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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  September 30, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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things said about the other women. go to, @sean hannity on twitter. on monday, 36 days to go until election day. have a great weekend.
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at bp, we empower anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right, so everyone comes home safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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don't believe, questions quote, sources said by the very dishonest media. if they don't name the sources, the sources don't exist. the pulitzer prize winner joins me now from new york. good evening, how are you. >> good. >> it's not the first time it's been raised even by some in the journalism community. >> well, sure, there are some journalists who site anonymous sources i wouldn't believe sources "on the record." others are reliable and do
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foot work, leg work and you know they are not going to make things up. you tend to trust them. if it's a good, reliable journalist, i would tend to believe when he or she says i'm talking to sources in the campaign, it has some credibility. so, i wouldn't dismiss it out of sorts. >> well, what do you think about the -- you know, the antipathy toward the media that we are hearing from donald trump? it's a favorite talking point. >> it is. >> crowds like it. particularly republican crowds, obviously. >> yeah. >> and i can remember going back to 1992 there was a bumper sticker and i'm sure you will remember it too ignore the media reelect bush. rure that? on balance, is this good politics whether it's fair criticism or not? >> it might be good politics with a certain segment of his voting supporters, but i don't think this is what trump should be focusing on, frankly. and particularly not at 3:00 a.m. tweets or 4:00 a.m. tweets. i think he should be focused on going after clinton and her record.
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and the distraction -- it's a distraction to say oh, don't believe those stories. just let those stories go. ignore them. >> well, you know there is an issue. there is a question, i think, about this campaign as to whether donald trump is well able to distinguish issues that even though he may be dead right on them, don't really help him. >> i agree. >> from issues that really do help him. >> yeah. i think you saw that with the tweets this morning. on alicia machado. this is an issue that he should have put away in the debate or certainly the next day with one or two sentences saying this is something i said 20 years ago. this is the miss universe contestant. something i said 20 years ago. i said some things maybe i shouldn't have. but that isn't relevant to what we are talking about today. so why is miss clinton focusing on it so much. let's talk about the fact that she supports higher taxes and supports the president's healthcare plan. that's where he should be focusing. instead, is he going to be defense and talking about
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himself and if his record and his statements are the issue in this campaign, is he going to lose. >> you know, even ann coulter who is his ardent as supporter of donald trump as there is, and, of course, being the flame throwing columnist and commentator and all around hell raiser in politics, was saying yesterday, in her column, that when trump talks about the issues, he wins. and when he talks about himself he loses. i think there may be some evidence of that. >> i don't think there is any doubt about that. whenever you have seen trump go after one of these side issues that involve something he said or somebody he was in a fight with, whether it's judge curjudgecurl or khans. hillary clinton with this attack bringing in alicia machado. they are trying to den greats women and treats them poorly. why talking about this again and again, trump just reinforces that he ought to
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move on and get on to something where is he on offense and that means, i think, talking about the economy. national security. >> yeah. i think that -- i suspect there are advisors in his camp who are urgently encouraging him to do just that paul, it's always good to see you. thank you. i hope you will come back. >> thanks a lot, brit. >> you bet. of course don't miss the journal editorial report. it's a good show. comes on 3:00 p.m. this saturday. if you are watching a football game or something else, can you record it. there may have been much more behind the scenes wheeling and dealing during the iran hostage transfer and it goes all the way up to the white house. we go to 1600 pennsylvania avenue next. please stay tuned. "special report" sunday, the campaigns are working overtime. and as election news breaks, bret baier is live. powerful reports, exclusive interviews. >> covering every minute. don't miss "special report" sunday.
