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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 30, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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the commercial break so i can tell you why. they're not so worried about deutsche bank anymore. have a great weekend. see you in grove if you're around. bye. >> hilary for president! >> well, can't we all get a along in both sides going at each other. it is getting nasty. the protesters on the other candidate. welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto, and fox on top of a campaign getting low down. including a development that is striking everyone, even in the greater journalism community as, well, a bit shocking. newspapers support candidates every day, sometimes they're shocking, sometimes they're not so shocking. what "usa today" did today, that was shocking. because it didn't support anyone, it just, well, condemned donald trump.
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says he wasn't worth the time. said that -- this is from the editorial board. the guy is unfit for the presidency. didn't support anyone. it just wanted to finger donald trump as not being fit for the job. well, that's weird. for byron york it's anything but weird. >> it's a really unusual decision. "usa today" pointed out that they've been in business 34 years, and have never made an endorsement in a presidential race. that goes back to mondale vs. reagan in 1984. to in -- so in none of the races did they see fit to make an endorsement and didn't change that because the didn't endorse anybody but took the very unusual step of condemning donald trump. at the same time, they said there they were too divided to endorse hillary clinton. so that leaves a couple options.
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either vote for clinton or a third-party alternative, like gary johnson or still stipe, or right somebody in like their brother-in-law or just concentrate on down-ballot races and not vote for president at all which is an odd thing for a newspapers to suggest. >> why do it it's all? a number of papers that will surprise you. or pick a third-party candidate like the "chicago tribune" but to do this seems weird. >> it does. you're right, we have into papers, cincinnati inquirer, arizona republic hat the usually endorsed republicans knocker endorse donald trump trump but all the persons decided they've going toying make a endorsement they should choose one of the two candidates is who is going to win. that makes the whole "usa today" thing so odd. it actually kind of mirrors the
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dilemma shot that some never-trumpers in the republican conservative world have faced who some say they cannot vote for donald trump but at the same time can't vote for hillary clinton, and as you to the they searched for a long time to try to find a really good respectable candidate who would run as a third-party. couldn't find that. and now they're just trying to decide what to do. so it appears that the "usa today" editorial bard is -- boad is in the same position. >> ofwhat is weird makes you lok at the at the story in "usa today," and you think things different but in this case, if they're sort of dismissing him out of the gate and saying we just can't recommend this guy, then you do have reason to step back and say, well, gee, how are you covering him? >> i know. well, newspapers always say that the decisions of their editorial board and the decisions of their news desks and coverage are
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completely totally separate, church and state, they like to say. but you do look at newspapers who have a slant, sort of like "the new york times" editorial page and -- you have this feeling that there's kind of an atmosphere in the building and as far as "usa today" is concerned, in that 30-plus years, they really did have a reputation for playing it pretty straight, and publishing a lot of stories that didn't seem to have much of a slant one way or the other. now -- >> i know. that what surprised me. they did have that impeccable history, just not inserting themselves. this is a weird way to insert. all right, byron, thank you, my friend. >> thank you, neil. >> we're going to coral springs, florida, right now. hillary clinton is trying to seize on a little bit of a bounce we have seen in some polls, particularly that state. that where you find jennifer griffin and how the campaign is trying to, i guess, more than seize the moment.
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repeated again. right? >> reporter: well, neil, as you saw there are more protesters outside these rallies than in the past but there are also more people inside. there are 2400 supporters behind me. there's an overflow crowd oft 500. she just aned -- acknowledged that. and there some polls here in florida that show her up by four points. that is the first poll we have seen since the debate on monday. and that is significant. what is also significant is that donald trump, according to this new mason dixon poll in florida,er is leading independents 41% to 33%. those independents are usually the ones who decide the florida vote with its all-important 29 elect electoral votes. many have said if trump does not win north dakota he does not have an electoral path to white house. clinton is trying to appeal to mill leanals and talking about
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national service. she says she is going create 5 million jobs, national service jobs, part of a reserve she wants to expand the peace corps and americorps and also has waded into that alicia machado miss universe controversy and called her on her was to this event today. back to you. >> thank you very much. great reporting as usual. jennifer griffin with the hillary clinton campaign. take a look at the corner of wall and broad. normally you celebrate an up market. it's the reasons behind this one that can get a tad uncomfortable because it's built on a little built of government help. the giles department not fining deutsche bank as much of a concern and then rumor's the financial times and elsewhere that the germans are prepared to help deutsche if it's on the brink or running short of cash. charlie gasperino covers this.
