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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 30, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> no, not at all. sandra: oh, he's good. happy friday, everybody. we're back on tv monday at noon eastern. glad you joined us today. "happening now" starts right now. laws. >> the same group paying bill and hillary were lobbying the federal g. >> donald trump is hit with questions of his own. a new report takes the dim vow of the practices of the trump foundation. >> plus. the train was there and the ceiling is collapsed on top of the portion of the train and you can see the wiring. and water pipe and things that
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are just everywhere. >> investigators piece through the deadly train crash wreckage in new jersey with a burning question of why that train did not slow down. california, here they come. >> the situation in syria is very bad. here i find peace for me and my family. >> 12000 syrian refugee set to call the golden state home this year and what is done to make sure potential threats do not slip through the cracks. it is it all "happening now". but we begin with donald trump opening a new line of attack against hillary clinton. her husband's past sex scandal and welcome to the second hour of "happening now". i am jon scott. >> and i am heather in for jenna lee. clinton doesn't a pore to be
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taking the bait from donald trump. donald trump is in michigan unleashing more attacks on a former miss universe while clinton courts millennials. they are running neck and neck as mrs. clinton calls young people to public service. they are live in fort piece, florida with more are details. hello? >> reporter: this is partly cloudy of the clinton strategy to turn out younger voters to court them and voters so voilths and important to getting president obama elected in 2008 and 12. part of that the clinton campaign and hillary clinton announced a service initiative saying she would help create a initiative of to pay off college loans to it help pay off
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college loans with service career. they contrasted that to the message of her republican challenger. >> he said i alone can fix it. [applause] i alone. we've learned that it is his way. one person getting supreme power and exercising it ruthlessly. that's why he admires vladimar putin so much. >> reporter: clinton has yet to respond to the middle of the night tweet regarding former miss universe. theyoused her in the first debate to paint donald trump as anti- woman and donald trump defends the comments he made
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about her and clinton will mention the tweets from donald trump at the next event in florida. that will be in coral gables. it continues here in florida where recently a post debate clinton leading here by slight four percentage. and 29 electors up for grab in key state of florida. >> and so it continues, thank you very much. donald trump is facing questions about his own charitable foundation. new york attorney general confirms that the trump foundation is not register ared as a charity to solicit donation. any charity that sois licited more than 25000 from the public must obtain a special kind of registration beforehand. and must have a annual audit
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that whether the charity spent money for the personal benefit of the officers. we'll get in to the fallout. we'll have the guests. ab, donald trump critized the clinton found sxagz the way it is run. is that line of attack closed to him now? >> if i were the trump campaign, i would avoid it. there is plenty of fodder with the criticism and how the fbi investigated the investigation to the e-mail server and the whole conduct of all of her staff. five given immountainity and going to the foundation which is important for donald trump is a mistake. she will fire back with why a foundation that received so much money from people. after 2008 he spent other
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people's monolegal feas. and so, it is not a good road to go down. and he is stick to attacks to answer something on benghazi. and they both have a huge stinky hole. if i were him, i would stay away. >> will it cost donald trump votes in >> in a normal it might matter. but we said said over and over tis not a normal campaign and we have learned troubling things about trump foundation practice. he avoided raising it. ab, raises the clinton foundation and for the casual voter that person might conclude both foundations are problematic and they could draw a broad
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conclusion to determine they helped the candidates ambition. trump said the washington post is out to get him and the system is rigged and his campaign pointed out that the attorney general investigating him supports hillary clinton and is a democrat. they have swept it away saying the attorney general is a partisan hack. and will not answer the questions and declared it to be wrong and so far, that is working with donald trump. he moved on without having to answer the tough questions. >> and the question ab, that the attorney general is trying to play politics and deflect on the issues fating the trump foundation. >> i think there is a lot of noise from donald trump picking a fight with former miss universe and he's getting upset
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you know, about different people telling reporters that they were critical of his performance in the debate and he has story on whether to do business in cuba during the embargo. and whether or not he wanted girls in the golf course that were not pretty enough, would be fired f. heed stick to his message and force clinton to answer questions he would would be better off. when he tells the press they are dishonest, the campaign never denotices the specific allegations. you can ask the people in the new york time and washington post. he will rail and never ask for correcognitions and dispute facts as untrure. he can waste what is now 39. hoo needs to move back to higher
