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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 6, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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the hospital saying that the fee was actually for having an additional nurse in the room. >> it would be interesting to hear what happened there. >> find out, give them a call. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> hurricane matthew strengthens overnight as millions of americans prepare for the most devastating hurricane to hit the u.s. coastline in more than a decade. >> the super powerful hurricane roaring through the bahamas right now pounding the islands with winds well over 100 miles an hour and growing. >> yes. the storm is expected to reach florida late tonight or early tomorrow. schools are closed, flights canceled and millions are now forced to decide whether to hunker down or evacuate just to escape the deadly storm. and now the unbelievable possibility that matthew could
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hit the u.s. twice. >> yeah, that's just crazy. we have fox news coverage right now. we are live in sebastian, florida, where the waves are turning. but we'll start with janice dean tracking a new warning. it sounds like the feeder bands are hitting south florida at this hour. we were hoping the strong wouldn't be as strong, but unfortunately it's getting stronger? yes, the national weather service out of melbourne, florida, issued a dire warning saying they could see unprecedented damage from hurricane matthew along the east coast. category 4 storm, we think it's going to be strengthening as it potentially makes landfall. but whether or not it makes landfall is not the issue. we're going to be dealing with a category 3 or category 4 major hurricane all up the east coast for a period of 24 to 36 hours. and this is the strengthening storm. you see that eye, that small eye there? so overnight we have seen the winds get stronger,
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125-mile-per-hour sustained winds northwest at 12 miles per hour. we'll see the conditions move downhill this morning, and then the conditions approaching the eyewall, which is the strongest core of wind, is going to make its approach to west palm beach thursday, tonight, at 10:00 p.m. and then an all night event, overnight into friday and into saturday. then into georgia and the carolinas. but this is a huge deal. they could see, again, category 4 major hurricane bringing the worst of the storm surge, the worst of the rain, the worst of the core of winds all up and down the space coast. and again, 10 million people under hurricane warning. if you have not evacuated, your time is running out. this is not a drill. this is a life or death situation. your forecast path, this is 5:00 a.m., the latest -- look at that. category 4 storm hitting the coast with 145-mile-an-hour
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winds. overnight tonight it's going to continue into saturday. and then we'll have to watch this as there is the potential for it to loop back to the southeast. but first things first, this is a serious potentially life-threatening situation for the east coast of florida. you need to listen to your local officials. >> janice, do you think it's going to hit all at the same time or is it going to move up the coast? will this move in like a wave? or will it just -- >> it is just going to be an ongoing beat up the coast. and pretty slow moving as well, which is going to add to the problems for the east coast of florida. this is a storm they are going to be talking about for a very long time. >> how does it affect the folks in the gulf area? they will get a lot of rain? >> that's a very good question. the storm is strong enough that we have tropical storm warnings inland even to the west coast of florida. so they potentially could see the rainfall and the wind, not like the east coast of florida, but that just shows you how strong and how big this is, that
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it is going to affect the gulf coast of florida as well. >> all right. janice, get back to your weather report. >> i'll be updating you all morning. >> you have done a great job. we'll be talking to her a lot today as you are all concerned about that. we'll turn to brian who is live in florida where people are preparing for the worst. brian? >> reporter: good morning, ainsley. just like janice said in terms of the trajectory of the storm, a major category 4 storm is supposed to hit tonight into tomorrow. it is going up along the east coast of florida. which means we are going to see perhaps the biggest evacuation in the history of florida. many people are being told to evacuate in mobile homes and low-lying areas to leave now before this major hurricane hits. and right now because we're expecting the conditions to deteriorate throughout the day, people are boarding up and trying to get everything together, putting up their
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last-minute shower, getting bread and water if there's anything left, filling up their cars with gas. florida power and light expects some 1.2 million people to lose power. and because we're talking about the entire east coast of florida, they are positioning themselves throughout the state. this isn't just one part. we're talking from the palm beaches all the way to jacksonville with categories 4 and 3 intensity along the coast. so that's what we're talking about here. in terms of where i'm at, i'm here in sebastian between orlando and west palm beach. conditions here are expected to d deteriorate tonight into tomorrow night. mandatory evacuations begin at 8:00 a. you need to leave because emergency vehicles will not be coming once the conditions become tropical storm strength. guys? >> down there in sebastian inlet, brian, thank you very much. i'm glad he said at the end, the cops can't come to help you. because they made it very clear
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as they evacuated some of the barrier islands in palm beach county. they said, okay, we can't come after you after the winds get up to 50 miles per hour, which is going to be pretty short. so they made it a mandatory evacuation area. they have locked down all the bridges. and if you're in a boat, you have to get it out of the area between the drawbridges, before 8:00 last night. >> that was a mandatory evacuation in charleston, south carolina. my sister is a schoolteacher. they shut down the school for seven hours to get to my parents' house who lives an hour and a half away. we had a major hurricane in south carolina, and folks were trying to evacuate and people were running out of gas on the interstate because traffic was backed up. that was a big deal for politics, too. the governor took a lot of heat for that. >> we'll talk about politics and what it means to evacuate. because here's a live look at the president of the united
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states who is in florida to help out hillary clinton. donald trump had things scheduled in florida. obviously not finding to be doing that now. the question is, if you want to get maximum viewers, if you want to be able to take your dollars and put them on any channel, do you put it in the world series where people start to focus? you may be focused on sunday or monday night football. do you maybe put it on the fox news channel or another channel? or do you put it onto the weather channel? >> well, the reason we're bringing this up, there's the potential for loss of life and extensive damage. so it seems extraordinary. and there's an item in politico talking about it's a risky proposition, but the hillary clinton campaign has bought $63,000 worth of ads to run over the next five days on the weather channel. keep in mind, what has been a killer storm so far, will
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probably impact two swing states, north carolina and florida. and it's dominating conversation in the run-up to the second debate in st. louis. >> viewership goes up on this channel, obviously, during a time of crisis when there's a hurricane about to hit. some people are saying, yeah, it's smart, because a lot of people will be watching. other people are saying not so much, including christy campbell, she said this is an unforced error by the clinton camp. up sensitive and it will -- i don't like to say that word, but it's going to tick off floridians. >> you don't want to be associated, at the very least, your ad associated with something so negative. so if you think of the storm in your mind and think of, well, hillary clinton reminds me of the time when i had to watch 24 hours worth of the weather channel to find out if my loved ones or home was going to be smashed, that's a negative, a bad move. the other thing is it is flat out insensitive to try to capitalize on a storm so
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devastating. >> ands it depends on how the administration handles this, if they don't declare disaster. it can come back to backfire. you can see one of the ads and it's reminding you, wait a minute, where are they for us right now? >> particularly if the ads that the clinton people placed, if your house is going to blow away and she's still running negative ads? >> so to run a negative ad, that would be bad. however, they are suggesting to put out a positive message. and, in ct, donald trump just tweet in the last hour or two, praying for everyone in florida. hoping the hurricane dissipates. but in any event, please be careful. so let's talk about donald trump and hillary clinton and what they were doing yesterday. donald trump was extremely happy with vice presidential nominee mike pence who was out on the stump. he said, listen, my guy did great. didn't i make a great first
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choice? a first major choice was picking a running mate. how did i do? >> it was great. >> speaking in reno, nevada. >> let's listen. because he also mocked bill clinton, mocked obamacare to the eyes of bill clinton. >> hillary clinton called obamacare one of the greatest accomplishments of president obama of the democratic party and of our country itself, right? but bill had a different view. he said, it's just a crazy system. and that's the way he said it. it's the craziest thing in the whole world. clinton added, it doesn't make any sense. the insurance model just doesn't work. so -- you ow, they are always telling me, oh, if you say
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something, just apologize. just apologize. i think that president obama should apologize for obamacare. >> that's not going to happen. >> probably not. >> bill clinton and hillary, i feel like this happens a lot, he says one thing, she says another. they need to get on the same page. they need to talk. >> two things, the fbi investigation has been a boom for the trump camp and the collapse of the obamacare has a boom for the trump camp. that's not an ad or strategy, that's reality. we just watch every day as it craters. and then you make your own conclusions. so a busy day in the news regarding the weather and politics. and there is more. heather has that right now. >> ainsley, welcome back. great to see you. breaking news right now as we get new information on the horrific story coming out of the west coast, the sheriff's deputy murdered in cold blood. 53-year-old steven owen was shot
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in the face while he responded to a burglary near los angeles. that gunman identified as a parolee and then tried to get away in owen's police car. he then ran into a nearby home where two teenagers were inside. one of the teenagers able to send a text message to authorities after a two-hour standoff. he was finally arrested. sergeant owen, a 29-year veteran of the department, leaves behind a wife, two sons and his stepdaughter. we are thinking about the officer's family today and praying for them. a chilling warning coming out from paris. isis is now calling on jihadis around the globe to carry out knife massacres in our own backyard. a newly released propaganda magazine tells them how to murder in several different languages. it tells them to attack in alleys, along beaches and in neighborhoods.
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it assured mall watchers that you don't need a background to kill people. and heavily armed agents stormed harold martin's home. the raid allegedly turned up top secret u.s. codes, stashes on his personal hard drive used to hack government servers belonging to iran, russia, north korea and china. he worked at the same security firm as edward snowden. there's no information that he gave the information to a third party. >> he just had secret stuff on computers like people we have heard of recently who had computer information destroyed. remember how the establishment worried how donald trump would be toxic for con depressional republicans? turns out the democrats are the ones with the double standard. and remember the former naacp leader who thinks she was
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well, are the republicans going to lose control of the house? nancy pelosi thinks it's going to happen, maybe. >> we have the candidates, we have enthusiasm, i feel very
3:18 am
confident that the makings of a way are there. >> makings of a way. despite early concern for donald trump being toxic for the down ticket races on the republican side, our guest says not so fast, mrs. pelosi. the national congressional republican committee craig walden is joining us. six months ago people said if donald trump is the nominee, he'll be toxic to the republican brand. and congressmen and senators are going the lose their jobs because people are going to the polls to vote for anybody but trump and his people. >> see, i think voters are a lot smarter than that. they can differentiate between a candidate for the house and the senate and whoever is running for president. the data shows that, too. if you ask voters, is republican candidate like donald trump, 20% will say yes. you ask, is the democrat like hillary clinton, 60% to 65% say yes. because donald trump is his own brand, people get that and understand that. our races are run locally.
