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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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"the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> you are saying no corruption? none? >> there was some bone headed decisions. >> bone headed decisions? but no mass corruption. >> not even mass corruption. not even a smidgen of corruption. >> evidence mounting there was corruption in the justice department which investigated the irs and hillary clinton email fiasco. is a major scandal brewing? >> our police are under funded, under staffed, and under supported and hillary clinton basically accuses our police of all being racists. >> another police officer shot dead. this time in los angeles. as the homicide rate in america goes through the roof. we will have a special report. >> my friends, we did it. we weren't just marking time. we made a difference.
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>> a chance to speak to the people, stand next to jimmy carter. i can do this. i know i can. >> also ahead, i'm in washington for the premier of the movie "killing reagan," which you can see on october 16th. we will talk with the actor playing president reagan. >> reagan was the tonic this country needed. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. from d.c. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly reporting tonight from washington. thanks for watching us. we are keeping close watch on hurricane matthew and we will have two updates on the factor this evening for you. the media, the lights, and overhyping these storms but they are dangerous but we will bring you the facts. first, the talking points memo. will a major scandal erupt in the department of justice? many americans, including this one, now believe the
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fix was in regarding investigations into the irs hammering some right wing groups and the clinton email fiasco. evidence mounting that the fbi did not behave properly while log at secretary clinton and her staff. there are two more articles about that today in the "wall street journal." the crux of the matter is this: >> doesn't it concern you as an investigator that your piece in the justice department decided to become immunity producing machine for many people who would have been very key witnesses should there have been a prosecution? >> i don't think of it that way. it doesn't strike me there was was a lot of immunity issued in this case. >> now, director comey's statement is strange, to say the least. >> these five immunity deals are very baffling. it's like playing a game of tag and nobody is it. it makes for a rather boring
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game when you give out immunity to people like cheryl mills. her immunity deal i find it perplexing. >> cheryl mills is hillary clinton's lawyer. and was one of her top advisors at the state department. now, we don't try cases on tv here. but the fbi and the justice department have a lot of explaining to do on the email front same thing in 2013. irs boss lois lerner illegally targets. never really held accountable. something attorney general eric holder refused to explain. >> when did you interview lois lerner? where did the interview take place, who was the personnel who conducted the interview at the justice department? and at any time during the interview did she exercise her fifth amendment rights and refuse to answer questions? >> because this is an
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ongoing matter i'm not going to answer those questions. >> you can't answer -- well, let me ask you this, did you interview lois lerner? >> as i said, this is ongoing matter and i'm not going to comment on ongoing matter. >> mr. holder never clarified the situation to the american people. something he was honor bound to do. but president obama did make a statement. when i asked him about the irs deal. >> you are saying no corruption, none? >> no. there was some -- there was some bone headed decisions after. >> but no mass corruption. >> not even mass corruption. not even a smidgen of corruption. >> okay. talking points believes there is now enough evidence of corruption in the justice department that an independent prosecutor should be appointed. we all know mr. obama is not going to do that but he should. we need honest government. that's the memo. now for the top story. reaction, joining us from nashville, tennessee. jay sekulow who represents some of the groups targeted
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by the irs. here in washington chris from judicial watch. chris, begin with you. from the beginning i supported director comby. i thought he would do an honest investigation of the email fiasco. now, i do not believe the investigation was honest for a number of reasons. you have been trying through your organization, judicial watch, to pry the information out of the government, correct? >> correct. >> how is that struggle going? >> the struggle continues. slow, -- federal courts. the courts have moved pretty fast when you consider when we find out about these lawsuits and what's happened since then. two federal judges have looked at this out of the many lawsuits we filed and say, yeah, it looks like secretary clinton was evading foia here and therefore we are going to allow discovery. that's baking thing. rarely happens. two federal judges, one republican, one democrat says looks that way. the folks don't want to be
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bogged down in minutia. >> sure. >> what is the end game for judicial watch? what do you think really happened? >> would think without question secretary clinton purposely evaded the freedom of information act with the server. it was designed for privacy, to keep things private and some of those things are federal government records. records that belong to the people. so you got an intentional evasion of foia. whether l. there be consequences? absolutely. consequences in federal court. >> if elected president that hillary clinton is going to have to deal with this down the road? >> whether her or her attorney, this is going to keep going. this is not going to stop. >> mr. sekulow, you are involved with the irs thing. did i misstate anything? miss lerner walked away. nothing happened with her. >> she did walk away. we filed a lawsuit in this case and we just got an opinion from the u.s. court of appeals district of columbia a snan must opinion and the court held not only will our lawsuit proceed
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that that ongoing violations violate both statutory and constitutional law here. so this idead when president said to you not a smidgen of corruption it was did he call it a bone headed move in a local office, we have the actual emails where this was directed from washington, d.c., signed by lois lerner. and also copies, by the way, to the chief council's office of the irs. this goes much higher than lois lerner and the president was incorrect when he told you that. >> i want to ask you the same question i asked chris. >> yeah. >> do you think lois lerner is going to be in cuffs? do you think they are going to have to arrest her down the road? is that what you got? >> i don't think they will do that. we are filing a civil suit, so we don't have the authority -- only the government can bring a criminal case. >> so this is a civil suit? >> what we are doing is making the government do its job under the internal revenue code which is review these applications and approve them or not. we have got one client now waiting seven years. and i have got another case lawsuit.
