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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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♪ "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> i have been listening to the avalanche of insults coming out of senator kaine a moment ago. >> these were donald. >> hold on a second, governor. >> it is my time mo. >> it is. >> who won the vice presidential debate last night? we have the name and the reason for our verdict. talking points will run it down. >> when you become president, will you support and fund a more holistic approach to solve the problems and issues of veterans suicide, ptsd, tbi, and other related military, mental, and behavioral health issues? >> that question from a young marine ignited charges against donald trump. but what does the marine think about all of that? the factor exclusive. he will be here tonight.
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>> no one has happier no, one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the donald. we can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter like did we fake the moon landing. >> also ahead, why did donald trump run for president in the first place? might it be because he really really doesn't like president obama? >> what a shame. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins did right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the vice presidential debate and the election. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. well, it was livelier than i thought it would be. governor pence and senator kaine brought high
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presentation and very pointed attacks. mr. pence won the debate on points largely because he seemed more presidential and was more in control. according to abc news, senator kaine interrupted pence 70 times. the governor interrupted the senator 40 times. but there is no question that mr. kaine's demeanor hurt him. >> he has employed tens of thousands of people in this country. >> and paid taxes and lost a billion dollars a year. >> had a private server. >> i get to weigh in. >> she had a clinton foundation accepting contributions from foreign governments. >> you are donald trump's apprentice. let me talk about this. >> senator, i think i'm still on my time. >> well, think -- isn't this a discussion? >> well, it was a discussion but there were time limits for both of them. and that got out of control. the moderator, cbs news woman elaine quijano had a hard time containing things. >> senator. >> all right, gentlemen. >> going to to release the tax returns from the audited. >> ask you about social
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security. >> richard nixon released tax returns. [talking at the same time] >> they are going to raise your tax returns. >> if you can't meet nixon standards. >> the folks at home cannot understand either one of you when you speak over each other. >> what ms. quiajano called a time-out. had a whistle. time-out, explain to both candidates that only one speaks at a time. she should have done this firmly that would have embarrassed the guys and it would have been appropriate. the problem for both c.p.a. and pence was that they have to defend misstatements by their bosses. i say misstatements because both secretary clinton and donald trump have had to walk back stuff they've said. no surprise when candidates speaks as much as those two do there will be mistakes. also, positions will be clarified. that doesn't matter when politics are involved. >> when donald trump says women should be punished or mexicans are rapists and criminals. >> i'm telling. >> you o or john mccain is not a hero, he is showing you who he is. >> senator, you've whipped
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out that mexican thing again. look,. >> you can defend it? >> there are criminal aliens in this country, tim, who have come in to this country illegally who are perpetrating violence and taking. >> you want to take a broad brush against mexicans on that. >> and he also said and many of them are good people. you keep leaving that out of your quote. >> too much time was spent going back and forth about what clinton and trump have said in the past. >> if donald trump had said all the things that you have said he said in the way you said he said them, he still wouldn't have a fraction of the insults that hillary clinton leveled when she said that half of our supporters are a basket of deplorables. >> now, those kinds of attacks take away from issues. and it is here that pence made some strong points. >> iraq has been overrun by isis because hillary clinton failed to renegotiate -- >> -- more american troops in iraq you can propose that. >> hillary clinton failed to
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renegotiate a status of forces agreement. >> no. that is incorrect. >> gentlemen. if you just a moment. >> isis. >> i would like to move onto the economy. >> but i would like to correct. >> overrun vast areas. >> despite kaine's interruptions and the moderator trying to get off the topic, what pence said is absolutely true. the obama administration with hillary clinton as secretary of state failed to negotiate a deal that would have kept american troops in iraq. so, when mr. obama pulled the troops out of there, isis quickly took advantage, leading to the catastrophe we have today. that is rock solid fact. senator kaine, on the other hand, cannot seem interested in debating that reality. he constantly went back to the personality game. >> you guys have praised vladimir putin as a great leader. how can that. >> we will get to that, senator. >> he has got kind of a personal mount rushmore, vladimir putin, kim jong un, moammar qualify and saddam hughes sane. >> come on. >> it was only on the
