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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 6, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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we were warned it will be a monster. that was the governor of florida's words. now, hurricane matthew is living up to its fear expectations, good morning and good evening to where ever you are. >> i am greg gerald. >> category 4 hurricane packing 135 miles winds as it bears down in florida. the most pofl storms to threaten the u.s., the atlantic coast in more than a decade. at this hour, states of emergency in florida, south carolina and georgia.
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matthew left its tragic mark across the caribbean in haiti. that's where the death toll stands at 300 right now. >> the storm left behind a path of massive flooding. we are talking about smashed homes and buildings and flatten palm trees in the bahamas and cuba as well. in florida, nearly 2 million people have been urged to evacuate. >> as we saw the last hour, one person walking up the streets did not heath those warnings. thanks to the days of pr preparatio preparations, governor rick scott, says people there need to fend for themselves.residents c bracing the impact. >> we have seen them come and go again. you just hunker down and wait it out. >> well, despite days of preparations, hurricane matthew is expected to leave massive destruction in its wake all along florida, thousands have
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lost power and it will be very hard to find in the coming days. states of emergency in place and victims of the storms will get assistance from fema and the national guards. >> florida's governor warning people they need to take care of themselves for the first three days. >> steve is joining us live from sebastian, florida, once again. we have been monitoring the situation there with you, what's the latest? >> heather, we have lost power here we are using our head lights on the vehicle to give us some lights. the winds have increased pretty dramatically over the last 15 or 20 minutes. it is a swirling wind. we have seen street signs uprooted and banging down the streets but no sign of stru structural damage of where i am standing. we have seen branches blown off
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but no trees uprooted yet. it does not look like the sustain hurricane forced winds yet but gusts is strong enough to pick up small size and move them out. no one is out on the street here. people here are heating the the warnings and boarded up. a lot of people are worried whether those homes are going to be available when they come back here. >> power outages here and more than a million people could be without power by the time this night is over. governor scott has the power company working around the clock and trying to fix that. we are seeing water rise gradually behind me and behind this building coming up. now, the roads are being flooded as well. it maybe that one that we find
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and causes problems in the over night and morning hours. the winds is not at hurricane straight level but steady rain. rain that could add ten or twelve inches here. >> that called cause the damage here in the next 24 hours. >> jered, in terms of the damage, what else are you seeing? >> we ha >> reporter: we have not seen the dramatic damages that i expect to see at this point. these things are tough to predict, they move one way or another. the real test is whether this makes a land fall as a category four or not. we expected and anticipated at 100 miles per hour winds here. we are not seeing it yet. the storms is still at 60 miles per hour off the coast so there is still time for real damage.
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we saw south florida, miami-dade county really dodged the bullet so far. the hope is here where a lot of people worried of surviving the night and having their homes survive. >> i saw one report where they were told to expect possibly as long as two weeks to lose power. >> reporter: yeah, the warnings have been incredibly dire from officials, the governor himself saying this is a killer storm and certainly it has been in haiti with more than 300 people dead and people are taking those warnings to heart. we are just not seeing the wind power right now here yet. that could change in the next two or three hours. >> all right. steve harrigan live in sebastian. now, lets head north, phil is
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joining us now from melbourne near cocoa beach. how are you doing there, phil? >> reporter: we are doing all right. it is worsening since the last report we did for you. a few minutes ago where we are, emergency operations center and fire rescue says at this point, their personnel as are not gettg on the road and no rescues is happening until the worse of hurricane matthew makes it through and in and out of here. that's supposed to begin 2:00 or 3:00 or 6:00 a.m. in the morning, the most intense impact from the tropical storm. you can see how the tropical leaves and the palm are really blowing. they have been breaking apart and shooting across the road ways. this is u.s. one.
