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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 6, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> lots of people with their eye on the sky. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday. >> we begin with a fox news lart. bracing for impact millions of americans now preparing for what could be the most devastating hurricane to hit the east coast in more than a decade. >> monster hurricane matthew strengthening over open waters battering the bahamas spinning toward florida packing winds well over 100 miles per hour. >> millions of americans now in a race against time in what could be the biggest mass evacuation ever. the storm expected to reach florida late tonight or early tomorrow. >> now the unbelievable possibility that matthew could spin around and hit the u.s. twice. >> we have live fox news team coverage for you tomorrow. janice dean is in the weather center with morement really
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twice? >> let's got get ahead of ourselves. let's start about twith the firt there's a chance it could loop around. 5:00 a.m. advisory is out. the winds are up the pressure is dropping. we see an eye there popping out. that's an indication we have a strengthening storm. we are expecting impact, perhaps devastating impact for the bahamas. hurricane warnings up and down florida. you need to be completing your preparations if you have not evacuated. prayers at this point. you need to speak to your local officials. if you haven't evacuated the area you are running out of time. we have 12-hours before this thing rakes up the coast. the hurricane warnings are in effect. we will start to see the conditions go downhill through out the day today and through
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the overnight. there is thursday night. the eye coming close to west palm beach. don't know if it will make a land fall yet. coming so close as a major hurricane. they have not had a major hurricane in florida hit the shores in a decade. this is a big deal. a lot of these folks maybe have never experienced a hurricane. what happens friday? we are still dealing with this eye wall all up toward georgia and the carolinas. forecast wind gusts. we could see hurricane force winds for a duration of hours upon hours scraping the space coast here. there is daytona beach. this is friday. friday morning. we are going to be dealing with a category 3, category 4 hurricane that maybe doesn't even make land fall but perhaps this could be a devastating blow for this vulnerable coastline up toward georgia and we will see
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what happens after that. this is the 5:00 a.m. advisory just in. it has not changed much. the timing is still key. but look at this. this is 145 miles per hour just kissing the coastline here. there is friday evening not moving too fast. this is a big concern. we are going to see beach erosion, storm surge, flooding up towards of an inch of rein fall. there is a possibility it could make a loop and perhaps impact the coast again heading into next week. we are hoping that we are done with this, but we have to watch every single track over the next couple of days. prayers for florida. listen to your local authorities. >> we turn to brian live in
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sebastian england, florida where people are preparing for the worst. >> this could the biggest evacuation ever. 1.5 million floridians along the entire east coast of the state. they place for hurricane matthew. category storm expects to hit tonight into tomorrow. from the palm beach to the top of jacksonville florida people living in low lying areas barrier islands and mobile homes are under mandatory evacuations. ordering the evacuation of a million people all along south carolina. traffic along i26. hurricane matthew expected to hit there. they are boarding up their homes and buying bread, water and
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flashlights before conditions start to deteriorate. this is the worst this area has seen in a decade. >> regardless if it is a direct hit or not impacts will be devastating. everybody in the state must repair for a direct hit. >> hurricane matthew has already killed at least 25 people in haiti and eastern cuba. i am along the beach in sebastian. it is under a mandatory evacuation beginning at 8:00 a.m. storm surge with big hurricanes. a storm surge expected along this area. people being urged to leave this area along the barrier island. emergency vehicles cannot get to
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you. you are on your own. a mandatory evacuation for this beach and along this area beginning at 8:00 a.m. today. >> the radar images. >> isis calling on jihadis around the world carrying on knife massacres in their own backyard. this provide a manual for murder published in several different languages. they urge jihadis to attack along beaches and the most chilling area as well inside quiet neighborhoods. the terrorists praised the small slasher by name assuring others they don't need combat experience to terrorize nations. >> decorated police sergeant murdered in cold blood. 53-year-old steven owen shot in the face while responding to a
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burglar re. the gunman identified as a parole lee tried to get away after opening the fire on the father of two. other deputies chased him to a nearby home. he was ambushed and arrested after a 2 hour standoff. >> now to the race for the white house. donald trump down to the battle ground state of new hampshire. the gop nominee taking a victory praising his running mate for the debate perform mass and s m slamming hillary clinton along the way. >> the big question heading into sunday's debate did donald trump learn anything from his running mate. mike pence is widely seen as winning the debate if only by fending off and deflecting tim kaine's rapid fire offense. a victory lap yesterday in
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harrisonburg, virginia. >> i think donald trump won the debate. i think donald trump's vision to make america great again won the debate. i think that vision for a stronger america at home and abroad. if we were able to communicate that vision and a clear choice the american family did face. >> right now the presidential candidates continue to take opposing attacks for the second presidential debate. hillary clinton taking time off the trail confident the preparation for the first debate will work again. donald trump has a new attack he will unleash on sunday. >> bill clinton torched president obama's signature legislation. >> hillary clinton called obamacare one of the greatest accomplishments of president obama.
