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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 4, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> we have live fox news team coverage for you this morning. ed henry following donald trump and hillary clinton on the campaign trail. >> we begin with peter doocy live in virginia for the debate. good morning, peter. >> good morning. and even though donald trump and hillary clinton aren't going to be on stage here in farmville tonight, we expect them to dominate the conversation as they will both be tasked with pumping up their side of the ticket and also trying to explain away. running mate's record. get pens on the rope and see if he is willing to defend trump. as for pens he has been watching videos of kim cain the way an envelope quarterback would to try to look at his tendencies. he was doing mock debates with wisconsin governor scott walker standing in and pretending to be
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senator cain. >> he has been given mock debates and preparing with senior staff. i think you will see a feisty mike pence and hold hillary clinton accountable for her failures. talk about an unremarkable record. >> from here pens is going to h -- puence is going to hit the road in virginia, pennsylvania, ohio and north carolina loon gnaw. there's a lot riding on tonight's one-on-one debate because a recent poll shows keane and pens have the same favor ability raiding kaine kaine40 and pence 41 percent. >> don't mess up. no pressure. >> it is against the orioles
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blue jays game as well. >> the vp's get a chance to show who they really are to the american public. carl rove says they must prove why they deserve their name on the ticket just as much as the presidential nominees. >> what do these people leave in the impression about the person at the top that picked them. they will say clinton did a pretty good job and trump did a pretty good job. yp aren't these guys at the top of the ticket instead of the people we have got. >> the candidates have a military background at the top of the ticket. both of the vp candidates are fathers with sons in the service. >> my oldest son a proud marine is deployed overseas for the second time. >> my son is a united states marine. he is we are very proud of him. >> do either have an edge on the
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voters? >> pete, nice to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> let's dive into some of these polls this morning to see if there is an edge in the debate. among veterans 47 percent have trump at the top with 33 percent with clinton and gary johnson 13 percent joe stein 2 percent. active duty presidential preference 37 pick donald trump. gary johnson a hair behind within that mare begin of error with gary johnson well above hillary clinton. who will has the edge tonight, pete? >> in the first poll donald trump has a natural edge. there's rejiks in the military mainly the clinton years of the perception she departed the failures of barack obama administration with isis and the iran deal. donald trump among veterans have the advantage. the other poll you mentioned it is interesting you have donald trump and hillary clinton way behind is also secondly amongst
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active duty measures amongst the recognition that we may not be overwhelmingly pro trump but we don't want clinton. 75 percent refusing to reject clinton. gary johnson is a conservative other for those who don't want trump. if you are not going for trump you are probably going for the libertari libertarian. as you can see under 20 percent for the most part for hillary clinton. >> if you break it down even further looking at the navy and air force johnson is in the lead over trump by 42 percent for the navy. 37 percent for the air force. it is remarkable. but i wanted to ask you about also a little bit of controversy that happened yesterday. this is what donald trump had to say about ptsd, some allegations and spin you could say veterans suffering from ptsd aren't as strong and what's your response? >> it will come back i am sure.
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tim kaine will try to bring it up but mike pence i am sure will be smart he will say only one say has made vet trabs a chief priority that's donald trump. he may have said one sentence but it wasn't disrespectful. the va scam was over stated and that's hillary clinton. if he decides to bring it up i think tim kaine will be ready to say what's your plan? >> these governors have had different stances on foreign policy from the people at the top of the ticket. donald trump fixed the iraq war was a total disaster and george w. bush was a total disaster. hillary clinton supported the iraq war. tim kaine and mike pence have different views than the top of the ticket?
