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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  October 6, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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a big and scary night ahead for the folks in florida, stay safe out there. >> "america's election head quarters" starts now. ! hurricane matthew a category four storm and maybe the most dangerous in decades. >> the storms wind has topped 140 miles per hour. they say the storm could devastate hundreds of miles of coast lean. millions are being urged to evacuate the danger zones. we have live team coverage from you.
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and south carolina, but we start with the fox extreme weather center with the latest on the storm's path. what do we know at this point. >> we're starting to see more of these in the next couple hours. so the take away from this is still 140 miles per hour winds, the pressure has dropped a millibar which means it is strengthening. the closest approach to landfall will be overnight tonight. they will probably issue a tornado watch in the next couple hours. weaker tornadoes, but could
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cause some structural damage. here is wa we are thinking, 8:00 p.m., high sustained winds. a and thursday it makes land fall. the core of it, 60 miles per hour winds, you will feel a hurricane for hours, for 16 hours, along the coast of florida towards south carolina and georgia. look how long it maintains it's category 4 strength. it has been a major hurricane for five days, which is the record by the way for the month of october. so 10 million people here are in
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a hurricane. some of them could be devastates. the forecast wind gusts, this is one of the models we look at. this is the core of strong wind. up towards daytona beach. this is friday, saturday for georgia and south carolina, and again, the potential for a major hurricane up towards the south carolina coast. the rainfall welcome, i want to the storm surge has gone up which could be six feet above high tide. it could be very dangerous with the surge as well as the rainfall and the prolonged winds for hours and hours and hours. >> and you have been warning on this for many hours and days
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ahead of this, janet, just how serious this is. we'll come back to you. >> strong winds already whipping parts of florida. the outer bans are reaching the u.s., heavy rain and dangerous storm surge could create a flood disaster. brian is in florida where preparations are taking place right now, brian, what does it look like there? >> deterioration. it continues to deteriorate here on the water. just south of sebastian, about an hour south of melborn. this is the coastline, five to 11 foot storm surges. look at the homes down this shoreline here, this is just a snippet of what it looks like all along the east coast, and it's coming up the east coast
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and those homes are just gravely in danger. when you talk about an 11 foot storm average, this barrier island here is on a mandatory evacuation. no one should be here at this point. the winds and the water are starting to pick up, if janice is right, and the forecast is right, it doesn't really matter where it lands, no doubt. that eye will go right back and thee are the areas on the beach that are the most dangerous. that's why they're trying to keep people away. when you get a view of that coastline, it gives you a better idea of what is at stake here i situation, sandra. >> and an intense wait and see right now. brian, what can you tell us -- i think we're going to the georgia governor speaking right now? let's listen in. >> specifically towards dublin, georgia.
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i will pass that information along now with the commander of the georgia state patrol. >> thank you director butterworth. when you talk about the flow, that means you get to drive on the wrong side of the road legally, but only on the road we tell you to. when you see where the storm is coming from, we're trying to facilitate the use of that roadway to that folks can move away from the coast. all of the lanes, including the eastbound lanes you're able to travel in the westbound direction. we closed all of those ramps that allow that travel. if you want to go south or north, you're able to do so. so over 125 miles of roadway has been opened up for that purpose.
