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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 4, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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melissa: what is the outrage here, he dip pay more than he owes? i don't make a ha habit of tipping uncle sam for great service. >> nor did 27 corporations within the s&p 500 that didn't pay any taxes at all.
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these tax codes were created by people, by politicians just like hillary clinton. in fact hillary clinton and bill clinton had a lot to do with the way tax code is formulated. bill clinton pass ad lot laws or signed a lot of laws when he was president that gave companies the breaks that donald trump is taking advantage of. who knows, maybe trump at the time contributed money to clinton specifically for the tax benefits. the whole system is awful. its terrible. you have to cut all that's deductions, special interest deductions, loafer rates. one politician saying we ought to do that running for president is donald trump. melissa: did she really say using political connections? she is the political connection. she is the one who made $100 million off selling that access. she accuses him of using it? she is it. >> she and her husband enriched themselves both in power and
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purse on the backs of the american people. that's shameful. but in terms of the messaging, that is the kind of messaging that the trump campaigns need to have. giuliani and christie used word genius. trump talks about he brilliantly used tax law. like wiley coyote, wiley coyote super genius, likes sound as the train is barreling down the tracks towards him. he needs to shift to figure out how it resonates. here is how do you do it. you tell the american people who do you think makes better decisions with your money, government taking your tax dollars, bureaucrats, elected officials making decisions about your money or you get to keep it and you make the decisions? >> here is the problem with that. no one is paying more taxes than they need to, an individual, family, corporation, you're fine. he hired a genius tax lauer figured out how to maximize the
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that but he can't have both ways. he can't have same time claim amazing businesswoman if he did in fact lose a billion dollars that year. he can't have his cake and eat it too. if we accept reality -- harris: maybe he can have his cake and eat it to. come out with the tax returns in his hand, like a sill bus situation. turn to page 52, tell you why this matters. on the other side you're upset because we figured out how to show you what these tax codes could do. is there any way he could own this? >> i think there is. it is in the news. atlantic city just declared default. atlantic city is about to go bankrupt which the casinos which hillary clinton said, how can you lose money in casino? a lot of casinos lost money. atlantic city is in default. the city is going bankrupt. he got out at the right time. he lost money. but he -- anybody in business, look he is created to to 40,000
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jobs of people still working. people lose money all the time in business. you ask any businessman. i know melissa knows this. melissa: that is the point. >> ask any businessman, have you failed more than you succeeded? everyone says yes, you fail more often than you succeed in business. harris: you just said for him to show on the returns he was charitable. that is what some people are asking. look is there balance on that he gave money away too? melissa: you i guess. to your point about the losses, warren buffett who is worshiped on the left exact same size loss as george soros. >> he takes deductions does. billions. melissa: of course he does. trum trum doubling down on taxes. brilliantly used law to his advantage. hillary clinton call him poster boy for a rigged system. who has the better argument. republican lawmakers that the fbi agreed to destroy laptops of clinton aides including former chief of staff
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harris: fox news alert. show you live event going on the battleground state of pennsylvania. haverford. this is hillary clinton on the stump. she is holding what her team describes as conversation with families to roll out her policies for children, families and economy that she says would favor them. this is town hall-style. in the audience today, who spoke on her behalf just moments ago, her daughter chelsea clinton. actress elizabeth banks is there as part of this. they are on stage with her. after she makes the opening statement she will get the town hall questions. we'll monitor it for headlines
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for the big issues of the day and bring you news as it happens. >> when you talk about the mental health problems, when people come back from war and combat they see things that maybe a lot of folks in this room have seen many times over and you're strong and can handle it, a lot of people can't handle it. they see horror stories. they see events for a movie, nobody would believe it. harris: that was donald trump explaining why he would support a more holiestic approach to dealing with ptsd. he was answering a question from a from veteran. mainstream media quickly pounced on his comments with headlines such as this. trump appears to suggest to veterans that with ptsd are not strong. trump implies vets suffer from ptsd, those who do can not handle war and draft dodger trump, sufferers are weak. those are many soft things that interpretations of what he said. hillary clinton also tweeted this. a person who implies that veterans are suffering from ptsd are not strong, is unfit to be