3:19 am
and i would say we're in really good shape. >> so what happened exactly? for a while it was dire, you would go online and read stuff and be like, this is the worst thing to happen to the republican party. and now not so much. >> a couple things. they had a lot of recruitment failures and don't have big candidates in the right places. >> you're talking about democrats. >> democrats. secondly, we have good members running good races. we have had the biggest majority since 1928 out of the last cycle. so we have 26 members that won in districts barack obama won in. they are now running for re-election. and then some of the closest races, the democrats aren't even participating. >> do you have any idea what nancy pelosi is talking about that she sees a way? >> she says in the 2010 election, we're going to hold the majority and they lost 53 seats and the majority in one of the biggest ways. they have trouble predicting ways. and i don't know. we don't see it. we certainly see something much different, which is a competitive environment in a few seats, not the 60, 70 or 80
3:20 am
seats they said would be in play after the republican convention. it's actually narrowing. and in some cases, like out in sacramento, our candidate scott jones has now taken a five-point lead over an incumbent. so we are seeing shifts our way in races. >> so trump not so toxic after all. >> right. >> congressmen, thank you very much for coming in. thank you, sir. meanwhile, straight ahead, senator tim kaine denying this comparison about hillary clinton's e-mail investigation, remember? >> your son or my handled classified information they would be court-martialed. >> it is hard to understand because the moderator talked through the whole thing. but our next guest says kaine is wrong and her son is proof. we'll explain. and the airlines actually making you step on the scale before you board. which one is it? find out, straight ahead.
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quick headlines now, one of samsung's replacement galaxy note 7 just exploded on a packed plane. the company is now trying to determine if it needs to issue another worldwide recall. after his powered down and then started to smoke evacuating the entire southwest flight. and a new airline policy sparking outrage, forcing passengers to be weighed in before they board. while the airline says it's a safety issue and helps crews evenly distribute the weight. the u.s. department of transportation is investigating. heading home for the holidays? you better buy your tickets right now. experts say flights are the cheapest about 80 days before
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christmas. prices start going up every day starting next week. meanwhile, here's ainsley. donald trump's running mate mike pence is whipping a lot of praise for this big moment during the vice presidential debate. >> if your son or my son handled classified information the way hillary clinton did, they would be court-martialed. that is absolutely true. >> the fbi did an investigation. >> gentlemen -- >> they concluded that there was no reasonable prosecutor to take it further. >> the u.s. navy sailor christian sausire will soon be heading to prison for taking pictures in a classified area in 2009. and now this mother is wanting to know why her son will be punished but hillary clinton is walking free. thank you for joining us, katherine. it's an emotional week as your son starts to serve a year in prison next week. our thoughts and prayers are
3:26 am
with your family, but tell us what your son went through. tell us your story. >> sure. thank you so much for having me on. so in 2009 when my son was 22, he was stationed aboard the "uss alexandria," and he made, and i'm going to quote the judge in a sentencing, a dangerous mistake to take photos of inside the submarine. he's accepted responsibility for those six photos that he took that were in a classified area. classified, i might want to mention, below the level of classification that hillary clinton's e-mails have been classified at. and so he's preparing now to go forward to serve a one-year federal prison sentence as well as six months home monitoring and then three years federal probation. >> wow. so when you heard mike pence make that statement in the vice presidential debate, do you agree with him? would his son and would senator kaine's son be court-martialed if they had done the same thing that hillary clinton did? >> according to what the laws and the rules are, absolutely.
3:27 am
they absolutely would. i'm grateful he had the courage to state that. i feel strongly that he was continued to be, tried to be silenced by both senator kaine as well as the moderator, basically to ask them to go on to something else. but absolutely. if they had done the same thing that secretary clinton did, they would be going to prison or be court-martialed. >> well, your son got rid of his cell phone and said he did that, he was fearful and panicked and threw it in the dumpster. someone found it, recovered it and that's how pictures were recovered. hillary clinton used bleach to wipe her server clean and was not indicted. what was your reaction to that? >> let me clarify, he did not get rid of the cell phone. the cell phone went missing and was later discover in a dumpster. >> how did it go missing? >> he was cleaning out his son and lost his cell phone, he got a new cell phone so the cell phone went missing. so let's just clarify that. >> got it, sorry. >> that's okay. with regards to what hillary
3:28 am
clinton -- my thing that i'm here about today is the double standard. i don't believe that me speaking out at this point anymore is going to change what is going on for my son. my son, we're going forward as a family and appreciate prayers and thoughts with us as we go forward the next year and through his life with this sentence, but i feel strongly that there's a double standard. hillary clinton and her staff over and over and over have had evidence brought forward about that she had done things, whether it's the bleach, that her staff has done these things or she has done them herself, but she's transmitted documents, classified documents, higher levels of classification, had higher levels of documents -- classified documents, excuse me, on a server insecure at her home. many people said you're comparing apples to oranges, it's not the same thing. the charges were dismissed or whatever. but here's the thing, they both had documents that were secure or on an insecure device. they both, to my knowledge,
3:29 am
didn't have intent. i know my son dent have intent. intent is not required for this crime, mishandling classified information. my son was sentenced for mishandling six photos in an unclassified area of the submarine. what he's done was wrong and he's accepted responsibility. the double standard is we adds americans, as patriots, need to stand up against the double standard. whether it is hillary clinton or others in the administration, we need to stop as our rights are continued to be taken away. that's why i'm speaking out. >> thank you so much. we wish your son all the best. christian, everyone is saying prayers for you. >> amen, thank you. hurricane matthew is just hours away from making a direct hit on the state of florida. millions are told to evacuate and we are tracking the latest xt. and president bill clinton tells us what he really thinks about obamacare. >> some people are busting out 60 hours a week to find out
3:30 am
their premiums doubled and their coverage is cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. >> j napolitano says he's right. the judge is going to weigh in, next. gary, gary, gary... i am proud of you, my man. making simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary. and smart, like you! and i like that. i guess i am pretty smart. don't let that go to your head, gary. what's in your wallet?
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all eyes are on florida right now. we're back with a fox news alert. and the very latest on hurricane matthew roaring right towards the florida coast. the outer bands are starting to be felt. it has already reeked havoc on the bahamas packing winds well over 100 miles an hour. >> yeah, and haiti, meanwhile, the storm is expected to hit daytona beach in just a matter of hours. >> janice dean has been working really hard on this to keep you and your family safe. hey, janice. this is a major storm, category 4 to strengthen as it
3:34 am
makes landfall later on today across the east coast of florida. you can see we're losing the eye a little bit, but the storm is going through a restructuring phase. what we call an eyewall replacement cycle, where the outer eyewall takes over for the inner eyewall. that's just a sign of strength anything. this storm has been a major hurricane for almost a week, almost unprecedented. so there's the future radar as we go into later on this afternoon, there's the outer eyewall, the strongest core of storms. we think this could be 145-mile-per-hour sustained winds for a matter of hundreds of miles as the storm moves northward along the east coast of florida into georgia and then the carolinas. there's the forecast path. again, expecting strength anything as it potentially makes impact along the space coast of florida, later this afternoon and overnight tonight. again, this is not a drill. if you're told to evacuate, you need to do so. a matter of life or death. back to you. >> absolutely right. janice dean, thank you very
3:35 am
much. we'll bring in judge andrew that napalatano. bill clinton says obamacare is collapsing. >> you have this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care and people who are out there busting sometimes 60 hours a week are lined up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. >> mitch mcconnell said, thank you very much. that's what everyone has been saying about this. >> exactly. >> his criticisms are right on the mark. it's astonishing, well, maybe not because you can't always predict what he's going to say or how he's going to say it, but for it to come out of the mouth of a former president of the united states and the spouse of the former democratic nominee, crystallizes in a way that no
3:36 am
republican could, the problems with obamacare. it has hurt more people than it has helped. it has demoralized the medical profession. it has sent tough flight doctors fleeing from having to do this. some of the states have actually lost insurance carriers in those states because they lose money by staying in the state and servicing to baa maobamacare an complying with the regulations. >> from the president's point of view, the class of people he wanted to help the most, this has harmed the most. deductibles have gone up. costs have gone up. >> more than 50%. >> and so many of them have had to go to different doctors, an issue he promised would never happen. >> and donald trump says he wants to repeal it. is that easy to do? >> it's not easy to do. remember, this is 2700 pages and it is compromise upon compromise upon compromise in order to get it passed without a single
3:37 am
republican vote. donald trump would obviously need substantial majorities in both houses of congress. and they could write any law they want. they could totally get rid of it and leave it up to the free market. they could totally get rid of it and leave it up to the states. they could make it fairer and have fewer regulations and remove the requirement that you're going to have your access taken away if you don't get health insurance. >> stay tuned for that. meanwhile, a moment ago you used the word astonishing. republicans on capitol hill yesterday demanded the fbi answers to the astonishing agreement between the department of justice and two of hillary clinton's aides where give us your laptop, you get limited immunity and we'll bust them afterwards. the republicans are saying, there was stuff on the laptops we congressional investigators could have used. >> this is a new low for the fbi. and it's a head scratcher as to how this came about.