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and as soon as we can reverse that to aid in the relief effort when the storm is over with, we will do so. >> this is a coordinated effort among several agencies -- >> that is a update from the state of georgia. nathan diehl dressing them. saying you can drive on the other side of the rose, i-16, you can drive west on the eastbound lanes. they are making preparations for their residents, battening the hatches. reports all over georgia, florida, stocking up on necessary materials as this storm has yet to make land fall. we have report it's is a category 4 storm, winds over 100
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miles per hour. rick scott warning residents to get out now saying this storm will kill you. we're getting reports from our reporters all over the ground in florida and they are taking it very seriously, many gas stations running out of gas as people try to get out of the stay. adam is in daytona beach, some of your repors i have been seeing that some of the stores, they're running out of very necessary materials, what are you seeing and hearing there at this moment? >> plenty of water, but they don't have propane or ice. we will lose electricity and if you don't have a generator, you need ice to keep your food refrigerated and cool. the sun is out, but don't be
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deceived. the tide here on daytona beach is higher than they have seen it recently and it will be much higher. this storm as you said a category 4 is a surge of about eight to ten feet. if it is as high as some of the predixes, this right here is eight feet. there are people that plan to ride out this storm even though they have been told to get off of the beach and go into the mainland. let me give you some deadlines. at 4:00 p.m., on the space coast, public super markets close at 4:00 p.m. also, the only way on and off is the international speedway bridge. it will close at 6:00 p.m. unless the wind picks up to 40 miles per hour. once the winds are at 40 miles per hour you can't get on and
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off, you're stuck on the beach. to give you a idea of why it is so serious, it is the hurricane center that uses the term catastrophic storm. if you remember, hurricane andrew in 1992 hit southeast florida, that caused $26 billion worth of damage, killed 65 people. 2004, hurricane cherarlie injur and killed 35 people in is a category 4 to hit this part of florida in years. >> thank you for that update. we want to get to a reporter out of the bahamas. can you give us a update of what is happening there and what are the effects of the hurricane that you are seeing and feeling there? >> i'm in new providence where nassau is located.
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we're still experiencing you recollect winds as high as 80 miles per hour. the storm is is moving ahead to two other islands. including grand bahama which is in the north of the bahamas. here in the capital we have reports of roof damage, flooding homes, and we have been flooded with calls here from people that need to be rescued from homes flooded with water. >> what was the evacuation like there? was it effective in getting people out? this is an area popular with tourists, how many people hunkered down versus got out of there in time? >> well, a lot of people opted to leave. some people opted to stay, but what is interesting is that so many are evacuating their homes,
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and that is unprecedented here. we have not seen a direct hit from a hurricane here since 1929. this is unfamiliar for people here in new providence who don't routinely deal with direct hits from storms. many evacuated their homes. making sure my family was safe was almost impossible to find a empty hotel room. there may be bahamians in hotel rooms than tourists right now. >> thank you for phoning in the update. >> many stores in the southeast are wiped out of supplies, milk, eggs, bred. people in hurricane matthew's path prepare to hunker down. we'll talk to a store owner on the coast for what he is seeing and what he expects and
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preparations under way from sandbagging to storm relief. our coverage continues with the latest on the path of hurricane matthew. >> are you willing to take a chance to risk your life? are you willing to take a gamble? that's what you're doing. if you're reluctant to evacuate, think of how many people the storm has already killed.
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well shelves are evenying in grocery stores. this has people living along the coast getting to the safety of inland cities ahead of hurricane matthew's arrival. nikki hailey urging more people
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to evacuate. >> we have not had enough evacuate. we need more people evacuating and this is the part that i want you to think about. if you're sitting at home, gas stations are ready to close. your pharmacies are ready to close. everything is going to leave. people have to protect thinker own families and they're all going to do that. >> urging residents to evacuate. columbia is the capital and largest city with a population of more than 30,000 people. joining me by phone right now is darrell miller. a piggly wiggly is a grocery store chain, is that correct? >> yes, a chain of independent
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operators. >> we're looking at a picture you sent of of your store and the shelves look empty. >> they started buying real heavy old -- it caught us by surprise, but tuesday and wednesday was just real strong days. we think that people are just trying to get ahead of it and making sure they're in good supply on the basics, you know, water and milk and bread and all of those things. and people are just coming back to last year's flood that also caught us by surprise. and we were without power and water for agood while. i think people are just reacting in a good cautionary way. >> yeah, i lived in baton rouge,
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louisiana for many years. i think we just lost darrell. it can look very calm. he said it's a beautiful day here today. you would never know that this serious of a storm is on it's way. but residents are taking the karnings very seriously. they're stocking up on a lot of surprised. mil milk, bread, ice, propane, gasoline, people are trying to move inland and move west. all right, we thank darrell for joining us. we have continuing coverage on hurricane matthew states set their sights on the eastern seaboard. preparations under way from florida to south carolina.
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. fox news alert for you. people are heeding the warnings and moving away from the coastlines as state and local leaders urge them out of harm's way as hurricane matthew moves closer. watch here. you will see cars flowing along the highway just inland from the beach. millions of people are in the evacuation zones that face potential devastation. officials are calling the storm one that can kill.
