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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 4, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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scandinavian and african-american men to know about prostate cancer. >> thanks. i want to say happy birthday to my son, ronan, he's 10 today. >> yay. >> real quick if we could show -- >> so cute. he's 10. that's a big deal. >> yeah. >> it's huge. >> you've done a good job, mama. >> into his second decade. welcome back to the campus of longwood university in farmville, virginia. site of the one and only vice presidential debate in the 2016 race. tonight, in an election season characterized by outside personalities and heated rhetoric, traditional mild mannered vice presidential candidates prepare for a debate. good evening from longwood university, i'm bret baier. in the debate hall down the hall from us on campus, the vice presidential debate kicks off in three hours featuring democrat senator tim kaine of virginia and republican governor mike pence of indiana. they're in some ways the polar opposites of their ticket mates.
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the people polled about them who say they do know the two men, both come in with positive approval ratings. and honest and trustworthy numbers. tonight, the glare of the presidential race spotlight will hit the differences, perhaps. we have fox team coverage of the 2016 race. jennifer griffin is covering the clinton campaign tonight. she joins us from the spin room. here in farmville. first up, though, chief political correspondent carl cameron is outside the debate hall and starts us off tonight with the latest on team trump. good evening, carl. >> reporter: hi, bret. governor mike pence of indiana knows in addition to criticizing hillary clinton, he will need to answer and defend a number of controversies that have been revealed over the last year and a half of trump's candidacy, as well as questions about his temperament. in colorado, trump visited with energy executives this morning. >> she said she's going to put you out of business. >> reporter: hours before his running mate takes the debate stage, trump rallied prescott valley, arizona. >> i want to send our best
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wishes to our great governor, mike pence, as he prepares for his debate tonight. >> reporter: trump's attacks on government and national stability hit a new level in colorado yesterday, with a broadside on the u.s. criminal justice system. >> the investigation of hillary clinton was rigged. it's a shame and i must tell you, it's one of the saddest things that many of us have ever witnessed in this country. we've become a banana republic. >> reporter: pence expects to be asked about trump's business dealings perhaps including trump's rental of office space from 1998 to 2003 to a place linked to terrorist groups in the program. the vice presidential nominee was loose defending his running mate at a virginia last night and let profanity slip while bashing the media. >> they think they finally got him then they turn on the television the next morning and
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donald trump is still standing stronger than ever before and fighting for the american people. [ bleep ] really is fun to watch, i tell you what. >> reporter: pence knows he'll be asked to explain his own flip-flops on supporting nafta and the trans-pacific partnership as well as the iraq war. along with opposing trump's muslim ban, before he joined the ticket and aligned himself with those policies. he has seldom talked vice presidential rival on the trail, but last night in virginia took a shot at kaine. >> when he was governor of the commonwealth of virginia he left the state $2 billion in the hole. i'm proud to say we have the largest surplus in indiana history. >> reporter: new hampshire republican u.s. senator kelly ayotte who has long criticized trump trimm etripped up in a de last night. >> certainly there are many role models that we have and i believe he can serve as president and so absolutely. i would do that. >> reporter: ayotte issued a statement saying she misspoke and thinks neither clinton nor trump are good examples. for pence, the challenge tonight is defending what critics call
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trump's erratic temperament and xenophobic racist rhetoric while keeping the emphasis on clinton criticism. but pence did say don't expect a lot of smash mouth or name calling. noting that it was trump, himself, who said he didn't put pence on the ticket to be the attack dog. after all, voters are seen that trump pretty much has that part of it covered and, yes, bret, there will be live tweeting from donald trump tonight during the debate. >> that will be interesting. worth following. carl cameron. live just down the road here. hillary clinton is trying to shore up what looks like a growing lead over donald trump in the key swing state of pennsylvania while she cheers on her v.p. choice. fox news correspondent jennifer griffin has the clinton campaign story today from the spin room. good evening, jennifer. >> reporter: good evening, bret. hillary clinton just took questions from reporters traveling with her in pennsylvania. she was asked about her husband's remarks about obamacare in which he called it the craziest thing he'd seen. she said they would fix what's