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how will they do that square hole. >> tim kaine wants to leigh the door open for troops in isis. mike pence will say, we may both when talking about hillary clinton we may have both voted for the war but i supported the surge both of these guys are members of the foreign affairs committee and the house and senate. i expect them not to p point at each other. >> it will be interesting to see what they have to say about their on record verses the top of the ticket. >> the republican nominee saying he used federal law brilliantly and can do the same for the american people. >> ed henry live for us in dc
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with his brand new twitter strategy. a new twitter strategy? >> donald trump has been told by some of his own supporters stay off twitter, stop the tough tweets it only adds to fire in term of the question about his temperament. he's talking starting big league truth. the trump campaign says they want to take over twirt and social media with that hashtag going after tim kaine trying to promote mike pence. but let's face it, all of the spotlight in this campaign has been on the top of the ticket. you see it right there. it is going to be very hard for the vice presidential nominees who are usually the attack doegs. it has been all about the top of the ticket, getting nasty
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particularly about the tax laws. >> i have used the tax laws to my benefit and to the we know fit of my company, may investors and my employers. honestly i have brilliantly used those laws. >> that shows number one he is the poster boy for the same rigged system that he would make even worse. think about it? he paid zero for at least about 20-years? what's he want us to pay him to lose money? neither of the candidates seeding. bill clinton, ohio nevada and cuba and california. chellie clinton joining her mother the democrats see pennsylvania as a fire wall for them that even if donald trump
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wins some of the battle grounds if he doesn't flip pennsylvania it will be difficult to win. >> marc cuban in california big battle ground state. >> not at all. >> embracing for impact. the dead will you hurricane on the move as matthew pounds the caribbean. janice dean is tracking a brand new warning that was just ush awed for the s. >> they may be the second name on the ticket but the vice presidential candidates of the past have left their mark. >> i knew jack ten de. jack ten de was a friend of mean. senator, you are no jack kennedy. >> can this year the vp nominees they are faesing a whole new problem. do you know who tim kaine and mike pence are? would you be able to puck them out if you saw them on the street? stay with us.
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>> welcome back. julian assange is now speaking from his have you had yo feed in london at a oning can i leaks event in berlin where any minute he is expected to make a big announcement in the presidential race a potential october surprise for hillary clinton. we will bring you the announcement as soon as we hear it from berlin. >> in the mean tum news we need to tell you about hillary clinton matt that you gaining momentum overnight as a category 4 storm claims three lives in the deadly terror across the caribbean. you can see the flooding and the wind bearing down on haiti
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dumping as many as 40 inches of rain on a region that is still realing from the devastating earthquake since 2010. making its way out of jamaica on a collision course with cuba. 700 families were evacuated from guantanamo bay and rushed to safety in florida. some incredible images show the deadly storm, this is from space, as it continues to gain momentum over the atlantic setting its sites on the u.s. coastline. the governors of florida, north carolina already declaring states of emergency. meteorologist janice dean is tracking the storm and has the latest. >> if you are just waking up with us if you look anywhere from florida to maine you need to pay close attention to the storm. we could have direct impact from matthew later this week into the weekend. look at the storm now. still a category 4. it is actually strengthening as it makes its catastrophic impact
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on haiti. the worst side of this storm the northeast quadrant is making land fall across the peninsula of haiti with upwards of 30 inches perhaps 40 inches of rainfall. it will be a life threatening catastrophic event that is unfolding in haiti. i want to show you the surface temperatures. a lot of warm waters the fuel it needs to strengthen f. we don't have a lot of land interaction that means not a lot of chances for this storm to weaken. that means a stronger storm as it makes its way into the bahamas. eastern cuba needs to monitor this. we think a major hurricane is in the bahamas on wednesday. then what happens? this is a brand new track. if you live across the east coast from miami to maine, be prepared. we are potentially dealing with a very close hug of the coast or a land fall later this week into the weekend.
