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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 6, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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hard way that distance doesn't make something grow any more fonder. we're on top of that, we will stay on this. be safe. be well. hello, everyone. this is the "the five." i'm dana perino. hurricane matthew could be the largest most powerful storm to hit america p in a decade. florida's governor is warning this is life or death. there could be unprecedented damage and millions about to lose power. the entire east coast is on alert. we have fox team coverage tonight. rick is tracking the storm from the fox weather center. jonathan is near charleston, south carolina. we begin with steve live in florida near vera beach. he is taking a beating.
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>> reporter: conditions here are getting started. we have gusts of 30 to 40 miles an hour, the rain coming in now. a little sideways. the waves picking up as well over the course of the afternoon. the beach has pretty much disappeared. it's likely some of the resort properties in front of me could be under water by the day's end. the worst case scenario for florida would be a direct hit. that's something governor scott has been warning about. he says the results of a direct lit on florida would be catastrophic. it would bring with it 140 mile per hour winds, that's enough to knock down houses, knock down big trees, knock off roofs, really destruction everywhere. as well as the storm surge of up to ten feet in some places, well over my head. people across the state bracing for it. he said if you live on the east coast of florida, at the minimum, you will lose electricity. let's hope it doesn't get worse than that. >> i had a question about the slow -- how slow moving this storm is. what are you hearing about the possibility of it going -- i guess right now 14 miles per hour. it's not moving very quickly.
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that would be more damaging supposedly if it hits straight on. >> reporter: it would be more damaging. the storm would linger over the area, could bring up to 12 inches of rain. the scope of this storm would be tremendous as well. we have hurricane warnings all the way up from where i'm standing now all the way up to jacksonville. an enormous area of territory to try to keep people safe in. they have alerted national guard across the state. they have opened shelters. depending on the way the storm moves -- it's not an exact science -- this could be a real challenge to try to keep people safe through the night. >> kimberly? >> are you getting the sense that people were heeding the warnings and are adequately prepared for this onslaught? >> reporter: i think people were scared. the governor was pretty effective in saying this could be a deadly storm. he was effective in telling people who have never been through one here in florida, 2 million people here have arrived in the past decade, they have never been through the last big storm. for a lot of people who didn't know, he has been saying over
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and over again this could be a deadly storm. it's hard to get a hotel room right now. it's hard to find water. there's a three-hour line at home depot. people have heard the warnings for the most part. >> thank you so much, steve. we appreciate all that you are doing. we will go back to you throughout the coverage today and tomorrow. let's go to rick. he is tracking the storm in the fox weather center. what are you hearing? >> interesting thing that steve just mentioned. think back to hurricane andrew, a lot of the hurricanes that have hit florida. they have hit perpendicularly to the land. you have incredible damage, very close to where the center of this comes onshore. this storm looks different. we could look at damage all up and down the eastern seaboard -- excuse me, up and down the east coast of florida. that means it's going to take a lot longer for first responders to get there. it's going to take longer to get power back on to your place. that's why the potential scope of this storm is so much more damaging. the winds are still at 140 miles an hour.
