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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  September 30, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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used up. >> nice to be here, "america's election headquarters" starts show. >> we begin with a fox news alert. the clinton campaign firing back after donald trump's late night twitter rant. with 39d days to go, trump taking to twitter to slam a former miss universe at 5:30 this morning. >> crooked hillary help disgusting check out sex tape and past hillary clinton replied this is unhinged, even for trump. >> shan non, we received a new
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response. she called his campaign hateful. she released that statement and we just learned that hillary clinton called her on the phone, miss machado, while traveling on the way to where we are now. they spoke to her, she said according to clinton's aids that she's looking forward to cast her first vote. here are some of the tweets that hillary clinton responded to after trump went on that tirade last night. what kind of a man stays up all night to smear a woman and tr s tries -- and she was asked how she would respond if trump
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brings up her husband's past relationships with women and here is what she said. >> he can say whatever he wants to say as we well know, we have seen it in realtime over the last many months. i'm going to keep running my campaign, talking about what i think the american people are interested in. >> it's clear from hearing her address reporters as they reportingly question her what happens if he mentioned some of bill clinton's indiscretions in the past. >> so what is she doing in florida there today. >> florida is a very important state with the 29 electoral votes. the polls show they're very close. clinton getting some support from a new poll that came out
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today in florida. it shows her leading by 4%, there are long lines waiting outside of her event where we are right now. her second event of the day. there have been long lines in both places. there are about 1400 people inside. here is what she said earlier when she talked about national service, trying to send out a positive message. she wants to create five million jobs for national service and give student loan forgiveness for those that go into national service. here is what she said. >> for me, service is about fulfilling the instruction of my methodist faith. you see part of the decree i like to follow behind me. do all the good you can in all of the ways you can in all of the places you can, all of the
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people you can, as long as you ever can. >> there was a number of protestors outside of the event. more trump supporters protesting with signs and really heckling the candidate as she arrived. but you heard in the last speech that she has troubles, a cough, first time we heard a cough in awhile. she is hitting the campaign trail pretty hard right now. back to you. >> live in florida with the clinton campaign, thank you, jennifer. let's talk about this now, jessica erlick. we understand that donald trump has now arrived, or is arriving in michigan today. great to see you both. >> good afternoon. chris, why? tell us why, and you're looking at trump arriving there and more
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conversation about what he is doing, tweeting in the middle of the night. >> i wish i could answer that. i guess his skin is really very thin, today it looks like there is no curve in his learning curve. this should have been put to bed on tuesday and here we are on friday and it's all of the rage. this is a guy that doesn't drink alcohol reportedly and at 5:00 something this morning he is tweeting about the woman that we all should have moved on from. nobody in the trump campaign is advising him to do this. he needs to put this behind him. and he needs to put it to hillary rather than continually dragging up the same thing he
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wants to put behind him. hopefully he did you want keep this up for 30 some odd days, but if he does it will guarantee free time in the next four years. the miss universe candidate says this is not the first time he has discredited someone or insists on demoralizing someone. this is the first time she will vote, she and hillary clinton had a phone call, mrs. clinton called her today and she said she can't wait to vote for the first woman pthd of the united states. >> i think it is a wonderful gift. it shows all of the things they
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have been trying to say about donald trump. a woman who was a former miss universe, and is now a mom and what happens when he is up against leaders of the world. so i know he likes him, but these are the things they have been saying over and over again. there is a lot of talk about millennials, but the people really turning out to vote, we're seeing the increase in a huge way, women, there is a poll out today saying they prefer hillary clinton to donald trump. a huge amount of votes he is losing and that is what is po important to get him over the top. >> this is what supporters love about him, that he is unfilt
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unfiltered. some of the votes they're both after, millennials. [ applause ] clinton is not having as good of luck as she hoped with them. what we're told is that there are more millennials on the risers around her when talking about debt free college, but the event was mostly people who have been out of college for 20 and 30 years, chris. >> again, she is not drawing big crowds. she is not likable. she may win, if she does will be donald trump's fault. she promises millennials a gift basket of free stuff not knowing of course they're going to be stuck with the bill.