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some new revelations about were iran. documents show were lifted two sanctions on iranian banks the exact same day that those four american hostages were released. chief washington correspondent james rosen has the story from the white house. good evening, james. >> rick, good evening. here is how the state department today explained how the obama administration arrived at the decision to lift u.n. sanctions on banks iran's oldest and richest bank and one previously described by our own
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financial department as linchpin of iran's missile program. >> we conducted a very they're row review. in essence updated what we knew about bank septa. and whether they qualify. and it was our assessment that they did qualify. they were no longer carrying out actions that we believed were linked to or linked them to the ballistic missile program. >> key in the selling of the iran nuclear deal, two summers ago were assurances from senior u.s. officials that u.n. sanctions on entities related to iran's ballistic missile program would continue to reign in that program. even if the nuclear deal didn't cover ballistic missiles. those assurances sounded like this. >> the sanctions on their arms trade. sanctions on ballistic missile technology remain in many places to come under the glun the "wall street journal" reported in january 2016, the same day that the u.s. paid
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400 million in hard foreign currency to the regime, in several u.s. hostages were set free from iran, a top state department official quietly signed a deal agreeing to allow the u.s. to lift sanctions on bank septa and another iranian bank 8 years ahead of that the nuclear deal set out. iran's ballistic missile program has expanded aggressively with four confirmed tests. the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee told fox news iran keeps changing the terms of the deal and the administration keeps, quote, getting rolled. >> iran not only made these demands at the end of the negotiation or after they completed the initial negotiation, but, frankly, iran continues to make additional demands and continues to violate the very agreement that the administration pushed. >> and just as they say the $400 million in hard foreign currency was not ransom to secure the release of those
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hostages. aids to president obama deny that this separate site deal involving lifting of u.n. sanctions on bank septa had anything to do lift releasing those hostages came one day after the implementation of the nuclear deal, brit. >> let's turn to former ambassador to the united nations john bolton. mr. ambassador, what do you make of that. >> this is simply one more piece of evidence at how wretched this entire iran nuclear deal it is. how involved it is with many other aspects of objection nabil iranian behavior over the years. the capture of hostages. capture of ballistic missiles unique and sole purpose is to be a delivery system for the nuclear weapons. it shows that the obama administration was prepared to pay essentially any price to get that deal. and that's what they did and they kept it from congress and the american public because they knew what the reaction would be. >> the bank was associated
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with the financing of the nuclear program, right? >> and the ballistic missile program. >> more importantly perhaps or more clearly. you heard the state department spokesman say well, we really looked into what that bank was up to and we decided it was -- didn't really qualify to have sanctions on it anymore. what do you say about that argument? >> it certainly is a tribute to the fbi office of tehran bank records and look at it. look. this is also a demonstration that what the administration, the bush administration did the same thing called targeted sanctions simply don't work. let's say bank septa was a financier for the ballistic missile program finance our ballistic missile program anymore? no, they used other vehicles. so in the past three years, before the deal was implemented, was bank septa involved in ballistic missile transactions? maybe not, because they were yoursing another vehicle. so to say that you have been fooled by the iranian's
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ability to conceal their financial techniques and you are going to now allow this bank legitimacy to get back into the international market, you might as well not have any sanctions at all as to have these targeted sanctions. >> there was conversation on capitol hill yesterday i would like you to listen to with me. it went on for a little bit. it was about syria. and what the administration was going to do and what it has referred to as plan b for dealing with the collapse of the cease-fire over there. and going forward. let's listen. >> >> i would like to understand what plan b is. the mysterious plan b that has been referred to since february. mysterious plan b that was suppose to be leverage to get russia to quit killing innocent people to. get assad to quit killing innocent people. just explain to us the elements of plan b. >> two things, mr. chairman.
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in the first instance, plan b is the consequence of the failure as a result of russia's actions of plan a. in that what is likely to happen now, if the agreement cannot be followed through on and russia reneges totallien its commitments. >> which it has. >> which it appears to have done. >> okay. >> is this is going, of course, to be bad for everyone, but it's going to be bad first and foremost. >> i want to hear about plan b. i understand all the context here. >> i think, sir, this is important, because russia has a profound incentive in trying to make this work. it can't win in syria. it can only prevent assad from losing. if this now gets to the point where the civil war actually accelerates, all of the outside patrons are going to throw in more and more weaponry against russia. russia will be left propping up assad in every smaller piece of syria.
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>> i understand that. what is plan b. give me the elements of plan b, so, two things, again, the consequences, i think, to russia, as well as to the regime will begin to be felt as a result of plan a. not being implemented because of russia's actions. second, as i i president has asked all of the agencies to put forward options, some familiar, some new, that we are very actively reviewing. when we are able to work through these, in the days ahead, we'll have an opportunity to come back and talk about them in detail. but we are in the process of doing that. >> okay. so let me just say what we already know. there is no plan b. [ laughter ] >> mr. ambassador, your thoughts? >> i think senator corker is guilty of war crimes of intentionally humiliating and shaming tony. they don't have a clue what plan b is. for five years the obama
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administration has believed that the russians want to work to ease assad out of power and have peaceful regime change in syria. they spent five years trying to cut the deal that is once again breaking down. so, of course, they can't understand what's happening because they have had a grocery incorrect world view from the beginning. there isn't any plan b except maybe beg the russians a little bit harder. >> what could -- i guess there is nothing he could have said they had no plan, right? >> i think what he said was we are going to get a plan in a couple of days and i will get back to you on it. >> they have believed incorrectly all this time that we could resolve the conflict in syria because the russians, too, want a peaceful resolution and to move assad out of power. it has never been the russian's position to allow that to happen. they are never going to allow it to happen. they are succeeding in syria. their influence is increasing. ours has about disappeared. >> ambassador bolton thank you very much. >> thank you. >> one public university wants to change the look of
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moss scott. the school wants the mascot to smile more. to keep students nurtured and calm. campus craziness is coming up next.