3:38 am
the government simply does not destroy evidence that it has acquired in a case in which there is a prosecution. and no prosecution. when there is a prosecution, they keep the evidence, present it to the jury and then retain it or give it back to the source afterwards. when there's no prosecution, they either keep it until the statute of limitations has run here five years, or they give it back. but to destroy it, knowing that another entity, the house of respecti representatives, appealed it. it's the fbi breaking its own laws. the justice department will prosecute any one of us and anyone watching now who knowingly destroyed evidence that the government had subpoenaed. >> so when people say the fbi was doing this deal, there were bistanders in this, correct? >> that's a great question. these decisions were made by the justice department, which used
3:39 am
the fbi to further the president's political goals. >> so word earlier in the segment was astonishing. can we use the term abruptly now? the department of justice abruptly dropped the case against a libyan arms dealer who evidently was the go-between to get arms to the libyan rebels, somehow were ferrying up to syria. can you unwind this for us? >> this is another case in which the department of obama is disastro disastrous. she excepted certain arms dealer from the u.n. embargo. bottom line, american arms dealers are shipping heavy military grade arms to rebel groups in libya, supposedly to topple gadhafi. the cia is saying, wait a
3:40 am
minute, mrs. clinton, some of them are terrorist organizations to use the arms against us. one of the arms dealers who never shipped a single weapons to the creeps was indicted by the justice department for attempting to do it. his defense was, mrs. clinton authorized it. mrs. clinton knew what was going on. mrs. clinton was involved in supplying arms to terrorist organizations. >> two weeks before the trial, dropped the case. but they didn't want the defense to play out in the public courtroom. >> a lot of them end up as syrian rebels. >> some of the arms are being used against us today. >> that's astonishing. >> it is astonishing. >> and abrupt. >> did you take a grammar course recently? >> it's coming up at the end of the month. hope you get into a college. all right, thank you for your recommendation. thank you, sir. good morning. it's 20 minutes before the hour. a couple headlines right now.
3:41 am
it is still happening, the i.r.s. exposed for targeting tea party groups once again. the texas patriots tea party says the department published a private tax return information. now the same group says it is still being ruthlessly questioned four years after it requested tax exempt status from th i.r.s. more than 400 groups are now suing for the very same thing. and another waste of your tax dollars and this is something else. the fed is blowing $10,000 to figure out if neil armstrong's quote was grammatically correct. >> one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> so the major debate was whether or not the quote was transscribed improperly. now some believe that armstrong actually said, one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. but we may never know the
3:42 am
extensive study. it never came to a conclusion. after spending $700,000 of your money, wow. do you remember the naacp leader who resigned after strongly presenting herself as black? she's back in the news. rachel dolezal will speak at the martin luther king celebration in north carolina. organizers picked her as she did a good job in her former role and didn't hurt anyone. hmm. and an extraordinary story of help for a u.s. hero. john pack is now celebrating a successful double arm transplant. take a look at that right now. pack had lost his arms and legs after he stepped on an ieg in afghanistan six years ago. but thanks to doctors they brought me to wingman hospital and can hold his fiance's hand. and now he's one step closer to
3:43 am
becoming a chef. >> would i ever imagine being here? no, i still to this day were telling people at the arm transplant -- wait, they can do that? >> now i can pursue my dream. >> reporter: pack extending a heartfelt good-bye to the family. what a great hero. hillary clinton in hiding today out of public view, apparently pparing for the debate. while donald trump hits the trail ahead of the second showdown. we are live at trump tower with how the candidates are getting ready for sunday in st. louis. and it's war like we have never seen before. new series through the eyes of the soldiers on the front line. >> hey, you hit?
3:44 am
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33 days uil the election. hillary clinton is now in hiding. she's taking a rest. donald trump is hitting the campaign trail. >> the republican nominee taking a victory lap praising his running mate for his debate performance and slamming his rival along the way. >> peter doocy is live outside trump tower. good morning, peter. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump is trying to get under hillary clinton's skin by pitting bill clinton's ideas against hillary clinton's. she believes she's the best person to carry on the obama legacy, but bill clinton believes that these weren't drawn up very well.
3:48 am
and he took note. >> hillary clinton called obamacare one of the greatest accomplishments of president obama. bill had a different view. he said, it's just a crazy system. >> r is off in new hampshire with chris christie tagging along. hillary clinton remains off the trail doing debate prep. but tim kaine is out on the campaign trail cracking jokes about all the times he tried to cut off or talk over mike pence at tuesday's v.p. showdown. >> i got dinged a little bit, even by my wife, for interrupting too much. >> reporter: the next debate will be a town hall format. trump's campaign advisors are quoted to say they believe that's a muc better format for him. but he is still taking it very seriously. he's going to take a rare weekday off the trail tomorrow to practice. back to you across town.
3:49 am
>> thank you, peter. i just think it's amazing, abc and cnn are arguing about martha radditz and anderson cooper. we'll have two hosts with two candidates let alone the undecided voters asking the questions. >> and what is not an argument, according to "the wall street journal," donald trump has a partner he's sparring with today and tomorrow to practice. and that partner is chris christie. >> oh! he'll be a good one. i think they need to rest on friday and saturday, just stay at home. we'll all be watching sunday night. >> i'll be there. meanwhile, on the heels of the big debate, why does governor mike pence say trump is the winner and not pence? we'll ask him in the next half hour. and we're going to take some of your questions, too. and war like we have never seen before, through the helmet cameras of our men and women out there fighting for our country out on the front lines.
3:50 am
we're just hit. >> it hit just south of us.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
all right. it's war like you've never seen before. >> hey! you hit? what's up? he hit. i can't hear anything right now. >> the blast has had completely rocked his world. it made him go deaf. >> it hit my head. >> it's part of the discovery channel brand-new series called
3:54 am
taking fire. joining us right now are two of those soldiers. thanks so much for joining us, guys. i appreciate it. thank for your service. kyle, you are not in anymore, you got hit. you are still active. you both have been through a lot. talk about the agreement to wear the helmet cam. why did you do that? >> i think -- i think we wanted to document us being over there and, you know, it was a great asset for building packets and stuff, who the key leaders were, so we could have their pictures and things like that so that when we left we could pass that information on to a new unit. >> did you know in the back of your mind, kyle, sergeant, that this was going to air somewhere? >> no, it never crossed my mind, honestly. we were filming to get the advantage. we were able to use the cameras to talk to the leaders and come back and have it translated later so we knew what they were actually saying.
3:55 am
>> served together. watched it. unbelievable. it's a type of view that you watch you never are going to forget it. if you don't serve, you never experience this. probably the closest anyone is going to get without going over there. so you actually got hit, kyle? that's why you are not in any more. can you describe what happened? we'll show the video if that's okay. >> sure. >> you got hit by an ied? >> just another day, patrol, driving down the road, ied, didn't see it. it was buried pretty deep in the road. probably the reason i'm here. flipped the vehicle twice. the rear axle, you can see it, and actually when you look at the video and stuff, you can see how the truck is facing the opposite way of the direction we were traveling. >> that's you on the ground, kyle. >> yes. >> sergeant, you were in charge there, you were the last vehicle. >> i was. what do you remember about that day? >> just a giant smoke cloud, you
3:56 am
know. we didn't encounter that many ieds. it's mostly direct fire, rpgs, so when the ied, it was a surprise, obviously. >> with the 101st, your task was? >> protect the populace. help the government reestablish themselves with elections and community help and stop fighters from pakistan. >> pretty amazing the service you did and the courage you displayed as you still recover from your injuries and the bond that you have together, that really -- that really comes across. thank so much, guys. appreciate it. >> thank you, sir. by the way, we're going to watch that series coming up october 11th. that is tuesday on the discovery channel. fox news alert now, get this, hurricane matthew bearing down coastal florida causing millions to evacuate. we're live on the ground tracking the latest storm, the latest on that storm next. you can run an errand.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
fox news alert, that is hurricane matthew strengthening, as millions are americans are preparing for what could be the most devastating hurricane to hit the east coast in more than a decade. >> that is a live look at paradise island in the bahamas where the monster hurricane is at right now. pounding winds at well over 100 mile per hour and it's building. >> schools are closed. flights canceled and millions are now forced to decide whether to hunker down or evacuate and escape the deadly storm. maybe to the other side of florida. >> now the unbelievable possibility that matthew could actually turn back around and hit the united states twice. >> it could boomerang.
4:01 am
we have live fox team coverage, leland vittert is in daytona, florida. we start with janice dean tracking new warnings. we've learned that the storm is actually building when it hits florida and it looks like it will. it will be a category 4. >> it does look like that with winds like 140 miles per hour. i couldn't stress this enough. this could be one of the worst hurricanes to hit florida in their history. you can see the structure of the storm. the eye is beginning to come back here and that is a sign of strengthening. the waters very warm here and we are actually expecting a strengthening storm as it potentially makes landfall across florida. already seeing those outer bands across south florida in toward miami and there's the eye right there on the radar. so we have hurricane warnings for upwards of 10 million people. we also have tropical storm warnings as well and watches that extend to the west coast of florida. so not only the east coast but
4:02 am
the west coast, the gulf coast seeing the effects of hurricane matthew and this is going to be not just a few hours but 24 hours of perhaps a major hurricane scraping the coastline of the space coast. so this is potentially devastating for some of these beach areas. as we expect over the next 12 hours to make this storm's closest brush with florida. so there's port st. lucie we're talking about overnight tonight. the worst of the storm coming in this evening around 10:00 p.m., and then just coming so close. it doesn't matter if it makes a landfall, if the eye wall comes on shore, we could be talking about at least 100-mile-per-hour winds sustain all along the coast for 200 miles. please listen to your local officials. evacuate if you need to right now. >> absolutely. they had mandatory evacuations for a lot of barrier islands last night. they got to get out before it's
4:03 am
too late. thank you, janice. >> let's go to lee land vitert. did you sense that people understand the danger? >> absolutely. good morning, steve, ainsley, and brian. they sense the danger. they are preparing for it. much of daytona beach is a ghost town. it says welcome to daytona beach behind me, there's nobody here. sand bags there because the storm surge. it will probably come clear over this board walk. it's not just these ocean-facing stores but two or three blocks back we have a number of stores that have been boarded up. you do get a sense here that people are really taking the warnings seriously. check out the gas lines at a number of gas stations all up and down the east coast of florida, and that's the gas stations that have gas. there's a number of gas stations that we drove past and obviously millions of floridians drove
4:04 am
past that are out. >> it's crazy. every place i've been to so far it's jam packed. we just had cops here. almost an accident. this pump we didn't think worked, i guess it does, if i don't back up to it right now somebody is going to pull up to it before me. >> super market shelves are bare as folks are told to at least interest three -- to have three days of food and water on hand. if you go to a shelter, you have to bring your own food. places like daytona beach, melbourne, where the space subtle launches at cape canaveral all closed here. people are watching what matthew is doing in the bahamas. clearly the wind and waves there scaring a lot of folks here in florida. 6:00 p.m. is when the bridges close here and already we're hearing if you want to evacuate
4:05 am
to a hotel on the other side of florida, most of those are already sold out, forcing a lot of people who haven't left already simply to stick it out in their houses. back to you guys. >> they got to hunker down. leland vittert live in daytona. the last flight out of palm beach international is going to leave at noon because of the oncoming storm. florida power and light are forecasting that 1.2 million people in florida probably are going to lose their electricity. a number of public stores are selling out of propane because people know they are going to have to be at their houses and cook, and they have to cook on the grill. >> they sell out of water, canned goods. what about the elderly people? where do they go? >> that's a good question. >> you hope they take heed. >> there's going to be shelters too. i think governor scott is going to be all over this. before you leave, tape the house, the interior house of
4:06 am
what it looks like, if you get hope, say this is what my stuff looks like. grab your phone and tape it. >> you will know. you've been through this. >> a lot of people that taped it had a lot easier time with insurance. >> smart. let's talk about the election. we know it's of less importance especially if you are in florida and south carolina. donald trump, the report in politico yesterday that he was not happy that mike pence did not defend him enough was not true. if you saw him yesterday, he was extremely happy with the performance and h ripping on obamacare thanks to bill clinton. >> hillary clinton called obama care one of the greatest accomplishments of president obama, of the democratic party and of our country itself. right? but bill had a different view. he said it's just a crazy system. and that's the way he said it.
