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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 4, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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we should be proud of mike. let us know what you think. let us know what you think. thanks for watching everybody. live edition of "hannity" starts right now. welcome to longwood university we have eric trump coming up. kelly ann and more but look who came on the program. you haven't been on the program 5, 10 years? >> you've been afraid to have me on. >> how are you doing? >> lots of energy. trump used as a style. i thought he defended hillary. i thought pence did not defend
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trump. he was accused of -- >> i disagree. >> he accused of not paying taxes and tried to defend it. and his attacks on, on mexicans he didn't try to defend. >> it would you pay more in taxes than you're supposed to? >> well, not necessarily. >> you would take every legal deduction like trump does and like hillary clinton did. last year, in 2015 she deducted $700,000. >> that is an unjust law. >> it's an unjust law? >> the law of not paying taxes 20 years he paid 100 million in taxes. >> we don't know that. >> we do know that. we're invested in him, we don't know. you should put the clinton foundation and trump foundation side by side and make a
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judgment. >> don't you think it's corrupt for hillary clinton to take money as secretary of state? isn't it a conflict of interest? for the clinton foundation. >> she didn't. there is no evidence she did that. that is an accusation. >> the ap said 55% of the people she let in to see her, 55% donated to the clinton foundation. >> in those instances, the clint yn foundation has a very high, high, acceptable record. trump's foundation is under strong legal suspicion because it did not invest in the people. >> let me ask you this. hillary clinton says she cares about women and gays and lesbians and believes in religious freedom. she took $25 million from saudi arabia. women can't drive and are told how to dress, told when they can
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go to school or work. took another $10 million for clinton library and they kill gays and lesbians and persecute christians and jews. you're a reverend. would you take money from a country that kills gays and lesbians? >> in china, it's a problem. >> i'm asking would you take money from that country? >> i think that -- >> so it's wrong that she did? >> i'm not saying it. she didn't take the money. >> the clinton foundation did. >> that is the foundation. for years, the relationship with saudi arabia. i think that -- >> isn't that immoral? you take money from a country that treats women like third class citizens and won't let you build a christian church? >> that is not the way the world works. >> let me ask about the economy.
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since obama has been president we now have 12 million more americans on food stamps. 8 million in poverty, we have the lowest labor participation rate since the 70s, worsts recovery since the 40s. and for black americans now, 58% increase of black americans since obama has been president on food stamps. 20% increase out of the labor force. can you argue and give me statistics black americans are better off having had obama as president? >> he came into office with job losses that month. and that is unfinished business. affordable health care -- wait. wait. you promise to keep your doctor and plan. families saw a $4100 increase in eight years. >> it could be modified but
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people who have health care that never had it before. insured and never were before. >> but the promise wasn't kept. >> resistance to get the president on a head wind has been an atrocious one. if it was a campaign for fast rail you can make a point for oil. >> you didn't answer my question. can you name one economic statistic since obama, he had eight years, eight years, 60% increase in black americans on food stamps. nearly 2 to 1. higher unemployment rate in the black community and 0% increase of blacks out of the labor force. can you name one statistic that black americans are better off under eight years of obama? >> that blacks are in a position they've never been in before but that i'm concerned about is that the banks got bailed out.
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>> i agree with you here. but you can't give me one statistic. >> not right now. >> you're going to look it up? now, why do you avoid me? >> you avoid me. >> you believe that? you're not afraid of me? are you sure? look at the camera and say that. >> i'm not afraid of anything. >> reverend, god bless you. good to see you. >> earlier, in the spin room, after the debate we talked to eric trump. here is part of that interview. >> he did a great job. amazing job. reenforces the reason my father picked him to be his running mate. he's strong and very, very smart. i mean, i was proud of him sitting there. and i mean the amount of comments we've gotten about how great he was tonight was really unbelievable decision. >> one thing i did see is similar in the first debate with your dad and hillary clinton
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they've got their list of talking points and they're going to get them in. mike pence just seemed to stand back and say you're running a negative campaign. let's stay on subject. >> they spent three quarters of a billion dollars for ads against us. not talking about hillary's record but only talking about my father. they keep mentioning russia, and bill clinton is giving speeches in russia many, many, many times, working $500,000 and $1 million to give a speech. we look at the russian nuclear deal. $145 million paid to the clinton foundation from russia after the u.s. gave 20% of it's uranium stockpile to the country. i find it so ironic they kept on bringing that topic. >> we talked about immigration and vetting refugees and irania by the united states pulling out of iraq and syria.
