we can trust when we type in a domain name of something it translates correctly and takes us to the place but more importantly. >> takes us to the place we want to go. >> more importantly for law enforcement and national security it also means we have trust in those records when we do investigations when we are trying to prevent things from happening that we have trust that those numbers and names are accurate as well. >> there was a measure to stop this from happening. >> right. >> that failed in congress? >> yep. it was attached to a spending bill that got cut out of the spending bill. we are now 24 hours. >> down to the attorney general and their lawsuit? where does that stand? >> as far as i know, it's under consideration i was trying to get update before we went on air. one has already determined it is not u.s. government property that claim is going to be weak. the question is from a national security standpoint have we done enough to protect ourselves before we
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transfer ownership of this away from the u.s. government. >> i take it once it's gone it's gone. >> there is no putting the toothpaste back in the tube on this one. when is out the door october 1st. brave new world and we have no idea. we kind of have an idea but we don't know where it's going to go. >> morgan wright, thank you, sir. nice of you have to come in. there is something about presidential debates that gives rise to fascinating theories will candidates cheating to get an advantage. chief national correspondent ed henry took a look at some of the conspiracy theories now ricocheting across the internet. watch. >> it all began with careless whispers about that bump in the back of hillary clinton's red jacket during her debate with donald trump. >> by the end of this evening i'm going to be blamed for everything that's ever happened. >> why not? >> social media lit up with rumors that bump was a back brace desperately trying to hold clinton up for 90 minutes to. avoid a repeat of that plunge after she got newspaper i can't. others jumped on this photo appearing to show a wire in her ear.
11:33 pm
charisma news claiming the wire was, quote, meant to match her skin tone theorizing hearing aid or antiseizure device. though clinton staff told us today she wears no such thing. conservative blog said it was ear piece that hillary could have used to receive feedback from advisors during the debate. the nonpartisan politifact which normally fact check candidate's claims on serious issues like taxes and trade took up a reader suggestion they check out this conspiracy theory. the charges about a clinton ear piece amounted to a pants on fire lie. >> some of donald trump's most rabid partisans can't accept he didn't have a great night. searching for' conspiracy theories hillary clinton having listening device or hand signals. >> there were charges of
11:34 pm
clinton. rather than waiving her hand. clinton rubbed her face. and the blog true pundit called hours of tape and said she never ever used that move in previous debates. clinton critics suggesting she looked more like a baseball manager. signaling something secret like a bunt or a stolen base. as if this was a sign of something crooked between clinton and holt. gasoline got poured on that fire when video emerged of a so-called mystery man greeting clinton as she arrived at hofstra university. the same mystery man appeared after the debate to grab clinton's notes from her podium and then -- except the identity of that man is not so secret. brady williamson. a long-time political operative who has been involved in debate negotiations for the last seven presidential elections. >> now, clinton aides called me back to say brady womenson has done advance work for all their debates with bernie sanders and now donald trump. when i posted about this
11:35 pm
story on facebook. former white house press secretary joe lockhart replied brit would know who that mystery man is since he traveled a country with him over a year in the 1980s. he was on the walter mondale campaign with joe lockhart and a young reporter brit hume. >> not so young. do you remember him? >> very well. when i saw the things on the sweater about him. i recognized him immediately. >> not a conspiracy. >> i'm sorry to say it to come me a while to remember his name. so much for the mystery man. he was called cleaning n. some thought that was taboo. >> that's what williamson has done on these debates going back seven election cycles they were allowed. >> they were allowed to have notes. some people thought maybe there was some script going back and forth with hold and nbc with hillary clinton.
11:36 pm
it was just notes. >> i have a feeling it's not going to put an end. >> more conspiracy theories hey, brit, i was wondering. safe to give you a signal. >> i was trying to give you a rap signal. thanks, my friend. hillary clinton brought it up to attack donald trump. he defended himself. certainly not major issue for voters. he keeps talking about it. what is it? our panel is back next.
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how much a former miss universe weighed became the subject in monday's presidential debate because hillary clinton brought it up against donald trump. watch. >> one of the worst things he said was about a woman in a beauty contest. he loves beauty contests, supporting them and hanging around them. and he called this woman miss piggy. then he called her miss housekeeping, because she was latina. donald, she has a name. >> where did you find her.
