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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 6, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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pay attention to local authorities and we will be watching it. happening now starts in few seconds from now. bill: we will see you later. special coverage tonight, hurricane matthew. john: heading straight for the east coast of florida, good morning, to you, welcome to happening now. i'm john scott. jenna: hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. packing winds of 125 miles per hour. the storm is forecast to strike florida tonight as the powerful category 4 before tracking north. here is a live look right now from the miami beach area. matthew is the most powerful atlantic storm in nearly a decade and millions are bracing for impact, boarding ep homes, businesses, georgia and much of south carolina. store shelves are bare.
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thousands are checked into shelters and the spoppulation of florida has grown more than 2 million people since the last major hurricane in october 2005. 11 years ago this month, we are going to talk a little bit about that. florida rick scott joins us on the phone. governor, we appreciate your time. we know that you are busy in the state of florida and we appreciate the time talking to national audience. for many in florida this is the first major hurricane. what's your biggest concern right now? >> well, that's my biggest concern that people don't know. my biggest concern today is you're in a island, if you're in allow-line area, you're prone to flooding, evacuation area, leave now. don't wait. we have plenty of fuel right now. you need to get out and safe place. we have shelters, you can go stay with friends.
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we have hotels around the state. you need to evacuate now. this is only 250 miles off of our coast. it's coming here. a category 4. we have to prepare as if it's were going to have landfall and clearly hurricane force winds. storm surge, unbelievable waves, i want everybody to be safe. my focus is protecting every life in this state, we have 26 million people, i want everybody to survive this. jenna: i was looking at an article and one of your residents said this, the hype is going to be worse than the actual storm, i feel like i can do quite well. what's your message to somebody who might have that perspective still? >> well, i will give you a story. we had category 1 about a month ago and there was a lady who did the same thing, i have four pets
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i'm not going to leave out. storm surge there, she waited until the foot and a half and says i'm not going to survive this and got to her house 3 to 4 feet when she evacuated. if there habit been a high-water vehicle a couple of doors down, she would have died. whether it's 150-miles-per-hour winds, 10 feet of storm surge on top of that wave. if you think about you're trying to survive that and the higher you get, the more winds you're going to have. so this is going to be devastating and whether it hits us directly or to the coast, it's going to be a devastating storm, hurricane. jenna: that story hits home for as we continue to watch some of the images coming from miami beach as the whether is getting worse there. where dud your leadership team ride out this water?
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>> we have our state emergency operation centers in tallahassee. we have a second one west of jacksonville if we needed national guard base landing but i will be in in the capitol in tallahassee and i am -- i was in three different places on the east coast yesterday working to try to get everybody to evacuate as they should and make sure we have utilities to get all the resources, preposition all resources, we are going to lose power. there's going to be millions of homes without power for a period of time. i wanted all of those prepositioned. we have prepositioned national guard members, 2500 national guard members. i also have highway safety, dot, department of transportation, response around the state so we can do everything we can to keep everybody safe but as soon as it happens, we go in and try to restore lives and businesses and homes as fast as we can. jenna: that seems to be
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something that we also need to discuss not only just the storm, the immediate effect of the storm but the days that follow d i know you've said repeatedly, you are going to lose power in florida, period, end stop and residents need to prepare for that. leadership is something that everyone depends on as well, that's why i was curious where you will ride out the store. you have what you need. you talked about the national guard. do you feel that you have all the resources right now? >> we have a great national guard and i called them up. i called declaration of emergency. i have not heard from the president. i'm hoping that will get done this morning. i'm trying to make sure we have all the federal assets we can, have their support and preposition food and water and preposition high water vehicles, we preposition national guard members and evacuation routes open. what i tell every residence though, every residence three
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days of food and three days of water and battery powered radio, have back up battery. keep your cell phone charged. your only chance for information might be your cell phone, make sure you have your medicine, make sure -- what's the worst case, the worst case you don't have this issue, you're still prepared. if you do have this issue, i want your life to be safe. jenna: that hits home for us, governor. i've taken that to heart whether or not my family has three days worth of all the things that you mentioned. good advice for the country. roads are clear for evacuation, is there a time that you want everyone off the road today? >> well, the storm -- if it follows path, it looks like the biggest, first impact is palm beach right now if it doesn't hit west.
