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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 30, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> now it is time for the very huggable shepard smith. take it away. >> it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in grand rapids, michigan, where trump is looking to make magic happen. michigan has gone blue the last few elections but trump is trying to return it to republican red. hillary clinton foes do focusing on florida, a new poll shows where both candidates stand. plus, fbi documents revealed secrets of hillary clinton's e-mail server from her personal tech troubles to the statement department slipup, and legal issues for donald trump over his foundation. how new york's attorney general is expanding its investigation. let's get to it.
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>> hello. how was your night? maybe you work the third shift and very busy. respect. guessing the rest of you were sleeping. not donald trump. he was tweeting all night. 3:00 a.m. trump was complaining about sources, people inside his campaign leaking details about his run, don't believe them, he tweeted. at 3:00 a.m. by 5:15 he diverted his attention to cracked hillary. she was can dod, he proclaimed, used we his worst miss universe, his miss universe, noted by clip top as an angel before checking her past, which is terrible he tweeted. she's disgusting and he suggested clinton helped her get her u.s. citizenship. this is the same lat teen in universe on which donald trump bestowed the trouble of miss piggy and miss housekeeping. then he was back to complain
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about sources again and the dishonest media and by 10:00 railing against numbers that endorsed his opponent. that's how the man who wants the keys to the nuclear codes and the white house spent his night. politico reports trump jumped into the gutter and hays aides asked him to rep for in the thinks debate and others call for him to take the high ground. instead hi is going after an from the former miss universe, aka miss piggy, to bill clinton. >> the american people have haded from years and decades of clinton corruption and scandal and impeachment for lying. impeachment for lying. remember that? impeach. >> the house did vote impeach president clinton but the senate found him not guilty and he served his entire two terms. in response to trump's twit storm, clinton's campaign
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chairman said he recommends not reaching for the phone in the middle of her night and clinton call the utterranses unhinged even for trump. so now the g.o.p. standard bearer is visiting michigan as his campaign makes a play for state that hasn't voted republican since 1988. he is set to hold a rally the city of know vie -- mow vie. it's his fifth visit to the state. polls show hillary clinton now halt the advantage in michigan. real clear politics averages of the polls has hillary clinton leading donald trump 45-40%. clinton is campaigning in florida and is set to hold an event in coral springs. well take you there when it begins. first, team fox coverage. jennifer griffin following hillary clinton's campaign. first to carl cameron live in know novi where trump itself set to appear. tell us more about his evening. >> reporter: he had an early
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morning. the claims to sleep only four hours a day so not out of the question got for him what was still a good night's sleep even though he was up hours before dodge here's 3:00 this afternoon. said, quote, anytime you see a story about me or my calm pan, saying, quote, sources said, capitalized, do not believe it there are no sources. just made up lies. two hours after that he went back to the debate. his aides have banning him not. to saying it's time to move on but he said, crooked hillary was duped and used by my worst miss u. hillary floetheing her as an angel without checking her past, which is terrible, he said. then 20 minutes after that he tweet begin, using ray lee should an, the former miss universe, as pair gone of virtue shows crooked hilary suffered from bad. said i was set up bay con. then she said, did cubingle
