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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 5, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> and gerrard says this. an interruption is one thing, but at least make it count. it was just gibberish. by the way, we're going do continue this conversation on the radio. among our guests, abby's dad, governor huntsman will be with us. >> ainsley, great job out there. >> safe travels. >> come back soon. >> thank you so much. bill: who came out on top in the vice presidential debates? the reviews are in. but will this move the needle? the band is back together here in new york. martha: back from farmville, virginia. it was great. i'm martha maccallum. we are back in new york today. but a small virginia town played host to political theater last night between tim kaine and mike pence. they traded sharp attacks.
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they have two different visions for the future of the country. >> i can't imagine how governor pence can defend an insult-driven campaign. >> you would know about an insult-driven campaign. i think your running mate used a lot of the predeadlines. >> the tax returns show he went through a difficult time and he used the tax code the way it was supposed to be used. >> how do you know that? donald trump said, i'm doing business with russia. >> he 24e6r said that. >> governor? >> thanks. just trying to keep up with the insult-driven campaign on other side of the table. >> i'm just saying facts about
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your running mate. >> i'm happy to defend him, but don't put words in my mouth that i'm not defending him. bill: donald trump live tweeted during the campaign and con grate hated mike pence for his debate. martha: the trump campaign said they were dealing with a double standard. what do they mean by that? reporter: the trump campaign thinks tim kaine was out of line when he either ignored or talked over elaine quijano. and if donald trump did that they we say he was out of line. >> it's a line the democrats like to use.
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so why was their vice presidential candidate interrupting the asian-american female moderator. it was almost as if he didn't hear her. reporter: the trump campaign thinks he hit it out of the park. a strong performance by a running mate could help more than it did in the past. martha: tim kaine is getting pushback for his performance. what's the clinton campaign staying in his defense. reporter: the clinton campaign think he did a good job because every time he interrupted mike pence, he was scoring a point
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for the democrats. >> senator kaine * won this debate because he had to interject constantly. one thing mike pence stood up for donald trump on is he hasn't paid taxes for 20 years. that's the one thing he testified him on. reporter: palmieri decembered pence may have been using the big audience to position himself for a run of his own in 2020. bill: who won the debate? pundits say tim kaine was overrehearsed. steve moore scores it on his
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own. how do you score it broadly speaking? >> i think mike pence had a strong night. the fact that he refused to take the debate time and time again as tim kaine clearly tried to get under his skin, and pence remained calm and cool, i think made a strong prosecutorial case against hillary clinton, against barack obama, and against the status question in washington, d.c. i do agreen mike pence was left comfortable defending donald trump. he didn't go out of his way to answer those attacks. that was part of their strategy going into the debates. he did what a good debater often does. receive the attack, respond with a sentence or two, then turn it on your opponent. >> i think the cane strategy is
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what hillary clinton said a month ago, make it a referendum on donald trump. does it change the strategy when you consider there is another debate four days from now. >> in many respects the two debaters were talking past one another. kaine trying to make everything about trump. and mike pence sort of looking past those attacks and responding and making a case on behalf of conservatism. if you are an iffy republican or skeptic of donald trump, mike pence gave you some assurance conservatism at the white house would have a seat at the table. i think this is a high water mark for conservatives for this general election.
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bill: the "wall street journal" calls it trump's best debate. the alternative is to follow the pence template, doing your homework and making the case for change on the failures of the past 7 years on the economy and security. if in trump wants to win, his running mate showed him the way. >> i think that's right. obviously there is a big challenge for donald trump. he's not as conversant on the issues as mike pence. pence has been thinking about these issues for decades. it's hard to cram when your task is the world. national security and domestic politics. it's a bigger challenge for trump. but in terms of the case for change, that's the strongest argument trump had and it's where he's likely to be most successful. a change of course, a change of
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direction. if trump keeps going back to that and take the debate. bill: town hall format sunday night. martha? martha: five weeks to go. this race is very tight. will trump or clinton win the white house? who can move this country forward? coming up at 9:10, karl rove will weigh in on last night and the way forward. also martin o'malley now clinton supporter gives us his take on what he thought about the big night. at 10:30, former presidential candidate governor scott walker who helped governor pence prepare for the debate, he
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played tim kaine. bill there are walker in wisconsin, there is a great senate race going upon between ron johnson and russ feingold. martha: the big question for donald trump is whether he can pivot. getting the question, receiving it, and giving a little bit back, then going forward. bill: i chicago they call that chum -- i think they call that chum in fishing. martha: the governor of florida is giving an update as his state braces for a direct hit from hurricane matthew. this is rick scott saying people on the coast need to be good and ready. >> the storm continues to move closer to our state. there is a forecast of a direct hit on our state.
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regardless of whether there is a direct hit or not, the impacts will be devastating. everyone must prepare for a direct hit. don't trust that the storm path is correct. martha: it's a big one. it's been churning out there. it's a category 3 at the moment. as it moves towards the bahamas. florida is expected to start feeling if the effects of the storm tomorrow. you will get heavy rain, massive storm surge that could flood coastal areas it's already taken the lives of 11 people as it went through the caribbean. governors in several southeastern states are declaring a state of emergency. they have issues evacuation orders, telling people please
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don't take any chances. get your stuff and come back when it's over. in the end, no one knows. every time i walk past the monitor i stop and watch to see where it is going now. we get updates every three hours and we'll continue to do that. our best to the folks in cuba and haiti who really took a hit. 11 minutes past. we got a lot more reaction on last night's debate. mike pence, tim kaine on apartments stage. martha: last night's moderator had a tough job keeping both these candidates from jumping all over one another and keeping them on track.
