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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 6, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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sta. >> this is a fox news alert. thanks for joining us. stay with fox news channel for continuing coverage all night of the deadly storm. our friend, bill hemmer is up next. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> we have breaking news on hurricane matthew tonight. this is a monster and it's a killer already. national weather, hurricane center issuing an update just momentsing ayoef. matthew is listed as a powerful category 4 storm and it is still on the move, headed for a collision course with the east side of florida. when that aprils, we will not know. it's the kind of storm we have not seen in a very long time. we have our full team out bringing you coverage throughout the night. we'll go live to florida where people are bracing for what
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could be the strongest hurricane and more than a decade. and live in the fox weather center for the latest in the national hurricane center. >> there is a couple changes from one thing. and take a look at the radar as it moves through the bahamas. is been a little bit more north and because of that, we're going to be so close across the coastline, latest track just came out and it has nudged it a little bit off towards the right maybe by ten miles or so that could be, that could make all of the difference from the strongest of the winds. we know we're going to get storm surges but at -- if it tracks
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east, we'll see maybe 100 miles per hour winds. and that could make a very big difference. so we're hopeful with this. that keeps it a hill bit stronger going across the georgia and maybe south carolina area so this is still going to nudge one way or another. that trend is in place and would be good news for the wind damage in florida. >> these storms wobble but does not mean they run a different course. can you say whether or not that this is one of the wobbles? or a significant shift? >> i can't say which it is. it is possible it is just a wobble. when you have a storm this size, think of like a top that you played with when you're a kid. and you would spin that and it would go kind of in the same
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direction, but start to wobble a little bit. in a storm like this, it does that. so when you look at the center, you can see it make these little wobbles and we easily could still see this wobble back a little bit towards the left. so i am not saying please do not misunderstand me saying we're in the talking about land fall here, i'm just saying this is a good trend we see it. there is a center eye wall and an outer eye wall. those two things compete for energy and until it can get it's act together, stays a little bit weaker, we'll tell you the pressure is at 939 mille bars that is low. and so at some point, all of that air goes to fill up the space. winds up to the 50s along the
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coast. >> we've been watching winds picking up for the past couple hours. three hours ago, rick, you noted 130 miles per hour sustained winds has a width of about five miles, how does that rate for a typical hurricane of this size? less? or more? about the same? as we look at palm bay live. >> a couple things we've talked about hurricanes in size. sometimes, in the size from one end to another. looking at the sate light image, you can see big or small but the hurricane-force winds, where the waste of it in this case is fairly small. so, we're at least as of the prior advisory, have this advisory just came out. the winds extend out about 60 miles from center. it's not a very large storm when you think we have 130 miles at the center of it. you go 60 miles and drop by 65 miles per hour. # five miles per hour. so in that sense, it's not all that large. the problem is that we're
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talking about so much real estate that this storm is going to cover. >> rick, thank you. stand by. i know you will. rick, thank you. want to take a look right now at the east coast and the position of the storm now. come here and we'll show you what we're seeing. the leading edge of the storm is right to the east of west palm beach, about, say, some 60 miles based on the estimates we're getting there. here would be the eye. that hung out over the bahamas sometime, it started to flow a little bit. now, with this forward motion, this path is taking straight north. and in miami, fort lauderdale, four and a half million people living here. they dodged one here, folks in vero beach and palm bay, daytona beach, palm coast, jacksonville and southeastern georgia,
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savannah and charlton, south carolina it is in that cone of a, that we've been warned about sometime. this is the -- hang on a second here, this is the space coast, stretching for 50 miles. there has not been a hurricane like this to ever come into this area. there is a number of reasons for it and between titusville and palm bay is where steve harrigan has been hanging out. steve, we're talking three hours ago. how are conditions down there? >> trees are weighing but not snapping, that is good and in cars on the street, that is good. we saw a million and a half people heading inland for safer pastures, and higher ground. a sense of concern about what might happen. these things are deceptive.
