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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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i am bill o'reilly and please always remember that the spin starts right here. because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight with just 36 days until election day the coverage of the candidates explodes into bizarre accusations, crazy claims and what's becoming a dangerous divide between fact and fiction in the 2016 presidential race. hold on to your seats, everybody. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. over the last 24 hours the media's love affair with donald trump officially ended. it's over. you can talk the l out of lover because it's over. as they launched what appeared to be a coordinated assault against the republican presidential nominee. this is a man who had provided the media with record ratings and readers.
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but never mind all of that. multiple media outlets are hitting him with allegations of tax tricks, sexism and belittling the u.s. troops. not to be outdone, the media allies are launching their own hit pieces on the clintons, including sordid stories of a secret love child and fresh allegations that her health is dyi failing and she's dying. all of this coming as the presidential candidates get ready to take the stage in less than 24 hours. their first and only debate and we're going to get to all of it tonight. we attempt to sort out the madness fair and balanced. we'll be joined by chris stier wault and howie kurtz. mike hawk bey is here on donald trump's latest message to the voters. we'll take a look at a series of new polls with larry sabato.
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first to trace gallagher on the heed lyonss that have america in an uproar. trace has a tough assignment today because she has to digest it for you. >> the taxes headline led most of the major newscasts. but now we know that trump reportedly lost $916 million in 1995 and could have used that loss to offset paying fed federal taxes for 18 years. trump isn't disputing the "the new york times" reporting. in fact he calls it a brilliant use of tax law. while much is being made of the clinton campaign saying trump avoided paying taxes for two decades, you have to read a little deeper that if trump didn't faye federal taxes, it's because the government said he didn't owe it. then on the apprentice, saying trump was lewd and sexist. they interviewed 20 crew members
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and eight of them remembered him making crude comments. the trump campaign calls this story outlandish and several crew members told the a.p. they had positive experience with mr. trump. new york attorney snyderman, a democrat and hillary clinton supporter today ordered the trump foundation to immediately stop soliciting charitable donations in new york because it's not legally registered in the state. the trump campaign says it will comply but has concerns about the ag's political motives. what's not getting as much play is a story on the front page of drudge alleging bill clinton has a secret son named danny, a boy that the former president allegedly had within the '80s. now the accusation is that test
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was not accurate. the daily mail says it has learned president obama was so concerned about hillary clinton's health he set up a secret medical checkup for her at walter reid hospital but clinton refused fearing her leaking heart valve, arrhythmia and a list of other problems would be exposed. the story is written by one of hillary's fiercest critics who might want to be careful. because the way the pundit tells it, hillary was so worried about what information he might leak, she allegedly said can't we just drone that guy. a fact check claims that fact is unproven. >> thanks, trace. so chris stirewalt wanted to talk about some of that, so did howie kurtz. and guy benson wanted to come along for the party.
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he's a fox news contributor. o-m-g. i'll give it to you just like that. secret love child, secret visits to walter reid or denied visits for some heart valve leak that has never been proven, $916 million lossing with hasn't paid taxes in 18 years. and wanted to have sex with the apprentice staffers and says bad things on the ag. what? >> i like unproven. it is also unproven when hillary clinton is actually a lizard in a human suit. let's face facts, america. no one has disproven that yet. it's october. we except a lot of hot garbage in october. we expect that. this year feels different. and the reason this year feels different is both the candidates and the press are treating this not just as an election but an
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apocoutcome with write the book for all of america forever. and people are freaking the freak out. that's how it goes. >> howie, we shared some of the stories that the right wing media are doing on hillary. but the vast majority of stories today have been about trump. that doesn't make them untrue. but they're hit pieces and they're trying so hard. the same media organizations many of whom could not give him enough favorable coverage during the gop primary are now like what have we done? we're sorry. let's go find "the apprentice" contestants. war. >> they are throwing a lot of rocks and it's turned into an avalanche. just yesterday hillary clinton's press secretary told me the media are holding donald trump accountable which means what they believe is that the press is making their case for them. now among these rocks and
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pebbles and boulders were you have legitimate stories like the "the new york times" tax story. perfectly legal deduction for him to take. and things are donald trump fuels the fire tweeting about miss universe. then you have the people at "the apprentice" who said he engaged in locker talk. and then finally, megyn, you have stories that are unfair or totally out of context. >> you tell me whether the stuff with "the apprentice" it can be excused that he was an entertainer then. these people were seeking a professional position with the trump organization. i mean this is the reason why i included a line about what he said to sun celebrity apprentice contestant in my debate question in 2015. it was a show in which these young women were seeking professional opportunities. >> it's also reality television.
