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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 6, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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and and thanks for being with us tonight. heather chilleders for the next hour of coverage. >> this storm will kill you honest words from the governor of florida as governor matthew creeps closer to his state at this hour. good evening, or good morning depening on where you are. >> going to be a long night. we're warned it would be a monster and in haiti, the storm left behind a path of massived intoing, smashed homes and buildings, flattened palm trees
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in the bahamas and cuba. >> matthew is aiming it's destructive 135 miles per hour winds toward florida and this is being called the most powerful storm to threaten the u.s.'s atlantic coastline in more than a decade. 2 million people have been urged to evacuate. some are heeding warnings and others are not. >> are you willing to take a gamble? that is what you're doing. if you're reluctant, just think of the people this storm killed. >> matthew could skip along the southern coastline over the next couple days. president obama declared a state of emergency in florida, south carolina and georgia. >> we are are standing by in our extreme weather center with the
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latest and rick, what is the status of the hurricane now? we have heard from a wobbly movement from the coastline. >> it's wobbled back towards the coast line. they make possible movements like if you had a top that you'd spin. and i put on the track so you can get a sense of this right here, last few frames towards the left. 135 miles per hour winds, now, winds up to 60 miles per hour here along the coast. that is going to get stronger, the strongest winds are in a small confined area at the center of the eye at this point.
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we've been saying 10 mime one direction or another will make a difference. if this actually verified that would be good news as far as strongest wind gusts go. and other impacts storms are going to be damaging. and we'll talk about this and you can see this eye wall. there have been competing eye walls. the center eye right there and this outer eye. and this outer eye will take over. that means is that some ways you might see a lowering but we can see strong winds spread out over much larger area. so that increases the storm
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surge. so the storm surge potentially is worse under this scenario. and take a look at this. that is one side and another side, making it more likely to be seeing the center of it move overshore there. it's getting very, very close here in towards the coast. if we do see this cross over, it's likely to be right there where the space coast, cape canaveral area jets out just a little bit in that direction. the worst of it is lakely to be from around charlston and
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jacksonville. and water will be pushed in there throughout the day tomorrow, rainfall will be worse into georgia and south carolina and north carolina around wilmington. that is going to be the bull's eye. you'll see probably 15 inches of rain. and that is going to cause a lot of flash flooding. >> what about cape hatteras? >> i think we're going to be fine there. our indication at this point is that this is going to hug the coastline and move back around, not necessarily good news, it would be a weakened storm, but where we have been thinking this storm is going to go towards northeast, do not think that is going to happen at all. this is settled off shore at the southeast and then, kind of fizzle out a little bit.
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but cape hatteras and outer banks i think are going to be fine. >> well, if there is a silver lining to hurricane matthew, perhaps it is that officials and residents have had a couple extra days to prepare for the storm's arrival. hopefully, that will save lives and homes. still, a region of the state is bracing for a major loss of property and a long period of post storm recovery. steve harrigan joins us from sebastian, florida. >> that is increased wind strength. signs can spook you because they're loud and winds
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strong enough to uproot two signs and both knew down the street behind me with noise. you can see trees are bending more than they were before. we're not seeing structural damage to buildings. no roofs but aharmed they're in play and other small objects as well. we can retreat as winds have gotten stronger since 3:00. and when winds hit 40 miles per hour we close bridges. the building we're stabbing in front of might go underwater. so we've backed up and now with small roberts we're probably going to try to get shelter. we're in a cove here. and it's a real question mark how bad things are going to get
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here. it depends on whether that storm makes direct land fall or not. the governor warned it could be catastrophic. another thing you can't see, but been more gradual, and might be more trouble some is the water, it's gone from nothing to partial flooding in the streets. and 100,000 people have lost power in florida. a lot has been restored it could turn out to be 1.5 million people in the end without power. the governor said if you're on the east coast, you're going to lose power. as we can see the storm strengthen, the wind is dramatic and signs uprooted is dramatic but might be the water around my ankles that causes the most threat of the storm.
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you can see a storm surge from three to 10 feet. when push pushes ashore, we can see houses underwater and possibly people in trouble. and we saw them on the move today to try to get to safety. >> yes. being told to go as far as north carolina to find available hotel rooms when they do leave. for people who are home who aren't familiar with florida, where are you located? in sebastian? >> about the center of the state, east coast historically has not been, just excuse my back. i'm going to keep on eyes on what is moving behind me. the wind picks up again, has not been hit by a significant storm in sometime.
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it's been a decade since florida has been hit by a major storm. the state has 2 million new residents. you've seen the governor using every moment he can to warn people about how dangerous this can be. and small objects fly through the air now. >> thank you so much. we'll check in with you as the night continues. stay safe and seek shelter if you can just a little bit. >> let's go further north. among reporters on the coast of florida tonight, he joins us from melbourne, florida. and what are the conditions?