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they come in waves. at 3:00 we're being pounded by winds and waves. and now, a light rain and trees are moving. now we have seen gusts along the coast from 40 to 50 to 60 miles per hour but the question is what is going to happen in the next 3 to 4 hours? could this picture change in a worst case scenario? that is something the governor called catastrophic and something with that storm surge could put the water over my head. people here are worried. the owners of this place expect it to be underwater by tomorrow. that is why these are so deceptive. >> florida has not seen a major
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hurricane in 11 years, steve. that is quite a statement. >> it is and made this one all the more dangerous, either because people get complacent or there are 2 million residents with no experience with hurricanes or the danger. and people talk about, could this storm be deadly? it's been very deadly. numbers in haiti from 1 to 5 to 20, and now, well, over 200. it's more research done and people can see those numbers arise higher so it's been a deadly storm, and the question is whether that will continue here in florida. storms caused $30 billion worth of damage and the hope is that that eye can stay off the coast. >> that is wilma, thank you,
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steve, steve harrigan, we'll check back with him. we're told there are thousands of national guards troops in georgia and this is what they may need. from the pentagon, director of the operations for the national guard bureau, sir, thank you for your time tonight. as you watch this. when can you, when will you make a move, sir? >> good evening, bill. thank you for having me on. the guard across the states of florida, georgia, and carolinas throughout the day today has been prepositioning equipment and assisting state and local law enforcement with evacuation with any assistance required.
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the guard will come in with search and rescue capability, using specialized military capabilities including high wheel vehicles, both teams, and helicopters assets that moist medical evacuation capability and critical infrastructure assess many and protection. now, the first 24-7 # hours, essentially moving south to north post storm affects along the georgia, florida, and carolina coast. >> what can you do? what are you equipped to do? how can you help the best? >> the guard has unique training and capabilities. some of the capabilities that are unique to the military, some of the rotary wing capacity and life saving capability we have is unique to the guard that we can bring to local and state law
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enforcement in terms of providing that surge capacity for the states that haven't had a storm of this severity in a long time. so the guard can provide that assistance. >> could there be a case where there are 300 people in haiti dead already from this storm. is that something where you can assist? is that a different part ever of of the u.s. military? >> underneath the department of defense, any assistance to a foreign nation would be a federal authority. the national guard would be one component to provide assistance to a foreign nation such as haiti or the bahamas. >> they need the help, right? >> that is correct. >> general, thank you for your time, good luck, all right? in a moment we'll take you back
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which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? >> just want to show you what we've seen today, this was the forecast. seems to be sticking to the script. category 4 right now. you can see when it starts to interact with land. and it will lose steam and then it's anybody's guess for projections that can go out into the atlantic but that is for another day. this is what we're dealing with here. that is so ominous, too.
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it's hard to take your eye off of it. it continues to churn it's way around there off the coast of florida. now, a category 4 storm is nearly as bad as it gets. this shows how much damage it could bring to parts of florida. winds at 156 miles per hour. that is strong enough to take down trees, create storm surges we've been talking about and waive in walls of homes. some mobile homes would not stand a chance with a direct hit. phil kiting is live in palm bay, and phil, what is it like where you are? >> i'd say we're in the 40s but gusting about 50 miles per hour. so far. sheets of rain come periodically.
