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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  October 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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graphics gave this a shot. this is what it looked like. i like the action figure pert. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "on the record" with brit hume starts right now. we'll see you tomorrow. hello, and welcome back. on the eve of the vice presidential debate. the national poll average at this points to show a tight race. hillary clinton enjoy as 2.9 point lead in the real clear politics naferg a two-way are a race and nearly same in the fourway. that might be larger except for a single poll only one in the rnc which shows a trump lead. speaking of the one that the "l.a. times" has been conducting with the university of southern california. there you see it as of tonight, that poll as you can see shows mr. trump with a 5-point advantage. betting odds meanwhile still favoring hillary clinton to win 7 .2 to 25.2. on her to win. for more on this we turn to
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scott jennings who did political analysis for the george w. bush white house. scott, i want to talk to you about this usc, "new york times" poll. different from the other polls. only poll, that poll is the only poll now as i mentioned currently showing a donald trump lead and it hasn't shown hillary clinton ahead since back at the end of the one they took right after her convention. can you tell us what's different about this poll. >> yeah, brit. this poll is different because they are polling the same group of people every night. they have a pool of about 3200 people that they poll every night. it's a tracking poll. so every day's average is an argue of the -- average of the previous night with today added in. this poll is also different because of the way they are collecting the sample of people that they are polling. they ask people to self-report who they voted for in the 2012 presidential election. some analysts believe because people don't remember correctly who they voted for or maybe they tell the truth about who they voted for that your sample
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could be off when you gather a sample that way. and some people believe maybe the sample could be a little bit too republican because there were some romney voters who were essentially occupying slots that should have been obama voters in this survey. one thing about this survey that's true you can't. >> let me stop you right there. i'm sorry. i didn't catch that. why would romney divorce be representative obama voters. >> when you were picking sample of voters you would ask did you vote for obama or romney in 2012 if you misreported or don't remember. say i was romney. then i would be occupying a slot that wasn't meant for me in the sample and visa versa. the way they gathered up the sample. in this case there are some analysts believe there may be too many romney voters in this sample. we won't know until election night. they may be getting it right and everybody else may be getting it wrong. as you say they are the only poll in the nation showing trump with the lead. >> right.
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be also have by far the largest sample, correct? >> that is correct. they have a pool of over 3,000 people they are tracking on that nightly basis. again, thousand differs from other surveys. it's the same group every single night. most other surveys are doing random. they are not tracking people but random sample every night. >> i guess that poll would be most useful if you used the poll to compare it with that poll's earlier results rather than comparing them to other polls? >> that is correct. what you are looking for in a survey like this are trends. how are things flowing. here again, since the debate. we are seeing this survey showing not really a trend toward hillary clinton. in fact, showing donald trump doing just fine in this. again, if you believe the sample is too pro-republican. that's something that you would expect. but, unlike the other national surveys, we are not seeing it flow back toward hillary the way we are seeing in the fox news poll, the cnn poll that came out tonight and several others. >> one last question i want to ask you. and this is about the
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aftermath of the debate which at least three polls and maybe more have shown people overwhelmingly thought that hillary clinton had won. and, yet, in the national polling averages we're not seeing a big result there but in our own fox news poll that came out on friday, we did see some interesting trends in terms of how people facilit felt about the candidates on issues. let's take a look at that poll result which showed issue results. we should be able to put it up there on the screen. foreign policy, immigration, terrorism, crime, all favor hillary clinton overwhelmingly on foreign policy. remarkably so on immigration. terrorism even which has been a big theme for mr. trump and crime she is even leads on. only on government corruption and the economy does mr. trump lead and only narrowly on the economy. is that a sign -- those numbers all look pretty favorable to her. is that a sign, perhaps, of people's reactions to the debate?