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what do you think of that. >> you're right. the market takes effect when a big bank -- huge global mega bank, deutsche bank -- looks like it's in financial trouble. they think of 2008 and what happens is as more and more -- they might be in trouble, particularly paying $15 million fine to at the obama justice department or selling mortgage backed securities during the cries -- crisis year. people thought they could be in trouble. and could go out of business. so the market sold off. today it went back up dramatically because the last thing the obama administration wants now is a stock market crash when they have to get hillary clinton evicted. so you leak out that we're not going to hit them with 15 million. it will be 5 bill. they'll fee fine and the market guess up. they want to keep the market stable dish. >> doesn't that worry you on a certain level that once again we have been reminded these markets
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like it when the government sends in one way, shape of form to essentially prop it up? >> listen, let's fate en. when lehman went down and they didn't prop it up, you remember what happened next, financial crisis, too big to fail is hated for good reasons. a but stock traders love it and believe it's a backstop to financial system. they think if the bank goes down the economy could be in trouble and they're kind of right. it's more -- what they're doing he's is protecting institutions against themselves and take more and more risks and do 2008 all over again. >> you know, you wrote the definitive book on what happened in that meltdown. i've got to ask you, about what we would do if it happened again. cannot imagine, even though we supposedly have this too big to fail notion, that if a bank of america were on the brink, like deutsche bank, we wouldn't rescue it. >> the notion right now is that
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nothing is too big to fail. that's what the obama administration keeps saying but there's no way any government, much less the german government -- if deutsche bank was in trouble the german government would bill it out. the same thing with our guys. we figure our out ways to support the banks. maybe not a direct payment. there's wees -- things the fed and the treasury department can do and get them through the bad stuff until things might get better. the real issue is these banks are so big they can't be managed. if one goes under the economy goes under. they've should break them up. i think trump might do it. trump has talked about that private live with people. if he becomes president. >> all right. a big if for now but we hall see. charlie, great reporting. a lot of you know baseball lemming jeopardies curt schilling. what about future senator curt
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hillary clinton still in florida right now. coral springs florida. getting the word out that she is the one and that any third-party candidate, not at this stop put any third-party candidate doesn't stand a chance. she has been pounding that again and again that would be a wasted vote. shelby holiday from "the wall street journal" with us. when you look at these polls and it's fascinating, when you add these third-party candidates,
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particularly governor gary johnson it is a tighter race and it used to be a tighter race for mrs. clinton. again, depending on the poll. what do you make of the factor these candidates have? >> you're right. if you look at some polls hillary clinton actually has support taken away from her when gary johnson is added to the mix. no sore than donald trump. it's a little counter-intoughtive the policies of gary johnson i aligned with the republican party. he believes in limited government, a champion of school choice. but when you look at these polls he is actually hurting clinton more than he is trump. and clinton has been on the road cautioning voters, a vote for gary johnson -- she won't say his name -- a vote for a third-party candidate is a vote for donald trump because she is worried he may actually do enough damage to cost her swing states and we're looking at swing states getting very tight. florida, colorado, nevada, ohio,
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pennsylvania, all within two points. in the real clear politics average, and if gary johnson gets just agent built of support he could take those states away from hillary clinton. >> or he could tip it into donald trump's hands. we saw that ralph nader effect in florida in 2000. >> exactly. >> how really realistic is that? >> it's realistic in states where the vote is extremely close. so, right now it's a little hard to tell. we still have 39 days before the election but a i have been speaking to voters who are republicans. they're torn between hillary clinton and gary johnson because they don't want to vote for donald trump, and gary johnson is a real choice for them, and for them it's a cons choice. they're -- >> even with his recent screw ups and not being able to name a world leader and aleppo? i guess the increased attention to that has raised his profile. >> more television time, more press. got his sixth major newspaper endorsement and when you talk --
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>> the "chicago tribune." >> a big one. so when you talk to voters who are thinking about voting for gary johnson, the question is why should that disqualify him if he can't remember aleppo when the other candidates have problems with setting up e-mail serves and fat shaming and a former miss universe. nascent disease that as a game-change or game-ender for gary johnson. >> it's going to be interesting. >> very interesting. >> real quick. does he take away -- gary johnson -- more votes from hillary clinton or donald trump? >> some polls he takes away about the same amount. but there was a reuters poll, hillary clinton in a head-to-head hat 44%, donald trump had 38%. when you add the other candidates to the mix, particularly gary johnson, clinton support goes down two pointeds, trump's stays the same. so he does impact hillary clinton more in the polls. >> wild. shelby, thank you. you're in an encyclopedia.