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and bravard county he is looking to be the high between melbourne to coco beach to cape canaveral, that is what is supposed to happen between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 this morning and hurricane matthew continues its march northward. and power can be out for weeks is what we're hearing. one week, two weeks, no power, you've got to be on your own. people aren't sure what is going to be left of their houses and their businesses like the shack restaurant. and once it's said and over, and they start returning back to coastal communities. a lot of people did evacuate highways and roadways. and turnpike, alligator alley
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had strong traffic all day. and thr certainly people that are out there on the barrier island. trying to brave it out. they did it before. and what we have never seen before for many of them has been a monster category 4 hurricane that just raced northbound up the coast which is going to bring in 7 to 11 foot storm surges which has a possibility of having to bury the coastal island, the barrier islands up and down the street. a big wait and see outlook here, everybody who is in this area, do not leave your house at this point. or your hotel and try to go westward. here is what the roads looked
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like. you had to hope people who did not drive further inland towards orlando area have enough supplies of what they need. >> so you've been living in florida for years now. what you consider major hurricane what is the complacency? whether it's construction or people moving in from out of state. where is their mind now? when faced with this? >> i say complacency is probably less than what i have seen for recent storm. some people did, ht of people needed advice and here along the coast and up north is smyrna
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beach. this is a monster category 4. it has not hit this coast of florida since 1951. remarkable. >> phil, in florida. we're getting a look at where hessage left behind. check it out in haiti. wow. officials say 300 are dead. and reporting the storm destroyed homes, thousands of them. hundreds of thousands need help. and thousands now have been heading to shelters in florida. red considers arriving only hours ago and staffers converting west as folks continue now. it will be a long, long night in
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>> now, teams have set up shelters and they will help with recovery operations after the storm passes. roberto baltodano is live at a shelter in west palm beach. sir, good evening to you. >> thank you for your opportunity. l is a shelter of 2600. we have a thousand people that are seeking shelter here. and i'm going to turn around and show you the the plight of the
8:25 pm
safety of the buildings, we're in the eye of the hurricane and families in a quiet, safe place. and we have 43 shelters that are open. and 3,000 people are in florida. over 4,000 throughout the coast and 100 shelters. this is something that is big and for the time that we haven't seen a hurricane, surprisingly, very nicely, people did follow the request for them to evacuate. >> they were living near the ocean? how many miles in? >> many families westbound living in mobile homes and they say they decided that was a weak structure, we do have coastal residents, however, a majority come from nearby parks.
8:26 pm
>> it may be too early to suggest this. but do you think he got lucky there in west palm? they heeded request earlier today to evacuate. many had stayed home. and i saw a couple nights ago, i went driving around and saw empty shelves. so i'm hoping that that is the case and that atomorrow morning, despite the fact whether we see disruption we feel it's going to bounce back soon. >> are you stopped with water? food? what do you have? >> we have enough supplies to be able too cater to 2600 people.
8:27 pm
a major population is hispanic, the families are having burritos for dinner. the majority of the families are hispanic so it is important to feel comfortable for them. thanks for the generosity of the american people, we're here for the duration. to move to the next place to stay, the red cross is here to stay. >> roberto, good luck. >> thank you. >> we'll go back to the latest on the track, what we're seeing as he studied data and check in live up and down the coast and where that storm will be taking aim next. that is the state of georgia. back in a moment here again for these long, long nights as matthew makes his way.
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>> florida governor rick scott stating that hurricane matthew is likely to have a devastating affect on his state. rick? what do you see there? >> we're talking about the wobbles that it makes. you can sigh this line here is historical track right there and to the left and right and a little bit back to the left there. that is why i don't want to focus on the center of that and get to an expect projection from that in the center, you can see the center eye wall. there is another eye wall and those winds are probably 100 miles per hour. those two things start to compete with each other for the energy and all of the energy is coming but appears this sent one
8:32 pm
is chapsing. strongest winds and would mean the wind field would spread out and would end up with a bigger area that has these stronger winds. if we can see the storm moving in the same direction, that would make bring the center of it still over land and an eye wall over land for quite a bit of time. i want to show you the storm surge. this is what we're expecting to see. just because of the way the coast is shaped here in georgia, you get this kind of northwestern direction and then, in towards northeast and that is a spot that we're going to see water funneled into the area. and the georgia coastline, south carolina coastline and northern part of florida is where we're expecting to see the storm surge. the worst of the wind off of the