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>> yes. i think the debate reaction is coloring these numbers there was another number in the fox news poll. temperament. she had 16 point gain on temperament. donald trump's numbers were unchanged on temperament. how would you handle a crisis. terrorism, national security and crime issues might be in the more in the crisis bucket where trump continues to lead is on the economy bucket because he is obviously pitching himself as a businessman who has created jobs. that's why the "new york times" tax story is interesting not because of taxes but because of whether or not it will puncture his narrative of being a successful businessman. so, right now be, on the top three issues, she leads on two. for trump, the most important issue, the economy, he retains a lead. he needs to get back of that narrative of trade and creating jobs in the next debate and not get bogged down by other things. that's the one area where he may still have room to run against hillary clinton. >> all right. scott jennings, thank you very much. >> thanks, brit. >> throughout this campaign
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donald trump has no republican presidential candidate since nixon has done and that is to withhold his tax returns. now a leak to the "new york times" has revealed donald trump 21 years ago reported a 21 billion-dollar loss that could aallowed him to avoid taxes two two decades challenge. impact if any will this have on the race. nightly political panel is here. national correspondent for "national public radio" mara liasson and nina easeston. good to see you both. your impact on the "new york times" story effort weekend. >> here is what is interesting, the core trump voter has been remarkably forgiving of donald trump, who has posed as this billionaire populist all the way along. so anything having to do with his business dealings, whether it's multiple bankruptcies or the fact that he started off with multi-million-dollar from his father or trump university. they haven't been forgiving. this is going to fall in that same category.
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trump's category is reaching beyond his core. i have always said that. there is a really interesting number in the fox poll that came out last friday night that showed sort of the core hillary haters at about 39%. the people who would never vote for hillary. it shows the core sort of trump haters who would never vote for trump at 47% it suggests that he has more resistance in expanding his base and his core. >> mara? >> y. he has very enthusiastic voters. his numbers on enthusiasm are generally higher than hers. democrats are voting with their heads and not their hearts this year. he does have to expand. he is in the low 40's too much in these polls. and what i think you see the damage from the tax story and you see hillary clinton going after this is oh, he is not such a great businessman after all. >> you mean. >> the law not the not paying taxes. >> it's that he lost nearly a billion dollars in a year. >> lost a billion dollars in a year. you laid off people and
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certified small businessman and then they get to you didn't pay any taxes. they are going to ask him questions. how did you lose a billion dollars? >> he also went through bankruptcy. >> that issue sort of played out. >> bankruptcy of four of his enterprises. i think that the thing she can attack on his lenders allowed him to live this lavish lifestyle almost $450,000 a month to keep the homes, the properties. so what average person gets away with that while not paying taxes? >> how many people will find that out? >> how many people will know that. >> she will bring it out. >> interesting thing about that is. irony of that is wow sounds like a egged are system. >> that's why he has gotten away with this he has constantly said it's a rigged system. >> i did exactly what i was supposed to do and this was good business and i'm not ashamed of it and the system is rigged.
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it ought to be changed by me. >> except that he is not proposing to do away with the parts of the system that allowed him to do that. he is not saying we should get rid of all these deductions including net operating loss and lower taxes. i'm pretty sure in his tax plan although he does get rid of carried interest for hedge fund managers he does not get rid of the rules. >> we will talk to jonathan turley why those so-called loopholes are in the tax code and whether indeed donald trump was doing something improper or doing contact solid what congress intended. >> he called it a rigged system when he was giving political donations to democrats, too. it falls into the same category. >> nina, mara, stick around. we will come back to you a little later. donald trump has a rally soon in colorado. he spoke about his taxes earlier. will he do that again tonight? we'll find out. john roberts is in pueblo, colorado, where trump spoke earlier. hi, john. >> good evening to you, brit. i expect when he speaks in loveland, colorado, just a short time from now he will go down the same road that
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he went down a couple hours ago here in pueblo. he has decided the best way to fight this controversy surrounding tax returns from 1995 is fighting fire with fire. hitting hillary clinton and bill clinton as people who trump said sold access for access to big dollar speaking gigs, making millions of dollars off of wall street banks. in the mean time donald trump said he was spending his time building businesses, helping out the community and creating jobs. he made no apology for taking full advantage of the tax code as a businessman. listen to what he said just a short time ago. >> it's my job to minimize the overall tax burden to the greatest extent possible, which allows me to reinvest in neighborhoods, in workers, and build amazing properties, which feel tremendous growth in their communities. >> earlier today in his first appearance of a very busy campaign day, he was talking to a veterans group in virginia.
