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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 6, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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if you are caught in the storm, go to face, follow me on twitter, let us know what you're experiencing. stay safe and thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly, this is "the kelly file." up next sean hannity, my friend. this is a fox news alert. hurrican matthew is closing in now on matthew. a category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds. ste steve harrigan is on the ground tonight. the wind and rin are picking up. what's going on. >> reporter: some brachblgs down, small trees down and some power lines down. 25,000 people without power. it makes your knees buckle a little bit at this point. but the real stuff is three or four hours out. the big question is whether
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we're going to see the eye of the category 4 storm with its 130-mile-per-hour winds make a landfall on florida's coast. if it does, governor rick scott warned that it could be catastrophic. that similar hurricanes ten years ago killed 25 people, caused $30 billion worth of damage and this syrir -- area i even bigger. 1.4 million people were told to evacuate. people were on the move all day moving to hotels or relatives, boarding up their houses before they leave them behind. a lot of people are really concerned that when they come back there might not be anything to come back to, especially those manufactured houses, they could be wiped out by the storm. the next four or five hours here are critical. several counties have established curfews. they're concerned about the possibility of looting and also when the power lines go down with a lot of water on the road, it could be treacherous.
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moving around now extremely difficult and getting more difficult every hour. they've opened more than 100 shelters. a lot of the shelters full up completely and now the doors are shut. people being told to ride it out at home if you haven't taken shelter somewhere else already. back to you. >> thanks to you. to all of our friends in florida, please stay safe. we hope you batten down the hatches. out of palm bay, florida is phil keating. >> reporter: we're on the outskirts of melbourne and from melbourne up to cape canaveral, that is the latest targeted bullseye zone of where the eye is likely going to be making impact in the wee hours of tomorrow, anywhere between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. it's supposed to be very very bad. where we're standing here on the indian river, you can see the palm trees are pick pg up. these are wind speeds
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undoubtedly hitting 50 miles an hour. by the time it gets to its peak power potential and impact here along the coast in brevard county, we're expecting that hurricane matthew will be dropping 110, maybe a little stronger winds mar inland. further west, i-95 corridor, the hurricane wind speeds extends 60 miles in all directions from the hurricane eye and the storm surge is projected to be anywhere between 7 and 11 feet. and that means not only will the barrier islands across the intercoastal here -- you can still see there's lights on the barrier islands out there. so electricity remains in effect up here. that's a great thing because it's very miserable during a hurricane to lose power and you lose air conditioning and you looze your television which can really inform you of exactly how bad it is and where you could not go. but curfews are now in place in
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orange county. that's orlando. as of 10:00 tonight, everybody should not be driving on the road. police will be enforcing that. seminole county, that kicks in tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. and up the coastline from us in brevard county, up in volusia county, daytona beach up to jacksonville, those counties are imposing mandatory curfews right now. if you didn't go inland, it's time to stay indoors wherever you are and hopefully be safe. sean? >> phil, we're only at the beginning of this and i'm looking at these winds behind you. you say they're sustained at 50 miles an hour. . this is only the beginning. and they're expecting winds 0 miles an hour stronger than what we see going on behind you, correct in. >> that is absolutely correct. every single hour from here all the way until at least 7:00 or
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9:00 a.m. tomorrow it will be increasing. and this part of the coast, this florida space coast will be feeling the brunt of it. then of course the slow 13 mile an hour hurricane heads northbound and the eye, it looks to appear that it's going to basically hug the coastline which impacts more people as well as roads that could be flooded from the storm surge. the good news dow south is that the storm affected miami county and broward, the hurricane warning has been lifted for broward now and the conditions definitely improving in miami, dade and broward. although, as steve mentioned, there's still upwards of 25,000 people still without power in the three southern counties of the state, including palm beach county. >> all right, phil. stay safe out there. pretty chilling. moth nature as you watch all of that. joining us now in the fox news weather center is our chief
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meteorologist rick right moout is with us. what's going on? >> we never expected to see hurricane conditions in miami. that warning is to the north of it and that's where we're going to be seeing the worst. hurricane force winds just offshore but they're getting much much closer and we're going to see that in short order. that right there is likely the band that we're going to see winds pushing 100 miles an hour. the center is a very small area with the 30 mile an hour winds. if the center gets on shore we're going to see the 30 mile an hour winds. hopefully we see it stay offshore. but at this point we've got a category 4 storm and it's going to be close, especially to that area around cape canaveral just because it sticks out there. that might be all of the difference of a landfall or not. but you get the idea. we have a long track storm here because it's going hit so much territory. when you think about when you normally have a hurricane make landfall, it comes straight on shore. right where it comes on shore is