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the street lights have gone black auto. we thought oh man, we are doom now, that was it and no more electricity. but, then it came back on. the county does report there are some down lines and some people have in fact last power here. it is suspected to be a much dire situation. it is still approaching us from the southeast. it should get here in a few hours. 13 miles an hour and 130 miles per hour. it is slowly chugging and high tides up in these parts of florida and happening at midnight. so midnight, at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning, the water is going to be potentially contributing, the hooieight of the water to t wind speed and the storm surge depending on how far it goes in land and remains to be seen.
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heading north of here, melbourne, cocoa beach and daytona beach and up to jacksonville, it is going to be, well, incredibly 24 or 36 hours before the georgia state line and florida state line will start to see noticeable improvement. broward county and miami-dade county, noticeable improvements been having there for hours. broward county warning expired hours ago and the last rain band on the south side of this hurricane has moved up and faithfully, palm beach county and north. it is coming north and florida and beyond that, you know you got georgia and south carolina and north carolina. and fema has tons and tons of water and food and meals ready to eat and proposition of those
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teams all throughout four states ready to respond to the areas that are really going to need them. areas with no power and no stores are opened and destroyed stores, destroyed houses and as the governor puts it, there will be destruction, the strongest adjectives you can use for this is calamity and destruction, devastating damage. they're all in play here and applicable. it is going to be a very, long while we are into the morning now. worsening start of the day in florida, up and down the coast and it is going to be probably another six or seven or eight hours where we are until things noticeably start to improve. it is going to be a long night ahead. >> phil, you are doing such a good job out there and you make it look easy but it is not fun and games. the last time i was doubting one of those. what i remember the most is the
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physical pain of the rain that hilts you and it stings and hurts and constant. describe what it is like for you right there? >> ye >> reporter: yeah, we are at some what of a wind block here. i was walking back where it is all ready. as i stand over here, it is definitely worse, there is less wind, it is 30 feet to camera left. it is so painful and the rain here is probably in the 50 miles per hour range in that zone. i have been putting my hat on and trying to keep my ear dry and my cheeks from getting stung but it is so loud, it makes it
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difficult to hear you in new york, greg. >> all right, phil, you are doing a great job, we appreciate your efforts. >> phil keiating, we'll be checking back with him in florida. standing by with the latest, rick, we are just watching phil there, you can see the winds definitely picking up, the rain coming down and stinging his face, what's the status of matthew and where is it located right now? >> it is headed in that direction and it is going to get worse where phil is. you asked me the last half hour of what happens in the long run. these are our computer models here and actually been spot on for about the last 48 hours, except we don't know in the ten mile jog one way or another. a lot of the computer models, bring it back and loop it back down again close to florida. that's maybe five or six days
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from now. that's what the official forecast from the national hurricane center does as well. if i extend this out in time, it comes right back here southeast. it is a very weaken system but nonetheless, a little bit more rain. >> it is getting very close to the strong winds. when you look at the radar i am packa imagine here, you can see that and those lines of storm here around 15 miles offshore here is this band and those are the winds that are well in excess of hurricane force and maybe up to around 90 or 100 miles per hour in strengths. it is been an interesting structure going on with these two eye walls that's kind of competing for each other. it is difficult to tell exactly what the process it is going through. it appears that the center is weakening and this outer eye wall would take over and begin
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to fill in. the longer time ilt has over water, it allows it to become stronger and maybe we could see some strengthening because of the pressure of this storm is incredibly low. its got to fill that in with air from some place so that we could see this strengthening a little bit. with this larger eye wall moving twor towards the northeast, of a much better chance of having much bigger impact here along the coastline. it gets up in the melbourne area and cape -- it is 1:15 in the morning. the 5:00 is where things are much worse along the coast and we go noon tomorrow, it is an entire daytime event. saturday evenings, 5:00 p.m., we are here in south carolina and