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commander-in-chief period, end quote. but veteran who asked the trump the question is standing by hims saying in a statement quote, i think it is sickening that anyone would twist mr. trump's comments to me to pursue political agenda. i took his comments to be thoughtful and of the many struggles veterans have. david? >> such bs from hillary, clinton foundation raised over two approximately dollars. do you know how much they spent on veterans affairs over the years? $100,000. i haven't done the math, but 100,000 is tiny little bit of $2 billion. but the main thing, we had general keane, i think, gillian, you agree he is not at political guy. he is one candidate speaking for the military like no other candidate spoken for the military in decades. so if non-political guys in
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military can see that donald trump is standing by the veterans like nobody else has, i think we believe the comments of that veteran who asked him the question rather than these headlines by newspapermen, none of whom probably spent anytime in the military. harris: "fox news" polling actually asked about the two candidates and which one they thought between hillary clinton and donald trump best represented them and that poll found by double-digit a lead by donald trump. >> there is 19 percentage points in two-way race. 19 percentage points. he crushes her. >> the best way, aside from focusing on veterans issues which is sorely needed in this country, it has been one of the most underrepresented topics we talked about this entire cycle, everything from mental health to health care, the whole va scandal to suicide rates to unemployment, veterans unemployment rate in this country is astronomically higher than that for the general population, civilian population, but the other way to support our veterans and our military and
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our military families is to plan and implement good, national security policy and that's why i think part of the reason this has been such a theme running throughout this debate. >> this is coordinated effort by the left and liberals and democrats to hurt trump with the veterans because it has been trump who has been speaking for weeks and months about those very suicide rates. he got fact checked every which way to sunday when he came out in july said a shocking 20 veterans are committing suicide each and every day, especially our older veterans. true. true from start to finish. he also, what he unveiled he wants a hotline, suicide hotline goes right to the white house. he wants to open up the private market for people with care. i don't know how anybody can listen, i heard that live, i was shocked at interpretation. melissa: i was too. >> he was struggling with his words who doesn't talking about such meaningful subject? harris: it really speaks to the
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issue how we talk about mental challenges in this country and how we don't always have the nomenclature and lingo that people are comfortable with. we know donald trump to be, this is just observation, he will say things eloquently at times but he is willing to jump in. so then the question begins, what should the answer back look like from hillary clinton? just be criticism of how he said it? melissa: it is interesting, like you i watched the quote a bunch of times. i didn't see what they were seeing. we are having moderator on that event on david and my show at 4:00 p.m. on fox business what it was like in the room. i don't know how they came up to the interpretation. he made a lot of gaffs. that was not one of them. this is very serious issue where lot of people are suffering to talk about the language versus real problem that must be addressed is the problem. >> maybe wee talking about it. maybe good thing is a little bit of attention on these issues. harris: he got us to get there again. we'll move on.
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looks like the 2016 race could be a nail-biter. that is what the pollings are showing. new polls show how close things are in some key battleground states like pennsylvania where hillary clinton is talking right now. we'll break down the numbers and talk about how either candidate can get the edge. millions of americans may be in the path of hurricane matthew. it was a five. now it is still category 4 when it hits you it is powerful either way. it is threatening florida and carolinas leaving the southwest portion of haiti a short time ago. the latest storm tracker. stay close. i'm here in bristol, virginia.
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melissa: fox news alert. governors of florida and north carolina declare a state of emergency as hurricane matthew barrels towards the united states. it is one of the most powerful atlantic storms in recent history. it is now slamming parts of haiti. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth live in fox extreme weather center with the latest. give us update on enormous storm. wow. >> really dangerous situation for haiti, obvious obviously. we'll see spots in excess of 40 inches of rain. that will cause massive mudslides and landslides and flooding. the storm went over the western tip right here. port-au-prince east of that. a lot of population. a lot of people living in
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conditions that are really susceptible to these kind of storms. 30 to 40 inches of rain. then it pulls in across the bahamas and rake pretty much everybody across the bahamas, eastern tip of cuba. that takes us into thursday morning t makes the track all the way up to the bahamas and gets very close to florida. hurricane warnings in effect for all the bahamas and not just a watch. we have hurricane watches, melissa, up brevard, volusia county line in florida. the track of the storm looks like it will hug the u.s. coastline, the eastern seaboard for about five days. almost anybody not safe from the north of miami all the way up to parts of new england will be watching this. you see center of the track, this is the best guess where it goes at this point. if it tracks farther to the west, much bigger impacts. if it stays 100 miles offshore, less impacts.