11:41 pm
>> her name is alicia that chad doe. >> trump has not backed down since that night on the subject. he has even gone so far as saying thaassay machado may hima thank you. all i spoke to her five minutes. i had nothing to do with this person. i saved her job because they wanted to fire her for putting on so much weight. it is a beauty contest. say what you want, bill, they know what they are getting into. it's a beauty contest. and i said don't do that let her try and lose the weight. >> and now the political panel is back. "the washington examiner" byron york and senior editor at the federalist molly hemmingway. setting aside the question whether or not weather donald trump should allow himself to be drawn in to a discussion about that particular matter. what about the issue itself and his concern she weighed too much. the miss pig were allegation remains hillary clinton, there is no proof of it. nor there stl proof of miss
11:42 pm
housekeeping. what about it, molly. >> this is incredibly stupid story. we are talking about a woman who is a beauty pageant contestant. in the title. beauty pageant. con temp rainous reports at the time cnn put on 60 pounds while she was serving as miss universe. the idea that wouldn't be an issue for people who run a beauty pageant. laughable and foolish that the media have decided to help hillary clinton with this campaign talking point. particularly when you think about how they were corresponding this issue at the time that this was all happening. when the media were piling on about her weight gains and making jokes and whatnot. now they are holding donald trump to this completely different standard. is he absolutely right. they wanted to fire her and he said we are going to work with her to get her weight down. it's not like this horrific story that evokes much sympathy. i'm sure there are much better samples that the media campaign could come up with. >> this is actually a real dilemma. march trump because hillary
11:43 pm
clinton brings that up. alicia machado appeared in "new york times" story. obviously the clinton campaign set this whole thing up. this was a planned hit. he seemed taken aback by t there really have a desire on the trump team to kind of set the record straight here that alicia machado is not the most credible person here. >> why. >> you mention the miss piggy and miss housekeeping. and there doesn't seem to be any independent corroboration of that. >> of his saying that. >> yes. and he was -- she was on megyn kelly's show. and megyn asked her about a charge she had made because she was so traumatized by her treatment by trump that she suffered from bulimia for several years afterwards. and megyn produced a "the washington post" article in which machado had said she suffered for bulimia for years before the pageant. then there are is the whole
11:44 pm
question of the get away and attempted murder there was attempted murder in venezuela involving her boyfriend and there were allegations that she drove the get away car. she was never charged in that. but the judge in that case said that she had threatened to kill him. so you have all this stuff that the trump people, i think, quite reasonably want to bring in to this story. >> you also have the issue of spanish media reports she had a child with a drug kick pin in mexico. the way the media have chosen to portray this story is interesting. >> joan of arc story. >> it's a story that could help donald trump as much as hillary clinton. made a big campaign better job of vetting immigrants. hillary clinton said she had became a brand new u.s. citizen and planned to vote. someone having children with drug kingpins and running get away cars and threatening to kill judges would not have gone through some kind of vetting process. i'm not entirely sure that helps hillary clinton's talking points as much as it helps donald trump's. when you combine it with
11:45 pm
this shooter at the mall in washington who has been voting and is not a citizen. there is an interesting way in which the media don't come up. >> molly makes interesting points, byron. is there any way trump could turn this to his ad vantage? >> i think he had a couple of days to do it. that said, time to move on. actually, listened to his speech in new hampshire today. it was is she heavy? is it was quite controlled. isn't going on and on. perhaps if he did fewer interviews in which if he was asked about that and didn't take the bait and move the subject on to some other topic it would be better. >> you think -- >> -- he has had a couple of days to get his side out. it's time to move on. >> got it thanks to both of you. stay there, please. hillary clinton is now becoming, at least, more accessible to the media is that because she is confident or because she just doesn't fear the questions? the panel will discuss that next. bp gives its offshore teams 24/7 support from onshore experts, so we have extra sets of eyes on our wells every day.