4:07 am
it's the craziest thing in the whole world. clinton added it doesn't make any sense. the insurance model just doesn't work. so [ cheers and applause ] >> you know, they are always telling me, oh, if you say something, just apologize. just apologize. i that i think that president obama should apologize for obamacare! >> there he is in nevada, nevada, however you pronounce it. judge napolitano was right here within the last half hour and he said, you know what, bill clinton is right. obamacare is crazy. >> for it to come out of the mouth of the former president of the united states, it was the pous of the -- spouse of the current democratic nominee crystallizes in a way candidly
4:08 am
that no republican could, it has hurt more people than it has helped. it has demoralized the medical profession. it -- some of the states have lost insurance carriers in those states because they lose money by staying in the states and servicing obamacare and complying with its regulation. >> the judge agrees with bill clinton. >> we'll have mike pence on later in the show. 20 minutes from now. we'll ask him about that. >> one of the architects of obamacare was rahm emanuel's brother, who is a physician. he's been on selling obamacare with megyn kelly before. now he's making excuses for it and he took the fire yesterday and trying to point fingers. listen to this exchange. we wanted to share with you. >> were you wrong? >> megyn, your reporter did a very nice job of cherry picking only the most extreme.
4:09 am
they don't raise premiums across the board. some have gone up higher than others, but 50 -- >> 50 plus percent. >> the premium hikes are because they came in, they did miscalibrate the market, they were trying to get marketha and it is a correction. it is a problem that we do need to address. there's no doubt it needs to be addressed, but it's not across the board and on average we do not have higher than 15% increases in the premiums and it's going to be a one-time increase. >> but the on average business doesn't help -- hold on, the on average business doesn't help the person in arizona county who has a 51% in their premiums and tennessee, 50% hike in their premiums. >> what you are identifying is one prud -- product. >> in many of these places, they only have one insurance company and one plan. >> you can cherry pick but it's not the only -- it's not the average and it's not what
4:10 am
affects the majority of people. >> but the average doesn't mean anything to the person who is affected by the high cost and the single insurer? >> republicans bare some of the responsibility for this. remember, marco rubio eliminated some of the risk adjustment that actually buferred and helped the insurance companies in this situation. >> -- i'm just talking about a problem. >> there's plenty of blame to go around. >> no, no, i'm not talking blame. it's republicans -- >> you are the architect of the law, sir. okay? let's just start with you. when i get marco rubio here, we'll talk to him. you are the architect. you said that it was going to be stable, and what we're hearing today from the chief executive of the national association of health under writers in many states the individual market is in a shambles. shambles! >> megyn, are you going to let me finish? >> she did and he had no explanation and the marco rubio thing is congress should be able to write a check to the insurance companies because they
4:11 am
are losing so much money. marco rubio put a stop to that and said we got to stop the bleeding here. american taxpayer dollars cannot just flying to help all these private insurers. >> we need to focus on what megyn was saying, these folks who have 50%, 60% increases throughout the country, they can't afford it, but yet they are forced to buy into this. >> before obamacare came along, we were told if it passes, your health care will go down $2,500 a year. and you can keep your doctor. >> neither one was true. >> it was jammed down our throats by one party, and now that party is blaming the other party. it's impossible to unjam it down your esophagus. we're gagging on it. >> tell us what you think. meantime, we'll heading to heather. as we follow the weather, we follow politics. the story we're talking about this morning, floridians wrasing -- bracing the deadly hurricane matthew. they will be seeing hillary
4:12 am
clinton ads as they watch the weather stations. she's spending $63,000 for her spots during "the weather channel" the next three kas. >> that's a risky proposition. we don't know what they are going to say. if they are being too political in a time with the country who has prayers with people being affected, i think it will be back fire. >> she is desperately trying to hold on to her single digited lead in the state of florida. she's neck and neck with donald trump. a decorated sheriff's deputy murdered in cold blood. this is a terrible story. 53-year-old stephen owen was shot in the face while responding to a burglary near the gunman identified as a parolee tries to get away in owen's police car. he ran into a nearby home where two teenagers inside. one teenager able to send a text
4:13 am
message alerting authorities. two-hour stand-off taking place. sergeant owen a 29-year veteran of the police department. he leaves behind a wife, two sons and a stepdaughter and we're praying for them all today. another case of stolen american secrets, the fbi arresting a potentially edward snowden copy cat. they raided his home that turned in top secret codes on his hard drives. martin, by the way, worked for the same security firm as edward snowden. right now the fbi is saying it has no evidence that marten give that information to a third party. we certainly hope he did not. those are your headlines. see you back here soon. coming up, how worried are democrats about the upcoming election? they are allegedly paying people to vote for them. we've got details coming up.
4:14 am
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we're back with a fox news alert. millions of people in the cross hairs with perhaps a ka t catastrophe. >> florida is preparing for hurricane matthew. >> it carved up haiti first. >> our reporter is live from cocoa beach, florida. it's been a while since you got hit by a major hurricane. should they take it serious? >> yes. i tell you what, it's been since 2004 we had that triple threat. now 12 years later, hurricane matthew is something to be reckoned with. behind me is the cocoa beach pier. it is standing from now. 24 hours from now we won't be able to stand here because of the category 4 hurricane winds coming for us. 135-plus-mile-per-hour winds coming through. let me introduce you to one of residents here. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning to you. >> you know governor scott.
4:19 am
he ordered an evacuation of this county, breferred county among other counties. they are predicting that 50% will not evacuate. you are one of them. why aren't you leaving? >> well, i have a parrot refuge. i got parrots and dogs to care of and i have an emu. it's hard to put an emu in the shelter. >> and how about your house? >> yes, my house was built-in 1942 and it's been through a lot of hurricanes. i expect to be okay tonight. what do you think is going to happen to our beloved city here? >> we'll have a lot of beach erosion, that's for sure. as far as damage, when we had the other four hurricanes, a lot of people repaired their houses, so i don't think we'll see as much, but this is the seriousest
4:20 am
storm we've ever had. >> you've been here since 1972. you've seen a lot of storms. fingers crossed with you. we'll be back with "fox & friends" tomorrow morning. i was talking to one of my friends who is hunkered count a -- down away from the shore, they have got horses to tend to. >> what are they going to do? >> they are staying with the horses through the storm. you can't take them -- you can't evacuate horses? >> they just stay in the barn. >> unless you pack them up and move them to another state. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead. >> president george w. bush hasn't said a word about the presidential election much, until now. we'll tell you what he just said that may surprise you. >> and what he didn't say. would superman kneel for the national anthem especially if he was a football player? the answer is no. dean cain is here with a message for those in the nfl and elsewhere in sports who will not stand up. (climbing sounds)
4:21 am
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4:24 am
to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. get the future of phone and the phones are free. comcast business. built for business. quick headlines for you. is george w. bush finally weighing in on the election. >> the future depends upon you casting a ballot. venlingt if you are inspired by hamilton -- >> the former president never actually said who he is going to be voting for but it's the first time he's commented on the race since his brother jeb dropped out. it's meant toen courage americans to fulfill their civic duty. hillary clinton on the show
4:25 am
steve harvey. acting shocked and surprised by the questions he asked her. her campaign came up with them. >> did you see the look she gave me? >> the washington sent a memo outlining every single detail of that interview. politics and whatnot with dean cain the actor and bon vivant. >> we do give you a preinterview before we go on. one thing you are passionate about is football and the country. one thing that's happened, colin kaepernick is taking a sneed and it's spraeding across the country. >> i stand for the national
4:26 am
anthem. i put my hand over my heart. i don't sing because you don't want to hear it. i do it as a sign of respect for those who wore the uniform, my grandfather, my dad, my uncle. these guys fought not for the right for these guys not to stand up. it's bandwagoning. a lot of people are doing without understanding what they are doing. >> 12 out of 15 cheer leaders in this high school took a knee during the national anthem. it's spreading in high schools now. >> it's that bandwagoning thing. if you spoke to those people and heard their point of view what they are doing it, what they will really have a cogent argument as to what they are doing. they have the right to do so, but it's just jumping on the bandwagon. >> speaking of bandwagon, over at east carolina university, the marching band did not stand and the university has come out now, said, you know what, what's not going to happen again.