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north carolina with a lot of rain. we have a prolong event happening here and unfolding and along with that, incredible rainfall totals here. some spots probably well in excess of 15 inches of rain especially georgia and south carolina and north carolina. there will be a lot of flooding. the grounds already really saturated. we have a flood event and a wind event and storm surge event. again, it is not just a small spot. it is a really large area of population zone. >> is this moving slower than normal for most hurricanes? >> every storm is a little bit different. you like it when it goes really fast because i does a lot of damage but it gets in and out of there quickly. >> this one is moving about 13 miles per hour relatively slow. certainly slow enough that it prolongs the damage and makes
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the rainfall totals go a little bit higher. >> rick, i want to ask you about georgia, we have a couple of people e-mailing us. they are listening closely to what you are saying, earlier, you mentioned it was veering a little bit more eastward and they were concerned that'll impact georgia more if that was the case and if that's still the case? >> again, we still ten miles one way or another. i really cannot say and we are not going to say in that case. what i will tell you about georgia, just based off of the shape of the coastline here, this area is prone to storm surge, a lot of the storms don't make it to this area. that's why this is one of the strongest storms ever impacting this area. we know we'll see a lot of storm such, is it eight feet or twelve feet, we don't know. the con standpoint movement of water colding into this spot, well, it candace pate better
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than it made a perpendicular hit. >> all that water does come in and cannot come out easily. that's why the storm surge along the georgia coastline is going to be rough and a lot of rivers empty out in here, you will get 10 or 12 inches of rain on those rivers with water that's pushed up in there. i think we are really concern of a major flooding event that's going on along the coast >> we are getting e-mails from folks up in north carolina in the utter bank areas and all the way up to wilmington. >> that's where my aunt lives there. >> what do you tell those folks there. >> i don't have our maps because i am not concerned at north carolina at this point, south carolina, i am concerned about. north carolina, we'll be talking about a rain event and especially the southern half of
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north carolina, some spots or ten or 12 inches of rain. wilmington is better bet than that. the outer banks not as concerned at this point from a major event. just because i think greg, we'll see it loopback down to the south. >> that's so amazing. >> i don't recall in history of a total loop where it can come back and hit florida again. >> it seems like you go up to the east coastline and all the way up to new york city and sandy and boss don aton and now a loop where it is coming back on itself. >> yeah, earlier in the week we certainly thought it is going to move towards the northeast and impact us. hurricanes are moving on their own. so these storms need something to move it in one direction or
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the other. part of it is the rotation of the earth. it retatotates and in general p it up towards the north. we have an area of low pressure that we thought it is going to pull it up and allowing the storm going up the north. that area of low pressure moves further to the north and it did not pick that up. that high pressure keeps it stuck here to the south and nudge it further off to the south. no place for it to go. >> kansas, i know reportedly there were tornados spotted there this eveninevening. there is another hurricane right behind this one. >> i am glad you said that. when we have these hurricanes, we don't pay much attention to other weather that's going on. there is a lot of severe weather today especially across kansas and there is some tornados today. >> there is another hurricane, i don't have it on my map but it
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is further towards off east, it is nicole. it is not going to move towards the u.s. at all. it is one of the factors that we'll determine exactly what happens with the movement of this storm later on. >> i think they're going to retire the name matthew after this. >> i guarantee you they will with the fatality in haiti. >> rick, thank you. >> lets hope people got the warning here and got out of harm's way in time. >> we are coming back with more live images, targets in the southeast of 135 miles per hour winds have been clocked, we'll have a close eye on it >> and the rain on top of that. one floridian decided to ride out the storm despite the dire warnings. stay with us. your car insurance policy is 22 pages long.