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in my hand where we won. this where the irs, as early as yesterday, said they had not received a file when i have got the receipt from federal express being delivered to the irs and they couldn't find the file. >> again, we want to cut to the chase. >> yep. >> mr. fidilli, do you believe that ultimately th k is going to be found guilty of some kind of crime? >> crime, no. i do not believe it's going to happen. i think civil liability. >> what dots that mean civil liability? >> civil liability means short of jail, it means fines. >> fines? >> yeah. >> so you believe that the woman is going to have to pay a fine? >> i think it will probably be paid through the state department, the agency she headed. >> do you believe that comey is corrupt? >> you know, i think is he a political animal is what i think. >> politics there. >> yeah. >> do you believe holder is corrupt? >> i would say that he -- the corruption exists at his agency and is he responsible for it so, yeah. >> loretta lynch?
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>> there is not a worse decision i have ever seen -- i don't want to say the worse but meeting with bill clinton on the tarmac, that's a horrible, horrible thing. >> 30 seconds. do you believe director comey is corrupt? >> i believe director comey is negligent. on malfeasance. corrupt is a tough standard. bill, i believe he need to go. he has embarrassed the agency. he has embarrassed the department of justice. >> do you believe that eric holder was corrupt? >> i believe eric holder never meant a word he said. and he was the one who said it may well be criminal what the irs did. and then he produced what was basically a foe faux investigation. he did not live up to the constitution. >> what about loretta lynch. >> inexcusable that she met with the president of the united states who was going to be interviewed by the agency on saturday. goes on the airplane and two days later the case is not brought and that part of the agreement did not allow evidence to be reviewed. that's absurd, bill. >> you both would not object to an independent prosecutor which is what should happen
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here in both cases. >> you are right. no objection. >> one footnote. mr. sekulow has a book out unholy alliance about the iran situation. next on the rundown, another police officer shot dead. this time in los angeles. even as trump and clinton battle it out over law and order. we will bring you up to date. later, bernie goldberg on the debate moderators, can they possibly be fair to donald trump? those reports up ahead as we continue from washington.
