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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 6, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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successful? because of you at home. you guys have been here since the beginning, right? >> right. adopt a dog and meet the doctor in valley stream long island today 5:00 to 7:00. >> have a great thursday. we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> one more alarm clock. . bill: the east coast is bracing for the most dangerous atlantic storm we have seen in 10 years. imagine that for a day or longer. next stop will be florida, georgia, then possibly the carolinas. it will, us for several days now. martha: this is a monster.
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millions of people are in the path of this thing. hurricane warnings are in effect up and down the south sooner coast of the united states as officials urge residents to take evacuation orders seriously. we'll have hurricane-force winds. there are no executions, you need to leave. evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. are you willing to take a chance to risk your life? bill: florida governor rick scott. you will hear a lot from him in the coming days. we want to start in our weather center with the latest track on this storm. janice, let's start there. reporter: this storm is about to
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make track across the whatamas. the storm is raking over these 0 gorgeous islands as we speak. we do expect strengthening. we have the gulf stream in front of the storm with, you know, 89-degree temperatures along this, along the path of the storm. the forecast is calling for strengthening, perhaps a landfall, a direct hit on the east coast of florida. miami, you will feel this within the next couple of hours. west palm beach, fort st. lucie. warnings up and down the coast for 10 million people. we could see unprecedented damage along the east coast. maybe nobody has ever experienced one.
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forecast rainfall. not only the strongest winds of 100-120 miles per hour along the coast, and the storm surge potentially life-threatening which is the wall of water that gets pushed onshore ahead of the counterclockwise winds. we get a brand-new one in less than two hours. the message is the same. if you live along the areas that have been asked to evacuate, you need top do so. a little wav to the west. martha: the hurricane hits the
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ierltd known as pair -- hits the island known as paradise. brian, you are in florida watching this as it begins to work its way up the coast. >> we have seen feeder bands come in. and the surf is picking up. i'm on sebastian inlet with this mandatory evacuation. this is a barrier island. barrier islands as well as low-lying areas and mobile homes must be evacuated. this is a serious situation. people here have not experienced a hurricane like this in at least a decade. if you need to track wait, do so now, because the weather will only get worse as the day progresses. local officials are telling
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people go to a trend's house, stay there. you don't want to get stuck on the road when these last-minute cars start to leave. >> this is serious. only a small deviation to the left or west could bring the core of the major hurricane onshore within the hurricane area. while a small deviation to the east could keep all hurricane-force winds offshore. don't take a chance. reporter: sebastian is to the west of palm beach. we are talk about hurricane-force winds inland. the big concern is a 6-foot storm surge is expected to come in here. people need to leave.
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mandatory evacuation. for your own good, they are telling people along the entire east coast of florida, if you need to leave, leave now before the water gets worse. bill: north carolina governor pat mccrory. >> my prayers for the people in the caribbean and i'm praying for rick scott, my friend who will be dealing with a very difficult situation. bill: ways your mess damage to people in north carolina along the coast. >> don't get too comfortable. this model shows the hurricane going back out to the ocean 100 mile s from the the border of our state, and we could have major storm surges and 45-60-mile-an-hour winds.
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power outages. flooding in southeastern north carolina around the wilmington area. we are ready, if there is a need for evacuations, we'll do it. once the models go over land they are not as predictable. so we'll see if that will keep coming up or turn out for the ocean or not. that's our concern at this point in time. we are ready, we have a swift boat apparatus ready. the national guard ready, and we are ready to help our anybodying states. and we just hope the current model is accurate for north carolina. but we are talking about a very small deviation if this storm goes up further above charleston,. bill: governor haley is trying to get a lot of motorists out of
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charleston and they reversed the traffic. is that what you would consider in north carolina if necessary? >> absolutely, you do anything. but we are hoping this model stays. we learned in the past these models are more unpredictable once they go over land. right now we have no plans for evacuation. we are seeing changes in rain and wind, even in north carolina at this time. bill: that's governor pat mccrory in north carolina. right now it's south and central florida in the cross-hairs. martha: 30 days to the election. there is so much focus on that,
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and this is a major situation. so the countdown is on. next big showdown is coming up with donald trump and hillary clinton, three days away as the two presidential candidates will face off in their second face to face matchup. it's a town hall format. people in the room asking many of the questions. hillary clinton has chosen to day off the campaign trail. presumably she is hunkered down and studying which she felt worked well for her. donald trump adding a last minute town hall in new hampshire tonight. so that could be his preparation ahead of the big event. maybe he wants to get the feel of the room in that environment. he praised his running mate mike pence, said he did a great job he felt in his debate performance and managed to give himself a pat on the back as well.
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>> mike pence did an incredible job and i'm getting a lot of credit. that's my first so-called choice. that was my first hire as we would say in las vegas. he was phenomenal. he was cool, he was smart -- you just take a look at him. he was meant to be doing what he's doing. martha: there are reports this morning from the "wall street journal" that trump advisers want him to emulate the positives that mike pence brought to that debate up day. will he do that? we'll see. >> we have change in our electoral map. based on the average of polling, this is where we believe it starts. 201 clinton-164 trump. we believe colorado for the moment leans democrat. we believe georgia leans republican. those are the two changes.
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still at the moment hillary clinton appears to have an easier route, easier path to 270. we believe trump lead in nevada and arizona. we believe based on last week's polling he leads in iowa and ohio. wisconsin is tight. it's real close. but we believe she has the edge there, likewise in michigan. it comes down to five state on the east coast. if she lead in virginia, if she leads in virginia, then she would -- if she were able to take pennsylvania, you would hook at some must-wins for trump at 21 and clinton at 69, so he would have to win in carolina. still he is shy at 265.