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where you have most of the damage. all of the first responders, all of the people who go in to take care of the damage is none isolated area. but because we have a hurricane that's going to hug the coast for a long time, it's going to be really wide spread. i wanted to show you this. the pressure which is what drives the strength of this has been very low. we've had a major hurricane now for almost seven days with this. that's a record in the atlantic. it broke up a little bit when it hit haiti and cuba but now it's back down to 937. it's lowered in the past hour. the winds are going to be strong. we're going to see significant power outages along the coast and unless up towards orlando and gainesville. we're going to see a significant storm surge probably like we have never seen there across this area and especially georgia and then in across northern parts of florida. maybe a 10 to 12 foot storm
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surge. take a look at this. jacksonville 12 inches of rain, south carolina, georgia, those are going to be the bullseyes with spots up to 15 inches of rain and that's going to cause a lot of flooding as well. here you go, sean. the storm is getting very close and likely making this northwestern jog getting very close to the coastline within the next few hours. >> thanks so much. joinings now is the ceo founder of weather what have you got? what kr yare you seeing? >> i'm ten stories up on the island juxtaposed into the ocean between an inlet and the ocean. i've been watching all day. the winds have been kind of sustained around 30 to 40 miles an hour for the past five to six hours and it looks like the outer bands of the eye wall are just about to make their way in.
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the conditions are going downhill right now. i'm going to open the door to take you guys out to the balcony and you can kind of get a feel for -- i don't know if you can hear the wind howl. >> i can hear it. wow. >> i wish i could show you some video but it's, it's dark now. the sun set. but it does look like the actual eye wall is just going to clip us. it's a little bit to the east and the hurricane has been making a little bit more of a jog to the north than to the west. so i'm a little more concerned about the area to the north of us where we've been talking to some of the other people on your show. so i think palm beach is going to escape most of the damage here. i've noticed that the ocean hasn't come up at all. >> michael, we want you to stay safe there and thanks so much for your input. we appreciate it. joining us now with more on this
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deadly hurricane is chief meteorologist long term friend of mine, weather is where he works. joe, you know more about the history of hurricanes than any human being on this earth. this is the real deal. is it going to hug the coast or is it going inland? >> unlike when i told you about 4:00 we were talking on the radio, this may hug the coast more. and what i'm really concerned about, too, is that over the past couple of hours we're seeing the pressure start to fall again. and yet this is accomplishing this but it's actually two eye walls with this. one that's 60 miles across and then there's an eye within an eye. and the fact that it's continuing to -- the pressures are continuing to fall with that kind of structure, usually what happens is it approaches the coast, the outer eye wall contracts in and enhances the convergence, coming together of the wind at the center and up goes the air endown goes the pressure.
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over the next six to ten hours, the bare metric pressure may fall into the 920s. it tightens up and you'll see the wind speeds pick up again. if it goes inland just to the south of the cape, it weakens on its way up the coast. but it batters everybody directly. if it stays offshore, then as the national hurricane center was saying earlier, it could stay as a category 4 all the way up to daytona beach. it's a pick your poison. unless it can miss by 50 or 60 miles like it's missing michael to the west, which we don't think is going to happen, we think it's coming into the coast and up a 1 a so to speak, you're going to get just the most devastating hurricane you've seen. >> take us through. obvious lis we're paying a lot of attention to florida as this is about to hit land -- really the beginning of this is unfolding before our eyes as we can see. we're very close to land. whether it hugs the coast or
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goes inland. we're going to watch, wait and see. but it's going to head up to georgia and the carolinas. walk us through the path you think this is going the take. >> i think it's going to stay -- once it comes by daytona beach it will be offshore east to the mouth of st. john river, maybe 20 or 30 miles, 20, 30 miles east or southeast of savannah, 30 or 40 miles south of charleston before it starts moving more seriously away from the coast. that won't be until saturday night or sunday. all of the heavy rain is near the center of the storm now. once it starts breaking east of north because the processes in the atmosphere that are taking it northeast, there's a trough picking it up cooling the atmosphere with all of the tropical moisture, the excessive rainfall switch to the northwest side of the storm. and even though the winds are strong in savannah and charleston, 80-mile-per-hour
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gusts in charleston, that the rainfall is going to suddenly being the biggest story in there. you could see amounts of up to 18 inches. in fact if this hugs the coast up to charleston, wilmington is in that boat too. what happens is you push water back into these rivers and these inlets and then it starts pouring rain, the water comes back down the river and you get excessive flooding. >> joe, thanks so much for being with us. we're going to continue to monitor hurricane matthew as this deadly storm makes its way right toward the florida coast and up the coast. we're going to check in with our reporters who are on the ground. also tonight, donald trump had a town hall in new hampshire. laura ingraham will join us with a preview of the second presidential debate. that and more on this busy news night on "hannity."
