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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  October 6, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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matthew left its tragic mark across the caribbean and especially in haiti, that's where the death toll stands at more than 300. the storm leaving behind massive floodings and mashed homes and uprooted trees.
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the bahamas has been hit hard. >> florida, nearly two million people got out and seeking for residence. >> if you are in evacuation zone, get out. this is not something where you take a chance with. time is running out. there is no excuses. the roads are opened. you should get out. >> evacuate and evacuate. >> florida is not the only state in danger. damage would skip along the south eastern cloes ion over the next couple of days. >> the president declared a state of emergency, florida and south liar na and georgia. rick has the latest. what can you tell us about where the hurricane is now and where is it headed? >>. >> i know one of the writers wrote that.
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>> it is going to be breaking the most line for oobt 40 miles per hour. really damaging event for a really largement of real estate here. 70 miles per hour wind gusts and 74 is when we goat to hurricane strikes. we are getting close to that and the i mage showing of the yellos and reds, those are the stronger winds. there is this center eye and that's where we got the 130 miles per hour. we probably have around 80 to 100 miles per hour. which is just a few miles offshore and the whole thing is moving towards the northwest. if you do that, probably, once we get north of the fort pearce area, we'll see the first wind. >> moving about 13 miles an hour, it is about 90 miles away
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from cape kcanavaro. that could change. we know we are going to get a lot of rain for a lot of people. i think especially if you get further off towards the north. it is going to go through a process and we are going to see some spots in the a lot area in the 8 to 12 range and some spots higher, big flooding concerns. we had flooding last year. we are going to see very significant event again. i hope it does not get to that area. when you see a storm surge moving in and the rain on top of that, we'll have a hard time getting that water to drain in a lot of rivers that's feeding out to the atlantic. >> this is a future radar depiction. this one is showing the center of, moving towards george and
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carolina. >> we have a long event ahead of us. it is going to be what? we have a long track ahead. >> the map that you just showed, do you expect for it to continue to strengthen and wind and where will it move out? >> it will begin to weaken. once we get a lit further north a couple of things will happen. we have gotten enough interaction of land and that'll weaken a little bit. >> the water is moving over the gulf stream right now. very warm water. the further up get, the water temperatures are not that warm. we'll see it and likely to category two or three and by the time we get to the south carolina area is maybe a two or a one. it will be a weaker storm as far as those wind speeds. storm surges are the same and the rain amounts are going to be
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the same. but, it will weaken a bit as it moves into the north. >> when it loops out towards the east, where will that be adjacent to the mainland? >> different models are doing the same thing with it. >> some of that don't react to it until further out. i think it will be this side or that side or a little bit. >> all right, rick, many thanks, we'll check back with you. hurricane matthew deadly force is felt across florida eastern coastline. rev rain and powerful winds. steve harrigan is joining us live from sebastian, florida. how is it there? >> gregg, it is really a wall of water coming down here. >> either you are from straight down or -- the winds in the area
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is about 70 miles per hour. that meals about right. we have seen some gusts of winds here and strong enough to uproot signs and flying down the road behind me. we have not seen winds that's strong enough from this vantage point. the governor has been out on the past four days warning people that this is a killer storm and it did prove to be the case in haiti. >> the question is will or not -- we have seen the is your honor tip of glaz and dodge the bullet, here along the treasure coast. >> they were concerned that this point, we could not have win over 100 miles an hour. >> that's not the case right now. if it does make land fall. >> it could be catastrophic. he's been asking the graph foft
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for assistance. >> so far right now, it is like a ghost town here. we are seeing palm trees and no one is out on the streets. people left or riding it out inside their home tonight. >> gregg, back tow. >> steve harrigan who's live in sebastian, florida. >> you can see the power ill still on behind him. that's amazing. >> the government tweeted out about 142,000 people are already in the dark. >> it has not even hit tchlt eye of the storm has yet to hit. phil keating, he joins us how from female born. what's the latest? >> oh my gosh. this is the worse it has been without a dowel. >> ache a look on u.s. one behind me. this is too yous louse to go