4:27 am
>> good. i appreciate that and i respect that. it's just -- it's the wrong venue to do so. if you have an argument, something you want to go and fight against and a point of view to take, take it but don't disrespect our men and women in uniform and don't respect the national anthem. i personally do like it. that's my point of view. i can have that as much as they can go ahead and protest. i just don't appreciate it and don't respect that. >> let's see what happens because of the cornell high school world war ii vet was witnessing that and he said, quote, they don't know what they are doing. >> i agree with them. they really don't know what they are doing. >> when you came out, you were talking about to us, you couldn't hear it because the microphone was cut, talking about how you were playing us essentially in a new tv show, called broadcast christmas on the hallmark channel. >> i even stole my wardrobe. do i look like you guys? i play charlie fisher who is a news reporter and he has a ve,
4:28 am
melissa joan hart and they had fought and competed for jobs in the past. here they are competing for a job again. that never happens, right? >> no, there's not much competition. >> and there's no love that ever takes place. >> this is the hallmark channel. is there some crying? >> not by me. i might get a lot of -- a little misty here and there. i love being part of hallmark movize. it's a good wholesome show. >> did you watch a lot of tape? brian and steve? >> i based my character pretty much on brian kilmeade for the start. >> you got somebody who is really sexy. >> that's where it starts. >> for me personally, i would base it on my shepherd smooth and -- smith and work my ways backwards. when you were doing this, this is the easy, hard? >> this was the easiest thing.
4:29 am
>> did you have to do news anchor voice? >> what do you mean news anchor voice? what are you talking about? >> did you watch ron burgundy. >> i do sometimes watch ron burgundy. >> did you watch ron burgundy? who put the question mark on the teleprompter. when is the movie? >> 27th of november. ham hallmark channel, "broadcasting christmas." >> dean, thank you very much. >> thank you. meanwhile, most people say mike pence won the vice presidential debate, but if you ask him, yesterday, he said this. >> donald trump won the debate. i think donald trump's vision to make america great again won the debate. >> well, that guy is going to join us live from the campaign trail to answer some of your questions. if you've got one, email us at "fox & friends." one hospital is charging you
4:30 am
to hold your own newborn baby. >> finally. >> you got to hear this.
4:31 am
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4:33 am
>> 33 days until this election and governor mike pence joins us on the phone post the vice presidential debate. good morning, governor. thank you for joining us. actually, he's live in front of his bus. >> he's out in gettysburg, pennsylvania. >> what did you think of the debate? what was your reaction? >> i was honored to be there. you thought it was a good debate. some people thought i won. from where i sat, i think donald trump won. i think donald trump's vision to
4:34 am
make america great again really carried the day and to be able to be there and representing him, telling about his vision, talking about the policies. they are really going to turn this country around. it was a great honor for me. >> i got a question for you about the debate. when it started, i was kind of shocked because she had laid out the ground rules, the moderator, each candidate gets two minutes to present their side, but during their first two minutes, you got governor kaine interrupting you, he interrupted you 70 times. were you as surprised as a lot of people were that he was doing that? >> not really. in nascar, they say reving is racing. this is a very challenging time in the life of our nation. i fully expected sparks to fly in that debate. for me to be able to be there and communicate donald trump's vision to make america great again, i wanted people to make sure they understand the choice hoar. we've got an economic plan to
4:35 am
get jobs in this country that's based on cutting taxes, repeeling obamacare, ending the war on coal and for me it was a great opportunity to lay out that hillary clinton and tim kaine are planning to raise taxes, expand obamacare, continue the war on american energy and that kind of contrast i think naturally created a certain amount of friction but hopefully people came away with a much better idea about our vision for america's future and their plans to continue the failed policies of this administration. >> when they came out with personal things about stuff donald trump said about rosie o'donnell or miss universe and he had some quotes, you kind of moved past it. would you encourage donald trump to do the same thing on sunday? >> i encourage donald trump to do what he did in his first debate and that's be himself. eak from his mind and i know
4:36 am
he's going to d that. he will be ready for this sunday night. i remember that commander in chief forum that he did such an outstanding job in a few weeks ago. he really does a great job, particularly in a town hall setting. i think the reason why you see these enormous crowds rallying around donald trump, enormous crowds rallying out west, he's made a real connection with everyday americans, so my advice for him for sunday night is what it was before the last debate, that is go out, be yourself and share that vision for how we're going to make america great again. he will have a great night. hillary clinton has been talking about how great obamacare is despite premiums going up, and forcing people to be a part of this and people not being able to keep their doctor. bill clinton was on the campaign trail and he was saying just the opposite of his wife about obamacare. listen to this and we'll get your reaction. >> you've got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care and
4:37 am
the people out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. >> what was your reaction? >> well, sometimes with the clintons, even the truth happens, and bill clinton said what millions of americans have known for years. we need to repeal obamacare lock, stock, and barrel. donald trump and i are cmitted to doing that. we're committing to reelect the house and the senate and for bill clinton to point out this is a crazy plan that has resulted in premiums raising across the country and being not able to keep the doctor they like, i think it represents an extraordinary memo of candor but it's a great contribution to
4:38 am
donald trump's message that we got to repeal obamacare and we'll do that once he arrives in the oval office. the eyes of the national -- nation are in florida, south carolina, and georgia. there is an item in politico today that says hillary clinton is buying $63,000 worth of air time on "the weather channel" to kpols on all the people tuning in and it talks about how it could be a risky proposition given the dynamics of what happens. what do you think about that? >> well, i really -- i have no opinion on these political decisions that are made. our hearts and our prayers go goes -- out to the people of -- as hurricane matthew approaches. i know governor rick scott well.
4:39 am
he's a great leader. i know he and our other governors up the eastern seaboard are going to be great in their efforts. governor, i got 25 more questions for you. but evidently the bus driver is going to start honking his horn if i ask any more questions. you got to hit the road. at least you can exhale now because one of the biggest moments of your career took place and most everyone agrees you did quite well. governor, thank you. >> thank you, governor. >> thank you. a lot of people were questioning if that was a tryout for more years from now whether or not he will run. >> he believes eight more years. he think he's got to get elected. when people like chris matthews came out and said governor pence won the debate. >> everybody on the planet says governor pence won the debate. >> he stayed so cool and calm.
4:40 am
meanwhile, 20 minutes now before the top of the hour on this very busy news day. heather has more. we're following political stories out of chicago. anyone who knows anything about that area, they will know chicago notorious for its political corruption but this latest move is brazen even by chicago standards. accusations of democrats trying to buy your vote. election officials now investigatg bribery allegations in a county just outside chicago. the state's attorney says voters are now coming forward saying they were offered money to vote for democrats. officials say that they have received several fake absentee ballot applications. we'll follow that out of the midwest. he's looking good on your dime. president obama is hiring an army of pr staffers to spin policy decisions. that's costing you a jaw-dropping $500 million a year. that's not at all. spending nearly a billion
4:41 am
dollars alone in 2015 to prop up some of those policies that critics say are failing. nothing is off limit for the p.c. police in wisconsin. they are now going after halloween. the university of wisconsin at lacrosse are holding an event to tell participants whether their costumes are racist or not. the hypersensitive university putting up these post aryns campus. this is the same school that had a hate response team investigate pro trump sidewalk chalk. really? don't you have something for students to do rather than that? this is awn believable story. a utah hospital charging a new dad for holding his newborn bill. the hospital send this bill.
4:42 am
skin-to-skin after c-section. the proud partners got a $39 fee for that skin-to-skin contact. after the baby is born, you get to hold it for a sec. the dad thought it was funny. he set up a go fund me page for that ridiculous bill. the hospital said it was to have an additional nurse in the room. >> why didn't they put that? >> the $40 hug. >> my bill would be huge. i had her on my chest for the longest time. i wish she would stay there still. >> i think it's free for the mom but the dad 40 bucks. >> got it. heather, thank you. we've got a fox news alert. the strongest hurricane in more than a decade is bearing down on the state of florida causing millions to evacuate. we are tracking the storm coming up next. you are going to want to see it. the number is shocking 215 veterans died waiting for care at just one va hospital. the whistle-blower
4:43 am
facility is going to take us inside the scandal straight ahead. music: suspenseful ♪ if your heartburn medication's not doing its job... the food you eat during the day... music: loud mariachi band can also haunt you at night. so try nexium 24hr. just one pill each day... shuts down your stomach's active... acid pumps to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? ♪ banish the burn with nexium 24hr. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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4:47 am
order. jilted exes can get together at stumpy's hatchet house. it's $40. it's the same amount to hold your child. byob. what picture would you put up there? don't answer that question! fox news alert, state of florida hours away from being hit with hurricane force winds. >> millions of people are forced to shelter in place or escape in what's expected to be the state's largest mass evacuation ever, brian. >> the storm is battering the bahamas with 100-mile-an-hour winds and getting stronger as well. janice dean is tracking it. she has the latest. >> we've got the new advisory from the national hurricane center giving us the coordinates of the storm. still 125-mile-per-hour winds and we'll get a new track at 1ek a.m. now we're still dealing with a
4:48 am
major hurricane. category three. we're expecting it to strengthen. look at the bahamas taking a direct hit. look at nassau right there. and the eye wall coming to that beautiful beach area. it could be devastating for them. we saw devastation in cuba as well as haiti. we're going to be dealing with a strengthen storm and one of the reasons why we have the gulfstream here right in front of it where we have some of the warm he have sea surface temperatures in the golf -- gulf and atlantic. strengthening up wards of 140-mile-per-hour and i just heard the national hurricane's center director rick nabb say this is one of the worst paths he has seen in years. this could be one of the worst hurricanes that florida has ever seen. we're talking about 200 miles of hurricane warnings and this is going to be at least a 24-hour storm, bringing major hurricane force winds or the possibility
4:49 am
of that for a duration of days all up and down the space coast. so there's friday. so overnight tonight, a very close brush here. it doesn't matter if we have landfall. this is the eye wall here where we potentially could have 140-mile-per-hour winds, and again that's going to move up the space coast. tens of millions of people live across florida here. some of which have never experienced a hurricane. we haven't had a major hurricane hit florida in over a decade, and then georgia and the carolinas. we're going to have to watch this as we expect it to still be a very strong possible major hurricane heading into friday and saturday. there's the track. again, 145-mile-per-hour sustained winds coming very close. if this track, if the center of the storm moves a little bit more close, that could mean the difference from a category 2, category 3, to a category 4, moving inland for a period of hundreds of miles and that's why some national weather service offices are saying the potential
4:50 am
for the worst destruction that this east coast of florida has seen in their history. >> plan for the worse. hope for the best. >> plan for the worse. i know a lot of people on social media are saying hype, hype, hype, hype. no! this is not hype. this is a matter of life or death. >> so listen to the authorities. thank you, janice. coming up, straight ahead. the numbers are shocking. 215 veterans died waiting for care at one va hospital. one whistle-blower from that facility takes us inside the scandal. that's next.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
a sickening new report revealing an additional 215 veterans actually died while they were waiting for appointments at the phoenix va. this is the same va facility two years ago was caught tampering with patient records to hide the wait times. leaders at the top of the va tout reform but let's find out what's really happening. brandon joins us. what this new report is saying there are 2 is 15 veterans that were awaiting specialist consultation appointments. how did you find out this number? >> this came out in the new inspector general report. it's been 2.5 years since the scandal broke here in phoenix. this is known as ground zero. they have increased the budget here for the phoenix va by over
4:55 am
$100 million annually. we've had seven directors. each one with more baggage than the last. sloan gibson and secretary mcdonnell preach accountability across the united states. my question is where is the accountability all the way to the top. this i.g. report that came out happened on their watch. it continues to happen in phoenix, arizona. >> i know you work there. you are the whistle-blower, and why would any human being who works for this facility cover up something like this? >> you know, there's 187 billion or so reasons to continue the va as it is. that's the annual budget. i'm very lucky. i settled -- several members of congress got behind me. the media stood behind me, including fox, and that's why i won my case, but like most prominent whistle blowers, we were sent running. i had to go to a different facility to be safe. the office of accountability
4:56 am
review came out after my settlement in which they admit that the former director did retaliate against me while i was a whistle-blower. they wait until the settlement is done to make sure they don't have any liability. yeah, they did admit it and that director was allowed to retire. that's one of seven instead of facing consequences. >> this election is 33 days away. what's your message to the person who wins? >> my message is the phoenix va is the worst example of the va health care in the united states. the wait times are up. they are purposely sabotaging programs so veterans can't get help outside of the va. the secretary was just here talking about the 38,000 consults that are open saying that veterans are happy about their health care, but dead veterans are not allowed to talk and let's talk to them and your family. >> thank you for being the voice for these veteran who are alive and those who have died because of the problems there. we appreciate you. how is hillary clinton responding to the incoming hurricane?