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thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> curt schilling, a pitcher and phenomenal red sox player which is to a yankees fan is hard to take but right now when it comes to the plate cliff correct crowd what he is musing about, well, that's making him even harder to take. curt schilling is next. i'm jamie foxx for verizon. in the nation's largest independent study by rootmetrics, again, verizon is the number one network. hi, i'm jamie foxx for sprint. and i'm jamie foxx for t-mobile. (both) and we're just as good. really? only verizon was ranked number one nationally in data, reliability, text and call and speed. yeah. and you're gonna fist pump to that? get out of my sight. (announcer vo) unlimited isn't a good deal if it's on a cutrate network. switch now and get our best deal. 20 gigs and four lines for only 160. all on america's best network. a combination of see products..
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curt schilling are for senator of massachusetts and wants to run against elizabeth warren. if you think it's a crackpot idea think about the man who was vying for senator kennedy's
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seat. here is curt schilling. we called elizabeth warren's office. it's good to have you. thank you for coming. >> thank you for having me. >> you're a big donald trump fan. right? >> i am a big american conservative. constitutional loving person. so, i will be voting for donald trump. >> what do you think of the dustup from these comment busy miss universe, the weight this wimp thing? >> i think that in each and every one of our paths we have said things we regret. said things we probably shouldn't have said but last night nothing he said got four people killed in benghazi so i'm okay with that. >> hillary clinton picked up a little bit, curt, as you probably heard in polls. not a lot. it could change. but did he go too far? did that debate hurt him and if so, how would you advise him? >> well, first off, think that the debate as we know it is now
1:22 pm
an outmoded way to judge these people for president. you don't run the country in 90-minute oral argumented. the whack it did show you he is not a polishinged politician, and i don't think that's a bad thing. the poll is heard he was up after the debate. but at the end of the day i stopped living on polls after brexit. and start to rely on discussing what people -- so, i think she did everything she -- listen, she has nothing to attack him with because she has nothing to stand on achievement, wise. she -- 6 years, which i -- 26 years, which was a powerful response from him. 26 years to fix it and have done nothing. it's true, she hasn't should done the opposite of nothing. she has hurt in every possible way and she is the epitomy of just a very bad, bad, evil human being. >> your opinion. how long have you been conservative? >> yes. my whole life. was -- my father served, my family served, i've wanted to
1:23 pm
serve before i was given the god-given ability to throw a baseball pretty hard accurately. but i've been an army brat. >> when you came to red sox did they know you were conservative? >> yeah, i think in '04 the need to win a world series trumped politics right up until the point when i said, vote bush, after that. >> then you good at different response -- got a different response. >> o, oha, i. >> are you serious about challenging elizabeth warren? i'm serious. one thing bat senator that people need to understand, senator take this con state tunes' westerns to d.c. not about politicking the state. governor bakerrer is doing a good job. i think he has made a lot of people mad on both sides which is a good sign but senator warren is about free education and just locally there's 29 public collegessed in mass.