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cyber security and national security were the central focus of that. donald trump saying as president he would do a top-down review of america's approach to cyber security, suggesting hillary clinton is incapable of doing it because the way that she handled her email problem. donald trump also running in to a fuselad controversy asking about post-traumatic stress disorder one member of the military. listen to how donald trump answered that question. >> when people come back from war and combat and they so he things that maybe a lot of the folks in this room have seen many times over and you are strong and you can handle but a lot of people can't handle it. >> donald trump was criticized both in the media and on twitter for suggesting they thought that he was saying that only people who are weak get post-traumatic stress disorder and that strong people don't. the marine staff sergeant who asked him the question, chad was quite upset by what happened in the fallout to that. so he issued a statement through the trump campaign
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saying the following, quote: i think it's sickening that anyone would twist mr. trump's comments to me in order to pursue a political agenda. i took his comments to be thought 68 and understanding of the struggles many veterans have. and i believe he is committed to helping them. so some very strong support there from sergeant sergeant robichaux on this controversy after donald trump made those comments, brit, about ptsd. >> john, thank you as always. >> thanks, brit. >> so what about those provisions in the tax code that could allow a businessman who lost a lot of money one year to avoid income taxes for years into the future? and what about the legality of the "new york times" obtaining and publishing information from mr. trump's 1995 tax returns? to address both questions i'm joined by professor jonathan turley of george washington university law school. welcome. >> thanks, brit. >> nice to see you, jonathan. >> so the clear implication, it seemed of the "times" report on mr. trump's 1995
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tax return is that he had -- that he had improperly gotten out of paying taxes. what about that? >> no. it's -- from what i can see it's not illegal. in this area, particularly real estate, debt is managed as much as profit. that as you can makes a much money, believe it or not, with debt as you can often in moving profits. >> how so? >> there is a thing called a net operating loss where you can actually claim losses to investments, even losses experienced by the bank. not you personally, and use that to protect you against taxation. companies do this all the time. major companies often don't pay much taxes. it's a long standing. >> income taxes? >> right. >> it's a long standing criticism. there are very good arguments it make that we should close these type of loopholes. these are very common for people to do this ad that i'm shocked that someone is not paying taxes.
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>> of course if it's legal they are not paying their taxes. they are not obligated. what about the question of -- i mean, why would congress ---if this is a way of skipping taxes improperly, in the eyes of a lot of people -- why would congress have put these provisions in the code? >> i think the purpose is they would rather lose that taxpayer than lose the business. that is they are giving people an ability to come back. i mean, all of the bankruptcy laws and all of the tax laws are designed, at least not on the surface to keep people in the game, to keep them and work them back into profitability pause they employ people. they produce things necessary for the country. you have these haws that allow people to count debt against their taxes and companies use it. individuals news it widely. so this is not a shocking event. you can certain live argue that this isn't a good thing but it's not necessarily the
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legal thing. >> also the case, apparently, that this is what the tax law written buy congress encourage people to do because they blef it's unbelievable. people like trump are margin police officers. many of the folks are in the market are margin. they look at that profit margin and cost and play with it in a way that maximizes their wealth. you play that margin with everything. you play with profit. you play with debt. you use as much of the law as you can to do that. now, the public has a right to say there are some things we don't want you to do anymore. this may be one of them. but, the law does allow you to manage debt this way. >> so the argument is made about the "new york times," that it illegally published the tax return information. what about that? >> well, there are federal laws and state laws that say that you cannot publish a tax return without authority or permission and you can only. >> from the taxpayer? >> that's right. and you also cannot publish -- i'm sorry, return information that's referred
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to. so technically there could be a criminal case made. but, this is not a good case for that. this. >> why? >> because the "new york times" didn't break in to someone's office and steal this information. a source came to them. and with all the broken china we have in this election, we don't need to take after the first amendment and add it to this national fit of passion. >> the argument is made that because dean, the editor of the "new york times" had a seminar or public event sometime a few weeks back said that he would go to jail to publish those tax returns. that in effect makes him complicit in their release to him albeitugh anonymously. what do you think of that argument? >> i'm sure the "new york times" reporters were crawling in fetal position from the back of the room when he said that. >> why? >> because technically you can face a criminal charge for something like this. but, what protects you is press freedom. but that's not always clear. there is always a risk in these types of cases.