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subject of abortion where there was some clarity. governor pence against most abortion solidly pro-life. senator kaine, who is catholic, says is he personally against abortion but supports changing laws to make the procedure easier and to have all-american taxpayers fund abortions. >> i have appreciated the fact that you have supported the hyde amendment which bans the use of taxpayer funding for abortion in the past. that's not hillary clinton's view. people need to understand we can come together as a nation. we can create a culture of life. more and more young people today are embracing levee because we know we are -- we're better for it. we can encourage people to support life, of course we can. but why don't you trust women? why doesn't donald trump trust women to make this point for themselves? >> talking points would like to make a personal comment to senator kaine. how can you create a culture of life when you support abortion on demand for any
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reason, any reason at any time? that permissive policy should have become would do grave damage to the unborn. now, the fact that governor pence was credible last night helps donald trump. because he selected the governor as his running mate. but there are reports today that some in the trump camp were disappointed that governor pence did not directly refute stuff like this. >> i just want to talk about the tone that is set from the top. donald trump, during his campaign, has called mexicans rapists and criminals. he has called women slobs, pigs, dogs, disgusting. i don't like saying that in front of my wife and my mother. >> talking points believes that kind of personal attack makes kaine look bad. and pence was wise to speak in support of trump's policies and stay away from the swamp. please hear me clearly. nobody wins in the swamp. nobody. and pence is smart enough to know that summing up, many
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trump supporters feeling good tonight. their v.p. candidate came across as smart, responsible and articulated. on the democratic side tim kaine proved himself to be a aggressive campaigner but not show the gravitas that pence did. next on the run down, we will have the reaction. marine who asked trump about ptsd syndrome is angry trump got hammered about it. that report up ahead. you have to live and breathe it for 50 years. it's the sound... and the fury. it's letting it all hang out there, and it's hanging on for dear life. that is what amg driving performance means. and this is where it lives. the 503-horsepower mercedes-amg c63 s coupe.
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continuing now with our lead story, how the vice presidential debate will influence the presidential vote. joining us now from washington reid wilson national correspondent for the hill magazine and caitlin huey burns from real clear politics. so what did i miss in the memo? did i miss anything? >> well, i think woe need to look at what happens next after this debate. so, pence had a really tough job. he had to clean up a really
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bad week for the trump campaign. and did he so effectively and he did so by showing discipline, which the campaign really needs right now. he also was able to deflect many of these attacks and in doing so, he kind of provided a road map for trump for the next debate. so i think that he did a lot of clean-up work for the trump campaign. and this actually puts more pressure on donald trump to perform better in the next debate which is coming up on sunday. >> did pence win the debail. >> i think stylistically he won. >> in the minds of the people. the only thing that matters is in the minds of the people watching. i think there were like 40 million people that watched it. did he wish in the mind of most folks? >> according to the polls he has so far, i think he did. >> all right. you know. >> exactly. you take those polls for what they are. >> okay. >> looking at the reaction generally from everything that we. >> i didn't see anybody, mr. reid, say that tim kaine won the debate. maybe i missed it. >> but let's remember, bill, that a debate is not just a
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90 minute meeting between the candidate. it's multiday affair. starts with two campaigns building up expectations and then it ends with the campaign spinning these results over the last couple. >> you saw what happened to donald trump when they tried to do that. it didn't work. >> exactly. >> i don't think the american people. >> the trump campaign is doing better now spinning the pence performance. >> but do they have to spin it? >> this is mike pence's debut before a national audience. >> wait a minute, mr. wells, do they have to spin it? i mean, look, i think i'm a pretty objective guy. i said hillary clinton won the debate with trump. all right? but i didn't think it wasn't even close last night that pence came across more responsible. >> a responsible modern campaign is gonna spin it and take as much. >> but i want to know what you, reid wilson think. what do you think? >> yeah, i mean, i think that the trump campaign has done a very good job in promoting what was a very strong debut on the national stage by mike pence. >> do you think he won the debate? >> sure. yeah. he won the debate. >> okay. >> he did better than tim kaine did.