1:24 pm
191,000 public college students, over $3 million a year, which means to graduate a four-year class you're looking over $10 billion in new taxes. not money. new taxes. >> what would you do if you got that job? >> well, first off i would get -- i'm okay with free education and free college if they can pay for it. the federal government shouldn't be funding that because on a national scale but 2020 we're talking about having 20 million college students in two-and four-year public universities at a cost of almost $50 trillion every four years of new taxes. that money we don't already pay. and i think that -- a lot of people miss that. i'm all for as cheap an education as we ick make this but the market driver his winners and losers and when the federal government gets involved, the less success it has and the less off we are as a country. >> curt, what they always do, they dig up stuff you have
1:25 pm
written and said in your case -- >> oh, yeah. >> fielder's 0 choice. >> there's a mound of it. >> on the transgender thing you said a man is a man no matter what they call themselves itch don't care what they are, who they are, men's room has a penis. a wimp not so much. now we need a law? pathetic. >> right. >> so, how too you -- would you handle that. >> the federal government -- the federal government doesn't belong in the bathroom. let the citizens of the country rick it to how to run the stated. isn't what that we government was set up to to handle, protect the people of the country, to provide for the people that can't provide for. thes and then the 50 saids go off and police themselves and take tear of themselves. -- take care of themselves. the more federal come in our lives the less our lives are free and liveable. >> so let me ask you this. when this happened, of course,
1:26 pm
many in the media will quickly forget what a great pitcher you are and focus on your political communicates the "rolling stone" magazine. when you were first toying with the idea, said you've think the white guy grievance movement will die after donald trump's likely landslide defeat this november, think again. there will be plenty of self-pit using dunces to carry the torch in trump's place, schilling is the leading candidate. pretty nasty. >> well, that's the same magazine that i believe ran the lina dunham story. >> very good point. >> i don't care. >> liberal in your town and -- >> i know -- >> -- some slack. >> they don't have to cut me slack. don't care if they cut me slack. if i'm not electionable i won't get elected but i believe being a senator, bag governor, being in the public office is about being a leader. not being being the smartest guy
1:27 pm
in the room, or the smartest gal in the room. it's about surrounding yourself with smart people and making the right decisions for the people you represent. as a senator that is anymore of masts massachusetts, as the governor you're responsibility for massachusetts, as the presidenter i it's the country. >> there's elitest, but that's a pretty elite club. >> i think i'm pretty comfortable in telling you that i would not have a problem with sitting in one of those elite clubs and telling someone to kills my butt. and you work for the people that vote you in and represent you. you don't take your own personal agenda to d.c. you take your constituents' agenda as a senator and so that club -- i get it but i think we're getting to see more and more nonpoliticians in politics. i believe men like trey gowdy and colonel allen west, more and
1:28 pm
more people that are leaders will rise to the top, because we can't -- listen if don't understand how hillary is an option, much less a candidate. i don't nowed she she is not jail. she is the epitomy of white elitism and the things she has done -- a woman who took money from the survivors in haiti, who helped ruin the lives of women her husband is accused of sexually assaulting and -- >> do you think that issue, the whole marriage issue, should come up -- >> listen. no. not the fact that she did it. it's her role in helping destroy those women. >> i understand -- if donald trump bridges up done he said didn't for the reason he didn't want to that that with her daughter there but sounds like all bet others coo be off for the next debate. what then? >> you know what, neil? he doesn't need to use it. there's enough to get her on
1:29 pm
already. she is he gift that keeps on giving every day. she says something more stupid or more of a live than she did the day before. you don't have to make stuff up. you don't have to reach for fogs she is giving you. i was going to say, if you look under the job description for secretary of state. the secretary of state is responsible for american citizens abroad. on american soil and its diplomats. she failed misser blimp not only did she file but a she willfully failed, which we hope and pray was never the case. comps back, lies to the families, and then calls the families of four men who she got killed liars to the american people. what kind a disspeck able human beings does that and his leading candidate? are you kidding me? >> she is the leading county candidate. if i can switch gears. attention paid to those who are sifting out the national anthem. others at well, spread, few