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broken and keep what works. she also attacked donald trump on his recent remarks about veterans with post traumatic stress, suggesting that his remarks added to the stigma suggesting that some could handle the stresses of war and others can't. asked how she thought her running mate would do in the debate tonight, hillary clinton answered with a thumb's up. the latest polls show clinton polling ahead among women voters especially white women in the suburbs of philadelphia, where she campaigned today with her daughter, chelsea, and hollywood actress elizabeth banks, a university of pennsylvania graduate. clinton was asked by a 15-year-old girl in the audience about trump's recent body shaming remarks involving a former miss universe. >> as the first female president, how would you undo some of that damage? >> we need to laugh at it. we need to refute it. we need to ignore it and we need to stand up to it and especially the bullying. there are too many young women online who are being bullied. >> reporter: while campaigning for clinton in florida, vice
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president joe biden lashed out at remarks donald trump made about veterans suffering with post traumatic stress. adding he feels sorry for mike pence. >> what a hell of a way to make a living to be vice president, have to get up every morning and support someone you don't agree with. maybe he does. >> reporter: the trump campaign expects tim kaine to be the one on defense. >> you're going to see tomorrow a feisty mike pence take on the record of hillary clinton and hold her accountable for the failures of her policies as secretary of state. also as united states senator, talk about an unremarkable record. >> reporter: as the two vice presidential nominees prepare to sca square off in farmville, recent polls show clinton making gains in certain key swing states but not in ohio where she's trailing by five points. a new quinnipiac poll shows clinton up by three in north carolina, four in pennsylvania, and five points in florida. that's where two new spanish language television ads target hispanic voters. clinton's campaign chairman
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wondered out loud about pence's strategy tonight. >> does he double down on the bigotry and the kind of campaign, the negative campaign, that donald trump has run from the beginning? or does he try to preserve his own political future and kind of distance himself from that? >> reporter: according to the latest fox news poll, more voters have a positive than negative view of kaine and pence. but three in ten don't know who they are. in the spin room, campaign spokesman jen tolmari acknowledged the clinton campaign is having some trouble especially among white voters in ohio. it's not clear how tim kaine will appeal to those voters tonight, especially since he was in favor of some of those trade deals like the tpp. bret? >> jennifer griffin live in the spin room. jennifer, thank you. so who do you think will win tonight's debate and why? let me know on twitter @bretbaier. use #specialreport or on facebook at
3:08 pm what a difference six years makes. tonight democrats are turning on president obama's health care law publicly, openly, pointedly. doug mcelway back in washington on why some are jumping off the obamacare bandwagon. >> reporter: for the husband of a presidential candidate who has pledged to, quote, defend and expand the affordable care act, it was a remarkable dig at obamacare. >> you got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care then the people out there busting it sometimes 60 hours a week wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. >> reporter: bill clinton's criticism appeared to echo that of conservatives and republicans, the very people whom president obama blamed for the law's shortcomings in a "new york" magazine interview published october 2nd, he said, "you hit a point where if congress is not willing to make constructive modifications and it's all political football, then you're getting a suboptimal solution." obamacare critics note a key
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distinction between bill clinton's criticism and that of republicans. gop argues for less intervention in held care, and bill clinton was making the case for more. it's a case hillary surrogates made today in defending the former president's remarks. >> the marketplace skews the cost. this is exactly why we've got to do something about premium increases but i assume also he was including in that prescription drug prices. >> which is why she's put forward -- hillary has put forward additional policies including public option. >> reporter: critics say there is already a public option of sort, it's called medicaid. under medicaid, it's not competition which sets the rates at which doctors and hospitals are paid. it's the government. >> he push eed the payment rate too low, physicians and hospitals stop taking the patients then you have access problems. so there's a real tension point around all these questions. >> reporter: while the administration and the clinton campaign increasingly talk about the need for a public option, they don't often time about the
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quality of care associated with the public option. critics maintain that it will only add to wait times as doctors and hospitals opt out unable to afford the artificially low reimbursements set by the government. bret? >> doug mcelway in the white house briefing room. doug, thank you. there was not much sizzle behind the smoke today from the founder of the wikileaks website. julian assange had hinted at revelations about hillary clinton that would change the dynamic of the election. tonight, trump supporters who stayed up overnight to watch it live are still waiting for something. chief washington correspondent james rosen has the story of a big hype with no delivery. >> reporter: not since y 2 k has a much ballyhooed event or happening proved so uneventful and not happening. >> a new reason for hillary clinton to be very concerned about a potential october surprise. >> reporter: instead in a remote video appearance from the
