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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  October 5, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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of the texas. and now -- >> i started launching estes rockets as a kid. still love them. and he gets to play with the ring thing. when you've -- >> that's what happened when you're a billionaire. "america's election headquarters starts right now. we begin with this fox news alert, there is a monster churning toward the u.s. right now. a slow-moving, but powerful category three hurricane named matthew. hello everyone, i'm sandra smith. the question is when and how bad this blow might be after the storm hit haiti and cuba as a category four hurricane, and now it moves through the bahamas. people are battening down the hatches across the shores of four states. in florida, the national hurricane center extending the warning northward along 600 miles of coast. georgia, people in at least 13 counties there are under great threat. south carolina, more than a quarter of the state's population could be affected
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there, and in north carolina, more than one and a half million people are at risk. our chief meteorologist has the very latest live in the fox extreme weather center. rick, it's a matter of time now before we see this hit florida. >> yeah, certainly as you said slow-moving. that's a big key. the slower it moves, the worse it is. you have longer time to deem with the strong winds. the latest advisory just came in from the national hurricane center. winds at 120 miles an hour. the pressure came up a little bit. we're not seeing the strengthening of at least in the short term. it went over 80 and the eastern tip here at cuba, but now it's back over the water here and in the bahamas that is incredibly warm at record level high temperatures and the baja many island chains. it's not going to break the storm apart at all. hurricane warnings in effect here. as you set up for the coast of florida. as well. and by tomorrow late afternoon into early evening, we're going
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to feel the tropical storm force winds and the hurricane-forced winds right here along the coast. now very important, we can't tell you if this goes 20 miles one direction, 20 miles in another direction. we think it's going to go parallel to the coast, but big difference, depending on which kind of side it goes. if it goes out a little bit. that would be great news. lessen the impacts. it goes a little bit to the left, it'll be bigger impacts along the coast. and that certainly is a trend we're seeing. in fact we might be watching the eye wall of this storm be very, very close right here to the coast for a number of hours. starting around west palm beach going all the way up to around jacksonville, and if that happens, you will see a lot of area that gets incredibly devastating winds and storm surge and incredible devastation to a lot of the beaches. rainfall totals, now the worst of the storm generally is on the right side. if we see this stay offshore, the worst of the rain and wind will be on the eastern side of that, they will heap the rainfall totals a little bit
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lower. i'm sure we'll see spots up in around the ten inch rain. and the official forecast gets us friday morning, a category four storm right here off the shore of the space coast that could again be a little bit further to the left which would have bigger impact, but a category four storm is a major hurricane and if it makes land fall would be the first time we've seen that in a long time. nevertheless, we'll see the impacts then we'll see this move up here across the carolinas. yesterday we were thinking that a system would pull that up off towards the north. doesn't look like that's going to be happening. off the coast of the carolinas and maybe linger across parts of the southeast, sandra. >> wow, certainly keep watching it. thank you. well residents in florida racing to get supplies as hurricane matthew inches closer. and that includes stocking up on fuel. gas lines right now, like this one, are common today around miami and up the east coast of florida. and that's by the fwa there's still gas left. many of them running out. here's a live look at traffic
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lines in charleston, north carolina. road crews starting to close down roads and preparing hurricane evacuation routes. people are thankfully taking this very seriously in evacuating where they are being told. all right. we'll bing you any news as it comes. meanwhile donald trump back on the campaign trail holding two rallies in the swing state of nevada today. real clear politics average of polls shows hillary clinton leading by less than a point. we're now just 34 days out from the election and time is ticking toward the next presidential debate this weekend. senior national correspondent john roberts is live in reno where trump will hold a rally tonight. all right john, we're counting down the days here. we're getting close. >> i'll tell you sandra, the lights barely got out in the vice presidential debate, we're looking forward to sunday night in st. louis for the second presidential debate. town hall format. donald trump here in nevada today. first quick, a snapshot of what's going on in another big battleground state, ohio, new
