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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  October 6, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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welcome to red eye, hello, everyone, i am tom shillue. coming up, was tim kaine being sexist when he interrupted the debate moderator. lo plus, out of all of our past presidents, which one is the hottest, plus, which candidate has the best solution to the growing concern.
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all right, our next guest has written an e book, senior editor at he served two terms as deputy mayor and insists he was never shot by bob marley. and fox analyst contributor. and christopher hahn. and he took a gamble writing for norm mcdonald's sports show when he lost his job because norm took a similar gamble. sitting right next to me comedian kevin brennan. all right, let's start the show. hillary clinton has a new powerful weapon for getting
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millennial votes, it could actually swing the election in her favor. this weapon has been a closely guarded secret but now her campaign is letting it loose. look at this dramatic announcement. >> release the cracken! >> that will come in the second half of his slide show or the last third of the slide show. >> yes, it's al gore, the world's most famous power point presenter. andrea mitchell broke the blockbuster news. >> there are reports he will campaign, i was told it is not a done deal. they don't want to announce it tonight. but they're very close to announcing that al gore will try to help hillary clinton win over the millennials. >> al gore is not the only addition to the upcoming rallies, any person, a cassete
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of five i got you on that one, brennan? >> the girls love it. >> images -- look, you're british, but you guys nobody over here likes al gore. >> i share a birthday with al gore and ewan mcgregor, and i think we almost all slightly failed as human beings. that is what we have in common. i have an affinity with al gore. bill clinton came up with that idea. he was dissing obamacare this week, silly mistake. do the millennials even know who al gore is? >> tony, the way they released this announcement, he would appeal to the young voters.
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why al gore? >> so a 70-year-old woman running for president is doing to have a former vice president who is 70 reach out to millennials, if you want my opinion, bring the gore daughters, they're pretty cool, they're good looking -- >> it's the sexist thing to do -- >> chris hahn, what is the reason? >> all right, it's not about millennials, there is a certain part of the population, the green population, they recognize him on the subject. they're going to go out there and say -- millennials don't know who he is, they don't care who he is. he is going to reach out to the green party voters and take about 1% from jill stein, that is all she needs. >> why are they saying millenni
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millennials? >> i think he is environmental, and he has been out of work for 15 years, and they do also. >> he sold the network -- >> he sold the network, pretty big carbon footprint. >> and he made tons of money off of this business -- and a big fan of massage parlors. >> i have other things. >> you don't see that as a slam against al gore? massage parlor? >> i thought we had an understanding. after a long day at work. >> you know as we discuss al gore, when kids were little tiny kids they watched that domina e
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documentary of his -- >> they were watching sesame street and ms. piggy, and clinton already brought up ms. piggy. this is about the green vote. i'm not quite sure what andrea mitchell would say. >> where were you growing up that you were forced to watch the inconvenient truth? >> i know when that documentary came out, we were covering it and force feeding -- >> maybe somewhere on the upper left-hand of manhattan -- >> tony, am i right? >> i love how he is pleading ignorance as if we haven't had liberal mainstream propaganda forced down our throat. >> i am sure some substitute teacher in the united states said kids we're going to watch a movie today.
