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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 6, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> four, three, two, one. this is a fox news extreme weather alert. a new track for hurricane matthew. a massive storm heading toward florida at this hour. we will, of course, have extensive reaction to last night's vice-presidential debate and the politics today. first, this top story. this hurricane coming our way to the u.s. hurricane matthew is now a category 3. it could strengthen. it's baring down on the bahamas after savaging haiti and grazing cuba. next up, the american atlantic coast where states of emergency are paving the way for what could be mandatory evacuations for some and evacuations of millions of people. we have fox team coverage tonight.
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we have what the experts are saying about the storm's path. we begin with phil in jupiter, florida, where they are preparing for the worst. >> reporter: good evening. mandatory evacuations are already in effect in parts of florida tonight. sometime this evening, jupiter island is expected to be under a mandatory evacuation. up and down the east coast, at many gas stations you are finding bagged up pump handles and fuel tanks that have dried up. they are empty after a very long day of long lines of drivers trying to fill up and fuel up in case they need to evacuate. that could be a good sign that 11 years after the last major hurricane slammed into the sunshine state, that people are taking this storm seriously. hurricane matthew is big, it's strong and powerfully barrelling through the bahamas as it chugs towards florida. the current storm track projects the major hurricane may
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strengthen back up to a category 4 when the eye approaches the eastern coast of florida. mandatory evacuations began at 3:00. impacting barrier islands and melbourne, cocoa beach. >> you can rebuild. you can repair property. you cannot restore a life. >> reporter: the president is urging everyone on the entire u.s. east coast to take this storm very seriously. >> i want to make sure that everybody is paying attention to your local officials. >> reporter: voluntary evacuations are happening up and down the state. the hurricane warning applies to broward county on the south up to jacksonville. many gas stations have already run out of fuel, closing shop and sending drivers to sit in long lines at crowded fuel stations which remain open. florida residents also stocking up on water and food supplies while utility companies
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preposition extra crews anticipating there will be power outages. tuesday, matthew slammed into haiti and cuba as a category 4 dropping close to 40 inches of rain in some spots and killing at least a dozen people. many others still remain missing. florida governor rick scott is urging anyone who plans to evacuate to do so now. before the highways clog with traffic. he has activated and deployed 500 national guardsmen and women. >> everyone must prepare for a direct hit. we have less than 24 hours left to prepare, evacuate and shelter. >> reporter: the u.s. navy admiral announcing 15 minutes ago that 200 u.s. troops are on their way to haiti to help deliver aid. fema has already prepositioned response teams in florida, georgia and the carolinas who are prepares and able to deliver ice, food and water wherever it is needed.
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the main east west highway conne connecting with metro orlando inland, 528, tolls have been lifted. the westbound traffic is heavy. >> we will follow it. thank you. let's find out the differentths take. latest alert from the hurricane center had the massive storm jogging a little further west with florida in its sights. rick is at the fox weather center in new york. >> good evening. florida certainly in its sights. it's how close does the storm get to the coast? it's going to have major implications. here is where the storm is now. across the southern bahamas. it's moving northwest. by the time this is done, it's going to impact the be a ahama islands. hurricane hunters are in the storm. they did just find pressure lower than that 963. maybe we are starting to see
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that strengthening. that's what the official forecast does it bring it to a category 4 storm by tomorrow. hurricane warnings in effect through the bahamas but just from the north of miami as well as up towards d s daytona beach. tomorrow afternoon, we will see winds come onshore. tropical storm from miami to west palm, noontime. this yellow, that is tropical storm force winds. the red is hurricane force winds. by tomorrow at 6:00 p.m., maybe our first hurricane force winds from around west palm beach and then we will see that continue to rake this area throughout the overnight hours tomorrow night and throughout much of the day on friday. that white by the way, that's major hurricane right off the shore here. what we are likely looking at is instead of a storm that moves perpendicular to the coastline, normally what we see when a hurricane makes landfall, we will watch one that moves up parallel to the coast and impacts a lot more people along a lot of -- a larger area of