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hillary check out sex tape and past? becoming a u.s. citizen so she could use her in debate? it's worth noting the woman got her citizenship in the u.s. in august of this year. and then just a little while ago, about 10:00 this morning, actually, he then began to attack the newspapers that have not endorsed him. specifically today "usa today" which has never endorsed a presidential candidate in it's 30-plus year hoyt. today disentoward him. urging people not to vote for donald trump, saying he is unfight for office. which which trump tweeted the people are mart in canceling the subdescriptions to dallas papers and now the "usa today": the arizona paper -- the arizona republic. hi knows he is getting flak about this then, said, quote, in a tweet, for those few miami
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knocking me for feet to go at 3:00 the morning at least you know i'll be there, awake to answer the call. that is a reference to hillary clinton's campaign against probe barack obama with the ad saying that president obama wasn't prepared to take the 2:00 call. >> now we know there's video of donald trump testifying about comments he made about mexicans and others from latin america. >> reporter: that's not what the deposition was about. the deposition was about his lawsuit against a celebrity chief who quit and broke a lease to be a restaurant in trump's new hotel in washington, dc. the celebrity chef said he wasn't going to work for trump because of trump's every time immigrant rhetoric, particularly the line about they're not sending their betts, they're sending criminals, rapists, drug dealers, ate. he was deposed for the better part of an hour and a half, maybe two, and essentially he
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held his ground. the lawyers for the chef asked him a couple of questions about had he premeditated. thought about these remarks, had he strategized about them or not? and he basically said, no, i consulted myself. didn't really tell anybody else. thought about it in advance and said them. he was questioned more and didn't lose his temper, didn't say anything particularly hyperbolic, and argued he was pushing his immigration position as a candidate for office. he was otherwise distracted. didn't think that this was going to offend his chefs or anybody else for that matter, and he makes the case that it shouldn't be such a big deal because in running for office, he beat the other 17 -- 16 republican candidates, became the republican nominee and a lot of americans agree with him. so, for those folks who are thinking that perhaps the deposition might have something explosive and to have trump under oath say something that might be self-defeating, doesn't appear to be in there. >> finally now we know the debate was rigged.
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>> reporter: no, we don't. we know that donald trump said yesterday he thought the debate was rigged but blamed me moderator. after the debate the first thing he did when he got into the spin room was telling reporters hi mic was messed up. called it defective. and asked reporters if it was possible it was done deliberately as though the commission on presidential debates set him up or tried to trap him with faulty equipment. at the time it was utterly denied. everybody said, no, nothing wrong with his mic. didn't sound funny on tv. although there was sniffling that donald trump -- he appeared to have a cold which he denied. now, the commission on presidential debates has acknowledged there was in fact something wrong with the mic and it was audible in the auditorium, in the hall. so, don't know where this necessarily brings things but with trump, anything can become a controversy. it is worth noting that earlier in the campaign, trump was asked to denounce the former kkk grand
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wizard, david duke and refused to and took a lot of heat for that. he said he had a bad ear piece and didn't hear way. so americans were special of the bad mic statement. now it turns out he was accurate. >> carl cameron on the campaign trail, you decide in 38 days. >> hillary clinton focusing on the crucial swing state of florida, minutes from now the democratic presidential nominee will take the stage in cold springs. we'll take you there when it gets underway in rally in fort pierce, florida, on florida's east coast. clinton went after trump for saying he can't fix america alone. >> i alone -- well, we learned that that's his way. one person getting supreme power and exercising it ruthlessly. that's why hi admires dictators like vladimir putin so much. >> the battle for the sunshine is heating up.
