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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  September 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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o'reilly who will be back on monday with powerful analysis of where trump stands with his matchup with hillary clinton. please remember the spin stops right here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, we have new numbers from the first major polls since the presidential debate and they give us significant insight of how the showdown of hofstra is affecting this race. well come to "the kelly file" everybody. i'm megyn kelly. that was taken after the debate by hillary clinton and donald trump. we'll get to it in a moment with chris stirewalt and howie kurtz. with 39 day to go before the collection charles crout hammer offers his advice to the candidates. over the past 24 hours we've witnessed a remarkable series of attacks from the two candidate
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capped off by a fiery trump rally in michigan this evening where the businessman went after his opponent, went after lobbyist and the media with a furry that looks like the republican primary. >> some people didn't give us a good chance. the other day, one of the biggest people in that business they said, mr. trump, when you started off you have to tell me the truth. did you really think you would be here? we're going to win the white house and it's going to be an awfully good november 8th. that evening is going to be a celebration. we're going to take on the special interests, the lobbyists and the powerful politicians that have stolen your jobs through theft and incompetence they've stolen your wealth they've taken your middle class. when it comes to hillary clinton, all you have to do is
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remember these words. follow the money. on november 8th we are going to end clinton corruption. we've had enough. if the doctor says i'm sorry, jim, i'm sorry, alice, i'm sorry whoever it is you know you're not going to make it you're not going to make it you'll be gone by the end of november. i don't gave a damn show up and vote on november 8! >> chief political correspondent campaign karl cameron is life in michigan. karl? >> reporter: well his campaign has been telling him he's got to leave the debate behind him, be disciplined and stick to the prompter and not ad lib. he was getting that right off of the text. a very aggressive speech for donald trump. he started this day quite early,
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at 3:00 in the morning he was up tweeting continuing the battle over miss universe. and during the rally tonight he amped up his attacks on hillary clinton. it was almost entirely about her. at one point he took a detour and started talking about president obama and he said that -- well he challenged president obama, threw down a gauntlet. watch this. >> can you promise that not one of the five people who were granted criminal immunity will be ever allowed to serve in a clinton administration? mr. president, will you pledge not to issue a pardon to hillary clinton and her coconspirators for their many crimes against her country and against society itself? >> reporter: and of course there
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are no charges against hillary clinton or the five staffers who got the immunity deal. so that's not happening. and it's interesting to note that as part of his visit to michigan here where he trails in the polls by seven points to hillary clinton, today he stopped at the gerald ford presidential library and museum toured the place and of course gerald ford himself once pardoned richard nixon. two hours after that visit he was saying obama certainly should not pardon hillary clinton. >> tonight we're goeth our first look at the nationwide poll taken entirely after the first presidential debate. they've shown that hillary clinton is gaining some ground. he's at 49% to his 44. earlier this month he was ahead of her. this fight is really a battle of the sexes with mrs. clinton enjoying a 23 point advantage with the women voters. he's doing 17 points better with
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the men. what's motivating voters this year? 57% say fear fear that the other candidate might win is behind their choice. just 39% say it's enthusiasm for their candidate. chris stirewalt is our editor howie kurtz. the ram come sampling polls, the official polls say that hillary clinton won that debate. good for her, right? she did what she needed to do. however mitt romney killed president obama in the first debate back in 2012, stirewalt. so you tell me whether he got this similar polling bounce thereafter and just how hopeful hillary clinton should be feeling tonight. >> a little bit more spring in her step in the head-to-head matchup than there was for romney romney. but not only did romney get the reviews in 2012 and end up limping home but also famous
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names like walter mon dell john kerry and others won the first debate. so the first debates aren't necessarily predictive. but of course in politics you would always rather win than lose. >> she doesn't want to get too cocky. and the thing is howie, of course trump, as we've seen from the beginning, his biggest impediment toward maintaining momentum he gets going is himself and his thumbs as he continue to you know fight these just petty battles that he doesn't need to be fighting. >> i've been thinking about it all day, not since 3:00 a.m. and for many years. but i can't understand what trump thinks he's getting out of a 3:00 a.m. tweet. none of us are shocked that hillary got a small bump. she did better in the debate by most people's estimation. but one number jump out, 67% in the fox news survey say she has