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bill had a different view. he said it's just a crazy system. >> look for that sunday. hillary also has a new campaign weapon or perhaps an old one. al gore is going to be campaigning for hillary clinton now in the home stretch. >> i haven't heard that had name in a long time. >> thank you so much. doug. >> putting the fbi on blast in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. those lawmakers demanding answers in attorney general loretta lynch after learning the feds destroyed laptops bee ng loing to clinton aids. it is astonishing giving the evidence that laptops would be of interest to congressional investigators. the computers were destroyed as part of an immunity deal. it is unclear if they were just smashed or wiped clean. >> the irs exposed for targeting tea party groups again three
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years after admitting they had crossed the line. ongoing battle heating up after the department published private tax return information. the group says they are being ruthlessly questioned four years after they first requested tax exempt status. they are suing the irs for the one-sided scrutiny. >> we are one step closer to another space mail stone. >> 3, 2, 1. >> for the first time ever a private rocket company safely completing an emergency evacuation drill on a shuttle. a mid flight emergency since nasa since the 1960's. >> paid passengers are also expecteded to fly by 2018. can you believe that?
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>> i would pay for it. >> i would be too scared. >> after it is dested. >> the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. samsung has more explaining to do. one of the replacement galaxy phones just went up in flames. >> a new twist after the kim kardashian information about her bod dae guard fuelling speculation this was an inside job. >> sticker shock. the hospital that just billed new parents 40 bucks to hold their new baby.
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>> welcome back to "f -- "fox & friends first." jackie ibanez here with the
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bombshell arrest the fbi tried to keep secret. >> heavily armed fbi agents forming the home of carolyn martin where they found secret coast stashed on hard drives in his home and his car. the august raid uncovering the codes which are used by the nsa to break into servers owned by nations like iran, russia, north korea and china. these circumstances similar to edward snowden who worked for the same firm as martin. snowden is hiding out in russia after leaking classified information on surveillance programs to the press back in 2013. the white house foyersed forceo react to another known security breech. >> inge any time is released in the context of a criminal complaint. the federal government is reminded of how important it is to be vigilant. it is certainly a situation that
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the department of justice takes seriously. >> this is huge the fbi secretly arrest behind the warps they sat on huge flaws and huge products. so far there is no evidence martin passed anything on to a third party as his lawyers maintain he has no intentions to betray his country. >> also breaking this morning a worldwide recall of exploding phones and the replacement that took weeks to get p on a packed plane. the southwest flight filling with smoke forcing everyone to evacuate. samsung recalled a million offering a replacement that said it is safer but it seems that is not the case. >> i heard a popping sound, i was looking around to see what was going on.
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i saw smoke was pouring out of my pocket. i pulled it out and through it on to the ground. >> samsung now saying it needs to investigate the replacement phone to determine what caused the fire before issuing another recall. the driving program is already making a major roadblock. a horrified uber driver of a car going the wrong way. they are being slammed with complaints of causing a traffic signal and causing crashes. there's a driver in every car who can step in if need be. >> sounds like that is needed. >> we have bombshell new information about kim kardashian's personal body guard. we learned that the man filed for bankruptcy for his security company just ten weeks ago. with millions of dollars in it debt, this as suspicion grows
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over whether the $11 million robbery was an inside job. he was already facing criticism for leaving her alone in her apartment. she was bound and gaged by five masked men before they stole millions in jewelry. french are now on the hunt for a blacked out limo outside of kardashian's hotel after the heist. the social media president said it made it easy f-- made her an easy target. >> not the end of that story i have a feeling. >> the time is 20 minutes after the hour. donald trump promising to hit hillary clinton at the next debate. >> i may hit her harder in certain ways. i eased up because i didn't want to hurt any other feelings. >> three-days to go. what can we expect?