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beaches. not an exact idea of where the center of the storm goes. you get the general idea pulling parallel to florida, parallel through the georgia and carolina coastline. then maybe making a deviation i will show you in a second. category 4 storm by tomorrow. the latest storm as you said, nudges this farther towards the west. that means friday sometime in the midday, we are talking about a storm moving over the space coast as a category 4 hurricane. this is something we have never seen in florida. this ends up -- we have a storm surge into jacksonville and around savannah. the latest thinking, now, the system, the weakness in the atmosphe atmosphere, don't think that's going to happen. that means we're going to see this get nudged here back to the south and we might be looking at a little bit of a repeat here sometime maybe over monday,
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tuesday, wednesday back here in florida. very early to say that. an interesting trend that we're starting to see potentially a little bit of a loop happen with the storm. the short-term, tomorrow midday in florida, the impacts begin. >> my old job of tracking hurricanes and weathering them and the storms. the top of that circle, the northern part as it flips is really the danger with the wind and the high seas. if it gets that close to florida, you are talking about some cities that could see high water levels. >> a lot of cities and a lot of population zones along this area of florida. these beaches are areas that have not been hit in a long time. population in florida has exploded over the last number of years. a lot more people dealing with potentially a major hurricane for the first time. >> we will track it here. as always, thank uchl you. now to politics.
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a storm of a different kind. the fat you willout from the vice-presidential debate and the preparations under way for this sunday's round two between the top of the ticket nominees. john roberts is traveling with the donald trump campaign. the republican nominee concludes his western swing. he is in nevada tonight. >> reporter: good evening. these vice-presidential debates typically don't have much of an affect on the overall race. one potential consequence from last night's event, it may have raised the bar for how well donald trump has to perform in his next two meetings with hillary clinton. >> governor mike pence. >> shunning the limelight of what was seen as a clear victory, mike pence handed the trophy to his boss. >> some people think i won. but i will leave that to others. what i can tell you is from where i sat, donald trump won
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the debate. donald trump's vision to make america great again won the debate. >>. >> reporter: in nevada, hillary clinton is leading, donald trump praised his running mate and himself. >> how many of you watched the vice-presidential debate last night? mike pence did an incredible job. and i'm getting a lot of credit, because that's really my first so-called choice. that was my first hire as we would say in las vegas. >> reporter: hillary clinton, who was off the campaign trail today, telephoned senator tim kaine to thank him for his performance last night. by many analyses, he was far too eager to interrupt his opponent. >> hold on a second. >> it is in fact the governor's time. >> thanks. i forgive you. >> governor, this is senator -- >> yeah, that's right. now we're even. >> reporter: kaine relied too
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much on practiced lines. >> donald trump can't start a twitter war with miss universe without shooting himself in the foot. he loves dictators. he has a personal mount rushmore, putin, kim jong-un, gaddafi and hussein. >> did you work on that one a long time? that had a lot of creative lines in it. >> reporter: pence appeared to break with trump on russia calling pucall ing putin a small, bullying man. >> they say donald trump loves putin. i don't love, i don't hate. we will see how it works. we will see. maybe we will have a good relationship. maybe we will have a horrible relationship. >> reporter: now attention turns to the next presidential debate sunday in st. louis. donald trump has scrapped several rallies this week to focus on debate preparation. the polls in many battle ground states turning in clinton's
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favor. they know trump's form answer sund performance could make or break the state. a new poll in ohio showed hillary clinton with a two point lead, half of what she had in the last survey. other polls show trump tied or with a slight lead. in many battleground states, hillary clinton continues to struggle with younger voters. her campaign is rolling out a blast from the past, al gore will soon be hitting the campaign trail hoping to use climate change as a way to win over millennials. >> if that works. do you think the vice-presidential debate will influence voters in any way? let me know on twitter. of course, both of last night's vp nominees are being accused of stretching the truth during the debate at times. james rosen is here with a bit of a fact check. >> reporter: when they weren't tripping over each other -- >> i think i'm on my time.