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donald trump made his ninth campaign stop there on tuesday since july and clinton campaign officials say president obama will stump for clinton there next week. but the first debate poll. christian to say ton ahead by four points in florida. in august clinton had a two-point lead. jennifer griffin is live at the event in coral springs. what else does the poll tell us? >> reporter: the key dim graphic in this new -- demographic is independent voters the key to florida voting and if you want to know which way florida goings you look at things dem graphic. the pool says trumps beats clinton among independent voters 41 to 33%. trump's net approval rating is negative 22. clinton is negative eight. a lot of never trump voters and never hillary voters with talked to in florida in the last 24 hours. which is so important. florida is important because of
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the 29 electoral votes. trump does not have a path to victory without florida. president obama won it narrowly in the last two eexes. >> she responded today the trump's tweets. >> reporter: well, the campaign seized this alicia machado scuffle with donald trump as really the gift that keeps on giving, and in fact, clinton responded in defense of machado, calling her -- testified her on telephoned her on the way from her earlier event in florida, here in coral springs. she called her and she congratulated her for her courage in standing up to donald trump. here's what she said. machado put out a statement, quote, his re-marks do signed to humiliate, intimidate and unbalance me. cheap lies with bad intention. he has been demoralizing women,
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minorities and people of certain religions throughout his hateful campaign. that is from the former miss universe. clinton then tweeted in response to trump's tweets what kind of man stays up all night to smear a woman with lies and conspiracy theories. another tweet, when something gets under donald's thin skip he latches on and can't let go dangerous for a president. machado told hillary clinton she looked forward to voting for the first female president. clinton's campaign says in no way did the campaign help machado achieve niship, one -- citizenship, one of trump's tritt simples and attacks this morning. >> jennifer griffin at the rally. thank you. editor 0 the "chicago tribune" say hillary clinton and trump have, quote, serious flaws so they're going with a guy who didn't noe help -- aleppo. from the continue begun, we
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would rather recommend a principled candidate for president regardless of his or her prospects for victory. they suggested voters cast ballots for such diseye pointing -- disappointing candidates and reject the cliche that the citizen who chooses a principled third party candidate is squandering their vote. it's the fifth newspaper to endorse johnson which includes the detroit news which has always backed the democratic candidate for president. always. we'll look at what it would take for either campaign to inwin the sunshine state. coming up this afternoon after the tweets before. enjoy. ♪"all you need is love" plays my friends know me so well. they can tell what i'm thinking, just by looking in my eyes. but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes. i used artificial tears from the moment i woke up...
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8,500 patient volunteers, and the hope of millions. and so after it became a medicine, someone who couldn't be cured, could be. me. ♪ florida is a crucial battleground state and secretary clinton with a slight edge in the poll of the debate but the race for the white house is still, as they say, neck and neck in the sunshine state. when pollster tells ap said cube back americans could make up 8% of the vote. john busseyes here. cuke bans go republican. >> but something new, demographic change. the conservative cuban
12:17 pm
population that hat gone republican in the past because they were anti-castro. younger cubans have a slightly different view of the world. there are more of them voting. so the question is going to be now, not only does how does that generational split play out between the two candidates but how does this latest news about donald trump having a business foray in the 1990s into cube, looking around, seeing whether there were any business opportunities. >> a news week article and a good read. >> that's right. he spent several tens of thousands of dollars doing research and decided not to do anything but that was prelifting of the embargo. that was at a time when we were staunchly holding -- not allowed to do business with cuba. how will that play out? will that go past the younger cuban voter in florida? will it register with the older ones or the older ones feel he is sounding tough on castro so
12:18 pm
we -- or will the cuban vote be split, handing the state to hillary clinton. >> that's right. the four percent number is interesting. one is that it's the first post debate number that we're seeing, which is very interesting. >> likely voters as well. >> that's right. but it's four percent, and within the margin of errors and it's gone back and forth. so it's not definitive. we will be looking at florida very closely, and the other battleground states, which remain neck and neck. new hampshire, pennsylvania, virginia, north carolina, ohio, and florida. those are the -- the state is 50 elections, really. it's not one national one. you have to look at it state-by-state. >> there is movement post debate in the way of secretary clinton, three polls now, we have a poll coming out this afternoon at 6:00. our first post debate poll taken after the debate and i'm looking forward to see it. want to know what this just did.
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i know how people felt about the debate. but did it change anybody's mind? i don't know yet. >> that's right. hough is the electorate viewing gary johnson, to the not part of the debates the third-party libertarian candidate has been drawing votes away from both candidates and the democrats are concern. >> the "chicago tribune," what? >> the detroit news. >> what? >> yeah. >> couldn't think of a world leader. he doesn't know where aleppo is. >> that's where we'll begin to see, i imagine, reflected in some of the polling numbers. this kind of cluelessness of the national candidate about foreign affairs, not knowing what aleppo was, not knowing -- not being able to name a foreign leader and referring it to -- >> africa, europe. >> i guess i'm having an aleppo moment. these would be normally damaging to a presidential campaign. how the numbers. >> you only get one mulligan.