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this a fox nez alert. we continue to monitor hurricane matthew as it bears down on the coast of florida. earlier tonight, donald trump had a town hall in new hampshire where he addressed rumors the event was a practice run for sunday's presidential debate with of course hillary clinton. take a look nlts they were saying this is practice for sunday. this isn't practice. it has nothing to do with sunday. we're just here because we just wanted to be here. and you know, hillary, frankly, they talk about debate prep. that's not debate prep. she's resting. she's resting. and i want to be with the american people. i want to be with the people from new hampshire. and she wants to rest. >> just a short time ago i spoke with laura ingram about the debate and much more. joining us now is laura ingram,
7:17 pm
fox news contributor. congrats on that. >> appreciate it. >> here we are, we've got a town hall debate, a little different obviously. two moderators apparently arguing over who gets to beat up donald trump this time, who gets to be the third wheel trashing trump and attacking him. putting that aside, what is the approach? what is laura ingram's best advice for donald trump going into this type of format? >> understand that the moderators aren't really moderators. the moderators are there to ensure that you lose theesident goal. so just know that going in. they're not your friends. they're probably not going to be fair. so don't even worry about that. and when people are recognized in the audience, and i understand they're thinking of giving a question to a child who is undocumented and the child
7:18 pm
might ask what's going to happen to me, those types of questions are, you know, are likely. >> let's start there. i like mike pence's answer the other night. the first thing we're going to do, you've got to build the wall, secure the border. then criminal aliens out immediately day one. the third thing is, you know, i think there would be time for the american people to sort through all of this. >> yeah. >> whether or not it's touch and go, whether you let other people in first and people get in the back of the line. i think you to answer. what would you say? because hillary clinton is offering free free free everything. i'm a student. my student loans are so high. it's so expensive for college. i'm going to spend the rest of my life paying it back. what is your plan for me? >> i think the best answer for trump in that regard is to say the number one thing we have to do on the domestic front, other than enforce or laws and
7:19 pm
borders, is to get this economy going again. we need real growth. hillary clinton's plan will not help you. you think debt forgiveness is going to secure your future? your future is going to be secured if you have a job you can go to every day that pays you a decent wage. my plan will ensure that people who want to work is going to have a better shot at a job that pays decently than hillary clinton, stick with the status quo which will be disastrous for that generation. they're going to have to pay it back. we might be gone but they're going to have to pay it back. >> you could bring up the debt and the unfunded liabilities. he should not be on defense. >> no. >> if the birther issue comes up, i've already answered it. hillary attacking him, sort of like reagan here you go again. the robotic list. while you're worried about that, i'm worried about getting the
7:20 pm
millions more on food stamps out of of the labor force back to work. you can focus on attacking me on things i said 20 years ago. mike pence showed they can make the list again and again. it's not where the country is at right now. >> they've had their chance. and hillary had her chance, she and her husband got really rich after they left the white house. they've done really well. it's time to send them into retirement. they had their chance and it didn't work. the country is begging for real and refreshing and optimistic change. and donald trump has to stay with that message, do not go down these rabbit holes, don't start getting defensive, don't start talking about women. don't even do that. >> she brings up trump university, she brings up what he said about women 25 year ago, she brings up he didn't pay taxes, she brings up -- run down the laundry list. he's said nice things about vladimir putin. my answer would be i've already said that.