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and that was blown out of proportion, by some right wing conspiracy theory -- >> okay, moving on. to the vice presidential debate, how did hillary clinton's runningmate do? well, i'm afraid he got bad marks. >> the ignoring of the female moderator. >> i love using that word, it's the word that hillary clinton and her folks love to support her, if you don't support hillary clinton, you're a sexist, so why in the world was he interrupting the asian-female moderator, it was almost like his strategy, like he didn't hear her. >> kaine sexism is on display, kept for this one moment. >> and that is what i bring to
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the ticket, my primary role is to be hillary clinton's right hand person. >> right-hand person. did anyone on twitter pick up on that? yes, one woman clearly a tim-kaniac. words matter, oh, tim kaine, you have no idea how meaningful that is to women leaders. someone else added tim kaine is already sounding very woke, others were not impressed. jim garrett tweeted, hillary clinton's right-hand person? come on, man. >> i went to college with him. >> the truth, not even kaine thinks he is a man. the truth monkey makes a good point. let's go to kelley anne conway. he was very sexist. >> tim kaine, let's give him a
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break, he was eemasculated by tm kaine, but i will say -- i was 9 years old. kellyanne nailed something, where you use their political weight against them. democrats, always claim sexism, racism, islamophobia. let's see if i'm correct, every single time something happens between a republican man and perhaps a liberal or democrat woman. so she is also using another thing that i thought was very actually effective, he was not hearing to her. not listening to her. this is the language of the left and nobody knows how better to use it for the right than kellyanne conway -- i'm going to let you think -- it's not sexist
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when you interrupt a female moderator. but, i like her style because that is what we have been hearing about republicans for so long. >> she is amazing and will be pence's campaign manager in 2020, you mark my words. those two sat down, and looked at what trump did, interrupted 51 times. it didn't work, but the big question is, can trump get it together and not interrupt? he needs to win or he needs an october surprise, otherwise he will lose the general election. >> wait a minute, i'm going to let you keep thinking. brennan, i like people who interrupt. the other day when i watched trump i liked he was kind of being forceful. but i guess what? am i alone? >> women want to be equal but they want to be treated like ladies. right?
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so tim kaine was rude to her, because if it was a male moderator, nobody would care, but since it's a woman, plus, i think he asked for a menu from her at some point, didn't he? >> that was going too far, because she is asian, she is filipino. but that is too much. >> all right. so look. kellyanne conway can fill any seat on this platform. she is so flexible. she is absolutely a comedian. i can't wait until she is no longer on the campaign. so get ready, she will be a guest on red eye in about six weeks. >> is that sexist that she is flexible? >> i truly respect her. >> shes not winning, this is not a winning campaign. anybody watching the debate saw away pence was doing, he was
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running away from his candidate. >> after all of this summer about people attacking trump, he is racist, he is tied. to me -- >> he is already tied. but listen, let me tell you this. >> say jump off -- >> the funny thing about trump is, his numbers just go up with he shuts up, he was tied in the first debate. the more yappy yappy is, his numbers go down. somebody should tell him -- >> i hear tim kaine has an excuse for why he was interrupting so much, let's see. >> i have to admit. i am irish. >> he would be a lot more fun if he were a true irishman. totally lame. listen, i will tell you this. i always feel sympathy, i advise a lot of candidates on debate
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prep. it's not easy, but at the same time 70 interruptions in 90 minutes. at some point don't you pick up the fact it is not working. and if you guys are both saying trump did it in the first debate, wouldn't his advisers say, don't do what you did? >> listen, tony, i'm not saying that tim kaine had the better style in the debate, he was all about the substance, though, where pence was just basically deflecting saying he didn't know things that were absolutely true. i was tweeting out quotes from pence that he denied in that debate. all pence did was run away from his own statements and donald trump's statements all night. did he interrupt? absolutely, was he lying and denying all night? >> i forget about honest tim kaine -- >> didn't he say he was a little drunk, i know when i have a couple i get like ha, i don't let people finish either.