1:30 pm
washington redskins players in the last weekend, shaking their fists in the air, kids at pop warner games doing the same. where due you stand on this? >> i was pissed initially, and then when i started to hear the veterans talk about him kneeling being a right the fought for, kind of backed away from that point. but he is kneeling for a false narrative, kneeling for a lie. the "black lives matter" movement in this disproportional violence against blacks biz police officers is founded on no factual data. on the fact that every time there is an incident like this or the rare occasions there is an incident like this, media blow us it up. in the 75 most violent cities in the country, blacks make up 15% of the population, yet commit 57% of the murders. when -- and, listen yes, can both agree there's racism in the country and will be racism forever you. can't pass laws, can't legislate
1:31 pm
morals. always going to have the bad apple buts in this country we don't execute you for having bad opinions. we don't jail you for disagreeing or protesting. and that makes us different. our founding document was perfect. >> what would you -- if you were running these teams teams and te players like kaepernick, what would would you tell them? bench them? >> i would have no problem telling them they'll stan -- i would bring in veterans from walter reed and veterans that have served to stand on my sidelines every game and any man with the lack of a spine to neil beside a veteran, i don't want them on my team anyway. >> let me switch sports, tim tebow, from football to baseball, yesterday hit a home run for some minor league mets team. >> instructionally league. >> exactly. what did you make of that? >> surprised, sure. it was -- i wasn't just a home
1:32 pm
home. it was opposite field center field. instructional leaguing where teams send their top prospects to get more practice. i expected him to be overwatched. he clearly wound. but instruction league he is not taking anybody's spot. so next spring training when he tries to win a job aisle be interested to see how he competes. would never -- man of that strong of faith i'd never bet against them. >> he has got an lot of press as well on the faith thing and that does he wear it on his sleeve. what would you think of that? >> i found it funny how when he knelt, the media was up in arms. when he knelt and gave his thanks god, his praise to god, he was vilified by people. >> that's an excellent point. >> but that's -- but, neil -- i say this with all due respect because you're a yankee fan and i pains me one of the feel people left i have respect for
1:33 pm
in the media, because of the fact you try straddle enough to give rap unbiased opinion but there's bias in all of us. >> do you can -- i don't know if you head this,er is "usa today," today, didn't endorse a candidate but it just wrote against donald trump. that he's not fit for the presidency. it has never backed a candidate one way or the other in 30 years but within out of its way today to print this editorial, damning donald trump without supporting hillary clinton or anyone else. what do you think of that? >> well, lisp. i've stopped trying to get my news from the media. when i think it was the managing editor of the guardian, the most left-leaning rag on the planet, came out and said it was the media's job to get hillary clinton elected i stopped worrying about my facts from the media. i try and do as much as i can from the research perspective. combining information, combining data to try to find out what the
1:34 pm
real story is. i don't care if theasas -- i've never voted for somebody bus a paper endorsed them. never voted for somebody because they ran a special ad. i voted for the person. i've been wrong sometimes, been right others, but at the end of the day if you don't like donald trump, which i new understandable. he can rub people the wrong way. gift it. if you don't like hillary clinton you can't vote for gather vonson. have yet to see him when he notice high -- >> now, now. i'll tell him you said that. he's with me this weekend, special coverage. did you know that? >> but i say that and i'm joke budget this aguy who couldn't name ang angela merkel or vladimir putin and a lot of people didn't know where aleppo was. >> he asked for about a global leader and couldn't come up with a name. who is yours. >> the next president of the united states. >> and you want that to by donald trump. >> itself will be donald trump. i trust in the people of this country. >> curt schilling, great having
1:35 pm
you. good look coming out of your shell. and i forgive you with if the whole red sox humiliation. >> doesn't port me. they never pete me when it mattered. >> all right. we'll leave itself at that and an update on new figures in this iran hostage deal. stick around. these goofy glasses. yeah. well, we gotta hand it to fedex. they've helped make our e-commerce so easy, and now we're getting all kinds of new customers. i know. can you believe we're getting orders from canada, ireland... this one's going to new zealand. new zealand? psst. ah, false alarm. hey! you guys are gonna scare away the deer! idiots... providing global access for small business. fedex.