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my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? this is a fox news weather alert. good evening. i'm bill hemmer, matthew is a killer. a powerful cat 4 hurricane. killed 260 in haiti. now it approaches the east coast of florida. rain and wind already battering that state. where it makes landfall, when it makes landfall, we
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do not know. governors in three states now urging millions to leave their homes along and near the coast. and meteorologist rick reichmuth following the fox weather center. rick, good evening to you. conditions at this hour are what? >> they are getting worse. because it's getting closer to the storm. and we don't know when and if it makes landfall because it's going to be moving parallel to the coast line which means it's a lot more real estate to do damage to as it moves up the florida coast line. center of it there is just at this kind of northern tip here. just around freeport. freeport and bahamas has been hammered for about the last hour right inside the i wall. 48 mile-per-hour winds tropical storm force. take a look. a couple of i walls. see the center one collapse on it because of that. winds have weakened down to 140 miles per hour. don't be fooled by that tightening of it actually just pushes the wind field out more. i will tell you west palm
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beach right there. this eye wall is 25 miles per hour away. likely winds in excess of 100 miles per hour with this one. get ready for this to be moving on shore as this storm pulls off towards the northwest. this is future radar of it. coast line later on tonight. the georgia coast line. the south carolina coast line and, bill, we might be talking about a hurricane on our u.s. shores for 40 hours. >> that's remarkable, rick. thank you. we have a long night together. thanks, rick. i'm bill hemmer, another weather update in 30 minutes. special programming 11:00 eastern time we will everything for you then and throughout the night here. now back to the o'reilly factor. we will see you soon. >> factor follow-up segment tonight. yet another police officer has been shot dead in the line of duty. 53-year-old steve owen los angeles county sheriff sergeant killed by a man holding two teenagers hostage. "the washington post reporting that the arrested suspect is an adult black mall. once again a police killing
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with a possible racial component. now, yesterday, donald trump said this. in nevada. >> the homicide rate last year experienced the biggest, single year increase in more than 45 years. does anybody know that? biggest increase in homicide in 45 years. our police are under funded, under staffed, and under supported and hillary clinton basically accuses our police of all being racist. >> now, on the stat, mr. trump was close, the homicide rate in the u.s.a. has had the biggest increase in 44 years. joining us now from new york city joe sweeney detective who supports hillary clinton and from los angeles the sheriff of milwaukee county, wisconsin, david clarke. so, sheriff, why is the homicide rate jumping? >> well, for a number of reasons. i think recently it is this ferguson effect that was coined by heather mcdonnell, a researcher at the manhattan institute where
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police are engaging in less assertive policing that's best policing there is to identify perpetrators, people on unserious felony warrants. people armed selling illegal drugs. there is a direct connection between less assertive policing and increasing crime rates. murders up in 50 cities in america. i find it unfathomable that mrs. bill clinton running for president of the united states whistling past the graveyard in the bodies piling up. overwhelming majority of the people killed in these murders in great cities like baltimore, chicago, milwaukee, new york up as well are good law abiding black people. >> detective sceney, why do you think the homicide rate is rising. >> i think, bill, there are many factors when crime goes up. you can't just point to one thing. i wouldn't dismiss the fact that there is an effect on antipolice sentiment causing crime to go up in less
5:18 pm
assertive policing. but the relate is, even if that is true, you have to solve the problem. there so no way to solve it by just saying i support the police. you have to be engaged in the community. >> well, give me one reason why you think hillary clinton best candidate to solve the murder and crime problem. just one reason. >> i think her commitment training. for police training. >> that will go a long way in solving the problem. >> okay. sheriff, why is donald trump, in your opinion, the best condition democrat to solve the law and order problem? >> well, one one of the reasons, i think, is that he has put the spotlight on it this is a dirt little secret in america, the carnage going on in great american cities in the american ghetto. mrs. bill clinton refused to even fill out an application for police support for the fraternal order of police that did endorse donald trump. she didn't even fill it out. look, her husband, when he received the support of the
5:19 pm
endorsement of the f.o.p. back when he ran he was like a kid in the candy store was real excited. had a press conference and surrounded himself with members of the f.o.p. and said together we have to fight crime in america. it's kind of funny we had crime on the run during the late 80s, all through the 90's and the early part of the 2,000s where we had record levels of decreased crime. in other words, we already were doing it we knew what we were doing. the only thing that's different now is police are less assertive. >> all right, now, i'm going to give you the last word, mr. sweeney. people skeptical of mrs. clinton in the law enforcement range because she has taken some shots at the cops saying look, we have a problem here at the police. maybe they are not as as they should be. that has not played well in the police organizations like the fraternal order. you say? >> well, i can understand why it would be enticing to back somebody like donald trump who just comes out and
5:20 pm
says i support the police. i'm the law and order candidate. law and order without compassion for your community isn't going to solve the problem. and i think, you know, you have seen hillary clinton get together with leader of law enforcement. they did it here in new york. and also try to reach out to the community, that's where the problem be is going to be solved. it's not -- it's not in, you know, picking sides. >> okay. all right, guys, good debate. we really appreciate you coming on. next on the rundown, voter fraud in virginia. right down the street here. story you might not know about. then, bernie goldberg on whether the two debate moderators this coming sunday can be fair to trump. moments away. important step forward. the time is long overdue... pharmaceutical industry. passes - am an iraq veteran. lowering drug prices. dollars to defeat it.