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meanwhile, the nra released a 6.5 billion ad campaign in battleground states in virginia, ohio and north carolina. it looks like this. >> a man attacked me in a parking garage and tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol and i fought back. every woman has the right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. bill: that a margin of error of 5 percentage points. that's something to consider in the buckeye state. it's always critical. martha: people go into the debates liking the person they like. this last debate did matter and
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the aftermath clearly mattered in terms of the polls. will it flip around again after what happens in st. louis? we'll see. on the clinton email investigation. top republicans say they are stunned after reading the immunity agreements the f.b.i. gave to hillary clinton's former chief of staff. why would they do that? did they get preferential treatment? >> when you are allowing witnesses who happen to be lawyers, who happen to be targets to sit in on an interview, that's not the f.b.i. i used to work with. >> i hope some day when this political craziness is over you will look back on this. this is the f.b.i. you know and love. what? is he gone??
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bill: stunning revelations about the immunity deal given to staffers in the clinton seem investigation. republican lawmakers wrote quote this is simply astonishing given the evidence. doug schoen, former advisor to bill clinton. good morning to both of you. wow!
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, on monica crowley. good morning to you. the f.b.i. set a date where they said we are not going to look past the 31st of january. after the 31st of january 2015 is when all of this was going back and forth. >> awful this evidence was under subpoena. all of this evidence was meant to be viewed. and still the f.b.i. agreed that they wouldn't look at it after that date. you have a series of disclosures about how the f.b.i. handled that case. immunity, secret side deals, no grand jury testimony, a last in minute f.b.i. stint view with mrs. clinton, evidence destroyed with hammers, and now we have evidence they agreed to side deals to protect mrs. clinton.
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it's no wonder donald trump has had enormous traction with his remarks that it's a rigged system in the united states. the assumption is mrs. clinton, her husband, her family are deeply corrupt and the american people are wondering if the rest of the government is corrupt. >> here is my problem. i'm a democrat. i'm going to vote for secretary clinton. somewhat reluctantly. monica's recitation is better than anything donald trump has been able to articulate. as a trained lawyer. nobody who got immunity contribute to prosecution of anybody. you missed loretta lynch and bill clinton getting on her plane. none of this makes any sense to me, and i would like to believe
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the f.b.i. hasn't been politicized. but, bill, i'm hard pressed to say anything but. i say this as a partisan democrat. bill: the "wall street journal" writes this, no wonder millions of americans think the system is rigged. >> this has been one of donald trump's most potent political arguments. there is a corrupt system in place where the bipartisan ruling elite, republicans and democrats, if you are wealthy and powerful and influential, you are protected, and they protect each other. so every day with every new revelation into how the f.b.i. handled this case, anybody else would have gone to prison or at least gone to trial, been prosecuted over this. >> not even a grand jury was impaneled. >> in the debate nuke pence said
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our sons are both in the u.s. marine corps, mike pence said they would have been court-martialed. that's the bare minimum. bill: a big storm on our hands. the washington times. donald trump's secret weapon for debate number two. some pretty good advice in there. thank you, doug, thank you, monica. martha: hurricane matthew is headed for the united states and it's looking to be a dangerous situation it's coming in hot as a category 3 and it will be with us for at least 48 hours, causing a tremendous amount of damage along that shoreway. does the u.s. have another edward snowden on our hands. the secret arrest. i was diagnosed with endometrial cancer.
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bill: monster storm matthew head for florida's east coast. millions in florida georgia and the carolinas leaving before the situation gets any worse. matthew pounding parts of the bahamas as we speak and overnight. we have teams reporting on this and we'll keep you up to date. martha: the justice department charging a government contractor with stealing classified information from the nsa. the f.b.i. arrested thomas martin, a former navy lieutenant who worked for the same firm
6:26 am
edward snowden worked for. reporter: harold thomas martin iii. after they raided his home, they found six documents containing classified information. this is big, big stuff, because it was top secret information. the justice department is saying in their charges among other things the documents have been reviewed by a person designated by the original classification authority. they determined the documents aren't currently and properly classified as to secret. and josh earnest says they are monitoring this. >> any time information like this is released in the context of a criminal complaint, the
6:27 am
federal government is reminded of how important it is to be vigilant about protecting national security of the country and information that is relevant to our national security. reporter: the justice department says he stole codes the nsa uses to hack into the computer systems of north korea and russia. martha: how is his employer responding to this. reporter: in 2013, it was the same employer for edward snowden. booz allen responding, when they learned of the arrest we immediately reached out to offer our total cooperation and we fired the employee.
6:28 am
interesting, we have the f.b.i., the nsa and the white house saying they are all over this. think back to your last segment with bill about the hillary clinton investigation. a lot of people will be wondering about a double standard. martha: it's inevitable to make the comparisons when you are talking about top secret information taken out of the realm it's allowed to be in. bill: hillary clinton hunkering down behind closed doors in preparation for the next debate, donald trump does a town hall. how important is the debate for him? martha: this little boy, a school shooting victim, was laid to rest. how mourners honored him with an incredibly moving tribute.
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hurricane matthew is gaining steam. it's one of the strongest storms we have seen in 10 years, and it's make its way up the florida coastline. millions in florida and georgia are getting out before the storm gets worse. we'll keep you posted on any developments. governor haley is speaking now. we'll let you know as news comes in on that front. bill: hillary clinton is going to a fundraiser in new york city tonight. but first there is debate prep. she studies for a second
6:33 am
head-to-head matchup with donald trump. chappaqua, new york, jennifer, put the pieces together, what do you hear? >> there is no telling how the storm if it hits florida and north carolina could disrupt voting in a month's time. there is concern from the clinton campaign, hillary clinton herself tweeted out this morning to those in the eye of the storm to get out of harm's way to follow evacuation orders. there are also reports that the clinton campaign is buying ad time on the weather channel. a recognition we are getting mighty close to election day. she is hungered down with her aide preparing for the debate. she is home here in chappaqua. her aide say the town hall format suits clinton. but she did have trouble with questions from the audience during the commander-in-chief
6:34 am
forum from the audience. she'll have that fundraiser in new york later tonight. that's her one event scheduled for today. yesterday at a d.c. fundraiser, she defended her running mate and praised his perform -- her performance in his debate. >> pence refused to defend the statement because we are indefensible. when your own running mate won't defend the top of the ticket, i think that tells you everything you need to know about who is qualified and temperamentally fit be president. even mike pence doesn't think donald trump is. reporter: donald trump was just asked why he changed the name of
6:35 am
his book and he said he expects to get royalties from hat change. martha: donald trump is in new hampshire for a town halle ventilator -- a town hall event later today. governor, do you think this added event, this town hall, it seems obvious it's meant to loosen him up in that environment. >> he will do great in this. this is a better environment for him. one of the things donald trump has to do is balance between good preparation and not making the mistake of overpreparation. if you want to know what that looks like, watch tim kaine. he was overly prepared. he came in like a bicycle tire with too much air.