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>> donald trump has built a business through hard times and through good times. there's a reason why people question the trust worthiness of hillary clinton. we can get america moving again. >> she has been focused on serving others with a special focus on empowering family and
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kids. sharp contrast with donald trump. donald trump always puts himself first. >> 33 days until the election and the second presidential debate is just three-days out. which vp nominee did a better job this week sitting up their running mate for the sunday night show down? hear to look with us is councilman joe burrell lee. thank you for joining us so early this morning. >> good morning. >> who do you think did a better job? >> i think it's not just me who thinks that. it is most of the media and the american public who thinks governor pence did an outstanding job. he came out on point talking about the issues that matter to the american public. senator cakaine came out like a dinner guest who couldn't fight back. >> depends what you are serving for dessert. do you think they are setting up
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their candidates for sunday? >> i think pence had a tougher road to hold because trump didn't do so well. i agree he did a good job. he was kinds of on message. there was daylight between his positions and donald trump's position. he looked at the camera from someone who is looking at this who is an independent and moderate republican. on substance i think senator kaine did a better job. he did well with the established policies on the campaign. they have been told you need to stress this. listen to what he had to say. a lot of people talked about this. >> donald trump supportis our troops and veterans. he pays all taxes.
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do you not take deductions? how does that work? >> it is about our troops. i understand why you want to change the subject. i understand why you want to change the subject. >> the question was about syria and foreign policy and kaine ventures into donald trump's tax issues. danielle was saying perhaps pence didn't hit enough on the issues. joe it's difficult when you are all over the place like that. >> this is what people found off putting about kim cain's performance. i understand how isis expanded and has grown under the obama presidency, how they were able to get around that territory. i don't think it was a good move for him long-term. >> trump is promising to hit hillary clinton harder. let's go to the fox news poll before i get to daniel.
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clinton 43 percent. trump at 40 percent. this was the bump immediately following the first debate. so the question is what kind of bump will they get for the vp debate. what do you think? >> we will see whether the vp debate moves the needle at all. trump has to be very, very careful. a town hall environment is dinn different than standing on the podium p the moderator. he needs to be careful about what he says for clinton and his marriage. he really has to answer questions. we will see if he can do that. >> it works too ways.
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that's not going to work when you have an audience member asking the questions. you can't say trump's taxes when you talk about hillary clinton's foundation. the question of debate he gave a meandering answer that ended up in race relations. am you will not be able to do that when you are hillary clinton being asked by the audience. >> the time is 27 after the hour. an alarming threat to freedom like speech where journalists are being told when terrorists are muslims. i'm claudine and i quit smoking with chantix.
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>> it is thursday october 6th. hurricane matthew roaring toward the u.s. right now after blat g
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blasting the bahamas and going toward haiti. we have live team coverage. >> a bombshell from the department of justice. why a case that would have exposed hillary clinton and president obama's role in arming extremists was just dropped. >> and the bold move the largest shopping mall in america is making this thanksgiving day. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good morning and welcome to "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning. >> i am abby hupts man. >> i am heather childers. hurricane matthew churns toward the east coast. that could be the wos hurricane to slam florida in more than a
2:32 am
decade. >> is its a category 3 storm. >> state of emergency in effect in florida, georgia and both carolinas. millions of americans forced to leave their homes or hunker down and weather around the storm. now the unbelievable category 3 storm that could hit the u.s. >> millions are bracing for a direct hit. >> swooef the five am pass and matthew will be a major hurricane in the east coast of florida. in some cases unprecedented damage across the east coast is expected. if you are told to evacuate you need to do so.