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madison university was registering dead people to vote. joining us now from new york city eric shawn. here in washington shannon bream our truth serum correspondent. this is like the walking dead to the polls, right? >> about 20 of them, apparently. >> 20? so one kid registered 20 dead people to vote in that county? >> yeah. he was part of this group called harrisonberg votes run by democrat. this college student had signed up 20 people. the only way they caught him was tre an employee in the religion strawr's office recognized one of the games saying this guy is actually the father of a prominent judge here. i know he is dead and that's how they caught him. >> it was luck. >> yeah. >> the religion strawr saw a
5:25 pm
registrar saw a name new he was dead. how did they trace it back to the kid. >> went back to see who signed them up. this kid was linked to them. they say he has been fired to the group. >> i don't care about the group. but, i thought when you registered to vote at least in my county, you, yourself, had to go down and register. this kid was registering other people? >> yeah. he was apparently filling out forms and some of these people were not alive and he was putting their names on. >> and he was just sending the forms in. >> they were coming in through this group. the registrar said if you send in a registration that has someone's correct name and address but the wrong social security number, even that won't be caught. like you said, this was total luck and happenstance. >> it was done by mail then. this kid was sending this stuff in by mail registering these people. if he got a thing out registered go and vote 20 times. >> that's true. we don't know if that's happened. fbi and other authorities are. so far we know the kid has not been charged with anything. >> the overarching point is that a lot of people say there is no voter fraud but
5:26 pm
this proves that there is. >> this proves. >> and could happen on a mass level. >> yeah. >> shannon bream. now we go to you, eric. mayor de blasio, now, i know most people don't care about what happens in new york city. when you are under investigation for six different things, this and most liberal mayor in the country, six different things, what are the odds that this guy is going to jail? what are they after him for? >> well, he started something, bill, called the campaign one new york nonprofit political group to spread his aggressive agenda. six separate investigations of this from the fbi, the u.s. attorney's office. the joint commission on ethics in new york just issued a subpoena to his office. trying to get all of his emails and correspondence about this group. the chief law enforcement officer of the board of elections of the state says that campaign laws were violated and there needs to be criminal prosecutions. >> is it about money? is that what -- is there money being moved around where it shouldn't be? >> allegedly this group raised money from lobbyists
5:27 pm
and businessmen and others. and they, in turn, it is alleged, potentially got these favors. >> so they raise money for the mayor. and then the mayor gave them favors back? like a bribery scheme. >> they raise money from the group to spread his agenda. those who gave money supposedly then were helped. one guy had to do with mint garbage bags? he tried to sell mint subsequented garbage bag. got a rat problem. the city never bought his bags. his name is joseph out in queens. he gives $50,000 in 2014 to this group. he gives another 50 grand last year. and guess what? 10 days later sitting in the mayor's office talking about mint flavored garbage bag with the mayor. >> started a trial contract for 15,000. now there is a 6 million contract. >> 6 million? >> with another company for these garbage bags. talked to his lawyer he said he didn't expect any quid pro quo but the garbage bags do work but this is
5:28 pm
something that's being investigated. >> very interesting, guys. thank you very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along from washington this evening. we will talk with the actor who plays president reagan in the upcoming film killing reagan. tim matheson doing excellent job. also, bernie goldberg on whether the two debate moderators on sunday will do an excellent job. and we hope you stay tuned
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which i call machines. millions of people all over the world now addicted to them. that's causing a myriad of unintended consequences, including traffic deaths. for the first half of 2016, u.s. traffic fatalities, on the road, were up more than 10%. almost 18,000 people died in this country. just in the first half of the year. while drunk driving is the big culprit, the use of smart phones by drivers becoming a major problem, especially among younger americans. joining us from boston karen ruskin, a psychotherapist. doctor, let's deal with the texting addiction, first. am i overstating this? you are not overstating this. i am seeing a compulsion, a need, a yearning to connect with others. in essence, this device has become a vessel and it has become people's everything. whether you're connecting with a friend, whether you are checking your facebook status. whether you're putting something on twitter,
5:33 pm
whether you're talking to a family member, whether your sending an email. whether you're making a phone call. whether you are log for what the next new item is to wear. what the discount is. this device has become an apen dij. a must-have now. as though it's urgent. a need to respond with urgency. >> okay. now, what happens when the device breaks or some kid gets punished and the parent takes it away? is there a visceral reaction? >> right. i have seen more and more families coming in because of the stress related to the family relationship dynamic when the technology, the cell phone is involved. kids get emotionally upset. i'm seeing anxiety reaction. i'm seeing family members who are accusing their parents, or their child or thirteen of being, in essence, a text addict or a phone addict. they are hooked on phone. and people become defensive, no, i'm not. literally as they are looking on their phone.