7:21 pm
let me tell you what this election is about. you can pivot any way you want. >> i would say hillary we're on to your game. you did pretty well with the media that's compliant and are all on your side. but i'm focussing on the people who are watching this today. it's not about trump university. it's not even about laureate university. >> $18 million. >> this is about the fact that america is flat lining and then ultimately in decay if we don't turn this around. i have a plan to do it. you're going to do the same stuff that kept it in a flatline position. i would flick it away like an annoying nat. mike pence is on fire. >> he's energized. >> i think he's doing awesome. >> last night i thought he showed a lot of energy and passion. >> great interview. >> look, i would think it's a lot of pressure, somebody chooses you, has faith in you
7:22 pm
and you don't want to let that person down and he didn't. he won that debate. last question. i think they should be talking about immigration, the economy, about foreign policy, vetting ref agrees, about obamacare. >> all of it. >> i think about energy independence and education. but i suspect that anderson cooper is going to want to talk about are you going to allow women to have abortions. what do you think about gay marriage, those questions will come up. how do you answer those and that's my last question? >> i think mike pence handled it really well. we're pro-life. we believe in protecting the most vulnerable in society in the womb and we're going to stand up for the vulnerable. and the vulnerable also include the american family and the american workers. you can try to distract nem from the major issues that they care about but i'm going to stay on these like a laser beam from 0 back ma care to educational choice to prosperity and renewing the idea of safety and
7:23 pm
borders and nation hood. that's what i'm going to do every day for the workers. not for hillary's big donors. but for the american families and the workers who have been b berveed by bad leadership. if they keep picking away at the old scabs, i don't think that works. >> thanks for being with us. appreciate it. coming up, hurricane matthew is fast now approachi ining flo. we'll speak with the mayor of daytona beach. that's next. our thoughts and prayers are with the people in florida, the carolinas and anybody in the way of this hurricane. ♪ if your heartburn medication's not doing its job... the food you eat during the day... music: loud mariachi band can also haunt you at night. so try nexium 24hr. just one pill each day... shuts down your stomach's active... acid pumps to stop the burn of frequent heartburn...
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and this fox news alert. hurricane matthew is now a category 4 and it's now barrelling towards the florida coast. back with us on ground in palm bay florida is our own phil keating. i can see the winds picking up since what, ten minutes ago.
7:26 pm
>> reporter: yeah, the winds pick up and the rain has increased substantially since our last live shot. you can take a look up in the lights. it's really blowing like sid sideways, coming off of the indian river connecting the main lands of flod with the barrier islands. here is us 1 which is exactly how emergency responders want it to remain. this is what they were hoping to see. empty. no cars. everybody off the road. not trying to drive anymore. if you're further up north the coast you still have time to head out and head inland further. but once you are here in brevard county and just south of us where sebastian is in palm beech counties, it is not the time to hit the road and getting out in your car or truck trying to get out. it's too late. you should have evacuated two days ago when the governor told
7:27 pm
everyone to evacuate inland. that's 1.5 million people in florida currently under a mandatory evacuation. this is the story that everybody in florida is going to be dealing with from palm beach county north all the way to jacksonville and the georgia state line over the next 24 to 36 hours, increasing wind, increasing rain, a lot of storm surge, 7 to 11 feet high, street flooding very likely as well as loss of power and electricity. all right. we only have about 25,000 people in the southern part of the state lose power today but up north, daytona beach, cape canaveral, melbourne, heading up to jacksonville it could be a whole lot more wide spread. >> stay safe. all of our best to our friends in florida. joining us now is the mayor of daytona beach. derrick henry. what's going on? >> well, thank you very much. we're busy trying to prepare or people, trying to encourage them to evacuate.
7:28 pm
we feel we've had some success, certainly not as much as we would like but we've worked hard at it. >> do you feel that the people who maybe didn't listen to the admonition to get out, do you feel you're going to be able to keep those people safe? >> we're certainly going to try. but we don't know for certainty that we're going to be able to do that. the first responders will not be able to respond. we're still afraid but our first responders are still out busy assisting people with evacuations, even as we speak, and they will do that until the conditions warrant that such is unfeasible. >> the sad thing is, mr. mayor, the worse is yet to come. we're talking 130, 140-mile-per-hour winds here, storm surges possibly everywhere. electrical power is probably going to be gone. do you an miss pate you're going
7:29 pm
to need a lot of help and assistance in terms of water and food and supplies for the people in your city? >> we certainly do anticipate it. i have been on the phone with folks from fema and discussions of how to expedite that assistance. we're going to need help from our neighbors and friends, receiving a lot of well wishes from all across the country. but certainly we're expecting that we're going to need supplies, support from the power companies, just you name it. all of the things that -- >> mr. mayor, i can tell you this. the american people are the most generous people on earth and i have no doubt whatsoever that whatever help and assistance is needed in the days to come that your fellow citizens are going to be there for you. you're in our thoughts and prayers, mr. mayor. all the best. we'll g check in later in the program. thank you. >> thank you sir. we'll check back in with our reporters as florida now bracing
7:30 pm