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>> worsening, greg. wind is stronger than it was 30 minutes ago. you can see the rain that are still on. the shack seafood restaurant still standing for now. i don't think the tarp over the doorway is going to be there in the morning when there are 50 or 50 miles per hour wind gusts are doubling in size. and that is supposed to happen here in brevard county. and sometime between 2:00 and 5:00, that is where everybody are warning the worst impact.
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on the roadways, with promising news, we saw a small convoy of troops heading southbound on u.s. 1. there is a lot of repositioning in the state. the governor mentioned that as well. said the state has an eight day supply of fuel, the cars and trucks just in case the ports are battered and tattered and getting into the state there is a lot of gas stations when we're in jupiter. so good news is that everybody should not be needing gasoline. they're supposed to be hunkering down. in jupiter, that is martin county. the sheriff's department there
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reported 70 miles per hour winds and ordered deputies to get to preordained staged zones because it is too unsafe to be driving on the road. if you get if trouble, you're stuck riding it out and help is not coming to you for several hours. it's going to get worse and worse as the next 5, 6 hours come on. and the storm hugs the shore line as forecasted and expected. in south florida, of course the first part of the state to feel impacts from hurricane matthew, this morning, mike mike dade county and wind and rain toppled on to roadways.
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and about 25,000 people lost electricity. it's only about 1% of the collective population. it's going to be a different story north from brevard county. from there, it's going to be massive hurricane impact hugging the coast. winds 100, to 110 miles per hour going inland. there is a lot of a population that lives up there. not everybody drove west towards orlando or other cities. and a lot of people are trying to bank on it. you can see barrier island that goes up and down the country, north to south. that is the barrier island, which suggests strongly to evacuate 2, 3 days ago by the
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governor. lights are still on. and if there is a storm surge on barrier island, if it's like 11 feet, as they're suggesting it can be there is going to be a lot of being surrounded by water, most trapping people inside of the building. >> phil kaeting, phil, take shelter and we'll check back with you shortly. >> joining us on the phone now is john micah. congressman, thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you. looks like we're getting a little bit of turning but we've
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got to watch this storm carefully. it's erratic. and we're in the sure where it's going to hit. >> this is adjacent to the north. without power, a lot of rain in these bands. we're supposed to get the worst probably early tomorrow morning. we're adjacent to cocoa beach and we have a huge tourist population here, people hunkered down and just waiting. it's been a tense day, not knowing what is going to hit.
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>> not knowing people were warned to get out, evacuate scomb does it appear the majority of the people heeded the warnings? >> this is one of the smoothest storms i have seen. a dozen years ago, we had three in a row. the governor has been on top of it. i've been critical of fema and so a lot of problems we have had in louisiana is there and it was a different kind of storm. from the federal, state and local level, cooperation has been excellent and citizens are taking this seriously. tomorrow, i think they'll protect themselves and stay
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inside. >> i know tolls were suspended to get people out just a little bit quicker. in terms of the federal level what has been done? what is available to residents? what has been made available to your state? >> we started a couple days ago and the first thing there is a point of liaison which is very important. we had a storm here on the gulf and had in place an emergency incident management team. we're able to shift that over just within the last 48 hours, keep them here, and since i had experience it was a great boon for us to have that team in place.
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and the president granted an emergency declaration. it couldn't have been smoother. everyone has been cooperative. that only gets you sort of advanced ready thes. where we do get damage we have to do assessment and so it's still a long process. >> congressman, thank you for taking time. we appreciate it. and our prayers are with all of you and the residents there. >> thank you. >> there, you can see the map of where it is about to hit. it is a category 4 hurricane. we're going to continue more of our special coverage in just a moment. these goofy glasses.
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welcome back to our live coverage of hurricane matthew. the storm is bearing done on
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florida, heavy rain, potentially catastrophic wind of 130 miles per hour, plus, 2 million people across the southeast are warned to flee inland. and it's about 100 miles off the south florida coastline. but the bands are well into the state of florida. holly bristow joins us. what is it like there, now? >> i can tell you it's gotten a lot uglier. it's becoming a challenge to stand. i saw my photographer hold on to his camera after a big gust.