5:34 pm
i'm not texting. i'm not doing it this has become a serious problem. denial addiction. >> by extension, if you're in the car, and you hear the thing ping, or vibrate, then you reach to find out what's happening because you can't wait the 10 minutes until you get to the 711 in the parking lot. >> that's right, can't wait. must see it now. host texting? me what's happening? that is the concern. because if you are responding in that jerky movement. i have to lock here, i have to look now. whether you are driving or whether you are even walking. heck, on my way to drop off my son at school, i see teenagers walking to school with their face in their phone. there is no awareness of what's going on around you. and it's not just teens. it's just not millennials. it's adults. >> it is. it's becoming an overwhelming problem that very few people acknowledge. doctor, we appreciate your expertise. thank you. we come right back, bernie
5:35 pm
goldberg on whether the debate moderators can be fair to donald trump this coming sunday evening. bernie is next.
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you found the perfect car foi'm a robot! yeti rawr ♪ jingle bells tents up guys. and used to find a place to service it at a fair price, too. signal, signal hey guys, how's it going? that's not even music. ♪ now when you're ready, you can sell your old car and find your new one all on you know us for shopping, and now we're there for every turn. this is a fox news weather alert. good evening. i'm bill hemmer once again.
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matthew a powerful cat 4 hurricane. it's been felt up and down the east coast of florida. 130 mile-per-hour winds expected to batter the state late tonight and early friday morning. this is a weather event expected to last several days affecting millions of people here in the u.s. reports out of haiti suggest more than 300 may have been killed from this monster storm. steve harrigan live on the east coast there. so far tonight, how is it? >>,. >> will, we have seen the conditions get worse each hour throughout the afternoon and now in the early evening. right now we are seeing gusts of winds up to 55 miles per hour. that means some small branches down. some trees down as well. we're getting reports of power outages. at least 25,000 people across florida without power. the real concern here across the state is the potential direct hit of a category 4 hurricane. such a hit, according to the governor, would be absolutely catastrophic.
5:40 pm
1.5 million people have been told they have to evacuate their homes. we have been seeing them do that threat the course of the day. lines in home depot early this morning three hours long. people trying to do last minute boarding up. as far as the situation here across the state, more than 130 shelters were open throughout the day. but right now, under these conditions though, shelters are beginning to shut their doors. when the wind gets over 40 miles per hour, bridges begin to close. and pretty soon when it gets even tougher out here, we will see first responders going out. conditions expected to worsen considerably over the next few hours here. >> thank you. we'll talk to you later tonight. i'm bill hemmer, special hurricane programming tonight 11 o'clock eastern time. hope to see you then. we have reporters up and down the coast. we will talk to all of them throughout the evening tonight. let you know the very latest on this one. back to o'reilly now. ♪ ♪
5:41 pm
>> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly reporting from washington. in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight, as you may know nbc woman martha raddatz and cooper will moderator. both raddatz and cooper have ties to the democrats leaving some to believe the debate will not be fair. joining us now is bernie goldberg and you say? >> i say that like most media elite, they're almost certainly not big fans of donald trump. but they have to be cognizant of the blow back after lester holt's performance in the first debate where there was a belief, i think a legitimate one, that he was easier on hillary clinton than on donald trump. at this point, bill, let's give them the benefit of the doubt and say they're going to at least try to be on their best journalistic behavior and play it down the middle. now, if they abuse my generosity and my faith,
5:42 pm
then, then they will he to pay a price and, perhaps, perhaps i will be back next week to hammer them. >> well, here's my theory. this presidential election is unlike any of the others in our lifetime. because. >> absolutely. >> mr. trump, mr. trump, is seen as a pariah, not an opponent like mitt romney or john mccain or president bush the younger. he is seen as a pariah, somebody that the press has to attack. almost like fox news. in order to be responsible journalists, this is the mind set, we have to attack trump, you can't just ask him a question. have you got to try to diminish him because he is so bad. and that's our job to expose wad people. so that's the mentality that i think is coming in with a lot of these journalists. >> i don't think there is any question about that. i mean, donald trump certainly provides enough ammunition for that belief. but, there is a belief that because is he unlike any
5:43 pm
other candidate who has ever run, certainly in the modern era, he -- i will use their words, is he dangerous, is he unhinged. he is a literal danger to the republic. and, of course, he is hitler. which is used over and over again. and because of that, you can't be an objective journalist, they say, because objectivity doesn't work this time around. they're wrong. and i'm no donald trump fan, but they're wrong to look at it that way. they're job is to present both sides. the american people are smart enough to decide. >> right. even it out. now, with the folks asking some questions, it's not just going to be the moderators. >> yeah. >> here is where the fix is in. the moderators choose the questions from the folks, all right? so it's not like the folks are -- extemporaneous. it's not. it's all these questions are decided beforehand. and you know, you know you're going to get questions about the bankruptcy, the tax returns.