4:17 pm
the fact is this is a journalist doing what journalists do. they have a whistle blower or some type of source that gives them embarrassing information about someone or part of the government that was the pentagon papers. and all of the major scandals we have often came from disclosures from people who are not supposed to disclose them. >> so there could be a case against a disclosure but not the disclose ye? is that basically what you are saying? >> that is basically right. journalists are afforded a great deal of latitude and that's a good thing. we have to at some point have to have some rules in this game. going after media for publishing stuff from sources of this kind, in my view, is a bridge too far. >> jonathan, good to see you. thank you for doing this. and right now, let's speed read other news from the world of politics. the donald trump foundation just hit with a cease and desist order. the attorney general has ordered trump charity tore all fundraising in the stated of new york. trump's charity broke state
4:18 pm
law by not having a proper new york state certification. that a.g. is a hillary supporter. former president bill clinton blasted obamacare at a event in michigan. president clinton called it a crazy system that, quote, doesn't make any sense. president clinton went on to say obamacare is hurting small businesses and low income americans. wisconsin governor scott walker the u.s. supreme court has declined to reopen a stalled investigation into governor walker's 2012 re-election campaign. prosecutors had invested whether walker's campaign coordinated with conservative veans advocacy group. set first to ever remember receive a recall election. learned details do matter a flurry of angry tweets meant to be sent to debate moderator lester holt actually went to chicago cubs pitcher john lester. the pitcher took things in stride and responded to critics so someone called i'm your yo huckleberry pretty
4:19 pm
soon you have the wrong lester. so john l. murry, you might want to take that up with lester holt. lester said i'll be pretty busy doing my own thing so i think i will be okay. perhaps you should send this to lester holt. meanwhile, new information about a deal to destroy the computers of two people who work very closely with hillary clinton. the fbi is behind that deal. catherine herridge takes you inside it next. and then campus craziness. if you thought it couldn't get any crazier. just wait until you hear tonight's installment for that series. an all new campus craziness plus tucker carlson to respond to it. stay with us. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads to this. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy.
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community and fbi server investigation. part of that deal included the destruction of laptops. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here. so, catherine, what's this all about? >> well a letter was obtained by us today that was sent by the chairman of the house judiciary committee. that's the committee that had the hearing last week with fbi director comby. and this letter went to the attorney general. and said we have now reviewed these deals and what we see is that there are two side yeements one for mills and one for samuelson, they are very important figures because they are the ones who sorted the emails and determined what should be kept and when could be destroyed. part of the deal is that the fbi could get access to these laptops.