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and she continues to make promises, bernie sanders style of "free stuff for you" but the joke is on them in the end, because we're going to stick them with the bill and more. >> and she is out talking to millennials again, and it shows that millennials don't like either one of them. >> yeah, we're both floridans. we know that millennials are important in florida and across the country. they certainly turned out for barack obama, but in florida, particularly in the i-4 corridor, the number of hispanic and women voters are really what make a difference here. and the people who are worried about college education, and i have seen this over and over again, they are grandparents, parents, the people who are over
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40 and looks to have to pay for their own children's college education. so if they're there, that is great. millennials are a mystery to everyone, but the people who turn out to vote over and over are in that 40 to 50 plus range. they are consistent voters and they have been paying taxes for decades and they know how it works. >> great to see you both. >> federal investigators are now interviewing an engineer. a woman was killed and more than 100 other people were injured, some of them very seriously. they're looking at the train's recording device to determine how fast it was going at the time. today, things are slowly getting back to normal. >> no, i get here at 7:30 in the morning, i was not here when it
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happened. >> you know, running around, cops, media, so today it is fine, nice, except for the rain. >> okay what do we know about where investigators stand today, rick? >> at last report, they were still trying to gain access to the front car, the controlling car, that was covered by debris. a section of the roof. investigators were concerned it wasn't safe to be in there. they're having contractors go in there to remove some of that stuff and then they can retrieve that second black box, but the key is likely that engineer, a new jersey transit veteran is reportedly being questioned today after giving blood and
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urine samples before being discharged from the hospital last night. >> we made that request. he was injured so we wanted to respect that. we'll be interviewing all three crew members. we'll also be getting information from all of the different organizations that might have information, technical information about this crash, that's what we do. >> passengers say they never felt brakes applied and the train was doing at least 30 miles per hour, we're expecting a update from the ntsb in a couple hours. >> thank you for your continued coverage on this. >> two sisters on a vacation in a tropical paradise. they both end up dead. the autopsies are out but it has left investigators with more questions. and ramping up air strikes in syria. have things in aleppo escalated
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to a point of no return. >> i make no apologies for trying to reach out and find out if there is a way to achieve the political settle mement.
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to compare side by side. and the best part is... the banks come crawling to me. everything you need to get a better mortgage. clothing optional. lendingtree. when banks compete, you win. okay! ...awkward. the u.s.-russia-syria relationship is getting more intense. describing the bombing of aleppo as barbarous. and claims of nearly 10,000 civilians have been killed as a
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result. and hacking here in the u.s. is becoming more widespread. all right, jay, we need to work together with russia on certain issues, but are they are friend or an ally? how do you describe them? >> they are trying to become the regional power. they want to be on the international teenage again. you look at what is happening in syria and you may say they're fighting isis also, but that is for a different reason. to prop up the assad regime. so what russia is trying to do and they have done successfully so far is become a power in the middle east. and get themselves back on the global stage they so wanted for so long to get back on. putin is going towards that. you have an unholy alliance between russia, the iranians and
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the irisyrians. >> right now is seems that what we're doing at this point, we may stop conversations, we may o stop having talks with them, meanwhile there are real people that are destroyed. they have been killed by tens and hundreds of thousands in that area. and five years ago, we said that it was time for assad to go, yet all of it continues with the health of russia and we're talking about "we might stop talking to you." what should we be doing at this point. >> the prime minister from great britain said the russians understand one thing, power. if you don't have power, you can't argue trait. . we have no power projected in e region right now, so this vacuum that was created, but it's the
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obama administration not willing to do anything about it. and it's not just exciting u.s. assets, but it is also the problem, that the united states does not know how to handle putin and the russians. they are running over the united states and we're threatening to "not talk to them." that is really projecting power, i'll tell you. >> and the talks have not flat lined, but they our life support. you mentioned the hacking, let's talk about that as well. in many cases, having said that, it's not only the state actors themselves, but groups aligned with them, favorable to them, that concede the information.