5:44 pm
i'm curious to see if the emails and other clinton things are going to come up. >> yeah, you know, i have a feeling, again, getting back to the lester holt effect, i think they are going to be very careful about this. look, the bigger issue to me, bill, is that in debates, like, this at a town hall debate which is very different from a regular debate. >> yes. >> empathy is a big deal it matters a lot. >> yeah. >> and hillary clinton, because she is a professional politician, knows how to convey empathy. she knows that george burns was right when he said the secret of success is sincerity. and once you learn how to fake that you got it made. donald trump, on the other hand, isn't mr. empathy. the last -- after the last debate, he said i may go harder at her this time around. if he does, if he comes off as overbearing. if he comes off as nasty or mean, if he invades her space, i think he has got
5:45 pm
huge problems. >> but he feeds off the folks, too. and that might be an advantage for mr. trump. so we will see. bernie will be with us on monday to analyze the debate on sunday night. we will be live on sunday night by the way setting it up. killing reagan on deck. we will talk with the actor who plays the president. the factor tip of the day. what happens when you lose in life? factor will be right back from washington. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive.
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not even out in paperback yet. on sunday evening, october 16th, the movie, killing reagan, the movie will be broadcast on the national geographic chant. >>
5:49 pm
>> hi. >> i'm so happy you are here. >> lonely out there. >> everything hinges on this debate. politics is just like show biz. you give a hell of an opening. coast for a little while and you give a big finale. >> and hopefully run for eight years. >> yeah. >> i'm going to go get some -- >> the actor to plays president reagan tim matheson is excellent. i spoke with him last night. >> so did you know a lot about ronald reagan when he was in office? >> you know, i was politically minded. i must say he won me over. and he is the only republican i ever crot voted for. >> as president? >> yes. >> you are a liberal minded guy? >> yeah. >> most of hollywood obviously is. pinheads as you call them. >> some are pinheads. some of them aren't. we don't mind if you are liberal as long as you are a thinking liberal. i'm independent and i vote for some democrats if think think they are the best problem solvers. what did reagan do to win you over? >> reagan was the tonic this
5:50 pm
country needed at the time it was in such a financial mess and such an emotional mess that because -- just because of nixon and all the things and carter was a lovely man but not a great president. >> but you voted for carter. >> i did. i made that mistake. i would not have done it again. and i must say that reagan really was the foundation the country needed and pulled it together. >> okay. >> i was really moved by it. >> you saw how he performed the first four years. >> absolutely. >> that's what we want is open-mindedness. when he was shot, do you remember that? >> i was surprised at how moved and upset i was because it was like your grandfather, you know, was taken. it was like why. >> you didn't know whether he was going to live. >> no. >> they went in and the news reports were almost blacked out. the kid who plays hinckley really lights out just like the kid playing ozwald in playing kennedy. >> i have got to do
5:51 pm
something now to make you understand in no uncertain terms that i am doing all of this for your sake. >> and being around kyle moore and, you know, rod kept us apart. kept kyle isolated as hinckley throughout the whole movie. >> that's right. >> no actors talked to him. >> the real hinge solid running around williamsburg, virginia. is he out. >> i know. >> when you accepted this role to play the president, all right, what was the hardest thing about it? >> not to be trapped by worrying about sounding and moving like reagan. i mean, i have to do that. you have to do that in part. but i wanted to explore the emotional and the heart of the man. that was the most important thing to me. >> >> did you watch a lot of tape of him? >> everything i could find. >> because you do sound a bit like him. >> that's our only bargaining chip and you are just giving it away. >> well, i don't see it that way. >> reagan was a very closed
5:52 pm