4:23 pm
mills and samuelson got immunity for be on destruction of justice. >> you mean immunity from obstruction of justice. >> pardon me. after the fbi searched the laptops they would destroy them. >> now, these were their laptops, correct? >> that's correct. can you think of a legitimate reason for destroying the laptops? i spoke with two different national security folks today. one said to me that the thing that puzzles them so much once classified information was on those commuters, a government record it, automatically became government property. and he didn't stand why they had to strike a deal when they should have been able to seize the computer because it had government property on or about attorney general said to me it wasn't as if they would be taken away from them and they would have lost their laptops. they destroyed them. >> that's right. and here's the really buzz bling thing and you are really on to the leading edge of this there are outstanding freedom of
4:24 pm
action lawsuits and outstanding con yecial investigations. and what is so puzzling is why these laptops would be destroyed when these matters are not resolved i must say when i sat there and james comey came out and gave the news conference which was so damning in many respects of hillary clinton's behavior and then announced on not enough to prosecute. that sounds like he was on the up and up. the more i hear, the less it seems that way. >> we agreements. we think the language would be very important. the more we seem to know about this investigation and how it deviated from standard practice, the less people have faith, including republicans on the hill that it was done in an impartial way and, in fact, chairman good lot says. >> that's chairman of the house judiciary. >> that's correct. he says the evidence suggests that there was a predetermined outcome from the justice department that gave these deals. >> looks more a more that way, doesn't it. >> catherine, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> one the top schools in the country wants male students to quote think about their toxic
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masculinity according to the web site heat streak the duke men's project and will discuss male privilege, operate arc can i. rape culture, pornography and that cheese know and other topics. engendering gender harmony not education camp being administered biopressed group in the feminization of american society. male student who supports the program told heat street that the program will help men proactively deacon structure our masculinity, end quote. duke isn't the only university on the defense from accusations of reeducating students. a recent graduate of column columbia university was forced to go through reeducation from the university of official gender-based misconduct office because he once referred to self as handsome in class. the graduate wrote about his experience in the tab, a web site for freelance journalism but waited until he was no longer a stupidity
4:30 pm
to publish his account. the comment which apparently offended another student led to meetings with the professor and dean and in addition to the gender-based misconduct office. an official at the school told fox news it wouldn't comment on this individual case but noted the school takes gender-based misconduct very seriously. as halloween some universe have taken combat costumes. poster campaign we are a culture not a costume. the dull temperature minority students holding pictures of costumes they consider offensive to their heritage. wisconsin lacrosse has taken measures to combat offensive costumes. plans to host a student meeting titled is your costume racist? representatives from penn state said the initiatives are not meant to ban costumes but simply to inform students what might be considered offensive. and a student at manville high school in knowledge says he was suspended and
4:31 pm
told to undergo a psychological exam for a class project in which he expressed views against gun control. according to the newark star ledger the student refused to see the psychologist and dropped out of the high school. the superintendent of the school district denies any wrongdoing and accused the student and his family of taking advantage of laws that prevent the district from commenting on the suspension. if you have got a campus craziness story, let us know email us and tell us about it exist craziness as we would appreciate hearing from you. here to react to all of that stuff is the co-host of fox news -- excuse me, "fox & friends weekend," my friend tucker carlson. >> brit. >> tucker, what is going on here. >> lived in washington most of his life the first thing i think of these stories is conservatives here in the district spent the last 20 years focused on things like tax rates and the assumption is the evangelical also handle the social issues. those matter less secondary issues. turns out they are primary issues. if you allow the lunatics to define, what for example, the family unit is, to your
4:32 pm
own children, you're going to wind up with a deeply dysfunctional society. this sort of thing is the kind of thing that i think we should have been paying a lot more attention to in years earlier. >> because it produces a generations of students who what. >> who don't understand what makes society stable and prosperous. basic questions in life. they are not what is the capital gains tax. they really are questions like should you get married before having children? that's like the most basic question any society asks itself yet one that our intellectuals rarely debate. left third rate minds tell our kids the answer. their answer is very different than the right answer. allows professors in colleges to do things like, i don't know, redefine the biological reality of gender and pretend it doesn't exist. this has long term ramifications that i don't think we are thinking through. most people in our world it's crazy but it will go away. it won't go away.