6:36 am
all you get is a rough ride. he was so intent on spitting out his lines, making sure all that stuff that had been pushed into him was going to get out. it came across as very canadian and rude, and it didn't work for him. martha: monica crowley wrote a piece for donald trump with specific ways to answer the questions that come at him from hillary clinton. she quoted a source from arkansas that told her hillary's debate team instructed her to keep an ire of superiority while trying to provoke him. never answer the moderator's questions, and repeat your slogan. and to laugh and smile a lot because people see her as angry. >> the problem with hillary trying to laugh and smile a lot
6:37 am
is good advice normally. but when she laughs it comes across as a cackle. when she gets upset which is most of the time, her voice goes up almost an octave and she begins to scream. she is a person you never go trick-or-treating at her house because you are afraid she is going to open the door and throw the candy at you instead of putting it in your basket. i think donald trump will be better prepared, and hillary will be hillary. >> people stand up and ask a question. one of the things that dogged him since the last debate is the issue of miss universe. she is a woman, a latino woman. he said she said some nasty things about her.
6:38 am
it's possible a woman will stand up in the audience who struggled with weight issues and say how do you get away with saying these kind of things to women? >> i would advise him, count to three, take a deep breath, smile and personally say we were dealing with something in a pang end that was made for television. when you are dealing with people who are intentionally putting them out out in a pageant for beauty, then there are certain restrictions. are we going to talk about things 20 years ago, let's talk 20 years ago. what was hillary doing? what was she saying about women who accused her husbands of improprieties. let's open that door if you want to, but make sure hillary clinton walks through that same door and leave it at that. martha: what about the tax issue. she comes at him as a business failure, according to the
6:39 am
stories out there, potentially not paying federal taxes due to the way he took that loss or the course more than 10 years. >> i would say hillary, you don't do your own taxes, i don't do mine. we hire people to do it because the tax code is too complicated. nobody pays more taxes than they have to. only an idiot would say, gee, i only owe a million i'm going to give them 2 because i'm generous. your pals. warren buffet and george soros, they are fighting the irs. if you want to talk about the issue of taxes, criticize some your pals at the "new york times," criticize apple, the largest company in the world. they are moving stuff all over
6:40 am
the world to avoid taxes. it's legal, it's smart, and if you were smart you would be doing it as well and i believe you are doing it as well. martha: maybe that's a preview of the responses we'll see. governor, thanks for your take. bill: it's:40 on the -- it's 9:40 on the east coast of florida in an hour and 20 minutes we'll get our next update from the national hurricane center in florida and they will tell us how this storm is moving. 12 miles an hour which on the level is average for the speed of the storm. but depending on which way matthew decide to go, that will determine the fate of millions up and count southeast coast of florida and possibly south carolina.
6:41 am
and north carolina. this is a major storm. back to matthew and much more.
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martha: the community of los angeles is in mourning after a sheriff sergeant was killed. he was shot yesterday while he responded to a reported burglary at an apartment building. he died at a hospital two hours later surrounded by his wife and children. authorities arrested the man accused of pulling the trigger. they say he stole owens' patrol car after he shot him and tried to plow down a second patrol car. bill: donald trump said he would
6:45 am
weigh self-deportation for illegals. juror jeff sessions, good morning to you. clear it up. is the policy changing? >> no, i think this policy is clear. what he's saying is you have got to end illegality. this is doable. once we start building a wall, once we add some border patrol officers there, we can see that plummet, the illegality will basically end and people will stop taking the dangerous journey to enter the country. bill: yesterday you said you have to self-deport. not true? >> i'll get to that. you have to end that. then you have to end the visa overstay disaster that's occurring. you have to fix all of these problems. then you have to wrestle with what to do about people who have been here a long time. those who are here that have
6:46 am
been convicted of crimes need to be out of here. we failed in that. we let countries refuse to take them back even though under our agreement they should go back. then you have to figure out how to handle people who have been here a long time. one of the ideas that's been floated on both sides of the aisle is you return to your country and make application to come here. that would be a voluntary return. it wouldn't take anybody to try to out otry -- to oust them to m do that. the american people want the illegality to end and they want us to establish a policy that does not flood our labor market. and they would like to see an american get first dibs on it before they bring in a foreign worker to take that job. this is a doable thing. donald trump can do this. >> it's a big deal for arizona,
6:47 am
north carolina, pennsylvania, ohio. mike pence the other night said we have a deportation force, it's called i.c.e. immigration and customs enforcement. >> that's true. border patrol do the initial stops and i.c.e. do the deportations. the ice officers and border patrol that endorsed donald trump, he's speaking to them. they understand what he's talking about and they know it will work. morale in the whole agency is the lowest in the whole government. they have said they have been ordered not to do their duty to enforce the law. bill: i think what we are trying to clear up here is whether the talk earlier about round up the illegals has now changed as a policy.
6:48 am
just something that was talked about a lot four years ago in self-deportation. is that where donald trump is now, yes or no. >> what donald trump is saying we are not going to send out people in large number to the try and find somebody who has overstayed their visa. that is not ever i think what he intended to say. but we do have to know that people who are here unlawfully are subject to be deported. and when we ends the lawlessness and somebody gets by in the future, do they get deported or do they get to stay here. you have to be able to affirm the moral authority of this government to deport people who unlawfully enter or unlawfully stay in the country. bill: how have you been advising him. what do you expect or hope to see on sunday night, senator. >> i think donald trump is a
6:49 am
leader, he needs to show that leadership and talk about how in his world results is what counts, not speeches, not words. we heard too many speeches, too much talk, too much politics, not enough results for the american people. i hope you will talk about that and remind them that he does understand how the economy works. how jobs are created. and hillary clinton does not. and he will be able to use common sense principles and values to create growth in the economy, more jobs and higher wages. one of the things bill clinton just said about obamacare, he said it's the craziest thing in the world. bill: got a lot of headlines. >> and it is. it caused so many companies to lay off workers and put them on a part-time basis instead of full-time basis. it's collapsing all around them.