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the temperament to be president. that's something that trump has to find a way to change. the but the pundits are saying this was a disaster this debate for donald trump. the race is still tight. much of the country disagrees. >> on thehe miss universe he could have come out and said look i was running the miss universe pageant. i wasn't running for president. you know this about me. i kind of still am. i don't speak the queen's english. i haven't always said the perfect stuff. but in the midst of saying all of this bad stuff about her, i said some stuff that was nice. she could have been fired. i talked about how i too like to eat. like if you're going to get hung up on one person, maybe it shouldn't be this person. but he can't let it go. >> five days. five days. this campaign has wasted on this issue because it is one that you know that the press is going to go for. it's got sex, obesity, it's got
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donald trump, it's like a whole segment of the view all in one story. so here you have these -- all of this catnip that the press is not going to be able to resist and trump, even this morning, he's like almost over but one more day. you can be right or you can be happy but usually not both. >> yes because when hollywood is trying to titillate us to go to a movie they're like it's got obesity. >> yeah. >> i'll be there. >> another word on the polls. she got a bump as a result of the debate. and the two-way race between -- the four-way race is 43 clinton, 40 trump. but that's within the margin of error. and in early september she had one point over him, 41/40. so why the freak out in all of these corners like she's got it she's winning now and he's
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losing. >> are we done talking about the sex tape? it's not a sex tape? i'll move on. >> i know. today he said she was in a sex tape and apparently she wasn't on a sex tape. she was on a reality show and made you believe she was doing something in the bedroom. then trump made a cameo in a soft porn show. >> what? >> he broke a bottle of champagne. he didn't do anything but this is our presidential race. >> trump had a good support, he stuck to the script gained momentum. then the debate. now so the media are saying it's because we're bipolar. she's winning, she's losing, no now she's going to win. this race is not over. >> it's true. with all due respect the most bipolar of all is nate silver. such a rock star in 2012. nate silver says this. no he says exactly the opposite.
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he's back to this. he's exactly the opposite. my head hurts, nate. my head hurts. i got to go. he's super smart but he made some mistakes. great to see you both. voters believe hillary clinton won the first debate but the folks we polled are not showing a lot of enthusiasm for either candidate. what should they do next. charles krauthammer, good to see you. if you had to advise team trump, if they came to you and said charles, it's go time, what's the number one thing he need to do with five weeks left. what would you say? >> when you see a trail of cheese don't follow it because there's a trap at the the other end. that means self control and discipline. the reason his numbers have gone up over the last month is simple. they shackled him, they put the bracelets on handcuffs and
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everything made him read from the prompter and he got his issues out and he didn't get into too much trouble. the minute you're in a debate you're loose, you're not controlled and for him he just went to where he goes. and that is to protect his self image. and the basis of his self image -- you know he made two huge mistakes. number one was taking the bait on the miss universe which raised all of the issues of which you are unfortunately familiar. and the other issue was he took the bait on taxes and actually admitted essentially to 86 million americans that he doesn't pay them and he's proud of it. that's not a good idea. that will dog him i'm sure. so he needs to simply refuse to follow those issues. it's not about him. of course that's easy for someone to say on the outside. and the stick for him what
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works. what works for him in the midwest is trade and economy and then to go after her, not on the sexual harassment stuff, the husband stuff, the impeachment stuff but to go after her on her own damn scandals to quote bernie sanders, her e-mail her untruths et cetera. >> there's a debate about that. he's suffering now. his numbers with women were already low going into this debate and they fell another seven points according to our poll as a result of that debate. some disagree with you there and say show the american public that she's no angel either when it comes to her treatment of women. >> i don't think that's going to work. >> why? >> i don't think it works. well first of all it would be a man saying it. secondly, that's been adjudicated at least 20 years ago. you could argue that the country has changed. but 20 years ago it caused the republicans untold grief. they lost several speakers of the house, they got crushed in
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elections. president clinton in the middle of all of this had his highest approval ratings as did she. look if you're desperate, that's the nuclear option yes. if you're ten points behind you got nothing else then you launch your missiles and you hope it lands. >> is he desperate yet? >> no. >> he was beating her in some critical states. >> there's a difference in losing your momentum which was about to take you into the lead and a collapse. he did not collapse. he's been stalled. i think the way to get out of the stall is to go back to the main the main reason for his campaign which is she's status quo, you're new, that's the may jr. appeal particularly in the midwest you go for the economy, you go for trade which is the real salient issue, much more than immigration and you stick with what works. >> what about her? what do you see -- i mean she's