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this track continuously moving west ward within each advisory. this has changed drastically from where we were talking yesterday. the prop cal models are a good agreement as a major hurricane and maintaining that major hurricane strength as it hugs the coast lean or possibly makes a land fall. we can't rule out impacts across the northeast including new england. here is one of the gfs models forecast models that brings this storm close to florida. a major hurricane on friday and then hugging the coastline maybe even land fall here across the karolinas and up towards the northeast and new england. this may be one of the biggest storms we have had in a decade along the east coast. please be prepared. >> from florida all of the way to maine. >> think about super storm sandy
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in 2012 during the presidential campaign. what did it do to the presidential campaign ? >> it will be a topic what kind of preparation are we dealing with here? >> the time is 16 minutes after the top of the hour. the been over shadowed by scandals and big personalities but tonight the vp nominees get to make their cases to the american people. >> so what do voters need to hear tonight? political panel live from farmville, virginia with the answers coming up. people always say let's just get a sandwich or something. you don't just learn how to drive... or solve the world's problems... be a dad... "or something" and we don't just make sandwiches "or something" we hand-slice avocado, pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia
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>> yesterday lebron james made
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an op-ed where he endorsed hillary clinton. he and hillary are all about the same thing taking for err to finally win something. >> they have been stumping on the side lines for months, but tonight they are in the spotlight. the vp candidates in their first and only faceoff how they measure up against their rival. what do the voters need to hear? to weigh in democratic strategist chuck rocha and washington free beacon aaron maclaine. thank you for joining us this morning. >> i am going to start with you this time. 90 minutes, no commercial breaks just like the presidential debate. 84 million people tuned in for that debate. how many people do you think will tune in this time around and what do they want to hear? >> substantially less than the other debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. i couldn't give you an exact number? what do they want to hear? i think a lot of independents in
2:22 am
particular are looking to find a candidate they can like. the fact is the top of the tickets on both sides are historically unpopular. mike pence and senator kaine are parts of the establishment they are untainted by scandal and controversy compared to the frontrunners. that is something they should be focusing on even as they attack the ticket on the other side. >> speaking of courses and tracking a charge, you are all set with your cowboy hat you are ready to go. tim kaine will get the first question this evening. how do they walk that fine line aaron was talking about? >> well, tim kaine is from the state we are in farmville, virginia. you have places around dv and northern virginia where there's a lot more democrats who make up almost as much as the rural areas in farmville.
2:23 am
they are going to be straddling the line trying to a not mess up in any way but try to get across their points because they are the stalwarts of their party. pay attention. this ticket tonight you are going to see them again because in four or eight years they will be running for president. >> one of the problems both of these candidates have had is pulling over millennial voters. what can either one of them do to win over a little bit more of that demographic? >> for obvious reasons millennials are focused on the economy and the job situation. i think the advantage falls to mike pence because he's the standard for the populus still running. mike pence is traditionally more of a conservative small government social conservative religious backing kind of guy. donald trump has the energy like
2:24 am
bernie sanders. when trump talks about trade and immigration and the immigration effect on the economy, inge he has the wind behind his back. tim kaine will be difficult to reign. >> question mark voters, what do they need to hear tonight to sway their support one way or the other? >> independent voters historically care very much about like national security and also about the trade issue. also throw in this education. most of these middle class you be is urban voters have children that they plan to go to college. come is becoming so unaffordable for an american family. if you graduated college you have this huge debt bubble. that's why you saw bernie do so good with that group because people are trying to figure out a way they can't afford to go to college. if you play by the rules and do the right things and go to school you shouldn't be in debt for the rest of your life. >> you can't say free college for everybody and not explain how you are going to pay for it. >> i would agree with that.
2:25 am
there has to be some resolution we can't make college affordable just for some of us. it may not be college for everybody but there has to be a plan to help out these young people. >> aaron and chuck thank you so much for joining us. we will see what happens tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern. the time now is 25 minutes past the hour. show down in virginia vice presidential candidates set to face off in the all important battle ground state. it all comes down to you the voters. what do you want to hear from mike pence and tim kaine. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one.