6:50 am
we have to wrap it up. major storm here. finish your point. >> if hillary clinton is elected, she'll veto the bill congress will again pass to eliminate and replace obamacare. if donald trump is elected he will sign that bill, and replace obamacare that failed program with a good program that will work for the american people. the choice is crystal clear. bill: jeff sessions from washington, d.c. martha: let's get a look at the eye of this storm as hurricane matthew continues to gain steam. it's one of the strongest hurricanes we have seen in a decade and it's moving its way closer and closer. we have millions of people in georgia, the carolinas, they have to get out of their homes before the hurricane hits. first kid
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bill: 6-year-old jacob hall laid to rest yesterday. but the mourners did not wear black. they were dressed as super heroes. jacob was a huge superhero fan. his family deciding the best way to honor his young life was to do it like this. >> this whole day is about jacob. today i firmly believe that he's really getting a kick out of all this. bill: jacob died from a gunshot wound at a school shooting in south carolina. at age 6 he leaves quite a legacy.
6:55 am
our best to his family. martha: we hope this helps these children deal with the loss of their friend. terrible story. our thoughts are with his family and all of their friends. this hurricane is become a very serious issue for our country it's one of the strongest storms we have tracked in nearly 10 years. people in florida, georgia, the carolinas bracing for what's to come. evacuating where necessary * all along the coast ask line. we'll bring you the latest update in about an hour. we'll get a new track on this storm which yesterday looked like it might be bend back out towards the east. we'll be right back with more
6:56 am
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6:59 am
martha: 2 million americans are under evacuation orders. florida, georgia, the carolinas, all bracing for matthew as that monster storm works its way towards the united states after hammering the caribbean. it is now head towards the mainland. people in florida being warned that they are first for a potential direct hit at their coastline. welcome, everybody, america's newsroom, second hour coming at you. bill: this has already been a killer storm. 69 deaths reported so far. 65 of those in haiti. a gas station, food stores running out of supplies and fuel. roads jammed in places as people take the orders to get out. governor pat mccrory from north carolina urging people to get their preparation for their families and homes.
7:00 am
>> don't get too comfortable. our major concern is this model shows the hurricane going back out in the ocean only 100 mile s from the border of our state and even with that we could have major storm surges and 45 to 60-mile-an-hour winds. a lot of power outages, flooding in southeastern north carolina around the wilmington area. we are ready at this point in time. bill: leland vittert live on the boardwalk in daytona beach. and brian, what are your conditions like? >> we have the surf picking up here. the winds have been 15-20 miles an hour. there was a squall that came in earlier with some rain. but the conditions are expected to deteriorate.
7:01 am
you can see some of the beach erosion on sebastian inlet. you see the board up homes and buildings right here on the water. this is a barrier island. a mandatory evacuation was put in place at 8:00 a.m. 1.5 million people are being urged to leave and leave now before the conditions get to the point where you can't be on the roads. so the florida governor saying this is a killer storm. floridaians need to take this seriously. people need to understand places like sebastian inlet where that storm is expected to really hit with a category 4-type intensity. if you are stuck on a barrier island, emergency personnel may not be able to get to you if the conditions are too bad. other than that we have airports and the flights closing at
7:02 am
10:30. but again at noon, at that time, the flights will stop then. this will be destructive all the way around. we spoke to a police officer who said people are heeding the warning and leaving on u.s. one. this is the kind of thing we should be expecting. this storm will be hugging his coastline. it will be right up here. we are talking about a 6-foot storm surge that will be going into these buildings. this is something that's deadly serious. the last time we had a storm was back in 2005 with hurricane wilma. there is a sense people could be a little bit complacent. but new floridans who never had a hurricane in the past decade. they want to emphasize a category four storm is a serious storm. that's the latest in sebastian.
7:03 am
major evacuations happening up and count entire eastern seaboard. bill: you will have a long couple of days. the update from sunny isles, florida. martha: farther up the coast we find leland vittert in daytona beach. what are you learning where you are? >> we are 150 miles north of where brian was. conditions have deteriorated over the past couple hours. you have got some serious waves rolling in. and the water is starting to kick up. important to keep in mind the beaches are incredibly flat. that means no dunes. to be able to stop the storm surge. that's one of the things they are most worried about on what they call the barrier islands up
7:04 am
and count coast of eastern florida. the boardwalk is deserted. a lot of sand bags here. that's not just here along the atlantic ocean. but 2, 3, 4 blocks in here to daytona beach. this is an area of central florida that's used to hurricanes, but people have gotten worried about this one. you saw massive gas lines outside, the number of gas stations also of course we have seen food supplies in bad shape. the gas stations are completely empty. talk to one police officer who said, look, it's 6:00 p.m. when we close the bridges going there into daytona beach, and especially for people coming back out to the islands. it's going to be an slit nightmare tonight. to give you an idea how serious the police are taking this.