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tropical storm force winds, maybe hurricane force wind across northern florida into georgia and into the carolinas. we may or may not see a landfall for this. you get idea. we have a long time to go. if it makes landfall as major hurricane, then we have huge problems with the storm surge. if it just hugs this line, we have major problems with beach erosion and rain for pretty much everybody across the eastern seaboard. a lot of flooding certainly whether we have storm surge situation, remains to be seen if we get landfall. everybody on the eastern seaboard needs to watch it. melissa: wow. we'll keep an eye on it. thank you for that. >> you bet. >> with five weeks until election day a new cnn/orc poll shows hillary clinton leading donald trump 47-42% nationally. but the battleground state polls tell a different story. quinnepiac survey has hillary clinton leading by five points in florida. candidates virtually tied in
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north carolina but trump with a five-point lead in ohio and the two again tied in pennsylvania. hillary is apparently taking notice. she is in pennsylvania today, campaigning with chelsea her daughter and actress elizabeth banks who was at the dnc of course. her husband for bill stumping for her in ohio. first lady michelle obama is down in north carolina. david, you look at these polls, trump needs to win all of the romney states and then add some. so he has got to win north carolina of the path to victory for him is still narrow. >> by the way we talked about the path of the hurricane. that could have influence in both florida and north carolina. remember sandy in 2012, that hit right before the election and because people rely on the federal government when hurricane hits, it bodes well if the federal government handles it right. watch that hurricane. pennsylvania i think is the key state though. because if hillary wins pennsylvania, i think it is will be very hard for donald trump. you mentioned one poll which
9:34 am
shows them even in pennsylvania. there is another one came out, frankly poll, frankly university poll, and that shows hillary ahead by nine points. that is pretty big lead. harris: i have that one here, pennsylvania, frankly and marshall college poll, clinton 4. 7, trump 38. >> that may be outlyer. harris: we can have discussion who is on which ballots, johnson and stein, whether it is four-way when people step to the ballot box in that state. johnson still getting paltry five. it is double-digit difference now with, nearly double-digit with clinton and trump. what is driving that? >> trump needs to win the romney states. so he has got to seal north carolina which romney took away from president obama. he has to win pennsylvania, ohio, wisconsin and michigan. those look, those two states look out of reach at this point. melissa: it is interesting to my in battleground states how much
9:35 am
polling has gone back and forth, based on a week slip away from someone and come back later. we've really seen a flip-flop in all of those areas. so i sort of think in a lot of ways it is still early. you could go back and forth so many times. when he was disciplined and on message collapse ad 10-point lead that hillary clinton:had. reminds you he has to stay on discipline, stay on message, stay on prompter. that worked over period of time. it erodes when he falls out of the saddle. >> i want to add, because it is always, critical to look at when the polls were taken. quinnepiac survey was taken after the debates, september 27th, october 2nd which would be over the weekend which would have factored in a lot of miss universe and also tax returns potentially. so maybe it could have been worse in some of these polls. harris: i think, gillian, there is an element we kind of skip over.
9:36 am
that is the fact a lot of people are voting right now. i don't know how reflective they are in the polling. >> and independents who seem to be according this poll tilting in favor of hillary clinton still at this point. i don't know, being one of them it is a decision i'm going to have to make at a certain point. at the national level here we also break down the candidates according to the demographics and where they're going. one of the bulwarks for hillary clinton is african-american community. for donald trump it has been white males, who have not had college educations for one reason and another, right? and hillary is starting to chip into that a little bit. that is what was really alarming to me here says. she now trails trump among that group, white males without college degrees, the chasm has narrowed from 44 points in early september, to 21 points now. that should really be worrying to the trump campaign. if i was an advisor to them i would focus on those folks. >> that is the critical vote in pennsylvania.