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booid me. >> we found the last remaining hotel room and you can jus just -- the wind and the rain is just howling the streets. >> the strength of the hurricane to 125 miles making it a category three storms. basically of the same latitude of sierra beach right now. >> that's 30 miles south of where we are. >> the storm is still on its way at the center of the storm. we have another two hours of worsening conditions. >> this is the worst that we have seen. 10:00 tonight. the palms are going, i have not seen any trees fallen over yet >> so far, structurally, everything is holding up and this hotel is described by this people as. although, a couple of hours ago,
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there was a family, a husband and wife and a little kid chofs a stroller. >> the husband was hauling the baby crib done to the -- down to the lounge inside the hotel. which is protected by boarded up windows, the north ied of this hotel is last of the windows. unsteen whether it is hurricane or not. >> many buildings did go up to hear occasion equation, glass, after those devastating 2004 and 205 years. if i don't live money, i saw and people had been doing that down at miami-dade >> all the way up the coast, a lot of pete did heat the advise. and even zaire --
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>> the worst of the wind and rain, it is long gone. it is several hours of good improvements. up next, you got melbourne and then you got satellite peach, cocoa beach and kate ka nafl. and a lot of tourists at the nearest beach to orlando. >> soen on the weekends, it is massively crowded. >> beach goers driving an out hour to the coastline >> mandatory evacuations. you have to give credit to the climate topology and meteorologist. t three days og, they were
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pinpointing where you were taking to take it. >> matthew arriving here in the state of florida and it is the state coast. is it the storm ooits and still about 80 miles per hour. >> southeast of cape -- and this fra jekt ri is going that way, these winds and rain are kpim zg howling, basically actuall actually -- there are still 30,000 people in this county that are now without powers. and power lines are down and according to emergency fires and rescues. >> the winds are too strong. the gusts are getting closer and closer to 70 miles per hour where we are. >> these are without a doubt in
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the 60s and emergency crews and that includes the sheriff departments. they are not going out for any anybody at this point. >> if you did, stay and not evacuate in land. >> you are absolutely on your own for fuhult hours. once daylight gets here, it is a massive daylight assessment. t that's intercostal. >> it is possible that a lot of the coastal mainland sees some of the flooding. >> as you were talking, i was going to ask you about the tower because it went out behind you while you. >> reporter: talking. >> it bake back on.
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who were you able to tell how many residents were there. >> people have not evacuated and gone through other areas of the states. >> every wok is such to be occupied and a lot of people lived here full-time and sobriety o sobriety hotel and most people are staying here. some people checked in in the last several days. they live in trailer park. >> so you heard somebody talking about oliver park. >> people down the hallway and just hanging out and watching the parade nowadays. i thesz it is too loud. maybe they just want to see themselves in person what it is likely to be the worst hurricane they after seen in their entire
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life >> or i they want to meet you, phil >> leer i, you are a single guy. >> it is sort of a jail without a ceiling. >> what was the four dang, gallinggal halling a crib down the street? >> they were pulling zg everything they needed for the next eight hours, out of their room and taking it down to the hotel and going into the lobby area and which is this restaurant is closed all day. >> tomorrow standard noon, public employees as well as the private held employees? >> they had to make sure they got out of town before it was too late so foreign:00 was the ted line for a lot of people,
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all the super market and home depot and k-mart and walmart. they were all closed >> the lies were off the shells. uh-uh could not find batteries. that does show a lot of people did stock up over the past several days. >> 1.5 million peoples hurgeed to evacuate. this, many did. there are still support about people hunkering down on the island. and north of ear new myrtle beach at the time the eye of the storm gets up to there, it will be closer to the coastline which means more hurricane winds impact and more wind rain as well as sea surge. it could get extremely dangerous here in the next eight hours.
