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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 3, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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the pilot circled around and safely landed. the ugly. a house left in the middle of the street after a moving company tried to squeeze it down a street. >> don't park that here. >> likely to be stuck there for days. "fox and friends" starts now. bye. good morning to you and your family. it's monday morning, october 3rd, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. this is a fox news alert. kim kardashian, tied up and robbed at gunpoint. her husband had to stop his concert halfway through. >> ♪ i'm sorry. family emergency. i have to stop the show. >> what? >> family emergency, i have to stop the show. so dramatic details just coming in about what happened behind those doors right there. >> busted. hillary clinton caught mocking
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bernie sanders' supporters. >> they are living in their parents' basement but i don't think you tell idealistic people, particularly young people that they've bought into a false promise. >> and then they become bar is tas. bernie responds. >> unbelievable. what happens if hillary loses in november? >> if you don't elect me, i will continue to run for president until the day i die. and i will never die. >> that's the debate you did not see, courtesy of "saturday night live." let me remind you, it is monday. please get dressed. you have work and school today and your mornings are better with friends. everybody, welcome to studioe as in election. thanks for joining us on "fox and friends." steve, we did 21st finger.
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it turns out that ainsley is going to the vice presidential debate and covering it live from virginia. >> can you believe it? i'm really excited. first i've done this. >> i think it's going to be fascinating. >> what do you think will happen? >> i think mike pence and tim kaine will be talking about other people. the person at the top of the ticket more than each other. because if they go at each other, it's going to be an intellectual debate about policy and people will nod of. >> mr. kaine is going to hammer mr. pence over donald trump and his taxes. this was the big story. "the new york times" got three pages anonymously of donald trump's taxes. on the front page of his new jersey return, of his new york return, his connecticut return. what it showed he had a big loss in 1995 and then he was able to essentially use that to offset any income. essentially, he followed the law. the bombshell from "the new york
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times" is donald trump follows the tax laws. >> he followed the law and wrote off $916 million. a lot of money. but he did it the right way according to the tax laws. if he does win -- >> chris christie and rudy giuliani said there's nothing illegal here. can we ask why someone released this? was it someone at the irs? >> no. someone in donald trump's campaign according to "the new york times." they say that last month someone within his campaign that works at trump tower in new york city released these documents. >> i think they just wrote that up in the corner. >> i think it was a joke. >> you never know. it could have been ivanka. she's had it up to here. here's my dad's income tax. >> we don't know. >> maybe ainsley, you're right. it came from the inside. maybe it came from the irs. maybe it came from somebody within the -- >> a dirty trickster. >> according to the article
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that's what it said. they called the guy who did the taxes and he said it was accurate. >> he's 80 years old. he said yeah, this is me. the reason that 9 is there because i had to put it in a typewriter to put that in. >> is it legal? is it legal for them to press an irs document they didn't get permission to do? >> federal law makes it illegal to publish an unauthorized tax return. rudy giuliani says trump is smart when it comes to taxes. >> the reality is he's a genius. what he did is took advantage of something that could save his enterprise and did something we admire in america. he came back. >> we've had a jobless recovery where we've had growth of less than 2% for two years. that's pathetic. don't you think a man who has this kind of economic genius is a lot better for the united states than a woman and the only thing she's ever produced is a lot of work for the fbi checking out her e-mails. >> stuart varney jr. us early on
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the curvy couch. >> he did not do anything wrong at all. nothing illegal. nothing unethical. i've ton it myself actually as have a lot of other taxpayers. you lose capital, in my case on a real estate deal. you can carry forward that loss to get it offset -- offset it against future income. i've done it myself. millions of americans have done it. he did it on a very large scale. >> here's the ironic thing, though. hillary clinton has done it. she's calling it a scheme. yet in 2015 she took a $700,000 loss and "the new york times," they're saying he, donald trump, avoided paying taxes. guess what? so did they. they didn't pay taxes in 2014 and got a tax refund of $3.5 million. >> left that out of the story. >> it could be a political problem. see? the rich don't pay their fair share. but it's an opportunity for donald trump to turn it around
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and say we need tax reform and i've got a plan. if he can pivot he can cancel out the political probable lenl from this $900 million. >> some say it's it shows he's a bad businessman. he lost money on the airline and $43 million on a casino. what about the fact that he lost like that? >> does it show that he rebounded nicely and rebuilt the business which was in bad shape in the early 1990s. he got into airlines and casinos, didn't work. he bounces back and now he's got his name on buildings all around the world. >> probably what billionaires do, they take risk and lose a lot and try to make it back. >> he was an entrepreneur who has bounced back very well indeed. >> if you look at people who picked up their business, left from california to go to texas. why? derek jeter, he has a residence in tampa because he doesn't want to pay new york taxes. that's what you do if you're
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smart. if you're very rich, you cut corners within the law. >> if there's a single viewer watching this program who hasn't tried to minimize their tax. everybody does this. legitimately does it. >> here's the question. is there a single viewer watching right now who has paid more tax than they're supposed to? that's crazy, isn't it? >> that would indeed be crazy. >> here's a big question. if he just released his taxes, would we be looking at this so-called october surprise number, number one, i'm sure there will be 20 more. did he bring this on himself? >> we're assuming he did not pay any federal income tax for 18 years. we don't know that. he may not have. but we don't know that. maybe if he released his tax returns we could find out. did you or didn't you? maybe it was a political mistake way back not to release it when everybody was asking him to release them. >> the funny thing about "the new york times," there are a lot of maybes. maybe this happened.
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maybe he wound up making soc muh money the next year -- >> hillary clinton has been campaigning with bernie sanders but canceled the latest event with him because she said this about his supporters that made a lot of people upset. listen. >> there's just a deep desire to believe that, you know, we can have free college, free health care, that what we've done hasn't gone far enough and we just need to, you know, go as far as scandinavia. whatever that means. they're children of the great recession. they are living in their parents' basements. if you're feeling that you're confined to being a barista or some other job that doesn't pay a lot and doesn't have much of a ladder ofpportunity attached to it, then the idea that maybe, just maybe you could be part of a political revolution is pretty appealing. >> she's saying bernie sanders' ideas of free college and free
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health care are unrealistic. >> she is. >> she's embracing that policy now. >> yes. that's what she stands for now. free college or free health care or more free health care. she hasn't changed her position in public. but she changed her public in private. and talked down to these baristas from their mother's basements. >> we were playing clips last week of michelle obama was saying about hillary clinton when she was running against her husband. now they're best friends? now we're showing video of hillary and we were showing video of hillary and bernie hating each other a few months ago. now they're campaigning together. >> it makes you realize why people don't trust politicians. they want them today and something totally different another day. >> speaking of today, she was supposed to be campaigning with him today but on the heels of this -- they put it off. maybe they'll be together on wednesday. also, what's interesting is
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while she's trying to appeal to bernie sanders' far left supporters, she said in that tape that was recorded in february down in virginia, she said i'm pretty much across the political spectrum from the center left right through to the center right. >> no, you're not. >> you're center left and then some left. yes, you are. >> stuart, it's 50% of the donald trump reporters are deplorable and now -- supporters. >> supporters are deplorable. and now the bernie sanders' people are delusional. who exactly is she trying to get and what does she think of the electorate? >> i wonder what she's got left. she's talked down to vast sections of the electorate. i was personally offended by the fact that you're a racist, sexist, islam a foeb because you support donald trump. that's offensive to say. that's millions of americans indicted as being deplorable and irredeemable. >> how much more would donald trump have been to emphasize
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that than going after her wobble on pneumonia and talking about other things her husband did in the 0s. >> i think donald trump is coming off a bad week. >> terrible. >> and the tax, i think he's got an opportunity to pivot as of right now and get on the offensive. >> he very well could because you're saying this week he has -- last week he had a bad week. the week before that she had a bad week. the week before that he had a bad week. >> up and down. you got to stay tuned. we need to look at the calendar and who will have the good week when it comes to the election and whoever that is, that's the winner. >> five weeks left. sn >> we've got five more weeks of this. >> she lost the team in a basement boat that's for sure. thanks everyone. let me tell you what else is happening in the news. breaking overnight. reality star kim kardashian tied up and robbed at gunpoint in
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paris. five men, they were masked, they were dressed up as police officers. somehow they got through her people. they broke into her paris bedroom. swiped $10 million worth of jewelry. her husband, kanye west was performing here in the states in new york at the time. but then was rushed off stage when he heard what happened. listen to what he said to the audience. >> i'm sorry. i have a family emergency. i have to stop the show. >> what? >> reps say that kim kardashian is physically unharmed. so that's good. but of course, she's shaken up. >> i was wondering. >> happened in the middle of the night. >> over two deadly police shootings. >> the crowd in a standoff with riot police hours after l.a. police officers shot and killed a black man matching the description of a gang suspect.
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that shooting comes one day after an armed 18-year-old was shot and killed by officers after he led them on a chase in stolen car. now to some extreme weather for you. hurricane matthew upgraded to a dangerous category 4 storm overnight. heading towards haiti. american vacation-goers, you are all urged to get out of that path. the path of the storm. the u.s. navy even evacuating personnel from guantanamo bay. 145 mile per hour winds already blasting jamaica and matthew could soon set i sights on the united states. >> all the way from florida through the mid-atlantic by the end of the week. meanwhile, on this monday, the october surprises keep coming for hillary clinton. this time from "the new york times." up coughing how she allegedly tried to cover up her husband's affair. this is on the front page of the paper this morning. >> you wouldn't get it by the headline how bad the story is. >> the washington redskins star josh norman celebrating by shooting a bow and arrow.
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if you read the headline, you would think it's a salute to hillary clinton how she fought back to be a stronger woman after her husband's infidelity.
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if you read the story in "the new york times," it points out the resourcefulness and the places she went in order to discredit those accusing bill clinton of having affairs with him. >> okay. so "the new york times" in this story today wrote outwardly, she, hillary clinton, remained stoic and defiant. privately, she embraced the clinton's campaign aggressive strategy of counterattack. women who claim to have had sexual encounters with mr. clinton, will be fp become targets frequently denounced. in other words, essentially, what "the new york times," they've been busy in the blockbuster department. they came out with the thing about trump and his taxes a couple days ago. today on the front page is -- they're essentially -- one of the people they talked to said i cannot believe "the new york times" would join the national enquirer to dredge up things from the past. >> here's some examples.