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hurricane matthew having impact on the presidential campaign as well. clinton sparking outrage for targets voters in the hurricane's path. buys ing ads on the weather channel, and the backlash convincing them to delay the ads until after the storm as passed jeb bush saying i encourage both presidential campaigns to be sensitive to all affected by hurricane matthew in the coming days. good to have both of you here, so much going on and it is interesting to see the storm playing a part in politics. what what did you make of that move? >> it was an unforced error and you see them retreating from it and it is creating a new story
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maybe they didn't react. m mitt romney over reacted by s susisus i -- suspending -- the clintop campaign says okay, we're going to delay the ads for now. the criticism got to them there, but before we move on to debate prep and what we see sunday night, could we see a cancellation because of the impending weather? >> if i could just comment here, the clinton campaign buys a lot oftizi oftizi of advertising. the weather channel goes way up in a weather storm because
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everyone wants the safety information. in a storm like this, it's time to talk about safety, preparedness, and making sure everyone is safe. people also understand the importance of government in a time like this, all of the educations at work like it right now. and it is appropriate to say what is the role of government in our lives. >> but political adds are not government. >> sunday sniegt a big night, we know the candidates are making preparations, will we see a more prepared trump? >> he is doing a town hall, i think most people acknowledge
11:27 am
that the first debate was hostile. he is unfamiliar. lester holt we have acknowledged was more unfare than hillary clinton. i think he would rather talk to voters. that being said we're hearing he will take more time privately to meet with some of the debate pret team, -- prep team. >> david, what is the strategy on hillary clinton's part? the buy is set higher for her this time at the debate? >> if you notice behind me, i'm in phoenix, arizona. this is a historically low state. and it is directly related to that debate. that debate that we just discussed turned the tide. so this time around i think it will be interesting to see whether or not he starts
11:28 am
attacking the questioner like he did lester holt? >> all right, we have to leave it at that, david and toney, good to have you both here. thank you. we are tracking hurricane matthew for you right now. do you remember the last time the country was hit like to? >> the number one goal has and will always be to keep everyone safe. everything that we are hearing about the storm is one that we are watching closely. ntee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands.
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a fox news alert for you as we watch hurricane matthew close in on the florida coast looilin. half of florida's population has a chance of experiencing tropical storm force winds. 2005 was an especially busy year with at least four major storms striking there. dennis hit the western panhandle. and then hurricane katrina one one of the most devastating storms to hit the u.s. more than 1,000 people dies in that catastrophe, and still
11:33 am
recovering a decade later. then, hurricane will ma that devastating the yucatan peninsula and this year, another major storm, you recollect matthew is creeping closer to the florida coast right now. it is now a category four storm. the governor asking hundreds of people get out of it's path. jonathan is in folly beach, north carolina. and we are starting with leland who is in daytona beach right now, it looks like the wind has been picking up. >> certainly since you and i talked around noon. also the surf has picked up.