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ecuadorian embassy in london, his home for the last foive yeas wikileaks founder julian assange touted their anniversary, delivered no documents damaging to democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton as expected. only a fresh vow to release new material in coming weeks. >> publication of significance in relation to the u.s. election, yeah, i think that's significant. >> reporter: wikileaks' release in july of 20,000 e-mails from the democratic national committee exposed collusion between the clinton campaign and dnc against insurgent candidate bernie sanders and triggered the resignation of the party's chair and top officers. that in turn fueled charges unsubstantiated to date that the trump campaign allied with russian hackers widely believed responsible for the dnc hack. >> that's a really, really troubling occurrence. that's never happened before in an american election. >> reporter: fbi director james comey chose in july to impeach clinton's credibility rather than indict her over her use of a private e-mail server as
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secretary of state, all eyes turned to assange with his promises of forthcoming bombshells as the next public figure outside of the candidates on whom the election was thought to hinge. >> my gut tells me that he does have some information. probably of russian origin. that he is preparing to use and that perhaps vladimir putin, whoever else is responsible for this leak, is having second thoughts about the release of that information. the consequences of such a leak, such interference in the american election, would be astonishing. >> as if on cue, someone claiming to be the hacker, gucifer 2.0, posted documents online today purportedly hacked from the server of the clinton foundation. the early results appeared to include private data on democratic donors but the foundation today us they have no indication of a breach and have not been notified by law enforcement of one. >> follow that, obviously what they said before the dnc leak as well. we'll check it out. james, as always, thank you. the obama administration
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says it is not abandoning the peace process in syria. but senior officials admit the administration currently has no actual plan now that talks with russia have broken off and bombs are still falling on civilians in syria. correspondent kevin cork is at the white house tonight with this story. good evening, kevin. >> reporter: good evening. despite accusing the russian of turning a blind eye to the suffering perpetrated on the syrian people by their own leadership, the u.s. continues to pledge its continued pursuit for peace in syria. >> i want to be very, very clear to everybody, we are not giving up on the syrian people. we are not abandoning the pursuit of peace. we are not going to leave the multilateral field. we are going to continue to try to find a way forward in order to end this war. >> reporter: meanwhile, the list of critics continues to grow of the president's policies in steer ya. richard cohen in the "washington post" writing, can has led him
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into ha loolucinatory explanati of his decisions, he mangles the facts, jumble s kronnology and n effect holds himself guiltless. for syria's approximately 500,000 deaths, 8 million internally displaced persons and a tidal wave of immigrants that has destabilized europe. the administration has yet to see a credible alternative to the u.s.' existing policy. the battle between al qaeda and isis continues. words of u.s. air strike that may have actually successfully targeted an al qaeda leader in sere wra. they continue to study the results of the strike. as david petraeus told fox news it's the placement of civilians near targets that can make a strike like that difficult, he pointed out that could be the cause of a high-value target.
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>> there's a question you should ask, will this operation take more bad guys off the street than it creates by its conduct? you kill lots of civilians, even if you get baghdadi and you may actually create more bad guys than you take off the street. >> reporter: also new tonight, bret, we have learned in a report that al baghdadi may have been poisoned and is said to be near death in iraq. we'll keep following that story if we learn more, bret. >> kevin cork live on the north lawn. kevin, thank you. we'll see if we hear aebt syria at the debate tonight. american service member died today after being hit by a roadside bomb in afghanistan. pentagon says the special operations soldier was on foot patrol with afghan forces in a northeastern province bordering pakistan. pentagon press secretary peter cook called the incident a combat situation but refused to call it combat when asked by fox news. this is the second u.s. death from a roadside bomb in afghanistan since late august. the third commander to die in action there this year.
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markets today, the stocks were off. the dow lost 85. the s&p 500 and the nasdaq dropped 11. residents of south florida are bracing themselves tonight for what could be a monster hurricane. matthew is already dumping h ii amounts of rain as it whips through the caribbean. correspondent steve harigan is keeping his eyes on the eye tonight. >> reporter: the last thing a country with 50,000 people living in tents needed was a category 4 hurricane. the eye of matthew passed over the southwestern tip of the island at dawn bringing with it 145 mile per hour winds, a 10-foot storm surge, and most destructive of all, more than 3 feet of rain. haiti's interim president says the death toll is not yet known. "there are people missing. they didn't respect the alerts. they've lost their lives."