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>> we have that coming up. but in the meantime, the question is -- martha: what was the question? did she lose control of the candidates or did she do enough to keep them in line. bill: did either performance do enough to have an impact in this race 34 days out? >> the poverty level and median income increased dramatically. >> tuck roll out the numbers and the sunny side, but people in scranton and fort wayne, indiana know different. this economy is struggling. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz.
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>> if donald trump said all the things you said he said in the way you said he said them, he still wouldn't have a fraction of the insults hillary clinton leveled when she said half of our supporters were a basket of deplorables. she said they were irredeemable, that they were un-american. bill: they were defending their running mates in virginia.
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bill: here is my sense of where we are today in this election. in august i thought that group in the middle was moving towards trump. then after the debate number one they started moving back towards hillary clinton. now perhaps they moved back again. >> you are right we don't know whether they will move back. he had this thing down to about a point. now we are somewhere in the range of 3 to 4 points. it's not so much the debate it's the 4, 5, 6 days after the debate. we see so much in the debate and so many people watched it. then as they sorted it out, it affected how the two candidates handled themselves in the days afterward the ballot moved against him. but it's not just the ballot. for 16 months he has had an
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enthusiasm advantage. people have been more excited about change and voting for him than they have about the status quo. this week for the first time a cbs polled 46% of clinton supporters were very enthusiastic about voting for her. 46% were enthusiastic for voting for him. fox, 69% of clinton supporters say they are strongly for her. bill: do you think that changed in debate number one? >> i think it did. it's not that people are moving away from him. but she's getting the undecideds and swing voters. bill: there has been a lot in the past 12 hours, comparisons to 2004. you were there. george bush, john kerry, debate number one, he didn't do well.
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people suggested he bombed. >> president bush was preoccupied with things outside of politics that drew him away. bill: but dick cheney went up against edwards in the v.p. debate and did very well. >> he did well and calmed people giving us a few more days to get ready for the second debate. and in that second debate bush did well. on the second debate we went through the normal debate prep and he went fishing on the afternoon of the debate to clear his mind. bill: i thought the interest ma i of the room was ignored by tim kaine to his deb -- to his detr.
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>> these rooms are man caves. there is an old tv show, "leave it to beaver." and there was a guy in it called eddie haskell. he was unctious and angry and a little boring. pence who is a nice guy in person came across with his midwestern common sense and i would suggest measured. where a lot of folks reflected tim kaine wasn't the guy he is last night. he was put into the role of being a bulldog. >> governor pence knew, don't take the bait.
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have him throw all that stuff at him. pick one or two, dismiss it. express disappointment with the conduct of your opponent and move on. bill: does last night change anything? >> it steadies things up. vice president cheney steadied things up. mike pence steadied things up. but it puts even more pressure on donald trump. he needs to look like pence on sunday night. bill: martha, what's next? martha: mike pence and tim kaine are the men of the morning. what about the third person on the stage? she is getting a lot of attention today, too. >> governor i will give you 30 second to the respond. but i will remind you, this is
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about north korea. >> thank you.
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martha: cbs anchor elaine's performance is under scrutiny. many people are saying the disruptions were because she didn't control the situation enough. >> i said home-grown. i will give you an opportunity to do that. >> we can put security first. >> senator, two minutes please.
6:26 am
>> now we are even. he's still on my time. >> gentlemen, the viewers at home can't understand either one of you. martha: thank you. howard kurtz joins us now. howie, welcome, there were no buzzers. and apparently tim kaine thought it was just a discussion and didn't realize they had a certain amount of time to answer each question. >> this was like the endless cable segment from hell. elaine quijano was the least experienced of the network moderate yooshs. to both candidates run roughshod over her. but especially tim kaine whose strategy was to constantly interrupt mike pence and interrupt mike pence. it looked like tim kaine had 20 cups of coffee.
6:27 am
i'm listening on a booming speaker system in the media center and it just. martha: rather than the interruption stuff, he probably would have come off bert. what do you think she should have done or said to them in those moments. >> she should have stopped the debate and said your campaigns agreed to these rules. she lamely tried a couple times to say america can't hear you, and she was right. but the candidates bear part of the responsibility because neither one would stop talking when they got into those clashes. tim kaine had such a recited laundry list. even when they weren't talking
6:28 am
over each other they questioner completely ignoring their questions. mostly they were doing whatever they wanted up there and that made for am disastrous debate. >> she had what i thought were good questions. they did not get addressed. she did jump in and say, guys, we are talking about northt korea. and they sort of laughed. that is a moment when she could have said, no, i want a question about north korea. >> there was a question about 9/11 and kaine somehow turned it into an attack on trump's taxes. martha: i find this fascinating from a television production temperature issue. maybe that's why lesser holt the ask, he had them up at podiums.
6:29 am
he was a greater distance away from them. there is a formality in that that sort of sets the tone, does it not? >> kellyanne conway, donald trump's campaign manager tweeted it might have been sexist. but when you have the two contenders sitting near each other it makes for a softer more sifl debate. these are two guys who in their usual lives are polished politicians. kaine was taking on the role of attack dog, and pence was letting a lot of them go by. his demeanor was widely praised. it's a hard situation to be in. for whatever reason, sexist or otherwise. it ended up being a train wreck for much of the debate. there were times we could hear
6:30 am
the candidates debate. but much of it was just cross talk. martha: a whole different way will be in play in the town hall. howie, thank you very much. good to see you. going to st. louis. bill: a big part of kaine's mission, praising hillary clinton. >> my primary role is to be hillary clinton's supporter as she puts together the best administration in modern history. bill: how did he do making that case? bill clinton had strong criticism of obamacare. did you hear this? calling some of the consequences of the signature achievement on behalf of president obama crazy
6:31 am
and more. >> you have got this crazy system where 25 million more people have healthcare, and the people working 60 hours a week wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world.