6:14 pm
clearly feeling good right now. right? she's got her mojo back. but she has stumbled many times in the course of the campaign. what should she be watching out for in the next five weeks? >> do what you did in the first debate. it worked. she was lucky because he didn't come back on the issues of which she could have been easily hit. but for example you've got to have a better answer on tpp, on the transpacific partnership, the trade deal. he obviously contradicted her own position. there may be no way out. but there should be a way to reverse the issue and send the volley back over the net and talk about his flip flops on other issues. but that was her one weakness. she had a bad half-hour at the beginning. she needs to study and and to have better answers. otherwise she sticks to what is the essence of her campaign that line she had where she said you know i prepared for
6:15 pm
this debate. he criticized me for preparing. you know what else i prepared for is the presidency. that's her calling card. yes, you've seen me and perhaps yes i'm not that trustworthy. however i'm prepared. i know my stuff. i'm ready. i'm not scary. i can handle the job. that's her calling card. that's what he has to stick with. she didn't invent a new idea or a new issue for her campaign. there isn't any. >> hillary clinton, i am not scary. charles, that's the state of the race in 2016 america. >> how about i've heard of aleppo. >> that would be helpful to. great to see you, sir. >> thank you. just when you thought the political fight over a venezuelan beauty queen couldn't get any for dramatic donald trump today sent people looking for her sex tape. yes, he did. so next where the story went
6:16 pm
then. >> plus breaking news moments ago as donald trump opens up a scathing new attack on bill and chill clint and their marriage. he's going there, folks. he just gave an interview to the "the new york times" and we'll tell you what he said in moments. and then "the kelly file" like you have never seen us before. you'll see what cameras captured behind the scenes. on one of most watched nights of television when the circus creator joins us to dish on the drama you have not seen. watch. >> we're getting reports that mr. trump may decide to leave the debate stage and head into the media spin room. this would be a first. >> that will be fun. >> effectively we're going to go into the most watched broadcast in our history having no idea what's going to happen. >> just a typical night on "the kelly file."
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349 days29 days to the election. new fallout tonight. it all started when clinton mentioned former miss universe alicia machado at monday's
6:21 pm
debate. four days later mrs. clinton and mr. trump are locked in a major disaagreement over what machado means for this race. especially after trump today sent peek looking for her alleged sex tape. that's what happens in presidential races. trace gallagher has the story. >> necken as hillary clinton pointed out, this is day five of donald trump going after former miss universe alicia machado and apparently mr. trump began his flurry of tweets at 3:20 eastern time and continuing for the next two hours. hillary clinton was duped and used by my worst miss u. but a few minutes later tweeted, did crooked hillary help discussing sex tape and past.
6:22 pm
as for helping machado jane citizenship, the clinton campaign answered no no no. as for the sex tape fact checkers say he does not exist. she did appear on a risque scene on a reality show but there was no visible sex. it's unclear of how much of it was actually real. and as for the early morning tirade hillary clinton said this. watch. >> i mean asenan his latest twitter meltdown is unhinged even for him. it proves yet again that he's temp mentally unfit to be president and commander in chief. >> alicia machado also responded saying trump is trying to intimidate and humiliate per. i will keep standing open sharing my story. i absolutely support mrs. clinton on behalf of women. today newt gingrich called the
6:23 pm
machado story an ambush by the clinton campaign that's as false as benghazi. and donald trump said for those mocking him for tweeting at 3:00 a.m. au at least they know he'll be there awake to answer the question. >> joining us, molly hemingway and the host of the filter. great to see you both. molly, you don't disagree with newt gingrich that this is a hit, a planned hit on trump. explain explain. >> what's hard about this story is when hillary clinton brought it up, she brought up it up with selective facts. the media largely have accepted the framing and maeds many stories out of this thanks to the held op f donald trump. it turns out that the person that she chose to make a sewer gait for the campaign does have
6:24 pm
quite a shady past everything from being accused of running a getaway car for murder threatening to kill a judge who handled that case she's alleged to have had a chald with a drug kingpin. and there actually is a sex tape if you define sex tape as a video of someone having sex. >> on a reality tv show. i guess i don't any i haven't seen it. the suggestion is that was a kim kardashian situation. >> no. but she's filmed having sex with someone that is not the fiancee that he was engaged to. that fiancee publicly made a big deal of breaking up with her. >> that doesn't matter. i'm sorry. i've got to stop you. this is all speculation. it doesn't matter. this is about donald trump losing his mind and degrading women in a tirade.