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he said he was irish. >> what about tim kaine, with the right-hand person? that is taking the pc thing too far, don't you think, brennan? should. >> i think, is he a gal friday? where do you draw the line? >> that makes me not want to vote for him. >> she is a woman president but she can have a right-hand man, right? >> the only people who heard that are people who that absolutely matters to. and people who that absolutely matters to have already made up their mind. >> come on, everybody panders. >> apparently you don't think trump panders. >> all right, earlier in this week, buzz feed ranked all the vice presidents in order of hotness, yes, from the
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journalists who gave you 33 cats and 33 candles you need to smell before you die comes a lesson for real history fans, number 47, last on the list is john calhoun whose portrait can be seen haunting the halls of hog warts. and dick cheney, and george clinton. which i think he looks great. >> when was he vice president? >> i'm not sure, and william wheeler ranked 22nd, that is a little inside joke of mike baker. and -- >> that is his best picture? >> i suggested it. i thought it was pretty sexist. and sspiro agnew, and al gore,
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described as fresh faced, hand some. i would have to say mike pence, just look how dashing he was in his younger years. >> that is not even him, is it? >> i thought you would recognize him. >> i was like wow, he looked a lot like tom connor, who i never thought was good looking anyway. >> what do you think, hottest vice presidents? was this accurate? >> i'm happy he -- i'm married to his great, great, great-granddaughter. excited to see my daughter's great, great, great, great, grandfather among the hottest vice presidents? >> everybody gets it wrong but me, because i'm married to a
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garra -- >> i think today -- >> like -- and from 1776 until now. i married the only mayflower kid who has no money. >> okay, tony, what do you think, hottest vice presidents? >> again, i will go back to the massage therapyist who accused him of an act. >> and didn't they base harvard on his dormitory. >> he claims he invented the internet, too. in >> we're talking about a bunch of men here, a bunch of white men, do you agree with this list? >> al gore won something, it
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means i hmay not be a failure t rest of my life. i love the fact that this was playing on sexism, the men on line today, the second female british prime minister she did a big speech, her first ever speech. the daily mail talked about what she was wearing, and her shoes, so that really upset me. so do i like the buzz feed sex object of the vice presidents? yes yes. >> shouldn't we be talking about who is the hottest vice president, brennan? >> listen, if al gore is the hottest vice president, we should not even be discussing this. >> i thought there were 47 to
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choose from. >> you know who is good looking? dick cheney, see him back in his younger days? you have to be ugly, because you can't take the lime light away -- dan quayle was better looking than gore anyway, i'm not gay, but dan quayle was hot. the fbi wants to shut down the cigar industry. more after the break.
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this is a fox news weather alert, i'm jackie ibanez, and hurricane matthew could be the first hurricane to hit the u.s. since wilma smashed inside. the governor of florida is urging people to take warnings seriously. >> this is a slow moving storm. that means we have less than 24 hours left to prepare, evacuate, and shelter. having the plan in place could mean the difference between life and death. when it comes to a storm of this magnitude. >> hurricane matthew hit haiti especially hard and now is bearing down on the bahamas. so far the storm is blamed to at least six deaths, some of them in haiti. it has maximum strength of 116
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miles an hour, the national security agency contractor arrested for stealing classified information. 51-year-old harold thomas martin was taken into custody back in august but his arrest was not made public until now. according to the justice department, some of the documents found in his possession were critical to national security. but martin's lawyer said there was no evidence he intended to betray his country. he worked for the same cyber firm as edward snowden. and a samsung device over heated while a plane took off. this makes trouble for samsung that was just recalled last month due to smoking water ryes. log onto fox news. you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news
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channel channel. the federal government is going after cigar manufacturers, about time somebody regulated tobacco, right? >> the new regulation stems from legislation passed six years ago. the goal was to keep minors from smoking. as you know teens love their high-end cigars. according to cigar blog, half wheel, the prices are going up. and a lot of cigars not just limited editions will go away, the blog explains there are four main added costs associated with fda regulation. testing administrative costs, user fees, warning labels and packaging changes. what would it all cost? the company will pass the cost onto consumers, they always do, but who will benefit from regulating cigars? just bureaucrats.