4:33 pm
if your children grow up learning that there is no actual distinction between men and women, what does that mean long-term? >> speaking of which, i want you to help me with something all together new to me. it has been around for a while, put it up on the screen there are people who want to be referred to not as he or she or him or her but ze and zir. what in -- how do they know what to say about this? can you explain what this is all about and how to use these terms in a sentence? >> i can't and i don't plan to learn and it's very easy to dismiss because it's so prima facie ludicrous. these are children playing at language. sort of the french revolution we are going to make it up anew. here is what i don't think they are thinking through the proponents of this, if your sex is what you say it is, if there is no sort of basis in biological reality, what would prevent me if convicted of a felony saying i don't want to serve time in a men's prison. i demand to go to a women's prison? what would be the argument against it as a business on or about, why shouldn't i be
4:34 pm
eligible for women owned business grants that the small business administration gives to women owned businesses? i'm now a woman. >> and you are a woman because you just announced that you are a woman. >> what basis can you deny me that grant if the criterion for being a woman is saying you are one, and that appears to be the kind of working desks we are going with now under the obama administration. this will alter the world we live in and not a good way. advocates have not gamed it at at all. this has consequences long term for sure. >> tucker, thank you, zir. >> smawnk ze,. >> i appreciate it. >> forget for a moment about donald trump and hillary clinton. tomorrow night their vice presidential pick also take the center stage. could this vice presidential debate shake up the race reeling have any a new spin on a fan favorite. more mean tweets. th theme. stick around to hear them all. we'll be back shortly.
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live from d.c. it's "on the record." but on saturday night, of course, it was the presidential candidates spoofed on the season premier of "saturday night live." many of us could watch this again and again. >> there's still 88 minutes left. [ laughter ] it's a 90-minute debate. [ laughter ] >> my microphone is broken. [ laughter ] she broke it with obama. she and obama stole my microphone and took it to kenya. they took my microphone to kenya and they broke it and now it's broken. somebody is sniffing her. i think it's her sniffs. she has been sniffing all night. testing, testing, gina, gina. huge gina. >> secretary clinton, what do you think about that? >> i think i'm going to be
4:40 pm
president. [ laughter ] >> so alec baldwin there making his debut at donald trump and kate continuing her emmy award winning role as you know who. i'm sure we will see more of thibefore the election is over. 12 years ago after debated john kerry. al blurried photograph claims he had been wearing a wire during the debate. mr. pucker in his coat. secret service told hill newspaper it was a strap holding a bullet proof vest in place. the conspiracy theories never quite went away. now, as we reported last week, they are back again this time about hillary clinton at the debate and our report last week did not succeed in dampening them. for the latest on the latest theories. here is fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen. james? >> i go what is lester holt
4:41 pm
doing something is wrong with ear piece. >> only days to go before the second trump clinton debated many remain focused on the first one. conspiracies sprouting like weeds. alex jones zeroed in on moderator of lester holt of nbc news. >> back this up 30 seconds. he is saying say it again it is a ear piece. not a lob. >> say it again? >> now, the debate commission said no ear pieces. he is clearing getting orders when he attracts trump later. put it back on his collar and put it back on. these people think we are such morons. >> in fact, the commission on presidential debates published no role forbidding the moderator using a ear piece only one speak to holt who was not marty the commission's executive producer since 2000. >> light inside her. >> others focused on hillary clinton with some pointing to what seemed like inordinate amount of
4:42 pm
attention paid to it in the minutes preceding the main event and others suggesting clinton benefited from a built in teleprompter sending her talking moments in realtime sent with a controller. >> look at hillary's podium. there is a light that is turned on right now. and there it shut down. >> now, this clip, you look closely, you are going to see where hillary looks like she is scrolling on the podium. >> it's the clinton campaign had decided they wanted to put some sort of secret mechanics into the podium it would have been a foolish route to take people would have found out and made hillary look terrible. this points to a low level of trust in the media people are really suspicious of what prominent news organizations, including mine, tell them and they think there is some sort of secret that is being covered up. >> late today we heard from fank jr. told us each podium