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category four storm. the last images, you see the eye well defined. the pressure -- this is the 5:00 advisory. the pressure dropped a little bit. that means we are seeing it continue to strength and not seeing any signs of it weakening in the near future. which is not good news for florida. we're getting close to florida. obviously, we have a hurricane warning up to north of charleston and down to miami. you see the storm getting very, very close, already the rain moving into florida all the way towards the western shores by the way of florida. we have a couple of things there. we have an outer eye wall. go back one picture to show you this. we have that eye wall right there. that's probably where we have hurricane force winds. then we have this very center eye wall. that's where we have the major hurricane, the 140 mile an hour winds if we see that cross over the shore, that's where we will see the worst of it. we hope it stays just offshore. at this point, all of our models is narrowing closer and closer
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in that we will be seeing it cross over and make some sort of la landfall across the eastern seaboard. you see the red, hurricane force winds, around west palm, all the way up through jacksonville, up across the georgia coastline and eventually into south carolina. this is the future radar. i want to show you, get an idea. the center of this right there around port st. lucie, crossing over. it goes up the coastline, eventually towards jacksonville. by the way the ocean and the shore here is shaped, the worst of the storm surge is going to be around jacksonville in through georgia. some spots up to 12 feet of storm surge. that is something that they have never seen there. then you go into south carolina and that will probably be our biggest rainfall totals. some spots around 15 inches. there is a widespread catastrophe going on for a really large area of land and a lot of people. >> rick, i think it's important to note, too, that even though
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it's a category 4 and it may go down, hurricane katrina dropped to 3 and it created $125 billion in damage. even sandy dropped to a one. the point being, that storm right there that you outline is going to run up the i-95 corridor. there's a ton of infrastructure, a lot of damage that they could be taking. >> for sure. >> could you tell our audience about the dangers of being on a 95 or inland as well? >> yeah. orlando is under a hurricane warning. you go inland, we will see probably hurricane force winds well inland. that's going to cause probably some windows to be blown out, a lot of power outages, trees to fall. we often see fatalities of that. the closer it gets to the coast, that's where we get the storm surge. that's what the track is looking like now that it gets closer and closer on to the shore. you mentioned that katrina came onshore as a 3. it had been a 5 about 24 hours before that. when you have a storm surge and that's what caused most of the
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damage from katrina, it doesn't go away right when the winds go down. it's a bunch of water that's piled up on the right side of the storm. if the winds weaken a little bit before it makes landfall, that water doesn't just displace right away. it stays there. the category 4 storm and -- this has remained a major hurricane now for i want to say probably five days. there's a lot of water that has piled up from this. it's not go going anywhere other than right into the florida and georgia coastline. the storm surge is there even if it does maybe weaken to category 3, which it won't happen until it gets north areas of florida and into georgia. don't pay attention to that. the effects are going to be the same. >> juan? >> rick, i'm a big sports fan. i'm not in florida this weekend. i imagine they will cancel games. going up the coas hear north carolina says they may get some rain. they don't expect to get hit. what happens for virginia,
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maryland? there's a big baseball game in d.c. this weekend. what can we expect? >> i think just fine to be honest with you. earlier in the week we thought this would move towards the northeast. a lot of people in the northeast i have been hearing them say, when are we getting the storm? they heard that earlier in the week. that is off the table. we thought it was going to go to the north. it's not going to happen. it's going to stay here and probably move offshore somewhere around south or north carolina. then actually i hate to tell you this, let me show you this. this track that you see right here going up the coast and then here coming off maybe somewhere the south carolina coastline, and then at this point, it looks like it comes back down here. weakens considerably, but we could make a play around six days somewhere around the florida coastline from a weaker storm. if you have infrastructure problems here because of what the storm we are seeing now and you get maybe a strong tropical storm by the end of it coming back, that's big problems. to answer your other question, north of that, maybe into north carolina, you will see rain.
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maybe a few showers in towards virginia. there's a little front moving through. apart from that, most part, you will be fine from the storm. >> thanks. >> thank you, vehicrick. south carolina will feel the wrath tomorrow. an exodus is under way there. jonathan, i know that they just in charleston about a year ago, they had the flooding that they had to deal with. what do you hear on the streets now? >> reporter: they did have that flooding. then they are worried about additional flooding from a combination of factors. storm surgeon t on the coast an further away from the coast because there are tributaries that are affected by storm surge. and then from the rain that they are expecting from this very slow moving storm. we can expect flooding here in south carolina. as for the heavy winds we're expecting, you see people are
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boarding up their businesses here. many residents say once they finish boarding up, they are going to evacuate this island community, not wanting to take any chances. the governor has a warning for those who decide to stay. >> my biggest concern right now is that residents that don't leave today are going to realize suddenly there's nothing open. they're not going to be able so to have ak stoes anythiccess. when they close down, there's nothing we can do to help. >> reporter: gas stations, grocery stores and pharmacies will close. to expedite, they are keeping a reverse flow of traffic. all lines of i-26 between charleston and columbia are moving west, carrying people away from the coast, away from the low country and into the midlands. the reverse lanes do not allow you to exit along the 100 mile route.