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after losing some strength over haiti, the storm pushed on toward the eastern tip of cuba where government workers organized the evacuation of 180,000 people. 700 americans have also left the island. nonessential personnel from the u.s. naval base at guantanamo bay flown to pensacola. many with their pets in tow. the navy staff and the 61 guantanamo detainees will shelter in place. as predictions of the storm's path have moved west, florida has come under threat. authorities have issued tropical storm watches for miami-dade and broward counties while counties further north up the coast are under hurricane watches. alerting residents they have two days to prepare. bottled water is in he demand, disappearing from some store shelves. gas lines are forming. floridians are giving heed to their governor's warning of a worst-case scenario. >> hurricane matthew is a
3:18 pm
category 4 storm and can't take it lightly. if matthew directly impacts florida, there will be massive destruction that we haven't seen in years. >> reporter: states of emergency have been declared across all of florida and several counties in north carolina. south carolina's governor has called for the evacuation of 1 million people from coastal cities before the storm hits. here in florida, no similar declaration yet. bret? >> steve live in miami beach. steve, thank you. see the latest with this storm right here on fox. up next, lawmakers are casting more doubts on the justice department's handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. we'll have that. first here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 59 in indianapolis, indiana state police expand their voter registration fraud probe. officers served the search warrant this morning for the indiana voter registration project in downtown indianapolis. the investigation started last month when at least ten voter registration forms were
3:19 pm
confirmed to have fraudulent information. wibw in topeka, kansas, where police say they have received calls about sightings of spooky or creepy clowns. this, believe it or not, has become a nationwide issue. monday night students at merrimack college in massachusetts were told to shelter in place after a hoax tweet about a clown with a weapon. classes at one maryland school were canceled yesterday over clown threats. president obama's press secretary was even asked about the creepy clown outbreak today. >> this is a situation that local law enforcement authorities take quite seriou ly and should carefully and thoroughly review the perceives threats to the safety of the community. and this is a live look at new york from affiliate fox 5. one of the big stories there tonight, an explosion destroys two multifamily homes in
3:20 pm
paderopadero paderson, new jersey. it is investigating. city officials said residents reported a possible gas leak and firefighters arrived minutes later. they heard hissing sounds coming from the homes and quickly evacuated them. that's tonight's live look from outside the beltway from "special report." we're of course outside the beltway as well. as we head to break, a behind the scenes look inside the debate hall. >> there are about 600 seats here at willett hall, the debate site for the vice presidential debate. 100 seats will be filled by students at longwood university. see behind me the set. it may look forward in the backdrop because it is the same. it was transported from hofstra. the first presidential debate. this is a seated debate. senator kaine gets the first question. there are nine segments run by moderator elaine quijano of cbs. should be interesting. 90 minutes.
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"special report" continues after the break. i'm jamie foxx for verizon.
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welcome back to longwood university, site of tonight's debate. we are getting new reaction tonight to the revelation that the fbi and the justice department agreed to destroy the computers belonging to senior clinton aides in exchange for their cooperation in the now closed criminal investigation. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has our update tonight from washington. >> reporter: bret, legal experts said today the deal struck by the justice department with clinton attorney sheryl mills and heather samuelson, according to the republican chairmanf the house judiciary committee, the fbi got access to their laptops and in exchange the two
3:25 pm
attorneys who oversaw the sorting and deletion of 30,000 clinton e-mails that they deemed personal got a guarantee the fbi would destroy the computers after its review. the timeline matters here. in early march 2015, congress issued a preservation order and subpoena for clinton's e-mails. by the end of that month of a conference call with clinton's legal team, an i.t. term electronically shredded the clinton e-mail archive. it stipulated agents could not search the laptops for records from this time period. >> regardless of how you feel about the merits of the e-mail standing, we' in scandal, we're now in really very strange waters. when you have the executive branch reaching agreement that a party can destroy evidence being sought by congress, it's a very serious matter. >> reporter: during last week's congressional testimony the fbi director played down the immunity deals and emphasized the attorney general's team was in the lead. >> who authorized granting cheryl mills immunity? >> the decision made by the
3:26 pm
department of justice. i don't know what a what level inside. in our investigations, the -- any kind of immunity comes from the prosecutors, not the investigators. >> in march, clinton told cbs that her team was cooperating but the fbi files and new evidence suggest otherwise, bret. >> catherine, thank you. let's get reaction from the clinton campaign tonight. brian fallon is clinton campaign press secretary. brian, thanks for being here. we want to talk about the debate and set up the expectations for tonight. i want to get you to react to that story and as it's developed, this immunity part of this story. why does that look bad, the immunity to cheryl mills and others, then the destruction of those computers? >> no, here's why, bret. this is a matter that was closed back in july. so first of all, i think it's important for everyone to realize that even though this information is coming out now, it's just because the justice department provided things to
3:27 pm
congress, republican members of congress are leaking it out about a month or so away from the general election. but it all concerns an investigation that was closed back in july and at the time that the investigation was closed, director comey stood up at a press conference, we all remember it and said there was no basis to bring a case here and he said it wasn't even a close call. and so at this point, we're delving into this to the ex-tem ex-temextent it's being aired now, these were routine, it came after two of the lawyers backed down and answered every question that the fbi had. they submitted to those interviews completely voluntarily. a couple weeks later it was indicated by the justice department they'd like to look at their computer equipment, they said sure. had an opportunity to thoroughly examine it. happ what happened afterwards, it's up to the fbi -- >> an immunity deal that has a destruction of computer tied to it, you know, when there was at the beginning, the thought was