4:43 pm
was outfitted with a light as well as note paper and pen standard issue for each nominee but, brit, no teleprompters in full disclosure i just used one to deliver that tag. >> and i have an ear piece. >> me as well. >> well there you go. we are obviously part of the conspiracy. let me ask you about another theory that arose we noted last week that a man we discovered was brady williamson, long-time democratic aide, worked on many campaigns, worked on the hillary campaign. >> dated all the back back to the 1980s. >> '84 my memory came out and picked up notes that were on hillary clinton's lecturn which she was entitled to write during the debate. you see him there. he picked up her notes and later, we -- you can -- well. >> it was alleged that he then handed them off to lester holt, which was proof of some nefarious conspiracy. so there he is. that's brady williamson a long-time democratic operative taking hillary clinton's notes after the
4:44 pm
debate has ended. and the allegation was that he was then handing them off to lester holt. if you look at the video. and we all have the same video from the switched pool feed, there is no evidence of any handoff to lester holt. >> you see their paths cross on the debate stage, right? >> but you don't see a handoff? >> no. and, even if -- what weighs handing off? the notes that -- from the debate that had just concluded? why would lester holt want them? >> the theory was that she had the questions in advance furnished by nbc and that they were on the lecturn and that he came up and picked the questions up. >> creating marginallality. >> you see him walk back and pass lester holt and that he then gave them back to lester holt you see returning them to nbc that had given them to him. the video shows them cross but as you point out, james, it does not show a handoff. >> marvelous they're. i have been tough on lester
4:45 pm
holt for his performance in this debate but no evidence that he was part of anything sinister. >> james, thanks very much. all eyes are on long wood, west virginia. will tomorrow's debate match the intensity of the first presidential debate? we'll talk about that next. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. to be taken care of. in good hands? like finding new ways home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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so the question arises on the eve of a vice presidential debate, and will be talked about tomorrow as well. do they really matter? has there ever been a time when a vice presidential debate had a significant impact on election? nightly political panel is back. "national public radio" mara liasson and nina easton. you can remember a vice presidential debate -- first of all, can you remember. >> i can remember one pretty well. you're no jack kennedy. that i think, is the most
4:49 pm
famous moment in any voice presidential debate. even though it did not effect the outcome quayle went on to be the vice president actually. it did drive a stake through the heart of his future presidential ambition. >> i was actually a questioner at that debate in 1988. dan quayle running for vice president against lloyd benson on the democratic side. i asked him the question if something happened to the president and you became president suddenly, when would be the first thing you would do? he had trouble with the question and lloyd benson had a very smooth answer. of course, i had had time to think about it while quayle was struggling. the second round i asked quayle the question again and he struggled with it again. and i thought well, that will be the end of that and then tom brokaw on the panel as well asked him a third time and he made reference to jack kennedy lloyd benson weighs in and says sir, i knew jack kennedy, jack kennedy was a friend of mine and you are no jack kennedy. the audience all record. that was the moment of the night. it did not as you point out make an election. >> it made a difference to
4:50 pm
dan quayle's future but not to him being vice president. >> it would later determine that lloyd benson and jack kennedy had not been very close friends. go ahead, nina, your thoughts. >> i think the other counterpart to that is the famous stockdale moment. the vp for ross perot who had his moment. >> who was he? >> he was an admiral. >> retired. >> right. >> the debate stage just kind of started talking inco-herinco-here recently who i and why am i here? >> we are not going to see that with this cast. two seasoned guys. mike pence joked i'm a b list republican celebrity. i'm not the main event. he is somebody that has -- he has a serious policy chops. he has connections to mainstream republicans. he has a lot of respect. tim kaine, same thing. i mean, i just don't see any moment like that.