2:33 am
we could be up to 140 miles per hour sustained winds as this approaches the east coast of florida. northwest at 12 miles per hour. we could see unprecedented extensive damage across the beaches of the bahamas. this is thursday 10:00 p.m. come close to west ball am beach. there's the eye wall right there. kalt gore re3 storm. it doesn't make land fall. those will scrape up and down. 10 million people are under a return warning. then to daytona beach on friday overnight. we will be dealing with georgia and the carolinas. this could be your problem next. listen to your local officials. this is a serious situation. upwards of 10 million people all
2:34 am
along the space coast. this is going to be a day's event not just today but into the weekend. as mentioned we are going to be dealing with this and perhaps even a significant move toward the coast again. on the weekend. the new story the water temperatures are very warm. this is the gulf stream. that's why we think as the storm makes its way to the east coast look at the temperatures here close to 90 degrees. that's why we think rapid intensification could be potentially a problem for this coast. there's the forecast path let's break it down for you real quick. this is the closest path it makes toward port saint lucie. 120 miles per hour sustained winds overnight tonight. it hugs the coastline. again whether it makes land fall or not is not an issue. upwards of maybe a foot of
2:35 am
rainfall. hurricane wind force for hours then we watch the georgias and carolinas. please listen to your local officials. rick scott is doing an amazing job on twitter and letting everyone know. neighbors helping neighbors. all lanes of interstate 26 letting all people it has been that we had a major hurricane in this area. >> janice dean, thank you. >> we are going to take you to florida that is bracing for the brunt of it as hurricane matthew swings closer and closer to the coast. >> people are preparing for the worst. brian what is the latest where you are? >> good morning. right here in sebastian we are under a mandatory event alo--
2:36 am
mandatory ee evacuation. we are standing in front of the ocean. this will be perhaps the largest evacuation in florida history. 1.5 million floridians from the palm beaches up through jacksonville under mandatory evacuations low lying areas mobile homes and barrier islands. they are expecting a big storm surge which is the biggest threat when it comes to hurricanes and the category 4 winds that are unprecedented. people have been preparing, lanes for gas all week especially the last two-days. also florida power and light say they are expecting 1.2 million people to be without power during the height of this storm. people are making sure they have gas. the gas stations are also supplied with generators. one of the big problems with these storms sometimes you can't get the gas. the gas is there. a lot of the gas stations didn't
2:37 am
have the generators to pump the gas in. they are prepared for a direct hit for a category 4 storm going into tonight>> we have less than 24-hours left to prepare, evacuate and shelter. somewhering the plan in place could be the difference between life and death. hurricane wilma was more than a decade ago. many haven't experienced a storm like this. >> listen to the experts. veb actually you won't be able to get out. leave now. >> they are doing anything to make sure hillary clinton gets into the white house saying this
2:38 am
proves dropping charges against a man who allegedly armed our enemy. the doj suddenly clearing american arms dealer mark chur rewho was accused of selling weapons to the rebels. he said the case was dropped that it would expose the damaging link between clinton and the deadly benghazi attack. >> an alarming threat for freedom of speech. they are demanding the british press not report when terrorists are muslims. blame decrease in hate crimes on newspapers and tv's. they want stricter laws against the press and make journalists get more training. >> how about a big story. an extraordinary one hope an american hero. john peck starting a new chapter in his life after successfully under going a double arm transplant. >> he lost his arms and legs after stepping on an explosive device in afghanistan. that was six years ago.
2:39 am
>> thanks to the doctor at williams hospital in boston he says he can once again hold his fiancee's hand. he also says he's closer to his dream of becoming a chef. >> would i ever imagine being here? no. i still tell people about the arm transplant they say, wait? they can do that. i have a chance of pursuing my dream. >> i gave a heartfelt thank saying to the donor family the gift won't be wasted. >> tell us where you are a chef and we will come. 20 minutes to the top of the hour. you know what they say? you have to fake it to make it, right? >> (laughter) >> did you see the look she gave me? >> hillary clinton shocked but guess what? she already knew the question.
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>> donald trump is hot on the trail bound for the battle ground state of new hampshire. the gop nominee praising his running mate for his debate performance and slamming hillary clinton along the way. doug mcelway is here with more. >> morning abby and heather. >> both presidential candidates are hepulling out new secret weapons. the clinton campaign announced al gore will be putting aside old animosities and will campaign for hillary in the home stretch. donald trump is sure to unleash
2:44 am
a new hiline of attack. bill clinton's own words in which he secured obamacare. >> bill clinton torched president obama's signature legislation. hillary clinton called obamacare one of the greatest accomplishments of president obama. still had a different view. he said it's just a crazy ace t -- system. >> trump supporters and his aids are opening he learned a little bit about mike's performance at the debate which is widely seen as pens coming out as a winner. >> i think donald trump won the debate. his vision to make america great again won the debate. i really think that vision for a stronger america at home and abroad. if we did any good it was
2:45 am
because we were going to communicate that voichoice the american people face. >> hillary clinton no surprise spun the debate as the tim kaine victory. she returned to washington to study briefing books and prep for sunday's debate. they hope a little bit of pence's humility and preparation rubs off on their candidate. >> al gore not a bad choice. he will be able to track the millennials since he invented the internet, right? oo small business they say donald trump has their vote and it is all because of obamacare. the other 40 percent planning to vote for hillary clinton. they say they are sick of obamacare costs and policy changes minimum wage increases and costly regulations. trump promised to repeal and replace the president namesake healthcare plan. clinton promises to keep it. >> hillary clinton putting ohhen a show for steve harvey.