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motorists need to make sure they have plenty of fuel. so far, there are no major shortages of fuel reported at gas stations, which by and large remain open, even here in the low country. as the government nor warns, these gas stations will eventually close once the hurricane gets closer. >> greg? >> i'm a bay area kid. i have never experienced this kind of mass evacuation. i keep thinking about not the families getting in the car but hospitals and rest homes. i can't imagine the undertaking involved in moving people who can't move themselves. how do they deal with this? how do they get everybody out? >> reporter: it's a huge undertaking. they have been bringing them by the bus loads. the department of health and environmental control has been carrying nursing home patients from the state run nursing homes and other medical facilities to facilities in higher ground.
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then for poor folks or the elderly who don't have their own means of getting out of here, they don't have access to their own vehicle, they have sent in more than 300 buses from the up state region of south carolina to pick up low country residents and then bring them back to shelters in the up state. it's a massive undertaking getting folks who are not able to drive themselves out of this region. >> i'm justscenario. when you are in a hospital and you can't go on a bus if you are in track or intensive care. how do you move patients? i find that mind boggling in some kind of catastrophe. >> reporter: for those patients who are critically ill and not able to board or sit on a bus, they are being carried by ambulance. at times we have seen care are a vans of ambulances lines up ready to pick up those more severe cases.
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>> last question. >> jonathan, i imagine on the street, you run into store owners who say i'm going to stick around, i can survive this. i went through what happened in some other hurricane. then you run into individuals who say, i just don't want to go. i don't care what the governor or the mayor says, i'm staying. is that your experience? >> reporter: absolutely. there are some people who say that they left during previous storms and then they came back to find the storm had created damage. but they felt somehow they could have prevented it if they were there, they could take evasive action at the last minute to deal with the storm, whatever it was dishing out, as it unfolded. so that's a common theme that you are going to hear among a lot of people who have decided to stay. on the other side of the fence, there are a lot of people here who, on this beach which was devastated in 1989 by hurricane hugo who say, we're leaving, we don't want to take any chances. >> thank you, jonathan.
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we will monitor this storm throughout the hour and have more ahead. we will turn to some politics next. bill clinton delivered donald trump a gift of sorts when he criticized obamacare on the trail this week. the gop nominee is now using it to his advantage. you will see how up next. on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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obamacare hadn't gotten much attention until bill clinton pointed out what a mess it is. donald trump of course wasn't going to let that one slide. he put out an ad to feature it. >> i want to defend the affordable care act. it's one of the great accomplishments not only of this president but of the democratic party going back to harry truman. >> it doesn't make any sense. the insurance model doesn't work here. it's not like life insurance. it's not like casualty. it's like flood. it doesn't work. >> the gop nominee says apologies are in order for the health care disaster. >> they're always telling me, oh, if you say stuff, just apologize. just apologize. i think that president obama should apologize for obamacare.
2:19 pm
and i think that hillary clinton should apologize for pursuing obamacare, and she wants to make it even worse than it is right now. we're going to repeal it and we're going to replace it with much less expensive and much better care. >> let's go to juan. obamacare, the cost to the americans since obamacare became law is up 30% since it was signed into law. tennessee up 62%, rate increase for 2017, kentucky, 47%, iowa 42%. nebraska, 39%, maryland 31%. what's working? >> what's working? my gosh. it's a success. no getting away from it. the goal was -- >> people are trying to get away from it. >> they increased the number of people with health insurance in america. you are up more than 20 million people. >> it's up 30%. >> you asked me and i'm going to
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tell you. remember, people said, this is going to be a job killer. no, the economy has continued to grow. it's going to ining to impact p get insurance from employers. people said it would add to the deficit. not true. what's incredible to me is, 20 million more people covered. you can now get insurance if you have pre-existing conditions. this to me is just a success. the problem is here is what president clinton said, that people who are right above that sort of poverty level that allows them in with subsidies are, as the president said, busting their tail, doing hard work, and you have small businesses who don't get the subsidies and they are being punished -- >> dana, 20 million more people have obamacare -- have healthcare. that's 7% of the country. however, costs for the rest of the country are up 30%. the people are paying for the 20 million people are paying 30% more.