9:25 pm
there is a sail boat across the rocks within the last 20 minutes that has been out in the inner coast. it looks like someone put it out there with just an anchor on the front of it. and looks like anchor broke lose and it's now slammed up against the sea wall behind me. we're on the inner coastal. if you take a look at water, you'd think we're on the ocean. we've got white caps out here. in an area that is great for boating. i grew up in this area. the point of wake boarding and water skiing. and at times, it's hard to tell whether water is coming in off of the inner coastal. it is coming down and there comes another big one. >> it seems to have hurricanes
9:26 pm
before. >> my photographer is having a hard time holding onto it. i can lean back into the wind and it's and about five minutes ago, we saw the blue flash in the distance, it was another power transformer blowing. and so weather just seems to be getting worse as time goes on. interesting thing here is that we're in satellite beach on the beach around 6:00 tonight. i was talking to a police officer telling me that they're getting only a third of the people who live beachside under mandatory evacuations decided to take off and evacuate. the rest of the people are inside of their homes trying to ride out the storm. and i'll tell you, we drove through there earlier. i would say iths only one if five house that's put up hurricane shutters and it didn't
9:27 pm
look like most had the special glass that hurricane proof. it will be interesting to see what things look like beachside tomorrow. >> it must feel like you're getting absolutely pelted with some pretty hard-hitting rain. and having done it before, i know it's painful to endure that sort of thing. and just describe what it's like to be out in the middle of a hurricane. >> it's almost surreal. my rain jacket is stuck to my back. i can feel the rain pelting me in the back. it is getting strong. just making sure i've got my
9:28 pm
bearing. any time i stand up on my toes, you loose your value quickly. we're going to head west because on the water you're getting more wind. >> yes. do you have electricity there? looks like the lights are on behind you. >> they do still have electricity here. as i look behind me, it looks like merit island has lost their
9:29 pm
power because i don't see my lights on over there. >> all right. holly bristow, you're doing a great job. thank you. we'll check back with you. she's at satellite beach, which is an area that is expected to really bear the brunt of this thing. i was a couple days ago in miami beach. i was stunned nobody was talking about hurricane matthew there. you can see it's hitting florida and will over the next several hours, there are no lines at gas stations. this is two days ago.
9:30 pm
>> you mentioned having covered hurricanes. it's not a surprise, people think they can ride these out. and often times, if you're right there on the coastline, they can be the most dangerous thing to do. >> absolutely. people hopefully heed warnings this time around. and hopefully they're in a safe place. you're looking at a live image now from florida. people are bracing for a powerful blow from hurricane matthew. >> when will the storm actually hit land fall? it's off the coastline you can see there. rick is here and will join us in just a moment with an update.
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very gently release the clutch. -okay that was too fast. so is managing your credit. get experian creditworks basic for free today and you can start getting better. you'll get access to your experian credit report and customer service experts to help answer your questions. so you can learn to be better. good job. start building your credit skills today for free. visit right now. experian®. be better at credit. fox news chief meteorologist joining us again. we have new developments on hurricane matthew. what can you tell us about matthew at this hour? >> i want to back up a little
9:35 pm
bit. showing you one of the reasons why the storm has been incredibly rare. it is tomorrow morning, at 7:00 a.m., we'll be at a full week with this storm at a major hurricane status. that is more than we've seen anywhere off the shore of columbia into haiti and throughout cuba. and the pressure has been very, very low. and when looking at the research, we should be generally at about 1010. and at 9:34, you get the idea, weakens a little bit and to 9:39. category 4 storm and winds into 50-60 miles per hour here along
9:36 pm
the coastline. this is what is going to happen. you see this purple, that is hurricane force winds. go to 6:00 a.m. and all day tomorrow, we have a daytime. we're going to see this towards jacksonville by 6:00 p.m. and throughout the day, saturday, we have about a 40 miles per hour time frame and normally these storms move on shore and begin to dissipate quickly over land. that is not going to be the case. looking at current radar here, this right here is the center eye. there is a secondary eye. those things compete for energy for a little bit. and inner eye likely collapses and when it does, it spreads out the wind quite a bit and make
9:37 pm
strongest winds across a wider area that moves northwest. and there is a good chance we're going to see that. because of that, storm surge from around daytona beach beach, this is going to be that bull's eye, maybe 10 feet, plus. it's a storm surge we have never seen here. we don't know how dunes will react and how inlets will react. we know it will cause extended damage in that spot. >> where does it go from there? does it pose a threat to the northeast? >> no. if there is any place that it poses threats it would be
9:38 pm
towards florida. models showing this making a loop here. so i don't think that we'll be talking about a hurricane. if i played this out, this comes back like this. it would be a very weak kwened system. maybe a 40 miles per hour tropical storm. there is a chance it could swing back here and get close to florida again. a small tropical storm won't be damaging but if we have damage in that clean up period, having more rain would be problematic. >> we hear you talk about soerm surge and speed of the hurricane. how does that impact storm surge? i understand that that is
9:39 pm