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is substance better for the campaign? >> look what happened in iraq and libya and syria. the u.s. has spent $6 trillion fighting wars that haven't worked. we're in a war soft spot now and we have lost thousands of troops. that is something never mentioned before. it's actually very, very sad. the middle east is a horn ett's nest because of bad foreign policy wex haven't exerted power as a nation and it's very, very sad. >> i think this is really more than any other election in our lifetime, maybe carter and reagan is a choice election. if you look at radical islam, the supreme court, then, on building wall, not building a wall, vetting refugees and
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obamacare, there are differences. i watch and i feel like on the left they try to muddy the waters. do you think they're trying to if you had mudy the waters? >> look where we are as a nation. right? the politicians who created this mess aren't going to be the politicians to fix it. the politicians that created obamacare and the mess we have there, right, created a $20 trillion worth of debt that we have. and having to fix an educational system ranked 30th in the world are not going to be the same people to fix the problem. that is what my father will do. his heart and soul is in this mission. he's given up his life to go in and try to better this country. and mike pence, together. >> the economy is front and
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center here and hillary does want to raise taxes. but in the last eight years we have 12 million more americans on food stamps and you've got the lowest labor participation rate. my question is, okay. why do they keep acting though the economy is good? tim kaine saying in the last year we created this many jobs. and people don't feel it. people haven't gotten a raise in 15 years. if you can believe it they haven't gotten a raise in 15 years. problem is that taxes have gone up. premiums have gone up tremendously. utilities have gone up. people are making the same amount of money as 15 years ago. we have 100 million people in the work force. right sf. >> 95 million. >> we is lost one if three manufacturing jobs. we no longer have them in our
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country. we don't make anything anymore. and don't have jobs anymore. these politicians killed the american dream. >> everything you're saying is substance. and what advice do you give your dad? that is their strategy. >> that is their strategy. and they can't run on their own track record because it has been frankly horrible. so that is a strategy. to work and spew out a lot of lies. that is very, very sad. my father's message is spot on. put america first again. very simple. create jobs. create safety. fix our educational system and our mental system which is a wreck after obamacare. start putting america first again. our president comes off a plane in china two weeks ago, they
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don't bring a staircase to air force 1. when my father is president, respect will be restored. >> do you feel victory in 35 days. >> there is no question about it. mark halprin is behind you. he's got a show focused on this circus of ours. >> i'm incredibly proud of my father, he's one of my best friends in the world and mike, the governor did an amazing job tonight. so proud to be front and center to represent the family. >> thank you so much. >> a good night for mike pence. i spoke with kelly ann conway and jason miller. take a look. >> joining us now is kelly ann conway and jason miller. one of the things that how
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annoyi annoying tim kaine wasn't. >> he spent time interrupting and ignoring moderators like to remind the left. like to throw away words like sexist and unhinged but mike pence kept his family. and i think his personnel policy, raying reagan said the first execution of judgment and leadership is to select mike pence to run on his ticket. tonight he saw the fruits of that. >> what is your -- you're the communications expert not me. a communications standpoint to constantly interrupt? >> it was really bad for senator kaine to do this. the calm, even feel that governor pence had really, allowed viewers and people at home to get a sense of what the
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message was. that is with our ticket is what matters. it's the message and that is what came through tonight. interrupts came out as poor. >> one of the thing that's is pretty clear if a strategy is that they want to dump the kitchen sink and only talk about the kitchen sink of donald trump. he's trying to put 10 pounds of sand p -- in a five-pound bag. >> i vish i said vomited out. >> they weren't funny. and weren't effective. if you're watching home, you saw the question posed by the moderator and tim kaine's answer, and two did not meet. at least mike pence able to answer the questions and so, this is a strat yi all along.