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and who gets hurt? innocent celebrity impersonators. like this man, he has to buy his cigars one corporate gig at a time. tony, i bet you smoke cigars, do you? >> i did as an 18-year-old, so i think this was actually targeted toward me, although i think the data establishes that not a lot of minors are actually affording cigars. this story makes me sad because it's not just what i hate a lot, government over-reach, and excess taxes, it's on products i by. >> hahn, you have been in smoke filled rooms, you're an over-regulating party, yes or no? >> look, tobacco products kill people, and people need to know they kill people. >> are you breaking news tonight? >> people that sell products that kill need to have
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regulation on it. and the products need to cost more and that is the end of it. >> skull and cross bones on the pack now, with cigarettes, you can't smoke, it's heavily regulated and cigars don't kill people, do they? >> sure, they do. i don't want to sound like an elitist, and the guy i was playing with was smoking the whole time, and i was just breathing that whole thing -- >> what are you playing -- >> my grandpa died from smoking cigars, so yes they do kill people. >> how am i supposed to argue with that? >> i think i just lost an argument. >> no, you did absolutely. smoking kills what, just half a million americans a year? that costs america in terms of health care. so yes, of course you regulation. >> does it really cost in health care? shou >> yes, of course it does,
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medicaid, medicare -- >> if you have private insurance, it's going to cost you. >> but you pay more if you smoke, it's all part of the process. >> hahn, most of the costs are toward the end of life. and tobacco users, they're not around, they have died, so maybe they're saving us a couple of bucks. i'm just talking numbers here. >> they die slow painful deaths in hospitals. i mean, they enjoy their cigarette time, now it's not as much fun. i can't even talk now. the only people that should smoke cigars are attractive young women, because i think that is really sexy. >> that is what bill clinton thought. >> if you look on line. >> cancer or no cancer, that is hot. >> it's very fashionable. but what i'm saying is where do you stop the regulation? we live in a free country, right? isn't that why you love this
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country, imogen, freedom? >> well, i do love freedom, i want the freedom as paying health insurance and paying you guys medicare and medicaid, and taxes -- >> i certainly understand there are sensitivities because of people dying from smoking -- >> we got to go, great discussion, coming up, don't send for tin the clowns, see wh biggest threat to our nation may be hiding right under our noses. i wanted to know where my family came from. i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american.
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i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me. ♪
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a connecticut school district is banning clown costumes and any symbols of terror, this after it surfaced on social media. the new haven police are investigating a clown incident, telling schools to watch out and wait and see. for the past few months unsettling clown incidents have been reported across america. the clowns have reportedly tried to lure women and children into the woods, chased people with knives and lured others into cars. a number of people have been arrested making false reports of clown threats or chasing people while costumed. one of the candidates has a plan
12:34 am
for dealing with clowns. >> my first day in office i am going to notify law enforcement authorities that all of the bad dude, and we have a lot of them. probably nhls of them. but certainly hundreds of thousands, big numbers. they're out. they're out. >> they're out -- do you agree, kevin? should they be out? >> all you got to do is kill one clown and the problem goes away. >> because then they wouldn't get rid of their uniforms, you kill one life by accident. >> you're a comedian, don't you look at clowns as kind of your brothers in comedy? >> no, because everybody hates the clowns, even my daughters think they're creepy -- >> halloween, you know, halloween -- >> chris, haven't you worked as a children's clown? >> i never worked. >> i have worked as a barney
12:35 am
once -- >> i knew you had -- >> great story, too. >> it was a horrible story. >> chris was dying to share that with the world. >> tony, is this clown thing an epidemic? to me, it's just a big prank. stop and frisk. that's my answer. man. it worked for us in new york. it will reduce clown violence everywhere. into i mean, they can carry a lot of things within those folds. >> i have a solution, i have a solution. the solution is november 1st, november 1st, it's all over. nobody is wearing a clown costume then. everybody has twitter and they're freaking out about it. >> i say the date is november 7th. that is when trump is going to put a stop to it. >> i say wake me up on november the 9th. i tried to learn the name of the clown phobia.