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>> isn't this a discussion? >> reporter: the nominees tripped up their facts. exhibit a, senator kaine's claim about the iran nuclear deal. >> she worked a tough negotiation with nations around the world to eliminate the iranian nuclear weapons program without firing a shot. >> eliminate? >> absolutely. >> reporter: in fact the deal preserved iran's nuclear program. many analysts warn with various sunset clauses expiring, iran could well resume the activities needed to produce a nuclear weapon. exhibit b -- >> this is one that we can go to the tape. governor pence said putin is a better leader -- >> that's inaccurate. >> reporter: if we go to the video, governor pence said almost exactly what he said he said. >> it's inarguable that putin
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has a stronger leader than obama has been in this country. >> reporter: pence fault ed tha. kaine blamed the iraqis. >> guess what? if a nation where our troops are serving does not want us to stay, we're not going to stay. >> a failure -- >> reporter: by obama remains, will remain without protection. >> there was an opportunity. i think if we pursued it to keep forces there, to do it without an agreement. >> he never said that. >> he said it. saudi arabia -- >> in fact, donald trump has suggested those countries go nuclear. >> north korea has nukes. japan has a problem with that. they have a big problem with it.
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maybe they would be better off if they defend themselves from north korea. maybe they -- >> with nukes? >> yes. >> reporter: he made similar comments to anderson cooper. the exercise goes to show if debates are a form of verbal combat, the first casualty is very often the truth. >> thank you. one of the most emotional issues involving the vice-presidential nominees last night, abortion in general. but partial birth abortion in particular. where that issue may play in this election. >> reporter: bible verses, mother teresa and an agreement on abortion. both oppose it. senator tim kaine says he draws the line at the suggestion he and democrat nominee hillary clinton should use their positions as elected officials to impose their views on others. >> you should live fully and with enthusiasm in the commands
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of your faith. it's not the role of the public servant to mandate that for everybody else. >> reporter: groups like catholics for choice agree, only a woman should decide. >> she can bring in anyone and should consult her faith, her doctor, her family, her partner, her husband, her mother, anybody that she feels is important to bring into the decision. policymakers, religious leaders do not belong in that decision. >> reporter: mike pence saying he had a great deal of respect for kaine's faith took the opportunity to press him on starting on partial birth abortion. >> i know you hold pro life views personally. the idea that a child that is almost born into the world could still have their life taken from them is just -- >> reporter: polling shows 78% of americans favor limiting abortion to the first trimester and extreme circumstances.
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>> this includes 85% of african-americans, 84% of latino voters. interestingly, 62% of voters that call themselves pro choice. it comes to partial birth abortion, again, any defense of that position is just far outside the mainstream and is not the consensus of this country. >> reporter: kaine pointed out trump's statement that women who seek illegal abortions should face a penalty. >> we don't think women should be punished at donald trump said they should for making the decision to have an abortion. >> reporter: trump said only someone who performs an illegal abortion should be held responsible. it was still being debated last night. pence said trump was inarct inarticulate on the issue because he's not a polished politician. trump and clinton have yet to address the abortion issue. >> thank you. clinton foundation officials say they have sent in additional financial information to the new york state government to make
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sure the charity is in compliance with laws goff he were governing the sliolicitati of funds. they say they failed -- had failed to submit a form for the year 2012. you will remember we reported the new york ag has issued a cease and desist order to the donald trump foundation over its alleged failure to properly register under same law. up next, news on a skandle that could rival the edward snowden case. here is what some of our fox afi affiliates are covering. a freight train derailed. no injuries. authorities say several freight cars went off the tracks around 10:00 this morning. fox 11 in los angeles has police hunting for a man who shot two officers earlier today. the officers were responding to a burglary call. s.w.a.t. personnel is on the scene.
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lancaster campus has ordered students to shelter in place. we will watch that one. this is a live look at south carolina from fox carolina. the big story there tonight, the funeral for the 6-year-old boy killed in last week's school shooting. mourners donned super hero clothes to say good-bye to jacob hall. hundreds of people turned out tuesday night for the boy's visitation. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back.