2:21 pm
they sold it, we will bend the cost curve down. >> i just wrote that down. keep your doctor. i agree, there were ways that i think he could have increased coverage for lots of people, 20 million, in other ways. i do think that pre-existing conditions is something republicans could have signed up for. not a single republican voted for that. what you have is the small business owners are the ones that are having to be broken over that. they are the ones if you look at trump's support, a lot of that comes from those people who feel like the government has just obviously beaten them down and ignored them. coverage -- the quality of coverage is down. if you are an independent person, buy your health insurance, you end up with a letter every six months, our insurance company, we're going to pull out of your market. that happened to us in my household. reluctance to expand number of employees. that's a huge economic cost that small businesses are talking about. it's one of the reasons the economic growth in the country has been so lackluster in this
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recovery. they don't get subsidies. there's less choice. there's a lot of things that i think what bill clinton did has said the truth of what republicans should have been talking about. this will help republicans in tough races to talk about. the one thing that is difficult for donald trump and all republicans is describing then what would you do about it? what would you fix? when he says -- when he says repeal and replace, what do you mean by that? in the debate this sunday, the two candidates will have that fight. what donald trump can do is talk to paul ryan. they will have a joint campaign appearance in wisconsin. paul ryan has good answers on this. he should answer to him. >> one of the ideas that has been floated -- the republicans certainly have floated it are health savings accounts. >> they have been around for how -- >> they eliminated them. >> they have been around -- reagan talked about it. jack kemp pushed them. every social program is never bad. no matter how it -- no matter
2:23 pm
how the -- you don't think about the consequences. they never connect the dots. no matter what, a social program is always a success, even if it's a failure. when you promise free stuff, it's going to be on the backs of the earners until it collapses. it's the fault -- it's never the fault of the ideology. no liberal will say it's because of liberalism. it's faulted in the impleme implementati implementation. socialism is faultless. it's the human being who fails. socialism is meant for socialism. it's not for humans. >> this was predicted that what we are going to see is the truth was going to reveal itself and you would see across the country that people will be paying higher premiums and they would receive less options in terms of the some of the states you see one option of an insurer. we have seen "the wall street journal" they have the example written about tennessee. 54% in terms of the increases there. >> 62%. >> it's very challenging now for people to be able to get it.
2:24 pm
it's not even just the fact that families and people are paying more. you are getting not as good quality care and this is also tightening the noose around small businesses because people have to cut back because they cannot afford to ensure that number of employees. >> the reason why costs go -- we have to go. the reason why costs go up is when there's no competition. different companies are pulling out of different markets. >> out of manhattan. >> go to fox news research on twitter. they have amazing numbers about companies that are just completely pulling out where you are left with one choice. when you have one choice, what happens? you pay their price. >> the status quo is unacceptable. >> the current status quo is unaccepted which is created by obama and hillary. >> the status quo is the market. >> and a great british band. >> it's not a good idea to have a 9/11 truther near when you are running for for president.
2:25 pm
that and a live update on hurricane matthew next.
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this a fox news weather alert. we continue to track hurricane matthew. the 5:00 advisory came out. it's 100 miles east southeast of west palm beach. the center of the storm getting organized. pressure has dropped a bit. we are seeing a strengthening storm. we would like to see a weakening storm getting closer to shore. but that's not the case. that potentially means we could deal with a worse situation across the florida coast. this is the radar. that right there, that outer eye wall has hurricane force winds. the center of the it is a very small center. that's where we have the 140 mile an hour winds. if we see that make landfall, that's where we would see catastrophic conditions. we have hurricane warnings in effect from north of miami now all the way up including just to the north of the charleston, south carolina. tropical storm watches in effect for north carolina as well.