guy. >> very shy. >> he didn't like to show a lot to anybody but nancy. and so you had a connect with the actress playing nancy, cynthia nixon. >> how difficult was that? >> not hard at all. she is a wonderful actor. she is an intense listener. so, if i changed the tone or the inflection of a response or a line to her, she -- i pinged, she ponged. she is really remarkable. >> i think you are more nervous than i am. >> that's how it should be break a leg. >> i think viewers are going to be surprised because it isn't -- you are not watching cynthia after a while you are watching nancy reagan same thing with the president. >> thank you. i think she did an excellent job. it's less sympathetic role and she was the bad cop to reagan's good cop. >> right. >> she gave that to him. she took care of him. and if she didn't like the way somebody was treating him or acting around him. >> oh.
5:53 pm
>> reagan. >> gone. >> now, when your hollywood pals, liberal pals, you are sitting around and smoking pot. >> daily thing. >> and, you know, i'm going to do "killing reagan" written by o'reilly. did the crosses come out? did they go like this? tell me the truth. >> i'm wearing garlic now as a matter of fact. >> did you get any jazz? >> not at all. and if anybody did, i just said you can't act politics. this is not about politics. this. >> good story, right? >> it's a great story. >> they are coming at you with too much. >> they're nervous. >> are you? >> i would be crazy i if i wasn't. i want to do this, mommy, i mean i can do this. >> you know him and have worked with him as tom hanks. >> oh, yeah. >> and tom, when i told tom i was doing this, he remarked how wonderful the projects were. he worked on lincoln. >> he was on killing lincoln.
5:54 pm
>> he was supportive. >> very supportive. >> hanks, a diabolical man because what he says is that i'll show up on killing lincoln, matheson will show up on killing reagan so o'reilly doesn't screw it up. infiltrate. >> that's how evil it. >> we will infiltrate and make sure the project is not some crazy right wing thing you did a great job, tim. i was very pleased when they hired you. even though i said i don't know. but then. >> pinhead. >> who knows, you won me over. i hope you and miss nixon get nominated for emmys because you really deserve it? >> thank you very much. it's fantastic. >> it will be shown october 16th, 8 p.m. sunday night on nat geo. book is available everywhere if you want to get ahead of the game. factor tip of the day. what happens when you lose in life? the tip moments away. what's going on here? i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya.
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incomprehensible is the right word, george. and finally tonight, the factor tip of the day, losing in america. donald trump portrays himself as a winner, we all know that. if you look at his business model, is he a winner but he did lose early in his career. now, last night the new york mets lost. they have been my team since 1962 but watching the game there was no disgrace in the final score 3-0. san francisco giants were simply better. bumgardner was unhittable. i goes against vince lombardi on this one. win something not the only thing. effort is. factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. please check out the factor website different from bill o' also, we would like to you spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. reporting live at name and town if you wish to opine word of the day do not be a pettifogger when writing to the factor. tomorrow night, we will be live, tracking the hurricane
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up the east coast and we'll have preview of the big debate on sunday night. again, thanks for watching us tonight. bill o'reilly in washington. please always remember the spin stops here in d.c. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight at this very moment the southeastern united states is starting to get smashed by what the national hurricane center is calling one of the most extreme and potentially deadly hurricane threats in modern history. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly on a busy night. hurricane matthew a category 4 monster packing maximum winds of 130 miles per hour. with gusts up to 165 miles per hour. is poised to potentially become the first storm of this magnitude to make landfall in this region since records began in 1851. if there is one word we are hearing again and again, it is catastrophic. right now severe winds and rain are whipping florida's east coast.


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