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this is a fox news alert. what could be another major embarrassment for the u.s. intelligence community on the scale of the 2013 edward snowden leaks. another contractor for the national security agency is accused of removing highly
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classified information used to crack the computer networks of foreign governments. good evening. >> reporter: thank you. according to the criminal complaint, a contractor is accused of stealing top secret information that is sold to another country would cause damage to national security. six documents were recovered from his momehome and car and include codes to break into foreign government computer networks. interviewed by the fbi, he denied any knowledge. then admitted he took the fbi files. martin works for booze allen hamilton, the same company that employed snowden. it said he began cooperating with the fbi after martin's august arrest. a white house spokesman did not minimize the fallout. >> this is a situation that the department of justice takes seriously as evidenced by their
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complaint. >> reporter: it's not known whether the secrets were ever sold. >> we will follow that. after three years of court action, the justice department suddenly drops criminal charges against this arms dealer who had threatened to expose secrets that would potentially embarrass secretary clinton and president o obama? >> reporter: based on information, he makes a case the obama administration authorized a covert weapons program in 2011. since the u.s. could not sell to the libyan opposition, he was going to be the middle man but was cut out. it spun out of control arming america's enemies. >> this would come under secretary clinton's watch. >> reporter: as part of the work around, the u.s. would supply conventional weapons to another u.s. ally qatar. >> mortar with optics, 10 millimeter, conventional weapons. if you want to limit the expore you are to the u.s. government, you outsource it.
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>> reporter: he insist ez never shipped any weapons to qatar. >> the state department had a lead on this. they were going to run it with their people when this equipment landed in libya. half went one way. half went the other way. the half that went the other way is the half that ended up in syria. >> reporter: with the trial looming next month and today's deadline to make evidence available to the defense, the justice department filed a motion to drop the criminal charges citing several factors, including recent discovery rulings by the court. fox news pressed the justice department on why it abandoned the case on the eve of the election and after five years of litigation. there was nothing beyond the court filings. >> we will follow this as well. california is asking the obama administration for permission to become the first state to offer obamacare to illegal immigrants. the bill's sponsor said it would allow 390,000 illegal immigrants to receive health insurance.
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however, it would not be subsidi subsidized. critics say it's the latest sign the president misrepresented the purpose of the law which he said would not apply to illegal immigrants. the cost of expanding medicaid under obamacare is rising faster than expected in many places. that has lawmakers in at least three states pushing to require medicaid recipients to pay more toward their insurance. opponents say that would mean thousands of low income families would have to drop off the medicaid rolls. president obama says news that the paris climate change agreement could be a turning point. the addition of nepal, canada and the seven european union countries meet the final flesh hold. not everyone is happy. paul ryan says the agreement would be disastrous for the u.s. economy. everyone concerned is being very careful about their
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responses to a report that yahoo! scamm scanned e-mail for sam. >> reporter: yahoo! and the white house have little to say about a report claiming the tech company secretly built a custom software program to search all its incoming e-mail for specific information at the request of government officials. >> as much as i would like to discuss publically the details of this report, i'm just not going to be in a position to. >> reporter: josh eararnest claimed they implemented new measures to restrain government spying capabilities and safeguard privacy. a yahoo! spokesperson says the report is, quote, misleading and, quote, we narrowly interpret every government
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request. it does not exist on our systems. when asked for further details or whether the company is denying all e-mail scanning, a yahoo! spokesperson declined further comment. >> i get uncomfortable. this is the equivalent of the fbi walking through the neighbor searching everybody's house looking for an item. at some point this does get -- tend to be overly broad. >> the public is entitled to know how broadly is the government construing its authority? how broad are the surveillance requests that it is serving on technology companies? >> reporter: tech companies tout their privacy culture. yahoo!'s ceo is quoted saying, it's time for the united states government to act to restore the confidence of sncitizens around the world. reuters report she decided to obey the government directive to scan incoming e-mails angering senior executives. google said we never received such a request. if we did, our response would be
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simple, no way. this issue continues to challenge the white house. months ago the administration and apple fought over a request by the government to unlock the iphone of the san bernardino shooter. eventually, the government hired an outside firm to crack that iphone. >> thank you. a man with a knife stabbed two police officers in brussels today. prosecutors say it may be terror related. a third officer suffered a broken nose but was able to shoot the assailant who was arrested. in august, a man with a machete shouted as he seriously wounded two police women in southern belgium. russia is suspended its cooperation with the u.s. in nuclear and energy research. moscow says it's a countermeasure against the u.s. over its renewal of sanctions against russia for moscow's an exation of crimea and its actions in ukraine. state department says no official notification from russia has been received.