11:34 am
there is also more people here out on the beach hours before it comes ashore. and the point you made about it being a decade from all of those storms, people are worried about the police, and they say there is 2 1/2 million people who don't know what a hurricane is because they have moved here after the last major hurricane. everyone else is complacent. business owners taking no chances. you see everything here is bored up and that is because of the storm surge. that is when you get flooding here in the first couple of blocks, but all of the way in to the intercoastal water way. fuel lines are significant. a number of gasations are out
11:35 am
and closed now. people are being told to have three days of food and water on hand. it is a difficult thing to do and now we just wait for four or five hours until the bridges close, the sun goes down, and the storm hits. back to you. >> governor scott says it's not a matter of if residents will l lose power, it's a matter of when. people in the path of hurricane matthew trying to get out of the way. the state even reversing some lanes on the interstate to allow people to move inland. you heard from the governor this hour. they are saying the lanes can be opened to move west. evacuations are under way right now. jonathan is live from the near
11:36 am
by beach in south carolina. are you getting a sense of handic or are they waiting it out right now? >> not panic, but they are taking it very seriously. >> they are boarding up businesses to protect windows. but also looking down there, sandbags at the bottom of doors. if there is a worse case scenario and over on to the sidewalk, you will have floating on the first floors of some of the businesses here. now a lot of people are just using the day, the relative calm, the lack of rain to board up businesses and then they're hunk ering down, but services will be closing. businesses and gas stations will be closing as managers and
11:37 am
employees head for other places to seek healther, so if you will be staying here, you need to be prepared to be completely self sufficient. >> thank you for the report. you're giving us a look at how residents are preparing in some of our states, but we want to know what a hurricane four means from someone in the eye of the storm, take a look. category one hurricanes have winds from 74 to 90 miles per hour. category two, 96 to 110 miles per hour. then there is a category three storm which is winds from 111 to 130. that was the original strength for hurricane matthew when it hit the baa hhamas. now it is a cat 4 storm which means winds from 131 to 155
11:38 am
miles per hour. and finally category five hurricanes, winds 155 miles per hour, we have not reached that. joining us on the phone, winston mitchell who says the eye of the storm just massed over him. >> we did have the 125 miles per hour winds. i have never seen anything like that before. the trees bending one direction and then all of the way to the other direction. when the eye passed, there was 10 or 15 minutes of calm and now it's back again. they are expecting a urge of 1 0 to 15 feet. >> do you still have power where
11:39 am
you are? >> no, that went out yesterday at 11:00, so i have been in the dark since then. i made sure that i had a battery back up. for someone from new york, this is quite a different experience. >> i'm just wonnering what it looks like outside. >> they have a saying down here that the trees are dancing. and it doesn't matter how small or large, they're all bouncing back and fourth. tf looks like nighttime, and the rain is just coming in all difference directions. >> you say you have the supplies you need, the residents of the baa ham mas, what are you
11:40 am
hearing from them about the precedence of the storm? >> what i heard is that when the eye hit thatnassau in the south part of the island. so they have been evacuating most of the people from the southern part. the smaller islands, they started to evacuate people yesterday. so as the new guy, i'm learning by experience. >> do you have any advice for those in the storm's path and waiting? >> they're going to get hit, and i just saw from probably 7:00 this morning, they need to hunker down, take everything and everything that you think could fly, bring it inside. make sure you have dry goods.
11:41 am
we don't expect the electricity to be on for another two or three days. you have to maybe sure you gas in your car, and matches, a lot of stoves are gas, but you can't get a flame unless you have a lighter. >> thank you for weighing in and usually under the eye of the storm, thank you for calling in. donald trump going to new hampshire for what could be good practice for sunday's debate. we're live on the campaign trail. zlflgs nerve racking encounter with the republican nominee, why she was so nervous and what she thinks of hillary clinton.
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shepherd smith on the fox news defect. as hurricane matthew barrels towards america, millions of americans are in the path. florida's governor says he could be looking at the biggest evacuation in history. we'll talk to a couple people who say they're ready to ride ut the storm. if the storm is as they predict, many will die. we'll check in about what to expect in the next few days. this will be a very, very long week in the florida peninsula and we have you covered. top of the hour, we'll see you then. >> trump visiting a school yesterday in las vegas and he got an interesting reaction when he walked into the class of
11:46 am
first graders. >> i'm nervous. i'm nervous. see, i told you his hair wasn't orange. skblt little gi the little girls e marks getting a lot of attention. she told a local tv channel why she was so nervous. >> i was nervous because i have not seen him in real life. my heart was kind of like squished together, like smashed. one of the ladies that want to be president is actually bad, s. >> very ambitious young lady there. donald trump returning to new hampshire for a private debate. are you nervous, carl cameron,