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martha: one and only vice-presidential debate now in the books for this round. both nominees came out swinging last night hammering each other's running mates on everything from foreign policies to their temperment to be president. the debate featured a fair share of one zincs. zingers. >> donald trump believes, donald trump believes that the world will be safer if more nations have nuclear weapons. he saudi arabia saud should get
6:35 am
them, japan should get them, korea should get them. when he was confronted with this, terrorists could get those. proliferation could lead to nuclear war. here is what donald trump said. go maid ahead folks. enjoy yourselves. i would love to hear what governor pence says is comical about nuclear war. >> governor pence. did you work on that one a while? that a quite a few creative lines in it. martha: a man who has been in the arena. maryland governor o'malley and clinton campaign surrogate. good to have you here this morning. how do you think your guy did last night? >> i thought tim kaine did very well, from my perspective he had to prosecute those aspects of the trump candidacy that some people throughout the country
6:36 am
find so downright offensive. i have been out there a lot over last several days in michigan. ohio, indiana what i'm sensing out there in hillary clinton's performance in the first debate, democrats are speaking up, becoming more energized. in a way for all the comments about tim's style is being overcaffeinated i think showed the fight finally in the democratic parity. on the other hand where the republicans are concerned a lot of them have grown very, very quiet. mike pence did far better than donald trump. i'm sure you have a lot of republicans probably wishing they had pence at the top of the ticket instead of trump but i thought tim kaine did very well, particularly, kind of with three key groups, martha. the suburban women, african-american voters, latino voters. i might broaden that latino voters to include all new american immigrants.
6:37 am
i thought the contrasts were very sharp. martha: play another sound bite. i want to look at foreign policy debate which is so important where this country is headed. hire's another exchange. >> instead of 175,000 american troops deployed overseas we now have 15,000. >> right and iraq has been overrun by isis because hillary clinton failed to renegotiate. >> if you want more american troops in iraq you can proposed that. >> hillary clinton failed to renegotiate a status of forces agreement. >> that is incorrect. >> so we removed -- martha: there was a lot of substance last night this is very important part of this debate. i mean, you can draw down troops but if you leave a vacuum, you get isis. that is what we've learned over the past few years. that is, it is a tough line of questioning for him and for hillary clinton as well. >> well, there is a lot of tough questions we need to ask yourselves as americans about all of these last several years. when you go into iraq under
6:38 am
false pretenses and you send in 175,000 troops, you also store up, stir up a hornet's nest that, hard to unwind that. so there is a lot of lessons that we have to learn. but i do believe that tim kaine in talking about hillary clinton's experience, talking about donald trump's erratic comments, especially about nuclear weapons, hey, have at it. this is very connected world. and having an appreciation and understanding of that is what hillary clinton brings. alongwith, i might add, the experience from seeing the decisions that were made well and also learning from mistakes. martha: whether or not they were made well that is what the american people are going to side. that is one of the reasons these debates i think are so important because we have a lot of chaos that has erupted in the middle east. , and syria. this is about the iran deal. watch this exchange.
6:39 am
>> the iranian deal hillary clinton initiated $150 billion to the mullahs in iran. you didn't stop the nuclear weapons program. >> yes, we did. even israeli military said we stopped. >> guaranteed iran will some day to become nuclear power, there is no limitations once the period of time the treaty comes off. martha: there are so many indications iran is emboldened in the the wake of that agreement. that is something that has gotten some traction. when people see what is going on in the waterways in the middle east and they iran dominance, i don't know if that is an argument that they believe. >> yeah, the there was another piece of that exchange either before or after that clip where tim kaine i thought very persuasively underscored the fact that the israeli military and israeli leaders, believe this negotiation stopped development. martha: we played that part at end of that sound bite.
6:40 am
mike pence said guaranties iran will become a nuclear power. there are no limitations once the period of time of that treaty wears off. >> i have another one for. guarranty america won't become a fascist state. elections matter. the choices we make as a people matter. the future is something formed by human decisions. and that's the sort of world that we live in. but i thought that i will give mike pence credit. he did so much better than donald trump. i'm sure that has relieved some people in the republican ranks. but i do think at the outset i thought this debate started with well the exchange on the different economic visions. i wish that tim kaine emphasized truth we're now creating jobs for longer string of months than any president since 1939. and that wages actually started to go up for the first time last year, to this year. i think that's what the democratic party needs to focus
6:41 am
on and hopefully in the next debate, hillary clinton will pump up that. i wish, i hope we have a forum about how to manage debates so we don't talk over each other. i don't know about you, but i found some of that stuff tough to cover when all three were talking at the same time. martha: it was. i agree. governor, good to have you here. >> thank you. bill: a lot of aggression on the stage. debate number one, lester holt was trying to interject many times in the first 30, 40 minutes. martha: sorry for talking over you there. the moderator does not want to be the story. you have to walk the fine line between putting questions out there and -- bill: getting out of way. martha: stepping in when possible but getting out of the way. you don't want to be what everybody is talking about next day. you want them to be it. that's a tough job. bill: my feeling neither man was allowing elaine to get in. martha: who will be good? bill: chris wallace. martha: vegas, october 19th. what is bill clinton's strategy.