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this is kaine's second -- i think we need to give mike pence more credit than we have. this was a huge debut in front of 40 million people. he has never really done that before. sure he was governor and leader of house membership. he was on sunday talk shows but never on a audience this big he was cool and handled it well. >> interviews i have interviewed him pretty much on message. no matter what you ask him is he going to go donald trump is the greatest guy on the world. hey, are the mets going to win tonight in the playoff game. no, if donald trump were pitching, the mets were going to win. that's all you are going to get. last night i saw a different mike pence. i saw pence out there getting exasperated by the personal attacks which i think really plays well with the folks. the mexican thing again? come on. and i think that that combined with his knowledge of the issues really helped him? >> well, kaine's job going in to this was to throw every controversial thing about donald trump. >> sure, smear him. >> and get pence to defend
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it. to make the argument if you can't defend the man you are sharing a ticket with, how county american people vote for him. that was the line he wanted to get across. to reid's point. >> wasn't that a mistake. >> this debate is dissected over several days. >> isn't that a mistake? ened i agree with you entirely ms. burns. the strategy was to have kaine pop pop pop pop and hope that pence faltered under the invective. when i saw it i went this is old stuff. what do you got that's new? how about the world? how do you see it? you didn't get that from them. >> if you think of the vice presidential candidates as top surrogates for the campaigns. this was kaine's goal. this is about the top of the ticket in this election. >> he lost. >> two candidates. >> you know what else he didn't do, mr. wilson, do you know what else kaine failed to do? he failed to make a case for hillary clinton. he didn't make hillary clinton any friendlier, any nicer. >> the role of the vice president to be the attack dog. tim kaine played that role. >> isn't the question top of
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the ticket. >> attack dog. and he threw out all the shots he could take at donald trump and frankly, mike pence didn't stand up for trump as much as he could have. >> no, but he was smart, as i said. he didn't get in a swamp. you don't win in the swamp. >> i'm not sure i agree with you on that. >> oh. >> do you know, bill, down hot biggest winner of last night was the mike pence for president 2020. >> maybe so. you are wrong about the swamp. if he descended in the muck i know you are but what am i? the one thing did he it was the basket of deplorables which he knew it was coming. it gets to and i know the folks. folks go look, what are you going to do for me? i'm tired of this you call her this and did that the folks want to know what are you going to do for me? >> but i think these are two very different campaigns. they had two very different goals. so pence's role in this campaign is to show discipline on behalf of the ticket. and in many ways, that adds a lot of pressure for him heading into that debate. it's also something that he has been doing for months
5:17 pm
now. >> been doing it for months. >> defending the ticket. cleaning up where he needs to. he is also looking at the fallout from. this what kaine did that i think was considered effective he pointed out differences between pence and trump. in terms of style but also in a couple of other things. >> give me one big thing. >> for example, russia and putin pence was faced with a quote that he had said that putin was a good leader in his country. >> strong leader. >> strong leader in his country. >> which is true. >> at the same time, he also said that he was a bully and that he was small. >> that's true, too. >> that's not what trump has been saying. so that's one area of discrepancy. >> micro. you by guys are pinheads. do you this all day long. the folks got last night and i will give you the last word, mr. wilson. the folks got a look at the phi pence who could be president. no doubt. >> no doubt. mike pence has been talking about running for president or thinking about running for president for a very long time. >> based on last night he could be president.
5:18 pm
kaine, not so sure. last word? >> look, i at this at the end of the day, in. >> at the end of the day. >> vice presidential debate, a no vice president is ever going to convince one person to vote for a ticket. >> i said that last night. >> not to vote for a tingeght i'm not sure that either pence or kaine harmed their side but pence really did have a better night. >> lrveted. >> thank you very much. good debate. factor exclusive the marine who asked trump about post-traumatic stress. is he angry, the marine, he will be here to tell us why. later, why did donald trump actually run for president in the first place? we think we know. it has to do with president obama. those reports moments away. ♪
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personal story segment tonight, on monday donald trump spoke at an event.