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>> mike pence and virginia senator tim kaine set to square off in farmville, virginia. >> you are watching "fox & friends first." i am clayton morris. >> i am heather childers. peter doocy is at long university. what can we expect? >> it is interesting. we got a little taste of how things are going to go tonight from indiana governor mike pence who is using a little bit of his own record to explain how he would haelp a president donald trump. it will be all about trump and clinton since they are at the top of the ticket tonight. >> governor of virginia unemployment doubled while i have been governor of the state of indiana we have cut employment in half and there's more hoosiers working than ever before in the 200 year history
2:30 am
in the state of indiana. that's exactly the kind of leadership that donald trump is going to bring to the white house with exactly the same results. >> as for cain's strategy an aid tells fox news channel they are going to draw pens out and quote let's see if he is willing to defend trump. he spent the weekend preparing and scott walker stood in and pretended to be tim kaine. he tried to watch video of cakaine to try to look at his tendencies. we should see a feisty mike pence. the two running mates have nearly identical favor ability ratings cain 40 pens 41 which
2:31 am
tells us people don't have an opinion about ooeter of them. pens plans ence plans to run ou farmville virginia on a swing state bus tour in pennsylvania and he oh owe and north carolina. heather and clayton become to you. >> the swing states. >> thank you for that update there. there may be a second name on the ballot but there have been memorable moments in past vp debates. >> let me help you with the difference between iran and the embassy in lebanon. >> i served with jack kennedy. jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you are no jack kennedy. >> who am i? why am i here? oo it is my favorite. >> this year the candidates are facing some name recognition problems, though. new abc poll shows nearly 47 percent of americans can't name the vp nominee of either party. >> can tonight's debate impact
2:32 am
the polls and help get their names out there. for a history lesson scott rasmussen. >> why am i here? >> that's a new question for all of us. why am hire? we are talking about this incredible debate. there's little impact on the debate. only one person out of the history that have taken place in vice presidential debates have ever become president. let's take a look at this 2008 poll. september 29th through october 1st. obama biden ticket. what do you see in the numbers here? >> what you see afterwards shifts a margin of error no real impact. the big story in 2008 that vice
2:33 am
presidential debate drew a bigger audience than the presidential debate. the presidential candidates couldn't do that well. the race was determined not even by the presidential debate but by the financial knelt down. it is what's going on the entire campaign. >> wasn't a problem with name recognition then. let's take a look at 2012 before and after the vp debate. you have the romney ryan ticket at 46 percent before obama 45 percent. after the vp debate romney ryan 46 percent and obama biden 46 percent. no movement. >> we talk about the ticket and the combination. when you are out on the streets talking to people they are saying have you voting for donald trump or hillary clinton? these candidates have their work cut out for them. they will try to maybe switch
2:34 am
the narrative a little bit. in terms of actually changing votes, this is not something that is going to have a big impact. we talk about these things that have been going on forever. there were no vice presidential debates until 1976. reagan had a hard time agreeing to a presidential debate. they have become a part of our political season in the last generation. it is a useful thing to see these guys and build name recognition. for everybody talking on fox news and everybody else don't expect the polls to move in the coming weeks. >> here's how it sits. this is the real clear politics average when you take all of the average of all of the different polls 47.5 percent to donald trump's 45 percent. she saw a little bit of a bump from the last debate. when you look at that how important is that national
2:35 am
average as opposed to some of the swing state polls you have been analyzing? >> the national average is the single most important number to look at. when heather and i talk about the swing states if the national numbers move up for donald trumped his position in the swing states is going to move up. if the national numbers move up for hillary clinton her number also move up in the swing states. it will be a sense of the momentum in the race. wh what you saw heading into the first debate all momentum was with donald trump. fox news polls showed it shifted a little bit back in the other direction. hillary clinton now has the an have aed ta-- advantage. after tonight's debate there are two presidential debates as well. >> we have the two presidential candidates who have the high unfavorable continually talked about that. do you think either one of the vp candidates can do anything this evening to change that in favor of their candidate? >> no. we have two candidates who are very well known. whether you love them or hate them, more people dislike them
2:36 am
than like them. your position in terms of the general attitude toward donald trump and hillary clinton were fixed. what that unfavor ability means and the reason it is important is it leads to more volatility in the race. really like that person and i really want to vote for them the events in the news can have an impact. >> looking back at history in some of the debates. >> very interesting. >> monster hurricane threat. hurricane matthew pounds the caribbean. east coast from florida to maine bracing for impact. >> donald trump, hillary clinton two of the most unliked candidates in presidential history. can the running mates turn the images around? we will talk more about that in the debate live in farmville, virginia.
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>> looks like we will have to wait a little built longer for hillary clinton's october surprise. just moments ago julian assange revealing that by the iend of te year wikileaks will public documents on the election. he promised one major release every week in the next 10 weeks speaking by video link in berlin he promises they will have a big impact. >> we will be publishing for the next couple weeks. we have a very hard schedule.
2:41 am
the u.s. election will come out before the end of 8. our up coming theories include (indiscernible) oil and google on u.s. election. >> make of that what you will. assange says rumors that he is trying to destroy hillary clinton are completely false. and stay with us. we will be right back with another check of hurricane matthew as it barrels toward the east coast. what? is he gone?? finally, i thought he'd never leave...