4:57 am
by buying ad space on "the weather channel"? is she playing politics with panic? what do you think about that? two of the stars of the tv adaptation of "killing reagan" are here with how they transformed into the former first lady and president. snx snx upgrade your phone system and learn how you could save at
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
. look at that. rough weather. we've got a fox news alert at 8:00 here on the east coast. millions of floridians urged to evacuate their homes. schools are closed. flights are already being grounded as a monster storm named matthew turns toward the florida coast where the feeder bands are being felt in south florida. >> hurricane matthew is a category 3 storm and it's only getting stronger. the east southern part is bracing for a catastrophe. >> it's pounding the area with
5:01 am
winds over 100 mirps. >> it's expected to reach florida later tonight with hurricane force winds. >> matthew could actually come back around and hit us twice. >> we have f coverage, leland vittert is in daytona beach. we'll start with janice dean who is tracking the new warning for you and your family. >> this storm has been a major hurricane for almost a week. it hasn't lost a lot of strength even though it's traveled overland. it's got a lot of warm water ahead of it. we're expecting it to strengthen. there's the hurricane right now. 125-mile-per-hour sustain winds. we're expecteding it to strengthen over the next 6 to 12 hours. gfs and the euro model those are the two models coming into agreement if we're going to have a brush if not landfall across central florida, tonight,
5:02 am
tomorrow night and tomorrow. then, carolinas. then it has the potential to backtrack and maybe make another -- i don't -- i don't want even want to focus on five days out because i want the east coast of florida need to pay attention to the storm now, but some of the tracks have it making a loop and we'll be dealing with this storm again as we head into the workweek, which is not out of the question but it is a little rare. now, rainfall. over a foot of rain along the coast depending on where the center of the storm tracks. but good indications are we will have a period of time where we have a major hurricane riding up the east coast of florida. the core of the strongest winds moving 200 miles all up and down the east coast here where millions of people live. so if you haven't evacuated now and you are dealing with this hurricane, there may be a period of time of days, if not weeks where people might not be able to get to you.
5:03 am
so that's why if you are under hurricane mandatory warning to get out, you need to do that. this is probably one of the most serious storms they have seen in their history tracking matthew right now. back to you. >> wow. that's pretty scary. >> janice, thank you very much for the work from the weather center. it's time to go to leland vittert. he's in daytona beach, florida. it's normally a great place to be. but now it's lonely place. >> lonely indeed. one of the big issues, the folks from pittsburgh who have never experienced a major hurricane. they don't know what to do. they are not evacuating. a big problem. talked to police, they think this will be washed out and flooding here. there are people who have faced hurricanes before and taking heed of the warnings. long gas lines all up and down
5:04 am
the eastern seaboard. a lot of empty shelves, folks evacuating to shelters have to bring their own food. those who are staying in their homes are told to have three days of food and water. >> having a plan in place could mean the difference between life and death. >> and when you get a sense of the storm, look at the video from the bahamas, you see just how powerful the winds are. bridges here at daytona beach close at 6:00 p.m. and that's when police say they want everybody off the streets and in homes, sheltering in place. brian, talked to a couple of police here. they say at that point they are going on 20-hour shifts to try and see what happens in these neighborhoods. >> that's right. all right. leland, thank you very much from daytona beach. here's the thing there are some people who are hunkering down but the police have made it very clear, if you get into trouble
5:05 am
at your house and you call us, but the winds are above 50-mile-per-hour, we cannot come to help you because it puts our personnel in danger. so that is the choice. do you stay and humpinger down because you think, yeah, how bad could it be? >> some people don't have the money or resources. >> there are shelters. in florida, you run out of hotels. that was the first thing that happened. number two, our cops, our police officers, law enforcement, flipped to all terrain vehicles because they weren't able to get to other he places. i wonder if they have that. >> it this happens to them a good bit. "the weather channel," a lot of people are tuning into "the weather channel" right now and hillary clinton has been buying ads at the weather channel. she spent $36,000 to run ads. i should say $63,000. >> 63,000, that's right.
5:06 am
matthew, the storm is threatening two of the most important battle ground states, the state of florida and also north carolina. so some of the channels are going to be talking about the storm as you see right there in the run-up to the election -- rather the debate in st. louis. >> a good opportunity to get a lot of people in those swing states. >> here's the thing. there are going to be a lot of people watching, but they are watching to see if their house is going to be blown away or if they are facing physical danger to their lives. a tweet from christie campbell who is a former jeb bush campaign manager. she said this, this is a colossally huge and unforced error by the clinton comp, insensitive and will hack off floridians. >> here you are in the middle of trying to get your house ready. you want to find out the latest. when we come back after these words from how bad donald trump is and what he said about rosie o'donnell in 1980. >> and donald trump is a big
5:07 am
landowner in the palm beach area. he's got mar-a-largo. we've got the chairman of the national republican congressional committee trying to get more republicans elected to congress. he says the clinton camp better be careful. >> that's a risky proposition. i don't know what they are going to say. we don't know, but clearly if they are out being too political at a time when the country has its prayers with the people who are being affected, i think it could back fire. >> here's the other thing about it. they are buying ads on "the weather channel." florida power and light says at least a million people are going to lose their electricity. if your tv is not on, they are not going to see it. >> that's a good point. it could go both ways. if it something says i'm praying for you, that kind of thing, then maybe that would go over well, if it's an attack ad, solutely not. some people, it could remind is this administration doing enough
5:08 am
to help our families. it could go that way. >> approval rating of president obama is extremely high, it's 55% right now. it's the highest it's been since his second term. the syrian area, half the population has been forced to leave the area. you look at what happens with obamacare, it's stunning to see this president in this white house with months left, his popularity is still high, especially when people like bill clinton say, man, this thing is a mess. >> meaning obamacare is a mess. take a listen. >> so you've got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care and then the people that are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. >> you know what's crazy is bill clinton agrees with a lot of republicans, including -- >> and not his wife. >> including mike pence who
5:09 am
would like to be vice president. he was with us one half an hour ago. >> sometimes with the clintons, even the truth happens and bill clinton said what millions of americans have known for years. that is, we need to repeal obamacare lock, stock, and barrel. for bill clinton to point out this is a crazy plan that has resulted in premiums skyrocketing around the country and people literally not being able to keep the insurance they like, not being able to keep the doctor they -- i thin it represents an extraordinary moment of candor. >> steve, i think you said republicans aren't for you that's true. you talked to small business owners. >> overwhelmly, they are going to vote for trump because they are fed up because they are paying an arm and a leg. >> remember the people that put this together, people like
5:10 am
ezekiel emanuel and jonathan gruber. what was one of those schools? >> princeton or yale? >> here's what he said in a rare moment of candor about the passage of obamacare. >> it's a huge political advantage and call it the stupidity of the american people voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical to get anything to pass. >> the stupidity of the american voter was really critical to getting it to pass and now we're paying the price. >> people are paying 50 to 60% more. you brought up a good point. how many insurance companies were a part of this in the beginning? >> they sold out. >> 24. >> 17 have bailed. if that's not telling, i don't know what is. >> they might get what they ultimately want, liberals. that is a single pair system. they may say we have no choice. that's what will happen if hillary clinton is elected.