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it was an address hosted by the retired american warriors pac. after the address, a young marine vet asked this question. >> had you support and fund a moral holistic approach to solve the problems and issues of veteran suicide, ptsd, tbi, and other related military, mental, and behavioral health issues? >> yes, i would. when you talk about the mental health problems, when people come back from war and combat and they see things that maybe a lot of the folks in this room have seen many times over and you are strong and you can handle it but a lot of people can't handle it. >> now, for that answer, mr. trump was attacked. >> donald trump's comments are not just ignorant, they're harmful because they give voice to the stigma that has led generations of veterans to hide their struggles, instead of getting life-saving help. >> joining us now from san diego, former marine sergeant chad robicheux
5:23 pm
founder of the mighty hopes program. were you surprised that the question you asked has led to so much acrimony. >> surprising to see all the aftermath of it. i was privileged to get to ask what i believe such an important question for the future of the healthcare of our veterans. >> when trump answered you, because we didn't use his whole answer but it went on in detail but basically says yes, as a president, i would give priority to helping vets in any issue at all, physical and mental. were you satisfied with that answer? >> yeah. i was satisfied with the answer. i thought the question was related to alternative programs. you know more holistic approach than military and v.a. programs aren't working. we are seeing 22 suicides a day. i run a program, faith based program and many other programs that are more holistic in nature are finding success. i would ask the same question to mr. trump,
5:24 pm
mrs. clinton, anybody. >> you want to know if they're going to be open-minded enough to look at the situation in totality and perhaps help you and other groups who are coming at it from a nontraditional point of view. so you were -- i don't want to put words in your mouth, sergeant. you are a marine. you are not going to let me do that so when trump answered your question, you were satisfied with that answer? >> yes. i was. and, you know, i hope that he -- it's my hope and i have seen some great generals in the room. general boykin, general flynn, some great generals in the room i really hope mr. trump, if he becomes president surrounds himself with those people to make the right decisions. >> that's what he says he is going to do. the controversy ignited when his opposition took the comment to be demeaning, to those military people who are suffering mentally and emotionally from their service. they tried to turn it around. and say to the american people he demeaned. did you take it that way or any of your friends, any in your group, did anybody take
5:25 pm
as it a demeaning comment? >> no. you know, i have been telling people to simply don't take my word for it. don't take the media's word for it for sure. go listen for yourself. you phis played it and there is more to it. people can listen for themselves and come to their own conclusions. i believe, you know. i heard you guys say i was angry at it. i think the truth is it's a very sacred issue. our warriors are, you know, they are -- they represent america and done amazing things, 15 years in the war on terror. 2.6 million veterans served in the war on terror. over half of them have physical, mental and spiritual wounds. we need to take care of them. >> it's enormous problem and it has to be prioritized by the next administration whether it's clinton or trump. but the exploitation of the issue, all right. is disturbing to me. i don't mind if vets watching tonight think that donald trump wasn't articulate enough. but i didn't see him demeaning any vets at all in
5:26 pm
what he said and you agree with me, right? >> i do. i think everyone should know that this event that we attended it wasn't a trump rally. >> no, no. it wasn't a political event. so you and i both agree and you asked the question that there wasn't any diminishment of the veteran status. yet, it was used in a way to attack trump in a manner that i didn't like getting the vets in the middle of this. you know? i understand the political attacks. i understand that that's what the game is. but i don't want the vets in the middle of it. that's what offended me about this whole thing. >> sure, like i said, i think it's very sacred thing. and it's, again, the question was a very serious question. the future president needs to address this very serious problem. and, you know, i think whoever is going to be president of the united states needs to be able to answer that question and surround themselves with the right people and right policies to change the 22 suicides today and changes in ptsd and give pathway to
5:27 pm
more holistic programs. >> real quick, is the training for the marines enough to prepare people for the horrors of the war on terror? >> you know, the military has always said the pillars to rye sill yensy are mind, body, and spirit. i really believe that the military has lost the definition of spirit. and having the true spiritual -- i'm very blessed i get to go to the marine corps boot camp every quarter and last weekend i was there and spoke to 2500 recruits. >> i think that's part of it, the preparation has to be more intense mentally because this war on terror is unlike anything that we have ever seen. sergeant, thank you very much. we appreciate it plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. what motivated trump to run for president? back up that statement. miller in africa. the presidential race. more on those reports.