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poll out shows hillary clinton with a lead 44 to 42 over donald trump. gary johnson with five points in that poll. while that is different than a lot the other polls compared to the last poll that was out in the 22nd of august, when hillary clinton was up by four points. so her lead has been cut in half. and what's interesting is that gary johnson's fortunes have been falling there. he was polling at ten points back in august. as i said a second ago, now down at five points. donald trump with a number of events here in the silver state today. he was at a private school in las vegas squus just a little while ago. he's also going to visit a restaurant there. then he's going to rally in henderson outside of las vegas. then he'll come here to reno, of course the big topic of conversation today, the performance that his running mate, mike pence, put in at the debate in longwood university in virginia. mike pence coming back out to the campaign trail this morning. even though people say that he won it, he credited the victory
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to donald trump. listen to what pence said just a short time ago. >> from whe sat, donald trump won the debate. [ applause ] donald trump's vision to make america great again won the debate. [ applause ] and when we take that vision to every corner of virginia and every corner of this great nation, this movement, that man, and that vision, are going to win all the way to the white house. >> pence's performance last night at longwood was a lesson in a couple of things. preparation. he prepared diligently with governor scott walker of wisconsin standing in for tim kaine. and another thing that mike pence, i mean he perfected this a long, long time ago, and that is the pivot. when he's asked a question he doesn't want to the answer, and a lot of those questions were about donald trump and donald trump's policies and things that he has said, he pivots to a completely different topic and
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doesn't answer the question that was asked. he answers the question he wanted to answer. >> something that many criticized donald trump in the first debate for not doing too much of. trump's got his next big night on sunday. john, what's he doing to prepare for that? >> reporter: well, the trump campaign has been looking at the changing fortunes in the battleground states since the first meeting with hillary clinton a week ago monday, and they're saying what donald trump really needs to do now is prepare a lot more diligently for this upcoming debate than he did for the very first one. they've cleared most of his schedule for tomorrow. he is going to head one event, he is scheduled for friday, completely cleared. then one event on saturday. they are planning lolts of debate preparation, and one of the things he does is take advantage of any opportunity and as mike pence did last night, pivot to a different topic when asked a question you don't want to answer. >> good stuff john roberts, thank you. as we await donald trump, the vice presidential nominee traded shots last night mostly aimed at each other's running
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mate. here's governor pence hitting kaine and hillary clinton on the troubles in the middle east. >> in the wake of hillary clinton's tenure at secretary of state, where she was the architect of the obama administration's foreign policy, we see entire porkss of the world, particularly the wider middle east spinning out of control. >> meantime, senator kaine taking aim at donald trump and governor pence, clanling they had nothing but praise for russian president vladimir putin. >> you've got to be tough on russia. let's start by not praising vladimir putin as a great leader. donald trump and mike pence have said he's a great leader. and donald trump has -- >> no we haven't. >> business dealings, has business dealings with tlooush he refuses to disclose. >> here now, jamie ruben, former assistant secretary of state and senior media advisor for national security affairs for hillary for america. and by the way, it's your first day on the job for the hillary clinton campaign. >> it is. >> acting formerly now. >> yes, that's true, that's
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true. day one. >> surrogate before. >> yes. >> all right. don't screw up. i'm just joking. let's get right to it. was there a winner last night? who do you feel came out on top of the debate? >> i think it's important to look at the whole movie and not a snapshot. i know that people focussed on some stylistic questions, i'm in the substance business. and in the substance business, as your set-up suggested, there are some big issues, and i think the winner in a way was mike pence, but mike pence for 2020. and i say that because on russia, last night something happened that i haven't seen in a long, long time. the vice president took a position fundamentally opposed to the president on his ticket. trump says and these are trump's position. don't arm the ukrainians to fight russia. don't care that crimea has been incorporated into russia. potentially lift sanctions on russia. that's donald trump. and last night, let me finish,
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please. and last night, pence took the exact opposite position. he acted like russia has been an aggressor, russia has been aggressive on the world stage. and he started saying the kinds of things that president obama and hillary clinton have been saying. to trump and pence have a different position on a big, big issue -- >> harder time. i mean, pence's words that the country's provocation need to be met with the strength. stand up to trump noting that they had praised putin. >> well see, i think they're very, very worried about this issue of what potentially might come out about donald trump's hundreds of millions of dollars over the year and business with russia. so pence took the opposite position. really, a 180 degree. you know, john talked about a pivot in the question. this is a full reversal of their position. because as you said, pence took the hardline position, russia