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>> he's had two. >> thank you. ahead one of the biggest challenges to face the next president, what to do about russia. the ap's diplomatic writer says the one thing the next president, not do is ignore vlad putin. we'll talk to that writer next. before taking his team to state for the first time... gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most.
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as long aisled vlad vlad putin is in charge the next president has to keep an eye on russian. russia has been making life very difficult for u.s. officials in a lot of ways as the "associated press" puts it, about why russia matters in the presidential race here at home, quote, russia is militarily involved in syria, supports separatists in eastern
12:24 pm
ukraine and areas of georgia, and is even been accused of trying to meddle in the united states presidential race. at the same time the obama administration has been forced to accept that working with russia is probably the only way to achieve results on many complicated international issues. results like the historic nuclear deal with iran. analysts say it would not have happened without russia's happen. diplomatic writer matthew lee who wrote the piece is with us now. one candidate is good to go with vlad. >> i'm not sure if we know that 100% but certain live -- certainly he is someone -- the next president has to deal with. >> a lot of preparing your game comes down to knowing what your opponent's goals are. do we have an understanding what their m.o. is and what russia is trying to accomplish. >> there's a couple things at work. one is that vladimir putin and most of -- many in russia are
12:25 pm
trying to reclaim the prestige and the respect that they once had when they were the soviet union, as one of the world's two -- only two super powers, and in many ways they have succeeded. president putin in particular has succeeded in making russia a player in many parts of the world. he has inserted his military and himself into the conflict in syria. he has inserted russia into eastern ukraine, into florida, his country is a major factor -- was a major factor in the iran negotiations, is a major factor in the effort which has now stalled to denuclearize north korea. it's a player in the middle east. the russians have proposed holding a conference or meeting between prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president abbas. so, they -- you can love them,
12:26 pm
hate them, but you can't ignore them. >> can you influence them? we know that their equipment shot a passenger jet out of the sky. they have annexed part of a sovereign nation and yet we seem to be feckless. >> it is without question that the obama administration, as did the bush administration to be fair, has struggled to find a way to get russia to do what it wants. the main thing here is that countries act in their own national interests and russia has a national interest, and it is going to, and putin is going to, do what he thinks is best to assert and protect russia's national interests, which is why you see the russia active in the former soviet state, referred to as their near abroad but also they want to project russian power which is why you see them
12:27 pm
so heavily involved in syria, where they have a naval base that gives them a presence in the eastern mediterranean and where they have a leader in bashar assad who has essentially an an ally of them. so countries whether they're russia, united states, china, are always going to act in their own national interests and i think the challenge for any american administration is to figure out how -- not necessarily you can align u.s. and russian interests but how you can convince the russians that what u.s. interests is it in fact also similar to what the russians themselves want. >> the "associated press" diplomatic writer, matthew lee. it's a great read, the article, and an easy google at the "associated press" app. thank you. >> excuse me. seasons are achanging. moments from enough hillary clinton scheduled to hold an event, coral springs florida,
12:28 pm
and it comes as released nib documents paint a picture of a tech know -- tech know phobic clinton. the "washington post" slam trump how he used money from his charity. not his money, opm, under his name in his charity, but opm. so what's trump's team saying in and wells fargo, the biggest bank, agreeing to pay millions of dollars for improperly repossessing hundreds of cars from our military members. if you weren't mad at wells fargo already, stand by for news.
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the president of the fill finds said he would be, quote, happy to slaughter three million
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drug addicts and compared himself to hitler killing the jews. the president says all of his targets are criminals, unlike hitlers. his government has already killed thousands in the war on drugs. >> the rosetta probe crashed on to the comet. michigan controllers lost contact after it his icy surface. scientists say it was a success and provided them with many year of research night it's friday so pandas. researchers in central china debuting 23 of the little black and white creatures ahead of china's national day. they say almost twice as many pandas have been born this year compared to last. the animal moved off the endangered species list and is simply now warm and cuddly.