3:28 pm
you don't need these computers because there aren't e-mails on here that matter and they're personal. so why turn them over? but then to destroy the computer afterwards seems a little strange. to people -- >> it's in the fbi and the justice department's hands about what to do with those devices. >> i want to move on to other topics. taxes are a big issue. before we leave this one, bryan pagliano, i.t. specialist, he was paid by the clintons. in 2011 he put the dollar amount that almost exactly matches the dollar amount that hillary clinton deducted on her taxes for computer work. so did she deduct taxes for having this guy erase the servers in this -- in this investigation? >> no. bri bryan pagliano was somebody that innocently sat up an i.t. system early in 2009. it was a system that was designed to host the staff e-mails for president clinton's personal office then secretary clinton made the decision to have her account be hosted on that same server. all of that stuff that played out in 2013 was when server was
3:29 pm
in the possession of a private firm. had nothing to do with bryan pagliano. >> the taxes issue. the first lady was out on the stump today. she brought up this issue in the crowd. take a listen. >> the election in november will determine whether we close tax loopholes that allow billionaires to keep gaming the system at the expense of working folks. >> so does secretary clinton think it was a tax loophole that donald trump took advantage of allegedly as "the new york times" pointed out? >> well, the trump campaign has been pretty fierce in advocating the fact that this was all legal. what happened that allowed him to potentially zero out his tax liability for some 18 years. that may be true. that's not the point that we're making. the point we're making is it fair when somebody makes as much money as donald trump, should he be able to get away with not paying any taxes, hardworking americans making $30,000,
3:30 pm
$40,000, 50,000 a year, hiring first responders, teachers in our public schools >> is there anything specifically in secretary clinton's tax plan that would change the carry forward provision that donald trump took advantage of? >> we want to tackle some of the other loopholes that probably alieu ha li low him to have a lower aggregate gross income so the effect of the net operating loss would be less impactful for donald trump. under our proposal, he would almost certainly pay more and also have proposals like the buffett rule that would ensure that taxpayers that are making a certain amount of income, top 1% or so are paying a guaranteed minimum amount in terms of the percentage of their taxes so people like warren buffett are not paying lower rates than their secretaries. she's also got provisions that would say if you're outsourcing jobs in terms of big corporations, if you're outsourcing jobs oversea oversee going to claw back the tax advantages you took advantage of when you were having the jobs here. >> close other loopholes, not specifically change the carry forward provision you're talking
3:31 pm
about. >> we want to change a lot of provisions we suspect donald trump is taking advantage of that helps lower his income that's subject to taxes. we don't know all the loopholes he's specifically taken advantage of because he refuses to release his tax return. >> okay. i asked secretary clinton the last time i interviewed her in june what she would do differently than president obama on the economy. she said she wanted to point out that the economy recovered, first of all, under president obama, but second of all, said that infrastructure project would be really top of her mind. today, the president writes an op-ped in "huffingt toton post, says republican leaders in congress have proven they won't work with my administration, refusing to make long overdue investments, rebuilding roads, bridges, ports, airports. a major infrastructure push would put americans back to work and make businesses more competitive but congress can't get it done." if congress can't get it done for president obama, why would it get it done for president clinton, hillary clinton? >> on the heels of the election if hillary clinton win, there will be momentum for something
3:32 pm
like an infrastructure proposal because he'll hashe'll have cam over the last year and a half the infrastructure proposal she put forward which she says she wants to make a 100-day priority, something she'd work on in the first couple months of her administration. when she goes around the country and talks about it so much, if she wins election, i feel the republicans will be pressured to do business with her on that, it's a proposal a lot of republicans support. the chamber of commerce supports it. guess what, the republican nominee for president supports increased investment for infrastructure. he doesn't have a plan as specific as hillary clinton's. notionally, he said he thinks we should be doing that. at that point -- if paul ryan has his own standard bearer on his side, donald trump, also saying we need to spend more on infrastructure, i don't know what argument they'd have to not act on it with hillary clinton as president. >> last thing, expectations for tonight? fiery or policy, substance. what is the clinton campaign looking for tonight?
3:33 pm
>> i think this is going it be a very unusual vice presidential debate for the very simple reason usually in past instances with somebody like sarah palin on debate stage or dan quayle back in 1988, you want to see is this person that was picked as the running mate up to the job if the worst happens? and in this case, you know, for better or for worse, we have disagreements with mike pence, a lot of disagreements. i don't think his fundamental qualifications are called into question. the issue for the trump campaign is the man at the top of the ticket. mike pence can go out and have a blockbuster performance and won't solve the problem for the trump campaign which is that their own candidate for president, drup druconald trump man that's temperamentally unfit. when we come back, the other side of the story. we'll be joined by republican national committee chairman reince priebus. as we head to break, a look at the spin room where staff and surrogates will make the case for their candidates, brian inclu included, i think, after tonight's showdown. >> here at longwood university, they have a similar setup as we've seen in many debate sites. this is the media room.
3:34 pm
you can see all the chairs here. this is where all the reporters will be watching the debate. and covering it. there are reporters from all over the world covering this. we don't have the specific number, but there's a ton of them. this actually, until about a month and a half ago, was the recreation center. you're standing where the basketball courts are in longwood university. as you walk down here, this is the way to the spin room. that is the place where all of the spinners come to talk to the reporters. watch your step here, greg. walk through right here. all the networks have a setup. and we'll be covering all the action after the debate from this room here. the spin alley. "special report" will continue after this. i'm claudine and i quit smoking with chantix.