5:11 am
>> they have lost so much money, in the past, they have gotn money from the federal government. a slush fund. now they are trying to get it from the judgment fund but republicans in congress are trying to stop that. heather nauert is now in place. we've got other news. >> good morning to all of you. a decorated sheriffs deputy murdered in cold blood in california. 53-year-old stephen owen was shot in the face while he responded to a burglary near los angeles. that gunman was identified as a parolee who tried to get away in the police car. he went into a nearby home and two teenagers were inside. one of those teenagers was able to send out a text message to authorities alerting them. after a two-hour stand-off, he was finally arrested. sergeant owen, a 29-year veteran of department. he now leaves behind his wife, two sons and a stepdaughter and we're praying for them today. another case of stolen american secrets. the fbi arresting a potential
5:12 am
edward snowden copy cat. heavily armed agents storming harold march tib's home. that raid allegedly turning up top secret u.s. codes that were stashed on his personal hard drive. now, for a little bit of context. these types of codes are used by the nsa to hack government servers that could belong to iran, north korea, china and the like. martin worked at the same security firm as edward snowden. right now, the fbi says they have no evidence he gave information to a third rty. we now know the name of a special forces soldier who gave his life in the fight against isis. staff sergeant adam thomas was kill by an ied explosion in afghanistan on tuesday. he was assigned to 10th special forces group in colorado. a true american hero. he's considered a highly decorated soldier who has already completed two tours on the war in terror. he's a native of maryland. was an expert in parachuting and
5:13 am
marksman, the administration still refusing to call our role combat. he's the third to die. >> tim kaine was critical of president obama for not doing that in 2015. he seems to have forgotten that. >> that's a big deal and our prayers go to his family as well. mike pence blowing off tim kaine's insults and interruptions during the vice presidential debate. >> i would love to hear governor pence to tell me what's so enjoyable or comical about nuclear war. >> and did you work on that a long time? >> remember that former white naacp leader who said she thought she was black and she's back in the headlines and we've got her story coming up.
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
>> i love to hear governor pence about what's so enjoyable or comical about nuclear war? >> did you work on that one a long time because that had a lot of really creative lines in it.
5:18 am
>> i can see if you can defend any of it. >> i can defend. i can make it clear to the american people. after traveling millions of miles as our secretary of state and being the architect of the foreign policy of this administration, america is less safe today than it was the day that barack obama became president of the united states. >> notice, he did not answer the question directly. 33 days until the election and three days into the debate and some say donald trump could take a page from his running mate mike pence's playbook. he ignored the constant interruptions, insults and accusations. should trump change his strategy i will not let anything go by the boards or i'll let everything go by and talk about what i want to talk about. here to talk about it our panel. do you think that mike pence left a clue for donald trump? >> yeah, absolutely. i think that trump would be well served by taking a page out of pence's playbook, and trump needs to realize that hillary
5:19 am
clinton's debate strategy is one dimensional. she's not going to change negative perceptions of herself that have been baked in over 40ers yes, do. she has a very singular mission and that's to bait donald trump into playing defense. if he's does that on sun, he's in trouble. he needs to take a page from pence's playbook. don't defend. deflect. if he's able to do that consistency, which is a big if, he should do well on sunday and maybe he builds. >> i'm sure we're going to hear a 1999 miss universe controversy. something is going to come down the pike. do you think donald trump should accept it? >> i think he should accept it. he said before if he knew he was running for president that he won have said some of these things and i think that's the
5:20 am
right approach and pushback on what ian i couldn't say said. she's making changes and she's gaining a lot of enthusiasm now. hillary clinton supporters are more enthusiastic than donald trump supporters no matter how big his rallies are. >> al gore millennials, they are rolling him out of the college kids, will it work? >> i get what he's trying to do. she thinks that al gore's position on climate change will somehow help her with millennium yals. the reason they aren't excited about hillary clinton, has nothing to do with climate change. think they she's a liar. >> she's up 32 points with millennials right now. it's a growing demographic for her. people are saying that millennials are becoming more interested in her than gary johnson because they know that's
5:21 am
a wasted vote. [ multiple people speaking ] >> thank you so much. coming up straight ahead, hurricane matthew going to hit florida soon. bob massey explains what to do insurance-wise. the highly advanced audi a4, with class-leading horsepower.
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5:24 am
back with the fox news alert. hurricane matthew pounding the bahamas overnight, picking up strength as it heads for florida. millions along the coast of florida, georgia, and the carolinas are bracing for the monster storm's impact and many have been told to evacuate. how do you prepare your home for a natural disaster like this and one that could limit your potential economic loss? here with the answer is the host of the property man and fox news legal analyst bob massi joins us
5:25 am
today from las vegas. i know you are a long way away from what's going down in florida, you know when a hurricane is comin in days in advance,ou can take precautions to prepare your home. >> yep. we covered that on the property man. we actually did on a whole segment down in florida on hurricane prevention and the way they build some of these homes on the coast, steve. some of the common things is you make sure to secure things. make sure any type of furniture outside, patio furniture, pool furniture, get it inside the house. call people that you know it's coming that are experts in this area to find out exactly what you should do. a lot of people down on the coast, they are savvy to it and obviously i think the big thing is they have to recognize the danger and get out of there as soon as possible as janice dean has talk about all morning. >> absolutely. bob, people are thinking i'm covered for a hurricane, right? i'm covered for a flood, right? we've seen those commercials on television. a lot of people are not covered
5:26 am
for a flood. what about hurricane? >> yep. typical. we're all the same, steve. we don't look at our insurance policies until something happens. generally speaking, a general statement that's true is that insurance, homeowners insurance will cover wind damage, if it damages your roof, your gutters, things like that, it will cover it. be careful. look at the policy. sometimes policies exclude wind damage. flood insurance, no. homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage. you have to go to the national flood insurance. you can get that and read about it and buy flood insurance and the language in these policies, steve, are very tricky. we saw on katrina years ago where some insurance companies fought it, said it was an act of god, it didn't cover it. it becomes a big problem. when people have lost everything, the last thing they want to do is get into a legal battle. >> isn't wind damage always an act of god? >> absolutely it's considered an act of god but obviously
5:27 am
dependent upon the language and the exclusion in the policy, that's why you have to read it. and when we buy the policies, when was the last time you and i sat down and went over the language with the agent that sold you your policy. that's why you got to be careful as to what kind of coverage you have. >> absolutely. all right. bob massi, the property man. your show is going to be back on saturdays and sundays after the presidential election. if you have a real estate dilemma, email bob. just go to -- log on to foxand and you can find out where to email him. hillary clinton out of sight, preparing for the debate and mr. trump out on the trail. what happens when the republican nominee surprises a class full of first graders? >> hi! >> hi! >> i'm working hard. >> does everybody love school?
5:28 am
>> yes! but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun. donald trump supports my right to own a gun. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance.
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5:31 am
33 days until the election and hillary clinton staying home to get ready for the debate on sunday in st. louis while donald trump is going to hit the campaign trail tonight. >> he takes a victory lap to praise his running mate. >> peter doocy is live outside of trump tower with the latest for us. good morning, peter. >> good morning, trump is out on the trail testing out some new material ahead of his second debate with hillary clinton. in the last few days, we have heard him say that he thinks it may be time to start talking about her personal life labor more and now he's trying to drive a wedge between bill and hillary clinton because he doesn't think bill as big of a fan of president obama as his
5:32 am
wife. >> bill clinton torched president obama's signature legislation. hillary clinton called obamacare one of the greatest accomplishments of president obama. bill had a different view. he said it's just a crazy system! >> reporter: hillary clinton is staying out of sight today. the campaign said she's doing debate prep but her running mate is on the road joking that even his wife thought he should have pumped the brakes with all those interruptions on tuesday night. >> i got dinged a little bit even by my wife for interrupting too much. >> today, trump is heading to the swing state of new hampshire for a town hall. the next debate format is a town hall format and trump advisers are quoted as saying that they think a town hall works better for the gop nominee than just standing at a podium and
5:33 am
talking. >> he's right. the town hall is different because it's harder to lob attacks at your opponent when there is the person right there who just has some questions. >> right. i don't know if martha radisson and anderson cooper are going to be fighting each other. >> how do you think each candidate will fare in front of an odd like that? -- audience like that? . >> those questions will be answered only on our show. >> first, we have some headlines with heather. a couple of news headlines to bring you right now. it is still happening. the irs exposed tor targeting tea party groups once again. the texas patriots tea party says the department published that groups information. it's still being questioned four years after its request for tax
5:34 am
exempt status. do you remember the former naacp leader who resigned after falsely presenting herself as black? she's back in the news again. rachel dolezal will speak at a martin luger king jr event in north carolina. the feds blowing $700,000 just to figure out if neil armstrong's iconic quote was grammatically correct. >> one step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> whether or not the quote was transcribed was probably. some believe he said one small step for a man. we will never know because the study never came to a conclusion.
5:35 am
here's what happens when a class of first graders gets to meet donald trump. >> does everybody love school? >> yes! >> see, anna, i told you his hair wasn't orange one little kid says to the other. and gets a thumbs up. that happened when he visited a christian school in las vegas and those are your headlines. as we all know, kids will say the truth. >> yeah. not orange hair. as ronald reagan made the unlikely climb to the white house, his wife nancy was always by his side, an attempted assassination reminded them their life was short. >> all their lives, i can show you that i can do this. not without you. not without your faith.