3:19 am
you might say what does she do behind the scenes? she hired a private investigator and said things, for instance, about gennifer flowers. take a listen. >> get your picture on the front page of every newspaper and your son's failed cabaret singer who doesn't even have much of a resume to fall back on. >> turns out her husband did admit under oath to having an affair because he was being investigated by paula jones' lawyers. >> as a woman, i don't blame her for doing some of these things behind the scenes. because if this happened in my household, i would probably be doing the same thing if i had the money to hire a private investigator. here's the ironic thing. she's talking on the debate stage about the beauty queen girl. if she's going after him for that, he has every right to go after her for this. she can't say that about donald trump and his indiscretions with women when she has a similar record. >> it would be different if
3:20 am
there was just one woman involved with clinton. and there are dozens. he's a philanderer according to the reports. what she would do is rather than leave him as many women would, most probably, she stayed with him for whatever -- >> i thought she said she wasn't going to stand by her man. >> she wasn't going to stand by her man. she was gog to attack the women who accused him of impropriety. as it turns out, was it if they did have affairs and stuff like that. don't know. >> hiring bare knuckle investigators. that's the tactics they used. >> she just can't be a hypocrite. she can't talk about women like this and be upset with donald trump for saying stuff about him. >> should a surrogate be attacking hillary clinton instead of donald trump directly? >> these are stories you've heard before in many cases, but at the same time, it's "the new york times" talking about it. >> below the fold. >> don't you dare call him an airman. the navy eliminating job titles
3:21 am
because they might make people feel bad. that's not sitting well with some of the sailors. how they're fighting back coming up. >> a viral video star takes on black lives matters with two signs. >> all lives matter, bro his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. i'm claudine and i quit smoking with chantix. by the time i was 30, i said "that's it, i'm a smoker for life." i wanted to be a non-smoker and i did it thanks to chantix. along with support, chantix (varenicline)
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3:25 am
individual. you can see the vandal spray painting the side of that building in washington, d.c. the messages say black lives matter and no justice, no peace. despite the video, police do not have any suspects. wow. brian? >> thank you, ainsley. first and only vice presidential debate of the 2016 race. more than 40% of the american people cannot name the vice presidential nominee on either party. but the office of vp is an important one. more important than ever, you could argue. one gaffe could make or break possibly them and maybe the ticket. remember this moment courtesy of vice president dan quayle in 1992. >> that has one bit on the end. there you go. >> okay. joings right now, special
3:26 am
assistant to president bush who advised people on debate prep. scott jennings. >> good morning. >> why should we care about pence and kaine? >> it's an interesting moment. they're going to drive news cycles the rest of the week. a couple of news cycles lost and it could hurt your campaign. i don't think either candidate can say something that will win the election. but they could say something that could hurt you for several days and in a close race, it could matter. >> the most impactful person on the race, maybe for the negative, was sarah palin. for example, this with katie couric. >> newspapers and magazines, what did you regularly read before you were tapped for this to stay informed and -- >> i read most of them again with a great appreciation for the press, the media. >> what ones in particular? >> all of them. any of them that would have -- have been in front of me over all these years. >> that hurt mccain? >> i think ultimately, sarah palin in her debate.
3:27 am
that wasn't a debate moment. she cleared the bar. i think the bar was low for her in her debate. they had her prepped up. that was not a great moment for that campaign. when she got behind the podium after prep time, she was pretty good. it wasn't a bad night. >> joe biden treated her as opposed to paul ryan. he knew he was dealing with a woman and i think he was gender specific. he was pulled back a little bit. >> she came out that of debate, i think, looking fine and mccain strategists will tell you, before she joined the ticket they were here and they popped up in the polls after. they think sarah palin was a positive. called barack obama this. >> you got the first sort of mainstream african-american who is articulate and bright and clean and nice looking guy. i mean, that's a storybook, man. >> he's walking that back immediately. >> he was. >> joe biden for whatever reason
3:28 am
has become a politician in american life that can say things over the line for others and he gets away with it. he's uncle joe. we just sort of slough it off. he's a rare guy that can get away. >> because he's not running for president. if he was running for president, they would be aiming a bazooka at them. >> absolutely. scott, let's talk about pence. he'll be asked a lot about donald trump's positions, different from his political background. how has he handled it so far and what do you expect will happen tuesday? >> we'll see how hard tim kaine presses it. we've got a lot of news on donald trump, the spat with miss universe. how hard will he press? and will pence press on e-mails and benghazi, the things that didn't come up in the first presidential debate. >> pence never backed off and said i don't agree with donald trump ever. tim kaine whrks it, when it came to the deplorable comment, he said i don't agree with that.
3:29 am
>> most of the time the vps try to stay in line with the top of their ticket. they may be willing to veer off if it enhances their own credibility. >> what's interesting is that pence has been able to fix things. do you think he can fix things when it comes to taxes, trump's ill-advised by pneumonia staggering and bill clinton's affairs. >> he can't cure things brong with the campaign but he can make them worse with a gaffe or coming in unprepared for it. given what's in the news cycles, he has to be ready not to mess it up further than it may be. >> scott jennings, thanks so much. most interesting election cycle ever. we'll be watching on tuesday. mainly because ainsley will be there. the mainstream media over trump's not paying federal taxes in years. he says it's good business.
3:30 am
but is it legal? judge napolitano is here. what happens if hillary loses in november? the debate you did not see courtesy of snl. >> if you do not elect me, i will continue to run for president until the day i die and i will never die.
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i'm better than ever. let's do this. >> my microphone is broken. she broke it. she and obama took it to kenya, they took my microphone to kenya and broke it. now it's broken. >> he is a bully. >> shut up. >> he started the birther movement. >> you did. >> he's not that rich. >> wrong. >> he's not that charitable. >> wrong. >> or he's never paid taxes in his life. >> warmer. >> i have the best temperament.
3:34 am
she's the one with the bad temperament. >> you have two minutes to respond. >> oh, that's okay. he can have my two minutes. >> picking up somebody sniffing here. >> this has been an illuminating debate. but now it's time -- >> alicia machado. >> i'm sorry, what was that? who is alicia machado? >> thank you for bringing that up, lester. >> monday night's debate. that was sort of the highlight. >> look who is here. it's judge napolitano. >> good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> well, because it was saturday night, they didn't have time to respond to the saturday blockbuster from "the new york times" back on his 1995 return. donald trump declared $916 million worth of business losses which he could then carry forward and offset any income which allowed "the new york times" and others to speculate, maybe he didn't pay taxes for 15
3:35 am
years. you've looked at all the stuff on display. >> right. >> did donald trump do anything wrong? >> no. and the united states of america, we tell the government what we owe if the government doesn't tell us. congress has given guidelines, very lengthy and complex guidelines. the tax code of holding my hand about four feet off the floor. the tax code is that many pages. that's how complex it is. if a person goes through a tax code and finds ways to minimize their obligation, they're following the laws that congress has made available. a famous supreme court opinion, oliver wendell holmes who wouldn't agree with donald trump on anything said nobody should pay a nickel more than they actually owe. having said that, the issue is where did the times get this and is there a problem with them publishing it? i almost said punishing. they claim they got it in the mail. the return address was trump tower. >> on this week with george
3:36 am
stephanopoulos, a woman said it was in the mailbox. they went to see the accountant in florida, semiretired. yeah, that's me i did that. >> journalists with ethics, they should have presented it to donald trump or representatives of him, not somebody who worked for him 30 years ago and say is this yours and do you want to comply with it. he'll be on the show later today. you can ask him if they did that. i doubt that they did. they should have done it. why? because they had a document in their hands protected by the highest degree of protection we have for civilian documents. not government documents. once you file it, it achieves the protection of a government document. >> his attorney said that they obtained this illegally and that he did not authorize this to be released. >> probably the person who put it in their hands probably broke the law. let's call that person the thief. the thief, whoever that person is can be criminally liable and civilly liable. but the times is immune from
3:37 am
civil liability. why? because donald trump has portrayed himself in this campaign as a brilliant businessman whose background is appropriate for the presidency. and part of that brilliance in his view is how he dealt with his taxes. so his taxes are what the law calls of material interest to the public. >> sure. >> when the publisher, fox news, the "wall street journal," "the new york times," gets its hands-on something that's of material interest to the public, we can reveal it with impunity. >> she took a loss of $700,000 in 2015. "the new york times" did as well. >> some of the conclusions of the times are wacky and don't make sense. just because he had a loss in 1995 doesn't mean he's not paying taxes in 2016. he can explain that to you. >> we don't know. >> we don't have his taxes. >> judge, today is the first monday in october. that means the u.s. supreme court convenes with one empty seat.
3:38 am
>> yes. you know a case they're hearing today, mr. kill meeld? >> what? >> it will affect whether or not the washington redskins can keep their name. can the government prohibit the use of a name that's offensive to some people? >> wow. >> i don't know which way it's going to go. but i do know that the chief justice has put off the more controversial cases until after the first of the year because the new president will presumably have her or his nominee on the court. >> isn't that controversial? >> it's very controversial. that's the one that they are dealing with now. it doesn't involve the redskins. it involves a rock group. but the principle is the same. >> thank you judge. >> hope they leave the giants out of this. >> go giants tonight. it is now 22 minutes before the top of the hour on this first monday in october. heather childress has the news. >> good morning to you and everyone at home. we begin with this. investigators desperate for answers in that deadly train --
3:39 am
new jersey train crash. one of the two black boxes recovered from a mangled train car wasn't working the day of the accident. the train's engineer, thomas gallagher, says he was well-rested thursday morning. he told investigators that he approached the packed station at ten miles per hour. what happened next, that's still a mystery. gallagher has no memory of the crash and it's still unsafe for crews to go into that rubble for the second data recorder. terrifying moments inside a school bus packed with kids. brand new video shows a moment that the driver veers off the road flipping the bus into a ditch. >> everybody get off here. [ screaming ] >> you can hear the kids and see them flying as the driver swerves to avoid a truck in houston. 16 children rushed to the hospital with minor injuries. that driver has not been charged
3:40 am
but still looking into that. >> the stupidist decision ever. that's what one sailors are saying about the navy's description to strip the word man from multiple job titles. the pc-driven change was done so no one would feel left out or offended. but it's leaving man of our nation's heroes outraged. right now there's 45,000 signatures on an online petition. finally, this might be the most bizarre penalty ever. josh norman, redskins -- intercepting a pass. he pretended to shoot a bow and arrow. the play itself, that's legal. it's a celebration that landed him in trouble with the league. >> after the play is over, unsportsmanlike conduct, number 24. shooting a bow and arrow. >> all right. norman said that he only expected a warning. the redskins were penalized 15 yards. but didn't bother them.