9:37 am
that is why a lot of his surrogates are on the ground. white voters who didn't come out in last election, more than two million people. harris: that is a lot. big number. >> makes a difference in the western part of the state. gop lawmakers meantime outraged after learning that the fbi made an agreement with two top clinton aides to destroy their laptops after reviewing them. even to limit their search. harris: can't make that up. >> why would they do that? you both have a perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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♪ >> yet another stunning twist in the hillary clinton email investigation. now the head of the house judiciary committee is demanding to know why the fbi hatched immunity deals with two top clinton aides that included an agreement to destroy the laptops of cheryl mills, ex-campaign
9:42 am
staffer heather samuelson. they limited the fbi search no later than january of 2015, essentially preventing agents from discovering if there was any evidence of obstruction of justice. so i don't know how you guys feel, but the longer this story keeps percolating with little pieces here and there coming out drip, drip, drip. it really hurts the campaign, myself being independent voter what i see here is that the reason this is had such staying power not because of all the developments along the way, but the fact that the email story cuts across like two of the major themes we've been discussing in this campaign i mentioned earlier. one being national security policy and the other being character. >> not only hurts the campaign, it hurts the fbi. they had a source in the fbi saying saying this is black -- harris: what did the source say? you swallowed that. >> the source says this is a black eye for the fbi. giving immunity first and helping to destroy evidence that
9:43 am
could have been used in a criminal trial. >> let me say this. jim comey, said, head of the fbi last week, that the fbi was not part of the discussions about handing immunity to cheryl mills and heather samuelson. >> what? >> why not? why weren't they? why weren't you involved? he didn't have an answer why immunity was needed. by the way if a grand jury had been impaneled at justice department you could use a warrant. you can use a subpoena to get -- >> didn't have to give immunity. >> i want somebody to call martha stewart on the phone, hey, how about getting prosecuted for the cover-up and obstruction of justice, lying to investigators. that is exactly what was going on in this instance and that is true and nobody has been touched. melissa: that is true. we haven't heard from her. i wonder if she is tweeting on this? i, this whole thing, no matter how you slice and dice it, hey,
9:44 am
listen, nobody went to jail. nobody was even arrested for this, there is none of that there. to the american public it feels very dirty. no matter how you look at it, it feels really dirty. it feels like the system everybody out there is tired of, no matter what side you're on, especially independents, you sort of smell the fix is in one way or the other. it kind of makes you feel icky about washington and everybody who spent all their time there on both sides, on both sides. >> fits so nicely with the trump campaign entire message this election season which is the government here in the united states, it is bloated, too big, corrupt, mismanaging things. harris: i have a visual, this is woman who says that things were destroyed, phones. now you're going to tell me their aides laptops, were they beating heck out them with hammers too? >> the fbi was doing that. fbi was destroying them. harris: this is odd, not only
9:45 am
closing a case but making sure it can never be looked on again. the evidence wasn't just put in a drawer, it was destroyed. with a hammer. not with a cloth. >> one. cleanest parts of our government, it is true, a lot of stuff happening in the government is corrupt but one of the cleanest sources we look to as north star in the government was the fbi. all the fbi agents i've known have been absolute straight arrows. they have been terrific people. harris: what is next for comey? >> here the fbi is playing a part in destroying evidence used in criminal trials. it boggles my mind. >> it shows they literally laid out a path to go through the motions, so it would look like they were investigating this and they didn't. they have bent over backward to make sure nobody would get charged with quite frankly anything. harris: yeah. wow. the u.s. ending talks with russia over efforts to bring a halt to syria's brutal civil war. we talked about it a little earlier this hour what's
9:46 am
happening in syria. critics are calling on president obama relying on diplomacy, as half million people, mostly civilians, have died. ♪
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harris: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first let's go to jenna lee what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." it will be great. hey, jenna. >> harris we're monitoring several events. she is speaking with chelsea clinton and actress elizabeth banks. this is happening in pennsylvania a key battleground state. trump wrapping up a speech in denver, colorado. both candidates tune in for sure for the vice-presidential debate. we have breaking polling news and race for the white house as well. we're tracking that major hurricane hitting haiti and headed for coast of united states. the storm is expected to make a direct hit on guantanamo bay as it crosses cuba. we have questions. very latest on hurricane matthew, top of the hour. harris: we'll be watching, thank you. >> well the obama administration announcing it has suspended talks with russia, came about as short-lived cease-fire in syria.