6:25 pm
come on. you can't just go on and character assassinate a woman running for president or putting her as the victim or he understands how the media works and he's sending out messages to reinforce the message that donald trump treats women poorly. he's still not winning with women and he needs to. that's why >> it's great to bring up character assassination. one of them has spent decades of character character assassination of women who were involved with his husband, trashing gennifer flowers when the hep went public it also includes taking a list of women who have had sex with bill clinton, sitting in on the meetings while lawyers threatened these women to say silent. this includes releasing information -- >> hold on. go ahead. respond. >> there's a big difference between right now and the allies of donald trump in friendly
6:26 pm
media publications essentially trying to equate a consensual relationship between adults while it might not be morally great, it is not -- >> they're not trying to blame hillary for bill's affairs. they're trying to say she had a hand in threatening these women and intimidating these women and shaming these women who came forward. >> the woman who came up with the term vast right wing conspiracy. >> and again it's all alleged and it's used. >> this is alleged too. the comments that miss universe is making about him calling her miss piggy and miss housekeeping are alleged to. there's no third party witness. there's a litany of other comments made about her weight that are on camera. i don't know why we're arguing about this. >> he has tried to hurt her reputation. but with this being said there is a long history of trying to shame hillary clinton for her
6:27 pm
husband's infidelity. >> that's not what is happening. it's about her role in it. no one is saying poor hillary he got cheated on. look at the testimonials. there's a lot of them. a lot of them. not just one or two. >> it as about hillary clinton's role involved in defaming these women that is relevant now. we need to be fair and equal about it. >> we're going to pick up there. you've teed up the next segment beautifully. donald trump just launched a new attack on bill and chill clint telling the "the new york times" that hillary clinton is married to the greater ace buice of the women in this history. david wool and richard fowler next on that. a rare glimpse behind the scenes of "the kelly file" when "the circus" of show time covers
6:28 pm
up covering the debate. trust us it gets a little wild. >> stand by we're about to be hot. eight, seven, six, five four three, two, one. ♪jake reese, “day to feel alive”♪ ♪jake reese, “day to feel alive”♪ ♪jake reese, “day to feel alive”♪ people say let's just get a sandwich or something. "or something"? you don't just graduate from medical school "or something." and we don't just pull smoked chicken bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it.
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nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. breaking tonight, after days
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of dropping hints, donald trump just went there. in an interview with the "the new york times" that just hit. warning hillary clinton that he is ready to get quote nasty and going on to describe her husband as the single greatest abuser of women in the history of politics. it comes on the same day that a cup of reporters dug up details in how far hillary clinton went in an effort to silence the women who got a little too close to her husband bill clinton. trace gallagher has the report. >> using a mix of interviews biographies and reports, it's hillary clinton's intimidation tactics aimed at keeping her husband's effort on track. clinic-to-biographer said that hillary hired two of her law parters in confront the women one by one. it worked because the lengthy
6:33 pm
list of paramours ended up staying private. when the other women couldn't be controlled they could have to be discredited. the washington post notes in 1992 the clinton campaign hired a private detective to investigate the accusers. and according to him, it was hillary's idea to fire the detective when the goal when it came to jennifer flours is to impeach her until she's destroyed beyond all recognition. two other hillary biographers say it was the then first lady who told the white house to release nine fawning letters that she had sent the president of the alleged incident. many reporters dropped the story concluding that the letters disproved willie's version. when the controlling and discrediting failed the public record is replete with the
6:34 pm
accounts of hillary clinton attacking the accusers lewinsky and paula jones. but the clinton campaign made it crystal clear an effort by trump to dredge up ancient history will not throw hillary clinton off her game. >> trace, thank you. joining me now, david wool and richard fowler. you know that lays it out very well right, what the attack on hillary would be. it's not you got cheated on. you don't attack a woman for you got cheated on repeatedly. it's you helped to smear, embarrass and intimidate a long list of women who got involved in an extramarital affair with your husband who was first the governor and then the president. but david i ask you addss trump, his initial instinct on monday was not to go there and five
6:35 pm
days later it appears to have done a 180. which judgment is right? >> you know this so transcends gender that it's unbelievable. bill and hillary clinton were literally thug nation. what they did as far as intimidating and coercing these women who made the allegations is not just unethical but it's arguably criminal. she waged an all out war on the women who stood in the way of not just bill clinton's ambition but her own. it gives us real lu good insight into the mind-set of a woman who years and years later would engage in the activity that he did as secretary of state with the clinton foundation the pay to play scandal, the e-mail scanneder, would destroy an illegal server, would destroy the cell phones. this is a woman who never believes she'll be held accountable. and she hasn't to date. but my guess is that the voters on september 8th will take all of this into consideration.