11:47 am
are you there? >> not exactly. trump has a town hall style meeting tonight. a small venue. in new hampshire, it's not considered a town hall. and for that matter, iowa is the first caucus. and for trump he will take questions, and that is meant to prepare him a little be for the debate on sunday night. and he will have to then not only answer the questions with policy, but sho empathy to the people he is talking to, which is the purpose. can they connect and relate to average americans. he is spending the day behind
11:48 am
closed doors. tomorrow he will be off of the campaign trail all together. in the meantime, mike pence has been very active and this morning he said that both trump and hillary clinton have attributes that should make people see in them role models. surprisingly nice climate. a short while after that on the campaign trail, he took a shot at her, watch this. >> she posed for a picture, she pressed the button, and russian invaded ukraine. and russia has inserted themselves in the brutal regime. and they are threatening
11:49 am
incredible violence in aleppo. >> and she pressed the toy reset button she brought to the russian foreign minister and it turned out it didn't say reset on it, it said something entirely different, and it was the beginning of what has been her failures. interesting that mike pence is so critical of russia when donald trump is to praise worthy. >> thank you, we're watching hurricane matthew barreling toward florida right now. joining us on the phone in miami is carlos curbello. thank you for joining us. what are you telling residents of your state right now? >> we're a region that has a lot of experience dealing with these storms, but the last one in our area least was some 11 years ago. there is a lot of people in
11:50 am
south florida that moved into the area recently that don't have any memory of what it is like to be in even though here at the southern end of the peninsula, we should not be experiencing the worst of this storm. that's going to happen up near the space coast and further up florida's east coast. but still, we do expect tropical storm conditions in miami-dade county in monroe. and we are encouraging citizens to take this seriously, stay indoors today, and make sure they're prepared for the worst. >> all right. and we are just running on your screen there, there's 50 shelters currently open in the state. the state plans on opening 84 more. congressman, thank you for joining us and all the best to you and the residents of florida. governor rick scott is speaking right now. let's go straight to him. >> evacuation zone and you're watching this, evacuate.
11:51 am
evacuate. evacuate. evacuate. don't take a chance. time is running out. there are no excuses not to evacuate. our number one priority is to protect every life. everybody's life. this hurricane is strengthening. it is located about 125 miles east southeast of west palm beach with winds of 140 miles per hour, and it's strengthening. think about that. 145-mile-an-hour strengthening. on the forecast track, the eye of matthew should move very close to the east coast of the florida peninsula tonight through friday night. there are hurricane warnings and watchings along the entire east coast of our state. tropical storm watches are in effect for the florida gulf coast. there's no question this is
11:52 am
serious. only a small deviation in the forecast track to the left or to the west could bring the core of a major hurricane on shore within the hurricane warning area. well, a small deviation to the right could keep all the hurricane force winds offshore. look at the track. it's been tending to go west, not east. a small movement could mean a lot. that's why we have to prepare for a direct hit. so if you need to evacuate, do not wait. you don't have that much time left to evacuate. and think about it. the longer you wait to evacuate, there's other people who will wait and the highway's going to get clogged. that's when our gas stations will have problems with people making sure they have enough fuel. protecting life is our number one priority. the impacts of hurricane matthew could include heavy rain, up to 12 inches along the east coast. if you look at prior storms, we get bands sometimes that drop
11:53 am
more than that. when you have that much rain, you get flash flooding, strong rip currents, beach erosion, the risk of tornadoes, hurricane force winds, storm surge. think about this. 9 feet of storm surge. and on top of that, we have waves on top of the storm surge. so 9 feet. that's over our heads. do not surf. do not go on the beach. no one should be on our beaches. indian river county all the way to the florida-georgia line will have winds exceeding 100 mile-per-hour. as of now, vulugsa and brevard will have the highest wind strength. that's the projects now, but these things change. we'll also have hurricane force winds. these are all projections subject to change. we are preparing for the worst, hoping for the best, and no one
11:54 am
should take a chance. no one should be taking a chance. just as i asked the president for additional fuel, water and tarps, which fema approved today. this afternoon, i'm also asking the president for additional generators and pumps to help with power outages and flooding once the storm mitts. we'll have power outages, we'll have a lot of power outages and it won't come back on in one day. expect to have a lot of flooding, especially here in northeast florida. and we will need additional pumping equipment from the federal government. let's go back to evacuations. there's a lot of people that have never been through this and are still waiting to evacuate. there is no reason if you're in an evacuation zone, a barrier island, if you know you're prone to flooding, if you're in an evacuation zone, get out now. based on the continued strong tract of florida, i've activated