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it would be like someone showing up on the bachelor and saying oh my gosh, there are people drinking alcohol and having sex on this show. >> do you think they were signing up being told their bobs weren't big enough? >> i'm not going to defend him on that. ever since the debate we know a barrage of ads from hillary clinton, all of the nasty stuff he said about women, this is one more a.p. investigation into what he said around the locker room or the water cooler. >> why didn't they do it in 2015. where was the a.p. in august or september '15? you tell me why stirewalt it's not until october, 30 days before the election that they come out with this. >> right. and jeb bush is somewhere making himself a malted milk shake and wondering the same thing. and so is marco rubio -- >> can i just interrupt you.
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we had ted cruz who took a moment from crying in the soup to say this. watch. >> listen, frankly, one of the reasons the media wants donald to be the nominee is the media knows that donald can't win the general. and all of the attacks on donald that the media is not talking about now, you better believe come september, october, november, every day on the nightly news would be taking donald apart. i can't tell you how many media outlets i hear have this great expo say on donald, different aspects of his business dealing. but you know what, we're going to hold it until june or july. >> reporters have told you that? >> absolutely. >> go ahead, chris. >> whether or not they planned it, it's the single tear that rolled down ted cruz's face as he wrote the facebook post saying internet regulation was enough for him to back donald trump. um i'm sure it's hard, times are sad. but the reality is that they
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rode the wave. the press rode the wave of donald trump clicks an coverage and celebrity and did all of this stuff. cruz is very right about this. now it's serious. now it's october. now this is a person who many in the press and the mainstream say is totally unacceptable. so they're just now starting to unload on him and it's not going to end until the election. >> what do you make of the charges that the "new york times" is being hypocritical because they refuse to print the e-mails that undermine the less argument on climate change because they said to do so would be illegal because they were illegally obtained but they did do it to trump. >> the "the new york times" did do a story about the e-mail. the "the new york times" company didn't pay any taxes in 2014. >> this's a question about that. sometimes reporters are pushing back on that. go ahead >> it seems to me that, you know, you have the sheer volume
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of stuff being thrown at donald trump, some of it legitimate, some of it not, some self inflicted wounds, it's a complete imbalance with the scrutiny being given to hillary clinton. and you have the cultural aspect. not just news organizations, celebrities, most of the late night kol micks, seth mires, steven colbert, jennifer lawrence saying the end of the world if he wins the election. so there's an effort here and some of it is intentional and some not to kind of paint him as being outside the bounds of acceptability. >> all of those guys -- jon stewart was never going to vote for mitt romney. that's not unusual to have the late night guys be against the gop nominee. in his defense he's spent his liechtime not as a politician watching every word that he says. there's a lot of fodder because he's a fodder producing machine.
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he's an unusual character and a dynamic character and awe a lot of the stuff on howard stern and stuff was done with the intention of being a prevok tore. >> a tremendous fodder factory, in fact, megyn. you have to separate. part of our job is to separate what's real and what is serious. i think joe bide, attacked donald trump for supposedly deneening veterans with ptsd. and trump did nothing of the sort. they latched on to one word and turned it into a controversy. it's kitchen sink time. >> they're alleging that donald trump took a shot at veterans suffering with ptsd. it doesn't appear at all that he's doing that. he means to be paying a compliment to those in the room. there's so much to talk about. we've barely scratched the surface.