8:33 pm
shore which will be great news. and we'll see the very heavy rain, and we'll see big storm surge so we can't exactly say, we've been saying we can't exactly say what will happen. >> that will be the best case scenario. when you think about katrina, that was down graded to a category 3, before it struck mississippi and new orleans west of there. but what people won't recall. and that is not necessarily wind. it was a storm surge. the water from the government that katrina brought with it. >> it's worth keeping in mind when a hurricane has that strength and katrina dropped to a category 3, that storm surge
8:34 pm
that built up doesn't just fall apart right away. it takes a long time to dissipate. we saw a storm surge still a cap five. the other thing that is different is the shape of the ocean. and when you have a slow, slow slope, you end up with a very different situation. and then, the other thing is that had a straight shot. so this is kind of coming here at this angle, we get the storm surge but it does allow it to dissipate a little bit. we're talking about a storm surge maybe 12 feet instead of maybe 30 feet. >> it comes down almost to the angle of the storm. >> yes. yes. exactly. >> rick, thank you. want to show wilton manor in florida. electricity, power, is going to
8:35 pm
be a big issue for tens and hundreds of thousands of people in florida. they see flashes to the left. that is north of fort lauderdale. getting back new to steve harrigan in florida. >> it's gotten worse in the past half hour. you can hear the wind now, the steady, heavy whoosh. i can see trees bending and signs behind me starting to wobble. and most worry some is a power line rocking back and forth ther there. as winds increase, we'll see more structural damage here, small trees and branchs and no
8:36 pm
real structural damage. it gets up there, we can see more of that. there are curfews in place and we have 1.5 million people that is one of the signs going down now. things pick up here. we're going to see smaller objects moving around. and this can change dramatically. there is ht of things that can hit you out here, that is why they're careful to keep everybody off the streets. people are obeying rules. usually at 10:00 at night they're concerned about looting and people getting injured. you have water damage, certainly, a dangerous situation. >> the sign on a -- store? >> yes. that is the first one i have seen. that was a street sign down the
8:37 pm
road. winds here have picked up a little bit. and so it's 2, 3 hours out. it's starting to get scary and dicey. we have electric power which is comforting. just to hear the wind and not to have power is a scary thing. >> be safe, steve, i know you will. best to your crew as well, thank you. team fox coverage continues now. nicole with wsbn out of miami is in melbourne, florida north of steve harrigan's location. nicole, you're on the water or near it. how are things now? >> yes. we're actually just a little bit west of indian river and we're on a body of water called melbourne harbor. right now, as he was describing, the winds have really picked up. you can see the tree here, there
8:38 pm
is a marina here and the boat owners out this afternoon just making sure that these boats were all safe and secure, really, had a pessimistic view of how the night was going to go. many feared storm surge and i see that is something you were talking about. they feared that the water here will get very high, and will lead to these boats being damaged. folks here say they believe, too, that that is very possible, considering how they're expecting these winds to go during the course of the night. you can see another gust right here. not a lot of heavy rain, but a steady rain, many people have children to evacuate and just a little while ago bravard county officials telling people make sure you do not leave their homes. you might see people checking on a building or boat. they're asking people not to do that.
8:39 pm
everyone is right now hunkered down and just wondering what the next few hours will bring. >> the at moment, and i would say that is what we have seen thus far. >> have you seen many people out? >> actually in the last few hours, we have seen no 12 guys were walking by, checking on a phone. that is something county officials have asked people not to do. it's very dangerous out here. >> be well, thanks, nicole. hurricane matthew, too much for some biggest military planes. here is an image now and they
8:40 pm
will spend the next few days outside of dayton, there. and one of four staging grounds. you will have thousands of national guard troops. also, president obama declaring a state of emergency for the state of georgia. so georgia, florida, and south caroli carolina. people apparently listened to this is the scene on i16 today heading inland toward atlanta. to help people get out.
8:41 pm
and in georgia and south carolina as well. savannah, georgia now. joe walton, you're getting ready for what joe? good evening. >> the >> i had a chance talk to the mayor of savannah. earlier in the day today. and we're on live tv this can be support, buddy, appreciate it. i was talking to the mayor of savannah. this afternoon, and he was telling me the real concern is what you and rick were talking about that this hurricane jogs eastward, that would be good news from florida, it is devastating news in the southern coast of georgia. especially in savannah.
8:42 pm
you can tell businesses, they're taping up. this is a late night diner shut all day. there is a pizza joint here called sweet melissa's. they're not too accustomed to hurricanes but people here are just grabbing their last meals, so to speak. this is one of the few joints that remains open. like i said, just around the corner from here, they seem to see in these situations people are partying and drinking in some of these bars. it is a bad idea. the mayor cannot overemphasize how important it is to heed these warnings. people here are getting on i-16.