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sunny. >> just could be the most watched debate candidates we have ever seen for the number two spot, maybe because the guys running with them are so old? here on it next.
1:39 pm
that money, that's iranian money. it was awarded -- >> they wanted it fast. >> they've wanted it for -- >> no quid pro quo. you say it -- ii understand when people talk about the pop ticks but wasn't a quid pro quo, a money they were going to get anyway. >> all right. he was talking at the time about the initial $400 million cash payment and $1.3 billion more that was seen as sort of like ransom for the people who were held hostage. we have had several host hostages that confirm that appears to be the case. now we get word of something else that joins this together.
1:40 pm
iranian banks having sanctions lifted at the exact same time. james rosen all over that. what do we know here? what's going on? >> good afternoon. let's go back to when the obama administration first announced the iran nuclear deal. serb administration officials were in the hand of providing to lawmakers assurances likes this. >> the sanctions on their arms trade, the sanctions on acquisition of ballistic missile technology remain in place under the u.n. >> now, however, the "the wall street journal" reports that in january of this year, the same day the u.s. paid that 400 million in hard foreign currency to the regime and five u.s. hostages were set free, top state department official quietly signed a deal agreeing to allow the u.n. to lift sanctions on banks in iran even though the u.s. treasury department had labeled sepa the
1:41 pm
financial linchpin of the regime's back hill cities -- ballistic missile practice the state department says the bank no longer played a role in program. >> we we talk about delisting someone from sanctions we maintain the ability to reimpose u.s. sanctions on bank sepa or any other entity in iran if we then consider their behavior is -- merits it. >> the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee told fox news today how the thinks urge u.s. officials came to be involved in so many ancillary deals. >> the robbans kept checking the deal and they had so bought into it they continued to get rolled to the extent that they paid 1.7 billion in cash ransom to the extent now that they've
1:42 pm
lifted sanctions on the two banks that are financing the ballistic missile programs. >> and iran's ballistic missile program has expanded aggressively just since the u.n. sanctions were lifted in january with four confirmed tests sin thence, including one test that failed of the north korean model. >> incredible. james, great reporting. we have a lot more coming up, including this attention always give given to republicans abandoning donald trump. hear about the one democrat who is doing that with hillary clinton? didn't think you did. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands.
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hillary clinton wrapping up the florida event but she's got worries there despite a lead in the state right now. it is tenuous at best. don thinks he knows why. the real estate tycoon, big
1:46 pm
backer of barack obama but disappointed in the course of the democratic party. don, his is particularly concern -- her campaign is -- the loss of african-american voters or that it's not as much of a lock or as big of a lock as barack obama enjoyed. what has gone on here? >> what happened there is was a great deal of enthusiasm in the african-american communities for barack obama. so they were about 15% of the electorate during his two elections, and he received between 95% and 98% of their votes. john kerry award 90's of the african-american votes but they were 10% of the electorate. so, that spread was obama's victory margin. right now people are not as enthusiastic, especially millenials, and younger african-americans, and african-americans who are probusiness. they are frustrated with the direction of the democratic party. and they're not hearing a vision for the future that includes
1:47 pm
them in terms of their pursuit of the american dream, from her and to, frankly, another degree to trump. so there's a high probability that the turnout with african-american voters would drop down to that 10% space and then all of these states that seem to be tight start getting in play. florida swings the other way issue think, under those circumstances. >> really? if that's african-american turnout is low. where are you on hillary clinton right now? you were critical of the direction she was leading the party would you go so far as to not vote for center. >> i want to dish plan on voting in ehe lex -- election. it's the responsible thing to do. the founding fathers fought authorize the right. >> i know result going to vote for her? >> i'm not sure. >> i can't picture you've voting for donald trump. >> i'm open to being persuaded. think don medal has -- donald has some good idead chemical lemming is he has not given us comfort that he has the
1:48 pm