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should be met with aggressive stance, not saying that putin's great a leader, not lifting sanctions on russia the way donald trump said. so that's a full 180. >> russia has a big moment, but pence spent some time going after hillary clinton and tim kaine on hillary clinton's track record on the middle east. fair? >> yeah, he did. i guess what i would say about that is that half of the things he complained about really ought to have been directed at the george bush administration. we invaded iraq, obviously people could agree or disagree on whether we should have gone in, but clearly it hasn't gone very well. we're still there after a dozen years practically, we're still there. the civil war continues. now, mike pence wants to blame that on hillary. when george bush set the withdrawal deadline for iraq, and mr. pence praised the troops when they left. donald trump called for the troops to leave. so instead of blaming everybody, and that's what it was, it was a
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big blame america game for mr. pence, we've got problems and together we should deal with them. >> now on day one, as the senior media advisor for national security affairs for the clinton campaign. do you change the direction of the campaign at all? >> well i think that's wharnt now is to focus on the substantive issues. russia's a big topic. it could be discussed for 20 minutes, half an hour. i'd love to see the two candidates, the next debate, really pick one subject and really explore it so the public understands who's got the subtly, who know hos tow make a deal with russia -- >> we should expect more from hillary on sunday night? >> i hope she gets the chance to talk about foreign policy because she'll hit it out of the park. >> good luck. >> thanks. breaking news on the national security front, contractor working for the nsa arrested. now the fbi wants to know if he took tools used to hack other governments. and a man on trial for murder in the death of his son in a hot
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car. we have more on what some call the father's questionable behavior as others tried to save the boy's life. >> oh my god, where's my son? picking up for kyle.
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fox news alert. the fbi arresting a contractor with the national security agency accused of stealing classified information. as agents look into whether he stole and shared computer codes, used a hack into foreign government networks. the suspect reportedly worked for the same firm as edward snowden. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live with the latest on this breaking story, hey catherine. >> within the last hour these
11:17 am
court documents were filed by the government providing significant detail about the serious allegations against a 51-year-old contractor, identified as harold thomas martin iii of maryland. among the documents found, six that contained sensitive intelligence, meaning they were produced through sensitivity government sources or methods that are critical to national security issues and they date back to 2014. all the documents were clearly marked as classify information according to to the criminal complaint. also, he voluntarily gave an interview to the fbi that read sns part, "martin first denied and later when confronted, admitted he took documents and digital files from his work assignment to his residence and vehicle that he knew were classified. he was not authorized to take this material home." as we all know, doesn't matter whether it's classified or marked classified or not, matters is the contents the government found it was
11:18 am
classified information. >> how bad is the damage from all of this? >> well the new york times reported elements of this story first today before the documents were filed. and they reported that martin worked for booze allen hamilton, and both of them worked at the nsa. booze allen runs the programs building and operating the nsa's most sensitive system especially for cyber operations. and the theft included source code to break into computer systems of foreign governments. a short time ago, the white house responded. >> i think any time that we -- that information like this is released in the context of a criminal complaint the federal government is reminded of how important it is to be vigilant about protecting the national security of the country and information that is relevant to our national security.
11:19 am
this is certainly a situation that the department of justice takes seriously. >> it's unclear whether these secrets were in fact sold by martin that we part of what the intelligence community calls a damage assessment. i would note that one of the irregular lair distance in the clinton investigation is that despite having more than 2,000 classified e-mails, the intelligence community never did the required damage assessment that is necessary under the regulation. you can compare and contrast if you wish to in this case. >> a story we'll keep following for sure, catherine herridge, thank you. day three of the georgia father charged with murder after leaving his son in the hot car. the emotional testimony given by witnesses who tried to save the child's life. and we are tracking hurricane matthew as we led the top of the hour. the most powerful storm that we've seen in quite some time. and now threatens several southern and eastern states. when might it hit your state?
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we're tracking it and we'll tell you.