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and so once it starts, we want people to get out of the roads and at that point it's too late to evacuate. i can't send first responders to risk your life. you have made the decision to stay. so we will do everything we can to rescue you but we can't do it in the middle of the storm. as it goes off the coast, you know, whether he want people to stay in their homes and make their decision, they will have to ride it out. jenna: the clock is ticking, governor, thank you very much for the time. we now how busy you are, we wish you the best of like and we will be thinking of all of you in florida. >> pray for florida. john: absolutely. hurricane matthew is forecast to strengthened even more as it rolls up the east coast of florida into georgia, south carolina u possibly nuclear. live fox team coverage continues. first let's check in with ryan reporting from the sebastián inland on the central florida coast, ryan.
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>> hi, john, well incredible interview with the governor stressing all the important things particularly evacuation. i'm here in sebastián. this is the island that has mandatory evacuation starting at 8:00 a.m. this morning. this is exactly the kind of place you do not want to be from now until this storm is over. businesses have shuttered and homes are shuttered on, you have some on lookers looking but at some point the conditions are going to deteriorate very quickly and that is why the mandatory evacuation was set up here at 8:00 a.m. to give people time to get on the road and to get to where they need to be either farther up north or west ahead of this storm. but lastly people want is to be out there making the last preparations as the outer bands from this storm come in as people are stuck on the road trying to evacuate. so that is why the barrier islands, low-level areas and mobile homes have been evacuated up and down the entire east coast of florida. we are talking about a 900-foot
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storm surge that could be footing from the ocean. 150-mile an hour winds. the governor had said during press conference, this is a powerful slow-moving storm and i believe you and jenna made a very good point about talking about the new florida residents here. i'm a floridan myself, i grew up here, we went through 204 and 2005 with eight hurricanes in those two years, we have not had a major hurricane in 11 years and in that time plenty of floridan that is have come play santa and -- complacant and that's why they are stressing that if you need to evacuate, please do so as soon as possible and to prepare to be without power for a long period of time. florida power&light has set out through the entire state. this storm isn't affecting just one part of the state, it's climbing the entire eastern coast which means that if one place loses power, that's
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multiple different place that is fpl has to go. even though they made huge improvements, people can be expected without power for a long time. this is dangerous and potentially catastrophic coast. we are here on the coast where it's going to get worst in the next few hours. john: i went through hurricane andrew in 92 with three young kids and at that point florida hadn't had hurricanes in a couple of decades. learned a big lesson that time. ryan, thank you. jenna: that must have been scary. i'm thinking of the famous out there riding out the storm. we thank ryan, we wish him well as well. all the journalists are also putting themselves in a tenuous situation. we want to speak to our fox meteorologist janice dean. janice: it is a category 4.
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the national weather center has been right on with the forecast. a record for atlantic hurricanes in october, so we are watching matthew very carefully. west of nassau on bahamas and now we are expecting the next few hours as it makes approach to florida, hurricane warnings in effect for 10 million people upwards of 10 million people and now stretching into portions of georgia and south carolina, you can see on the radar we are getting the outer bands, moving into florida well, you can see the well-defined eye here and there's the chance for more strengthening as it comes close to land and whether or not it makes a landfall is really not the story, the story is we have the core of the strongest winds coming very close or on shore of the east coast of florida for 200 miles, the possibility of that. that's why we are seeing the potential for catastrophic damage along the coast here. here is the future radar and this is going to be an overnight event, friday into saturday, for all of these coastal folks along
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the east coast of florida up towards northeast and into georgia and south carolina. so very dangerous, rick scott, the governor of florida certainly gave us some good information in that interview at the top of the hour, but a little bit of a sinking feeling because the forecast track is coming true unfortunately and as you go through time, i know it's a little bizarre because it makes this weird curve which we are going to certainly talk about over the weekend but for the foreseeable future we are going to be dealing for a major hurricane for at least 60 hours along the coast with very dangerous conditions. this is brand new too so a major hurricane and then coming close to southeast georgia here and the carolinas so, again, not only just florida but now we are getting into georgia and then after that we are going to watch this potential curve. let's not deal with that right now. let's deal with the potential impacts, not only storm surge but the strong hurricane force winds along the coast for 40,
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maybe 60 hours and then the rainfall we could see upwards of 10 to 12-inches along the coast of florida and the tropical models are now really coming into very good agreement that a very close brush or landfall with florida and then into georgia and the carolinas so i just wish the forecast wasn't coming true and we will bring you the latest. jenna: i just noticed the change of tone after you heard the latest bulletin. i think -- seems that you really feel the weight of your forecast. >> the last time i felt this pit in my stomach was hurricane katrina because you see it happening and you don't want the forecast to come true. there's still hopefully a chance that most of it stays offshore and i'm hoping that is the possibility but we have to let -- governor scott says prepare for the worst and make sure florida and the southeast coast is safe and, you know, hopefully
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our job is done. jenna: we will go from there. good information and continues to be our big story. john: at least we have the forecast tools. 60 years ago we didn't have. jenna: can you imagine? john: stay up to coverage along with stories we are following including these, hillary clinton and donald trump gearing up for their second big showdown on sunday. how they're preparing and why the town hall format could be a game changer plus cbc about a mysterious illness across the country, it causes paraylis in children.