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welcome back, i am greg and heather. >> catastrophic winds of 135 miles per hour, storm surges expect to rise up to 11 feet. >> go to a relative or flee in
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land or a friend's home. it is the most powerful storm to threaten the atlantic coastline in more than a decade. it is about a 100 mile os or so off the coastline. the ban there, you can see there with our map well into the states. holly bri hol holly bristow is live, holly, what is it like? >> reporter: we actually moved in land a little bit and we are in bell morning along the indian river which is the inner coastal. we dugout behind the building and you can see. the rain is coming sideways and it seems that the rain drops are getting bigger and painful. you look off in the distance and i don't know how much you seek because of a fray coming off the water. this is the inner coastal. it is common during the day that people enjoy all kinds of water
10:25 pm
sports out there. it is raging with huge waves that are curling and barrelling over that you would not believe. they're rolling in after another and another. about an hour and a half ago or up to an hour and a half ago. there is about a 30 feet sailboat that was 150 yards off the shore, looks like the rain is a little too strong now but often in the distance, it is now a lot and it is climbing up the rocks o f the seawall there. obviously, that got lose. >> we have been seeing these blue flashes of lights all over the place and one by one, you can see the transformers in the area are blowing and it appears that some more people are losing power. there is an island in if middle and over in the distance is
10:26 pm
indian harvard beach. about an hour ago, we can see the lights and we cannot see any of that now which makes me wonder if they have lost their power out in that direction as the storm got nastier and nastier. >> kind of what we seeing at this point. >> holly, i know you can barely hear us because of the hurricane. what are you planning to do in terms of riding out the storm. what are you go toi do yourself? >> earlier in the night, we were right down our truck and we are out here in our ford explorer so between live shots, we have been seeking shelters in our car and warming up and drying up. my hands have been freezing because we have been out here for so long. we are just keeping an eye on the weather. if it gets worse, we'll head in
10:27 pm
land. we are trying to stay as safe as possible while showing folks what it looks like. we'll go further west, heather. >> it is greg again, we were talking with phil keating in the same area that you are in and he said most of the people seems to heath the warning although one fellow walked up to him. what about where you are, did most of the people get out or did they hunker out in their home or what? >> i think we lost our communication. >> yeah, we lost our audio. >> i asked them where they're going to ride out the storm. i was down in charleston and covered hurricane george, i think it was at that point and we had to take, we were in a live truck. we were not in a little truck. we had to put ourselves behind
10:28 pm
large buildings. otherwise, satellite do shakes and you lose your signals. >> it is difficult to do these things. the most dangerous thing about it other than the pain and suffering that you endure feels like a million stinging pins. >> like needles coming down on her face >> you have to worry about the signs that get blown off structures and they hurl at you and they can be deadly. >> yeah. >> that's what you have to worry about, tree limbs, of course, and flying debris which opposes a serious health risk. that's what happened to steve harrigan. police cars are roaming the streets and making sure that people are following instructions.
10:29 pm
and according to the florida governor's office, some two million people have evacuated, not just in florida but elsewhere as well in the carolinas but mostly in florida. a lot of people did heath the advise that the government gave and fema is on the ground and now red cross is on the ground and a lot of help is available. >> 3500 national guards are cleaning up their rescue efforts and as those perhaps continues through the morning. we have not heard anything about that at this point thankfully. thankfully, those people evacuated. we'll continue to follow this hurricane matthew as it bears down to florida. florida, and south carolina and georgia. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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you'll get access to your experian credit report and customer service experts to help answer your questions. so you can learn to be better. good job. start building your credit skills today for free. visit right now. experian®. be better at credit. welcome back, our continuous coverage of hurricane matthew. some are calling it the worst of the storms of our century. >> that's right, heather. it has not been 110 years since this kind of a storm hits north eastern coast of florida with such verosity. >> rick is joining us here in the weather center.
10:34 pm
>> hard at work. >> now, he's available. what's the latest and that's what they want to know. they want to hear from you >> the latest thing, a few minutes ago, we were talking about all the weather that's going on right there. we are talking about nicole, those things are going to interact a little bit over the next couple of days and eventually repel each other just a little bit, there is severe weather across the central part of the country that we have been watching today. wind consistently gusting mid-50s to 70 miles per hour here. that's causing minor damage, i know we got our hurricane forced winds and excess of just off the shore here. it is getting very, very close and this is that line and that band that got hurricane forced winds.