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fox news alert, you are looking at day three of the trial of a georgia man charged with murder in the hot car death of his young son. enters it's third day. testimony set to continue about justin ross harris. this after witnesses on the stand yesterday gave gripping firsthand accounts about efforts to save the toddler. questionable behavior by his father. trace gallagher is live with
11:24 am
more on that. >> the defense claims that justin ross harris didn't realize his life lesson was in his car until he was oulds of atlanta. and that this was nothing more than a horrible accident. but even the witnesses who helped the father pull his son out of the suv testified that something was off. listen knnow to the emotional testimony of a man who tried to save cooper harris. >> i don't know if he was doing cpr, i don't know what the hell -- it wasn't right what he was doing. i just kind of moved him out of the way. and started cpr. after the second breath, it was, you know -- there was nothing. it was blowing into busting bag. >> another witness who tried to help the boy says that ross harris just kept saying over and over, quote, i left him in the car. i left him in the car. and the police officer who arrested ross harris put him in
11:25 am
the back of the patrol car testified that after losing his son, the father complained that the patrol car was too hot. and that his handcuffs were too tight. the same officer later said that on the way to the police station, the father never mentioned his son and just nonchalantly stared out the window. but watch police dash cam video of ross harris sitting in the back of the patrol car. >> oh my god, what have i done? my boy! my boy! my boy! >> the dash cam also shows harris saying he swore he dropped his son off at day care, but prosecutors say harris left his son in the car on purpose because he wanted to focus on sexual liaisons with prostitutes and teenage girls. he has also been indicted for
11:26 am
exploiting underage girls, but harris's ex-wife we now have learned will testify on his behalf. the trial could be delayed on the direction this hurricane goes, sandra. >> wow, all right. trace, thank you. difficult case, obviously. let's bring in legal panel to talk more about it, johnna is the fornler prosecutor and defense attorney. eric guster is a criminal defense attorney. eric, you first. where does your blaef lie in this case, what happened? >> we're not totally sure, but the prosecution has a very tough road to go down to get a conviction. just because justin ross harris was a sleaze ball, he was nasty, he was gross -- >> they'll use that. >> of course they will. he was a sleaze ball that because he was, he killed his son. and that's a very difficult leap. and they don't have the smoking gun type of evidence where he made a confession or said i wanted my child dead.
11:27 am
although they have some circumstantial things they can try to place against him. they don't have -- i don't think they have a strong enough case. it's going to be very difficult. >> so johnna, you believe he's guilty. >> i see exactly the opposite. this is not a situation where someone is innocent until proven. he is going to have to prove his innocence, and he's not going to do it, sandra. there's three key pieces of evidence, not a smoking gun, but that will lead the man to a guilty verdict. there was only a two-minute window between the time that he took this child to breakfast at a fast food restaurant and got to his office. you forget your kid in the car in a two-minute window? i don't think so. >> people do it all the time. >> let's be clear, people don't do that all the time. there are instances that have happened of this, innocent instances. >> studies have shown that people forget their children. luckily -- >> for seven hours? >> it's not in a very hot car. mall and other things. >> the officers what we're hearing from the witnesses. as far as one of the officers on
11:28 am
the scene describing the tone of the father. listen to this. >> you don't think he was acting like somebody who just lost a child? >> not based on my experience. >> do you think he should have been crying more? >> i think it's unusual that he was not with his son. >> so obviously eric, that's her account. the way someone reacts to the death of their child we can never even imagine that moment, but that was at least one account. >> yeah. and people have react to death differently, and it's very hard for a jury, especially a jury looking at this case to say, well, how should he react? some people react to death where they get quiet. some people act out. so it really -- >> you're not sold on just that response. johnna, i want to get to one of the officers saying i told him things were as good as they were going to get. in the back seat of the squad car, he complained the car was
11:29 am
too hot, the handcuffs were too tight, and all that evidence is designed to do is make him as least sympathetic he can be in front of jury. also get a taste whf they bring the evidence that he was sexting and texting during that seven-hour period while his child was dying in the back of his car. >> that's before he knew the kad was back there. >> but you know what, they're also going to bring in thaefd he researched, sandra, how long it takes a child to die from heat in the back of a car. what parent does that? not only a parent who sfwoends kill their child. >> however johnna, the evidence connecting him to this is very weak. he does have an uphill battle, just like johnna said in the very beginning. he does have a problem because he was sexting and doing all those gross things, while the child was dying, i'm not sure if they have enough. >> you forget a gas cap, you don't forget your child. >> research has shown that. >> it's a stuff story. >> it is tough.
11:30 am
>> it is tough. >> we'll continue follow it. millions riveted by the race for the white house, many focussing on capitol hill. why more money is being spent on some of those races than the prime time affair itself. plus, drivers are lining up, gassing up, and stocking up ahead of hurricane matthew. it's baring down on the southeast right now, we're live on the florida coast. >> we're buying a bunch of canned food. a bunch of water. >> batteries, lanterns, flashlights. >> more canned goods, paper goods and stuff like that. i'm terrible at golf.