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what do we talk about together? that our campaign is about issues and theirs is about us. if you see time running out now, it's a great test for america. do you want this election to be about issues and you, or do you want it to be about donald trump and about the insult hillary clinton and tim kaine bring to bear. >> this is the whole thing. it was interesting from another standpoint, issues that didn't come up. vetting refugees and immigration. and digging into this bad iranian deal. seems like that is where you want to be. does this wear thin in the next two debates if hillary continues to regurgitate or vomit out those -- >> well, i think we do have to cut tim kaine a little bit of slack this evening. it's tough to try to defend hillary clinton's record and defend her on e-mails from the fbi and to try to defend her on illegal immigration and to try
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to defend her on making the world less safe. so it's a tough job. it goes to what this movement is. mr. trump and governor pence released. >> donald trump answered a few questions i don't think he needed to answer. because i thought governor pence really highlighted this point. this economy is not good. you have 12 million more americans on food stamps and hillary and senator kaine making it sound like everything is going great. where are they living? >> in their own minds. that is my point. we have a dynamic compelling messenger and issues that we continue. and that is why we're highly competitive in states like ohio and iowa and florida. these states that romney and mccain both won. donald trump was in colorado.
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today, in arizona they said people waited outside since yesterday. he's like the most successful performer who never played an instrument. and to say crowds don't matter, yes, they do. they matter what. else pundits are going to say? that is how we know governor pence had a great night. saying vp debates never really matter. it's not going to move the needle. look. in 24 hours, what happened? hillary clinton's husband, bill clinton trashed obamacare, and her running mate here tonight, i think, delivered a lackluster performance. he looked hike he was unhinged and interrupting. >> that is tough to top. i mean, you see there can be that much energy and enthusiasm. >> it's a choice election.
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it's a choice on every issue of our time. immigration, build a wall, education, states or top down from the federal government? on the economy, raise taxes cut taxes. supreme court, originalist or judicial activist. these are real choices. 35 days. this country is going to make a very important choice. >> it is. if you want a choice, trump and pence is where it's going to be. >> 70% of americans say they want to keep the country in a new, different direction. that makes the issue very clear. i think another thing we saw is that mike pence is known to be calm and low key, and indiana nice, he was not taking it when tim kaine was lying about donald trump or lying about governor pence. and i think what i liked about mike pence is that he tapped into what donald trump said, let's give our voice to the forgotten man or woman. he said do you really think things are going well in this country? >> do you may more taxes than
9:19 pm
you're supposed to? >> we ought to have a drinking game, every time they regurgitate the attack, you take a shot. problem within 10 minutes we'll all be on the floor. >> we stopped counting. we stopped counting them. >> we montaged them. we have the whole thing. >> he was interrupting the moderator and also ignoring her. i want to mick that point as a woman. i don't believe in gender politics but boy -- >> if donald trump did it, mike pence did it. >> that is right. that is all you'd hear about. that is all we heard about last week. i talked to you last night, too. why is hillary clinton only 53% among women in the new cnn poll. what is holding them back? >> i have an important question. people thought after juj curiel why did he go back to alicia
9:20 pm
machado. >> he was obviously feeling like he gave her a second chance. i feel donald trump is at his best talking about the horrors of obamacare and talking about building the wall, about the syrian refugee policy. and when he's talking about creating jobs and the immigration axis he's been able to bring to the fore front of the voter's consciousness. that is what americans want to hear. dwoi to the rallies, jason will tell you. when he starts ripping on repeal and replace obamacare, that is what they want to hear. >> good point. guys, good to see you. appreciate it. tell the other miller hi. good to see you. >> coming up, lisa booth, charlie hurt will join us here in the spin room. gerl raldo riviera and more. straight ahead, live from virginia.
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>> and paid them over $1 million a year -- >> clinton foundation of a second contributions from foreign governments. >> hillary clinton expanding the -- >> instead of violating the constitution. >> we can't know for certain who these people are. >> and we don't know, we don't let them in. >> well, i believe -- >> governor -- governor i'll finish if i can.