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we're wait hillary clinton right now. stronger together. shees set to begin an event any
12:34 pm
minute. her second stop in florida today. earlier she was in fort pierce. peter barnes is live in washington. tight contest down there. >> that's right. she leads donald trump by a point in florida, and the average of recent polls within the margin of error and to help get her numbers up generally she and her campaign have been fanning charges that trump insults women but in florida she talked about public service and tried to whip up florida voters. >> we have to make every single day count. we have to get more people registered to vote. get more people committed to turn out to vote. we have to drive home the stakes in this election. stronger families, safer communities and an economy that works for everybody, not just those at the top. >> now, trump campaigns tomorrow in pennsylvania, but no word yet on clinton's weekend schedule. >> how is the money race shaping
12:35 pm
up? >> the democrats are raking it in, thanks to a supreme court decision that they heavily criticized two years ago the court struck down watergate era big donors but the case was filed by the republican party and instead it has helped clinton in this cycle with some checks more than $300,000, double the old limit. that helped her and the democratic party and outside groups helping her raise $500 million compared to trump at 200 million. >> thank you. hillary clinton's apparently not a fan of technology. her private e-mail setup is not the most advanced. but apparently the state department was not much better. that's according to recently released fbi documents. the web site politico went through the notes from the fed's investigation into the private e-mail server that clinton used as secretary of state, that her
12:36 pm
husband used after himself -- his presidency. seven staffers had additional accounts used permanent ones because of technical issues. one state employee told the fbi he regularly used nonsecure e-mail and personal e-mail because there was no other way to quickly transmit information. clinton's top aide, i'm ha abedin, said that the secretary would sometime use a new phone for a few days and then go back to the old version. as state department officials agreed to speed up review of thousands upon thousands of e-mails found during the investigation. so we could see more before election day. this week the fbi director james comey told congress he has not seen any reason to re-open the case against secretary clinton. catherine herridge is in washington. do we know anything new about the e-mails? >> reporter: that's what the state department is trying to work out. there's no question that some e-mails will be duplicates of what is already released. the e-mails were deleted by
12:37 pm
hillary clinton's team. the lawyer, cheryl mills, and heather samuelson who got immunity, and thousands of clinton e-mails were recovered and provided to the state department? july when the criminal case was closed. the agreement under u.s. district court judge says the state department must process 3,000 pages before the election. though the state department spokesman seemed noncommittal. >> fake the court order seriously. we have been traditionally we do make public our responses to foia requesters. her her in a separate lawsuit brought by judicial watch, clinton and her team got an extension until october 13th october 13th to answer questions under oath about her personal server, and whether it was a working around to avoid the federal records act and freedom of information act
12:38 pm
lawsuits. right now we're looking at court-mandated e-mail releases in october another and the first week of november. >> we're hearing that she -- the server was actually moved around in a van. >> more you read the fbi files the weirder it gets. we know there are new details that show clinton it special y.e., brian pagliano who got a deal and took the fifth on capital hill, pulled the server together by savaging parts from hillary clinton's failed bit against barack obama0. on k state, knicknameed the core 0 door of power, he built the server inside a room once used at part of her campaign headquarters and when it was finish, he told fbi, quote, he rented a minivan and drove to chappaqua, new york to install the e-mail server in the clinton residence. at that same time an aide for bill clinton registered the
12:39 pm
domain name "clinton e-mail doom dom but nothing good starts with a minivan as you know. >> at least a crossover. have a great -- >> we'll leave it there. >> enjoy the weekend. >> yeah, by. general's investigation of the donald j. trump charitable foundation has expanded. according to multiple news reports, including the "washington post," the newspaper which broke the charity story this month, the new issue we're learning about today is this. donald trump's foundation reportedly never filed the proper paperwork the state of new york requires. it that report is true, the new york attorney general could order the charity to stop raising money immediately. the trump team has previously denied any wrongdoing, and says the new york attorney general who is a democrat, quote, has a bone to pick. unquote. the investigation comes as donald trump and secretary clinton continue to attack each other for misuse of their charities. trace gallagher has the news and