7:05 am
0-hour shift for police officers during this storm. -- 20-hour shift for police officers during this storm. martha: time running out. we have 33 days to go until election day. donald trump head back to a key swing state. he will be in new hampshire. 4 electoral votes up for grabs in new hampshire. where will they go? hillary clinton focusing on debate preparation. she is staying close to home as she gets ready for another big moment in this election. that will happen in st. louis sunday night. they will give us their priorities, where they think they can pull in some of those electoral votes. trump was in discussing the high stakes for him there. >> one of the very big pundits, very respected, actually very liberal, said, you know what you
7:06 am
have done hasser in been done before. and it makes no difference if you win or lose, this movement will go down in history. i said you don't understand. i would like to agree with you. but if i don't win, this will be the greatest waste of time, money and energy in my lifetime by a factor of 100. martha: jonah goldberg, senior editor of "the national review." your reaction to donald trump in nevada yesterday. >> well, i think there are more important metrics and what counts as a waste of donald trump's personal time and money. presidential politics. but i could see why he with feel that way an understandable human emotion. >> in terms of the broad strokes and painting the big picture for the nation, that's something he needs to do in this debate
7:07 am
sunday night if he's going to get back on track for his campaign. i want to go through some of the big states where the polls stand in a number of places. then i want to get your take on all of this. monmouth university have her ahead by 2. real clear politics average in ohio has him ahead. it's a tight race in ohio to be sure. she is ahead in pennsylvania by about paints according to the real clear politics average of polls, which is a pretty good measure. about the best we have out there. and here is florida. she is ahead in florida within the margin of error. go to florida and she is ahead by a couple of points. a tight race there as well. she has nungd ahead of him in these important states in north carolina and florida since that
7:08 am
last debate, jonah. >> i think we are largely but not entirely much closer to where we were in august than where we were a month ago. donald trump was really surging. i would say going into the first debate if he had been the guy he was in the first half-hour straight through that debate and stayed that guy rather than getting caught up in twitter problems. he would be 5 points, 6 points ahead. he did not lose the first debate very badly. i thought he lost on points. but where he really lost was the post debate spin wars and the narrative. one of the only truly significant things about the vice presidential debate is it kind of gave a reset on all that talk. it sort of said, okay, the post presidential debate conversation is or. let's talk about pence. now let's start talking about the next debate.
7:09 am
it staunched the bleeding and boosted morale. >> i don't think it was necessarily the debate that hurt him. most people watch the first 30 minutes and absorb that and it typically went down hill in the end of that debate. but the stuff that happened the following week with machado and the story lines appeared to have hurt him. he has to turn that around and be very, very disciplined when he comes into this town hall. in terms of the grand old party on the whole and the down-ballot races, there was so much concern about these in terms of donald trump, where do you think that breaks down now? >> i have to say this is just one of the many things i have been wrong about in this presidential cycle. i thought i was more likely that trump was going to be more of an albatross for a lot of down-ballot candidates. it turns out he largely hasn't been.
7:10 am
the donor class was a leading indicator of this. the koch network and other people who can't support trump, so they focused on the senate and house raced. it turns out a lot of voters have the same thing. if you are for trump you want trump to have a republican house and senate. if you are against trump you want a republican house and senate to manage trump. he's been more of a unifying factor than i thought he would have been. >> portman is running away with it in ohio. martha: interesting take, jonah. good to see you. bill: top republicans on the hill blasting the f.b.i., demanding answers on why they destroyed laptops from hillary clinton's aides. republicans say the system is
7:11 am
rigged. catherine herridge live on this out of d.c. what are they saying? reporter: this letter obtained by fox news is a serious escalation and direct attack on the credibility of the justice department and f.b.i. investigations of the clinton emails and these two immunity deals that led to the destruction of evidence sought by congress. the attorney to attorney general lynch came from senator grassley as well as house oversight committee chairman jason chaffetz and devin nunes. they are questioning the immunity that shielded the aides from prosecution and obstruction of justice in the deletion of 33,000 emails. the lawmakers write, quote, the f.b.i. inex applicationabl agree
7:12 am
laptops knowing they were the subject of subpoenas and preservation letters. these kinds of conditions or exceptions is what so many americans feel uncomfortable or lack confidence in the current system, bill. bill: catherine herridge in washington, thanks. martha: president obama giving his view of capitalism in a new editorial. in it he takes a swipe at clinton without naming the nominee. >> hillary clinton called obamacare one of the greatest accomplishments of president obama. bill had a different view. he said it's just a crazy system. bill: where is this going? bill clinton causing some big
7:13 am
problems for his wife on the trail. president clinton walking back this comments, kinds of. apparently nothing new. we'll rewind the last year and show you some examples. >> is the media helping out hillary clinton? mike pence sure thinks so. howie kurtz has his take and analysis coming up. >> the media is so busy parsing every word that donald trump tweeted in the last 30 minutes. they haven't had time to talk about what the clintons have been up to for the last 30 years. your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. due to your first accident. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop
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bill: we are 44 minutes away. the national hurricane center will give their latest update on hurricane matthew. stay tuned. back to matthew. a monster storm already. 17 now past the hour. martha: president obama writing an open letter to the next occupant of the white house, taking a anyonely veiled swipe at donald trump in the process and talking about his view of the best form of capitalism as he sees it. essay appears in "the economist." he writes a capitalism shaped by the few and unaccountable to the many is a threat to all. economies are more successful when we close the gap between rich and poor and growth is broadly based.
7:18 am
steve forbes is chairman and editor of forbes media and he joins me to analyze what the president had to say. steve, welcome. great to have you here. what's your take on that particular sentiment? >> he's not describing capitalism, he's describing more and more government intervention in the economy. the policy mistakes whether it's the unstable dollar and the like and more taxes. what does he prescribe? more of the same. martha: this is the quote that goes after donal donald trump's theories. the anti-immigrant, anti-mexican, anti-muslim up, anti-i amn 't grant echos nativist lurches of the past.