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impact segment tonight. why donald trump ran for president. many people are many theories. here at the factor, we believe that an incident on april 30th, 20011, way back then, might have planted the seed in mr. trump's mind for the run that was an occasion with mr. obama mocked trump at the white house correspondent's dinner for more than five minutes. mr. obama not pleased about the birther deal. >> as some of you heard, the state of hawaii we lease -- released my official long form birth certificate.
5:32 pm
[cheers and applause] hopefully, this puts all doubts to rest. but just in case there are any lingering questions, tonight i'm prepared to go a step further. [ laughter ] tonight, for the first time, i am releasing my official birth video. [ laughter ] now, i warn you, no one has seen this footage in 50 years. not even me. but, let's take a look. ♪ theme song from lion king] ♪ the circle of life
5:33 pm
♪ and it moves the soul. >> i want to make clear to the fox news table that was a joke. [ laughter ] that was not my real birth video. that was a children's cartoon. call disney if you don't believe me. they have the original long form version. donald trump is here tonight. [cheers and applause] now, i know that he has taken some flack lately, but no one is happier, no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the donald. and that's because he can finally get back to focusing
5:34 pm
on the issues that matter like did we make the moon landing? [ laughter ] what really happened in rosewell? and where are biggie and tupac? [cheers and applause] all kidding aside, obviously we all know about your credentials and breath of experience. [ laughter ] for example, recently in an episode of celebrity apprentice, at the steak house, the men's cooking team did not impress the judges from omaha steaks. and there was a lot of blame to go around, but you, mr. trump, recognize that the real problem was a lack of leadership and so
5:35 pm
ultimately you didn't blame littlejohn or meat loaf. he fired gary. these are the kind of decisions that would keep me up at night. [cheers and applause] we'l -- well handled, sir, well handled. say what you will about mr. trump, he certainly would bring some change to the white house. see what we have got up there. [ laughter ] >> so what do you think? did that motivate trump to run for president? next time he is on the factor, i'll ask him.
5:36 pm
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continuing now with the impact segment. what really motivated donald trump to run for president. with us here in new york city, eboni williams and from washington katie pavlich. i know trump pretty well and everything is personal to him. everything is personal. i think that his disdain for president obama was a motivating factor indicatey. do you feel the same way i think it certainly played a role and i think trump probably likes seeing his name on the white house during that skit. you have to put the other into context here timing of his run. donald trump has talked about running for president since the 1980s. talked about running for governor of new york. this time around he was in a position to look at the country in 2011 and seize the 2010 turnover of the house. that was historic moment. we saw eric cantor's seat taken away by a regular professor from virginia. people were angry not just with the obama economy but with the bush economy and the year 2006 gave donald
5:41 pm
trump an opportunity to run against a weak candidate in hillary clinton and to run as an outsider in a republican primary where people wanting to see someone besides the politician taking that nomination. >> i think, you know that really solidified it. what do you say, ebony? >> think that was gasoline on an already burning oven as katie pointed out. trump went on oprah in 1988 and said he would never rule it out. that was brutal what obama did to him in that room. you were there you saw his reception. he was kind of rocking back and forth. >> he not like it. >> he didn't like it at all. it was very much forgive me a male ego power play at that point where you can't really go toe to toe from a hierarchal position unless you are sitting -- trump has taken his opportunity. >> trump is a forgiving guy. he is not a grudge holder as far as i know. but i don't know if he ever forgave that. because, as you say, he was put up as an object of derision, katie. and, you know, i think it's
5:42 pm
a little pay back now because he brings in the obama, hillary clinton association. he jus melds them together. there is more to it. that edge to it. >> there is no better pay back than winning the white house. >> that's for sure. >> and destroying president obama's legacy president obama believes hillary clinton is going to carry out. >> if they have to ride in the same car. >> we will see. >> they ride in the same car zooming out there. now, how do you think, eboni, this plays out in president obama's campaigning for hillary clinton because it goes both ways. he does not like trump. >> correct. >> because of the birther thing, particularly. >> they are the opposite of a bromance. they have not even enemies. this is long standing beef. it does go back to the birther issue. the president was within his rights to be because it was ridiculous issue. i suspect that president obama wasn't overly excited
5:43 pm