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for yealike me, someed dogs for tof these dogs have seen many tours of duty. and for the past 15 years i've been a navy federal member. thanks to their fast approval process, when it came time to buy a new car, we got everything we needed to transport my wife's little bundle of joy... ... who i just adore. open to the armed forces, the dod and their families. navy federal credit union. who knew donald duck would be here? in our last segment, we spoke
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with hillary clinton's press secretary. now the republican perspective with gop chairman reince priebus. mr. chairman, thanks for being here. exciting night. >> yeah, it is. >> we're going to talk about the debate, your expectations in just a minute. i want to cover a couple of other news topics. first of all, kelly ayotte in new hampshire at a debate last night said that donald trump could be a role model. and then after the debate, she came out and issued a statement and said, i misspoke tonight. while i would hope all our children would aspire to be president, neither donald trump nor hillary clinton have set a good example and i wouldn't hold up either of them as role models for my kids." so is donald trump a role model? >> you know, i think everyone's a role model in different ways. i think he is a role model. look at someone who has built businesses, lost businesses, come back, lived the american dream, a person who sets goals, he's a winner. i think he is a role model and look, everyone -- i think all of us in different ways are role models.
3:39 pm
there are some things i'm good at. there are some things you're good at. i think we're all god's children and we all have good in all of us. >> and these kids are obviously fired up behind us. >> nothing better than being a college republican or a college democrat. this is like the super bowl for them. >> it is. >> so i get it. >> it's at longwood university. the -- senator warren, you know, she tweeted out "you can't take this back. you can't walk it back." is this a problem for senator ayotte? >> no, i don't think it's a problem at all. she has to run her race in new hampshire. she's doing a great job. he's one of the best senators in the country. but look, i think you got to look at what's disqualifying. what's disqualifying, mr. fallon didn't talk about in the previous segment was the fact that here you have a secretary of state that is gaining her wealth by selling her position to foreign countries, bringing money in the door to foundation, then profiting on those through speeches and defending bill clinton across the country. that's the issue. i mean, we can talk all day long
3:40 pm
about quotes that donald trump has given from 25 years ago, or whether he lost almost, you know, whether -- there was a business carryover and a tax return in 1995. but the point is when hillary clinton was asked about something really important, like whether or not she gave away state secrets, she told the irs 39 times, i don't recall. that's important. and she is not fit for the job because she has been in the job and she hasn't succeeded. she's failed. every level. >> well, something donald trump said just last weekend on twitter is probably going to come into focus tonight. one would guess that senator kaine is going to go after that on the temperament issue. donald trump tweeting tonight, "i will be watching. the great governor mike pence. live tweeting the v.p. debate starting at 8:30 eastern time. enjoy." so are you worried about the live tweeting? >> i'm not worried about it at all. i've talked to donald about it this morning. i'm not worried about it. look -- >> what about the temperament attack that they are now hitting
3:41 pm
again and again and again? >> well, that's their attack, but you want to talk about temperament, i mean, all you have to do is look at hillary clinton. i mean, you could look at hillary clinton's temperament, look how she used her position from way before, whether it was when bill clinton was attorney general, when he was governor, when she was first lady, when she was senator, when she was secretary of state. at every single level, she's used her positions to either gain wealth or get ahead on the back of the taxpayers. donald trump is a guy who's built his fortune by himself through business. when he did it the american way. hillary clinton has made a fortune off of what? off of serving the american people? the question is not what bill -- what donald trump's tax return says, the question is how is it that hillary clinton who has apparently been in public service 30 years, made $200 million. how is that possible? >> all right. president obama referenced in the interview wrote an op-ped saying "in the city of self-inflicted wounds this"
3:42 pm
talking about the merrick garland holdup "202 days since i nominated merrick garland to the supreme court. on countless priorities issues that matter to people across the country, regardless of their politics, republicans in washington have traded progress for partisanship. their obstruction underscores a fundamental misunderstanding of the way our government should work." your response? >> my response is when president obama had full reign over the house and senate, they passed the massive stimulus package that totally failed and drove up the national debt and the deficit. he passed obamacare which is failing all over the country. thank god mitch mcconnell, paul ryan and speaker boehner came in to stop that agenda. but i would say this, when it came to keystone pipeline, he blocked it. when it came to overhauling obamacare, he blocked it. you know, for the first time in ten years, paul ryan and mitch mcconnell passed the first bicameral budget bill in 2015 in over 10 years. the only person that's been capable of bringing people together in washington, d.c., is
3:43 pm
president obama and his cohort, hillary clinton. that's what this election's all about. >> vice president biden today jumped on something that donald trump said about ptsd last night. the trump campaign has been clear that they said the person who asked it was satisfied with the response, but here's vice president biden today. >> then he points out to the veterans room, he says, and you're strong, you can handle it but a lot of people can't handle it. where in the hell is he from? no, no, no, no. this deadly earnest. i don't think he was trying to be mean. he is just completely uninformed. >> what about that? >> well, look, if you listen to his entire statement, it was very compassionate. he talked to the generals that were in the room. they totally disagreed with that characterization. i think people like joe biden, obama and hillary clinton should really ask the question, why these vets aren't taken care of when they come back on their