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ground. >> he says the press is unfair and untruthful and rigged. >> a lot of his supporters agree with that. and so that may give him a pass. he's argued that the washington post is out to get them. he black listed the washington post for sometime and would not let the reporters attend the cam 59 events. and ab, is right, he said this is wrong without getting in the details and answering the tough questions. and so, it fits under the larger umbrella that the system is rigged. he creates an idea of united states versus them. and his movement against the washington establishment and media elite and dismisses this out of hand. so far, we have had a number of revelations and he's not
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answered any of them. >> fascinating. colleen and ab, thank you. >> and president obama and other world leaders gathered in jerusalem today for the funeral of simon perez, former israel prime minister who was one of the founding fathers of the joush state and author of the peace accord with the palestinian. and perez was awarded the nobel peace prize. president obama was the final speaker and praised perez for building an unbreakable bond. simon perez died after suffering a massive stroke. sorting through the debris in new jersey. after yesterday's deadly train crash. why did it not slow down as it barrelled in the busy hoboken
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>> "happening now" right now. new developments in a train crash. they plan to interview the engineer who was at the control can and look at the data recorder that could answer about p speed and braking fufrjz. this as we learn more about the mother and infant killed in the crash. here is more information. why was it going so fast. it would be ten hours the speed
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limit. they hope it would provide answers. the other data recorder is covered with debris and the engineer may be the key to all of this. and thomas gal ger was at the control and he's been there 29 year and an engineer for 18. one woman was killed in the crash and just removed to it america from brazil with her husband and had a one-year-old daughter and on the platform quatar was when she was hit by flying debrie. just 15 of the people remain hospitalized and the other focus is on the automatic braking system that the ntsb supported for 40 years and still not
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installed on most rail lines. there will be investigators on the scene. and they may not have a report on what went wrong here a year or so. >> our prayers to all of those involveded. thank you, rick. >> joining us for more on this. airport and rail rod engineering expert. gus, we spoke to you yesterday. and they had not retrieved the event recorder from the engine. they do have that now. and looking for another one and will get to it eventually. what will they learn from that. they will show you the tloelths position and brake pipe pressure
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that act vafts the brakes and what of the speed was. how fast the train was stopping and it will tell you if he was renninging the bell will or blowing the horn. authorities are interviewing the engineer today. is there anything other than that his ownthat his own use oft would affect the speed that that train is going when it comes up to the edge of the platft. form. >> reporter: not that i know of. if you you are approaching someplace you take the foot off of the gas. he will start applying the brakes. if you look at the hoboken
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terminal. there are main line tracks that widen out. and so you are going through a number of cross overs and turn outs. and there is a speed restriction on those. you ask yourself if he would have derailed and even if he did apply the brakes there is nothing to stop. one passenger said the train seemed to accelerate as it was heading to the crash. what does that tell you. one person saying it could be an impression. and again, if the train was on the ground who knows? i am not familiar with the grade
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there or part of that station can be below sea level and it will flood on occasion. it is hard to say what it is. the event recorder will give us the best information and tell us if it was speeding or not. >> there was a diesel locomotive. and the engineer doesn't sit in the rear, he sits in the front of the train and controls it through cables that run the length of the train. certainly a disconnection or's short circuit or something lik. is that freiently an issue in issues like this? >> no, usually they are fail safe. the braking system, unlike the automobile, you cut the line fluid runs out and you have no
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brakes. here the fluid is air. and if it brake and nowed runs out. they automatically set. and if it is not getting a command, it should not be simply responding and thinking that i will not work. see many questions yet to be investigated. we appreciate your insight. >> thank you. either the brake failed to work or the engineer failed to activate the brake. >> they will know more when they get and know what happened. strange and sad. >> still to come, donald trump taking jabs at the media. imagine that. telling supporters not to believe unnamed source reports. you both have a perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck.