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jenna: hurricane matthew now
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determined to be a category 4 hurricane. 250 miles off the coast of west palm beach, florida and it is our big story today. governor rick scott very clear
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to us top of the hour, everybody needs to evacuate, get out of the zone impacted by the storm which is quite frankly going to be a wide swath of that state. we are continue to watch the breaking news on hurricane matthew as it develops, john. john: hillary clinton and donald trump gearing up now for second debate on sunday. it'll be a on the hall format at washington university in st. louis. mrs. clinton is off the campaign trail for debate prep while mr. trump is set to rehearse for the second showdown in new hampshire. meantime a story in the washington post caught our attention, reads in part, settling scores maybe exactly the wrong approach in a town hall debate where the candidates will be responding to the specifics, specific concerns of individual americans and where voters will be studying the candidates for their ability to relate to those concerns. let's talk about it with josh,
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politics editor of the national journal. david also with us, senior political correspondent for the washington examiner. question for both of you and, josh, i will toss it to you first, which candidate do you think benefits most from the townal format? >> well, we know that donald trump certainly feeds off crowds, but i think both candidates have serious challenges demonstrating their empathy. donald trump certainly needs to go negative but he can't afford to do that when he's talking about voters when he has very concerns, down to earth concerns posing to him and hillary clinton is very good at policy but she's very nitty gritty into the weeds but sometimes she doesn't do what her husband does and feel the voters' pain, she likes to diagnosis the problem than empathy like her husband was well known for. i think they both have some hurdles to overcome in this town hall format. john: david, how do you see it?
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>> i think the pressure is on donald trump simply because he's behind. this is the second debate. he didn't do so well in the first one. he has a lot of to prove. for clinton, can she do well when she has wind on her back, she does best when she's up against it. this is a case where she's sort of reestablished a modest lead in the poll, nothing that trump can't overcome at this point but it's a modest lead across the battlegrounds and nationally and can she deliver the same type of performance sunday than she did -- as she did last week and can she do so if trump doesn't give her so much to work. there's a good chance and clinton's team has told us that they are preparing for a much better donald trump, so if this is what clinton is doing over the next couple of days of debate prep, she will be in pretty decent shape. what republicans need to watch for is the fact that, i think,
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she will be a better in town hall format than they expect, the same way democrats have to realize that donald trump at times can come off a lot better than they think. john: he has to avoid, josh, some of the confrontation, some of the interruption, i don't know, mean-spiritedness that afflicted him in the first debate. >> you're going to actually be talking to voters. i mean, mike pence set a standard for what donald trump should emmulate but donald trump at the first debate really didn't go beyond much of his own talking points on all the issues he was bringing up. so he needs to have a command of policy, he needs to use this town hall format that he's doing in new hampshire tonight, meeting in new hampshire assort of a test run for how he's going perform on sunday night.
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john: josh and david, we are getting squeezed for time. david, we will get your thoughts tomorrow in your column. thank very much. >> thank you. jenna: (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. hii'm here to tell homeowners that are sixty-two and older about a great way to live a better retirement... it's called a reverse mortgage. call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation. it answers questions like...
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john: possible scary matthew aiming like a buss saw at the east coast of florida. you're looking live at pictures of miami beach right now. the area in yellow is the forecast map, expected to be a category 4 storm during most of its run up the florida coast. millions of people in danger and the governor is telling them to evacuate and take every precaution. we are continuing to keep an eye
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on matthew. also this, right now progress in the fight to defeat isis with preparations underway to retake mosul, iraq's second largest city in that country. mosul is 250 miles to the north of baghdad. conner powell is in jerusalem. conner. >> mosul will fall but that necessarily mean that isis will be defeated but will deprive them of two major strongholds. raqqa being one of them. one of the bigger tasks right now is getting all the coalition forces together, turkey, the kurds, iraqis, international-led coalition all have different idea what they want to see after mosul is retain.