12:40 pm
is live. >> reporter: new york attorney general eric schneiderman is looking into more alleged cases of self-dealing which means illegally using charitable dollars for personal or business use. one case involved the city of palm beach florida which levied $12,000 in fine against trump's resort for putting up an 80-foot flag pole, violating height restrictions. trump cars sued the continue but settle bed agreeing to donate $100,000 to charity but the donation money came out of trump's foundation. trump is also accused of buying a painting for himself with charity money, even funneling business payments through the foundation, possibly skirting task law. the new york ag, who supports hillary clinton, says none of these is politically motivated but trump called schneiderman a hack and a lightweight trying to extort him. >> what about the claims claimse foundation wasn't properly
12:41 pm
certified. >> the state law says if you solicit more than $25,000 a year you need to register it in early years didn't matter because from 1987 to 2006 trump was the sole donor to his foundation, contributing about $5.5 million. but over the past ten years, the foundation has reportedly taken in more than $2 million of outside money. and by not registering with the state of new york, experts say the foundation can avoid being audited to find to find out howe money is being used. the trump campaign says the wind wind has it facts all wrong -- the "washington post" has its facts wrong. >> thank you. wells fargo is at it again. the big orange and red bank has agreed -- yellover and read -- agreed to pay over $24 million on charges of illegally repossessing cars from members of the united states military. the justice department accused the bank of taking more than 400 cars without court orders. the feds have fined wells fargo
12:42 pm
after employees opened fake can'ts, costing customers millions in fees. wells fargo reports it has fired more than 5,000 worker who took part in scam but not the ceo. the ceo. john stumpf has still a job. but the company is making him give back more than $40 million, which is like a big mac. extra pickles. >> hillary clinton about to hold an event in florida. we'll take you there when it begins. hang tight.
12:43 pm
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don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. the clinton lead over the trump is shrink in the latest average after the real clear politics thing. about that happened our next guest set he called benchmarks for donald trump to hit. hough is he doing and dithat first debate change anything? david is an elections analyst at real clear politics. what say you? >> thank you for having me on.
12:46 pm
so, about a month ago i set benchmarks using past historical polling data to figure out how many the polls ten to move between a certain number of days out and election day. right now we're in late september, a little under 40 days out from election day and the polls don't move more than four points between now and election day. they can move agent more but typically they don't. so if hillary clinton gets one to two point bounce out of their debate performance, which in to the initial data suggests, then, yes -- it's not over but trump has a pretty steep hill to climb and she is definitely on odd the favorite. >> we have a few new polls. the cnn one came out the day before. we get on nbc news one yesterday, fox one this afternoon. when do you think you'll have this matrix thing calculated? >> so i used rasmussen reports today to try to estimate it and
12:47 pm
see exactly where clinton stands. she might have gotten a total of a three to five point lead out of the first debate but we'll wait over the weekend and see how the different polls shape up and how the changes the average. >> got a sense of it or no? got a gut on this? >> sorry. my ear piece fell out. >> happens all the time. do you have a gut feeling on this? >> yes. so my gut feeling is that clinton probably gained a couple points. would guess about two points. that is based partly on how well mitt did in the first deplate and how much he gained after that. if she has a four or five-point national lead at, say, the beginning of next week, i wouldn't be surprised by that. >> are you the youngest election analyst who every lived? >> i don't think that's true. i think a lot of people who do this job who are interest the math and data side are on the younger side. it's a newer thing that is
12:48 pm