12:36 am
it's not a real thing, the world health organization doesn't recognize it. this will go away. >> she said it with a cigar, it would be fantastic. >> look, imogen, the world health organization, a lot of people are afraid of these things. >> yes, but it's not recognized by the world psychiatric association. this is why i love andy not being here because i can spout all of this stuff. >> no fact checking, she may be right. should we be concerned chris hahn? >> no, i don't think we should be concerned. this is a twitter instagram problem that will go away. i think november 1st -- >> but what if the terrorists put on a clown outfit -- there could be a lot of trouble. >> schools are putting out notices to parents saying beware of clowns in our area.
12:37 am
one police department had to put out notices, saying don't shoot clowns, i know you want to but don't shoot them. >> kevin, the problem with the whole mask thing cover your face, when i first moved here they had the big halloween parade on sixth avenue. and a guy punched me. i said a guy just punched me. they said who was it, ronald reagan, everybody is wearing a mask. you can get away with everything. everybody had a ronald reagan mask and you could commit any crime. right? >> that is what they keep demonstrating. the police don't want people covering their faces. they're saying -- a recipe for disaster. coming up, the authors of the important new book, millennials of new york. here is what is coming up on the next kennedy. hello, red eye, donald trump
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losing ground to hillary, but what could change over one key issue in the debate. chris join pe, next kennedy. ♪ what? is he gone?? finally, i thought he'd never leave... tv character: why are you texting my man at 2 a.m.? no... if you want someone to leave you alone, you pretend like you're sleeping. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. tv character: taking selfies in the kitchen does not make you a model.
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this is a fox news weather alert, i'm jackie ibanez in new york. hurricane matthew goes north after roaring through the
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caribbean. the storm is currently bearing down on the bahamas but is moving in a direction towards the florida east coast. it is a category three but is expected to grow in intensity as it moves to florida. the governor is asking people to evacuate. the mayor there is telling residents to get prepared. >> tomorrow we'll start to feel tropical-storm force winds. we could feel it for an extended period of time. the heavy winds will begin approximately 2 or 3:00 p.m. and could last into the night and into friday. and so that is why it is very, very important that our residents who have not yet gotten prepared get prepared. >> matthew ripped through haiti as a category four storm leading death and destruction in its wake, at least ten people were killed, thousands of homes destroyed but a full assessment is still continuing. president obama said the
12:43 am
paris agreement on the climate change pay go domay go down as historic agreement. barack obama says there is much to be done. >> the paris agreement alone will not solve the climate crisis. even if we meet every target embodied in the agreement we'll only get to part of where we need to go. but make no mistake, this agreement will help delay or avoid some of the worst consequences of climate change. >> i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines, log onto you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel channel. you get out on the streets and you speak with them, tell their stories.
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that is what my two guests, author alec mcdonald and connor tool. you have done so much research and met so many millennials, let's just get some of these folks on the screen here. page 11, taylor said if i could live in any decade it would definitely be the '60s. that is so many millennials doing this book, what would you say defines this generation? >> it's tough, there are so many traits that you could look at, if a person has a mustache styled in the '70s, that is a millennial. should an amazing tae ining fac learned during our research, no millennial pays for their own netflix account. no one knows where it comes from. >> we did the research, a fascinating thing happened. every millennial uses the same
12:45 am
netflix, that is my friend's dad mark. >> how do they know the pass word? >> it's password, 123, 69. it was easy guessing. >> a little secret. >> certainly, so page 29, heres pierre, he says my dream job is to be multi racial. the amazing thing about this country is that if you are brave enough and work hard enough a white person can be anything. >> and 2016, in my opinion, if rachel zoe can be a black woman, i don't see how pierre is multi-racial. >> he studied for eight years, and now is half cherokee. >> here is john part of the co-working movement. he says the israeli-palestinian conflict is a decades-long blood bath of all hate, but i'm pretty sure, i can solve it with one