3:44 pm
watch. they're waiting if lines at v.a.s across the country. in some cases dying. they didn't do a thing about it. so joe biden, if he's mad, look in the mirror and ask himself why after his entire career, eight years as vice president, he didn't do a darn thing about it. it's on his watch. not on donald trump. he's the private citizen. they're the ones that were in the position to do something. >> same question, i left brian fallon with, your expectations for tonight. heated, policy, what does it look like, this debate? >> i think it's going to be heated over policy. put it that way. i think these are two people that have been involved for a long time, but look, if you look at tim kaine and what he's done as governor here, raising taxes, budgets went out of control, he didn't do a good job in virginia. you compare that to mike pence, unemployment down, spending down, big turnaround that he continued with mitch daniels in indiana. it's a great career and a great story. >> mr. chairman, thanks for the time. >> thank you, bret. next up, tonight's big debate. and the issues surrounding donald trump and hillary clinton that they'll talk about tonight. we will talk with our panel here
3:45 pm
in farmville, virginia, when we come back. as we head to break, twitter is here as well and they're ready to take a look at the social media side of tonight's debate. >> what the mediaroom here at longwood yuuniversity, we're gog to find our friends from twitter. adam sharp. >> good to see you. >> big night tonight. show us what you got. >> we had a big night earlier in the week with the presidential debate. looking here, most tweeted moments came around the economy, largely talking about taxes and donald trump's returns. tonight the vice presidential nominees take the stage. >> different picture. >> a blank slate, if you will. lots of conversation when they were announced and rolled out at the convention then a low rumble since. relative to the top of the ticket, half that of biden and ryan foyears ago. year to date, foreign affairs number one. terrorism, guns, race and the economy. those top four tend to respond to big news events like race right there after the dallas police shooting.
3:46 pm
but the economy, it always comes back to the pocketbook. slow and steady always in the top five year in, year out. >> all right. tweet you at? >> @adams. >> @bretbaier. "special report" continues after this. before it ever becomes a problem. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. because safety is never being satisfied. if you then you'll know howuth, uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene, specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants... biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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3:49 pm
about two hours from now we will start our coverage and inside the debate hall they are just starting to get ready. there you see the set for the vice presidential debate tonight. the latest polls in this race are the average polls. the fox index, if you will has hillary clinton with 2 point 2 point lead over donald trump. and that includes some polls out today and yesterday.
3:50 pm
let's bring in our panel. steve hayes, senior writer for the weekly standard. o'keefe with the "the washington post." tucker carlson host of "fox & friends weekend" and phil muster image and former senior advisor to mike pence. gentleman gentlemen, thanks for being here. this is mike pence's big night. he likes to say he is vanilla. what about tonight? what will he do? >> i think he will be more than vanilla. this is a second reintroduction for mike pence to america. most of america doesn't really know who governor pence is. but he has a chance to talk about what he has done in the congress. i suspect he will talk about his foreign policy experience in the congress. his leadership in the congress and someone who knows how to make washington work. he has a terrific track record in the state of indiana growing the economy, balancing the budget. really investing in education. his job tonight i think will be to show that he is the steady second hand to donald trump who can help him bring the real change that trump
3:51 pm
is talking about. >> traditionally what trips him up? >> traditionally what trips up mike pence? i have to duct that question, brit. >> i know, i thought i would ask it. >> i think this is a big moment. pence is ready he has practiced. been methodical. a good team of advisors around him. being there, ready i'm watching the pivot. >> donald trump answered that question he would just head on say something trips him up. the pivot. he had ed, what do you what do u think fiery? >> i hope there is conversation about issues. i do they both of these guys have a fair amount of work to introduce themselves to the crowd that may show up and tune. in i'm struck by, i think now, four polls in the last few days that suggest at least 35% of americans don't know one of these two guys. pence actually is better known than kaine. and, you know, both of them i think have some splaining to do. the nation is on the verge of either electing the oldest guy or second oldest
3:52 pm
person ever elected president. i think americans have a bit of a responsibility to be aware of who the number two could be in the event that something were to happen. their doctors claim they are in great health. look, take that with a grain of salt in both cases, perhaps. it's worth considering that possibility tonight. >> steve, your thoughts? >> yeah. i think mike pence will turn his attacks toward hillary clinton which is typical of a vice presidential debate. that's what they have been doing in debate prep. scott walker has been playing tim kaine apparently insisting on income character the entire time. when mike pence walks in. scott walker sticks out his hand as tim kaine. >> think of the energy and intensity in that room. scott walker, mike pence head to head. >> obligor at it pence will turn his attacks to hillary clinton. but i also think he has an opportunity here to make conservatives who are uncomfortable with donald trump more comfortable with donald trump. mike pence is a conservative. he speaks the language of conservatives. he doesn't need focus groups to remember what to say to conservatives. this comes naturally to him.