6:42 am
bill: did you hear what he said this week about obamacare? mike pence brought it up. we'll talk about the effect of it. stand by. martha: what is the truth about the clinton foundation. mike pence brought it up. how tim kaine responded has some peach scratching her heads. >> reality, when she was secretary of state, senator, come on, clinton foundation accepting contributions from foreign governments. >> you are trump's apprentice. >> i think i'm still on my time. ♪
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6:46 am
>> the people who are getting killed in this deal are small business people and individuals who make just a little too much to get any of these subsidies. why? because they're not organized. they don't have any bargaining power with insurance companies and they're getting whacked. so you have got this crazy system where all of sudden 25 million more people have health care and people are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week wind up with that irpremiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. it is craziest thing in the world. bill: wow. that raise ad few eyebrows. boris epshteyn, senior advisor for trump team, david goodfriend, senior staff to secretary of state hillary clinton. david, where were you with friends like these? what's up? >> well, i have to say, having worked for bill clinton for many years, he can connect with people and tell the truth and explain things better than i think just about anybody. what he was saying in this
6:47 am
sentence was, that when you look at obamacare, it is really, really worked for 25 plus million people to get them into the system. where it hasn't worked is where you earn too much money to qualify for the subsidies or you earn too much money to qualify for medicaid expansion. what you left out there, his wife campaign suggested let those folks buy into medicare if you're between 65 and -- 55 and 65. bill: david, what you said, i'm lost already. he said it is the craziest thing in the world. a democratic president trying to get his wife elected to the white house. boris. go. >> listen, here's the thing. bill clinton, this is bill clinton from the '90s. bill clinton at his heart is republican. in '08 he was one of our best surrogates against barack obama. we all remember that very well. here is the bottom line, obamacare is utter failure. about as many people are paying a penalty for not being enrolled as are enrolled. those are $1,000 per household. to a lot of households that is a whole lot of money.
6:48 am
if you look at exchanges they failed all over this country. the big insurance companies are pulling out. then most importantly, what president clinton mentioned, the premiums are going way up. not a wonder neither david or hillary clinton could answer the question why bill clinton said that. hillary clinton completely avoided it. >> i answered your question. bill: hank on one second. she was asked about it and said this in her explanation. >> we'll tackle it. we're going to fix it. it won't be easy but a heck of a lot better than starting from scratch which is unfortunately the republicans want us to do. >> right here. >> i think he made it clear what he was saying. bill: i think he made it clear what he was saying. david, if you're in a close race in the house, and you're a republican, if you're in a close race for the senate, you're yoursing bill clinton's words to help your campaign right now. >> absolutely. >> well i think what boris here is not pointing out is that his candidate would kick all those tens of millions of people off their current health care system. that would be political suicide.
6:49 am
so if i'm running for a house seat and it's a close race, i'm looking at everybody who is going to vote, i'm going to say how many have health insurance you didn't have eight years ago. a lot of hands go up. what do you say to the people, boris. kick them off the health secure. >> we're making sure they won't have double in premiums. >> will they have health insurance? >> we'll make sure people are not being penalized. day one we'll suspend penalties that were not going to happen. remember the debate between obama and mccain, you're not going to have to pay penalties. your premiums will not go up, choose your whole plan. that was lie, typical democrat lie. we're going to make sure they're not penalized. replace this with a plan that actually works and can be paid for. >> will they have insurance, boris, yes or no? >> weville a private marketplace. we'll have companies can compete across state lines. >> you here the deviations. >> david, i appreciate your socialist take on this but you're wrong. >> socialist? that's new. >> president clinton is only one right.
6:50 am
bill: bill clinton said it was crazy system. >> bill clinton wants to improve it, that's what he should do. >> that's not what he said. he says we should scrap it. bill: fair debate. martha. martha: powerful hurricane barreling towards the east coast. it is a deadly storm. it already has taken aim, it will take aim at florida i think and south carolina, already taking aim at the caribbean. state officials warning people you really need to get out now. bill: it's a big story. also tim kaine bringing up donald trump's taxes again and again and again. he had a clear target there. mike pence, how did he respond? we'll play that for you next. >> this whole rift about not paying taxes and people saying he didn't pay taxes for years, donald trump has created tens of thousands of jobs and he has paid payroll tax and -- >> let me talk about that.
6:51 am
>> senator, give you 30 seconds.
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6:54 am
martha: fox news alert. there is a powerful hurricane we've been reported on it past several days. it threatens the east coast of the united states. it has already battered the caribbean and taken lives there. watch. powerful storm. it islaming into the dominican republic and haiti. category 3 right now moving through the southeastern area of the bahamas, with winds of 125 miles-an-hour. florida governor rick scott came in front of the cameras this morning to declare a state of emergency. telling people to take this very, very seriously in florida. as matthew barrels towards his state, hurricane watches and
6:55 am
warnings in effect up and down the eastern coast of florida. we're joined by phil keating watching this for us in deerfield beach this morning. the governor has spoken, phil. what are you hearing where you are? reporter: well, what we have learned this morning as of the 8:00 a.m. national hurricane center advisory that florida will more than likely experience landfall of the eye of this currently category 3 hurricane matthew, 115 miles-an-hour. the trajectory on the spaghetti models has shown this morning, hitting a little further south down the peninsula. the governor is huging all florida residents who live on the eastern half of the florida peninsula, prepare for direct impact. it not to say that you will get a direct impact where you are, but you must be prepared because, if you don't prepare, it could be too late and it could be deadly. here is the governor moments ago.
6:56 am
>> we have to prepare for a direct hit. we'll likely start to see impacts within our state within the next 24 hours and last through the weekend. this is very slow moving storm. that means people have less than 24 hours left to prepare, evacuate, and shelter. having a plan in place could mean the difference between life and death. reporter: in haiti yesterday they're still dealing with it today, after this then category 4 hurricane slammedded into the western part of that poor, impoverished island nation. they're still struggling to figure out all of the missing, how many dead. but the reports are multiple people, it is now barreling through the bahamas. and the hurricane warning for florida now extends from broward county all the way up the coastline, basically to jacksonville. everyone needs to be prepared. there are long lines at gas stations.