9:26 pm
>> the clinton foundation accepted foreign contribution from foreign governments while secretary of state on a private server. >> i get to weigh in. >> that is hillary clinton's running mate, senator tim kaine interrupting mike pence, rfc saying he did that over 70 times tonight. here with us charlie hurt and lisa booth. it's like, i screamed at the tv shut up, did you do the same, too? >> it was almost like the clinton campaign sent him out and he was just so eager to get in there and regurgitate it. >> that is what hillary did. >> yes. >> now, he's done it. >> two more debates are going to have to hear not hear about the economy or anything. >> the problem for senator tim
9:27 pm
kaine he came across as a child and governor pence came off as the adult in the room. governor pence brought up the private e-mail server and the clinton foundation. the important thing is saying i'm a governor from indiana. donald trump is a business guy. these are politicians. that contrast was perfect. >> what does a good businessman do all the time? they hire great people. look at the people. look at governor pence tonight. look at rudy giuliani or look at newt gingrich around him. i disagree with chris christie on some things. >> and it reflects very well. and i also thought tim kaine truly stained the room when the littany of things like trying to
9:28 pm
take foreign policy failures and trying to turn them around. >> almost like -- >> like positives. >> what universe are they living in? the economy is good and we've created x number of jobs in two days but everything is great. >> that sticks with people. >> governor pence asked senator kaine, is the economy so great? >> is it? >> have you paid more in taxes thap you're supposed to? >> yes. >> and you've got to wake up if you're a liberal in the morning and say i need to pay more. >> good to see you. >> when we come back, more reaction to tonight's vice presidential debate. that as we continue from the spin room here at longwood university. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
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9:33 pm
and millions believe we can get this economy running again. >> joining us now larry elder and doug shown, doug, i'm thinking now it's like the robotic lines have been resurge tated. do they go away now? >> i think you're going to hear more of it. >> donald trump took the bait. tim kaine there just to create as many problems for mike pence as possible. it may not have been elegant, but you'll see the same performance with a little empathy thrown in on sunday
9:34 pm
night because it's a town hall with secretary clinton. >> what you do you think? monica? >> i think governor pence's performance tonight has potential to reap that campaign. pab just enough to get undecided vettors or voter that's may be uneasy to take a second look. what mike pence did tonight is prosecute the case against both barack obama and hillary clinton in terms of their policies and their records. he also in terms of his demeanor was calm, and rational and reassuring to a lot of these voters. remember, sean, the debates are less about policy nuance than about style, tone, the occasional zinger and demonstrating the ability to think on one's feet. in those respects governor pence dominated and i think actually altered the view of the trump-pence campaign going into
9:35 pm
the next presidential debate. >> larry? your thoughts? >> my fear is that only a fraction of the people that watched the debate are going to watch this one. but i agree in terms of impression, mike pence was calm, the ice to druch's fire. i just wish when the attacks on donald trump's character came up, that pence mentioned that a man who worked with hillary described hillary said she had unbridled ambition and she was greedy. when tim kaine said donald trump is putting himself first, colin powell called hillary greedy. i think that other things are left on the table. and i think isis, we should remind people that obama pulled out all of the troops over the advice of the ambassador to iraq, over the advice of the joint chiefs and over the advice of the cia director, over the
9:36 pm
advice of the national security team. he did it anyway after calling isis jv. >> guys, we appreciate it. when we come back, geraldo riviera and sheriff clark here as we continue live from virginia straight ahead. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel.