7:19 am
>> in terms of the i am gracious issue the focus on most people is whether you are a pro immigration or want more restrictive immigration, we have 11 million people here illegally. that's different than legal immigration. the number of immigrants, naturalized immigrants in this country are growing in terms of the wealth creation they are providing. 20% of the new businesses are started by immigrants. 44 of the top tech companies were founded by legal immigrants. obama is con flahertying the two and not dealing with the real problem. martha: calling this a nativist lurch, is that right? >> we should ask why this took place. everyone averted their eyes from
7:20 am
the massive number of people coming in. when you have a stagnant economy and people feel they can't get ahead, then the politics turns bad and turns ugly. why is the economy not growing? because of government policy errors. it's like a doctor who pleads a patient, the patients gets worse. and the doctor says we need more bleeding. if sunday he can show he has the discipline and temperament like he did at the beginning of the race. pence showed the way to do it. if he hammers home. do you want more higher taxes, obamacare, prices going up and support going down. you want more of that and more of an unstable world. then you vote for her. if you want to turn that and have a growing economy, vote for me. >> martha: what about when she tries to nail him on the tax law for his business and the fact that he potentially didn't pay
7:21 am
federal taxes for a number of years. >> he went through a rough time in the early 1990s, but survived and came back. that's what that '95 loss reflected. but people say the tax code is too complicated. hillary you have been around 30 years. i want to simplify it. martha: a flat tax form? >> that's a great idea. nobody ever thought of that before. bill: the trump ticket saying the media is in the take for hillary clinton. now we learn the democratic nominee was briefed before an interview and even put in suggested questions. >> there is a real thick just brown gray smoke and then it just kind of filled the cabin from there as it dissipated and
7:22 am
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martha: he just turned his samsung galaxy note7 in is pocket when it started sizzling. >> i was looking around to see what was going on. i pulled it out and threw it on to the ground. martha: samsung says until we can retrieve this device we can't confirm the cause.
7:26 am
once we examine the device we'll have more information to share. they don't want you to take them on planes anymore. bill: donald trump's running mate telling supporters the media is doing half of the work for hillary clinton. pence saying there is a lot of criticism for trump while much of hillary clinton's record is being ignored. what do you think, howard? >> good morning, bill. donald trump has been denouncing media bias from the moment he got into this race. mike pence said the media are openly aiding the democratic ticket. sometimes i get up in the morning and i have got to turn on the television with a stick. reporter: that accusation of all-out bias goes too far.
7:27 am
but in recent weeks a tidal wave of negative coverage has been aimed at trump. clinton spokesman brian fallon said the media are finally holding trump accountable. now comes ammunition from people who suspect media outlets give politicians the questions in advance which would be a huge ethical breach. in chicago television radio host steve harvey and hillary clinton it was true and in cringe-worthy fashion. last february the questions and proposed answers, there were even preselected pictures of clinton as a female trailblazer in the audience. hillary would talk about singing "wheels on the bus" to her
7:28 am
granddaughter charlotte. what did clinton learn from her last campaign. how would she bridge the racial divide in what's the role of faith in your life and campaign. and talk about being raised a methodist. it even gave hillary question to the ask the audience. a steve harvey spokesman said it's part of the preparation but he endorsed clinton a week later. bill: can you think of a main party candidate who has been criticized more on a daily basis than donald trump? >> not even close. it's unprecedented. some of the stories are legitimate. some of the stories are controversies that he helped whip up. but when you look at the sheer volume of it.
7:29 am
every aspect of every business dale he ever did, and every raunchy interview he gave to howard stern, just the sheer tonnage of it. and the answer is she is getting far, far less scrutiny. martha: so about 31 minutes away from a new update on the track of this hurricane moving toward florida right now. governor of florida rick scott will be here with that in a little while. hurricane matthew closing in on the southeastern seaboard. >> it's scary only because the meteorologists can't predict exactly what's going to happen. they can only track the storm. they can't predict exactly
7:30 am
what's going to happen.
7:31 am
. . . .
7:32 am
. .
7:33 am
martha: in about 28 minutes we should get a new take on matthew from the national hurricane center and we're going do bring that to you live of course as massive storm continues to check closer to the coastline. you can see it passing over the bahamas. headed squarely towards southern florida. we'll get a briefing from governor rick scott. that will happen in a little while. . . hundreds of thousands of people along the southeast seaboard are getting away from the coastline and following directions to evacuate as the hurricane continues to gain strength and sets its sights on florida. let's go to meteorologist janice dean throughout. she is in the fox extreme weather center. >> not a false alarm, martha. not hype. this is happening. category 4 storm possibility. we'll get the new advisory out. looks like the storm is strengthing because we're getting advisories from the hurricane hunters flying in and
7:34 am
out of the storm, giving us coordinates. looks like eye-popping up west of nassau, bahamas. 125 mile-per-hour sustained winds. we expect strengthening in six to 12 hours as it makes the first approach towards florida. 10 million people under hurricane warning all up the east coast. we could have devastating effects if this storm comes as close as we think it is going to over the next 24 to 36 hours. 60 hours of the possibility of hurricane-force winds for millions of folks here. you can see the eye. the eye is west of nassau. we're going to see outer bands continue. conditions will go downhill now, for next 60 hours. here is the forecast wind gusts. rpm model. again, coming so close to port st. lucie. doesn't matter if we have landfall. core of strongest winds, 40 miles center of the storm. tropical storm force winds 160 miles from the center of the
7:35 am
storm. we have tropical storm warnings from gulf coast of florida. then carolinas, george that, friday and saturday. new track coming out in next few minutes, martha. man, category 4 storm. people have not seen this in their lifetime along the coast of florida. that is why projections are dire. why rick scott is saying if we're telling to you evacuate you better do so. it is life or death. martha: let's hope people take this seriously. 160 mile-an-hour winds inland from the shore is astronomical. >> yeah. >> see you later. bill: remember katrina 11 years ago, category 4 whether it landed in mississippi and new orleans. heads up folks. where we stand in the electoral college map between trump and clinton. we have at the moment 13 states in gray that are considered battleground states. missouri was, but we think based on polling out there leans
7:36 am
republican, will likely go that way in 33 days. david avella, go pac strategist and julie roginsky, democratic strategist. good morning. >> good morning. bill: i don't know if you guys see this. outcome from four years ago, romney-obama, okay? democrats in blue, republicans in red. this is eight years ago in 2008. obama in blue, mccain in red. in 2012, romney flipped two states, indiana and north carolina. that was it, 2008. 2008, what does the map look like? go back to 2004 between kerry and bush, bush won second term, 286-251 for john kerry. what does the map look like david? is it 2004 model or continuing in 2012 trend? what do you think? >> 2004 in that romney, trump is
7:37 am
doing better than romney in states like ohio and in florida, but the bigger point here, bill, is that you take all of those states there that are solid republican, lean republican and toss-up, even if republicans win all of those, we still need to find a state or win in a state that right now leans democrat. otherwise we don't get to the 270. which has always been the challenge for republicans to break this streak that we've been on, democrats start with far easier path. bill: that has to be wisconsin or pennsylvania or -- >> pennsylvania is our best chance. bill: julie, what do you think? >> david is absolutely right about everything he said. 2004 if you look at map, startling, colorado was red. i believe new mexico was red. virginia was red. those states today are not red. new mexico trending potentially as toss-up or, solidly democratic because of gary johnson. you have states in play because of evolving demographics over