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there are new signs tonight of just how horrible the refugee situation is becoming in europe. amy kellogg has latest from milan. >> reporter: more than 10,000 people fleeing war torn countries were rescued between libya and italy in the last two days, dozens died at sea. refugees trying to escape can drawn or suffocate in the holds of overcrowded boats. some suffer burns from the gasoline powering the boats mixes with saltwater to erode the skin. boats took off in the last several days. there was weather opportunity after days of choppy seas. 3,500 people have died in crossings. italy has taken in 142,000, which is a huge strain on social services. >> translator: there are many unaccompanies minors, tens of
1:30 am
thousands. t . >> reporter: it's sis lee taking in the people, receiving them. the mayor told fox news last year he was extremely proud of the island for looking after so many people and that he wanted them to be known for kindness. there are volunteers from around the world saving lives. >> we are out there doing what we can. in this group, we had ten pregnant women. actually, a child of four days old, which is a joy to have on board as bad as it can be. the sadness of the trip, there were seven who did not make it in the floating rubber boat. we had to leave them at sea. >> reporter: three babies were born on coast guard boats in the latest series of rescues. there's no doubting the tenderness of the doctors and paramedics who are caring for they will. this year is on track to be the deadliest for mediterranean crossings. the dangers plus the prospect of suffering abuse while waiting in
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libya is not enough to deter people fleeing. >> amy kellogg, thank you. back here in the u.s., president obama is still taking major heat over his failure to assure better health care for the nation's veterans. now a new report about one of the worst offenders indicates not much has changed. >> reporter: excessive wait times persist at the phoenix veterans hospital two years after reports of falsified patient wait times at the facility exploded into a full-blown scandal. >> it's amazing that the ground zero facility in phoenix actually still can't seem to get things right. >> reporter: the inspector general's report base opend on confirmed 4,800 patients experienced wait times in excess of 30 days. another 10,000 vets seeking appointments at nearby community care centers had to wait longer than 30 days.
1:32 am
in one case, a vascular patient waited over 300 days for care. all this after the original wait time scandal forced the resignation of shinseki and the passage of a $10 billion veterans choice bill. a man who has written about red tape believes the va is incapable of change. >> it's so entrenched that unless there's a top to bottom change in the va, particularly in phoenix, that you are not going to solve this problem. it . >> it's the mid level management who knows they will outlast any president, secoretary or house chairman. >> reporter: the report is mired in the same bureaucracy which it is tasked with determining. untimely care may have contributed to the death of one patient.
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it identifies hundreds of others who died before their scheduled appointments, leaving unclear whether the patients died as a result of not being seen or from age and infirmities that would have killed them anyway. it's not just phoenix. the va's own statistics show that as of september 15th of this year, over a half million veterans nationwide waited over 30 days past their preferred date to see a doctor. >> important story. thank you. a good day on wall street today. the dow rose 113. the s&p 500 was up 9. the nasdaq jumped 26. a major success for a private space company. a rocket blasted off from texas, flew back and landed upright. an emergency escape capsule that separated from the rocket and deployed parachutes safely touched down as well. three european scientists have been awarded the nobel prize for chemistry after developing the world's smallest machines. the devices are one thousand
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times thinner than a human hair. they say -- they are said to have the potential to revolutionize computer and energy systems. did the vice-presidential debate change any minds? debate change any minds? what about today's
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mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. donald trump called me to congratulate me on debate. that meant the world to me. it truly did. some people think i won. from where i sat, donald trump won the debate. donald trump's vision to make america great again won the debate. >> and donald trump, the republican nominee, said it was the best vice-presidential debate performance ever. that's what he said today.