2:30 pm
we are expecting to see a big storm surge if this pulls onshore. that's what most of the indicators are is that it will. we will see a historic storm surge, probably one in a 500 year event from south carolina through the georgia coastline. expect to see major damage and overnight tonight and tomorrow, storm will rake the entire florida coast and then hug the georgia and south carolina coastline as well. we will track it all right here. >> next friday, hillary hosts a fund-raiser. a rapper named macklemore is features. he is a truther, tweeting eight years after 9/11, 9/11, bush knocked down the towers. how brave, how thoughtful and how easy it is to say such things years later far from families and victims or
2:31 pm
thousands who saw the planes hit. truthers are rarely close to the suffering. you know the talent is pedestrian when he needs to spout this to attract media. trutherism is a belief that negates your persona. you could be the nicest person ever, but if you are a truther, you are dirt. hillary has no clue who this guy is or why she should avoid him. she probably thinks he's a hemorrhoid cream. kind of it. the conspiracy virus masquera masquerading at thought infects the other side. trump's theories include ted cruz's dad killing jfk, vaccines causing autism. we can hope he doesn't believe the things he tweets. the problem with conspiracies, they attract everyone. it feels good to think you know something. when it replaces knowledge, making them a great way to lose three pounds, which happens to be the weight of your average brain. you were here 9/11.
2:32 pm
could you sit in a room with a truther? >> i hate the fact -- if he is talented -- he is talented. >> he ripped off his -- >> okay. there's a lot of that going on. i think he's fantastic. he has written some amazing music. >> he stole it. >> that bothers me, the truther part. it bothered me since that day. people continue to claim that this was an inside or 7 world trade center, explosives planted and it came down later. he watched planes fly into the building. there was no question that terrorists flew planes into buildings. hillary clinton, i think she makes a big mistake. he has a social agenda similar to what she is speaking, she should have investigate aves in. >> it doesn't matter to her. millennials. millennials. he is young. he is in his mid 30s.
2:33 pm
>> this is a very dangerous conspiracy theory. it's not just held by macklemore. it's held by people who want to be leaders of this country. it's awful. >> can you say who that is? >> it's ignorant. it's extremely dangerous. in the muslim world, there was a rumor going around that all the ju jews had inside information and didn't go to work that day. that's not true. you hope people who suggest this are never in a position where they are the leader of the country and they to get accused of being somebody who was complicit in the killing of 3,000 citizens. i feel strongly about it. >> i think it's ill advised. i don't know why she would make such a rookie mistake with something like this. it's really going to do her no amount of any positive good. it's only going to upset people and anger people. as you see right away, the other side will use it against her. it should be held against her. she shouldn't have somebody like that there, not 30 days or 100
2:34 pm
days out before a presidential election. >> juan? >> you ever hear of alex jones? >> yes. unfortunately. >> trump and alex jones -- >> i know. >> that's what i was talking about. >> i'm saying, you know the thing about you, you are polite. you don't want -- >> my downfall. >> i don't know -- >> i condemn bull. >> this guy is now speaking to a hu huge crisis with opioid abuse. he says he had the addiction and he can stand up and give personal testimony. the business about 9/11 truthers, those people are disgusting to me. >> i think we agree on that. we look ahead to the second presidential debate on sunday. next, who will fare better with voters, clinton or trump? we are closely following the deadly hurricane headed right for florida. a live update ahead.
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the next presidential debate is just three days away. there's no room for error on either side. this race still remains tight. latest average shows clinton is only four points ahead. she's off the trail today to prepare for sunday's showdown. trump isn't. he is doing a town hall tonight in new hampshire, perhaps a dry run for the big one this weekend. both campaigns think their nominees will do well with the format of the next debate. >> i think hillary did a lot of town hall debates and a lot of town halls during the course of the primaries. so she's very used to the format. she likes it. she likes answering questions from individual citizens. she listens hard and relates to people. and that's a format that donald trump isn't as used to. we will see. >> i think especially with the
2:40 pm
town hall format that we are going to see sunday night, this is an opportunity for mr. trump to do well. i think this is a format that laws him to connect with people. i don't know in secretary clinton can memorize enough line dozen well sunday. >> based on the format, both sides will say they have an advantage. they are going to say, our person is prepared. i have to think if i'm thinking that trump has been do dging a of town halls. hillary has been avoiding press conferences for hundreds of days. >> i think this is a format that works better for both of them. it's more natural for all of us, rather than standing up at two podiums and then there's a moderator and then you are talking through that person. there's a camera in front of you. if you are able to talk to a crowd and both of these people are comfortable doing that, trump more so than hillary clinton, it's a good one for both of them. they need to win. i think this is going to be a high stakes debate, one to watch sunday night. >> eric, what do you think?