6:57 am
long lines at grocery stores. in fact some gas stations that we found here are already closed because they are out of fuel. back to you, martha. martha: phil, thank you very much. more to come on that. take a quick break. we'll be right back. t stare at . see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur... ...tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms... ...such as fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen.
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martha: the running mates came ready to play last night and they did not disappoint. both of course claimed it was a victorious night for their side welcome to hour two of america's newsroom. we are in the middle of the thick of this thing. bill: how are you? martha: i feel great. bill: 70 million was the record.
7:01 am
2008. i think a lot of people were watching last night. martha: i think so, too. i think they are engaged in the other crazy characters in this story. they were pretty interesting. bill: these are the nominees debating in farmville, virginia. pence and kaine aiming their biggest attacks at the candidates at the top of the ticket. >> we have a son deployed in the marine corps right now. we trust hillary clinton as commander in chief, but the thought donald trump as commander-in-chief scares to us death. >> when hillary clinton was the architect of obama's foreign policy we see parts of the middle east literally spinning out of control. >> donald trump always puts himself first. in the words of his own campaign
7:02 am
staffer he built his business off the backs of the little guy. >> hillary clinton and tim kaine want more of the same. it's remarkable. donald trump and i would never support legislation that punished women who made the heartbreaking choice to tend a pregnancy. >> why did donald trump say that? >> he's not a polished politician like you and hillary clinton. martha: fox news "digital politics" editor joins us now. there are other people here. martha: i'm anxious to know what you think about last night. five weeks from now, will last night have mattered? >> well, we want to be careful not to overcook this turkey because it is a vice
7:03 am
presidential debate. they did the most important thing for them, which is to do no harm to the top of the ticket. they didn't hurt, mike pence helped quite a bit. but neither of them hurt their ticket. how well did mike pence do? it depend on how many people were watching and how many people care. but if he did one thing that's very, very important, he showed his boss how to do it. donald trump was not able to let insults and attacks go by in the first debate. pence just ignored him. he stayed on message. absorbed the blow, then got back on point. martha: when you are a moderator, one of the most frustrating things politicians do is pivot. donald trump even gauges people. if you keep going down that
7:04 am
road, he keeps going down that road, too. it will be interesting to see if he changes that in terms of his structure when he gets to st. louis. in terms of mike pence, did he stabilize the wobbly trump voter? did he help those people? >> i think when you look at where the praise for pence came from, paul ryan and traditional establishment republicans came out and said this is good. this is what we wanted. this is what we are talking about. and it was the traditional stuff. he wasn't doing the populist stuff of donald trump. he was doing an ideological conservative message. i don't know how much sway it will have with suburban moms. but it will remind conservatives, they used to really like mike pence and he
7:05 am
was a guy they hoped would run for president, not vice president. martha: tim kaine, part of his job was to hammer home the message that democrats and his ticket believe donald trump doesn't have the right temperament. when he said my son is a marine and it scairts us to death -- scares us to death to have donald trump as a commander-in-chief. >> how cool is it to have these two guys to have their families making that sacrifice. that says something good for both of these people and both of these tickets. how effective was tim kaine? they could have sent a video monitor to sit in the seat and play back loops of donald trump saying appalling or shock or con founding things. that's what kaine was there to
7:06 am
do, was to repeat, repeat, repeat. it was like he had so many talking points and sound bites in his head he was afraid he wasn't going to get them all out. martha: it was very apparent that they were practiced lines. you are supposed to internalize those lines and make them feel like they are just coming out of your mind. >> hillary clinton had a few lines like that in her debate. pence is good at deflecting and not answering questions. we are here journalists praising people for people to defeat questions. martha: objecquestions.. temperature. >> he was able to deliver them
7:07 am
with the appearance, i was just sitting here, it's interesting, and now, blah, blah, blah blah blah. martha: thank you very much, chris stirewalt. bill: a bit later we'll talk to wisconsin governor scott walker. he played tim kaine in rehearsals. when pence was here he said walker was really tough in these mock sessions they were having. reuters is justcross crossing. upward of 50 million watched the debate. that would be significantly lower than 2008 palin versus biden, but still a good turnout. martha: we'll see how long people watched. people say the first 0 minute is what most people hang in there for. bill: the top of the ticket
7:08 am
about now get the focus again. donald trump hitting the trail. dan springer is in henderson, nevada. how does that battleground state shape up? >> in less than five weeks to go, this race is in a virtual tie. donald trump, hillary clinton working hard for nevada's six electoral votes. the polls show it with hillary clinton having less than a 1% lead. trump has an event in henderson, nevada. then wraps up with reno in the afternoon. he was in prescott, trying to hold on to a competitive state. trump blasted and tried a new
7:09 am
counter attack on the issue of her not paying income tax. >> she could have changed the laws when she was in the united states senate but she didn't. she named a few b that's all she did. the reason she did not do that is her donors and contributors have used those same tax laws as i did. reporter: trump cited george soros as having used the same tax laws. the democrats are working hard for this state. this is a well weather state. the person who won the election has won this state in every presidential election except for one dating back to 1948. they have a huge ground game in place. senator elizabeth warren was in las vegas yesterday. tim kaine will be there
7:10 am
tomorrow. warren appealed to the growing hispanic population to register and get out and vote. president obama got 70% of that latino vote in 2012. >> he's a two-bit conman who may be one of the worst businessmen in modern history. that's one more reason he won't be president of the united states. reporter: the shifting demographics with those who don't have a college education, a group donald trump has done well with. martha: prosecutors in brussels saying two police officers have been stabbed in an attack they believe could be terror related.