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a lot of unknowns and a lot of fingers pointing in their direction. >> it's a form of warfare, and also dealing with elections. and what they're concerned about is what is being compromised is the voting records of people like us, as you said it doesn't have to be the state, it doesn't have to be russia doing the dirty work. here you have them interfering directly, indirectly, or trying to. this is unpret dented. and the internal tug of war, they need to but threatening not to talk to the russians on this, it is making us all vulnerable
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and we're basically counting down to a former ally, originally a faux, now an ally, and now it is hard to describe what to call them. >> for people that want to understand more about it this is a great book for doing that. thank you for stopping in. >> new details in the mistire yous death of two sisters in their hotel room. now even allies are bringing over his controversial comments. ♪
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brand new details, two american is sisters found dead last week in their hotel room at a resort, and the family is now struggling to figure out more. >> i have to tell you even with the autopsy results, this remains a bigami mystery. they say the sisters were consuming alcohol throughout the day and had to be helped to their room, but the autopsy
11:26 am
shows no sign of aggression or injury. and they found fluid on the lungs and one of them had fluid on the brain. toxicology reports could take a couple weeks. most say it is very unusualtwo symptoms at the same time. . the sisters travelled together exploring the world. their fam in minnesota said they're having a hard time getting information from authorities and some family members have gone to the island chain to gather details and bring the bodies home. they were found sponsivunrespon. and another tourist was found
11:27 am
unresponsive in his room, and a body of a 72-year-old tourist found floating in the ocean, those deaths also unexplained at this point. >> thank you. a damaging new report about the release of four new citizens from iran. was there a secret deal in tehran to maek this tom coming happen. and trump using rvs to get people to help vote for him. 'am. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. feel free to be yourself all day.... just switch from denture paste to sea-bond denture adhesive seals.
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this is a fox news alert, a dc just ordering depositions be released of trump and his son. it was about his plan to call mexicans rapists during his run. what can you tell us about the deposition, carl? >> it was given in june, and it is against the shifts in washington dc that were going to be operating the restaurant. it had a soft own, it owns later
11:32 am
this month. it has a restaurant and bar going down stairs, but not the one where these two chefs were involved. they said they were not going to keep their lease, and they're being sued by mr. trump, and they bolted because they were offended bhi his imfwramigratio rhetoric about mexico. the two chefs were offended by that and broke the deal. so trump sued them, and their tors had the opportunity to depose them. . mr. trump was asked if he preplanned or discussed those remarks. he said he thought about it in advance but he did not write it
11:33 am
down. he said he was arguing about imdprags, and most of the country believes him. not a lot of hyperbole. he stood is ground, he kept a moderate tone. >> carl, there is more controversy i understand about what is going on on the other side of the aisle? >> yes, one of the staples of the trump foundation is saying it the clinton foundation was pay to play, his own foundation has been getting it's donations and contributions not from donald trump, but outside organizations and individuals.