4:51 pm
happening in this. >> it clearly would help the trump campaign if mike pence were able to mount a stout defense of nominee donald trump on the issue of his taxes, on some of the other issues that have been raised against him that at the moment, at least, following the debate performance appear to be hurting him. is that possible? >> i think it's going to be really hard. mike pence has done a yeomen's job trying to sand down the rough edges of donald trump. is he a practiced speech maker. he was a radio talk show host before he got into politics. the problem is that he could be asked about every outrageous thing that donald trump has said. >> he will be asked. >> and how is he going to square those circles? it's one thing to give the argument about his taxes. he only paid what he was legally able to do and very successful businessman. but asked about miss universe. asked about he has already differed with trump on climate change. trump says it's a chinese hoax and pence says it's the
4:52 pm
result of man made activity. i think he has the bigger job than tim kaine. >> what can cain do to help clinton? not make mistakes or things can he do to affirmatively move the forward to her. >> probably give unmemorable performance. probably helps. >> don't mess up. >> don't mess up. certainly, he is going to have to, you know, defend the email stuff and all of that. but they have got their pat answer for that. i think and, you know, on the republican side, you know, pence has been very kind of careful, politic. i think he said we'll build the wall but we're not going to make mexico pay for it. he has been very kind of careful on what he has embraced and what he hasn't embraced. >> seems to me has embraced they'rely everything. >> i think he is going to be -- the heat is going to be more on him than tim kaine. we'll see. >> and he is -- may have the hole to climb out now pause of what trump did in the first debate.
4:53 pm
>> yeah. all right. >> we'll be watching. >> appreciate it. >> and you folks out there, you please watch as well. we will be covering this thing all day long tomorrow. >> got to get it that 85 million. >> in the meantime, we can check in with jennifer griffin our correspondent covering the hillary clinton campaign who is down in farmville, virginia, where the debate is to be held. jennifer, what can you tell us? >> well, brit, i think if you look at tim kaine, his biggest achilles heel going in to tomorrow is conflict between devout catholic faith and some of the policies he has had to espouse because of teaming up with hillary clinton particularly because of abortion rights. he had to change his position to appeal to the progressive wing of the party when he was chosen vice president. he had favored certain restrictions on abortion. in the past cain has justified supporting laws that he says he personally and morally opposes as devout catholic including the death penalty because they're the law of the land. pence is likely to hit cain
4:54 pm
cain oversaw 1 executions in four years as governor of virginia. six of them were black men, brit. >> wow. okay, jennifer, thanks for that brief glimpse. we'll be talking to you tomorrow. thank you, jennifer. coming up, i have spoked some funnel at some of the post debate conspiracy theories over the weekendment some in the patrioter verse were not amused. mean tweets next.
4:55 pm
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4:59 pm
smirking, brit, she did have the questions and you know it colby james edgar said your tweet about fillings shows no journalistic integrity. you've given up being serious just discreet populations of neuronsing it in. i'm glad you see it's a funny subject. i see you are drinking the hillary tea. finally brad wrote she has fillings? release dental records now. please keep the feed bam coming. we like the feedback. tweet me @ brit hume or "on the record" at "the o'reilly factor" is up next with karl roe on the vice presidential debate. why people are voting this year against candidates and not for them. we leave you as always with our political quote of the day. this one from the late drama critic and author john mason brown who said, quote: nowhere where prejudices more mistaken for truth, passion for reason, and invective for documentation than in politics.
5:00 pm
and don't forget to watch fox news for live coverage of tomorrow's vice presidential debate 9:00 p.m. eastern. we will be back here 7:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. good night. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i have legally used the tax laws to my benefit. and i must tell you i hate the way they spend our tax dollars. >> it doesn't look like he paid a dime of federal income tax for almost two decades. it seems he was contributing nothing to our nation. >> new fox news poll says most americans are voting against either hillary or trump. not for them. but why? talking points and charles krauthammer will analyze. >> china america's friend or enemy? >> china, america? of course they are friends. >> you can take care of north korea for us? >> wow, that is too much. >> also ahead, trump has been very hard on china.


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