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great to see you all. that will be the team of tonight's show, hot garbage. we serve it tasty on "the kelly file". they love the u.s. tax code. so did donald trump break the law? we'll take a look at that next and see whether anybody cares about the argument that hillary is making. if you didn't see donald trump's saturday night speech in pennsylvania, whoa. we'll have that when governor huckabee joins us to talk about the next road to the presidential debate. larry sabato is here with the latest changes to the 2016 election map and that is what really counts when we come back. don't go away. your car insurance policy is 22 pages long. did you read every word? no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow,
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are you sitting on more documents? >> we're doing a lot of reporting around this. we're going to keep going. >> that's a yes, you have more documents besides the three? >> that may be a no comment. >> no comment. >> that was "the new york times" reporter susan craig. she's the one who received a mysterious envelope of trump's tax returns in her mailbox in late september which the times proceeded to publish. the backlash was swift with some pointing out that the move may
6:18 pm
be illegal while others praised the times for taking a risk. trace gallagher walks us through what was in that envelope. >> the "the new york times" says the tax documents were mailed last month anonymously to a times reporter who has previously done financial stories on donald trump. each of the three pages has had the names and social security numbers of donald trump and his wife. the documents indicated they had been sent from trump tower in new york city. the times then presented the tax document to the lawyer and accountant who handled trump's taxes for more than 30 years. the man who is now retired says the papers are legit. the documents do not shed any light on trump's net worth or his charitable donation. and as the times points out, e despite the billion dollar loss his cash flow remained ample. but under irs rules, trump's net operating losses could be used
6:19 pm
to wipe out taxable income for the three years before the loss and the 15 years after. we should point out, there is no proof that donald trump did not pay federal taxes, yet he calls his knowledge of irs loopholes brilliant. watch. >> i was able to use the tax laws of this country in my business acumen to dig out of the real estate mess, you would call it a depression when few others were able to what i did. >> but remember, this is the same trump who has repeatedly said, quote, we can get rid of deductions and a lot of bad people are not paying taxes and hedge fund guys are getting away with murder. now hillary clinton is trying to turn the tables. >> he abuses his power, games the system, puts his own interests ahead of the country's. it's trump first and everyone else last. >> but according to tax experts, everything trump has been done
6:20 pm
is legal. in fact according to forbes magazine, the "the new york times" paid zero taxes in 2014 and also got a $3.5 million refund. as you know finally the "the new york times" editor sid that he would risk jail to publish donald trump's tax returns. >> trace, thank you. i want to turn down to trump campaign senior adviser and syndicated radio talk show host richard fowler. boris, let's skip over the discussion about whether this is legal. it's perfectly legal what trump did. >> of course. >> i don't know anybody who wants to pay more taxes than they actually owe. just because they think it's the morally right thing to do. show me that person. where is hillary going with the argument, which is, a, what kind of brilliant businessman loses 900-plus million dollars in a year and what about all of the contractors and stockholders who
6:21 pm
got completely screwed the year that he lost all of that money and he took advantage of it for years thereafter by not paying taxes but they were hung out to try. >> a couple of things. and not to get too boring for your viewers here. >> good policy. >> that $1 billion, $916 million, that's not in one year. that's accumulated over a sere yoes of years. >> he took the loss in one year. >> and that's what you do in taxes. in 2009 gm took a loss of $16 billion. >> but gm is not running for president as a brilliant businessman. >> the fact of the matter is that is an accepted practice. >> fine. we're skipping that. >> you want your corporation to continue. >> we're skipping that. we're giving you the point. let's move on to the relevant points. >> you want to continue the business because the government wants you to continue the business to employ people. that's what donald trump maz done. >> you're not answering any of my points. the argue she's making -- i'm giving you the opportunity to respond to the argument she was making everywhere today, which is what kind of a brilliant