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because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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do you think donald trump wants cuba story -- you are not a huge fan of -- like who cares [inaudible] >> well, you know, look,. [ laughter ] we have laws in our country. and the efforts that trump was making to get in to the cuban market, putting his business interests ahead of the laws of the united states, inaugural flight. >> is this your first flight. >> this is my first flight. >> welcome aboard. >> happy to be here. appreciate it. >> that's a little sample there of that little mini news conference mrs. clinton held on her airplane today. forever months, of course, she refused to face reporters. now what was extremely rare is now becoming more common
11:50 pm
and possibly even routine on the campaign trail. what does this tell us? political panel is back. so, folks, is this a sign of her confidence or as i suggested earlier is this because she doesn't have any -- she is not worried about the questions? >> i think it's a sign her confidence that she won't be asked really tough questions look at her she projects a certain confidence and a certain ease even with these journalists to you. >> by the way one ever the questions that came a little after the segment you just played, a reporter brought up her husband's, quote, indiscretions in the past and said that if donald trump were to bring that up, would hillary clinton feel an obligation to speak out against a spouse's indiscretions being brought in to the campaign? >> right. >> her answer was. no. >> yeah, then she went on to say he has to run his own campaign. we heard that earlier. >> she moved completely on. i don't think there is any worry on her part. people -- reporters could
11:51 pm
have asked about alici aissue wl machado. is this the most credible case. they could have asked about is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 of her top aids being granted immunity in the email case including her chief of staff. there is a lot of things they could ask about. but certainly didn't today. >> a sense they have -- the correspondents covering her are now grateful for her coming back and willing to talk to them. >> they made such a big production how she hadn't been accessible to the media for so long. now that she is squandered opportunities. donald trump feels comfortable speaking in front of a large crowd. donalshe know thousand communicate and owe slide their questions. they are not even putting forth a very good effort. one the first things they asked was something about donald trump's business interests in cuba. she said he has put his personal interests ahead of the laws, values and policies of the united states. seems to me that would be a good time to offer a
11:52 pm
follow-up about how she had put her interests ahead of the laws, policies and values of the united states when it comes to handling classified information or any other issues you could do a pointed follow-up. they were also asking her whether she thought it was fair to bring up her husband's impeachment or whether it was fair to bring up her husband's inif i kettles, that's not a role question. that's an absolute stupid question that you need to avoid if you are a reporter. and. >> how so? >> it's so easy to answer it as byron pointed out. >> she says. >> no no. you should never ask a question that has a yes or no answer. be willing to probe and why creating this very fun, comfortable environment, first time on a flight. i understand it's a cozy place and whatnot. >> you can have all those pleasantries and ask tough questions. >> meantime, of course, donald trump except for the interviews he occasionally does for morning shows and as he did last night with bill o'reilly, he stopped holding -- seems to have stopped holding news conferences what's that about. >> far less accessible than he used to be.
11:53 pm
basically, i think the trump view think they can perhaps call in a morning show, "fox & friends." >> get the word out. >> get the word out for the day. and set the agenda for the day and not talk to anybody else. he is way less accessible than he used to be. the reason is he used to get himself in trouble by ad-libbing in speeches and by doing media interviews. he has really clamped down on his own speeches. he is much more disciplined now and now is he doing fewer interviews. >> byron, molely, good to see you, thank you very much. coming up, i can't seem to win, folks. i have been accused of bias. people on twitter at least can't seem to decide which way i'm biased. more tweets next.
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>> now it's time for you the viewers to give us your take into the nightly dive into the twitter verse and email. i had high hopes when i read this one:
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for those who might not know a homer is a fan. finally a viewer email that says: please keep the feedback coming, folks. we really do like hearing from you. tweet me @ brit hume or "on the record" at that is about it for us tonight. "the o'reilly factor" is up next. bill's talking points are about president obama's town hall meeting where he went right, according to bill and where he didn't. we leave you, of course, as always with our political quote of the day. this one from the late writer and satirist. conservative is, quote, a statesman who is enamored of existing evils as distinguished from the evil who replaces to replace them with others. end quote. if you wish to dvr. your record making have vanished. please set up a new record sowg never miss the show. we'll be back here tomorrow evening at 7:00. we hope you will, too. don't forget "the o'reilly
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factor" straight ahead. good night. ♪ ♪ welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the tease deck. >> coming up on the big show, libertarian candidate fails to name his favorite foreign leader. they will be offended when they find out who gary johnson is. and sub tweets that go on a bulletin board. if i did that you would be so screwed. and the first ride along suitcase lets you zoom through the airport at five miles an hour. i guess it will come in handy after you are exhausted from the tsaue


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