about hillary's candidacy. that's my political opinion. i think donald, being her opposition. >> galvanized him. >> more incentive. absolutely. >> i don't think he likes the clintons very much and you made the reference to male egos, something i don't know much about. >> you don't know anything about it not you. >> but there are two titanic egos here with trump and obama. >> massive. massive. >> it's how they display it totally opposite but president obama does not like and i have interviewed him three times. i know that he does not like to be challenged. so i think in this time, the president is doing everything that he can and it's almost like the american people, not quite to elect hillary but not him, indicatey. not him. >> because president obama isn't campaigning for hillary, is he campaigning. >> against trump. >> his legacy, to make sure his legacy and what he has done. >> i don't even think it's that. >> of course it is. going back to the ego thing. it's all about barack obama. not about hillary clinton. >> he knows, here is where
5:44 pm
you are wrong on this. he knows historians will treat him kindly no matter what happens. he knows that. >> true, but. >> and number two, he also knows that and you can get it in his phraseology. that guy, vote for that guy? >> that guy is come in after me and destroy my legacy and can't be so. exactly. >> believe me, if trump wins, all the furniture is going out. i mean, there is not going to be anything left in the whole place. >> no picks of obama or michelle in the white house. >> there is bad blood between hillary clinton and donald trump. i really believe they despise each other now even though they were friends before. >> they were frenemies. doesn't come close to the obama that trump feud. >> it's organic. >> does that mean it grows somewhere. >> yeah. it's been growing. like meaty and nasty at its core. >> now it's pay back time for trump if he wins. and if he loses, it's gloating time for mr. obama.
5:45 pm
last word, katie. >> indeed it is. let's not for get that donald trump was friends with hillary clinton and funded her first presidential campaign. a bunch of bad blood and try angle here in politics which will be interesting to lock at after the election depending who wins. make no mistake barack obama wants to protect his ego and his legacy. he is not campaigning for hillary clinton. he is campaigning for himself and he likes the attention. >> what's that saying, bill, politics makes strange bed fellows. >> i'm still working on the organic egos. >> miller is on deck. miller is in africa. why? then, are you -- i know who you are, are you a political zealot? factor is coming right back.
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test. test. test.
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very, very far away. is he touring south africa where we caught up with him on the phone. >> so, miller, you are in south africa and i have the little sheet here the place that you are staying and the owners say that you can explore orchards and vineyards and a cheesery. >> this is actually where they make velveeta. [ laughter ] i'm sitting here and i have had a little bit of the aforementioned grate. ugh boots, lion cloth. factor gear. i think your crowd will appreciate that because they know i'm perpetually pissed off. >> i don't know what we are yelling about. >> bill, did you ever think it would come to a time in history where i would have
5:50 pm
to leave the united states and go to south africa to escape racial tension? [ laughter ] >> i don't think anybody got that. are you going to see the animals in south africa? yeah. i'm going out on to the -- b-e-l-d-t. that's below the grass lands. i'm hoping to the see the big five, rhino, lion, elephant, the bernie sanders fans -- >> they migrate to south africa, the bernie sanders people. >> how do you know that? >> do they ask you about the crazy political scene? >> you know, it's funny, bill, the one place where i was queerried is the man putting me through heathrow airport. he said, who are are you voting for? i said you don't talk politics to that degree. i don't think it's safe any
5:51 pm
more. i thought, here i am telling a security expert about politics. that amused me a little. he said, you're not telling me who i'm voting for? i said, i'd rather not, my friend. not good to talk about it over there. >> i don't know if you knew who gary johnson was over in london -- >> i don't know if gary johnson knows who he is -- >> since you're abroad he won't know anything about that. where's miller? miller went to south africa. where? >> if you said that gary johnson that miller was bust, he would say, i thought he was a guy. >> no, no, no. if i said that miller was abroad, he would say, well he's free to use any bathroom he wants. >> i appreciate the chuckle. 3,000 miles away. >> right. so he thinks aleppo is the marks brothers. >> what, you don't understand english? >> you missed the vice
5:52 pm
presidential debate. come on. that's the kind of excitement that only comes along once in a lifetime. >> well, down here, talking to some of the local today and they did ask me about pence and down here he is about about the whitest man on planet earth. >> and you said some. >> i said tim kaine is right up there with him. >> miller, have a good time. thanks for phoning in. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> he's going to frighten the lions, miller is. up next, wild segment. the tip, moment away.