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the kurds, there's rumors that they may want to declare independence. the iraqi leaders are very unhappy about. so there's a lot of political problems with this operation. of course, everybody wants to defeat isis but they all have to get on the same page first, john. john: thank you very much. jenna: death toll is rising because of this storm, monster storm on the central florida coast with millions ordered out of its path. next we are going to talk to the director of the hurricane center, quote, this is about as bad as it gets. he's next
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jenna: fox news alert as we watch matthew in the south coast of the united states. category 4 storm. we just heard from the national hurricane center, the director of national hurricane center dr. rick knab is here with us. we don't want to spark unnecessary fear but we want to give viewers really good information. what's the best way you can describe the danger associated with the storm? >> well, we want people to take necessary actions to protect themselves. there's no reason why people should lose their lives if they follow the introductions from local officials who are telling them to evacuate from coastal areas, vulnerable of storm surge or any areas on land in which
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they are in a mobile home or home vulnerable to wind. including from the sky we can have inland flooding from heavy rainfall. we want people to be afraid enough to take action to keep themselves safe. that's how i have been approaching this. jenna: can you describe what makes a category 4, versus a 3, versus a 2, versus a 1. >> hurricane wind scale. it's totally dependent upon what the maximum sustained winds are. there are now 140 miles per hour. that makes category four. you saw 160 on here it would be category 5, for example and -- jenna: sorry to interrupt. >> sure, you can never rule out what hurricanes are going to do in terms of ups and downs. don't be surprised that there are ups and down. but the bottom line is we are forecasting a major hurricane category 4 to come close to if
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not on shore in florida, in hurricane warning areas as early as tonight but even if the center of circulation stays offshore even maximum winds over the ocean, you can still get very dangerous and damaging force winds on land and penetrating some distance inland with tropical storm conditions and devastating storm surge and inland flooding due to heavy rainfall. i want people to realize specially if you're knew the hurricane problem, nine out of ten fatalities have been due to water. winds are going to be dangerous, don't forget about the water. jenna: what makes the storm unique based on the other storms that you have covered in the past? >> every storm has its own unique dna and characteristics and moot thui is falling an awful track for so many people. the one and a half million people thereabouts in the state of florida alone that are under evacuation instructions of some
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kind for storm surge, being in mobile home, similarly up in georgia, south carolina and so, you know, the farther north you are, the more time you have to make preparations and get into a safe place to ride out the storm, but this is going to affect a lot of people with multiple hazards, both wind and water and this is an extremely dangerous situation. let's do everything we can to eliminate or minimize the loss of life. jenna: excellent advice, i know that you're busy at the national hurricane center. thank you very much dr. rick knabb for everyone in florida and all the more reason to pay attention to the storm today. thank you very much. john. john: all right, now some more concerns about the safety of samsung's smartphone even after recent recall. now that an overheating and smoking device forced the evacuation of a southwest airlines jet right before takeoff. bryan green a passenger said he got a new galaxy note 7 to
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replace his previous phone, the one that was recalled, and describes what happened with it on that flight. >> there was a real thick brown-gray smoke and then just kind of filled the cabin from there as it dissipated and moved around and i heard a popping sound. i was looking around and i saw smoke was pouring out of my pocket. i pulled it out and threw it on the ground. job job editor at large at, if you are sam samsung, this couldn't get any worse. supposedly this was one of the replacement phones, fixed phones and goes up in smokes literally. >> phone that is were well reviewed. everybody was excited about them. they got a bad batch of batteries in the first run and they were literally exploding.