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fox news alert as hurricane matthew is on force for the southeast u.s. coast, florida could feel the affects within two or three days as the national hurricane center extended the warning northward. people in four states are boarding up homes and businesses emptying store shelves and filling their cars with gasoline all this after the storm slammed haiti and cuba as a category four storm. phil keeting is live from jupiter, florida, near west palm beach where people are getting ready for this one, phil. >> reporter: absolutely they are. long lines at gas stations like this one right here has been spilling out into the side streets. many down in deerfield beach were already closed up with all the pumps wrapped in yellow because there was no more fuel and i'm told that the ports are
11:35 am
just chalked full of tanker trucks trying to refuel so they can get back out and deliver to the gas stations. people were gassing up, also stocking up on water and food, preparing to possibly not have power for three to five days in some of the stores. walmart, k-mart, public grocery stores, empty shelves that's good news for the state of florida. have been concerned there might be come play san si among the people, not heating evacuation suggestions or mandatory order because it's been 11 long years since want last major hurricane has slammed or central florida. that was the year of wilma back in 2005 and the utility company's in the state of florida, duke energy and florida power and light have repositioned many of their vehicles so they can respond to
11:36 am
what are anticipated to be undoubtedly power outages in some parts, hopefully not too widespread. the current satellite loop of category three hurricane matthew shows it barrelling through the bahamas right now. dumping rain and wind with a storm surge that's four cats for florida to be anywhere from one to five feet. and the president's usualing everybody in the east coast to pay attention. back to you, sandra. >> hurricane matthew, we're watching it, thanks bill. while the media and the whole nation in general is focussed on the presidential race, more of the big money is actually flowing into the battle for the senate. republicans are locked in tough fights across the country to maintain control. and democrats need to pick up only five to win back the senate next year and only four if hillary clinton becomes president. chief national correspondent ed henry is live in washington. how can this be, ed? how could there be more money spent on tv ads for senate races
11:37 am
than the battle for the white house? >> well, good to see you, sandra. part is donald trump has smhake up how this campaign is waged. earned media, fox and other networks than paid media television and radio ads. and the washington post notes that in 27 states with big senate battles, candidate parties and outside groups have now spent a reserve $561 million for senate races. more than half a billion dollars while trump and hillary clinton and the outside groups, super pacs and others supporting them have spent a reserve just $346 million on tv ads. now among that $346 million, clinton is spending a lot more money than trump. she's also shelling out more money on traditional ground game, getting out to vote in key states. you can win without the traditional way of spending. whether that debt pays off, sandra. >> the massive battle for the
11:38 am
senate. >> you're right, it's basically all the high wattage tension on presidential race, but for campaign doers in both parties, they're trying just as hard to influence where one or two seats will decide who's in charge and for wealthy donors who simply don't like trump, helping mitch mcconnell has become their passion. largely because the chamber may decide the next two, three, four nominees. they deal with the confirmation battles. look at what the hill put together in term was spending on senate races. new hampshire, tiny new hampshire, $99.6 million. pennsylvania, $90.2 million. ohio, 79.6 million, nevada, $69 million and all five of those states with hot senate races and a lot of money being spent. they're also white house battlegrounds, florida, ohio, new hampshire. if clinton or trump breaks out in the next few weeks, that could swing control of the senate as well.