1:38 am
new polls out today. one in monmouth poll, monmouth university in ohio shows hillary clinton with a slight lead in ohio. that's down from four to two. if you look at the average, same position as we have been showing you. this is an average of recent polls that fox considers legitimate and that is where it stands as of tonight. let's bring in our panel. charles hurt, mara lyson and john. >> the real question, pence won the debate, that was clear. he was smoother. he didn't take the bait. tim kaine came in with a clear strategy to mention every outrage out thing donald trump has said and try to force mike pence to defend it and he didn't. pence won the debate.
1:39 am
what does that mean for the race? i think probably very little. i don't see a vice-presidential debate really shifting the dynamic. but he reassured a lot of republicans, pence did, who were feeling bad after donald trump's performance in the first debate. he teed up trump nicely for the next debate. trump is working harder and preparing for that one. >> hopefully, donald trump will learn a few lessons from his under study in that debate. i thought that tim kaine had his moments. he was able to get a lot of -- we did spend a lot of the debate listening to them talk about the accusations that have been levelled against donald trump. in that respect, i think the people have gone overboard about how badly he did. the other thing that sort of struck me was the degree to which he tried to take this -- the hillary clinton and the administration foreign policy
1:40 am
failures and tried to turn it around to being somehow donald trump's fault for not paying his taxes in 1995. it strained at times. that does a disservice to a guy that has a bright future ahead of him in politics and has a sort of reputation for being a non-partisan truth speaker. >> the people -- the whisperers here in washington about mike pence 2020, after that performance last night and that somehow he is coalescing, that's where the republicans should be, for donald trump, he said this was my first hire. it shows i had good judgment. >> that's a great spin for him to do. it was a good performance. it was a broad shoulders performance one might say. i ag may agree with donald trump it was the best vice-presidential debate performance in history. but that's sort of like saying the best oktoberfest in orlando. it's saying something, but it's not saying a lot.
1:41 am
>> we can find one in orlando that's pretty good. >> for orlando. vice-presidential debates don't do much. i think that the -- one of the reasons why pence won -- one of the reasons why pence did not forthrightly take the bait and defend donald trump is that there aren't a lot of good defenses for that stuff. that's not a conversation he wants to have. if he is thinking about 2020, he doesn't want videotape where he is defending some of this stuff when the conventional wisdom is changed. >> what he did was he pivoted. that is not what donald trump did that first debate. governor scott walker was his debate opponent in the mock debates that governor pence had. governor walker playing the role of senator kaine. he was asked about some of the answers that pence had today. >> by denying that trump said things that he said, didn't he
1:42 am
kind of create an alternate reality of donald trump? >> mike's point was that the context was different than what senator kaine was saying. certainly, for example, with putin, we talked about this many times before, he doesn't admire putin for being a leader. he was pointing out how weak he thought president obama's leadership was. senator kaine was selectively taking things out of context. >> by the way, senator kaine moments ago saying, last night got a little feisty. he said he has been getting dinged for interrupting, including even by his wife. there you have it. is that not -- is this going to have any repercussions down the road? >> i think the biggest is for mike pence's future political ambiti ambitions. he did himself good. there were people who thought he was running for president last night.
1:43 am
but didn't take the bait, didn't try to defend donald trump. there were reports that donald trump didn't like that. he said he was -- they denied it. he said he was happy. i think mike pence came out of this with his ambitions intact. it's not a small thing to be able to run as donald trump's running mate without getting totally tied to every controversial thing that donald trump has said. >> i think it's interesting that -- obviously, mike pence did sort of deflect and change the subject. he did a pretty effective job. he talked about how polished -- what a politician tim kaine is and what hillary clinton is. the perfect political answer to a flubbed debate performance is to say, yeah, people said i'm getti inting dinged because i interrupted too much, including from my wife. perfect political pitch. >> speaking today about obamacare, something the former president said the other day.