3:41 am
they still came out on top 31-20. those are a look at your headlines. >> i guess he had nothing to shoot with the panthers. >> it's like cupid. >> absolutely. steve. always thinking love. >> because we love janice dean who joins us with the weather today. >> hey janice, good morning. >> we're watching extreme weather this morning. we have a hurricane. the strongest hurricane that's been in the atlantic basin in close to ten years. this is hurricane matthew. category 4 storm, 130 mile per hour sustained winds. very concerned for haiti this morning as we think this will make a direct impact on haiti. 70% of the region is below poverty. people are still living in tents from the earthquake in 2010. so not only haiti but jamaica and the bahamas. what happens next? here is the track. we think perhaps very close call across the east coast, the eastern seaboard. we need to watch carefully and we will. real quick. what's your name, sir? >> david.
3:42 am
>> what are you doing out here so early? >> i'm out here to watch you guys and two, to celebrate my wife's 50th birthday. >> where is your wife? >> in bed. >> what's her name? >> melanie. >> melanie, wake up, you're on "foxnd friends" or at least your husband is. >> thanks for coming. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> thank you, jd. >> coming up on this monday, hillary clinton caught mocking bernie sanders' supporters. this morning, there's brand new fallout to her barista comment. a viral video star takes on black lives matter with just two signs. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> all lives matter, bro. [ bleep ]. >> this guy.
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3:46 am
already has a problem appealing to the younger voters, the millennials. this not going to help. >> they're children of the great recession and they are living in their parents' basement. the idea that maybe, just maybe you could be part of a political revolution is pretty appealing. it's a false promise. but i don't think you tell idealistic people that they've bought into a false promise. >> false promise. that leaked audio of clinton mocking sanders' supporters from a fundraiser back in virginia. the clinton camp claims she was just being sympathetic to the plight of young people. what did she really mean? >> for more on this, we turn to political editor for town hall and fox news contributor guy vinson. guy, thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> what did she mean by that? >> i think if you look at the context of what mrs. clinton said. she wasn't necessarily belittling millennials supporting bernie sanders.
3:47 am
she said there was a lot of young people graduating from college unable to find good-paying jobs and feel forced to delay their plans for their lives, live in their parents' basements. i don't think this is deplorables 2.0. but it's clearly in my view, an indictment of the obama economy. look who has been in charge for the last eight years and she has basically the entire platform that barack obama had and wants to continue it for four more years. >> sure. >> more of the same. which is what donald trump has been saying over and over again about her. >> you know, guy, when smee and bernie, they were supposed to be together at a campaign event. mysteriously after this, they've decided to put it off for a couple of days. she's going to link arms and say we're together on the same page. in that whole thing, she talks about the baristas living in nair parents' basements, she distances herself from free college and free health care and says i'm kind of from center left to center right. as she tries to get the
3:48 am
millennials to vote for her, you realize, wait a minute, she doesn't stand for the stuff we stand for. >> i think part of it also, steve, is if you're a bernie supporter who is a young person, you might look at the audio and clips of it and some of the commentary about it and say, gosh, is she making fun of me, is she saying i bought into a lie i'm too stupid to understand or do you shrug and say whatever. she's lame anyway. of course she's talking out of both sides of her mouth to different audiences. she can wrap her arms around bernie sanders at every event from now until november 8th, i just don't care. are you going to show up and vote in november? i think that's a challenge for her. >> you say it's not deplorable comment 2.0. but a lot of millennials are -- >> saying we aren't in our parents' basements. we're an entire generation of workers who are sick of being shafted by neo liberalism. #basement dwellers.
3:49 am
that's a comment from someone who is pretty offended by it. >> from their basement. >> coming up on this monday, the mainstream media can't get enough of the trump tax story. what about the shady things surrounding the clinton foundation, the pay for plaything. will we ever get answers to those? the head of the group investigating clinton's many scandals is going to join us live in about 15 minutes. a viral video star takes on black lives matter holding up two signs. look at this. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> what' with it? >> all lives matter, bro. [ bleep ]. >> this guy. [ bleep ]. ♪ ♪ ♪
3:50 am
♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. . . .
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ film maker joey salas is known for his viral social experiments is not stranger to controversy. >> he started off by holding up a black lives matter sign in a predominantly white neighborhood, look. >> support black lives matter? >> yeah, i do. all lives matter. >> support black lives matter, sir. >> i will not support. >> no? >> why not? he says he thinks they are all fake. >> then joey went to a predominantly black neighborhood with a sign that read all lives matter. here's what happened. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> all lives matter, bro. [ bleep ]. >> whoa, this guy. >> the same guy? >> wow, social media personality
3:54 am
joey salas joins us. >> same guy? >> same guy. on that one, i had a couple of friends behind the camera ready to break it up. one of my friends who did run out to break it up, he got trampled to the ground. >> do you get nervous? >> i do get nervous but i've dealt with worse. >> this is a social experiment? >> yeah. >> what have you figured out? >> i didn't figure out much because i kind of assumed that this was going to happen based off my research and hypothesis based on things i've seen on the news how black lives supporters react. it's refreshing to see how the white community holding up a black lives matter sign. >> what did they say? >> they said all lives matter. they are trying to segregate themselves. if you look at the statistics, white people are just affected from police brutality as black people are.
3:55 am
>> what do you say to the critics saying you are going to the black communities and antagonizing? >> i'm trying to do a social experiment here. scientific research. >> was the reaction all like that? where the guy comes after you? >> there was one guy who actually came up to me and he was respectful. he was really nice, he was like, man, get out of this neighborhood. it's very dangerous here. >> what neighborhood were you in? >> i don't even know the neighborhood to be honest with you. it was on staten island and i was just trying into the bad side of the -- into the neighborhood until i found a good spot that looked really sketchy. >> they didn't tell you to turn around? >> no. >> what do you think for the folks watching right now? what they should take away from this? >> it shows how both sides react to the discussion. >> we're polarized. >> yes. >> what did you get you into this? >> i started doing pranks on
3:56 am
youtube and vine and then i moved into political space. >> what's your most popular prank? >> a prank? >> or video or whatever experiment. >> my most popular ones are the ones on child abduction. to show you how easy -- i did one on how easy it is to rufie a girl at a bar. >> oh, my word. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. it's four minutes before the top of the hour. a fox news alert breaking overnight. kim kardashian tied up and robbed at gunpoint by men disguised as police officers in paris. we've got the latest coming up next. and even financial guru dave ramsey's daughter admits keeping up with the joenses almost ruined her life. she's here with how you can live debt-free and still splurge and she brought a bus. >> she did. and now with victoza®
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good monday morning to you and your family. it's october 3, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. listen to this. breaking overnight, kim kardashian is tied up and robbed at gunpoint. her husband, kanye west had to stop his concert halfway through. ♪ ♪ >> i'm sorry. there's a family emergency. i have to stop the show. >> whoa! >> what? >> family emergency, i have to stop the show. the dramatic details about what exactly happened behind those doors right there. >> apparently nothing good. trump says it's just good business regarding his taxes but what about hillary clinton who some say actually broke some laws. we'll talk about that. another october surprise for hillary clinton courtesy of the "new york times." the paper rolling out all the women she sidelined to cover up her husband's affairs and what
4:01 am
lengths she went to to make sure they were discredited. fascinating. let me remind you. your mornings are better for one reason. because you are with friends. ♪ ♪ you knew there was going to be some october surprises. i sense -- this is october 3rd, but i since there's going to be a series of surprises every day. >> julian assange says he's got surprise emails too. >> now that's delayed. >> we've got an update on that in a moment. let's talk about this in the meantime. "the new york times," this involves a politics shocker with 36 days before the election. they published a lengthy article. they apparently got some documents that were mailed to them anonymously to a reporter by the name of suzanne craig. she's a reporter who had written about trump's finances in the past. what she got was the first page of donald trump's tax return
4:02 am
from 1995 for the state of new york. one for the state of new jersey, and one for the state of connecticut, which prompted this headline. trump tax records obtained by the times reveal he could have avoided paying taxes for nearly two decades. the keyword there, "could". there's a lot of speculation here because it turns out what he did was not illegal, and we don't know what he did after that. >> what he did was not illegal. he was following the laws. but the question is is "the new york times" doing something illegally here by releasing these because his attorney says these tax returns were obtained illegally. he did not authorize them to be released. is it legal for them to publish these without permission from donald trump? >> it looks like in one year, in the 90s, he lost $34 million in his shuttle, his plane. $43 million in his castle casino and $45 million in other losses.
4:03 am
stephen moore who is an esteemed economist came in last night and said this about the reality of the tax revelations. >> i'm shocked by how much attention this story has gotten, judge, frankly. i read the article and i said, gee, there's nothing there. they had one page of one of his tax returns from, what, 15, 20 years ago, saying that he had a large $900 million loss on some of his business operations. now, look, every farmer watching this show, every rancher, every small businessman and woman knows that when you have a loss, you are allowed under federal tax law to carry that forward, judge, and you can use that to offset against the profits that you make in future years. it's a haul mark of our current tax system. "the new york times" article makes it seem like it's some kind of scandal that donald trump had this one year of loss, and then they have only insinuation and they kind of
4:04 am
implied he didn't pay any taxes but they have no idea. >> could he have written those losses off in future years as things began to turn around? >> it all depends on how much money he would make in subsequent years. there's so much we don't know. all we know for sure when you look at the thing is maybe something happened, but did he break the law? absolutely, according to the documents that have been released, no. >> the thing is, though, hillary clinton did the same thing. in 2016 -- >> tax avoidance. >> if you look at her tax returns says she took a $700,000 loss. "the new york times" is reporting they took a loss. they didn't even pay any taxes in 2014. they got a tax refund of $3.5 million. >> that's what rich people and big corporations do. >> that's what anyone does. if you have a business, small or large, if you take a loss on that business or if you have a lot of business, big success, you know what, i'll take an experiment, i'll take a risk on this business, because if i take a loss that will help me with my taxes. >> how many times have we done
4:05 am
the story, when was the last time ge paid taxes? they wind up with a tax bill. it's all about tax avoidance, larry sabato was asked. is this going to make a difference? here's what larry said. >> there's one thing we learned about the trump campaign. nothing he does is going to cost him a voter. remember when he said i could go out on fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any backing, truer words were never spoken this year. what it may do is help clinton excite parts of the democratic coalition that haven't been very excited about her. maybe draw a few undecideds with her. >> most republicans like the fact that he's saving money and he's not paying high taxes. >> here's the problem, if you are defending yourself all
4:06 am
sunday and maybe saturday because you got word that this was coming out, you are not doing anything on the offensive and he has been on the defensive, donald trump, for a week and a half now since really the debate for no reason because the news cycle came back to him because of what happened with the fbi revelations, what happened with the bernie sanders' leak and instead we're talking about miss universe and "the new york times" story. >> people care more about that than about this. >> when asked, do you think the releasing donald trump's taxes are important to you or not? does it bother you that they haven't? no big deal. 52%. bothers me, 46%. 1% don't know. >> that is across the board of all voters. meanwhile -- >> a brand-new bomb shell shaking the clinton campaign overnight. >> "the new york times" reporting on the front page hillary ruthlessly covered up bill's many affairs to protect her own political power house marriage for decades.