11:55 am
3,500 members of the national guard. that's over half of the available troops have been activated. that's how serious this is. protecting lives remains our number one priority, and that is why i've continued to activate more troops for important life-saving missions. but stop and think about this. we should not be putting peoples lives at risk because you made the official decision not to evacuate. i've directed the national guard to focus on preposition resources, assist with helping people evacuate safely, and sheltering operations. in the immediate after math of the storm, they will be involved in recovery efforts including search and rescue missions. the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission also has high-water vehicles, prepositioned to help with these efforts across the state. around 1.5 million people are under evacuation orders. 1.5 million people. warriors are being mandated to evacuate right now. please check with your local
11:56 am
government, mayors, sheriffs, or local news if you're unsure last night i suspended all tolls in the affected area of the state, including the entire florida turn pike, alligator alley, central florida expressway authority, and the miami-dade expressway authority. there is no reason not to evacuate based on worrying about whether or not you'll have to pay a toll or whether there's a problem with the evacuation zone. we'll do everything we can to keep these roads clear. if you're on the east coast, you'll lose power. millions will lose power. utility companies will do all they can to turn power on, and i've been talking to them, but you're going to lose power. go inland to a friend's house, go to a shelter, find an accommodation. partners like airbnb are making rooms available for free. you can to expedia and visit florida for holtz, which are
11:57 am
filling up quickly all over the state. as the storm approaches, go to a shelter. your safety, not comfort is the most important thing. a shelter might not be the most desirable place to be, but it's safer than many homes. if you live on the west coast, call friends on the impacted areas and offer them a place to stay. more than 3,000 people are already in shelters across florida. as of last night, there were 58 shelters open. today, there are more than 80 have been opened and the number will continue to increase and we'll continue to increase shelters as they're needed. i know you don't want to sit -- >> all right. that is florida governor rick scott saying get out now, telling 1.5 million residents to the state of florida to evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. his words at the top there. he said his number one priority is to protect every life in his state. they are witnessing 140 mile-per-hour winds in this storm right now. he says you do not have much
11:58 am
time left. get out now, says florida governor rick scott. a flight from louisville to baltimore with 75 passengers and crew on board forced to evacuate when someone's samsung galaxy note 7 started smoking. trace gallagher is live with more on that story, what happened, trace? >> the crazy part is the owner of the phone says this is the replacement model for the samsung note 7 that were prone to catch fire. brian green was on the plane at the airport when his phone over heated and began to smoke. listen to him. >> there was a real thick just brown, grey smoke, and it kind of filled the cabin from there as it dissipateed and moved around. >> as you might imagine, greene dropped the phone like a hot potato which did a bit of damage to the airplane carpet. all 75 passengers and crew evacuated. nobody was injured and now samsung wants to examine the
11:59 am
phone, saying, we're working with the authorities and southwest now to recover the device and confirm the cause. once we have examined the device, we will have more information to share. experts say if this truly is the replacement phone, it's a double wammy for samsung and could lead to them scrapping the note 7 all together and moving on to the note 8. the consumer products safety commission is also involved, saying agency staff has now reached out to the faa and samsung to gather facts about the incident. agency staff will also reach out to the consumer who experienced a serious incident with his phone. southwest airlines flight attendants were already notifying passengers to power down their samsung note 7s and to take advantage of the samsung replacement and refund program unless, of course, the replacements are also prone to overheat like this one. >> this is just a crazy story. thank you, trace gallagher, for bringing it to us. i understand he ended up with an
12:00 pm
iphone at the end of all this. trace, thank you. >> all our very best to everyone and the storm's path right now. be wish you well. that's it for us in america's election headquarters. >> now, shepherd smith reporting live news desk. >> weather alert to start us off, 3:00 on florida's east coast, where if the governor is right, millions of people are about to experience a living nightmare. the forecast is a direct hit by the most powerful storm to hit the united states in more than a decade. large scale evacuations being carried out along florida's east coast. millions and millions of people under orders to get out before it's too late. our reporters say many are staying, and for them, if the forecasters are right, too late will come very soon. 145-mile-an-hour winds lift rocks and throw them around like bullets. they turn trees into missiles.


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