8:43 pm
it's only heading in a west direction, not eastbound. people are trying to get away from the water. >> thank you, joel. happy hour somewhere, right? always. joe walton, thank you. 3,000 flights cancelled thursday into friday and amtrak suspended service from miami, new york line. orlando's world famous theme parks. walt disneyworld, closed only four times to date, is closed today and will be tomorrow as well. monster storm matthew coverage continues. tonight, close to midnight here on the east coast. music: suspenseful ♪ if your heartburn medication's not doing its job... the food you eat during the day... music: loud mariachi band can also haunt you at night. so try nexium 24hr.
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right now, at about 11:00 eastern time, national hurricane center came out with a latest update on schedule. this is website here on noa. out owe of coral, gables, florida. we don't know, maybe it's just overload for people trying to get information. whatever the case, whatever the weather as we say now, this site is not operational. our coverage continues with matthew. crashing now on the coast. bill, how is it where you are now? >> the bands of rain increased as we were last talking to you. and this is only tropical storm impact. this is about 50, 55 miles per hour wind gusts.
8:48 pm
we haven't hit category 1, 2, 3, or 4. and current speeds are 130 miles per hour. and meaning much of the coastline as ht of people think, that means a lot of the parks could be 100 miles per hour and 90 miles per hour going inland. tidal flooding goes in and to i95. let's see the shack seafood restaurant and see how it's holding up. this part is in half, but still on. the building is still standing so that is good. wind and rain, that is the affect you get. and probable hi for anybody that is scared and worried stayed on
8:49 pm
the coast line. it's only going to get worse over the next several hours and looking like the eye of the hurricane is going to make land fall and where we are, in the southern hip of brevard county we're being told by the brevard county sheriff's department that south of i92 into the orlando area, this side of the highway, deputies are no longer responding because conditions on the road are now a little too dangerous to drive when the big wind gusts come in.
8:50 pm
we know wind speeds are going to double before it starts to get better. >> phil, thank you. and we'll take you there next year.
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continuing now, reports out of haiti suggest up to 300 confirmed dead already, haiti took a direct hit, next is the east coast of florida. how are things near west palm beach sth. >> deteriorating by the second and that has been the case since 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 this evening. we're in a parking lot of the
8:54 pm
cvs. if you can see the flashes there, we think there might be a power line down. and i know we've been talking about this throughout the day and throughout the night here and you can see that is going on behind me, there are flashes that might be what that is to be honest with you. we're hoping that is not the case. the hotel that we're staying in is right over there. and so the wind has just been whipping around. you can watch them from one direction to the next. and hopefully, people can go out and in excellent condition. >> we're praying for that. aaron, thank you, be well
8:55 pm
tonight. you can feel the wind shift. get an idea about what it's capable of doing. take a look at damage it's done. good evening. >> the worst natural disaster to hit haiti since 2010, 300 people have been killed and the death toll continues to skyrocket. we show the extent of the damage. hundreds of thousands of people have been impacted and thousands of homes, gutted. in one southern city, they're still dealing with extensive flooding. roads, and rivers are simply inaccessible and washed away. the storm then slammed into the bahamas. we have cell phone video giving you an understanding what
8:56 pm
they're bracing for. the roof being ripped off on a home near nausea. and we've leshed tonight that between 150 and 200 members of the united states military will be heading to haiti in the coming days to help with the search and rescue. >> we'll be right back and the latest on matthew as we approach the midnight hour on the east coast. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got... with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands. here you go.picking up for kyle. you wouldn't put up with part of a pizza. um. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve.
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here is where we are. 130 miles per hour winds, it is midnight on the east coast. 60 miles off the coast of florida. our coverage will continue throughout the night here and eastern time, this story will likely be with us sometime.
9:00 pm
and and thanks for being with us tonight. heather chilleders for the next hour of coverage. >> this storm will kill you honest words from the governor of florida as governor matthew creeps closer to his state at this hour. good evening, or good morning depening on where you are. >> going to be a long night. we're warned it would be a monster and in haiti, the storm left behind a path of massived intoing, smashed homes and


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