3:53 pm
i think what he hopes to do is put people at ease who have concerns about donald trump and his philosophy. >> what about kaine he will be on the fence trying to link with trump and going after temperament again and again and again? >> i mean, is he going to try to tie pence to trump. the whole debate is going to be that. that's exactly the moment pence gets tripped up. he has to defend trump. it's tough to be the v.p. candidate but also trump demands that trump wants to be defended by his v.p. and pence win fess takes 35,000 -- is he an idealogue as steve says. a former talk show host. a frequent guest or scbliewsed to be on talk shows. is he a good debater. if he pulls it up and says the country is a mess and that's why you are considering voting for trump in the first place and your running mate is part of the reason. if he can keep it there, he wins. if they are down in the weeds defending this or that comment, that's not good. >> there is an interesting
3:54 pm
moment the day after the last debate where mike pence appeared on fox, on america's newsroom and did an interview and he said this is not so much about candidate vs. candidate as it is differing visions which is an interesting way to frame it. not a way that a typical vice presidential candidate would frame it. i thought it was interesting. i think that the clinton campaign is going to try to make it about candidate vs. candidate and separate pence from trump. look, mike pence, you're reasonable, you're conservative, but you're not crazy and that guy over there that you are defending is crazy. >> over under the tim kaine speak spanish? >> over under, i think tim kaine could throw in some spanish there, yeah. i think he will try to make -- i agree with that see how the moderation. you moderated a lot of debates, obviously. we saw with lester holt, a real hands off approach it will be interesting to see how the moderator let's these two candidates go. does she jump in and try to rules or do we have much more unscripted exchange.
3:55 pm
>> a lot of people don't know elaine with cbs. great lady. i worked with her a number of times at the white house and other places. i expect her to do well but she is not known well either. >> big cast of unknowns. what is it 25.6 million is the number to beat. that was the least watched v.p. debate back in 1996, the gore kempf exchange. >> you are not doing anything for us here. >> and 70 million was the biden palin exchange. >> how do you know that? >> i do my homework. >> besides lord benson and -- ld benson and dan quayle. >> geraldine ferraro. >> were there moments that moved the needle? >> i actually think this could because, look, what does the trump campaign need? it needs the kind of intellectual framework to explain what it's about. the candidate spotty at doing that at best and pence potentially could be pretty good. >> i think he has really got the opportunity to reframe this in a pretty fundamental way. turning the discussion
3:56 pm
that's been nonstop, nonstop over the last week on taxes. here is a chance for the campaign to turn the corner have a fresh start coming into sunday. if mike pence is going to step up and do the job. he is ready. >> change, change, change. that's where he keeps heading? >> i think so. >> change. >> if all he is doing is shoring up conservative concern with this ticket, what does that tell you? that there is really no room for growth here. there wasn't last growth last week, necessarily. maybe her numbers came back and doubts were asaged. if all is he doing tonight is reassuring republicans, that's not much of a sign of the campaign. >> still not getting -- >> -- that's the point. how ironic that that is what he has to do tonight. he has to appeal to the base. >> i bet they are trying not to make news. that's my bet but we will see. gentlemen, thank you. back with some final thoughts after one more quick break. ♪ ♪ you owned your car
3:57 pm
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4:00 pm
off debate coverage pence vs. kaine. no matter what i just said it's going to be exciting. especially if you are following this race closely as you are probably. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. here's "on the record" with brit. hello, welcome back i'm brit hume and this is "on the record" as the two vice presidential candidates prepare to debate tonight. the national polling average shows hillary clinton with a nearly 4-point lead in a two-way race and only slightly smaller one in four-way. the betting odds continue to favor mrs. clinton by 3 to 1 as you will be able to see here in a moment when we get them up there. there they are. it seems clear that mrs. clinton has gained some ground in the past week and the result has been a somewhat reshaped national map as correspondent shannon bream explains. >> it is time for a new look at the electoral college map where 270 remains the goal for winning the presidency. since we last dug into the numbers, there has been a debate and a whole lot of new state and national polls as well. so based on crunching that


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