2:41 pm
>> i think advantage nobody. advantage american people. you will get more information that comes out. i think there's a funny side story going on that anderson cooper and martha raditz are haggling about who will get the spotlight. i hope they don't try and take the spotlight away from the two candidates. let the questions be asked. the questions are being chosen from audience participation. but again, why would moderators fight over being the most important moderator? we shouldn't know they are there. >> i think elaine did a great job doing that. >> both of them probably -- it might be overblown in terms they are having any struggles behind the scenes. they say everything is fine. >> exactly. let the candidates do the talking, i think. what do you think? are you looking forward to sunday? >> yeah. i love debates. i love politics. the clear advantage -- >> you should do it for a living. >> it's an advantage to mrs.
2:42 pm
clinton. she has a big advantage in that. what's interesting about this is gallop picked the people who asked the question. gallop found people who are declared as undecided voters. then they asked questions. if uriyou are trying to train y candidate, you have to know the issue but that's not enough. it's like when eric and i go at it, i have to convey to eric that i understand his position and i appreciate it and i can feel whatever pain is behind it. >> how is that going? >> it's hard. >> not too good. >> that's the challenge. i don't see that -- trump is easy at distancing people. i don't know about empathy. >> let's work on that. greg? >> okay. it's hillary versus trump two. will it be like jaws two which is not very good? will it be the godfather two, which was great?
2:43 pm
everybody behind me watches evil dead 2. this will bes m s me yis m s mmt room at a chili festival. why did pence resonate? calm, reassurance, i think that will be lep fhelpful. that's my analysis. >> unflappable. that was nice. we're not getting screams at for being over time. we are going to get a live update from florida on the status of hurricane matthew. we cannot emphasize how serious this is. please stay with us. the time is long overdue... pharmaceutical industry. need... outrageous profits. important step forward. payers of california - america. passes - ballot.
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there's a category 4 hurricane fast approaching florida and the government nor is warning it will kill people in its path. he warned anyone and everyone on the coast to evacuate, get out. we have the latest on what's going on there. >> reporter: you know that there's a view from the governor, the micro view from the police chief here in daytona beach. he told us it's not a matter of
2:48 pm
if but when hurricane matthew kills people here that is going to take a direct hit. you look out to the atlantic right now. it has been kicking up pretty good for the past couple of hours or so. the wind has been picking up as well. that's the real fear here. not only the wind that could hit 140 miles an hour. many of the hotels are not rated for that in terms of the structure or the windows. the fear here is the storm surge that will come up not only up this beach but there's not much of a dune as greg points out to be able to stop this storm surge. comes up here, will be well over that green railing and then slam into this wall of businesses. remember, businesses like this are all up and down the atlantic seaboard. it's not just those boarded up three, four, five blocks in here. what makes matthew so dangerous and unusual as a hurricane is it is not coming across florida but coming up the coastline.
2:49 pm
if you will, this would be the coast of florida. typically when we talk about the bull's eye, we talk about one city the hurricane will come across and through. then it weakens once it gets over land. this hurricane is going to come up the coast of florida. as it comes up the coast, it's the warm water that is out here in the atlantic that will continue to fuel this. this is why matthew will remain such a powerful storm for so long, why it's potentially such a deadly storm as we head -- as we have seen. at 6:00, they say they want people off the roads. at sundown, the beach access roads and the bridges all close. at that point, they are telling us that police will not come out and put their own lives at risk. it will be impossible to reach people who call 911 and have not already heeded their warnings to take shelter. only a couple of hours left. >> what about you? what will you do tonight? where will you stay?
2:50 pm
>> reporter: where we will stay is a very good question. we're going to move inland off the barrier islands here. once the winds hit 50 miles an hour, we can't get off the island. it could be potentially dangerous. there's no ability to move around and tell the story. once we get inland, we will hook up with the daytona beach police chief who is a great guy, an old friend of mine when i was here at a reporter. will take us around in some of their larger suvs and pickup trucks and show us the brave work they are doing through the storm. keep this in mind. not only are all police working overtime, they canceled people's days off and everybody's hours off. every police officer is reporting to work for 20 hour shifts. that's how seriously they are taking the storm and they have told so many residents, we may not be able to come get you if you need help. it may be overwhelming for us. >> we will be following you. take care of yourself and take care of the crew. we appreciate you being there. one more thing up next.