12:46 am
facebook comment. >> a lot of people say the millennials are apathetic. that is completely untrue. when i see a comment, i share, that is how hard i'm working and my generation is working to make it a better place. >> so it's a sharing generation? >> i think so. >> we also retweet. >> there is a chance you can be too idealistic. be one of those persons who gets plastic surgery and looks like a celebrity. so that's not a good idea. >> every generation, about the balance, page 59, daniel who is a means sharer, says i try to live every day as if it's my life. i say good-bye to people, i'll have sex with anyone, and i'm always crying. some of these millennials, they're very philosophical. >> absolutely, we did research,
12:47 am
and many wanted to be a -- >> did you learn a lot? >> nitsche. >> page 69, let's look at this cart, it shows the permission. we have rappers and gays and someone else. what would i say -- i'm not sure? >> well, what we found is millennials spend their days doing a few things, they post gifts from 30 rock, watch he res of friends, it's hard to reconcile that nostalgia. >> alec baldwin, we like to
12:48 am
think of him like the nine lives of the homophobia comment. he did call a turtle a [ bleep ]. i think a turtle is just worth half. >> page 82. this guy is richard, he is a teen. and he loves the net. he loves the net. >> yeah, he loves it a lot. richard, i personally studied him closely for this book for 27 years straight. he is my father, he is also a team. he is a millennial where it counts, and where it counts is social media. >> he makes the best memes. >> he does. i was not sure if he was a teen or not. this is brett, page 70, one week i spent so much money on wax, so
12:49 am
i could barely afford to buy ketamine. >> we saw so many millennials who had to sacrifice on a daily basis. >> fashions are changing constantly, i don't know if i should button the top apparent, what do i do if it changes -- is that good? >> for example, there are people who pay money for a hulu account, but still have to watch movies with it. it's not fair, it's tragic. >> just lastly, would you say this book is for everybody? >> i think it is for everybody so you can get an understanding of what drives them. >> we wanted a full picture for everybody to peruse and dissect. >> alex and connor, thank you
12:50 am
for joining us, this book is on sale. coming up, where is andy levy when you need him. ta
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. the islamic state has very strict rules. for instance, women must wear full islamic dress. stealing can result in leg amputation, and cats can't have sex indoors. that is new, they recently issued a fattwa, banning it. the residents of the city of mosul were warned not to immigraignore the ban. isis fighters were known to post on social media as a way to attract recruits. here is an example. i believe that is just billy corgin, we didn't want to show a
12:55 am
real recruiting post. one wrote soft towards the creations of allah, but fierce and harsh towards the disbelievers. tony, look -- >> thanks for coming to me first. obviously, isis, we have problems with isis, but have they gone too far? >> i can't believe we can't beat these guys. this is what they're worried about. look, i have two cats, i don't think i ever saw them fornicate indoors. >> cats, yeah. a broadway joke coming. >> yeah, do you want to know what happiness is? cat sex indoors. google memory, everybody, google memory. >> i'm a theater nerd, i get it. but does holding a kitten make a
12:56 am
guy more attractive? >> actually, maybe, it does, joe biden holding a kitten? >> you didn't support that -- >> you're into joe biden? >> i can't believe he came number five on that survey, i think he should have been number one. >> kevin, what are they going to ban next? isis? >> but the cats can't have sex inside? what if they wear a burka, can they do it any place? >> who were the guys saying you know what, we need to fattwa the indoor cat checks. >> i could imagine you as part of that discussion, i really could. >> you think i would buy --
12:57 am
>> you got to get them spayed and neutered. >> chris hahn, and kevin brennan, that does it for me, that's tom shillue, i'll see you next time.
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>> four, three, two, one. this is a fox news extreme weather alert. a new track for hurricane matthew. a massive storm heading toward florida at this hour. we will, of course, have extensive reaction to last night's vice-presidential debate and the politics today. first, this top story. this hurricane coming our way to the u.s. hurricane matthew is now a category 3. it could strengthen. it's baring down on the bahamas after savaging haiti and grazing cuba. next up, the american atlantic coast where states of emergency are paving the way for what could be mandatory evacuations for some and evacuations of millions of people. we have fox team coverage tonight.


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