7:11 am
belgium is on high alert since the terrorist attacks on the brussels subway. bill: governor pence took aim pat the he merging threat last night. >> the clinton foundation is one of the highest rated charities in the world. bill: kaine made his case. but does it hold water? martha: who made the better case to handle russia and vladimir putin. bill: questions over trump's taxes. is that fair game? >> his tax returns show he went through a very difficult time. but he used the tax coat way it was supposed to be used, and he did it brilliantly.
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
martha: last night tim kaine took the opportunity to repeatedly hit donald trump on the issue of not releasing his tax returns. and he questioned mike pence on donald trump not paying taxes. >> with regard to not paying taxes and people saying he didn't pay tax for years. donald trump has created tens of thousands of jobs and paid
7:16 am
payroll taxes and -- >> i'm interested in hearing if he will defend his running mate not releasing taxes and not paying taxes. martha: joe trippi, and brad blakeman, good to have you here. this issue is not going away. it takes many forms. how would you advise donald trump to handle this in st. louis. >> the way he handled everything. tell the truth. lay it out to the american people. be the plain-speaking person people are looking for in an outsider. i pay my taxes. i only pay what i owe. and by the way, i'm not a defendant, i'm a candidate. i don't have a civil or criminal action by the irs. i play by the rules. i did not make the rules. i'm a citizen who is seeking
7:17 am
political office. and if i do get the office i seek i'll change the rules. it's unfair to criticize somebody for following the rules. >> that's a better answer than they have been doing. it's more consistent with what he's trying to say. he presidential candidate for 40 years has released their taxes. he won't do it. that will allow the democrats, the clinton campaign, the press to ask why. particularly when his own tax plans will save him and his family billions more but doesn't change anything for 99% of americans. so they will keep pressing. the clinton campaign is clearly going to keep pressing. i don't think that the trump campaign has found a way to push back on this that will be
7:18 am
effective yet. brad's way of going at it is probably the best they can do short of releasing his tax returns which he's not going to do. >> i thought he gave a cogent answer to this when he was speaking on a campaign stop. he talked about the loss the company took, and they took advantage of laws that exist for that purpose. but i think what joe is getting at -- i think people will give him a break on that part of the story. releasing your tax forms, i wonder how many people actually -- you say every president has done it. i wonder how many of them look at it. i doubt they dig into any of this information once it comes out. no doubt the press would. >> it's true, it's the battle of the experts. i can produce 10 experts who will say y and the democrats can produce experts that will say z.
7:19 am
the code is so convoluted, that's what happens. the code invites violations. martha: as you say, you will find experts on both sides who are seeing different things in these numbers. here is eric trump when he was asked about his far it and taxes yesterday. >> have you seen your father's tax returns? >> have you seen your tax returns. >> of course i have seen my father's tax returns. it goes so far beyond federal income tax. how about real estate and employment taxes and sales tax. martha: it seems to me this is the answer. that's the way for him to go to
7:20 am
talk about the incredible burden on companies in this country under taxes and how con row lute and mired you -- how convoluted and mired it is. >> if he had been talking about the need to change all this in a way, change this part of the loopholes. i think he might have more leverage and more credibility there. that's the whole problem here. he's been bragging about what a great businessman he was. he can solve all these problems by releasing his tax returns. everyone else pays the taxes he's talking about. everybody pays property taxes and excise taxes. most americans day income taxes.
7:21 am
martha: he took a 90 million dollar loss. if you deduct anything on your income tax you are playing by that same rule. >> if the banks forgave the loss, he then in later tax returns would have had to lower the carry forward -- the amount he carried forward. we don't know that he did that. there are all kinds of questions that would be cleared. martha: he's not being investigated. he's a candidate, not a defendant. >> he's running for president of the united states, you are a defendant when you do that. bill: mike pence was determined to bring up the clinton foundation last night and he did. pence got a little help from wisconsin governor scott walker. walker was the one who got pence ready for the debate last night.
7:22 am
7:23 am
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7:25 am
>> while she was secretary of state the clinton foundation accepted tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments and foreign donors. this is basic stuff. foreign donors, and certainly northern governments cannot participate in the american political process. they cannot make financial contributions. but the clintons found out a way to create a foundation where foreign donors and governments could donate millions of dollars. bill: mike pence was determined to get this topic in.
7:26 am
the clinton foundation just filed three years of tax forms disclosing some of their donors. byron york in richmond, virginia today. pence was determined to bring this up. i don't believe it was prompted at all. >> no, and he made an effective point and he was on solid grounds. the question of foreign donation to the clinton foundation was a problem all the way along. the senate committee that confirmed hillary clinton as secretary of state worried about it. the obama administration had a memorandum of understanding with hillary clinton that this would not take place, and in fact it did. now it's still such an issue that bill clinton said he would distance himself from the clinton foundation. sit would not accept any foreign donations if hillary clinton were to become president.
7:27 am
bill: in the mosaic of this election, how are you able to measure whether voters are paying attention to this point. >> the deal is, do they study the ins and outs of the clinton foundation? no. but a republican strategist would say this contributes to hillary clinton's the honest and strut worthy issue. she is probably in the 30% of people who say she is honest and trustworthy. donald trump with his shorthand calls her crooked hillary, and they would say this probably plays into that. >> did kaine offer a defense that you heard? >> no, he wasn't particularly effective. his defense was to attack the trump foundation. there are questions certainly about the trump foundation. the new york attorney general
7:28 am
who is a hoik supporter and member of her leadership council sent a cease and desist order to the trump foundation because it did not file the appropriate paperwork with the state of new york. then we found out some arms of the clinton foundation had not filed some paperwork as well. my guess is you will see both sides just continue to attack the other, hoping some of it sticks. bill: thank you, byron. martha: florida braces for a possible direct hit. take a look at that. curving you have the coast all along florida it's called hurricane matthew. it wreaked quite a bit of devastation in haiti. it's moving up the coast and we'll keep you posted. bill: how did mike pence get ready for his one and only.