6:36 pm
>> david supports that trump of tonight who appears to be ready to go there. and he's been getting battered for five days over his treatment of women. but he brought it on. i mean like as charles krauthammer said he laid out the cheese and he ate it all up until there was no cheese left. >> it's a self fulfilling prophesy by the trump campaign. i got to invoke monopoly here. don't pass go. don't collect $200. they're trying to make a connection of hillary clinton who was cheated on to hillary clinton as the candidate for president. that's the wrong assumption to make. what that does say is that trump's sexual past and marital past is on the table. when he had his wife avanna and he was cheating on her. ary in her testimony she indicates she was raped by trump. >> she recanted that. >> it's in court testimony which with is under oath. >> but she recanted it.
6:37 pm
>> but it is under oath. >> and i love you too, but to compare an affair to sexual -- >> saul assault, sexual abuse and sexual harassment isn't in the same universe. wh these women complained about bill clinton was going to them was criminal in nature. >> no. >> go ahead, richard. >> a sexual assault or harassment that's criminal in nature as well. for donald trump to win the election he needs to convince educated white women to go out and vote for him. when you make these type of statements and you attack an educated white women educated white women are like wait a minute why would i vote for someone who is attack an educated white women. >> he's trying to figure out the picture. >> it's too late. >> i said some things, they weren't great things but heshe's
6:38 pm
done some stuff too. the women in america will be left thinking we're so lucky. >> an educated white women who was out to stroi ugs five six, seven other educated white women. >> i'll note this before we go. when she was going through the scandals and become cheated on her approval rating shot up. the american people had great empathy for her. but it was just hillary clinton the victim who has been cheated on. it wasn't the other stuff. we'll see where the race goes in the next five weeks. remember superstorm sandy and how it played out in the fall of 2012? meet matthew, the category 4 hurricane headed for the east coast. a show time documentary "the circus" this week went behind the scenes with us.
6:39 pm
and mark is here to dish on what he caught on camera. >> megyn is aware of what we're working on. >> is the pope catholic? >> five four -- >> the storm is here and react to it as best you can. what we call rolling thunder. but hey, you know, that's tv.
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6:44 pm
what you did not see were the highly intense scenes that unfolded off camera to get us to that moment. we never show you that. you just want to see the end product. sometimes it's fun to see more. for that reallowed show time's "the circus" to invade our office fs both at the debate site and back here at the studios in new york and bring you a very rare look behind the scenes. watch. >> do you know anybody who is not watching this? >> in terms of its significance it reminds me of a moon launch. >> let me talk about logistics tonight. we're getting reports that mr. trump may decide to leave the debate stage and head into the media spin room. this would be a first. >> that will be fun. >> effectively we're going to go into the most watched broadcast in our history having no idea what's going to happen. >> so it's just a typical night on "the kelly file." >> that's what makes our job so
6:45 pm
fun. >> there's nothing else like it. it's tension. i asked that first question at the first presidential debate about the women, trump thought he could dismiss it with a laugh about rosie o'donnell. i didn't allow that. >> you pressed him. >> i kept pressing and that's when he got mad. >> i know he's been told by everybody to keep it together and not let her bait him but that could actually happen tonight. here we go. you coming? >> entourage. >> at that point in time -- hang on one sec. i got another call coming in. make sure that megyn is aware of what we're working. >> ready? >> is the pope catholic? >> the storm is here and react to it as best you can. what we call rolling thunder. hey, you know that's tv.