perhaps the most deadly. >> storm surge is one of the most deadly pieces of a storm and if it didn't make land fall, that will help a little bit. there is water ahead and because of the shape of the coastline, it pushes water here, so we're going to see it. another thing that makes a difference is if it made a anning you'llar hit to the coast. this angle allows for a lot of that water to spread out and keeps storm surge in that 10-12 foot range. do you remember katrina moving on shore and at a 30 foot storm surge. so that is a very different scenario. a 12 foot surge across a populated area here would have a lot of damage and impacts and it's one last thing, these are
9:40 pm
all barrier islands. so people did not evacuate to inhand areas, would get caught here with that storm surge. that is why they asked many people to do evacuations. >> tonight, phil keating jones us from melbourne, florida. phil? conditions are now what? >> getting more painful. sideways, shaping anybody outside up against the side of the face. so it's going to get worse. we haven't seen any pedestrians
9:41 pm
on the streets. on u.s. one for multiple hours and all of a sudden, they're standing by to go live. this is a man walking up the street. you live in an apartment building a half mile away? >> yes. >> you're watching fox news channel and saw the coverage here and thought -- >> absolutely. >> thought based on what you saw on tv and these pictures what are you thinking? >> i was like it's in the that bad. we have a lot of masking but it's rough. it's comparable to stuff i've seen in japan. i spent a decade there and the typhoons come through 45 times a year. and i have to say the difference being is that america is not used to this weather. it's something. this isn't new to me. >> yes. you know, these wind speeds are
9:42 pm
going to double before all is said and done. >> it was a calculated risk. have valuable stuff and i wanted to protect it. i gauged it from my experience from time in japan and the military. >> you have items for 3 to 5 to 7 days? >> absolutely. i filled up the bathtub for flushing toilets and in case i need to boil water i have a whistler so i can stay. >> that is military training right there. good luck. >> thanks for joining us. and with safe.
9:43 pm
that is when the coast is supposed to be getting hammered here. that is cape canaveral, titusville and daytona beach, after that, it's going to be new smyrna beach and after that, jacksonville. it's going to be a long day ahead of us here in the sunshine state. back to you in new york. >> thanks. you mentioned cape canaveral. that is where the eye is supposed to pass around 8:00 a.m. and last time they had to deal with a hurricane was in 2004. >> florida's governor ordered 1.5 million residents in harm's way to evacuate. >> early winds hitting the state.
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a live look at melbourne, florida. officials have been urging one and a half million residents to evacuate along the projected path. this is the reason why. governor rick scott, quote, this storm will kill you. there are people who refuse to heed the warnings. we have the florida attorney scott major, a national disaster insurance expert. scott, can authorities force the storm riders to evacuate homes? at times of severe emergencies like this? >> first, thanks for having me. i'm sure everybody appreciates the coverage.
9:49 pm
answer is that they cannot force you out of your home if you want to commit suicide, theoretically. they can't forts to leave. >> what about criminal charges if you're on the streets? and if there is a curfew, right sf. >> you can enforce criminal charges as if going to public property, and staying out beyond curfews. >> in terms of what residents should be prepared for in the morning? >> a lot of this depends on the location. you're probably going to wake up and not much learn much about diminishing winds that will go out. moving upwards towards north
9:50 pm
palm beach county and those a a areas you're going to feel wind and rain rain you are feeling now. >> a quick question, insurance company cannot come back at an ensurer and say, hey, we told you to get out and the governor told you to get out and you did not get out, you got injured, we are not going to cover you. >> they cannot do that. >> you are going to have a lot of structural cashty claualty cn the after math, right? you will have both the structural claim that relate to the wind and roof sping ls and doors and then you are going to have flood claims reulating to the surge of the water and a lot of floodings that occurs on the
9:51 pm
island areas and the coastline areas of the florida which you will see surprisingly on the lakes internally. >> major insuranceexpert. thanks very much for being with us. >> thank you. >> our special coverage continues. . it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be...and more. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. we have live coverage of
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a live look at hurricane matthew which the national weather service says could be the most powerful storm hitting the north eastern florida in 118 years. this is in melbourne, florida, a storm surge of 11 feet in some areas. this is a killer storm already, 339 people dead in haiti. >> it could be catastrophic for florida and state emergency declared in the sunshine state and south carolina and also georgia looking at the strong winds tapicking up there in melbourne. storm surge, that's in fact, is the most deadly part of the hurricane. >> winds at 130 miles per hour and gusts on top of that and you go t the storm surge and people ordered to evacuate in many part
9:56 pm
os s of florida and not everybody heated those warnings. when we'll return, we'll hear from our correspondence and we'll hear from rick. >> stay with us. my sweethearts gone sayonara. this scarf all thats left to remem... what! she washed this like a month ago the long lasting scent of gain flings
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we were warned it will be a monster. that was the governor of florida's words. now, hurricane matthew is living up to its fear expectations, good morning and good evening to where ever you are. >> i am greg gerald. >> category 4 hurricane packing 135 miles winds as it bears down in florida. the most pofl storms to threaten the u.s., the atlantic coast in more than a decade. at this hour, states of emergency in florida, south carolina and georgia.


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