7:29 am
governor scott walker helped prepare him. he will talk to us live next. >> as governor of the state of indiana, i have no higher priority than the safety and security of the people my state. you beth i suspends that. if i'm vice president and donald trump is president we'll put the safety and security of the american people first. it only takes a second for an everyday item
7:30 am
7:31 am
to become dangerous. new tide pods child guard pack. helps keep your laundry pacs safe and your child safer. align, press and unzip.
7:32 am
martha: officials up and count southeast u.s. coast need to get ready for the worst, potentiallying a it churns hurricane matthew through the water. it's category 3. heavy rains, strong winds, dangerous storm surge expected as it heads up the coast. you have got supplies flying off the shelves as they always do.
7:33 am
projections show powerful storms could be close to florida sometime tomorrow evening. janice dean has more. >> i'm concerned, very concerned as this storm is strengthening again. made thrsm across cuba and lost some of its strength. but look at the last few frames of this. that eye is coming back and this storm is intact and we are expecting to regain strength to a strong category 4 storm. on the doorstep of the east coast of florida. hurricane watches and warnings in effect along the coast. we'll see those extend up the coast of georgia pant carolinas. they haven't had hurricanes warnings in 8 year's along the east coast. the governor says we are not joking around here. this is a major hurricane that
7:34 am
could bring catastrophic damage to the east coast if it makes landfall, and there is potential of that. it's moving northwest. the closest it will make landfall will be overnight tomorrow night into friday. we are talking about the gulf stream here. that's the warmest temperatures along the coast, and that could strengthen the storm as it's potentially riding up the coast. this is a very dangerous situation. i'm so concerned that people need to take these warnings seriously. look how close that eyewall is coming to the shore. that's thursday 10:00 p.m. and it makes its closest clip along the shores of georgia and the carolinas. the danger of this moving to the west is a category 4, and if it moves to the atlantic which would be the greatest case scenario. that would be 50-60 miles an
7:35 am
hour. this is hours of coastline this storm will potentially ride up. this is such a serious situation. then martha it looks like some of the computer models are make it do a loop off the coast in the weekend and early next week. you have to listen to your local officials. this is such a dangerous situation unfolding. martha: people see these things come and go and turn into nothing. they haven't seen anything like this. reporter: in a decade. there are people living on the coast of florida who probably never dealt with a hurricane before. >> i would love to hear governor pence tell me what's so enjoyable or comical about nuclear war? >> did you work on that one a long time because it had a lot
7:36 am
of creative lines in it. >> i will see if you can defend it. >> after traveling millions of miles as secretary of state and being the architect of the foreign policy of this administration, america is less safe today than it was the day that barack obama became president of the united states. bill: governor pence deflecting the attack by governor kaine. governor scott walker played the role of senator kaine helping mike pence get ready. >> our prayers go out to all those people in florida and the carolinas and georgia. bill: as a governor you know that firsthand. i know you are going to tell me your guy did great. but why don't you tell me what you were trying to do in the mock debates that you expected tim kaine to do. >> i think by objective measures
7:37 am
mike pence hit all the right marks. and it's interesting. when i played tim kaine for the last month getting together on the weekends with my good friend mike pence, i think my lines weren't even as canned as his were last night. i took the language i heard tim kaine say for months and years. he repeated almost word for word exactly the things i said during debate prep which shows clearly they have an intense pattern, they must have tested it. they have done focus groups. they think the canadian attacks will work. but instead i think americans saw mike pence and how important and well mike pence did, but how the most important decision a presidential candidate can make is who is going to be their second in command. america saw last night that donald trump picked someone who is prepared to be the president in the worst case scenario but who is also prepared to be a partner with the president to
7:38 am
get things done. hillary clinton picked the dnc of the past to be an attack dog. if that was her goal, that's what he did. bill: was it your expectation he would go after trump the way he did. >> absolutely. we assumed from the get-go he would barely answer the questions. sometimes you had to scratch your head and think what was the question to begin with because it was nowhere near what he was spewing. he put one attack after another after another. i think mike pence did a nice job hitting back those attacks. hitting all the marks. talking about how hillary clinton has been a failure in terms of lying to the american people about her eachs that put our national security at risk. she lied to the families of the fallen in benghazi. she has a clear conflict of interest with the state department and the clinton
7:39 am
foundation. bill: as you tick all those off. what were the points that governor pence was determined to make last night. >> i thought one of the best points is something that might not be as obvious. when he was asked about hillary clinton calling half of his and donald trump's supporters deplorable and irredeemable. i thought the overall discussion he had was a compelling argument to say how can you govern america. how can you lead this great country when you loathe half of the people of your opposition. it's one thing to disagree with a candidate. but it's something different between just disagreeing with people and making the argument and knowing you have to govern for everyone, versus hillary clinton whose comments suggest she loathes a good chunk of america. i think mike did fabulous job explaining what that is. if you want border security and
7:40 am
a safe environment and want to take back your kahn tri. bill: mike pence said you were tough on him during the debate prep. i'll take his word for it. ron johnson, republican governor in your home state. he's in a rematch with russ feingold. the polling suggests johnson is down considerably, perhaps 8-9 points. i don't know if you agree with that polling. but the election in general. where do you think the 8 of the race is today between donald trump and hillary clinton. >> it's tight in my state. the last public poll had it a few points between trump and clinton. i think the same thing is true between senator russ feingold and ron johnson. they fired senator feingold because he was the deciding vote
7:41 am
on obamacare. 8 years ago he said he wouldn't take the majority of his money from out of state. now he broke that with his super pacs. i think if you look at the facts, we have a shot of ron johnson prevailing in the senate race and donald trump and mike pence winning in wisconsin. they don't like hillary clinton. donald trump has to step up to the same level mike pence showed last night, that he's ready to take on washington and put the american people back in charge of the government. bill: thank you, scott walker. thanks. martha: senator tim kaine slamming donald trump and mike pence for past comments he said praised vladimir putin. but either candidate offer a real plan to deal with the serious issue of moscow? >> vladimir putin is a dictator. he's not a leader. anybody who thinks otherwise
7:42 am
doesn't know russian history and they don't know vladimir putin.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
martha: tim kaine and mike pence sparred last night over putin, russia, and foreign policy issues. kaine accused trump and pence of praising a dictator while pence said clinton was the cause of the problems when she did the restart. dictating terms to the united states to the point where all the united states of america, the greatest nation on earth, just withdraws from talks about a ceasefire while vladimir putin puts a missile defense system in syria while he marshalls the forces.