4:07 am
>> our reporter is live outside chappaqua for details. >> reporter: it was a couple of days ago that the "new york times" had reported that the clinton campaign was preparing for attacks from donald trump on bill clinton's infidelities and hillary clinton's response to that. now a couple of days later, that very publication, "the new york times" has accounts of that. in 1992, a small group of campaign aides, including hillary clinton, were discussing how to confront accusations from gennifer flowers. they decided to hire a private investigator. he's used to make secret use attractive women to get information. the paper reports an aide to the campaign who declined to be identified says that hillary clinton was among those who approved that hiring. in response to that, clinton
4:08 am
campaign spokesman, the current clinton campaign said the country closed the book on these matters close to 20 years ago and there's nothing whatsoever new here. those who took the lead in responding to those attacks at the time have plainly stated that hillary clinton did not direct their work. "the new york times" also reports the investigation into flowers would become what they call a pattern that would be repeated with other women, with private investigators digging down into different accounts of those women who had accused bill clinton of infidelity and that the campaign would then pass that information along to other reporters. it was a week ago today that the clinton campaign intensified the gender issue by bringing former miss universe alicia macahdo into the debate claiming that donald trump was anti woman because of the criticisms he made against her when she gained too much weighing 20-plus years ago. >> is there any chance that
4:09 am
hillary clinton is going to walk out and clarify this thing while you are speak sng can you turn around to see if she's coming? >> i checked the gazebo. i don't see anybody over there. >> we'll pop you right in if even we're at commercial. wikileaks has made it clear for a while that they have got information that is damaging to her and her campaign. it was released a couple days ago that julian assange who have an announcement of this damaging information from a balcony there where he's hold up in london. yesterday, he said you know what, because of security concerns, we're going to cancel that. >> i'm reading on drudge report that he does plan a tuesday video appearance after first canceling that balcony appearance because of security concerns. he says he is going to release information specifically on hillary clinton. >> i have a hard time giving julian assange this treatment.
4:10 am
he's a hacker, a dirt bag, for us to continue to look at him as if he's a legitimate reporter i think is just playing into that. >> i'm glad you said that. you don't have to believe he's a hero and his record is awful. everything that he's released is accurate and factual so far. >> think about it this way, though. wikileaks gets stuff from people. what's the difference -- >> hacks stuff. >> what's the difference between that and whoever gave the donald trump taxes to the "new york times"? >> good point. >> there's no difference. >> but he's actually doing it and soliciting it. i don't think "the new york times" are saying go rob donald trump's taxes and drop them off. they are publishing it. >> but if you are not doing anything wrong, what do you have to hide? >> making sure that edward snowden got from china over to russia. he's keeping alive the dredge of this planet who are hacking into all of our private emails and taking our bank accounts and we're giving him more time. as he sits in that embassy in
4:11 am
england, rotting. >> as a news agency, don't we have the responsibility to report it if it's news? >> possibly, at some point, when our own stuff gets hacked, we have to ask yourselves when it doesn't play to your advantage, should we be doing this? >> here's the thing, what if it tips the balance for the presidential election? >> how would you like an outside source decide the american presidency. speaking of robbing, breaking overnight, reality star kim kardashian tiedp and robbed at gunpoint in paris. five masked men dressed as police officers breaking into her paris bedroom and swiping $10 million worth of jewelry. husband kanye west was performing in new york at the time but he rushed off stage when he heard what happened. ♪ ♪ >> i'm sorry. a family emergency, i have to stop the show.
4:12 am
>> whoa! >> what. >> reps say she's physically unharmed but she's understandably shaken up. >> hurricane matthew upgraded to a dangerous category 4 storm overnight, heading toward haiti, american vacationgoers urged to get out of its path. 130-mile-an-hour winds already blasting jamaica and matthew could soon set its sites on the u.s. brand-new details into the newsroom, that an isis mastermind has been poisoned. al baghdadi believe to be seriously sick as assassins tampered with his food. al baghdadi is a known isis ring leader with a $10 million bounty on his head. the terror group trying to find those responsible. your sunday football wrap-up. big concerns for my carolina
4:13 am
panthers. cam newton suffering concussion. the panthers defense also no match for matt ryan and julio jones. jones sets a franchise record with 300 receiving yards. ryan throwing for 503 breaking his own team record. falcons win 48-33! cardinals quarterback carson palmer also got a concussion after getting slammed to the turf. he's doubtful for thursday night. the cards lost to the rams, 17-13. those are a look at your headlines. football was good. the rye -- ryder cup was thrilling. >> take that the rest of the world. mainstream media can't get enough of the trump tax story but what about all the shady questions surrounding the clinton foundation. remember that.
4:14 am
that's next. a car show takes a dangerous turn when a car loses control heading right toward the crowd. >> uh-oh. ♪ are you ready? are you ready? you gotta be ready. ♪ oh, i'm ready i mean, really ready. are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? the floors, mats-spotless. the uniforms, clean and crisp. do your people have the right safety gear? are they protected? i'm ready! you think your customers can't tell the difference between who's ready and who's not? of course they do. ♪ i'm ready for you everybody wants a piece of ready. cintas, ready for the workday. actually making your body feel better... making your whole day better. hi, everybody. i'm boomer esiason. and that's exactly what tommie copper does for me. now, they call it "wearable wellness" and they have infused it into everything they do. sleeves that help support aching elbows and knees.
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on the heels of the weekend "new york times" report revealing donald trump's 1995 tax returns, three pages of them, and his legal use of the tax code to his advantage, hillary clinton taking donald trump to task tweeting this. donald trump built numerous squandered businesses on the backs of taxpayers and he hasn't even paid his fair share. how does she know that? what about the dealings of the clinton foundation? let's talk to somebody who has been investigating the clintons for decades, we're talking about judicial watch, the current executive director of judicial watch, tom fenton joins us live. what do you make of donald trump and hillary clinton and the clinton foundation, a comparison? >> based on what i see, mr. trump didn't do anything illegal or unethical in not paying his taxes or citing a tax loss that could benefit him later. there may be a crime in the leak
4:19 am
to "the new york times" if it came out of the irs or one of the tax agencies out of new york or new jersey, i think that should be the subject of an inquiry, quite frankly. the foundation is a subject of at least one criminal report, tied to terry mcauliffe who may have misused the clinton foundation. we have the pay-for-play scandal we exposed at the foundation. donors were getting special treatment contrary to mrs. clinton's ethic agreement. supposedly, the fbi wanted to investigate the clinton foundation and their efforts were turned aside by par -- partisans in the judicial department. >> it's not going to go away. >> it's not going to go away except in the mainstream media,
4:20 am
aside from your organization, fox news and online places and talk radio, not many people are talking about the potential criminality of the clinton foundation. >> only because the white house and the obama justice department have stalled the release of emails related to the foundation. there will be a few more releases before election day, certainly after election day and there will be new clinton emails at the end of this week that will be released. i don't know what those will cover. those were deleted by mrs. clinton in violation of the law arguably. >> what do you think about that? email us at "fox & friends".com. democrats say voter fraud is a hoax. why are hundreds of illegal immigrants being registered across swing states? bomb shell report coming up. and keeping up with the
4:21 am
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unless you have the comcast business voiceedge mobile app. it lets you switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. get the future of phone and the phones are free. comcast business. built for business. time now for news by the numbers. let's start with is 1,046. that's how many illegal aliens were found on voter rolls in the state of virginia. it doesn't sound like a problem, does it? next, 2.4 million, that's how many of y taxpayer dollars the military will spend on gender reassignment surgery for soldiers. the money is available starting today and also cover hormone
4:25 am
treatments. and 2. that's how many times this house will be moved. a moving company tried to move it through an austin, texas, suburb and it was too wide. trying to keep up with the joneses has left thousands of americans living in debt, but there is hope for a debt-free future. in her new book called "love your life, not theirs." self-proclaimed spender rachel cruze she shares how to live the life you want without the stress of debt. joining us now is dave ramsey's daughter, rachel cruze. you found yourself is keeping up with the joneses. your dad is dave ramsey. >> i did learn early on how to handle money well. i found myself scrollingfaceboo
4:26 am
want that. if i'm feeling this, i'm sure others are well. >> we all covet what other people have and we're not supposed to do that. your first tip is quit the comparison. >> that's the foundation of the book. to say you know what, that's great that person is doing that. i need to focus on my family values and go for that. that's what's important, just to focus again on your values and not what everyone else is doing. putting thing like contentment and gratitude in your life is going to help with that foundation. >> some people watching have problems with that and you hit the young generation with that too. make a plan for your money. what do you mean by that? >> the dreaded b word, the budget. >> budget equals freedom, right? >> that's it. you probably read my book. i talk about how a budget doesn't limit your freedom. it gives you freedom. it gives you permission to spend
4:27 am
money. you say i have it, it's here, i'm planning for it. it's about living intentionally, you the to be proactive instead of reactive with your money and the budget sets you up to do that. >> if you don't enjoy the parties as much and the shopping, but it pays off. it's such a great feeling the day you write that last check. >> it's all about the money you have. living within your means. if you have the money to go to the great parties and get the coffee every day you want, that's great cht you want to be intentional and plan for it. >> next tip you said, talk about money, even when it's hard. we're always told don't talk about money. >> it's going to be hard. if you are married, talk to your spouse about money. you guys need to get on the same page. if you are single, find someone in your life you can talk to. hey, here's what i'm making, here's the debt i have. help me with my money situation. have that be -- >> be honest. >> parents, talk to your kids about money. this conversation is key. it can be such a damaging topic for people, especially in a marriage. it can be difficult. have those conversations.