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now, it's time to take a look at. so stuff that's going on at colleges around the country. the outdoors club at the clermont colleges in california has cancelled an annual event out of concern that it wasn't inclusive to overweight or unfit students. the group speedo hike was an annual event in which students would hike a mountain in swim wear and speedos tight fitting swimming briefs for men. a post on the facebook's page said the event sent the incorrect message to participate in the club, quote, you must be fit and comfortable with your body image. the name speed co-itself implies bro-iness whatever
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that means. students have called on mandatory racist courses. a student group known as antiracism met with the university president to discuss plans for the course. the student to ho supports the class racial justice is just as importance as mathematics, english and science needs to be treated as such. the decision to add the class is up to the back kuehl at this senate. students who want to write chalk message on the appalachian state university will find they are apparently not protected by the first amendment. revised pro-donald trump messages appeared on campus. the campus reform published chalkings online. permission to chalk is limited to recognized student organizations and university departments, end quote. in an email to students published by campus reform, the university chancellor
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sherri everett said free speech is encouraged but quote university administrators can support free speech while also taking a stand. the university tells fox news that the rule change did follow the pro-trump chalkings, but there were other chalkings as well. and here's a viewer-submitted story. a professor at the university of iowa says the school mascot herky the hawk needs to be changed a professor at the university asked the school's athletic department to make the mascot smile more because i believe incoming students should be met with welcoming, nurturing, calm, accepting and happy messages. according to the press citizen the professor's intention, quote, is to bring diversity to how hurky feels not to eliminate the competitive go getter hurky. we made changes to see if what it has in. respects the professor but doesn't plan to change the
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mascot. if you have a campus craziness story let us know. we would be very grateful to hear from you. there aren't too many people who can make a president wait except for another president. after the funeral of shimon peres. president obama was forced to wait on the tarmac while president clinton boarded air force 1. take a look. that folks, is some presidential patience. how did donald trump spend its early morning hours today. he sent off a series of tweets talk his feud with the former miss universe one step further. our political panel next.
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bp is pioneering drone technology to monitor refinery operations, so our engineers can spot potential problems from any angle. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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a warning to viewers. this is not the most important subject, but it is one that both of the presidential candidates can't seem to stop talking about. donald trump spent his early morning on a twitter rant once again trump took aim at former miss universe alicia machado. trump tweeted this after 5:00 a.m. crooked hillary was duped. quoted her as an angel without checking her past, which is terrible. he followed up 15 minutes later with this did crooked hillary help disgusting check out sex tape and past. alicia m. become a u.s. citizen so she could use her in the debate. a few notes followed by. this what kind of man stays up all night to smear a woman with lies and conspiracy theories? and trump had a response for that? for those few people knocking me for tweeting at 3:00 in the morning, at least you know i will be
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there awake to answer the call. political panel is back from national review jonah goldberg and fro from "the washington examiner" susan father rish riccio. hillary has been critical of the way donald trump apparently tweeted alicia machado all had to do while she was miss universe she gained too much weight in his view. we have some video from the time and it puts a little different light on how he acted toward her. let's take a look at it? >> alicia is like me and like a lot of other people, i love to eat. we all love to eat. not all of you but some of are you lucky. we eat, we like to eat. and she had tremendous pressure put on her with the win and everything else. plus she was going from country to country all foreign places and it was a huge amount of pressure. some people when they have pressure don't eat. and some people when they have pressure eat too much. like me. but like alicia. >> he went on to say that he and alicia and her personal trainer were going to work on her weight and get her back as looking as beautiful
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as ever for the following year's pageant. so, folks, how long can this keep going on, susan? >> first of all, this started on monday night at the debate when hillary clinton brought up the fact that i had at one point in the distant past referred to her as miss piggy, i think. >> yeah. and miss housekeeper. >> miss housekeeper, yeah. >> this is alleged. we don't have any proof that he actually said those things. >> right. >> alicia machado says it, hillary says it but that's it. >> the bait went out and trump took it here we are on friday night and this thing is not over. and, really, it's less about this one particular incident than it is just about the pattern that everyone now is familiar with trump, which is to take the bait, and not only just take the bait, just not let it go. make things worse for a while, and then have it go away for a while until something else happens. and that, i think, is what the pattern we are seeing