2:46 am
the nominee asking shocked and surprised questions her own campaign came up with. >> did you see the look she gave me? >> they began publishing a memo to clinton from the publication aid outlining every detail of that interview. where is the authenticity? >> bold move by america's biggest move. >> fox business is here to explain. what is going on? >> the largest mall in america is now going to close for thanksgiving day. remember now the last five years many malls retailers have gotten on this band wagon. they want to get competitive and open on thanksgiving day. mall of america saying to a thousand employees stay home and be with your family. they have more than 5,000 tenants. if they want to open up that day
2:47 am
they are welcome to. the mall is saying they are going to be closed. we are seeing a trend with these stores. if you look at somebody like staples they realize we are not going to open up thanksgiving day they got a lot of attention. they gotto us talking about it. we have been posing for 10 years on thanksgiving day. we care about our employees. they are seeing a reverse trend with retailers. >> this is the week if you are going to be flying for christmas buy the ticket this week. a new study coming out showing 80 days out for the holiday that's when the flights can be the cheapest. they are going to start going up. round trip will be about $304 for the christmas trips. every day from now it will go up $1.50. it will be $120 for the next 80
2:48 am
days. one word of advice wait until the second half of november if you are going to do one of the family trips. >> it takes so much planning. >> thank you, cheryl. we want to check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." the debate is three-days away and we have hurricane matthew. >> there is some suggestion they are wondering the political experts are, is it a good idea to put political ads for presidential candidate on the weather channel? keep in mind there could be destruction and could be loss of life? is that a good idea? mike pence who donald trump revealed was his first hire is going to be joining us live. we want to invite you in the
2:49 am
viewing audience can give questions for mike pence. you can e-mail tweet us or facebook us as well. >> you are right the first decision he made was mike pence. >> people wonder how hurricane will change politics. parents: ahhh! what, what?
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dad: what he said. look at that. we are back as we look at hurricane matthew that is about to hit florida.
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>> let's go live to jackie who is in florida with more. >> reporter: good morning. they are doing mandatory evacuations because this hospital staff says they are not equipped for a mandatory 4 hurricane. for the safety of the patients, that's why they started the evacuation. and in brevard county, many are choosing to stay in their homes, boarding up their homes. we see plenty of shutters on windows and doors. people are gathering sandbags and plenty of supplies. just checking out local stores yesterday, a lot of the stores ot and other stores ran out of generators. so long lines, quite hectic the last few days, and a lot of gas stations are out of gas. even though governor rick scott says there's plenty of gas for everyone here, but what we have been seeing is that some gas
2:54 am
stations had to close temporarily waiting for tankers to come in and refuel as well. so again, a lot of mandatory evacuations. schools are closed today and tomorrow. we have been seeing a little bit of rain, nothing to do with the hurricane. we are expected to see some hurricane strength winds later on today and this afternoon. but i have to tell you, there's mixed emotions from some residents. some are worried while others are saying they are going to hunker down at their home and stay put. back to you. >> better safe than sorry. jackie orozco, thank you. >> thank you, jackie. the time is six minutes until the top of the hour. sticker shock, the hospital that just billed some new parents $40 to hold their new baby. >> what? and how would you feel about getting weighed before your next flight. the new passenger policy that is sparking some outrage this morning. what is success?
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is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at
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two minutes before the top of the hour, here's what is happening today. hurrican matthew is on a direct path to florida. millions along the east coast are ordered to leave their home. the deadly storm is expected to slam florida late tonight or early tomorrow morning. one of samsung's replacement galaxy 7 phones just exploded on a plane. the company now trying to determine if it needs to issue another worldwide recall. and donald trump bound for
2:59 am
the battleground state of new hampshire today while hillary clinton stays behind closed doors preparing for the second debate. talking about the race for the white house, al gore is set to hit the campaign trail for clinton. is this a good move? let us know on our facebook page with the #keeptalking. and now it's time for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first the good, an 11-year-old pug from idaho is honored for saving his family's life. jackson told his owners about a potentially dangerous electrical fire in the middle of the night. and sparking outrage, hawaiian airlines undis under investigation for weighing passengers before taking off. and talk about sticker shock, a utah hospital charging a new dad for making skin-to-skin contact with his baby. the price tag, $39.99.
3:00 am
the hospital saying that the fee was actually for having an additional nurse in the room. >> it would be interesting to hear what happened there. >> find out, give them a call. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> hurricane matthew strengthens overnight as millions of americans prepare for the most devastating hurricane to hit the u.s. coastline in more than a decade. >> the super powerful hurricane roaring through the bahamas right now pounding the islands with winds well over 100 miles an hour and growing. >> yes. the storm is expected to reach florida late tonight or early tomorrow. schools are closed, flights canceled and millions are now forced to decide whether to hunker down or evacuate just to escape the deadly storm. and now the unbelievable


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