4:28 am
get on the same page. >> you need to save your money. you need to buy gas for this big baby. what is this about? >> going on a tour across america, and it's going to be fun. >> are you going to book stores? where are you going to be? >> rachel my whole schedule is there. from california to texas to oklahoma city. >> i hope you are going to be home to vote. >> i took care of that. when you browse the news today, you'll see plenty of headlines on donald trump taxes. have you seen thrk rachel? >> yes. >> but hillary clinton's slam on bernie sanders' supporters, what about that? you are not going to see any stories like that out there. is the media applying a different standard? tucker carlson joins us live next. here's this car. look at this car. a car takes a dangerous turn when it's speeding out of control. it loses control. i think it's at a car show.
4:29 am
we'll talk about that, but it goes right into the crowd.
4:30 am
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we got team hillary clinton taking on team donald trump and on the trump side we got trump campaign manager kellyanne conway. >> thank you for having us on jeopardy. >> what a pleasure to be here, steve. this is fun. >> hillary clinton is the prune june of this election. she might not seem that appetizing. if you don't take her now, you'll be clogged with crap for a long time. >> name a reason people give for being late. >> i do not have answer but i buzz it. i'll do what i usually do. i'm going to talk to and talk until people forget the question
4:33 am
i'm answering, and then i'll make an inseason sane -- insane claim. >> bill clinton, ivanka is so beautiful in my opinion, the person they get to play her is like the prettiest girl in hollywood. >> with a little fan in front of her. >> the hair blowing, the beyonce hair blowing. >> right. >> that was cute. and funny. >> over the weekend, alec baldwin premiered as donald trump and he did a pretty good impersonation. >> there's been so many out there. he did it well. >> before you know it, there will be another debate for them to play off of. they actually delayed the premier of snl until the first debate was over. that's amazing. >> they delayed it? >> yeah. for a week. >> that's power. 27 minutes before the top of the hour, and today heather childers has got the news. >> nice to be here with you.
4:34 am
we have an update. >> investigators are still desperate for some answers in that deadly new jersey train crash. one of two black boxes recovered from a mangled train car wasn't working the day of the accident. the train's engineer thomas gallagher says he was well rested thursday morning. he approached the packed station at 10 miles per hour, but what happened next is still a mystery. gallagher says he has no memory of the crash and right now it's still unsafe for crews to go into the rubble for the second data recorder. cornfield chaos. a three-year-old boy found safe and sound for being lost in a cornfield for nearly 20 hours. the emotional moments caught on camera. the volunteer spots the toddler sitting alone in the massive
4:35 am
cornstalks behind his wisconsin home. >> i was about 20 feet away from him. i knew for sure it was him. >> the boy was taken to the hospital. good news is he's expected to be fine. and some dramatic moments as a hot air balloon crashes into power lines before exploding into a ball of fire. this is the aftermath of that crash. it happened in albuquerque, new mexico. a woman in the bask was shocked by the wires and had to be rushed to the hospital. balloon part of the city's 45th annual balloon fiesta. this comes two months after 16 people lost their lives when a hot air balloon crashed into power lines in texas and caught fire. terrifying moments at a car show. a mustang nearly running into a crowd of kids. look how close after crashing into a curb! [ bleep ]. >> yep. what it looks like, within inches of several children at a houston coffee and cars event.
4:36 am
no one was injured. social media flooded with videos of the crash. not clear if that driver was charged. those are a look at your headlin headlines. back to you, steve. the mainstream media hammering donald trump this weekend after "the new york times" released a bomb shell they describe it on his 1995 tax returns, but even after audio was leaked of hillary clinton mocking bernie sanders's supporters back in february in virginia, the headlines are still caving for clinton. are these more examples of the media's double standard? yeah, probably. tucker carlson and steve hilton. guys, thanks for joining us today. >> great to be you. >> let's start with trump and the taxes. tucker, is there any there there? he didn't break any laws. what's the story? >> i always tell the story sum up the story in the lead. what is this story about?
4:37 am
that trump didn't pay more than he owed? is that the crime here and is that the new standard? how many of us pay the federal government in federal taxes more than we're asked to pay? right around zero. what is the outrage about it? i don't know the answer. >> i don't either except it makes him look bad. steve, let's talk a little bit about the hillary comments where she in leaked audio she's mocking bernie sanders supporters at this fundraising event where she said you know i'm not behind this whole free education thing, free college, and free health care and all that stuff. i'm all the way from center right to center left. yet, that's not a big story. >> i think it's just really obvious now. the media openly campaigning for clinton and against trump and you see it in the way that stories like this are handled where anything bad for trump is blown up and amplified and anything that's difficult for clinton, they try and justify and explain away and you also see it in the way that you watch
4:38 am
other tv channels, the way theres there open contempt and derision when they are talking to anyone from the trump campaign. the story this weekend in the "new york times," the headline was how could anyone vote for trump? i think that really captures the attitude. they just don't understand it. >> let's talk about some headlines from politico. and tucker, you are an expert from this. politico's original headline clinton mocks sanders supporters in leaked fundraising recording. and then apparently they thought about it for a little while and they changed it to clinton gives her take on sanders supporters in leaked fundraising recording, and then the editors note said the headline and lead of this story have been changed to better reflect clinton's tone. could you decipher what we just saw? >> i don't think that it's they thought about it for a while.
4:39 am
is that they fielded a lot of angry calls and emails from the hillary clinton campaign which bullied them to change their headline which by the way was the standard, reflects accuracy. she mocks the supporters. editors hate to back down from their headlines. it's professional pride. you don't change what you conclude because some politician wants you to do. they have been suls -- successfully bullied by the hillary clinton campaign. and that's corruption. >> steve, you are nodding your head yes. >> i think it was so transparent. there was a time when it was subtle. i think that's all gone. they are in a state of mind that says trump is a danger to the country. they have no understanding of the lives of the people who are supporting him, the fact that their incomes haven't gone up for 16 years that they have voted for politicians. nothing has changed. here's someone who finally is
4:40 am
going to change things in their view, and they are so out of touch, these media elites, that they can't comprehend how anyone could support trump and that's now being openly reflected in the way that they are trying to cover the race. >> all right. >> that's exactly right. >> okay. i think we're altogether in that. steve hilton joining us from the west coast and tucker carlson from the east coast. thank you very much. >> thanks, steve. >> all right. there's a double standard. go figure. 20 minutes now before the top of the hour. colin kaepernick, 2.0. our military snubbed. everyone loves a pop quiz, right? can you name donald trump and hillary clinton's running mate? a new study says half of you guys at home cannot do that. coming up next. steve is hitting the streets of manhattan. he's going out there to put people on the spot. we love this. i don't want to put life on hold because of a headache.
4:41 am
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no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow, your insurance company told you to look at page five on your policy. did it say "great news. you're covered!" on page five? no. it said, "blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah..." the liberty mutual app with coverage compass™ makes it easy to know what you're covered for and what you're not. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. a trouble with schools. a new jersey student ordered to undergo a psych evaluation for a report on gun control.
4:45 am
parents were sent home with -- kids were sent home, seniors at a oregon high school asked to react to a racially charged statements. one example, because of my race or color i can go shopping alone most of time, pretty well assured that i will not be followed or harassed. ahead of the first and only vice presidential debate of the 2016 race, more than 40% of americans cannot name the vice presidential nominee on either party. >> 41% could not correctly name mike pence and 46% were unsure of the name of the democratic vice president, presidential nominee tim kaine. >> steve is hitting the streets right now in new york city because we couldn't get him into another city so quickly to find out what people actually know. >> all right. i tell you what, let's -- i'm at 48th and sixth avenue. here's somebody just coming off the subway.
4:46 am
hi, how are you? >> good. >> do you know who is running for president of the united states? >> hillary clinton and -- >> hillary clinton. >> and donald trump. >> yes, right. >> do you have any idea who these two people are? >> i have no idea. >> i can. >> sorry. >> that's okay. what about this man? any idea who that man is? >> no. >> okay. he's the head of the world bank. all right. nice to meet you. go ahead. >> that really hurts my feelings now. >> that's okay. let's come over here. what's your name? >> vickie. >> and? >> dan. >> this man would like to be vice president. what's his name? >> tim kaine. >> where is he from? >> rhode island. >> is he from ohio? >> no. >> no, he's from virginia. >> what about it guy? >> oh, that's pence. >> mike pence. >> and where's he from?
4:47 am
>> he's from somewhere really good. >> one of the dakotas, i don't know. >> one of the dakotas, he's from indiana. hoosier governor. it's this guy. and who is this man right there? >> oh, that's brian. yeah. >> i'm not running for anything. >> and what party would he be running platformwise? >> i'm running on the keg party. >> i think it upper wear party, closer. >> we love our tuper ware. >> i'm always fresh. just don't burp me. >> there are people dialing something on their phone. katrina. >> this guy would like to be vice president of the united states? what's his name? >> mike pence. >> hillary's running mate. i can't think of his name right now. >> you are par of the 40% of americans who don't know tim kaine. >> yes. >> what about that guy? >> that's mike pence. >> yeah.
4:48 am
very good. and tell me one thing about mike pence. >> from indiana. >> that's one thing. >> from indiana. i don't know. >> are you from indiana? >> no. we're from north dakota. >> are you going to be voting? >> probably trump. >> steve, could you ask them if they have ever fracked. >> yes. >> are you involving in fracking? >> no. other side of the state, unfortunately. >> sorry, brian, wrong side of the state. >> show them brian's picture, steve. >> okay. yes. >> and then finally, this man right here. are you familiar with him? >> very familiar. >> oh, really? >> yep. >> how familiar are you? >> no. not -- apparently not. >> brian, what's going on between you and this woman right here? >> i'm not saying a word. >> she's a fan. i'm not saying a word. >> thank you very much. >> she's a lovely woman and they seem like a lovely couple. >> they do indeed. >> thank you so much, steve.