1:44 am
>> bill clinton yesterday -- they're so angry at him. they scolded him yesterday. clinton added, it doesn't make any sense, the insurance model just doesn't work. i think that president obama should apologize for obamacare. >> you have this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care and then the people are out there busting it sometimes 60 hours a week wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. >> today the former president walked that back a bit saying he is for the affordable care act but it needs to be fixed. >> this was the most unforced, unprovoked gift error we have had in the cycle in a long time.
1:45 am
>> that's bill clinton's specialty. >> it's amazing. sometimes the big dog needs to be on a leash. i think whether or not -- the trump campaign has not gone after obamacare much in the last few months. where this could have lasting repercussions is on all of these tight senate races. every single republican senate candidate will take that sound bite and saying -- playing it over and over saying, even bill clinton recognizes that obamacare is crazy and a disaster. that's going to be very useful. >> it is a political albatross. >> it's always been in a couple cycles, we have seen obamacare be an albatross. it hasn't risen because trump hasn't been talking about it. health care hasn't been the number one thing. it's an albatross. donald trump has pretty much alined himself with the house republicans in terms of repealing it completely and then putting something in its place. >> you have state after state that is down to basically no choices. one choice for health care and
1:46 am
premiums and deductibles going up. that's not a great equation as you are heading into the voter booth. >> it's terrible. it reveals bill clinton's gut political instincts are so good. he realizes that it's a real problem. and he is the explainer in chief. when president obama tries to go out there and explain this, people are like, what are you talking about? he gets it -- bill clinton gets it. >> the debate over partial birth abortion.
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wow. college already yeah! we gotta go ♪for all the truth that you made me see♪ ♪for all the truth that you made me see♪ i love you. ♪for all the joy you brought to my life♪ i love you too daddy. ♪you're the one who saw me through♪
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♪through it all and thanks...for, everything. ♪you were my strength when i was weak♪ ♪you were my hopes when i couldn't speak♪ women have this right to make this highly personal decision with their family, in accordance with their faith, with their doctor. >> just to be clear, there is no, without any
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exceptions? >> no. i have been on record in favor of a late pregnancy regulation that would have exceptions for the life and health of the mother. i object to the recent effort in congress to pass a law saying after 20 weeks, you know, no such exceptions because although these are rare, bret, they sometimes arise in the most complex, difficult medical situations. >> well, including mental health, we should point out, democrats have said in the opposition to the 20 week bill that is hillary clinton back in march first time the democratic candidates had been asked about abortion. that was the town hall in detroit. the issue came up last night, specifically partial birth abortion. here are the latest stats. overall portion. on the issue of portion, would you say you are more pro-life or pro-choice? this has flipped in recent years. it used to be pro-life was
1:51 am
leading in this accord the board and now you see the polls shifting a bit. but, on the issue of abortion after 24 weeks is what this next poll shows you oppose, it's a harvard study, 61% to 23%. and you go around the country and that's -- you hear that about partial birth abortion. we're back with the panel. marah, it did come out last night. and there is a dramatic rift between these two campaigns. >> there is a dramatic rift. i know you have some tape to play on this. but i thought it was really interesting. because what pence did focused on partial birth. what tim kaine did is he went to the most safe ground. >> normal reaction. what i can't understand is hillary clinton anow senator kaine at her side is to support a practice like partial birth abortion. the voyeur idea that a child almost born into the world could still have their life taken from them is --
1:52 am
>> we support the constitutional right of american women to consult their own conscience, their own supportive partner, their own minister but then make their own decision about pregnancy. >> this is where the abortion wars have stood for a very long time. when the subject is very broad, abortion in general, legal or not, the democrats are on stronger ground. when it gets more specific to this issue of partial birth abortion, especially if you think that the child -- the fetus or the child could live outside the womb at that point, then the republicans do better. so, and there you saw it. it really hasn't changed much in a very lock time. >> the fact that governor pence was the one who brought up the social issue and went almost in a soft way but an aggressive way to tim kaine, it was thought going in that perhaps tim kaine was going to give the lbgt issue and religious freedom to mike pence.