6:46 pm
>> love that. rolling thunder a when he throw out the rundown and broing youing you the news as it's happening. in the next clip you're going the see another woman on our team when the oomph hit the fan. very little went according to plan. while you didn't see it on tv here's how that looked in our control room. >> we ready? come on in. these cameras are live. how are you doing? still have a minute and a half. obviously 12 minutes over. we don't have that kind of lag time. it makes it a little more challenging. >> stand by. we're about to be hot. >> eight, seven, six, five it's all going to be -- four three, two, one. megyn. >> breaking tonight, a history
6:47 pm
making showdown 15 months in the making. >> thank you. stand by to change. change. >> the brian fallen lead is ready to go. go to fallon whenever you want. >> they're saying he's not there. >> get him down. >> our crew is saying he's not there. i don't know what you want me to do a about that. >> they're trying to find fallon. >> they're bringing him in now. >> bring him in. >> joining me now, brian fallon. did she execute the plan you had for her. she was on the attack most of the night rmt we were surprised by the donald trump that showed up tonight. this is somebody on the tail end of the debate seemed to really go off the rails. >> you're doing great. thank you. >> i need a status update on kellyanne conway. >> we're going to go to the sound bite and bring in kellyanne.
6:48 pm
kill the mike. go. >> i thought mr. trump at different times tonight showed great restraint, more restraint than i might have. he was taking heat for interrupting her. she was roll her eyes she was very glib and sometimes she had a smirk. >> and clear. excellent job, everybody. good work. good hustle. >> i'll walk you out. >> okay. >> general take on the day. what did you think? >> this was an exciting night. it with us tlim to see how they would do one another and i think we learned a little bit about both of them. >> what do you think we learned? >> she's not dying. i think we'll see a different trump in the next debate. joining me now, mark ma kinckinnon.
6:49 pm
>> thank you for letting us do that. part of the ambition of "the circus" is to show viewers and voters what it's like to be behind the scenes of a campaign. we've shaun it from the campaign side but never from the news side. i know what it's like being tense on the debate side. but i've never been in a control room. man, that's hot stuff. >> you've seen more than i have. we're like superman open clark kent. we're never in the same room at the same time. but that's scott rosenthal our director who keeps the madness under control. the viewers never get the see the problems because we try to hide them from you. oh it's me and me. but that night we don't have brian fallon. she was supposed to be the lead guest. we didn't have kellyanne. we had no guests at all. you have to be able to roll with it. one of the fun things about tv is you're getting an eyewitness view of what's happening in the
6:50 pm
control room when things are melting down. where's fallon. and i'm out on the set, all i ever hear is brian fallon will be here in two minutes. >> they're trying to keep you calm. >> and my only hint that something is wrong is in the background you'll be like get him! >> they did a great job. >> any surprises when you saw the whole thing go down? >> the whole thing was a surprise. i had no idea the control room was that chaotic and dramatic. pit was fascinating for me to see that. >> you'll get a flavor of how we put the show together and the choices that we make. there are other shows features too that you don't need to worry about. >> the thing that we're doing, the whole week we have a theme every week and the theme this week is the newsrooms. we want to show what it's like to see the campaign through the lens of the newsrooms like yours. >> you guys were pros. pleasure having you. >> mark goes at the end, can i get a kick it.
6:51 pm
kick it. only mark could pull that off. coming up, meet matthew, the newest contender in the 2016 race and you're not going to like him. he's next. hey america, still not sure whether to stay or go on that business trip? ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ this fall at choice hotels, the more you go the better! now earn a f ree night when you stay with us just two times. book direct at
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remember superstorm sandy and how it played out in the
6:55 pm
2012 election meet matthew the hurricane pointed forward the east coast. >> tropical superstorm sandy was a week eight days or so before the election. i don't think we're going to be talking about a big game changer as far as the elections go but this is a really strong storm right now and across the caribbean, down towards columbia and venezuela. we're going to be dealing with impacts of this i believe across the u.s. maybe from five to seven days now. all of this pulls this off to the north. what we're going to watch is maybe by wednesday, five days of watching some sort of impacts here across parts of the bahamas, maybe towards areas of florida. these are the two most reliable models having some sort of reaction with the eastern seaboard there, wednesday through friday saturday of next week. >> we'll be right back.
6:56 pm
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what do you think wob should trump go there on the hillary clinton con bill situation, let me know what you think. thanks for watching. have a great weekend. i'm megyn kelly and this is "the kelly file". tonight, the clintons have a disstarted past. we'll be the very bright and clean future. >> donald trump continues to call out hillary clinton for her long history of corruption. newt gingrich is here. plus while the clinton campaign try to paint trump as a sexist tonight you'll meet three women ho who who say that is a flat out lie. >> and they're hammering the mainstream media for their biassed coverage. governor mike huckabee and sheriff david clark respond. all of that plus campaign manager kellyanne conway and the


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