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>> prosecutor charging a 14 yearole. the teen shot and killed his father at home and drove to a near pie elementary home. one of those students a six year old boy is fighting for his life. authorities don't have a mot and i have not sure it was random. the 14 year old faces charges of murder and attempted murder. >> donald trump is considering to bringing bill clinton's fast infell dellities in to the race. and this is despite saying that aftery seeing chelsea clinton in the audience. would that kind of attack help
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him with woman or back fire. howard is here to break it down for us. hello, howy. first of all. list les to what he said in the end of the debate at hofstra. >> i was going to say completely rough to hillary and to her family and i said to myself, i can't do it. i just can't do it and it is inupon appropriate and not noise. >> and confirming he was talking about p her husband's affairs. >> it is it already working. he didn't say it in the debate and said what it was about. and aides and surrogates are talking about bill clinton's past sexual misconduct and so he's generating new's coverage despite he didn't do it in the public forum. and look, the frepzy for 24 hours over the notion that the
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trump campaign might have brought jennifer flowers to the debate. >> you were there in the '90 ands covered all of this. >> i covered paula joan and jennifer flower and monica lewinski. i was not alone had. it was saturation coverage. it is not like the press hasn't touched it before. there is a feeling unless they are forceded to do it because trump introduced it in the campaign. the country had been through that and that was bill clinton. although some people say hillary clinton is an enabler or crit otherwising the women involved and the problem for trump is, does he want this about it. and it will be the spotlight that springs back to his own
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three marriages and affair with marla maples and it would take the entire come pain to the gutter. and opposite can occur like monica lewinski issues and they sympathized with hillary clinton. >> it was less than two years after the monica lewinski scandal that led to the impeachment of her husband and she was elected senator in new york. you look at this tweet. >> and time you see a story about p me and sources said, do not believe it. there are are no sources. they are made up lies. possibly a reference to some of those unnamed sources on his campaign roaching out and talking about his debate. >> reference to
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advisers said he was erratic in the debate and they are frustrated and disappointed and trying to get him to it prepare more for the second debate. i can tell you without foreof contradiction, that aides and outside advisers like sometimes talk off of the record. and for trump to say it is made up. he is one source of mind furious. and understandably so thatwithi trashing him to the new york times. >> he has a lot of distractions going on from the trump campaign and from trump himself. what should he be focusing on and can he get back on track? >> i think he is not be focusing on the ongoing battle with the former miss universe and he's
10:29 am
attacking her on twitter early this morning and talking about about a sex tape. sure, look, trump's core strength and appeal is tax and economy and issues and terms and all of these distractions of miss universe and side show and sex tapes, i don't think helps him when he has less than 40 days. >> 39 days. >> but at the same time, we have talked about the distraction dealing will he or will not. >> we in the media can't resist us. policy bores us. and the press takes responsibility here for sometimes attacking and diverting it into stuff that is fun and gossipy. and it doesn't have a lot to do with the future of the country.
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>> well said, but also will get more people to watch the next debate. and for more analysis. catch media buzz airing sunday 11:00 eastern on the fox news channel. >> and hillary clinton and donald trump might be pinching their pennies when it comes to political ads. what is the strategy behind that and can will they crank those pocketbookses open before the election. >> badger state a battleground not just for the white house but a senate race could tip the balance of power.
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s >> wisconsin senate race tightening with a month to go. democratic russfengold trying to unset johnson. they are trying to make an impact in the race. it could go in either direction. mike tobin is live in chicago. >> the antiestablishment furor that got ron johnson elected is alive. but who is antiestablishment. ron johnson served one term in the senate and russ feingold served throw. both of them say the other went to washington and failed.