11:34 am
today the washington post reported that he has never had the appropriate sere tip case and permission from the state of new york to accept independent donations to the foundation when it reaches more than $25,000. he doesn't have it, never applied for it. and a super pack filed a formal complaint, if the attorney general was going to pros kus this do nations could be stopped, the money might be forced to be given back, or c the entire foundation could be shut down if a judge goes along with it. >> carl on the campaign trail, thank you so much. >> an interesting note that a
11:35 am
federal judge ruled there could not be -- i think this is the you dishl watch case, there could no be a video deposition. so one says okay for the trump depo, another says not okay for clinton. and he has been on the road for the last month, let's check in with him. you got your rv there with, your signs, how is it going out there? >> it is going great out here, having a wonderful time in florida. been here a month and a half now, getting folks out and getting them registered to vote, to volunteer, to walk and talk, it's really going great, you can't believe the enthusiasm here it is outstanding. >> you have to run into some
11:36 am
skeptics, what are their main concerns. there are some people you may just not win over, what is their worry? >> i don't hear that many because if you're driving an rv like this, people that are not in favor of mr. trump don't approach me that often. the other rv drivers don't either. we have three running here in florida. and registration ends here on october 11th. we have one in the panhandle, one in central, one in south. we have to get them registered here in florida. >> he will give you a big thumbs up, you're a trial aattorney, you a very busy life, why did you decide to say i'm living my
11:37 am
practice, i'm going to drive around for weeks and make this case? >> the truth is this election is that important. we all have to start sacrificing just a little bit. we have plenty of folks that have sacrificed a lot more. so it is worth giving up a little bit to make sure we elect donald trump present. >> do you get any hecklers? do you ever get a hard time from the folks who maybe are not on board? >> i would say 90% of the reaction is is positive. a few folks out there aren't so nice. >> we all understand some of the international sign language out there let's hope that we can all keep that to a minimum, it is great to see you and we'll stay
11:38 am
up to date on what you're doing. >> thank you, shannon. >>. >> and u.s. concessions to iron. the obama administration lifted sanctions on two banks. >> top aids say that are "comfortable" with iran's third oldest and richest bank being removed eight years ahead of schedule even though it was sdre described as the lynch pin of the network. well ahead of the 2023 time table was finalized on the same
11:39 am
day they paid. administration critics say it amounted to ransom. the u.s. says that the iran's money that was locked up for years. the u.s. officials assured law mae lawmakers that sanctions on that program would be listed, and that they have served to enhance the missile capability. >> we are already seeing the consequences of this impact. we have seen the testing of intercontinental testing. earlier this year a top state department official and balm administration official remains
11:40 am
opposed to the program. >> we believe that we have both multilaterally and unilaterally the tools necessary to attack that program and do whatever we can do interdict what iran is seeking to advance it's missile program. >> a top spokes man from the obama administration said they could not rule out this has not been served to make that country more aggressive. >> and james is live at the white house, thank you james. president and former president clinton in israel for the funeral of shimonperes. all went well until they tried to come home and someone made the president wait.
11:41 am
>> mr. clinton shaking hands, working the crowd, and taking his time until president obama says come on, we have to go, we have to get on the plane, and he did. . >> getting slapped with fines for making fake accounts, under fire for the second time on capitol hill. what they did this time will outrage you. plus, talk about the fbi information into the hillary clinton e-mail server with reports the fbi did give her a pass. >> we'll give her the fbi immunity five. nobody has ever seen them.
11:42 am
they gave so much immunity there was nobody left to talk to, nobody left but hillary. they probably gave her immunity, too.
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hillary clinton set to speak in the next hour, we'll bring it to you live. a new poll shows this year's race could come county to the sunshine state. how one group of voters could be crucial. what did you do last night? tweet storm, anybody? st top of the hour, we'll see you then. >> donald trump responding to criticism about a string of late night and early morning tweets aimed at former miss universe, trump taking to qutwitter sayin for the few people knocking me for tweeting there at 3:00 in the morning, at least you know i
11:46 am
will be there to answer the call. and the wall street journal is pointing out key moments of the fbi director this week. one of clinton's top aids was granted immunity and then was allowed to act as an attorney for hillary clinton. that means she could use attorney client privilege. >> any time you're talking about the prospect of subpoenaing a commuters from a lawyer you're getting into trouble. in my experience you can do things faster with informal agreements. especially when you're interacting with lawyers. >> matt, thank you for joining us today.
11:47 am
i know you were watching mr. comey. let's start there with cheryl mills. she was granted immunity and then could sit in as council for the primary investigation. >> yeah, and she was cleared as a subject previously, but there was no way she should have been allowed in the room. but the interesting thing is whether or not you give a lawyer acting now, she was the people's attorney, and i don't think she was even acting as an attorney at that time. >> so let's take another bite of this this is a guy who was the one who reportedly used bleach it to the server.