5:36 am
>> we understand that at least three persons have been hit. the president was hit. >> by john hinckley. >> tim matheson and cynthia nixon taking on the roles. they join us now. >> and you guys look so much like them in that tv show. >> well, tim especially, and he's got the voice down like beautiful. >> but you were the best, nancy because if there was -- nancy was a very strong force behind reagan and if we were ever confused, the guys were standing around, what do you think we ought to do with the scene? cynthia was here what's we're going to do. boom. take charge rng. >> you guys did a lot of research. you weren't going in and saying this is how i perceive her and him. you guys did the research. what do you walk away with reagan first off, tim? >> what i came away with, my
5:37 am
appreciation and my respect for him grew greatly because after the assassination attempt, he sort of felt that he was here for a purpose. he was spared for a purpose. >> he said that. >> exactly, and it was to broker peace and to end nuclear warfare and get rid of the nuclear weapons. so he devoted his life to that in a sense as well as, you know, he wanted to further the interests of the country. >> and everything that i've read about nancy and nancy reagan's relationship with her husband, she really was, as you said, a force behind him, and he really listened to her. there's a clip -- a powerful clip in the movie where you are giving him a pepthe cleveland debate. let's take a look. >> ronnie. >> hi. >> i'm so happy you are here. >> everything hinges on this debate, but you know, politics it's just like show business, you give them held of an opening, you coast for a while
5:38 am
and give a big finale. >> and hopefully run for eight years. >> i think you are more nervous than i am. >> that's how it should be. >> that's awesome. tim, show us how you do the voice. >> well, you know, i don't do impressions. i sort of work from the inside out. i wanted to make sure that it was enough of the reagan quality, so that we could focus really on the internal connection. >> you don't want to sound like johnny carson doing -- >> that was what i feared the most. i'm going to come across like johnny. >> particularly in the beginning, when we started filming, you know, i would be like where's tim and i will turn around and he was there, you know, with his head phones and really, you know, listening to ronald reagan as much as he could so that he was sort of one with reagan when he would -- >> that's right. cynthia i was truck by, what did you get from playing a character that loved him so much but was so strong behind the scenes, where you pick out right away or nancy did that jim bakker, that
5:39 am
jim bakker was the guy, the one who had ronald's back and pushed him forward. >> i think that nancy was invaluable to ronnie and one of the ways was the most important one she was not afraid to be the bad guy. she wanted to take every concern and worry off his plate so that he could feel free and relaxed to just do what he needed to do and particularly when you think about what he and gorbachev were able to do, it was because they really -- they had great chemistry and they bonded and it was because that was all he was going to worry about. nancy is going to worry about everything else. >> did anyone not agree before their politics before the movie and change your mind? >> i don't think either one of us agree with their politics but i think learning about them, as tim said, we got a lot of respect and in terms of nancy, i had a lot more empathy for her. >> this was a love story about these twro people and it was --
5:40 am
i think that's how we approached it. it was the bond that they share. >> and the deranged hinkley on the other side. you had two simultaneous story lines. >> and anybody who makes it to the white house, you've got to be a fascinating, compelling couple to make it to the white house. >> have you heard from bill o'reilly? what's he had to say about you guys? >> i saw him last night. >> name dropper. >> he was very supportive and he loves the film obviously because if i didn't like something, i will change it, you know. >> by the way, cynthia, in case, you don't know the reason why he got the part is bill o'reilly looked through a lot of tapes, tim, you really showed your reagan in "animal house." this is some of the things, in 25 yeerks he's going to play ronald reagan who was probably president at the time. >> bill is very astute about these things. >> he did. he looked through a lot of animal house tapes. >> we'll be here all week.
5:41 am
is. killing reagan premieres sunday on nat geo on sunday, september 16th at 8:00 p.m. a fox news alert. get this. the worst hurricane in more than a decade bearing down on florida. we're tracking that storm. we have live team coverage next and things are changing. lp you r caused unwanted gas. not good. then we switched to new mirafiber. only mirafiber supports regularity with dailycomfort fiber and is less likely to cause... unwanted gas. finally. try new mirafiber. from the makers of miralax.
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5:44 am
fox news alert. florida now just a few hours away from being hit with hurricane speed winds. >> millions of folks in that area urged to evacuate. the schools are closed. flights are already grounded as the monster storm churns toward the coast of florida. >> hurricane matthew is blasting the bahamas as a category three storm. it's only getting stronger. >> shortly it could be a four.
5:45 am
we have fox news team coverage. we start with janice dean who has been tracking this monster storm. >> we could see unprecedented damage along the east coast of florida as we are expecting the storm to strengthen. 125-mile-per-hour sustained winds. it looks like the core of the strongest winds will make a brush with the beautiful beaches of nassau, bahamas. you can see the eye right there. this is on the radar and getting very close to south florida. the outer bands. i want to pint out -- point out we could see tornadoes with this landfalling tropical system. we have hurricane warnings all up ask down the coast. there's the forecast path, a brush, if not a landfall if not the east coast of florida, category 4 storm winds perhaps of 135-mile-per-hour. if it moves to the west, we will
5:46 am
be dealing with a major hurricane for a stretch of 200 to 300 miles scraping the coastline all the way up to florida and we have -- up to georgia and then we have to watch the carolinas. prayers right now in florida. if you haven't evacuated, you need to do so. otherwise people might not able to get to you for days. back to you. brian is live in sebastian, florida. he's brave enough to be out there on the shores. good morning, brian. what's the latest? >> good morning. we are already seeing the conditions deteriorate this morning as one of bands came through. wind and water. you can see the surf getting rough. we're in sebastian. midway between orlando and west palm beach. this area is under a mandatory evacuation this morning. 1.5 million floridians are being told to leave.
5:47 am
governor rick scott say this storm will kill people so take it very seriously. we'll be covering it throughout the storm. now let's go to leland vittert who is 120 miles north of me along the space coast up north where the storm will be impacting up there. leland. >> good morning, brian. daytona beach, florida, and they are ready for the storm surge and that's one of the real fears here. you can see the ocean that has kicked up here in the past couple of hours. winds coming up. waves coming out. a few people out enjoying a little bit of sunshine before the storm hits. buildings boarded up here. not only here along the atlantic but a few streets in. fuel, water, and food very scarce here. you have to take your own food if you good to a shelter. schools are closed. 6:00 p.m. eastern they close the bridges to and from daytona beach and that's when they say they want everybody off the
5:48 am
streets and that's when police begin their 20-hour shifts. once the storm hits, they hey not able to get to you. back to you all. >> leland vittert live in daytona beach with the very latest and the forecast track looks like it's going to go out -- after it scrapes south carolina, it could make a big turn and could actually come back and hit florida a couple days later. so let's just hope that doesn't happen. coming up next, we're ending the show on a happy note. so get your doggie training tips, your tricks and treats. we're going to show you how to get your dogs prepared for halloween. >> who knows? maybe someone will adopt one. >> i think that dog would look great in an elvis costume. >> it's been done. >> good morning. >> matthew is a monster as you say. where that storm stands right now and where it's going coming up here. trump is getting a lot of debate advice. we'll tell you what his allies
5:49 am
are saying. including governor mike huckabee. we're learning more about the fbi deal for hillary clinton's aides and computers. some of the information is stunning. there is -- also, is there a new snowden? martha and i will see you in 11 minutes. all the networks are great now. we're talking within a 1% difference in reliability of each other. and, sprint saves you 50% on most current national carrier rates. save money on your phone bill, invest it in your small business. wouldn't you love more customers? i would definitely love some new customers. sprint will help you add customers and cut your costs. switch your business to sprint and save 50% on most current verizon, at&t and t-mobile rates. don't let a 1% difference cost you twice as much. whoooo! for people with hearing loss, visit
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quick headlines for this thursday morning one final time. we're one step closer to another space milestone. >> command start, 2, 1. >> for the first time ever a private rocket company safely completed an emergency evacuation drill on a shuttle. the blue origin owned by amazon billionaire jeff bezos wants to
5:53 am
start sending people to space as early as 2018. and another bank's fee has skyrocketed to $4.57. remember that the next time you need to take money out. the biggest mall in america will be closed on thanksgiving day. the moving will allow 13,000 employees to spend the holidays with their families. more and more retailers are opening their doors early on thanksgiving. the good stuff pet truck is delivering dog treats and tips here. >> this might be ainsley new job. >> this is sofia loren. >> here to learn more is the pet vet herself, dr. ruth mcpeat. >> what's the meaning behind
5:54 am
this truck? what's the mench? >> this is the good stuff pet truck and as ainsley said we're traveling the country, talking to people about nutrition and we're talking about positive reinforcement training which is really the way to go when it comes to training and we're sponsored by the makers of vitabone biscuits. we're talking about our new products and handing out samples and treats. lots of fun dog swag that we're handing out at all the different events. >> we've got some of these foods. the dogs tell me they love it. >> yeah. >> are these the little bags? >> yeah. >> and frisbees and treats. >> really, really, fun event and we're going to be -- today, we're going to be out as well in long island, so people with come out and bring their dogs and meet us and get some free samples. >> that's great. what are some tips for you that you can tell the homeowners? halloween is around the corner. >> this is target, by the way. >> this is target. >> halloween is a great time to
5:55 am
remind everybody to keep your pets inside. lots of pets actually get lost. we have one taking off now as we -- >> as i was saying, lots of pets get lost during the holidays. target was going to show us all about that. >> we have to put a leash on him. >> sorry about that. he had one. >> no chocolate. no raisins, no peanuts. >> no grapes. but definitely chocolate, watch out for the halloween candy. so you want -- then you want to obviously make sure your pets are microchipped and indoors. >> absolutely. and by the way, these are adoptable pets and you are going to be in long island from 5:00 to 7:00 today. >> a supreme source grain-free pet food. it's available at local grocery stores and it's a great die e we're giving nutrition tips and training tips and positive
5:56 am
reinforcement. he wants a treat. >> no corporal treatment if they are not doing what you wanted. >> positive reinforcement is a powerful tool that you can use. supreme source grain-free biscuits are a great way to reward them. >> if you see this truck, stop. they have a lot to tell you. >> thanks. nice to meet you. more "fox & friends" in a little while. we have a frisbee to give away. you're a smart saver. you find ways to stretch your dollar. so why not compare your medicare part d plan with other options? call or go online now and see how aetna medicare rx saver could help you save. with a low monthly plan premium. access to over 60,000 pharmacies. plus $1 tier 1 generic medications at preferred pharmacies including walgreens and walmart. shop smart. compare your part d options today. and find out if aetna rx saver is right for you.
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5:59 am
tomorrow, a little broadcasting history, because we will mark the 20th anniversary of the starting of the fox news channel and we got all sorts of surprises. >> we have "fox & friends" very first day. i saw it the other day. brought back a lot of memories. >> guess why we've been so
6:00 am
successful? because of you at home. you guys have been here since the beginning, right? >> right. adopt a dog and meet the doctor in valley stream long island today 5:00 to 7:00. >> have a great thursday. we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> one more alarm clock. . bill: the east coast is bracing for the most dangerous atlantic storm we have seen in 10 years. imagine that for a day or longer. next stop will be florida, georgia, then possibly the carolinas. it will, us for several days now. martha: this is a


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