4:49 am
that's cute. i know who that is. that's brian. >> yes. i'm glad you are not running because we need you here on the curvy couch. >> i'm part of the 60% who doesn't know who i am. >> colin kaepernick 2.0, another professional athlete snubs our military from basketball. pete hegseth joins us next. pathetic. [ cough ]
4:50 am
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4:53 am
professional athlete taking a stand against the brave men and women who have served our country. this time, joqum noah opting to skip a dinner at west point because of his anti war stance. how does this impact those who ultimately sacrifice? here to comment is pete hegset your reaction to the anti-war basketball player. >> he's sad because kids have to go to war. war exists. he's not willing to sit down and go have dinner with a colonel, iraq war veteran. these guys are all about dialogue and conversation. go have a dialogue and conversation. if he's going to be sad, he can go to his hotel room and be sad. it's amazing to me how disconnected they are under the umbrella of these guys provide
4:54 am
for a security and safety to play a game. >> we wouldn't have a country if we didn't have brave men and women willing to fight a war. i have a lot of respect for the kids who are out there fighting but it's hard for me to understand why we have to go to war, why kids have to kill kids around the world, so i have mixed feelings about being there. what bubble was he born in? >> and who gave him a degree. he went to the university of florida, right? did he takes a history course? did he learn about the revolutionary war or civil war that freed slaves or maybe world war ii where we fought for our very existence. it's mind blowing. john thompson jr at princeton, he sat us down at the bench after 9/11, put flags on our jerseys. he said you play a basketball became -- game. you -- there's some guy out there fighting in iraq and afghanistan. you go out there and play a game. >> this year the colts play the
4:55 am
wagon jiers -- jaguars, antonio camradi raise his fist. this is a guy with eight kids by seven different women. one of these women says they had to use google to find out who their dad was and he thinks america is not being fair to him. >> america has clearly been incredibly unfair to him. this is what we need, terrible athletes conducting foreign policy for us. you want to do your thing here, i get it. we have a conversation. don't go to london and raise our fist -- your fist at our flag. these guys think they are making a statement, adding to the conversation. they are a distraction from legitimate things we could be talking about if we were willing to sit down to cadets and talk to them but instead we're sad in our hotel room. >> good luck. go knicks and go colts. >> thank you.
4:56 am
>> thanks so much. straight ahead, donald trump says the claims about his taxes shows his savy business skills. what about hillary clinton? who really broke the law? bret baier joins us live from washington. washington redskins star josh norman celebrating by shooting a bow and arrow. that doesn't work out well. that was a penalty. did he really cross the line? ♪ ♪ ♪ your life wasn't meant to be lived under a bushel basket. neither is your faith. ♪
4:57 am
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4:59 am
good monday morning to you and your family. it's october 3rd, 2016. listen to this, breaking overnight, kim kardashian, she was tied up, millions of dollars worth of jewelry stolen and her husband kanye west had to stop his live show. ♪ ♪ >> i'm sorry. family emergency. i have to stop the show. >> whoa!
5:00 am
>> what? >> the dramatic details just coming in about what happened behind those doors right there. >> and oh, no, he didn't. another october surprise for hillary clinton courtesy of julian assange perhaps. you know that cancel announcement apparently back on, kinda. another bush voting for clinton. a new scandal surfacing. it's not a scandal. it surfaced open social media that's been deleted since. i believe that's barbara. >> hanging out with uma. >> you are watching fox news channel home of the 2016 election. ♪ ♪ >> i feel like he just left the air. >> who? >> bret baier. i heard he works sunday. he gets time and a half. he puts together a show and most of it based on a true story. >> bret, do you ever sleep?
5:01 am
>> no, i don't. i really don't. >> you'll get sleep in what about 36 more days, is that right? >> yes. the countdown on is on. >> you are heading to virginia. >> i'm heading to virginia today, farmville, for the vice presidential debate. we'll do the show there tonight, and then set up obviously for tomorrow, the big event, 9:00 eastern tomorrow night. >> we'll all be tubeside. the big story over the weekend is -- it looked like it was all going to be that that leaked comments from the hillary clinton and we'll talk about those in a moment, but instead because "the new york times" put it on the front page of their big newspaper, as it turns out back in 1995, donald trump lost $900 million when the airline and casino businesses were bad, and that loss has prompted them to speculate that maybe he didn't pay any taxes for nearly 20 years. this is the headline. trump tax records obtained by the times reveal he could have avoided paying taxes for nearly two decades. bret, i have heard so many
5:02 am
people analyze this whole thing. nobody says he broke any laws. >> that's right. that's what the trump allies and surrogates hit yesterday, rudy giuliani was on his game saying it was legal and chris christie saying the same thing. some went so far to say he lost a billion dollars of his own money, at least he didn't lose $6 billion of your money in the state department like hillary clinton did. i heard all kinds of different retorts. the bottom though, is that while legal, it does present an opening for the democrats to run ads about emotionally talking about what's wrong with the country, and then not, you know, paying your fair share. it's a common thing that the democrats have talked about and this is the front page of the "wall street journal." tax concerns pose new challenges for trump. it's not a story that is great for him, but it probably is awash when it comes to his supporters. his challenge is to get the
5:03 am
people who are independent and maybe on the fence, and probably doesn't help them. >> and, of course, any time you have to explain yourself, you are not attacking your opponent. what about the wisdom or lack thereof on saturday in pennsylvania him mocking hillary clinton lost her balance and that bill clinton had affairs. what about that tactic? that doesn't seem to be warmly received by anybody, including his own camp. >> i don't know what the thinking is. i sometimes think that some of those tngs are said to take the focus off of the story that has engulfed the media, and then, you know, the next buzzy thing in the backyard that the flies have to go to is the next comment. >> sure. >> and i don't know that, but you are right. it does not play the best. i think that this next debate is really going to be the test, whether he is a changed presentation or whether he's kind of the same as he has been. >> well, maybe that goes on both
5:04 am
sides. maybe hillary clinton is going after his taxes because she wants the focus off of the email scandal and then if you look at her tax returns, bret, in 2015, she took a $700,000 loss. so she's doing the same thing that donald trump did and look at the clinton foundation. what's happening there. the question is is that illegal? pay-for-play. >> right. i think there are real questions about the clinton foundation, the interaction when she was secretary of state. i don't get the sense the fbi was looking into those anymore. we thought there was a separate investigation but i don't think there. there is a lot of there there. her taxes, she took a deduction for computer expertise that seemed to match the money that she paid brian pagliano, a guy who got i'm munity for testifying in front of congress. those scandals are not going away. and with the prospect of julian
5:05 am
assange maybe dropping another shoe, i don't think we're done with that either. >> over the weekend, it was revealed, they got their hands on some hillary clinton audio at a fund-raiser in february in the commonwealth of virginia where -- they are leaking it right now because today she was supposed to appear with bernie sanders. they have since canceled it, but as it turns out, we'll play a little snippet of it, bret, it sounds like she's taking a real shot at bernie sanders supporters who wind up in their parents ais basements and if they are look -- lucky, they wind up with a job at starbucks. listen. >> there's a deep desire to believe, you know that we can have free college, free health care, that what we've done hasn't gone far enough and we just need to, you know, go as far as,scandinavia, whatever that means.
5:06 am
they are children of the great recession. and they are living in their parents' basement, if you're feeling that you're aconsigned to a being a barista, a job that doesn't have much ladder of opportunity attached to, then the idea that maybe just maybe you could be part of a political revolution is pretty appealing. it's not a good thing and it doesn't help recruit young people. i think more pressing on that tape may have been these bernie sanders supporters were buying into a false promise. >> yes. >> and that that was, you know, they were getting sold a bill of goods. >> she's making that promise now, bret. she's going to promise you free college. >> right. she's saying that the campaign was appreciationed on that yesterday. i heard them say not completely, it's not exactly the same that bernie sanders was just saying on the trail, but she stood next to him with the big thing on the background that said, you know, eliminating college debt. there are two different sides there.
5:07 am
the policy is a little different, but the bottom line is that the message to the young people was you are suckers, you are buying into barnham here who is telling you he can give you the world. >> to summarize, 50% of the donald trump supporters are deplorable and bernie sanders's supporters are suckers. who does she want to vote for her legitimately? >> i think she's trying to fire up different constituencies, mainly president obama's coalition. trying to get that out. young people get that out. right now, she's trying to paint donald trump as bad as possible so that the alternative is just not him. >> two weeks ago, people said hillary had the worst week of her campaign. last week, people said donald trump didn't have a good week. what's going to happen this week? we're getting word that julian assange, the wikileaks guy, that he has another october surprise and it's going down tomorrow. he was originally going to come out with information on hillary clinton out on a balcony.
5:08 am
he's canceled that because security concerns, death threats. now he says he's coming out with a video announcement tomorrow. >> yeah, and we don't know. we don't know now damning that can be. we've seen emails and their impacts before and what it has done to this campaign. it likely could be a focus of stirring up all of that again, and that is not a good thing for the clinton campaign, if that happens. again, you are right, when you are explaining or defending, it's not a good day. >> bottom of the fold has hillary clinton and what she did to bill clinton's -- to bill clinton's accusers who accused him of having an affair, when of which it turn out he was having an affair. how she went aggressively after them in the "new york times" today. how big a story is this? i know it's early on a monday. what kind of legs does this have? >> i think it gets legs some places. i don't think it will get picked up a lot of places. i guarantee you it's not going to be a folk of the vice presidential debate. i doubt they are going down
5:09 am
these roads. by the way, vice president debates with senator tim kaine and governor mike pence, people are looking at it. i don't think it will be a barnburner, but they will be serious policy discussed along the way. brian, i think there might be some stories especially if some of the women speak out themselves. >> you are saying bill clinton's affairs have legs? >> i think you said that. >> thank you very much. >> you said it first, you and brian. >> let's get those headlines out of the way. i'll take the blame. i usually do, bret. >> it was brian. >> we are pointing fingers this morning and it's on me. thank you. >> hi, heather. >> hello. yes. point those fingers over there. we have some headlines we are following for you. we begin with breaking overnight, did you hear about reality star kim kardashian? she was tied up and robbed at gunpoint in paris. five masked men dressed as police officers breaking into her paris bedroom and swiping,
5:10 am
no, not her bra, $10 million worth of jewelry. $10 million. husband kanye west was performing in new york at the time but rushed off stage when he heard what happened. ♪ ♪ >> i'm sorry. family emergency. i have to stop the show. >> whoa! >> what? >> brand-new video shows kim leaving france. this was early this morning. representatives say that she is physically unharmed. that's the good news, but she is shaken up, understandably. and overnight, more angry protests in the streets of los angeles over two deadly police shootings. the crowd in a stand-off with riot police hours after l.a.p.d. officers shot and killed a black man matching the description of a gang suspect and this comes a day after an armed 18-year-old was shot and killed by officers after he led them on a chase in what is believed to have been a stolen car. an urgent manhunt ramping up
5:11 am
in idaho this hour for a pair of dangerous escapees. they have been on the run since saturday. one was behind bars for trying to strangle someone and the other on drug charges. the inmates were living on -- in this tent because the jail was overcrowded. fourth jail break at this facility in a year. finally, hillary clinton picking up two famous endorsements this morning and one of them is a bush. barbara bush appearing in this selfie alongside clinton and uma an bedean. that tweet now deleted after her grandfather also said that he supports clinton. and cleveland cavaliers lebron james officially endorsing the democratic nominee. james writing only one person
5:12 am
running truly understands the struggles of an akron child porn into poverty. that candidate is hillary clinton. >> how does she relate to that? was she a black person born into poverty? >> very powerful, though, politically in the great state of ohio for lebron james to be behind you. >> if anyone is surprised, i'm surprised. meanwhile, could there be a big hurricane surprise? a fox news alert, hurricane matthew could deliver a devastating blow and it could impact the east coast. all the way from the northeast right down through florida in particular, we're tracking its path. janis dean is coming up next. >> she was saying all the way to maine probably. >> some people cuddle with a book, some with their dogs, and others with their 1,400 pound bear. the story behind that crazy photo straight ahead. ♪ you can run an errand.