11:48 am
after they were under a preservation order, and we're told he lied to investigators. here is john ratcliff asking about that. >> it wasn't immunity. >> it depends on where you're trying to go with the investigation, it's a low level guy trying to go up in the chain, you might think about it differently. >> lying to an fbi agent, matt? >> it is a significant charge. and so i was watching that exchange very interestingly. and i think john is right. you have someone who is
11:49 am
essentially on strugting and lying to the fbi and they should be charged for that. and what happened in that situation is you had a spn from congress that after it was issued, this gentleman erased a hard drive that is an obstruction to congress. >> and they expect more on this issue of growth negligence. it outlined what could have been charged as evidence. the intentional failure to perform a manifest duty. i know that some statues have some nuances to that, but how
11:50 am
what mrs. clinton did did not meat that basic definition. matt, your response? >> yeah, i'm sorry. i agree. he said the like that same stan, and i can't -- what i understand comey laying out through consistently is that no one has ever been charged with gross negligence and that for some reason that statute should be ignored by federal prosecutors and you have this and can situation where there was such a disregard for the treatment of that classified information that individuals, including cheryl mills, huma abedin, and hillary clinton should have been charged under this and should count their lucky stars that jim comey work with the department of justice to make sure they weren't prosecuted. >> we appreciate you sharingure experience and insight to a lot of the individuals and frankly the facts involved in this case. good to see you.
11:51 am
>> good to see you, thank you. >> another black eye for wells fargo as the very well-paid ceo is hauled back to capital hill. it's going to make your blood boil. when you've been making delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about people's tastes. honey, what do you want for dinner tonight? oh whatever you're making. triple cheddar stuffed sliders. sold!
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more followup on wells fargo after it was busted for creating fake customer accounts. the bank's ceo taking a beating on capitol hill over the scandal, and get this. wells fargo is in trouble again, after allegations it illegally repossessed u.s. troops' cars. ashley web is live at the new york symptom -- stock change. >> reporter: this is interesting. first it was a couple of million fake accounts. now it's all about the bank repossessing cars belonging to u.s. military members.
11:55 am
it all began when a soldier in north carolina was getting ready to deploy to afghanistan. he had his car repossessed. the bank sold it at auction and came back to him wanting another $10,000. the person processing that said, wait a minute. this doesn't seem right. military members get protection under the service members civil relief act and that suddenly opened up a whole new can of worms. look at these statistics. when they started to investigate they found 413 alleged violations violations violations of this by wells fargo, at part of a settlement the bank saying they returned four million to borrowers inpacted and $20 million fine, although they did not deny nor admit allegations. but this came right in the middle of the hearing for wells fargo so justed ad to the scandal that's been surrounding this bank. >> how much more pressure does this put on the wells fargo ceo john stumpf who is the mid ol'
11:56 am
the necessary. >> certainly don't help. people questioning whether is he going to be by the end of the year. we know that already he has had his salary and compensation clawed back by 41 million. sounds like a lot of money but this is still his potential payoff. 19, nearly 20 million. deferred compensation, over 4 million, common stock, 110 million. he still would walk away with 134.17 million. that could make your blood boil. >> absolutely. thank you so much. good to see you. >> my pleasure. we'll be right back. terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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a couple of stories people are clicking on. the first time a woman wins the title of world residents best bartender. almost 10,000 drink mixers showed up. plus, pandemonium.
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>> now it is time for the very huggable shepard smith. take it away. >> it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in grand rapids, michigan, where trump is looking to make magic happen. michigan has gone blue the last few elections but trump is trying to return it to republican red. hillary clinton foes do focusing on florida, a new poll shows where both candidates stand. plus, fbi documents revealed secrets of hillary clinton's e-mail server from her personal tech troubles to the statement department slipup, and legal issues for donald trump over his foundation. how new york's attorney general is expanding its investigation. let's get to it.


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