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they were recalled and updated. if you have an old one, we kept reminding you to turn it in. the new ones had white that they are safe. this is a disaster for samsung, if this turns out to be one of the new phones that they handed some guy, i'm not sure how samsung mobile and note 7 recovers from this. john: the guy was powering it down his wife said, he was trying to turn the phone off to comply with the flight attendant's introduction, the last time i took a flight, a commercial flag they were warning specifically about samsung galaxy note 7 phones. i mean, in terms of publicity it just couldn't get worse. >> so the -- when the recall happened, the faa actually told people, do not bring these things on. they've been talking to people on the flights, do you have one
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of these phones? i mean, they're literally going out of their way to warn people because they are extremely nervous about this because it seems so unpredictable but samsung assured us that everything is fine now and they've basically got more than 60% of the phones back in their hands. everyone knows about the warning. this is supposed to be a new device and i think that is where the real concern comes in because if it turns out to be and we honestly don't know yet, samsung still has to get the phone in their hands to know. but turns out to be a new device, they have a much bigger problem in the production pipeline. john: this isn't just a cosmetic or esthetic concern like apple has with new iphone 7, do you get a headphone jack or not, this is safety. people are walking around with these things in their pockets or cars, they don't want it catching fire. >> they're very complex devices. there's a lot of technology inside of them. they're always making decisions about how to stuff more stuff in
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there, more technology, more components and battery life. battery life is one of the most important with the mobile device . wireless charging, if you can't trust the battery, when you're going turn it off it'll be safe or sitting in your pocket it's going to be safe, you're not going to trust the brand, you're not going to trust the phone. so this is that these manufacturers focus on heavily to get right. john: apple is out with new phone and google out with new phone. >> never a worst time for this to possibly happen. samsung has this great launch and everybody is like wow, you introduced one of the best 5.5-inch phones on the market. john: knocked it out of the park. >> google goes pixel, now they have major competition and believe me, those guys are double-checking everything from their battery and making sure that nothing like that could
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happen. john: even if fix isn't fixed that's bad news. >> it is bad. we will see. we don't know for certain that this was a new phone. that's something we will know probably hopefully a day or so. john: the company hasn't confirmed but there are a couple indications including from the guy -- >> absolutely. we have not reason not to believe him but we don't know if anything happened, maybe damaged, sat on, something like that. these are the things that we don't know yet. john: thank you. >> pleasure. jenna: serious concerns about a mysterious polio-like illness that's spreading across the country right now. who is most at risk and how doctors are treating it. it's an important notice for families across the country. plus as outer bands of hurricane matthew close in on florida, forecasters are warning of us taken winds and major storm surge from matthew. latest details on the powerful hurricane moments away
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john: latest forecast from the national hurricane center and they are not good. hurricane matthew expected to just crease the east coast of florida as category four storm, a powerful storm, 140-miles-per-hour winds, storm surge of 8 to 10 feet expected. the low-line barrier islands along the florida coast likely to be inundated assuming the forecast comes through and every sign is that it is going to be. the governor has warned people to evacuate from low-lying areas, evacuation of trailer parks and vulnerable structures. we will continue to keep an eye on hurricane matthew and the latest on the forecast on powerful and dangerous storm. jenna: new information on a disturbing polio-like illness spreading across the country. the cdc reporting 50 people have been diagnosissed this year with this illness, most have been children and doctors say it
8:44 am
impact it is body's nervous system specifically the spinal cord and can cause paralysis. there are no vaccines and the exact cause is a mystery. let's bring disease specialist at rain bow babies and children's hospital in cleveland. doctor, nice to have you on the program. tell us about the illness. a name that i don't recognize. >> yeah, you know, a paralysis afp is something that we see ever so often. it's very uncommon and very rare but it can happen after any virus. in this case, though, virus d-68, we have been seeing a lot over the years, seems to have much incidence of causing neurologic response, certain virus that is attack your brain and other viruses that trick our own immune system into attacking your brain. we are not sure exactly what's going on here but it's probably maybe a little combination of the two. it's something that we just
8:45 am
don't have a good response yet. jenna: as a mom it's scary to see this happening to children. the children impacted have prar -- paralysis. i want to keep in perspective how rare it is and -- >> any child that shows up with weakness or limp out of the blue. how many of your children get a viral illness? well basically all of them get a viral illness usually several times throughout the winter. this is actually a very rare problem but because it is so severe. many children can regain function but some of them remained paralyzed for long
8:46 am
periods of time. jenna: what would it look like for a parent? they would see their child -- what would seem like an average cold and virus and what else should you be watching for? >> a lot of times it happens after a fever, runny nose and cuff and sometimes you don't. usually happens depending on the age of the child. some children will refuse to walk, some children will have weakness and start favoring another arm or a different part of the body and not using one arm and one extremity. sometimes in the face, you start seeing dropy eyelids, they're not able to smile with both sides of their mouth or they start even having trouble with speech because the tongue is a muscle and it can become weak or swallowing or drooling more than swallowing. in those cases are the more
8:47 am
severe because when you cannot control, you can get pneumonia from that. we try to maintain their airway, making sure they're able to swallow okay, breathe okay. also a lot of times there's no standard treatment but a lot of therapies have been tried, you know, varying results. some actually work well when we use some sort of immune therapy to tone down the immune system, other times we just monitor the kid and watch them and would recollect on physical therapy, speech therapy in order to regain the function that they have lost. jenna: give us a big picture perspective because parents are worried about their children. how do you place with the winter season, give us context for how concern we should be. >> we are born into an inherently dangerous planet with
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viruses, shark attacks, all of that. this is not something that we will be able to avoid altogether. the best way to prevent this and complications, do your best to try to minimize how many viral infections you get. the best way to do is good hand hygiene, will prevent transmission of viruses to you as well as you to others. if you're sick or child is sick keep them away from other children from prevent the virus from spreading as well. jenna: it's funny -- not funny but interesting versions to just watch your hands. it's a reminder to my parents. i know that i need it. great to have you on the program. thank you very much. >> bye, bye, now. john: fox news alert, there is mike pence governor f indiana and donald trump running mate's, he's in gettysburg, pennsylvania, team trump thinks they can win pennsylvania.