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for this. >> i think that's right. it really is sort of silly to talk about the bait in a certain way. the fact is that the great white took it and now you have got it talk about what the great white is doing to get off the hook. and this points to fundamental problem that donald trump has. when he is punching up, he is winning. that's how he won the primary. he took on jeb who was this big frontrunner. took on the rnc, washington establishment and powers that be. he look great. looked like a hero to his fans. when he punches down, he looks really really bad. we learned that with the khans, we are learning that with this. looks very unpresidential and beneath him and looks like he doesn't have a good temperament. needs to learn how to stop taking bait like this. you know there are going to be loot more attempts to bait him and every reason to believe they will glork now in addition to dueling tweets to the former miss universe. we have dueling issues foundations. both hillary clinton and
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donald trump both organizations have come under intense scrutiny 2016 election. today a new issue involving donald j. trump foundation it has never obtained the certification that new york state requires for a charity to solicit money from the foundation's new york office. that is according to the new york state attorney general's office your thoughts on this, jonah? >> well, i think in and of itself, this is not that big a story say for the fact that it reinforces other stories about the sort of shoddiness and slip shot way that foundation has been run. >> you are talking about the trump foundation. >> trump foundation. it undermines the i hire the best people thing. thee foundation stories kind of cancel each other out. >> a great deal has been learned about the bill and hillary clinton foundation and the way it's dealt with people and walking conflict of interest that lot of people felt the foundation automatically was. so does this really take that issue off the table in your view, susan? >> that, i think, is perhaps the biggest problem with this. it's like jonah said, in and of itself i don't think it's
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that big of a deal. if they do cancel each other out, in other words, if it makes it harder for trump to attack her or go after the next debate clinton foundation because he doesn't want to get the return fire on trump foundation. that's taking something out of his arsenal that could have been effective and powerful way to go after clinton. >> i think the clinton foundation is arguably much worse thing. >> i agree with that. >> the trump foundation sounds sleazy and self-dealing. the clinton foundation in violation of direct oshedz from the president, in violation of standard practices, was b giant slush fund. and sort of a super pac for the clinton foundation where she kept her cronies on payroll. you know, there is an ancient principle in political philosophy that any foundation that has sydney blowm that on the payroll is up to no good. >> sidney blumenthal is long time clinton friend, intimate and operative who enjoys here in washington and elsewhere not the greatest reputation for straight dealing. >> huh-uh. >> joanna, susan, thanks very much. coming up, there is no better way to end a workweek
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like reading all mean tweets viewers send. in we have a few more of them straight ahead. stay with us.
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miles from the latest we are getting on twitter. i was encouraged reading this one from jeff cupp who said if i didn't have but six months to live i would want to spend six months with you because that would be the longest six months of my life. was jonathan tuttle being entirely serious when he tweeted quote:
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please keep the feedback coming, folks. we really do like hearing from you. tweet me @ brit hume or email "on the record" at that about does it for us tonight. the royale factor is up next with an interview with the billionaire mark cuban who has become quite a public figure in the presidential race this year. we leave you as always with our political quote of the day this one from the english median eric idol who you probably know from monty python he says quote: please don't forget if you used to dvr this show each night your series reporting may have disappeared. society up a new one. be back here on monday. keep tweeting me at brit hume. we hope you too will be back here. in the mean time, don't forget "the o'reilly factor." that's straight ahead.
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coming up next. good night. ♪ ♪ welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. andy? >> coming up on the big show, a new poll shows 7% of voters lost friendships over the election. but how many of the 93% remaining were friendless to begin with. and is your dog's halloween costumes sexist? and finally a new robot parent can look after your children while you are away or even now while you are there. >> thank you, andy. let's welcome our guest. i was going to say something extremely rough to her, and i said to


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