9:51 am
half million people have been killed in the brutal war since 2011. charles krauthamer having tough criticism with president obama. his opponents want to use military force but all he wants to do is use talk and diplomacy. >> obama always believes you don't solve problems through force. there can't be. there is no military solution. it has to be done through diplomacy. that would be great if the other side had the same thought. but putin is correct in assuming that some civil wars have military outcome. the diplomatic approach has been totally shown to be bankrupt. >> on the other hand white house press secretary josh earnest saying at least for now there is nothing more to talk about with the russians. he repeated the administration's position that a diplomatic solution is the best way forward in syria. >> mark, i think everybody's
9:52 am
patience with russia has run out. they have also spent a great deal of credibility in making a series of commitments without any clear indication that they were committed to following them. of. >> is this a recognition that the policy of reaching a political agreement in syria has failed? >> well, no, primarily because the, again, as i was mentioning to ron, everybody has looked at the situation i think, just about everybody, has acknowledged there is no military solution to this problem. >> gillian, it is a very tough nut, no question about it. the middle east has always been a tough nut, but, hillary clinton is running primarily i would say on her expertise in foreign policy. what are her two big foreign policy things? the russian reset. disaster. the arab spring. disaster. how can she run on her expertise in foreign policy? she has got the experience you about doesn't have the results?
9:53 am
>> i would push back a little there and i would say this is one area where she is not entirely a continuation of president obama. the truth about hillary clinton's foreign policy is that she is much more hawkish than people commonly give her credit for. >> you really think if she had been commander-in-chief during the past three or four years that she could have come up with a solution in syria based on her relationship with russia? >> for one thing, she did from the get-go, talking four or five years ago advocate we start arming syrian opposition, moderate rebels, the kurds to push isis back before they metastasized outside of syria an that was something she pushed the president really hard to do declined to do. huge mistake. i'm not defending her record on other parts of the middle east, like in libya, say, but she has had some efforts that she has put forward quashed by the white house that were really smart. >> like the iran deal. the iran deal has gotten in the way of this thing. >> that is not hers.
9:54 am
>> would she have stood by it the way president obama did? a "wall street journal" reporter cited the reason the red line was crossed and the united states didn't do anything, they were at terrible with iran, iran says you don't go -- >> familiarize the viewers, the point at which syria began using chemical weapons. >> but the point was iran told the obama administration we walk away from the table if you do anything to the assad regime, period. melissa: i do agree with you, she is different than president obama but i think she is responsible for the first four years administration when she was there. she was responsible for the russian reset. i look at her efforts, better than list but not enough. we tried it your way. that is what donald trump i was saying at every point in the debate. we tried it your way. look where we are. we need radical difference. things have -- harris: just a second, i may go where you're thinking but just in terms of iran, you know, it
9:55 am
is impossible to know as we get far out from the future but right now looks like that is one of the most important foreign policy decisions that has been made in maybe the last few decades, maybe the open era. it really does have implications of changing things going forward predominantly because we don't know what is in the secret side deals. we're starting to see what was in them and it is not looking good. things like paying banks and things we should have known b with hillary clinton going forward, what you look at with her decisions is how would she handle this very important moment? >> good question. gillian, what do you think, if she becomes commander-in-chief would she reverse what obama did with the iran deal? would she, i think she goes straight on with it. >> here is the thing, no one is reversing that deal. >> it is not a treaty. it is easy to reverse. donald trump would do it like that with the support of the congress. >> easy to do it on paper, but not easy to walk it back and implement the sanctions that were carefully crafted over 10 years we used to have in place.
9:56 am
meaning one of the main problems of this iran deal, it negated all the sanctions that were very carefully crafted. will take them years to get them back in place if it is doable. >> europeans back on. we would do it tomorrow. >> john kerry telling european bankers to hurry up starting to do business with iran. we'll look the other way. don't worry about us coming after you. >> we're already doing business with iran. we're selling airplanes. harris: we're doing businesso. because we are going to commercial but we come right something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, back.
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harris: we're going to wrap up the tv version of us saying thanks to david asman. >> thank you all. harris: go on to the web, tap on the "overtime" tab or facebook live as well. now "happening now."


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