8:49 am
mike pence doing his part. donald trump for his part will be in new hampshire tonight in town hall meeting moderated by boston media celebrity. that's coming up tonight and tomorrow trump is off the campaign trail getting ready for big debate sunday night. in the meantime we are continuing to watch the other big story of the day, tracking hurricane matthew. the east coast of florida is likely to get hammered by this very powerful category 4 storm but virtually all of florida millions of people including a few million who never experienced a hurricane there before are going to be feeling its affects, continue to go keep an eye on hurricane matthew this very dangerous storm coming up on fox.
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john: let's check out outnumbered at the top of the hour. harris: we are continuing to watch hurricane matthew. this storm will kill you if you do not evacuate where you should. we will have a live report from florida where hurricane matthew is expected to make landfall tonight. >> hillary clinton stays home to prepare, whose approach will work the best? harris: bill clinton committing a gaffe after another gaffe on the campaign trail. is he hurting hillary clinton or helping her? john john you need somebody named matthew in the center seat. sandra: we will be talking about it. thank you. john: now fox news alert on the story that you first saw here on happening now. the arrest of nsa contractor, a
8:54 am
former navy lieutenant accused of taking highly classified hacking codes raising fears he could be another edward snowden, the justice department says the theft has the capability of causing, quote, exceptionally grave damage to u.s. national security. ed henry live in washington with more. >> so this is a big deal. you mentioned it's just like edward snowden and this gentleman was a contractor for the nsa who was actually an employee of alan hamilton, after raiding the home and car of harold thomas martin the third in maryland, they found six documents containing top secret information. martin did have a distinguished member in the navy, we fired the employee.
8:55 am
as white house press secretary offered new comments moments ago declaring the government is all over this. >> protecting sensitive national security information is a top priority of the administration and it certainly is an issue that this administration takes seriously, it's also an issue that prosecutors and investigators at the department of justice take seriously. that investigation is continuing and as additional information can be made public about it, it will come from the department of justice. >> of course, white house now insisting that their vigilant about protecting highly classified information may raise eyebrows about what exactly happened with that investigation of hillary clinton, john. john: we know he had it but did he disburse it?
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>> now the government says, no, actually, this suspect leaked it out there, john. john: ed henry in washington. thank you. jenna: fox team coverage on hurricane matthew continues. you can see the weather deteriorating since we started on the air at 11:00 o'clock eastern time. now just finishing up very closely for you now. the outer edges of the storm are approaching the florida coast. it is a dangerous category 4 storm. we continue to hear that from everyone that we are interviewing extremely dangerous, potentially deadly and evacuations need to be taken. we will be right back with more happening now.
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>> right now hurricane matthew is pounding has dow in the bahamas. we are taking a look at sebastian inlet in florida where things are fairly quiet. but the eye of the storm expected to mow up the east coast of florida. >> if you drive directly south
9:00 am
of that, this is what you see. this is little bit south of miami. it is my understanding -- >> north of miami. >> north bay village. you can see we're already starting to see weather change. more reason to pay attention. >> see you back here in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: we will begin with a look at that storm. fox news alert. hurricane matthew has once again become a category 4 storm, a beast getting bigger this hour. 200 miles across. that is something to note. we'll get into that in a moment. it is really changing the landscape of haiti or has. flattened, growing death toll of more than 65 people to give you idea what this storm canada. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith. radio talk show host meghan mccain. talk show host and spokesperson for the libre initiative, rachel campos duffy. today's #oneluckyguy, welcome


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