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>> we are back. let's check in with ainsley to see what's coming up on fox & friends. >> we are at long wood university. >> we are here for the first and only vice presidential debate. we will be live tomorrow morning. i got a chance to tour the place where generally and general grant met. when generally surrendered in the civil war. we are going to give you a tour. clayton, you are especially going to love that. feels good to be back here in the south. >> yes, i bet. >> a lot of history in virginia as well. >> there absolutely is. thanks for watching. ya'll are doing a great job this morning. >> you are up for a huge show starting in about 15 minutes on "fox & friends." tune in. thanks, ainsley. >> mike pence and tim kaine's first and only chance to face off on the issue. while the pair is look to go get more name recognition their
2:46 am
running mates have the lowest likeable rates in u.s. history. less than half of u.s. voters have favorable thoughts about donald trump and hillary clinton. can they change that? here is emily blitz and marcie sketch and editor of red alert politics ron meyer. wikileaks could be a big issue tonight. that was something we just got the update from julian assange. nothing to see here i just wanted you to tune in. probably no big announcement for them to be a bombshell tonight to talk about. >> certainly doesn't look that way. we don't know. julian assange seemed extremely nervous during that entire thing. we heard rumors about possible assassination attempt on him. this is really bizarre. it will probably not come up is the short answer. mike pence has his plate full because he has to present a positive message in contrast to
2:47 am
what trump did. trump is a little more pessimistic and more wide ranging. pens h pence has to be inpir situatsp while not going after the negative. he has to get into the foundation scandal and the e-mail scandal and myriad of scandals for the last 30 years. the question is is he up for the challenge? republicans have to hope that he is. >> republicans have been slamming hillary clinton's record on foreign policy her tenure during the obama administration donald trump slamming her repeatedly saying what have you accomplished? you have made the world less safe during your tenure. will we see some of that and how will tim kaine respond to her record? >> i think we will see a very strong contrast between both of these candidates. mike pence has two jobs one job to prove that donald trump is actually fit to be president. traditionally in the vice presidential debates you see an
2:48 am
opportunity to see who could step into the job should there be an opportunity in that situation. the reality is mike pence will have to answer for what donald trump has done over the course of the past week everything from calling women fat to the tax return bombshell that shows he hasn't paid a single dime and likely hasn't paid a sej dime for 18 years. does mike pence believe and does the donald trump administration believe we should still continue to protect billionaires at the expense of the middle class? what is mike pence going to say about donald trump's comments yesterday that it is veterans suffer from ptsd are weak. these are serious issues and comments mike pence will have to answer for. >> what do you think about that? i am sure we will hear that tonight the comments how the media spun them or whether the clinton camp was spinning them or whether he said something negative about veterans who
2:49 am
suffer from ptsd? how do you think he will respond to that? >> the way that he has with other communications made. he speaks off-the-cuff speaks on the fly. sometimes mistakes are made. the important thing i think when it comes to hillary is we have had her affect national security. he has a lot of personal problems and gaffes will issue that is are sort of related to him but this is really about who is going to run the country and who will run the policies of the country. hillary's record jeopardizes national security in the policies and personal conduct with e-mails and the separate server and sending classified information over a private server. i think they have to make it more about the policy and not about donald trump personally. that's the chance make pens has -- i think that's how he has to play it is make this about policy. make it a positive effect by putting out the positive
2:50 am
messaging he has while contrasting to what she has done in office. not in her personal life. she has done things that have been border line illegal. she has lied under oath. border. we have the proof of these things. >> thanks for waking up early with us. we'll be watching tonight. thanks so much. all right. of course, the head of the veterans group that asked the ptsd questions calling the trump response sickening. hurricane matthew is getting momentum overnight as the category 4 storm claims three lives in its deadly tear across the caribbean. now its sights are set on florida. jackie roscoe from our fox affiliate wofl is live with the latest. jackie? >> reporter: good morning to you. residents later on this morning could finally pick up some free sandbags right here at the county sheriff's farm and lots
2:51 am
of counties are getting ready for that. they're starting today and tomorrow. some residents are dealing with flooding issues and the emergency management here in the county already putting some water pumps in some flood-prone areas. governor rick scott issued a state of emergency ahead of the storm. that way all the resources could already be in place. emergency management there as well. now, the governor is saying that the storm could be catastrophic here. it's unclear at this time if the hurricane will hit our state. the governor is saying that it is best to be prepared and the governor also reminding people to continue to just prepare, have a safety plan as well. there have been no plans of evacuations but there are some residents already packing a bag as well with some food and supplies because we could be getting some high winds and some high surf, especially all of the homes in the east coast here and
2:52 am
the counties. so that's what we're dealing with right now. i got to tell you, just yesterday, it was raining not dealing with the hurricanes but again residents are constantly dealing with this. it's better to be safe than sorry. again, they're issuing free sandbags today and tomorrow for residents. back to you. >> jackie, reporting live from cocoa, florida. thank you. the time is 52 minutes after the hour. undecided and overwhelmed. there's an app for that. >> must have apps to help you survive the presidential election. little dakota's nose was quivering in fear. because it knew an ordinary tissue was near. the fiery tissue left her nose sore and red. so dad slayed the problem with puffs plus lotion, instead. puffs have pillowy softness for dakota's tender nose. with lotion to comfort and soothe when she blows.