5:13 am
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(announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. some headlines now, starting with a lamb on the lam. this animal running for its life after escaping a chicago
5:17 am
slaughter house. it weaves in and out of traffic, running amok for about 10 minutes before being dor -- corralled. >> what does that mean? >> to be caught up. don't be alarmed by this video, that bear is part of the family. an upstate new york man seen here playing with a 1,400 pound animal -- it treats it like its son. the couple adopted it 20 years ago and named it jimmy. this is not true, is it? he's just one of 11 bears the couple cares for. >> if i had a bear, i would not name it jimmy. i would probably name it bear. >> the bear is beautiful. do you see him -- >> gentle ben. >> his hair and fur is so pretty. >> it's still a wild animal. >> i would never do that. >> it like to be petd. let's look at the "new york times." interestingly enough, here's a
5:18 am
story, trump the tax code and a loophole for the rich. campaign struggles to move past tax revelation and this story down here. it's about hillary clinton and the many women who have accused bill clinton that he had an adult rous affair with them. turns out her husband, accused of affairs, a defiant clinton fought back and what this does it talks about in the beginning a lot of people, during the investigation -- impeachment, a lot of people look at hillary clinton as the victim. what this paints her as somebody who wasn't just a victim, but an active participant in sliemg the women who came forward and said bill clinton did something inappropriate. >> read the highlights. read the headline, you would think like she's a heroine. she was hiring private investigators to take these women down. here's one quote. outwardly she remained stoic and defiant, but privately she embraced the clinton campaign's
5:19 am
aggressive strategy of counterattack. women who claimed to have had sexual encounters with mr. clinton would become targets of digging and discrediting. >> hiring private investigators to go after these women and find out what they are doing with her husband. she was saying this in front of the camera about gennifer flowers. >> you get your picture on the front page of every newspaper and you are some failed cabaret singer who doesn't even have much of a resume to fall back on. >> really. >> and gennifer flowers famous because she claimed that she had a 12-year affair with bill clinton. bill clinton said it never happened until he was under oath and then he admitted, yeah, i had that affair. >> interesting. it's a double standard. she's going after donald trump for talking about women and she says that about jennifer, flowers. however, i think she has every right to hire a private investigator. if you have the money to do that, if your husband is doing
5:20 am
all of this. that's not illegal. if your husband is having affairs and you want to catch him -- >> here's the thing, if you want to find out because it's going to save your marriage for one thing but if you want to hammer the women because politically it's damaging -- >> that's never -- >> that's totally different. >> right. >> i want to find out the truth, i sense that she knew the truth and wanted to defame the woman and the accuser, that's what paula jones, kathryn willey and gennifer flowers would say. >> i read the article this weekend. it's unbelievable. meanwhile, the video is terrifying. children scream in horror when their school bus flips on the highway. >> anybody getting off here. [ screams ] >> oh, my goodness. how that all ended and what caused the crash coming up. and we go way, way back.
5:21 am
she was a coworker of mine in texas. she joins us on the curvy couch to talk about her amazing thriving career and her faith. welcome. ed chemotherapy, including those with an abnormal alk or e.g.f.r. gene who've tried an fda-approved targeted therapy, this is big. a chance to live longer with opdivo, nivolumab. opdivo demonstrated longer life and is the most prescribed immunotherapy for these patients. opdivo significantly increased the chance of living longer versus chemotherapy. no biomarker testing is required with opdivo, though physicians may choose to do so. opdivo works with your immune system. opdivo can cause your immune system to attack normal organs and tissues in your body and affect how they work. this may happen any time during or after treatment has ended, and may become serious and lead to death. see your doctor right away
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here's a question for you. how can you succeed in your career while also staying true to your beliefs? megyn alexander, national correspondent for inside edition author of a new book, "faith in the spotlight" is here to tell us how. she's got a connection to ainsley. >> we've got to tell our story. we're going to take a trip down memory lane. megan and i used to work together. we both got national jobs. we are so excited. god is so good. we had a bible study here in new york in my apartment for several
5:25 am
years. >> when you got the job with fox news, i thought i'll never see her again. then a year later, i got the offer for "inside edition." >> you've written a book talking about your faith and career. how do you balance it all? >> there's no one size fits all for this. the inspiration came from an email i received from a pastor in seattle. he said megan, i have a church full of young, ambitious women with big career goals and dreams, they are worried. will you come to my church? i'm going to write this book. i would love to speak to your church. >> was it max's church? >> no. it was a different church. i try to talk about real life situations. things i've encountered. finding a mentor, climbing a ladder, dealing with body image.
5:26 am
lots of real-life scenarios. >> you have a different career than most of people who are going to read this, but particularly, climbing the ladder is challenging for a variety of reasons. >> absolutely. i talk about the entertainment industry and media but i think this can apply to anything. hustling, working hard, there's nothing like it. i've taken more red eye flights than i can count. we know you have to do that in this industry. really, it's persistence and tenacity, but getting there. i want to encourage blefers to take a seat at the table and be excellent. be a voice in the room when decisions are made. >> hard work is definitely your mantra. my dad always says there's two things you can control, your reputation and your character. tell the folk at home the story about when you were supposed to wear a dress you thought was a little too revealing. >> sure. i tried to keep practical examples. inside edition often covers the academy awards, golden globes, and the next day we teach our viewers how you can dress like
5:27 am
the stars at a fraction of the price. so a certain reality star had walked the red carpet in a very revealing dress and i was asked to model the next day. i said good for her, but i don't want to wear that dress. it's showing way too much skin. i don't think my father will like that. instead of saying no, guys, i try to encourage people to work the problem. say no but then offer a plan b. here's another option. here's another dress that heidi klum wore. we're under deadline we need to deliver for our bosses and shows and i work for great editors, photographers, writers. we're all in this together. >> you handle it. you can lav about it. she looks so great. i don't feel comfortable with it. we came up with a plan b. you wore a dress that another celebrity wore and you looked fabulous. >> you can work the problem. you have to determine for yourself what will be black and white for you and what you can compromise on. >> what do you think the challenge is for young women, regardless of the industry? >> i think it is figuring out
5:28 am
who you are. it's difficult when you are young. ainsley when you and i were starting out, what you are up against. know who you are. write a mission statement. >> how do you do that? >> pen to paper and you say, okay, what's important to me. who am i living for? what's important to me in life and try to determine what are those black-and-white issues for you. >> i like that. >> some people say a mission statement is a scripture. mike pence says his mission statement is a scripture. that's his family's mission. some people use that. >> that's great. at the beginning, ainsley mentioned that you two had worked together. i think we found a picture. >> oh, there we are. this is our very first billboard in san antonio. that was our only billboard. >> that was our only billboard. >> that was really cool because, yeah, that was our team morning and noon show. we all did the morning show and you went on to do another show,
5:29 am
an entertainment show and i stayed on to do the noon show. >> do you sing on commercial breaks? ainsley and i used to sing oftentimes christmas music. >> we worked with a great cr. we had so much fun. >> up early in the morning, you got to have fun. >> it makes you a little whacky. >> just a little bit. check out her new book, it's called "faith in the spotlight." megan alexander. >> today i'll be doing a live signing. you can buy a book, ask me a question, online. good for you. coming up on this monday, pop quiz, can you name donald trump and hillary clinton's running mates? turns out almost half of america have no idea who either of those two guys are. we're going to hit the streets to put people on the spot. >> they are debating tomorrow night. >> look who is here megan. you have interviewed her a million times probably.
5:30 am
olivia newton john is here with her big reveal on her next new project. ♪ ♪ my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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turning to some extreme weather, hurricane matthew, upgraded to a dangerous category 4 storm. overnight this happening, threatening deadly floods and mudslides in the caribbean. stunning new video shows a waterspout forming down in jamaica as matthew blasts that island with torrential rawns and 130-mile-per-hour winds. >> american vacationgoers are being urged to get out of the storms path and matthew could soon set its sights on the u.s. coast. >> janice dean wants to expand on the story. she has the latest. we're watching this storm, potentially dangerous, maybe even deadly storm as it moves across the caribbean.
5:34 am
we're concerned with haiti, jamaica, the bahamas and cuba. at one point it was a category 5. 130-mile-per-hour winds and we could see upwards of 20 to 30, maybe even 40 inches of rainfall across haiti. the last time we saw a hurricane of this strength moving from the south up toward haiti, the worst part of that storm was hazel back in 1954. it killed from 500 to 1,000 people. we're so concerned that this could perhaps take a direct hit on haiti. so prayers are needed. there's your track. as you can see, as we moved through the bahamas, thursday friday, this could potentially impact the east coast. hi, guys, you want to wave. look at the crowd behind us. thanks for coming to see "fox & friends." back inside.