11:39 am
that's why so many are paying attention to it. >> most in new hampshire. good stuff. ed henry, good to see you, sir. >> good to see you. the topic of faith is playing an important role in this election and interesting role in last night's vice presidential debate as governor mike pence and senator tim kaine described how they balanced being a public servant with their personal beliefs. the deeply devout candidates sparring over social issues like the death penalty and abortion. shannon bream is live in d.c., good to see you, shannon. >> you too, sandra. >> sounds like they have a lot of agreement on some of these issues, but what's the critical difference on abortion? >> well, both men say that their faith is central to their lives and they are personally pro-life, but they disagree about whether that should impact their decision as elected officials. here are some of their exchange from the debates. >> that's what we ought to be doing in public life. living our lives of faith and motivation convincing each other
11:40 am
and important moral issues of the day. we should let women make their own decisions. >> there's a society can be judged by thousand deals with it's most vulnerable, the age, affirming, disabled, and unborn. i believe it with all my heart. and i couldn't be more proud to be standing with a pro-life candidate in donald trump. >> even mother tre is a, but it was clear they were not budging from their individual positions, sandra. >> shannon bream, what's been the reaction so far today to all of this? i know that that was a big moment last night. >> uh-huh. >> pro choice groups are praising the position. the president reacting to the debate said this, quote, senator tim kaine proved why he's the right man for the job of vice president. he reaffirmed his commitment to making sure women have access to abortion care. catholic leaders say that is an impossible balance for kaine to say he personally objects to abortion while also maintaining
11:41 am
a perfect voting score from groups like planned parenthood. >> on one hand, he's a national politician in the party that strongly endorses same-sex marriage and is pro choice while also claiming he's a deeply devout catholic. catholics in fact don't believe either of those things. >> recent polling from meris shows 78% of americans, pro life and pro choice favor restricting abortion to the first trimester. sandra. >> shannon bream, always good to see you. >> you too. we are awaiting donald trump at this hour in the swing state of nevada after the vice presidential face off where his running mate was put on the spot. >> when donald trump says women should be punished or mexicans are rapists and criminals -- >> i'm telling you -- >> john mccain is not a hero. he is showing you who he is. >> senator, you ripped out that mexican thing again. look -- >> can you defend it? across new york state,
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shepard smith, donald trump is speaking outside of las vegas. and this as fox news learns that trump is privately upset with mike pence's debate performance last night. even though he's publicly praising his running mate. brand new reporting from carl cameron. we'll have the details for you and much more as the top story on shepard smith reporting, top of the hour. we'll see you then. a growing voter fraud investigation in indiana. state police raiding a voter registration agency in indianapolis. they say hundreds of records and nine counties may contain fake names, addresses, and dates of birth. officials say the investigation could take weeks or even months to complete. and affected voters may not find out there's a problem until they turn up at the polls. folks in indiana can check their
11:46 am
registration right now bip going to as we await donald trump to give his first remarks since many believe his running mate mike pence won the vp debate last night, bill clinton walking back some of his comments slamming obamacare. meanwhile, hillary clinton taking a break from the campaign trail today to raise more money and prepare for sunday's big town hall. senior political correspondent mike emanuel is live in washington with the latest there. what have we heard from the clinton camp about tim kaine's performance last night? >> well sandra, clinton campaign chairman john podesta told reporters he is happy with the performance. kaine did a really good job and preparations are already under way for the next presidential debate. several members of hillary clinton's debate prep team were spotted walking into her washington home and podesta says the format in sunday's debate in st. louis should work well for
11:47 am
her. >> she listens hard and relates to people. and that's a format that donald trump isn't as used to. and so we'll see. i think it's a natural format for her. and she likes really engaging with people. we're looking forward to it. >> after some debate prep today, clinton will also do fundraising in the washington area this evening to make sure she has all the financial resources she needs in the final five weeks, sandra. >> and so much talk still about bill clinton and his obamacare comments, what is he saying now about that? >> well his wife the democratic nominee said last night she's committed to fixing what is broken about obamacare and keeping what works. former president bill clinton softened his remarks a day after calling the health care law a crazy system and criticizing what people are now paying for what he says is less coverage. mr. clinton says he supports the health care law and says it has done a great job ensuring 25 million more people. he also knows people with a preexisting condition can no
11:48 am
long ber denied insurance, but mr. clinton says there is a big problem with it that needs to be fixed. sandra. >> all right mike emanuel, thank you. i'll remind you again, we are now just moments away from hearing from donald trump. it will be the first time that we have heard from him since last night's big vp debate. he says his running mate won, mike pence, think we'll maybe see him do a victory lap? we'll have it for you live. went up the waterspout.
11:49 am
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fox news alert. donald trump about to hold a rally in henderson, nevada. a day after his running mate --
11:52 am
>> thank you, senator. >> praise vladimir putin as a great leader. how can you get through that? >> coming up here. >> but every president -- >> what does this have to do with nixon has done it. donald trump is saying he's doing business with russia. >> no, he hasn't said that. >> chris is a syndicated radio talk show host. leslie marshall. i'm laughing because we said we had a short snippet. really and truly that was a short version of the more than 70 interruptions that we heard last night. it was a fiery back and forth. your take, leslie? >> honestly, i'm not big on the interrupting.