6:22 pm
businessman has losses like that and he may have wound up okay but he screwed the little guys, the contractors and so on who didn't get paid and the stockholders who got paid pennies on the dollar. >> it's accepted knowledge that mr. trump made a fortune twice. >> did he give it back to the people who got screwed. >> he's made billions of dollars sense. bay the way, because he was able to rebound, he's employed tens of thousands of people since that time period while hillary clinton hasn't created a job out of the doj and fbi. >> because trump was able to rebuild his business and employ so many people and because every job you give actually e kroo yates several other jobs, his defenders say he worked the system, everything he did wu perfect he legal, you would have done the same thing. he had no obligation to run around paying off small businesses that didn't get paid pursuant to the law. >> i agree with boris on that
6:23 pm
point. he used the law to the advantage. that's the problem with the laws and whee we have to change them. >> i agree with that. >> if you look at trump's tax plan, there's nothing about changing it. he doesn't talk about closing the loophole. he gives millions of dollars to himself while the little guy suffers. he might create jobs for builders or secretaries u but they're paying 39% in taxes. but trump is only paying 5%, maybe 6%. i'm making an educated guess because mitt romney paid 14%. >> we don't know how much trump paid because he won't release the taxes. go ahead. >> as an attorney, first of all, no one can guess about what mr. trump is paying. >> we would like to know. maybe. if he would release the returns, we would just know. >> mr. trump's plan is a lowering of the tax brackets, a
6:24 pm
si simpling of if tax plans. >> sounds good. >> why is donald trump tweeting that a lot of bad people aren't paying taxes when he's not paying any>> you don't know tha. that's an accusation you're making. >> why won't he release the tax returns. >> he's admitting that he took advantage of the tax laws. and you know it's not been it's wrong, they're wrong about what i paid. >> donald trump has paid millions of dollars in wage taxes. >> can we see it? >> and then most importantly he's going to -- >> why can't we see it. >> let me finish, richard. he is going to close loopholes. the interest loophole. that's what's benefitting the hedge fund matters. >> richard, i give you the last word. >> the last will be short. it's pretty simple. like ronald reagan says, trust
6:25 pm
but verify. the american people need to see his tax returns. can i finish? we need to see his tax returns before we talk about his tax policy. let's see his tax returns. every men president or presidential candidate has released their tax returns. we're almost 40 days out and we have not seen his tax returns. >> got to go. >> what have you got to hide? >> i got to go. thank you guys. trump is getting ripped on the tax returns at the box like he didn't check the box i would like to donate a dollar to help with some cause. i hate when they do that. maybe you continue know anything about this particular charity. would you like to donate a dollar to help dying animals. and you're not like, i just want this pack of gum. oh, shame. but you don't know about the charity. like i will look into that charity or my own charities i will donate my own time. i have to get that off my chest. i only donate to the no kill shelters. wikileaks founder julian
6:26 pm
assange promised us something big was coming with hillary clinton. trump veers off course which an unscripted triraid against hillary clinton and governor huckabee is here with how this message plays with the next runup to the next debate. >> i don't think he's loyal to bill, you want to know the truth. and really, folks, really, why should she be, right? what are you doing? getting your quarter back. fountains don't earn interest, david. you know i work at ally. i was being romantic. you know what i find romantic? a robust annual percentage yield that's what i find romantic.
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well we're now just 36 days away from deciding the next president of the united states. less than a week to the next presidential debate. and one big question is which donald trump will show up to that contest. will it be the one who stick to the script or the one who has interesting moments during remarks he made this weekend in pennsylvania. . >> right now you say to your wife, let's go to a movie after trump but you won't do that because you're be so high and so excited that no movie is going to satisfy you. okay? i could be doing "the apprentice" right now. somehow, and i love -- 14 seasons. how good was that.