1:53 am
>> well, again, this might play into the theories where pence wants to be in 2020. i think mara is exactly right. at the extreme one end of the pregnancy, the conservatives have the winning political argument. everyone thinks that an abortion at 8 and a half months is pretty ugly thing unless you are really ideologically committed and most americans are okay with terminating a pregnancy very early on. what drives me crazy about the tim kaine position in this is it's a fall back that goes back to mario cuomo that says i'm personally opposed but i don't have the right to impose my values on other people. obamacare, taxing, spending. every other issue of government liberals and conservatives say this reflects my values and one carve out for abortion. the reason why this dis nt doesn't go away because under roe v. wade and dough, doe can you terminate pregnancy
1:54 am
at any point. much more extreme than almost any place in europe. >> that is where there is not -- you know, hillary clinton is trying to put something there to say it's complex. but barack obama, for example, ran for president is not a restriction. >> yeah. and to send tim kaine out to make this argument is very difficult for tim kaine himself. is he a devoted catholic. and he has tried to sort of thin line between saying me personally but then i'm not going to do it must bely. but then we have also seen he has been sort of sent out on some other things with, you know, when president clinton got -- was impeached, you know, he said that clinton, bill clinton should leave office, and he has had to reverse all of that. i just think it's very -- you know, obviously everybody is talking about mike pence and his future. it's very interesting to think about tim kaine's future and what the clinton machine -- you know, what the clinton campaign is doing for his future. and i think it's not helping
1:55 am
him. >> on this particular issue, is it somehow rhyme for the trump campaign. even though trump has evolved himself to pro-life or is it at least getting conservatives together? >> that's what i -- my reaction to this last night was wow, he is really speaking to the base. kind of late in the game to trying to be energize your base. they have them all sown up. that's because donald trump doesn't have social issues top priority for him. he has talked about it that's why he wasn't sure how to talk about it. that's why he got tied up in knots about punishing women. mike pence was trying to reassure the base and conservative christians yes, we are with you. did he a lot of that last night. >> partial birth abortion in african-american communities with african-american pastors. >> that's not enough to get them to vote for donald trump. i agree with you, yes, they are with him on that but not enough. >> trump has largely solidified the base. his problem is not with conservatives me with
1:56 am
understanding. his problem is white suburban educated women. >> why are they doing. >> this that's why i floated maybe it has more to do with 2020 than what the trump campaign actually needs in terms of the data. >> which is why we talked about it tonight. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for the joy of live tv.
1:57 am
... finally tonight another email scandal this one on fox news cavuto coast to coast. kneel was in the spin room live last night doing his show, minding his own
1:58 am
business, conducting an interview, and then sean hannity popped up. >> he is caught off unprepared. >> answer my emails? >> i write you. i hope you are feeling better. i miss you, i love you. >> you don't write me back. >> this phi interrupts like tim kaine. >> ridiculous. ridiculous. >> that's such a good line. thank you very, very much. >> cavuto works harder than anyone else on tv. >> this is sean hannity just looking around for something. >> y. >> thanks, buddy. very, very much. sean hannity has the vice presidential nominee mike pence in tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, >> it is thursday october 6th. bracing for impact. hurricane matthew roaring toward the u.s. after blasting the
1:59 am
bahamas and demolishing haiti. it could be the biggest mass evacuation ever. we have live team coverage. >> an nsa contractor under arrest for stealing highly classified government information. >> he was phenomenal. he was cool. he was smart. you just take a look at him. >> donald trump hot on the trail praising mike pence as hillary clinton whips out her weapon for millennialses. al gore? "fox & friends first" starts right now.
2:00 am
>> lots of people with their eye on the sky. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday. >> we begin with a fox news lart. bracing for impact millions of americans now preparing for what could be the most devastating hurricane to hit the east coast in more than a decade. >> monster hurricane matthew strengthening over open waters battering the bahamas spinning toward florida packing winds well over 100 miles per hour. >> millions of americans now in a race against time in what could be the biggest mass evacuation ever. the storm expected to reach florida late tonight or early tomorrow. >> now the unbelievable possibility that matthew could spin around and hit the u.s. twice. >> we have live fox news team coverage for you tomorrow. janice dean is in the weather center with m


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