7:38 am
past decade 1/2 really trended in very interesting direction. correlated to the browning or, i don't know what other word you would use of the population at large. as a result of that, you see the states that are now solidly democratic like virginia, that you would have never assumed even a deck cade ago would be going in that direction. a decade from now you might see something going on in places like georgia for example. bill: show you what you are talking about, julie. 2004 upper midwest is blue. northeast is blue. 2008, even more blue. midwest, upper midwest, northeast as well with 2012. indiana and west virginia are only two areas you see turning red. david, sunday night what do you hope to see and hear from donald trump? >> donald trump needs to talk about jobs and needs to talk about security, not only people's economic but also their personal security. that's what americans want to hear. i mean we can, he just got through the worst week in his
7:39 am
campaign from a media, what the media focused on week. look he is still in the game. if donald trump talks about jobs, and talks about what he wants to accomplish and talks about security, he wins this election. bill: julie? >> well i would say the media wasn't necessarily focused on these things. media's attention was focused on donald trump tweet storm in the middle of night about alicia machado which he didn't have to do. started imitating hillary clinton falling down from pneumonia didn't need to do that. invoking bill clinton's past, he didn't need to do that. media focuses on what they want to focus on donald trump carnival barker in chief. i would take david's advice and focus on what people care about. not issues donald trump focused on the last week, very apparent hillary clinton got into his head in the last debate. as a result, he wept off the rails. he can not afford to do that again on sunday. bill: thank you both. julie, thanks to you.
7:40 am
david, thanks to you. just so your viewers know, 2004, upper midwest and northeast. american west how blue it goes. 2012 how barack obama was able to hold colorado and nevada, new mexico. martha: before last election hurricane sandy hit. governor rick scott is getting ready to address the people of florida as he continues to try to prepare his state for the onslaught of what could be a category 4 hurricane in matthew. take a listen to governor scott in florida. >> you're right. we'll send individuals down to, sit right here in eeco to make sure we resolve them quickly. -- eoc. finished a briefing with the state meteorologist, if you're watching and living in evacuation zone you need to leave now. so if you're in evacuation zone get out. this is not something you should take a chance with. time's running out.
7:41 am
believe, there is no excuses. the roads are open. you should get out. evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. our number one priority is protecting everyone's life. we don't want to lose one life. number one priority is protect everybody's life. matthew is strengthening near the northwestern bahamas. forecast to be a category 4 as it approaches florida. located about 250 miles southeast of west palm beach with winds of 125 miles per hour. on the forecast track the eye of matthew should move very close to the east coast of florida peninsula tonight through friday night. these are hurricane warnings. there are hurricane warnings and watches along the entire east coast. tropical storm watches in effect for florida's gulf coast. this is serious. 125 mile-an-hour winds is expected to strengthen. only small deviation in the forecast track to the left or to the west could bring the core of a major hurricane onshore.
7:42 am
within the hurricane warning area. with a small deviation to the right, could keep the hurricane-force winds offshore. a small move can mean a lot. means the difference between life and death. that's why we have to prepare for a direct hit. so, if you're in an area low-lying, barrier island, you're in evacuation zone, there is no reason to wait. if you wait, that is when the lines happen. when we have problems with fuel. this is life and death. again, protecting life is our number one priority. the impacts of hurricane matthew could be as follows. heavy rain, expected to produce rainfall of four to eight inches, and even up to 12 along the east coast. keys one to three inches. think about this. just if you look prior storms, when there is a band, it goes out there, can be way more rain than that. with rains you have flash floods and things like that. strong rip currents.
7:43 am
beach erosion. possibility of tornadoes. hurricane-force winds. storm surge. think about this. there is storm surge of five to nine, not inches but fight. five to nine feet, feet, from sebastian inlet to the florida georgia line. three to five feet from deerfield feet to sebastian inlet. one to three feet upper keys to deerfield beach. these are heights above-ground, five to nine feet. think about that, on top of that you will have waves crashing. you have storm surge and an top of that you will have significant waves crashing. do not surf. do not go on the beach. no one should be on the beach doing anything. remember, all these things are projections and it can get worse. we are preparing for the worst. we're hoping for the best. we should not be taking, no one
7:44 am
should be taking any chances. based on the continuing strong track with florida i'm announcing, activating additional 1000 members of the florida national guard. that means 2500 members are now activated. we have another 4,000 members ready to be activated if we need it. we have 25 activated now. i have directed national guard to help with evacuations and sheltering. national guard members will make sure those who wait until the last minute to evacuate can do so safely as possible. don't take a chance that somebody will be there to make sure if you wait to evacuate. last night i suspended all tolls in the affected areas of the state. this includes the entire florida turnpike, alligator alley, central florida expressway authority and miami-dade expressway authority. again there is no reason not to evacuate. about 1.5 million floridians and visitors are under evacuation orders. right now we're very focused on
7:45 am
palm beach going north. this is the first big area that will be hit and conditions will arrive in just a few hours. this is gameday. this is when, this is going to hit. intercoastal bridges are locked. on east coast from palm beach northwest you will likely see wind between 100 and 150 miles an hour. just think about that. 100 to 150 miles an hour. these catastrophic levels can completely wipe out well-built homes and destroy neighborhoods. you're going to lose power if you're on the east coast. there is no question you will lose power. you're going to lose power. we don't know how long. i've been talking to utility companies. i got off a conference call with the utility companies with the goal they preposition assets around the state. if they know of any needs, they tell us as early as possible. we're going to say within every day, make sure we share
7:46 am
resources as much as possible to get everybody power back as quickly as we can. we are going to lose power. millions of floridians will be without power. go inland to a friend's home. go to shelter or find accommodation. airbnb is making rooms available for free. visit florida and expedia, they have also listings of open hotels. if you live on the west coast of the state, call your friends on the east coast and offer them a room. if you're concerned about safe routes, visit you can see traffic patterns, accidents, anything you need to pick the best route. so our department, our florida department of transportation is tracking all the different evacuation routes. we have people ready to go. make sure evacuation routes are open. no excuses. get out. floridians and businesses go to florida or
7:47 am
download the florida evacuates app to enter the location and see shelters available in their area. as of last night there were 58 shelters open. today 84 more will open. we doubled number of available shelters. no one wants to sit in a shelter but it is way safer than a lot of homes we would be sitting in. even though it might not be the best comb a accommodation, better to sit in a shelter and protect your life. we have individual gas stations seeing temporary outages of fuel but they're being quickly refueled. we have plenty of fuel in the state right now. the current fuel supply in the state will last for six days, eastern if all the ports are closed. remember, take fuel you need. leave fuel for the next person. take fuel as much as you need so everybody has a chance to get as much fuel as they need. we're evacuating hospitals along the east coast. there are no reported issues at any, this time.