10:35 pm
we are a few miles off to the shore of forth pierce. the storm surge we are confident about it and if we see this kind of widening of the wind and that looks like the trend ward we are seeing. that makes the storm surge becoming a wider area. we are confident that we are going get a significant storm surge there across the georgia and south carolina and north florida coast as well. this is one of our future models that we are looking at. it shows some interaction with the center of it. some where along the coastline eventually, that takes us all the way into saturday so we are 48 hours from now. >> this is what i want to show you right here. so that we had been looking at the latest track, kidney of tracked it off a little bit towards the north because we saw this jog what happened right
10:36 pm
here that happens a little bit towards the north. the latest has been pugging it back to the northwest. if it stays on that trajectory, we'll be looking at some where along the base coast and daytona beach. that's the latest. hurricane hunter are still out there right now. >> it is an incredibly low pressure. there is anything that's causing weakening for this. >> when you have pressure that's low, it means the wind has to correspondence in some level. >> while we are not seeing that center, i like maybe we would that pressure tells us that there is something going on here that its got this category 4 winds expected to be close to the coastline as we move forward the next three hours. >> you talked about how this hurricane matthew is going to
10:37 pm
loop. it may loop in a circle and all the way back to florida. >> nicole further out east koild bounce back of it and repel matthew back in florida. >> yeah, there is a little bit. there is a number of things that would go into play. we are talking about six or seven days out from now. we cannot say if that's going to happen. i will say this, we don't really need to worry about it. if it does do that, it will be a shell of its former essence. it is very weak one at that and if it survives the entire process. we did see some weather here again and think about maybe places with a lot of damage along the coast from the storm in the next 24 hours. if they had a lot more moistures coming back in, that can certainly exacerbate things for people >> we are six to seven days away
10:38 pm
from this point. we'll hold off from it from now. >> we have a long day and night tomorrow. >> back in 1992 with hurricane andrew caused $26 billion in damage across louisiana. all that damage was in florida and significantly for strong winds itself. this one we have to worry about the storm surge and the winds. that w that w that was winds and surge and it was a category five. and just making this director on head. when you get that, you have a much more dangerous situation at least for the storm surge when you have a perpendicular m and we are looking at a parallel angular approach with this one. so it is not quite a fair
10:39 pm
comparison. the dircfference is that did a lot of damage in a small area r relatively. >> it is moving up the coast >> truly a monster storm. we'll be back with you very shortly. >> mandatory evacuation orders are in effect now for 6 coastal counties and the state of georgia. that means about 500,000 people have been ordered to leave their home and that i can shelter in land. >> georgia is in savannah which is saturday night morning if matthew stays on his colden track. what is it like where you are right now? >> gregg the heather the come before the storm, not a lot is going on. the wind has kicked up the last
10:40 pm
hour. the last time there was a mandatory evacuation which there is right now was back in 1999 when hurricane flloyd sidesteps savann savannah. >> it is the early morning hours but there is been no cars on this road for quite some time. all is quiet out there and this is a mandatory evacuation is in place and on the other side here, of course, the savannah river, savannah itself is fairly high but down here is river streaks. this is incredibly low lying area and rick was talking about this and what people are so peaceful of is the storm surge. rick has said it could be upwards of 12 feet of storms surge which would flood this area and there is savannah which is at sea level.