10:35 am
n30 year poll cision and little to show for it. i had started and grow business. and i know what we need to do to grow our economy. >> i have my identity and i am proud to serve in the united states senate. and in this case he is the senator. and you talk about national security and you don't show up with the hearings that represent homeland security, that's a problem. >> when john johns upset feindpold it was a not a presidential year. and the nation is consumed with the election. marquette polls show feingold aheaded and others show him with a lead. and the democratic senate committee is delaying the ad.
10:36 am
the democrats are confident and they are electing to expand the math and a spokesman said the ad campaign for johnson will kick in midoctober. and all about the money. >> neither donald trump or hillary clinton is spending money on political ads, at lost not as much as four years ago. a top adtracking agency predictses spending in this presidential race will reach 300 million race than president obama and rom no. hillary clinton is holding back as well at lost for now. why? let's talk about it with mark
10:37 am
and eric. why aren't these campaigns spreading the wealth around like hay normally do. mark, we'll go to you first. television advertising generally drives campaign. >> the angst and grown is the people waiting for the commissions and consultants. why should they spend money? trump gets pressure to spend more. he gets all of the free media and hillary clinton is getting some of that from mainstream media as well. it is an unconventional political year. and just because it was one way in 2012 tis anything but conventional and the other issue is that hillary clinton is not loveable. and look up the road in hollywood, she gets the checks written but not the way obama did in 2008 and 12. >> trump said he didn't need to
10:38 am
advertise, because he gets media coverage. >> no question he gets free media, there's absolutely the case. i think however in this situation, you're likely going to see a department of strategy as we get closer. we are talking and in the five week range. in the next few weeks, you will see's surge and i believe that will happen also with clinton. >> it is a faster news cycle and media world we live in and closer you can get to the actual date, the better. it is just loc a movie. you typically don't see ads until the last few weeks. >> i believe that is going to happen. >> last few months, hillary clinton spent 32 million on campaign advertising and not including the super pac. tlo million buck ps.
10:39 am
>> didn't go anywhere. donald trump spent 5 million. is that success for his campaign as it is? >> it is it a sign that he's not boring. >> let's face it in the debate by traditional standards we talked about hillary clinton was so good and rehearseed, but again, she's on one and he's on the other. you will watch trump. he's also his own worst enemy. he spent all of the money and running dead even or he's about up five points. i don't know if that tells the experts in the campaigns, let's throw more money at him. it is not working on her side. what catches the attention of the public and cycle of news that is just like. that what are you doing for me right now. >> is he sitting on all of that
10:40 am
cash, waiting to make a huge adbuy? no indications of that. >> i think he is. and i think he has a duty on the behalf of the campaign. you should be spending it in order to win for republicans. and there is no question, it is interesting also. he's great at getting attention. no question. and hillary is running a lot of ads and some say it doesn't work. what it is done, it keeps him in place. she's tried to keep the female vote negative where it's been p. and so if he's trying to improve on it, he can't. it is difficult for him to do it. that's her strategy and clearly, i think that piece seems to be working. the aded are compeming and respect to family and they hit you with what can happen to your
10:41 am
kids and it does reach a certain democratic in the female vote. and he has to work on this. and certainly the mu chaddo stuff is not helping him. >> and the 13 million bucks he raised and we'll see if he spends it. >> hillaries is doing income equality and race and women. we see it in the recent events with the police shootings and you watch that come in to play. all of the nice adformulas. it is not the year to make them work. >> still to come. brand new numbers on how many refugees are seeking asylum and what germ no is saying over the influx. and syrian refugees trying to adapt to life in the united states. they are not alone. what helps to set them up for success?