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it's time for one more thing. this is the moment greg has been waiting for. we have a little bit of a preview. you can preorder this now. before there was jasper there was hen try. i think a lot of people that have had pets and have had to say good-bye will be able to relate to this. it led me to additional and
2:55 pm
bugger jbug bigger joy with another dog. >> whether jasper looked at this -- you can preorder this. everybody that watches has been with me on this journey. >> barnes and noble. >> all the stores. >> when we started, it was with henry. god bless him. >> six months later -- >> nobody cares about my dog. >> nobody remembers him. kimberly, you are next. >> dana, the oether day you talked about facebook friday. we talked about what we wished and we missed most that we no longer have. i wish someone would get the pooh bear. then there it was in my office. this is from mary. she wrote me a card. i love the five. the other day when you said you wish you had the pooh bear your mother gave you i started to
2:56 pm
cry. my mom died when i was in high school, i can relate to your wish. i still have and sleep with a bear that i clung to the night my mom died of cancer. i felt the need to send you pooh. this will never replace your bear from your mom. i wanted you did know my heart goes out for you. all the best. how sweet? >> there are lovely people in the world. >> so nice. you got your children's bible. very, very sweet. >> i don't remember what greg asked for. >> here is a note from mary. >> a case of whiskey. >> i wasn't compelled to replace his playboy magazines. >> thank you for not putting those -- >> thank you. >> you are next. >> we are worried about the hurricane. let me ask you a question. what about sharks? right off the peer in long island, they have found white sharks, great white sharks.
2:57 pm
i'm thinking maybe greg put a robot out there but no this is an actual great white shark. it's a nursery in the northwest atlantic for great white sharks right here, new york state. this is worse than jaws or shark week. >> that's what jaws was. >> i'm telling you. >> montauk is ripe for sharks. >> that's where they filmed it. >> i stay in the restaurants and not in the water. >> the rare part was that it was a great white. >> yeah. >> very popular place. >> why does the white have to be great? >> it doesn't. it clearly is not. >> great white was a band. finally, a mystery has been solved. donald trump visited the international christian academy in las vegas and went to a classroom -- this happened.
2:58 pm
that's the great thing about kids. they will say some of the craziest things. that should be an idea for a tv show. kids say the craziest things. >> that's a job i want. >> you don't. >> asking kids crazy things? >> asking dogs crazy things. >> i will take that. >> the child was arrested. >> new weekend programming. tr trump had the child evicted. >> eric. >> yesterday we talked -- i will do that in a second. we saw an ma-- i'm hooked on designated survivor. >> is that with little jack -- ke keifer? >> everyone should check that out. >> that's where they have the government -- >> the only survivor. to make a long story short, we
2:59 pm
talked about the senate, how do the republicans keep the senate. here is the house. there's a big piece in the "new york times" today saying inside the gop people are worried about republicans keeping the house. not much to worry about. all 435 seats are contested. currently, it's 188 dems, 247 republicans. clear politics says these are the safe seats, 189 for the democrats, 231 for republicans. that alone will keep the house in the republican side. three big races i wanted to highlight. nevada, that's las vegas. arizona, which is paul babu. he is running. these are tossups right now. they are looking good. we hope they go to the republican side. jason lewis, a talk show host in minnesota, number two. as far as this goes, it looks like the house should stay. >> you know what's amazing? out of 435 house seats, there are only 20 that are really, truly competitive seats. that's amazing. >> you know why? >> i gotta run.
3:00 pm
that's it for us. keep it here throughout the night for continuing coverage of hurricane matthew. to those on the east coast, please, stay safe. special report is up next. this is a fox news extreme weather alert. hurricane matthew is closing in on the florida coast. millions of residents in the southeast head for higher ground. mass evacuations are under way mostly in florida, but also from coastal areas in georgia and south carolina. hurricane matthew was upgraded to a category 4 this morning after tearing through the caribbean and leaving at least 108 people dead. we have team fox coverage tonight. rick is at the fox weather center in new york with the latest on matthew's track as of this hour. jonathan is in south of charlest


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