5:35 am
j.d., thanks very much. i guess it will rain no matter what, we're going to see the rain, right? >> probably and some rough surf coming up. >> let's head over to heather childers with more headlines. >> to everyone at home, we begin with brand-new detail for you. an isis mastermind has been poisoned. terror leader abu bakr al baghdadi believe to be seriously sick after asass ins tampered with his food. the terror group now desperately trying to find those responsible. terrifying moments inside a school bus packed with kids. brand-new video showing a moment a driver veers off the road, flipping the bus into a ditch. >> anybody get off here? [ screams ] >> the children, the students
5:36 am
sent flying as a driver swerves to avoid a truck. it was in houston. 16 children hurt with minor injuries. a big win for the united states. we reclaim the ryder cup for the first time in eight years. >> america! >> america! >> america! >> yeah, boyisterous crowd, bil murray rieling up the crowd. brian, really loud crowd there. >> the europeans are not happy about it. >> we are glad that america won. amazing. >> we're always glad when america wins. you know, speaking of winners, steve doocy is a winner and he knows ahead of the first and only vice presidential debate, the problem with america is 40% of the country does not know who the vice presidential nominees
5:37 am
are. >> guess what, they are debating tomorrow night. 41% could not correctly name the gop nominee, mike pence, 46% were unsure of the democratic dom knee, tim kaine. >> i think they have a lot to do. here's steve on the streetsive new york city. what's your name, neal? who are you talking. >> work. >> who is that man right there? >> i don't know. i apologize. >> you don't know who that man, tim kaine is. do you know who that man right there is? >> yeah, oh, god. i do know him. >> we put you on the spot. >> i'm terrible on the spot. >> who do you think it is? >> i know his face. >> ask him if he knows the debate. >> both these guys have something in common. do you know what it is? >> anchors, news anchors? no. >> they are both running to be vice president of the united states. >> that's pretty sad that i do not know that.
5:38 am
>> what business are you in? >> banking. >> okay. good. you were checking your 401(k) or something there. >> no, i actually was on a conference call. >> oh, can they hear us? >> no, it's on mute. >> go to work. >> oh, he was a good sport about it. he was a good sport. let's ask this lady. can i have a second of your time? what's your name? >> eve. >> my name is steve. eve, who is that man? >> he's the vice presidential candidate. >> that's right. any idea what his name is? >> piece, i don't know. >> pence. >> who is that guy? >> democratic nominee. >> have you decided which team you are going to vote? >> no, not at all. >> be sure you vote. ask her if she's going to watch? are you going to watch the debate tomorrow? oh, yeah, eve is watching. as for the guy in banking, no idea. no idea. >> steve, good job. two new yorkers to stop. i don't think that's been done.
5:39 am
>> i really thought when we put up those numbers, no, that's a joke, people know who they are but they really don't and that proves it. >> sarah palin was the high-profile one that everyone was talking about. these guys are two professional politicians who have to defend two very controversial lead candidates record. i think it's going to be good. >> i do too. we'll be watching. look at this video, a car show take a dangerous turn when a speeding car heads right for the crowd. a weekend of bombshell reports on both sides. will the homestretch get nastier? we debate and you decide when the woodhouse brothers join us next. >> are they bringing their mom? >> no, they are not. ♪
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5:43 am
quick headlines for you. dramatic moments as a hot air balloon crashes into power lines. look at that. before exploding into a ball of fire. this is the aftermath of that crash. it happened in albuquerque, new mexico. a woman in the basket was shocked by the wires and was rushed to the hospital. terrifying moments at a car show. watch this. a mustang nearly running into a crowd of kids after crashing into the curb. >> oh! [ bleep ]! >> that could have been really dangerous. it could have ended a lot differently but thankfully it didn't. the mustang coming within inches of several children at an event houston coffee and cars event. amazingly, no one was hurt. good news. 36 days until the election and the presidential candidates headed back on the campaign trail today.
5:44 am
that after a weekend of stories left both of the nominees doing some damage control, but is this just a sneak peek on what could be the final weeks before the election? a series of october surprises. here's a debate. the woodhouse brothers, brad, president of correct the record in dallas, and executive director of the north carolina republican party. first off, dallas, you can't be happy the way your candidate handled last week, were you? >> well, i think mr. trump needs to get back on the message that he can build this economy and get people back to work, and i think, brian, the important thing the candidates have to remember is what is the most valuable thing they have right now? what is the thing that they cannot get back? they can raise more money, but they cannot generate more time, and any time talking about yourself in this situation is wasted, you need the commentators and you need to be talking about your opponent and that's true for both sides.
5:45 am
>> brad, after this story in the "new york times" comes out about hillary going after all bill's women and the fact is the sanders' tape leaks out, does that mean hillary will not be going to the back of the plane today? >> i think she will go to the back of the plane. i think "the new york times" story you referenced, there was really nothing -- there's nothing new in there. we've heard these accusations before. we've heard some of this -- some of this history before, and actually politico changed its headline about the tape, about the sanders supporters because it's been mischaracterized by everyone. i mean, she was reflecting empathy for these people and saying, you know, just saying that -- >> she was reflecting empathy by saying they were down in their parent's basement? that's an insult, brad. >> what she was saying, dallas, what she was saying if you are in those circumstances, of course -- [ multiple speakerers ] >> what she was saying, if you are in those circumstances, of
5:46 am
course, you are going to be attracted to someone who is promising a political revolution. >> dallas, what she has done is adopt bernie sanders principles. you can only conclude that it's insincerely adopting his principles because she says it's not possible to give everyone everything free like college education. >> well, i don't know. she's kind of running on that, and the clintons have a really distant connection to the truth about any time, and i think that she seems so insincere and voters have to listen to these scandals and they have to relate to what they think the next four years is going to look like. it's going to be an ugly reality tv show if the white house staff has to guard against what the clintons used to refer to as bim bow eruptions. >> are you kidding now? are you going to -- are you really going to suggest? you s reality t vx show? donald trump was the star of a reality tv show.
5:47 am
you really think that the americans want that? they want fat shaming? that they want calling miss universe ms. piggy, that they want that type of person in the white house? [ multiple people speaking ] >> the clintons have lived a very crass lifestyle the last 30 years. >> donald trump two weeks ago was in better shape than he was now and is he still going for the shiny object instead of staying on the goal which is to win the white house? do you think there's a problem in the last week and do you think there might be a problem in their camp with leadership? >> i have full confidence in the leadership of that campaign. we work closely with him in north carolina. the candidates. both mr. pence and trump are here often, but i will say this, he needs to aggressively get back on message that hillary clinton has been around washington for 30 years. she is the status quo.
5:48 am
she will not make things better. and any minute that he's not talking about that is a wasted minute. i go back to this. the most precious resource the campaign has now is time because it is running out. >> it is. 36 days to go and right now, hillary is looking like she's slightly ahead in many of the key states, although she trails lately in north carolina without florida. >> that's neither here nor there. >> i bet you thanksgiving on it. >> i don't want to eat with you this year. >> see you later, guys. i don't think it will be a profitable thanksgiving for you. if your mom brings you together, i would like to know about it. coming up straith head -- straight ahead, one woman, three names, olivia newton john, she talks about her latest project with a healing message. first, let's have bill hemmer. >> we're awaiting donald trump any moment holding an event in
5:49 am
virginia. meanwhile, hillary clinton talked about basent dwellers, so then where does the map stand today? we'll show you on the numbers there and what difference can the vp debate make tomorrow night? we'll see you in ten minutes on a monday, brand-new week now. 36 days. across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment,
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♪ ♪ ♪
5:53 am
this is "liv on" it's an inspiring new project that deals with loss while using the power of music to heal. >> grammy award winner olivia newton john along with two others. >> where did this come from? >> this came from a place of loss in the beginning. i approached my dear friends to record an album with me about grief. it's very well-known. we realized it wasn't music that people were going through, loss and grieving, whether it's relationship or divorce or whatever it is, we put it together. >> what did all three of you go through? what type of loss? >> i lost my husband in '94 and i went through breast cancer in 2000 which olivia was an incredible friend throughthat. >> amy. >> i lost my mother recently to cancer. >> what does singing about it
5:54 am
do? what did it do to bring you through it? >> i always found music has within healing for me. >> creativity in any form is the greatest tool we have as people to come through all the stuff of life. there is this beautiful thing that happens. we got together several months and we wrote -- we wrote most of the record together and sharing our stories and we heal through that, and then the resulting thing is also something that helps people heal. >> what's beautiful about music? it unites all of us and we've all gone through some loss or grieving period in our life. when you are going through a situation like that, you are looking for songs that you can play that help you heal. i mean, do you ever -- does that ever hit you that you -- you're helping to heal so many people through music. >> that was absolutely our intention and what's great about a song, it's a safe space where you are get all your owe motions -- emotions in three or four minutes and hopefully move on and liv on. >> you were doing a little self-ie song and it was so
5:55 am
beautiful. >> it's liv on. i'm very grateful that i have a hospital in australia, liv on is going to be used as a way to getting people to share their journeys, compassion, hope, and moving forward. they can go to the website and share their stories and hopefully we'll help each other. >> you should be a solo artist. isn't it great to have each other? you can hang out. has it ever happened with three people with three great voices don't sound together. were you worried about that. >> the first day we wrote, we were all tearing up. >> we kept crying. it was so amazing. >> when you cry, you know you are on to something. these songs are pretested with crying. >> good thing for us, we're not in touch with our emotions so we're incapable. >> well --
5:56 am
>> it isn't even out yet? >> it's available for preorder on itunes and amazon today. you can join us on our social live on on our facebook page. >> sorry to interrupt you. what phone do you -- what song do you recommend? some people don't download the whole album. they will do a song. >> liv on and my heart goes out to you. those two. >> all of them have -- >> ainsley, don't worry, be happy. >> that's it. >> exactly. survive and thrive and -- yeah. >> all right. olivia and beth and amy, stick around, we'll stick around a little more. ♪ ♪
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
we are now just one day away from the first and only vice presidential debate. i'm going to be live down in farmville, virginia, all morning long, covering everything you need to know about the debate
6:00 am
and stay tuned to "fox & friends" all day for continuing vp debate coverage. >> you are heading down to -- >> heading down in about 15 minutes. get to the airport. >> she doesn't want to be late. >> i need to get to the airport. >> we need to see you tomorrow. so long, everybody. bill: donald trump set to take the stable in virginia after the "new york times" published one of his tax returns and apparently that's all the talk. melissa: i'm melissa francis in for martha maccallum. the 1995 return shows trump declared a near $1 billion loss that year and that could have allowed him legally not to pay thanks for up to 18 years. his adviser


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