7:46 am
>> hillary has the ability to stand up to russia. it's clear trump has business dealing with russian ole garks connected to putin. martha: nor john barrasso, thank you for being with us. what did you make of that back and forth. >> first let me point out i think governor pence had a great night. it's obvious why donald trump chose him. and really dealing with the national security concerns that we all have in terms of keeping the homeland safe. mike pence made the real case of change the relationship and the way we are looked at worldwide.
7:47 am
we need to replace a policy of weakness with a policy of strength. and vladimir putin can smell the weakness. martha: it's an issue democrats are potentially vulnerable on. but many people get nervous about that. too. here is mike pence talking about his view of the condition of the middle east right now. >> we see entire portions of the world, particularly the wider middle east spinning out of control. the situation we are watching hour by hour in syria today is a result of the failed foreign policy and the weak foreign policy that hillary clinton helped lead in this administration and create. martha: john mccain wrote an editorial in today's "wall street journal." he said if we don't do something forceful in syria we'll be at war there for a very, very long time. >> we have this unwhoy alliance
7:48 am
with russia, syria and iran. in terms of russia's strength, hillary clinton is the one who negotiated the strategic arms reduction talks. when that went into place, the united states had 250 more nuclear warheads than did russia. the numbers that just came out say that now five years later russia has 400 nuclear warheads more than the united states. that's what hillary clinton negotiated. tim kaine is on the foreign relations committee, he ought to know that. martha: when you look at this race, the argument from hillary clinton and tim kaine, in that kind of world, donald trump isn't the kind of person you want running things. that he would be too rash and doesn't have the right temperament. >> what we have seen is weakness from this administration. there is no place where we have
7:49 am
a better relationship in terms of strength than when barack obama and hillary clinton came into office. what the american people want is the country to be the most powrlful and respected worldwide. with regard to russia we need to reaffirm what's going on with nato, strengthen our relationships there. i'll be in the middle east this coming week. we need to do more in terms of the cyber attacks coming at us. the president says he can use additional sanctions. who's leading the attacks? it's russia. he ought to be using energy as a weapon of power. we have such an abundance, yet the president and environmentalists are shutting it down.
7:50 am
hillary clinton is headed in the wrong direction and donald trump and mike pence will take us in the right direction. mike pence made the case last night. bill: jon scott is coming up next on "happening now." jon: some new analysis ahead of last night's vice presidential debate. will it change the momentum of this race? we are expecting to hear from mike pence in the next hour. we are awaiting a statement from the white house on hurricane matthew taking aim on florida and the carolinas. bill: jonjon, thank you. that was governor terry mcauliffe cutting a rug last night after the debate.
7:51 am
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martha: terry mcauliffe appall jiegs for dancing in public. he apologized saying he broke the cardinal rule about dancing. he wasn't wearing lamp shade or anything like that. bill: 6 minutes before the hour. problems plaguing the va hospital in phoenix. why is this still happening, doug? reporter: the short answer is
7:55 am
the veterans administration is a massive bureaucracy. it's like an ocean liner turning around in a swimming pool. but even the inspector general is mired in the same bureaucratic quicksand as plagues the va. it's nearly impossible to tell from this i.g. report how many veterans die from not being scene. it identifies hundreds much others who died before their scheduled appointments. it doesn't make clear whether they would have been elderly or whether treatment would have helped them at all.
7:56 am
they had 5,500 consults that exceeded 30 days. these were problems that were supposed to have been corrected as you well know, by now, bill. bill: indeed. and that mission continues. doug mcelway is on that story. martha: a few minutes from now we expect to get an update from the national hurricane center. we'll see what the latest track is. maybe it's something that will make people feel better. road happy.
7:57 am
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(announcer vo) you can commute. (man on radio) ...40! no flags on the play! (cheering) (announcer vo) or you can chest bump. yo commute, we got serious game. siriusxm. road happy. bill: this is usually when we talk about the rest our schedule today. martha: you are? bill: i do one lucky guy. but today times two. and you? martha: so i'll be on with in o'reilly this evening. we'll talk to brian kilmeade
8:00 am
because you are going to be on "outnumbered." bill: this our day planner. martha: thank you for being here and you have a dine your calendar, too. bill: we'll see you tomorrow. "happening now" starts now. martha: good-bye, everybody. [♪] jon: we'll be here for the next hour as well as 1:00 p.m. eastern. fallout from last night fiery faceoff. good morning you have to. i'm jon scott. jenna: governor mike pence and tim kaine' exchanging blows. >> we trust hillary clinton as president and commander-in-chief, but the not of done * as commander-in-chief scares us to death he's not a polished politician like you and hillary clinton. >> if you


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