6:31 pm
tremendous success. you got to watch your polling booths. i hear too many stories about pennsylvania, certain areas. i hear too many bad stories and we can't lose an election because of you know what i'm talking about. she's supposed to fight all of these different things and she can't make it 15 feet to her car. give me a break. give me a break. give me a break. she's got bad temperament. she could be crazy. she actually could be crazy. i don't think she's loyal to bill, you want to know the truth. and really, folks, really, why should she be, right? >> so, in just a moment governor mike huckabee will explain how mr. trump can get back on rally. but jirs a wrap-up on the rally
6:32 pm
that just happened moments ago. >> reporter: from virginia where the vice presidential debate will be tomorrow, tonight mr. trump had his second of two rallies in colorado and not once today did he mention that the new york attorney general had shut down his charitable foundation for failing to have ever requested the necessary certificates and approval to accept donations from outsiders. never even came up. instead in a rally earlier today he boasted, seem quite proud of the fact that because of some $1916 billion of losses back in 199 5, he was able to use the new york tax code in such a way as to not be required to pay taxes for 18 years. and that's not including three other instances in years before that where his losses were so big that he didn't have to pay taxes either. clearly rather than thinking it's a political liability, he thinks it's an asset.
6:33 pm
watch. >> i have legally used the tax codes to my benefit. my understanding of the tax code gave me a tremendous advantage over those who didn't have a clue about ibt, including many of my competitors who lost everything they had, never to be heard from again. now they're gone and i'm here and i'm ready to turn things around for your country. >> reporter: trump is fighting back against hillary clinton and the democrats seizing on this. there's no indication it's going to stop. in fact by all accounts tim kaine is expected tomorrow to bring this issue up when he battles mike pence. my next guest say with just 36 days to go the clock is ticking for trump to pivot away. governor mike huckabee joins me now. so many people came out and said trump needs to stop that, trump needs to get back on message, trump shouldn't be imitating hillary going down. that kind of stuff is, in large part, you could argue, what
6:34 pm
trump would say got him the nomination in the first place. he is different. doesn't sound like the others, he's not going to act like the others. >> well, look, who is criticizing him, it's the mainstream media, the new york sliems, the washington come post and all of their inchmen. and necessary what? trump supporters don't care what the media thinks. they hate the media, don't trust the media. >> he's got the supporter eers. that is clear. that's the trump supporters. then we're talking about this group over here, i don't know about him, i don't like her either. i'll not sure what to do. with those people does that stuff help, hurt or neither? >> it may not help him but when they really walk into the voting booth -- here's what they belief. they think donald trump is a guy that's willing to march in h el
6:35 pm
with a water pistol on their behalf and that hillary clinton is the one keeping the flames going. it's clear to them if they want any change in this country, somebody to fight for them, their jobs, their future and their kids, it ain't going to be hillary because she's bought and sold by the do nar class. >> newt gingrich was on hannity friday night and he had different sounding advice for trump. listen to what he said. >> you can't tweet at 3:00 in the morning. period. there's no excuse ever, not if you're going to be president of the united states. he's really got to decide -- i think it's important to understand this. if he's got to be himself then he may well not win. if he's willing to grow into the role of president then he may win. in fact i think he will win. >> do you agree with that or are you more on the field of let trump be trump. >> i think trump has got to be trump. look. there are things that when he does i said oh my gosh i wouldn't have done that. but you know what? trump is the nominee and i'm
6:36 pm
sitting here talking to you. let's just figure it out. the fact is donald trump has gotten where he is by just being the most disruptive candidate we've ever seen. and some things he says are cringe worthy to those of us who have lived in the mainstream and been in the flow. but then you step back and realize that when he says certain things it gets under the skin of the media, of the liberals, of the donor class, even some of the republican establishment who quite frankly, meg, are as guilty and responsible for the nonsense we've had in this country, as are the democrats. >> his supporters believe it ka notes a certain fearlessness that's attracted them to her. joining me with more, julia, fox news contributor. let's pick it up on the last point. there is a group in the middle that doesn't like the washington establishment that believes