10:41 pm
i interviewed the may other of savannah today. i know rick is keeping a close eye on this. is h his big concern is the hurricane was jogging just a little bit due east meaning that florida potentially would not get slammed by this as some may origin nally thought. this hurricane could move in a more northerly direction. i am going to leave it up to the meteorologist and people like rick. if it comes up here as a three year or four year, it is potentially devastating for this entire region. >> yeah, speaking of the region, there are a couple of areas there where folks are really worried. >> one of them are to the north
10:42 pm
and charleston which has experienced see severe flooding. >> it is below sea level. >> on my facebook feed today. they tell us these one year anniversary and mine was a photo of me in charleston covering that terrible flooding. charleston is in the path of the storm. that's a low country and potentially devastating here. about 18 miles east behind me is a place called -- they were the first community in georgia to cally issue a mandatory evacuation which they did yesterday. we were out on the island yesterday. >> you know kind of toying with the idea of setting up our reporting from there, we came to
10:43 pm
the common sense and common aleutian that it is not safe. >> there are some crews that set up shops out there. the mayor tells me, he believe it will be an unprecedented storm and anyone remaining on that island is taking their lives in their own hands. she's bringing the police and fire team off of that island. >> joel, this is heather chil. e >> speaking of island. you had to get through and across those bridges before they were cut-off? >> absolutely. >> again, don't back to thailand. there is literally a one road by the way that goes out there and it is at sea level. even during high triglycerides there are days when it floods.
10:44 pm
these roads exist through the south carolina and gas. >> if you are caught out there, it is major trouble. >> joel, thank you very much for joining us from hurricane katrina. >> wind is packing up and rain is increasing. >> we'll continue our coverage with you. chaek back in with rick. stay with us. diabetes can be a daily struggle, even if you're trying your best. along with diet and exercise, once-daily toujeo® may help you control your blood sugar. get into a daily groove. ♪ let's groove tonight. ♪ share the spice of life. ♪ baby, from the makers of lantus®, ♪ slice it right. toujeo® provides blood sugar-lowering activity for 24 hours and beyond,
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welcome back to our continuous coverage, this is heather childers. further updating the atlantic coast. >> atlanta is under the storm. jonathan series is joining us now live from folly's beach close in carolina. we are talking about it building? >> what's the littest there jonathan? >> reporter: yeah, there is a
10:49 pm
nervous calm right now. fall falter take the threat seriously and boarding up windows and putting sandbags to safe guard along flooding and many residents want to get off the island and seek shelters and higher ground. other residents are not only here but other places throughout the low country, they plan to hunker down and brave the storm. >> we live in a new building, newcomb complexity and we tran to stay home. >> you feel pretty safe there? >> i feel pretty safe there. everything is for the best. >> away want to live you an areal prif of as a whole any beach. this was taken from a drone earlier today. if hurricane matthew creates a significant storm injury access roads to the west land,'ding to
10:50 pm
this barrier island community and others like it, could be become i am posz passable. and stranding anyone who has not evacuated. they say it works well and helping people to get away from the coast as the storm approaches. one the storm begins leaving the eastbound lanes, well needed to get resources in the low country. >> 3:00 p.m. on thursday, 285,000 have been wac waited >> state officials would like to bring the ode up to half a billion >> it is very telling. if you have a hospital that is evacuating. that's all the more reason why the residents in those areas thoed to evacuate. this is a serious storm.
10:51 pm
>> the governor says when win exceeds 40 merps. wir going to start closing some of the higher bridges in this area, back tow, guys. >> jonathan, live for us. we have not mentioned there are hospitals. they were closing because they were not capable of handlin handling -- people in the caribbean, they have not seen a storm like this in about 15 years. >> coming up, hurricane matthew leaves behind the destruction on haiti and the obama will up gate you on that. >> where does it move? >> you will see the map, it will give you the details. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424.
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welcome back, before lashing florida, hurricane matthew left the destruction in haithaiti. at least 283 people are dead and we are getting higher count by our associated press of more than 300. many of them in the country's south western zone. he says he expects the soviet union toll to rise.
10:56 pm
authorities can access to more remote places that's been left isolated by the storms. >> yeah, the number is 339 bodies starting to appear as some areas are receding the water.
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matthew left its tragic mark across the caribbean and especially in haiti, that's where the death toll stands at more than 300. the storm leaving behind massive floodings and mashed homes and


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