temperment and the think temperment is important but this is going to be one of the more lackluster elections because there's not a clear articulation of either party in terms of -- >> it is about to your -- to your point -- about get your base out to the polls and of you're right about african-americans and some polls reflect that within that community in florida, for example, in north carolina, she would dein a world of hurt. is that what these debates come down to? galvanizing your base, getting the psyched, so they'll vote for you, not win over independents. >> i think she is new controversial on trump about the miss universe is all about inknock calculating clinton -- inoculating clinton given the issue's foam easterly president bill clinton. the discussion how to get your
1:49 pm
base out, hillary clinton had a great opportunity when asked about race relations kurdisheye you by upset about donald trump if the goes ahead and raises that stuff with her. >> i think all of this is a traffic. >> i know that. >> i wouldn't. i think that all is fair game. the reality is if someone elves is going to bring thump owes issues, then i think it's sortly open for trump to do the same thing. would have preferred for us to be focused on the vision for america. what's what we need to talk about. and i think that's what voters starving for. and african-american voters in particular, business people in particular or starving for a vision to lead us to a better place than where we are now. >> that's what drives all of us of all stripes. thank you very much. good seeing you again. >> good seeing you. >> the normally there isn't a whole lot of interest in the vice presidential candidates, taking nothing against them. there is this year because the guys on the top of the tickets
1:50 pm
are so old, and a lot of people are saying, might seem crass, these guys could be the next presidents. after this.
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1:53 pm
all right, it is the vice presidential debate. okay, it is not quite a big o f a deal as the presidential one. until you start looking at the numbers that's vice president becoming president. the bottom line is you are away from the presidency and given away the top candidates are not exactly spring chicken. he joins us on the phone right
1:54 pm
now, burt, what kind of audience do we have? we have a record one of hillary clinton and donald trump debate. what do you expect for this one? maybe it was less when it was sarah palin, what do you think? >> usually it is a little bit less. what happens that way in the start of the 1960s debate which was the first presidential debate. still, there will be a lot of interests. this is a different election year and who knows, it could go up. >> all right, the running mates tonight in the 1960s did not have the debatesin, right? let meggett your sense of what we could expect out of this. it is funny but both of these gentlemen's poll numbers are high
1:55 pm
higher. it changes the nature of the debate and neither are extremely controversial or generating any awful headlines. how does that work? >> well, these are the vice presidential candidates. and so they add, the presidential candidates giving us drama and the vice president candidates giving us more calm. i would expect a quieter debate without any accusations and criticisms as we had with the presidential debate. >> they are supposed to, the running mates in the past carry the water and the nasty one, neither of these guys are doing that. they don't see themselves in the respected campaign, i am sure each is going to point out witnesses at the top of each other's tickets. >> they'll not be criticizing
1:56 pm
each other as much as they'll be criticizing the top of the other team. >> so if you are governor pence, and you are trying to capitalize on what some debate critics, not all, what do you do with the team? >> well, what you do is you attack the head of the ticket, in other words, you show defects of hillary clinton's plan, for example, the high tax, the highest state tax and the growth. you attack ift aspedifferent as the policies. there are different ways to attack the top of the ticket. the program and the candidate at the other candidate is where you will be. very few people vote for the vice president. >> yeah, i know, it is interesting. >> burt, thank you very much.
1:57 pm
>> thank you, neal. we are live again tomorrow in case you did not hear. please join us at 10:00 a.m. eastern time right through noon. we'll look at this ahead of the virgin virginia vice presidential debate. they are making it for it, are they? driver technology, which lets parent's see how their teens are driving. oh, that's smart. it even mutes the radio until the seat belt is fastened. will it keep track of how many boys get it in the car?
1:58 pm
(laughter) cause that could be useful. this is ahead of what my audi has for sure. wish my beamer had that. i didn't even know that technology existed. i'm not in the market for a car but now i may be.
1:59 pm
2:00 pm
this is "the five." >> oh god. ♪ >> donald trump is about to take podium at a rally in michigan t state that hillary clinton losts to bernie sanders in the primaries. the republican nominee has been working attacks on all front this week. a lot of powerful enemies are looking to take him down. >> a tweet calling on millions of americans abroad not to vote for trump. it was deleted about 20 minutes late a


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