6:37 pm
she's part of it that says i know he's not political correct but i want somebody to bust the system up. isn't that the guy? >> i don't know. let's put partisanship aside and the clip he played with is person in the full throes of a breakdown. he's not got the temperament to be the mayor of a large city, never mind the leader of the free world. to mock an opponent -- this is not the first time. he mocked a "the new york times" reporter for a disability and now mocking hillary clinton talking about that she's crazy. >> and apparently not loyal to bill. >> isn't that projection? isn't this abs shutsly -- this is psych 101. this is somebody projecting their own issues on to another person. >> it's transference technically. >> we'll have to ask a real
6:38 pm
psychiatrist about that. >> what about "the apprentice" and the women. another reporter came out saying back in the 1980s trump called her probably the worst word you could use about a woman. let's listen. >> i was work in the wall street office at the philadelphia inquirer and i got a phone call. the woman said hold for mr. trump and then mr. trump began to yell at me. he fold told me i hads [ bleep ] for brains and he said what sort of [ bleep ] was i writing. i was stunned. i hung up. he called my boss in philadelphia and he treated my boss to the same sort of rant. but then he added that he referred to me as the c word. a word that i will not use because in my opinion it's the worst word in the english language to refer to a woman. >> well, i'd say i'm surprised but we've all been on the
6:39 pm
receiving end of some of those words from him or his supporters. i don't care if you're a democrat or a republican. this is somebody who is temp mentally unfit and psychologically unfit to be leader of the free world. if somebody can get to him in this way by a release of a tax form, what a lads mere putin going to do to him when there's a real 3:00 a.m. phone call and he has to answer it. . >> good to see you. >> great to see you. wikileaks founder julian assange was on the kelly file suggesting a big october surprise. up next we'll detail the news conference he has scheduled hours from now. larry sabato is here with a series of new polls and what they mean for the next couple of weeks. one month to go, folks. picking up for kyle.
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developing tonight, big news involving the democratic presidential nominee. just over five weeks ago that wikileaks founder julian assange appeared on this show promising a big surprise concerning hillary clinton. one he said could change the election. tonight the reports say that the announcement could be imminent. >> julian assange was supposed to make the big announcement tomorrow on the balcony in london. but because of safety concerns for assange, that has now been moved to in berlin to do a video presentation. it will be video. predictions that julian assange that has information that will end the presence of hillary clinton might be premature. but he certainly has the power to move the needle. just before the democratic national convention in august the release of 20,000 internal democratic national committee e-mails showed the dnc appearing to conspire to prevent bernie
6:45 pm
sanders from winning the nomination. the revelation led to the rez laugs of debbie wasserman schultz. they're provided information about iraq and afghanistan. and back in august on "the kelly file" assange was asked about the latest leak. watch. >> do you believe the information in your possession could be a game changer in the u.s. election? >> i think it's significant. you know, it depends on how it catches prior in the public and in the media. >> and not only does a former trump campaign adviser believe this will catch fire, roger stone thinks it will spell the end of hillary clinton's campaign. stone tweeting i have total confidence that wikileaks and my hero julian assange will educate the american people. lock her up. the latest leaks are expected to drop at 10:00 a.m. in berlin
6:46 pm
which is 4:00 in the morning eastern time. >> we shall see. this potential october surprise comes as a sere rose of new quinnipiac polls shows hillary clinton regaining some lost ground. she's gaining now in florida, now up five points on donald trump. she's also ahead in north carolina by three points, in pennsylvania, a hotly contested blue state, voted for president obama in the last two elections, mrs. clinton is up by five points. but it's trump who is winning the buck aye state, ohio. joining me now, the director of the uva director of politics, larry sabato. what do you glean from the latest round of polling? >> the news is very very good for hillary clinton. she is up 11 in colorado, which one poll had tied.