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9:41 pm
riviera. geraldo, let's start with you. you're a hard critic. anything trump you've been annoying lately. >> think that is inaccurate. my overview is that it was a pleasure watching two decent, patriotic god-fearing americans go at it. both are the fathers of serving united states marines and thinking how different this campaign would be if these were the two figures at the top of both respective tickets. ratings would be lower but you'd have a more sensible and more reasoned debate over real issues. >> what is so reasonable about tim kaine tonight? he wouldn't should up. >> i think in the beginning of the debate he was annoying so i give pence the slight advantage over who won, quote unquote, the debate. pence did something dump failed
9:42 pm
to do. governor pence did not rise the debate that kaine presented. i think he did an excellent job and kaine made his points as well, i think governor pence won the debate. >> sheriff? what is your take? >> well, senator tim kaine came off as a raging lunatic. he needs to layoff the caffeine and go to decaf. he said he criticized donald trump for saying african americans live in hell. i said that before donald trump did. i said the american ghetto is a hell hole. unless mrs. bill clinton and senator tim kaine think it's okay for blacks to live with entrenched poverty with failing schools and crime infested neighborhoods and mentioned about community policing. community policing will not work
9:43 pm
where you have an intrenched under class that is culturally dysfunctional. it's a 2 way street. you can't just have a one sided effort by the police. there are a number of things tim kaine doesn't understand policing that i think donald trump and governor pence do. >> i don't think he understands policing and i don't think he understands the economy and the need to vet refugees. i think the differences are profound. that is what comes through here geraldo. >> to sheriff chashg's point about the hell hole, quote, unquote, blacks live in, i don't know where sheriff clark lives in milwaukee county, but as a native born new yorker who rides my bicycle everywhere, knows every street and corner in this town, harlem is not a hell hole. beautiful brown stones there,
9:44 pm
there is a thriving middle class. to generalize like that -- >> geraldo, you're being unfair to sheriff clark. look at chicago. come on.n the chicago situation with homicides and violent shootings these are definitely, chicago has a problem new york doesn't. there are pockets of real gang violence that where guns are everywhere. and we stop and frisk. >> geraldo. stop and frisk would be appropriate. stop and frisk. you can agree with governor pence. it is not inherently. >> geraldo, i'm at ground level at the american ghetto in milwaukee every day. what you ought to do is come with me, spend a week with me, not a couple hours, do a ride along with me. just to milwaukee. then, i'll take you 80 miles
9:45 pm
away to chicago and i'll show you a different part of the american ghetto. that is the part you don't want to talk about. you want to talk about the areas that are revitalized. >> it is unfair. it ignores -- >> what is unfair geraldo is for you to think it's okay for a growing number of people to live in these hell holes called the american ghetto. it's not okay. >> i'll go on a ride along with both of you. next, we continue.
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welcome back to "hannity". joining us is the chairman of the rnc. how are you, sir? >> doing great, sean. >> he effectively prosecuted the case for donald trump and laid out kw hillary clinton has been a total train wreck in everything she's touched. the fact he was able to do that tonight was great we're looking forward to a good few days. >> why is the talking points before the debate? >> mike won.
9:50 pm
>> we were so confident he'd win. he did a great job and i thought that all of the things that make her unqualified to be president of the united states. >> i was surprised that kaine's style, was interruption. >> yes. just sitting there was unbelievable. >> everything she's done, she was first lady, when she was a senator, every thing she's touched during this scandal from white water on, down to the e-mail scandal was a mess. she can't be trusted. >> one thing i noticed when
9:51 pm
looking at two debates is that you got democrats seem just mix y -- donald trump and what he said but they don't want to talk about their tax plan, to raise taxes, raise spending. we have got -- the last president has accumulated more debt by the time he leaves office than every other president before him combined. >> or the fact that this litany, as you say, of attacks that they mem orrize, you know, it is amazing they can mem orrize all of these things but when the fbi asked hillary clinton 39 times whether she remembered things that matters, right? she said, i don't recall, i don't recall. she couldn't recall whether she was trained or anything that had to do with things that had to do with her job as secretary of state. not to mention when she did her job as secretary of state it was a mess, the russian reset, libya, benghazi, isis that is growing out of control. on whose watch did this happen? hillary clinton's watch, and she
9:52 pm