11:53 am
i got to say, sapd ndra, i don' care who's doing that left or right. i think that's one of the things that actually worked in favor after the first presidential debate for hillary clinton, that she was calm and prepared and responded when people went to her. occasionally, people are going to speak out. what i was surprised at is, you know, i definitely saw more from tim kaine supporting and defending hillary clinton than i did from mike pence. i was kind of confused. i thought maybe chris you can help me with this, i thought mike pence was running but maybe yet laying the groundwork for 2020. >> that has been thrown about today. that has been thrown about today, chris. >> it has. it's a popular hypothesis. i think it was floated on one of the networks last night around 11:59 p.m. and got some traction. i don't think that's the case. he's representing the trump/pence ticket. i think he did a very solid job. i think that senator kaine came off as a bit wild eyed and out
11:54 am
of control and his temperament, if we may use that term in this context, was not the kind of temperament i'd like to see close to the president, whereas mike pence was very calm, cool, collected. the "washington post" declared him to be the big winner. they declared senator kaine to be the big loser in this whole thing. the "post" went on to say pence may have been the winner of the debate trump still lost the debate last night. >> there were some really awkward interruptions. >> there were. >> one of which was when kaine interrupted a point that pence was making on 99 /11 to say where he was. >> i was in washington, d.c., on the 9/11. i saw the clouds of smoke rise -- >> i was in virginia. the pentagon. >> i knew you were. we all lived through that day as a nation. it was heartbreaking. >> everyone's like, really? >> i was actually at the pentagon, myself, but we're not one upping one another here. he was in virginia. it's a big state.
11:55 am
he might have been down by north carolina. but he was in virginia. he just couldn't wait to interrupt. and he interrupted, honestly, every time mike pence was getting to a point, elaine quijano jumped in a few times also interrupting mike pence when he was making a point about the e-mail, foundation. it was obviously a strategy by kaine and the clinton people to step on him every chance they got. >> right. >> to disrupt. >> there was another moment where pence did, to step on kaine, leslie, and that was when kaine used what many said were a bucket of planned responses to something saying you either want the you're hired president or you're fired president. watch this, leslie, i'll get your take on the other side. >> do you want a you're hired president in hillary clinton, or do you want a you're fired president in donald trump? i don't think that's a hard choice. >> i appreciate the you're hired hire ed/you're fired thing. i think your running mate used a lot of pre-done lines.
11:56 am
>> leslie, some people saying, some critics say kaine was too scripted, too planned and too prepared. >> oh, actually, i would disagree on that. i think they both were. and actually i thought pence had a great performance. i think, chris, he should be your guy instead of trump, and i would be more worried in november. but with regard to those phrases, if you look historically at what people februa remember from debates, it is the catchy lines, there are phrases like that. when they think about, wait a minute, this guy isn't going to create as many jobs perhaps for america as she has, just as a basis from that line, that could actually gain one vote, possibly, after last night's debate from somebody who might be undecided. >> certainly pence used that as an opportunity to tout donald trump as the guy who has hired people, does employ people and knows how to run a business. >> right. >> chris, i'll give this one to you. oh, i'm told i wasn't looking at time cues and have to go. chris and leslie, very good to have you.
11:57 am
i'm sure we'll talk about more of this. >> thank you, sandra. >> we'll be right back. moment o. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take. (jim) victoza® lowers blood sugar in three ways. and while it isn't for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight. non-insulin victoza® comes in a pen and is taken once a day. (announcer vo) victoza® is not recommended as the first medication to treat diabetes and is not for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. do not take victoza® if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid cancer, multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if you are allergic to victoza® or any of its ingredients. stop taking victoza® and call your doctor right away
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all right. that's it for us on america's election hq. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. and here's shep. we begin with a fox news weather alert. mandatory evacuations have just begun in parts of florida. as massive hurricane matthew is strengthening and setting its sights on the state's east coast. forecasters say this storm could grind its way up part of the eastern seaboard and put millions of people in danger. we'll show you the latest storm track and give you the latest predictions from the national weather service and extreme weather center on exactly where it could hit. plus in politics, brand new reporting from our own carl py with his v.p. pick, mike pence, over his performance in last night's debate. we'll have the details from inside the campaign as trump holds a rally in henderson, nevada. also, a new poll shows just how close this


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