6:47 pm
she's up by wide moargins in three national surveys, cbs, cnn and survey monkey. i think he got a real boost from the first debate and that has actually grown over time. let me note, megyn, that these polls were not taken after the "the new york times" revelation about trump's taxes. so it may have had some effect. we'll have to wait until the next round of polls. >> so i mean, does it cause you to change your electoral map? you started to change it a little more favorably toward donald trump when she was having her terrible week and a half. >> i want to see if these changes are durable, megyn. remember the democratic convention bounce that clinton got, it was enormous. but it faded. and the question i have is, as we get toward election day, are we going to look back at the first debate and say that was the key turning point in the general election, or are we going to say, no, it was changed
6:48 pm
by debate two or debate three or some outside event or revelation. >> like wikileaks. julian assange has produced before. how big a factor could that be? >> well, they haven't shared the e-mails with me, megyn. i'm very disappointed. but i can't tell you until i see what they have. who knows. i don't think it's the end of her candidacy, as somebody predicted. i think that's a little extreme. but we'll see what they have. >> yes, we will and then we'll talk more about it. before i let you go, put a number on it. percentage chance for hillary and donald. >> i think the chances for her between 60 and 65%, for him 35% to 40%. >> great to see you. >> thanks, megyn. hillary clinton facing backlash from her own party following newly uncovered audio in which she's talking about bernie sanders' supporters. we'll tell you what bernie is
6:49 pm
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well, hillary clinton is taking heat from the trump campaign over some newly uncovered audio from a private fundraiser last february where she's heard talking about ma lynn yag voters. listen. >> they're living in their parents' basement. if you're feeling you're confined to, you know, being a ba rethat or some other job that doesn't pay as much an doesn't have a ladder of opportunity attached to it, then the idea that maybe, just maybe you could be part of a political revolution is pretty appealing. >> joining me now, grif jenkins who is at the site of the vice presidential debate. >> reporter: hey, megyn. consider this. 69 million of the millennials will be edge jabl to vote this november 8th. in 2008 and 2012 there were roughly almost 20% of all of the votes counted.
6:54 pm
so how does secretary clinton really stand with them, particularly after calling them basement dwellers and insulting them. in the latest fox news poll she's at 44% with trump following at 28%. but gary johnson, the libertarian third party is 17%, jill stein at 8%. and fox news exit polling earlier this year, bernie sanders with, when the millennials were feeling the bern was beating her by 78% to 20%. barack obama ran away by a more than two to one margin in the election. clearly clinton is underperforming. so i hit the campus behind me to find out how these millennials feel. >> those are things that millennials care about. >> we cannot afford four more years of the same liberal policies that have doubled our national debt.
6:55 pm
>> i want to see how they're going to create jobs. >> climate change is getting out of hand. >> i feel strongly about equality. >> terrorism. very important to me. >> i'm undecided. it will come down to this debate. >> i was in a senior in hike i figured i would agree with republicans on some stuff and democrats other. it blew my mind. there needs to be a middle ground. >> yes, i definitely do. >> i think this election has really brought us out of her voting shells. >> i'm going to vote for the candidate who is going to be positive and bring a lot of unity to this country. >> secretary clinton said, called millennials basement dwellers living at home with mom and dad. >> every politician is not perfect. >> these two politicians played a lot of their emotions and feeling out on social media. >> grif? >> reporter: so i guess we'll find out what happens online, on snapch snapchat. >> she did not say basement dwellers but she did say in the
6:56 pm
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7:00 pm
so a word on bill clinton's alleged love child. it ruz reportedly disproven back in 1999 and now roger stein says there was no dna test but he says a lot of things. see you tomorrow. welcome to "hannity." tonight hillary clinton's campaign viciously attacking you, the american people. yesterday on meet the press clinton's campaign manager took aim at trump supporters once again. watch this. >> i think a lot of the people that stand by donald trump are and the things that they say are deplorable. >> in newly released audio released in february, hillary clinton slamming person any sanders' supporters. wow. she's going after everybody. >> it's a deep desire to believe you know we can


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