7:48 am
back in 1992 under andrew i was running a hospital company, we evacuated two hospitals in miami and the hurricane turned south and hit a hospital evacuated too. we had to move patients, 150 patients, all windows blew in because of andrew. remember this storm can change on moment as notice. last night i requested president obama to declare emergency declaration in 26 counties. lives requested direct federal assistance to meet pre-landfall critical emergency needs of our communities. this includes resources from the federal government, food, water and tarps. that's what we need now. we'll need more later. i hope the president approves it as early as possible. this morning i would love to get it done early today. we will continue to be making requests to the federal government for assistance. text flprepares, flprepares, one word, to 877, i'm sorry, flprepares to 888777 for
7:49 am
emergency response team. flprepares, one word to 888, 777 for updates from the emergency response seem. this could be live saving information. if you know someone making a bad decision and not evacuating call them. plead with them to do the right thing. don't let a family member, don't let a friend do the wrong thing. let them know this is dangerous. think about winds, storm surge, waves all the things that can happen, potential tornadoes. our number one priority, keep everybody safe. to the press i want to thank you. you've done a great job. getting information out the anything more you can do to let people know the risk of severity of this please do. our next briefing from the national hurricane center will be at 11:15. i will be glad to take any questions anyone has. >> thanks, everyone. >> thanks. martha: that's what you --
7:50 am
bill: there is rick scott now with his warning yet again to floridians on east coast. you have no excuse, leave. and do it now. tracking this storm right now, you can see, you watch the final images of the eye of that storm and you try and figure out if there is some sort of tendency for the storm. martha: yeah. bill: right now, martha, it seems pretty intense on continuing its line. if you ride up the east coast of florida, stay offshore, at the moment that might be the best-case scenario. if the storm take as left-hand turn couple miles, whatever town that is on the florida east coast takes a shot. martha: talking about 160 mile-an-hour winds inland. that is a lot of damage. a lot of electricity. a lot of time and energy and destruction that may be in their path. we'll be right back with more on the political situation. hillary clinton feeling some
7:51 am
heat after bill clinton made some inconvenient comment you could say about obama's health care plan. we will be right back with more in "america's newsroom."
7:52 am
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7:54 am
bill: moment ago we saw folks in the waves in lake worth, florida, they since decided otherwise. except for this man. you always seem to get this, you get some grate waves. martha: you get some very strong undercurrents and rip currents in that water, that are extremely dangerous. bill: he is not taking governor scott's advice. martha: he definitely is not. bill: florida officials have 48 shelters in schools that have already started to house more than 3,000 people. many of them with special needs. mostly along these coastal areas too.
7:55 am
you also have two million people from florida, into george, south carolina to head inland before this storm hits. martha: the evacuation process so arduous. looked yesterday maybe the model was bending a little bit east. you can see why a lot of people might have made a decision to stay put a little bit. now you have clogging of the roads no doubt as people try to get out of the areas. stay in your car keep heading west or north. bill: often time best source of information when the briefing is happening. like governor scott did a moment ago. nathan deal in georgia urging 500,000 people to get out. south carolina governor nikki haley also 500,000 people. she reversed traffic in charleston on interstate 26 to allow people to get out. hurricane floyd, i believe, 1999, where traffic really got clogged. martha: is a major issue.
7:56 am
we continue to watch on satellite image. you see the eye of that storm. it has been churning over the bahamas, over the course of the last several hours. then it looked, watch it as it goes up along the coast. potential for it to bend back in the direction of the coastline is also something that they're very concerned about. you see how it makes almost a circle, in terms of the path of this. so charleston, also in the path in south carolina. they of course were hit hard by hugo way back when. been sometime in fact, a decade, since any of these areas have been dealt the kind of blow that it appears they are about to receive. all warnings and press conferences as they come along. new track in four minutes. stay tuned for that as we continue with your coverage from "america's newsroom." we will be right back.
7:57 am
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jenna: biggest story to be sure on the next several days. we hope everyone to be safe.
8:00 am
pay attention to local authorities and we will be watching it. happening now starts in few seconds from now. bill: we will see you later. special coverage tonight, hurricane matthew. john: heading straight for the east coast of florida, good morning, to you, welcome to happening now. i'm john scott. jenna: hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. packing winds of 125 miles per hour. the storm is forecast to strike florida tonight as the powerful category 4 before tracking north. here is a live look right now from the miami beach area. matthew is the most powerful atlantic storm in nearly a decade and millions are bracing for impact, boarding ep homes, businesses, georgia and much of south carolina. store shelves are


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