has to answer for that. tim kaine was prosecuted with that case tonight and he had nothing to say about it. >> you know what was pretty interesting, i thought we got more substance in this debate. we talked about immigration, the wall, comprehensive reform, what they want and donald trump's plan. we talked about vetting refugees. a lot of time spent on iran, a lot of time spent on putin, on foreign policy. it seems when it goes substance they can't defined the economic record of the last eight years or the foreign policy records. >> well, they can't, and they can't defend the fact she was the one in unique position to actually solve these problems as secretary of state. who out there watching this has been secretary of state? there might be, you know, maybe four or five of them out there, that's it. the rest of us, we weren't in position that hillary clinton was in. she had the chance and she failed. i mean that is the number one reason why she cannot be possibly promoted to president of the united states. >> let's talk about -- let's look forward to sunday night and donald trump versus hillary,
9:53 pm
round two. what add wise would you give him? >> my advice would be pivot back to hillary, explain to the american people the things she didn't do when she had the chance. i think he did a great job at the debate last week. i think he's going to come even more prepared and more ready to go because, you know, it's been another -- what, it's going to be ten days now since the last debate. he's going to have that opportunity. you get the chance to feel what that feels like on that stage, as a person who has never run for office before, i think he's going to come back and do great. >> and definitely doesn't have to answer her questions about his taxes, especially she is somebody that gave a lot of speeches to a lot of special interests and a lot of wall street firms and insurance companies. why won't she release -- i haven't heard in either debate, why don't they ask for release of those speeches. >> release of the speeches, but what about the fundamental question, how in the world did she make all of this money? here they are, their entire lives on the backs of taxpayers. they made $200 million giving speeches, selling her role as secretary of state across the world, taking money in from foreign countries, making
9:54 pm
hundreds of millions of dollars giving speeches to students paying too much in college, and he has to answer a question as far as why he had a tax loss in 1995 and carried it over and built a multi-billion dollar business? he's the private sit zblcitizen >> what do you think? does it seem like donald trump after the controversy went rock solid, stayed on message, the polls all came around, then the alicia machado issue came up and tweets at 3:30 in the morning? what advice do you have for him? does it get in the way of the message mike pence wals bringing tonight which was substance on the big issues, the economy, foreign policy, immigration, healthcare, all of these things, education? >> well, one thing he is an incredibly hard worker. he is someone that never ran for office before. sometimes, you know, people in politics all the time, they can sit here and take these accusations and, you know, i get pounded every day.
9:55 pm
>> i wouldn't want your job. >> post people don't want my job. >> especially during the primary. >> it is very hard to ignore criticism, and it is not a criticism, it is just that -- >> it is an attack. she is attacking him. she wants him to respond like alka seltzer in water. >> it is not -- if you have never run for office before and someone is attacking you out of nowhere, it is tough to take. i remember the first time i ran for office, the first letter to the editor in the news, i thought my whole world was coming apart. it is like 100 a day now. >> you want to know what the first review of hannity and colmes was? >> you have good hair. >> it is real like trump's. anyway, we appreciate you being with us. thanks so much. you have 35 days to go. you predicting victory and how is the ground game? last question. >> i think it is going great. we are doing well in voter registration, early vote. look, this is coming to the wire and we're going to work hard.
9:56 pm
>> reince priebus, chairman of rnc. thank you for being with us. we're in the spin room. we just concluded our night here because this was a pretty foois ro foo feisty debate. thanks for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow. we're talking within a 1% difference in reliability of each other. and, sprint saves you 50% on most current national carrier rates. save money on your phone bill, invest it in your small business. wouldn't you love more customers? i would definitely love some new customers. sprint will help you add customers and cut your costs. switch your business to sprint and save 50% on most current verizon, at&t and t-mobile rates. don't let a 1% difference cost you twice as much. whoooo! for people with hearing loss, visit my fellow americans, godaddy's record is very clear. when it comes to getting a domain name, or building an awesome website, there is no other candidate that's more affordable, or worthy of your hard earned trust! so c'mon america, give that yuge idea of yours
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right now. and welcome. oh, yeah, longwood university, in virginia the site of the vice presidential debate. we have eric trump coming up. kellyanne from the trump campaign, campaign manager and so much more first. he hasn't been on the program in five, tense years? >> you've been afraid to let me on. >> that's not true. how you doing, reverend jackson? >> great. i thought it was an exciting debate tonight. i thought kaine brought lots of energy and lots of preparation. >> don't think he interrupted too much? >> well, he was exuberant much the way trump uses it as a style. his content was there and i thought he did -- number two, he defended hillary. i though


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