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. the way i look at it, the middle class has been forgotten in this country. taxes are too high, jobs have been taken away from you, a lot of our companies, a lot of great companies have left our country. they've gone to mexico and other places. china is making so much of our product. we don't make product anymore anywhere near like we used to. such a great question. our middle class has been treated so badly by the politicians. it's like forgotten. >> donald trump in new hampshire just a few hours ago talking about the earlier tonight i spoke about
7:36 pm
this very topic. joining us now, the cohost of the five, our friend eric bolling and there he is former obama council of economic advisers, he helped push us into the ditch we're in now, austan goolsbee is with us. i was recently interviewed about you and i lied and said all of these wonderful things about you. >> you didn't lie. i have a football signed by you that says austan goolsbee, you're a great american. it's one of my prized possessions. >> a picture of you and obama and my football right there chblt it's right there. i'm going to send you a photo of it. >> tell obama to do my show. he's leaving now. nothing to lose. >> i agree. he should do your show. you'll be respectful. >> we talk about the economic. i'm in donald trump and hillary drops her kitchen sink laundry list which is donald trump said this 20 years ago, oh, trump
7:37 pm
university, oh, donald trump didn't pay a contractor, oh, whatever it is, if i'm donald trump this is what i'm going to say. hillary, we've got 12 million more americans right now that are on food stamps, eric, because of obama and your policies. we've got 8 million more in poverty. the lowest labor participation rate since the '70s. that's what americans care about. >> every exit poll indicates that's what americans want to talk about, jobs and the economy. even if you go to a nonpartizan site and say what's the real unemployment rate, publishing 5% unemployment rate. if you go to gallop, they'll tell you it's 9.7%. if you're given up looking if ar job, you're not counting. obamacare prices are soaring. we spend $2.1 trillion on health
7:38 pm
care in america and that's 30% more since obamacare was signed into law. 30% more in six years since obamacare was signed ba into law. we spend more on health care than on food, on automobiles, on every single thing except for a home. >> now we've got united, bluecross blueshield california for example pulling out because they can't make money in it. and the average american, the many lost their doctors, many aus tan, lost their plans pap and since obama has been president, the average american is not saving $2500 a year, they're paying $4100 more. how do you justify your trusted government when just like social security, the money wasn't put in a lockbox, you didn't keep your doctor plan, you're paying a hell of a lot more and you're not saving a time.
7:39 pm
why do you trust government so much? >> if i just look at the facts, eric is talking about prices up 30% that's the slowest unflags rate of health care costs in half a century. you're failing to remember that before there ever was obamacare, health care was growing 8.5% per year for about 45 consecutive years. so the fact that it would have gone up -- >> average american families paying 4,000 is something to be happy about, not upset about, a year since obama has been president just for health care. >> yes, prices go up in health care. they have been doing so for 80 straight years. >> he promised we'd save $2500 a year. >> he said you would save $2500 a year and in fact you've paid more than $2500 a year. >> but you paid $1,000 higher than the old system. >> you're playing with
7:40 pm
statistics and unfortunately they don't add up. >> i'm not playing with statistics. >> we can play with games anytime you want. >> the inflation rate is 9% and now it's less. >> in tennessee they approved a 60% increase for health care of obamaca obamacare, nebraska 29%, it's going across the board. americans are dying, they're struggling, they're going bankrupt because they can't afford our own health care. >> sean, you have given eric whatever this pneumonia sing that you had is. you've now pass it to eric. look. you guys cannot get away from the fact that tin flags rate in health care was almost 9% -- >> you're repeating yourself. you've gip this answer. >> we're paying $4100 -- how do you explain this. because, you know, obama said $9
7:41 pm
trillion in debt taking a credit card to the bank of china in the name of our kids, you know, and ringing up this debt is irresponsible and unpatriotic. he will accumulate, by the time he leaves office, more debt than all 43 presidents before him combined. and we have one in five american families, not one person in the family is working. how do you make the case that this is as good economy now that he's been in charge eight years? >> okay. how do you make the case it's a good economy? >> i would say it's a pretty good economy. number one we've had the longest string of private sector job creation in history. >> we have the lowest participation rate since the 1970s. >> because we're the oldest population. you asked me to make the case so
7:42 pm
i'm going to make it for you. number one, we've generated an intensely large number of jobs in the past five years. >> why do we have more people on food stamps sfl we survived the worst downturn of our lifetime. we had no depression. >> how many come we are 800 million more americans in poverty. >> poverty, income and food stamps all fell dramatically. >> that's incorrect. >> we got the report. >> that's incorrect. sean talk to you about the jobs. this is one of the slowest recovery out of a recession in the history of the recessions. >> it was and it no longer is. >> but can i just -- stop right now. poverty under president obama, poverty has done nothing but go up. yes there's a spike down in the last year but we're up substantial from when president obama took office and poverty and wages for the fist time in
7:43 pm
eight years have gone up. they've been flat for seven years. >> you're insinuating that it has been getting worse for eight years and that's completely wrong. >> austan at the end of the day, every president -- >> it went down and came up. that's not the same thing as going down. >> trust me, it's been going up and it came down in the last year. that's the reality. >> every president is judged on their eight years, 12 million more americans on food stamp, 8 million more on poverty, lowest labor participation rates since if '70s and he doubled the debt. >> here you are, you want my grandma to get back in the labor force. come out of the nursing home and go back to work. >> you should have taken care of your grandmother. why are you being such a cheeps skate. you're a rich professor.