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i put together a newscast call no spin news. i think i have been very fair in covering this race. if you disagree, we want to know about it, by the way. in the spin news i can say i don't have time for m television. we have thousands of new premium members taking advantage of that. hope you check out premium membership on billbilloreilly.c. if you do you get a free copy of "killing the rising sun" and remember all of the money i get from the website goes charity. you're helping good people. mr. o, would you agree that blowing off the last two debates is a strategy trump should consider? >> are you insane? trump needs to perform well this coming sunday, very well. you shaw happens when he didn't show up in iowa. it's obvious after watching both debates that clinton strategy is to make this election all about trump and bringing up perceived short cummings on a continuous basis. that's the strategy. you nailed it to deflect
5:56 pm
attention away from secretary clinton. demonize trump. lands down, pennsylvania, bill after last night's debate i still know nothing about either vp. should they have to step in as you're president? >> i didn't see it that way. i think pence has a consistent view of the world and senator tim kaine will follow the democratic platform right down the line. no deviations. so pence would govern from the right if he were president. tim kaine would govern like barack obama. there you go. >> willowbrooke, illinois. it is the abortion issue which will be the trump/pence ticket's undoinging. not so fast. republicans want it change the abortion laws. republicans want the states to have the ability to limit some abortions. many democrats want abortion on demand and every taxpayer to
5:57 pm
fund the discorruptirupgs of th. that's very different than what we have now. some believe other issues are very important. dr. carolyn kenyan of -- let's see if i can say this, guanajuato, mexico. doctor, i'm happy too have you as one of the vanguard. i just said, so of course you know it, i donate a little money i get from the website to clarity. now i know that haitian health down fashion folks very well. i've known them for decadees. they save lives everyday. and we are pleased to donate money to them. it goes to those who desperately need it. not like most of the haitian foundations which, you know, this white cliff yawn thing.
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mm-hm. every cent in the haitian health foundation goes to help the very poor. mr. bill, should i read "killing patton" before "killing the rising sun"? not necessarily. they are similar but stand alone. different theaters. i enlisted in the marines in 1953 and thoroughly enjoyed reading "killing the rising sun." that's why we wrote it to let you and all-americans know the historical truth about world war ii. and finally tonight factor tip of the day. a question. are you a zelat in life? we see that all the time in america these day answers it is not a good thing. now last night i got an e-mail from john in st. louis. it says, in a very pithy way, at least john was pithy, tim kaine
5:59 pm
is an evil bully. now, mr. kaine is not evil. he has done some good things, including helping people in honduras. as for the bully label, who did he bully in pence? pence is kaine's equal in every way. donald trump? how can anyone bully donald trump? he is a rich and powerful man who speaks his mind. now, if you want to say senator kaine was gutter sniping a bit be that's fair. he was. but overstating by using words evil bully takes away all credibility. factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. check out fox news website, different from also we would like you to spout out from anywhere in the world. if you wish to opine, the word i'm bringing back, do not be a blooter. scottish word. do not be a blooter when writing
6:00 pm
to the factor. tomorrow we will be in washington, d.c. going to cause some trouble down there. i'm bill o'reilly, please remember that spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. >>. breaking tonight, 34 days from the election and just four days from the next presidential debate. a life-threatening storm is bearing down on the united states as press dents up and down the east coast scramble to get out of harm's way. that's where we begin tonight's edition of the kelly file. welcome everybody, i'm megyn kelly. we have been news from the campaign trail and big threat in the atlantic. we will talk 2016 in a moment but we have to start with the massive hurricane who could score a big hit on the united states in less than 24 hours. millions are bracing for the impact of this thing. look at it. hundreds of thousands are now evacuating their counties ahead of hurricane matthew. it is the first major hurricane threat for the united st


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