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we're just four weeks away from halloween. that's right. people pretending to be somebody else going door to door for handouts or as that's also called, running to be president. ♪ that's a live look in virginia, a sleepy little town, 10,000 people live there. about an hour drive to richmond, virginia. the site of the vice presidential debate tonight. >> not too sleepy tonight. i think a couple more than 10,000 will be there tonight.
2:57 am
we'll have all of that covered for you throughout the day here on fox news. meantime, countdown, can you believe it, 35 days until the election. finally. will you pick donald trump or will you pick hillary clinton? >> if you're undecided and overwhelmed, you're not alone. there's good news. there's an app for that. >> brett larson with fox news headlines 24/7 on sirius xm 114 here with the must-have election app. this election has been so crazy so far. we could certainly use a little help. >> we are down to the homestretch of this two-year marathon. good morning, clayton and heather. with so much at stake in the presidential election, head to the polling place as a well-informed voter. voter, it's like continuedr for voting. you swipe left to right on issues from military spending to the minimum wage and answer a handful of questions. you'll be presented with a choice not only for president
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but even for senator and who is the right pick in the house of representatives. tap the candidate you match with to see how others matched up. get links to your chosen candidate on the web. next up, say so long to political bar fights. you're not sews supposed to talk politics in public. you can search issues to find out who said what and my favorite, play a little game of challenge to see how well you know your political news. and if what you heard was true or false. there's a quiz for that. think voting. it will tell you what's on the ballot and what it means for you base ed on your location. from national to local politics. the app is just covering texas right now. but the site is working fast to add other communities around the country. we can see, this is an interesting time for technology in an election year because there's so much data now that's being harnessed and handed to us
2:59 am
in our smartphones. >> you download the apps, brett, be honest, the day after election day you delete those apps. >> yes, you do. >> the voting tindr app doesn't count. you still have to vote. even if you've selected the appropriate candidate. >> i'd like to vote via smartphone like we do banking. thanks, brett. >> thank you. we've been asking what you want to hear from the vp candidates. karen writes in an e-mail. since the holidays are approaching, do you say merry christmas or happy holidays. it tells a lot. >> pence needs to hammer home the criminality and incompetence of clinton. >> charles says, i would like to hear what mike pence plans to do to assist in securing the country and his thoughts on fixing the v.a. let's keep talking about this. let us know what you think.
3:00 am
what, if anything, can the vice presidential candidates say tonight to sway your votes. #keep talking. let us know. the debate kicks off at 9:00 eastern tonight. join "fox and friends first" tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. for team coverage and complete analysis. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> bye. good morning to you and your family. it's tuesday. i'm ainsley earhardt. we're live in farmville, virginia, which is the site of the vice presidential debate. but we start with some breaking news. affecting our friends in florida. hurricane matthew, one of the biggest in a decade is on the move. shifting closer and closer to the east coast at this hour. the storm is now deadly. florida and north carolina already issuing states of emergency. we are tracking all of this for you. meanwhile, ainsley, breaking overnight. wikileaks reveals its highly anticipated october surprise. or make that surprises for


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