7:44 pm
take care of your grandmother >> you still owe me money but i'm willing to trade any of your bank accounts or any of your houses, i'll trade you for my one house and my one bank account. >> austan, i meant every good thing i said about you except, you know, you are responsible for the worst recovery since the '40s. i'm holding you accountable if that. thank you for being with us. then coming up, hurricane matthew continues to make its way towards the florida coast. we're going to check back in with your reporters on the ground as we continue tonight here on "hannity." . you can run an errand.
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. this is a fox news alert. florida now bracing for hurricane matthew. tonight, steve harrigan is on the ground with the latest. >> reporter: you can tell a lot about the storm from pictures behind me. we've seen gusts at 40 miles per hour, then 50 and then, 60. enough to snap small branchs and trees but no damage as of yet. you can see we still have electricity here, but for 100,000 houses in florida, electricity is railroad out. that number could change dramatically, over next few hours, governor rick scott has said it's only a matter of time before you lose electricity along florida's east coast. the question is how long you won't have it for. you don't see cars on the road behind me. parts of i-95 simply no vehicles
7:51 pm
there was a curfew in effect in several count eyes and they're concerned about looting and concerned about people getting hurt. but 1.5 million people have been ordered to evacuate and many taking that call seriously. >> steve harrigan, stay safe. and back with us now, rick, what is the latest? >> this pressure is so low. see if there has been any strengthening there. and certainly, you can see the center and eye very clearly. winds in the 50s here and winds are getting very, very close to moving on shore within some of the yellows here, about to move into towards the fort pears area north of west palm. that is going to be the first spot we can see strong winds.
7:52 pm
the 130 miles per hour winds are right here at the very, very center of that. the storm moving to the northwest will see if it makes a land fall. and we'll tell you if that trend continues, it would spare us from the worst of the wind. take a look at this model here, at this close range, this is a decent model. you can see the center of the storm. this takes us to noon tomorrow right here around daytona beach. saturday night, georgia coast and major rain event across north carolina and south carolina and georgia and we're going to be looking at flooding here and watching a lot of storm surge especially into north florida and georgia and that is going to start later tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. >> and joining us now, live from
7:53 pm
tallahassee, florida is jay houghslatter. can you tell us what is going on? >> good evening, sean. the red cross has been very busy. we've continued to bring in assets along the east coast. just last night, we've sheltered over 3600 individuals and 8600 shelters and have 90 emergency response vehicles on the ground yesterday ready to send out into the community and we're able to get in there after the storm moves out. we have 500 volunteers helping and preparing here in florida and along georgia, south carolina coast to make sure they're ready for the storm. >> do you think in the days still to come, after the storm surge, do you think you're going to need help and support in terms of food? medicine? water supply from the country?
7:54 pm
>> we've repositioned over 30 trailer as cross the east coast to ensure we can get them into the community as q possible. we continue to bring in additional resources, staff, as well as material resources to ensure we're able to respond quickly. and we're doing training in florida and encouraging folks to volunteer. >> all your best in relief efforts for people that are going to need our help. coming up, more "hannity" right after the break with more live coverage of hurricane matthew, straight ahead. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind,
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sta. >> this is a fox news alert. thanks for joining us. stay with fox news channel for continuing coverage all night of the deadly storm. our friend, bill hemmer is up next. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> we have breaking news on hurricane matthew tonight. this is a monster and it's a killer already. national weather, hurricane center issuing an update just momentsing ayoef. matthew is listed as a powerful category 4 storm and it is still on the move, headed for a collision course with the east side of florida. when that aprils, we will not know. it's the kind of storm we have not seen in a very long time. we have our full team out bringing you coverage throughout the night. we'll go live to florida where people are bracing


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