pretty exciting in my opinion. >> the millenials school me daily. understand. >> i don't know about that. >> be careful. have a nice day and enjoy the weekend. >> thanks so much. you, too. >> word of some trouble at the site of the new jersey train crash, as you might imagine. we'll tell you.the problems investigators are having and could the engineer help explain what happened? well, i mean, couldn't hurt. hang on. if you're 50 or over,
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today thousands of people joined dozens of world leaders to shell brit the life of shimon peres. the last of israel's founding fathers died on wednesday, two weeks after he had a stroke. during his seven decades career he held every major office in all of israel, including
12:52 pm
president and prime minister and won the nobel peace prize. here president obama touches the flag-draped casket. during a eulogy he said shimon never saw his dream of path fulfilled. former president bill clinton was there he was president when peres negotiated a historic peace green. this is benjamin netanyahu standing at the grave. he and peres were political rivals but netanyahu said they had a strong personal relationship. the palestinian president abbas was in the front row, one of the only arar leaders to express sadness. here are members of the peres family right here during the ceremony. shimon perris died at 93 and even in death a uniting figure. a handshake for the ages with
12:53 pm
bib by netanyahu and abbas two leader who do not see eye-to-eye. after an emotional day at the funeral, there was a lighter moment as president obama tried to get the former president bill clinton to board air force one. this is the current president, this is his plane, the former president down here yacking. let me play it for you. >> let's go. >> don't you hate it when you're trying to leave and -- bill, let's go. i'll take you home. no. come on, let's go. barack obama was waiting to leave israel after attend thing funeral. walk around fast. they spread this up. come on, the presidential pair eheadded home. big hugs. come on, let's go, bill. thank you to sky news in united
12:54 pm
kingdom where they know presidents. federal investigators say they plan to interview the engineer of the train that plowed through a train saying in -- station in new jersey. a spokesman for the ntsb says crews are having trouble removing a front, facing camera with damaging it. investigators were able to remove a separate recorder that could help investigators figure out what cause they would crash that killed one person and injured 108. rick live -- leventhal is across the river. >> reporter: we hope to learn nor from the ntsb at their next schedule briefing. a section of the roof collapsed and concerns about asbestos bus the building is so old. the data recorder could provide answers including braking and speed and the could i is the
12:55 pm
engineer, 29-year-old new jersey transit veteran and 18 year experience driving trains being questioned after giving blood and urine samples. up dated totaloff injury, 114, authorities say it's remarkable more people weren't hurt excepts the one fatility. she dropped her daughter off at daycare and was stand thong platform when she was hilt by debris. >> we'll be right back when a look at an empty cake pan inspired. i've never been #1 in anything until i put these babies on. now we're on a winning streak and i'm never taking them off. do i know where i'm going? absolutely. we're going to the playoffs.
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super bowl, anybody? we know who will perform. lady gaga will be the headliner. she sang the national anthem at the last super bowl. houston hosts the next game and you can watch it in just one
12:59 pm
place, on the fox broadcast network. >> on this day in 1958 the u.s. government awarded a patent for a flying toy, the frisbee, the inventer once sold empty cake pans and drew up designs for a plastic disk, calling it a pluto platter. for real. the company, whamo bought the rights. the students would throw around a tin that belong to a pie company. the inventer thought the name was a, quote, horror, it became america's favorite summer toy 58 years ago today. better than kadima? i like powerball. a good one. the dow is creepy, way up. don't remember why. anybody remember? i always look it it right before
1:00 pm
the commercial break so i can tell you why. they're not so worried about deutsche bank anymore. have a great weekend. see you in grove if you're around. bye. >> hilary for president! >> well, can't we all get a along in both sides going at each other. it is getting nasty. the protesters on the other candidate. welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto, and fox on top of a campaign getting low down. including a development that is striking everyone, even in the greater journalism community as, well, a bit shocking. newspapers support candidates every day, sometimes they're shocking, sometimes they're not so shocking. what "usa today" did today, that was shocking. because it didn't support anyone, it just, well, cond


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