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>> german officials say the country saw a massive influx of 890000 refugees last year. the interior minister said the number is high and germany is admitting fewer refugees from now on. the nation took over 200000 people asking for asylum. and that proves the agreements with turkey are effective. >> a far lower number of syrian refugee, taking in 12000 and many of them settling in california. we have more from los angeles. what is happening there? snshg well, you know this is one state that is taking people in. 31 stateses are trying to stop the syrian resettlement because of not an adequate background
10:46 am
check. it is easier to come in on a tourist visa and there is no check. >> the situation in syria is very bad. here i find peace for me and my family. >> the family arrived in the u.s. after the war in serria forced them to leave. >> i am not coming there and but 10 million in syria it is it a damaged life. nthrow years in jordan for a background check and thanks to the udz taxpayer andsitate department and case worker, life in california is looking up. >> this is abraham hussein, it is his job to make sure they do not fall through the cracks. he spends a lot of time going to the bank and school and apartment to it make sure they get off on the right to the. >> they are so much grateful and they want to help themselves and help their children.
10:47 am
>> i love in an apartment, good. >> to start the new life, they receive $1,200 for washington and food stamps and medicaid and medicare. and some receive ben upon fits for five years or more. they hope not to need it. >> training for gas station training. to be be a cashier. and polls show half of the americans don't want more fudge funnels. and they understand the fear of terrorism, but asking to be judged on their open meritses. >> the images of the children there in syria are heart wrenching. thank you so much. taking a look at the trophibs. forecasters in miami call matthew a major category 3
10:48 am
hurricane. that storm is moving through the caribbean, columbia's government issuing a tropical storm warning. and the national hurricane warns that jamaica could be under a hurricane watch. and telling people in haiti and dominican republic. and cuba to watch out for matthew. >> and a bock heading to the big screen. >> 51 seconds late. >> coming up. a sneak peek at the home for peculliar children. that is hitting theaters today. >> it is what i will end up liking. cure cancer million? far off. liver disease treatment. that by voting yes on prop 61 - costs. dollars pass. don't let that happen. it - because one day it might.
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hello, everyone. a twitter storm erupting between the trump and clinton campaigns after comments about a former miss universe. now she is speaking out and bashing trump. and the trump campaign is sending some rvs around the state of florida telling people to get out and vote. and the sisters that found their father dead in a hotel room have gotten autopsy results. >> living in places like this. >> you turn into a bird. >> yes, but that's not very useful. >> that was from the new movie
10:53 am
miss paragrin e's home for peculiar children. it is about a teenager that stumbles upon an orphange of children that all have odd talents, based on a book of the same name. michael, this is described as mary poppins for odd balls. >> yeah, a sequel, a reboot, and it is an honor to sit down and talk with them. >> how would you describe it? >> it's like a weird, spooky
10:54 am
children's bedtime story. >> it's the story of a teenager who has trouble fitting in. he embarked on this epic journey and discovered this mysterious place where you have peculiar children. and he will learn to embrace his own peculiarities. >> yeah, and it is kind of creepy and mysterious elements. >> miss paragrine is odd. she has rules, she can be tough, but it's all for the love of her children. >> look after them, jake. >> i promise. >> what do you think people would be surprised to learn is peculiar about you two?
10:55 am
>> what's peculiar about us? >> everything. >> being a child actor is peculiar in itself. >> sometimes people me in like the dark fatype, but they meet and i'm quite shy. >> making weird inanimate objects come to life. >> opening nationwide this friday. >> i could just listen to ava green talk. >> we're all peculiar in our own way. >> yes, and tim burton's movies gross over $4 billion worldwide. you heard it here first, it will
10:56 am
be an iconic halloween movie forever more. >> okay, a poor little kitty stuck in a pipe. how he got there no one knows, but can they get him out? can sa can sa that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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two paintings have been found in a farmhouse in naples, they were swiped from the amsterdam museum in 2002. >> and firefighters in rescue saved this little cat after getting stuck in this pipe. they had to cut part of the pipe away and finally freed the little guy. >> the first life is officially
11:00 am
used up. >> nice to be here, "america's election headquarters" starts show. >> we begin with a fox news alert. the clinton campaign firing back after donald trump's late night twitter rant. with 39d days to go, trump taking to twitter to slam a former miss universe at 5:30 this morning. >> crooked hillary help disgusting check out sex tape and past hillary clinton replied this is unhinged, even for trump. >> shan non, we received a new


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