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>> phil phil keikeitting. >> when you cover her case, that's one of the most difficult points. he's getting food. >> probably stock file and a lot of chips and dips. the restaurants are closed and the stores are closed. if you are traveling and don't have a home there, you know, you get hungry. >> some of the local hotels. >> they will kind of plan ahead for that and other flows had to receive. and they knew that people are going to come and evacuate theirs. they'll go hang out in the bobby area especially when the power goes out. >> kind of a safe aichb and we are all in it together. >> a weather conditions are continuing to deteriorating
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ochlt as you have been watching hurricane cat few of category 3 storms now. it is been downgraded from 4 to 33. >> winds down as it -- we'll have more on this dangerous storms after this break, stay with us. bp engineers use underwater robots, so they can keep watch over operations below the sea, even from thousands of feet above.
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because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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hurricane matthew being called one of the strongest atlantic hurricanes in in more than ten years. fra forecasters is following our storms. our research scientists following us from colorado state university. thank for being with us, what can you tell us about hurricane matthew. it has done an incredible amount of devastation. there is been reports of nearly 300 fatalities in haiti. that number is likely to rise. hurricane matthew is the first hurricane on record. haiti, cuba and the bahamas. >> it is now as you have seen her late dui, lockharting to see
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damage along the east coast of florida. i would like you to continue to do so as it approaches the coastline over the next 12 or 24 hours. >> put this one in historical positive. >> one of the things of the unusual about this storm. probably the similar track that we can no of and hurricane david back in 1979, took a similar track off parallel the coast. it is still a question as to where the eye of the storm and completely. but, it is going to be very significant damage aloss the east coast. >> the storm is not moving familiarly so it is going to take a little wild for these conditions to be improved later on today. >> do most postorms move faster.
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>> they tend to move faster as they headed to north. it had been a very slow moving storm earlier at this time. only about 5 miles per hour. whatever down in the caribbean. >> what strikes so some of us i unusual and you can tell us, once it moves forth ward along the coastline and hits roughly of north carolina. then it moves in a loop out in eastward and one of the trajectories is that projected to have it actually hit florida yet again and all of its circles. >> yeah, that's a very unusual track. it is very unusual to have a storm and as best as -- where
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you had to do a complete move and hit florida for a long time. if so if it does, it will be a tropical storm or a tropical depression. >> certainly the storm is one for the record book. >> hurricane matthews will not appear again. >> we are looking at live pictures in melbourne, florida, anywhere from about half an hour to an hour from now, it is going to hit full force there. phillip, while we have you. >> why does it that weekend, it loops. >> upper level winds are going to get stronger? >> the water also, will be cooler as it moves further north.
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partly, stronger upper winds. >> phillip, thank you very much for putting this in your perspective. we appreciate it >> that's something that people will remember. lets hope they wake up tomorrow morning and the damage is not quite severe. >> the i have been looking on the line and some of the pictures already came in. >> in the ma ma'bahamas and the damage there and several the rooms, the winds rips it apart. >> we'll have pictures coming in and almost 2 million people ordered to evacuate three states, states of emergency and florida and georgia at this hour, tsa eas the eye of hurric matthew is continuing to go down. we'll continue to cover it for
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you. >> the daylight really shows the high incredible winds, which obviously pushes a storm surge, the surf coming ashore and there you see, some pictures -- i believe that's in haiti >> haiti. >> it is said that 300 deaths and they are saying more than 100,000 of people are in need of food ans and shelters. it is really devastated there. >> they have nwell, we'll have path of the storm. we'll check in with our chief meteorologist, rick, that's who you will want to hear from. he will be coming up next. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs...
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we continue to watch hurricane matthew as he bears down on the eastern coast, headed for florida at this point. the latest news, it has dropped to a category three hurricane. our meteorologist rick is joining us again with the laytet on this. what can you tell us what's happening right now. >> don't be fooled at that drop. winds at 120 miles per hour. the pressure also dropped. it is not a weakening storm even though you are see thing that
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sustained winds dropped a little bit. the wind is expanding out and that ribrings us more storm sur in a wider area. our winds here has been in the 50s and 60s and 70s along the coast. >> it is right here is where we have kind of an eye wall. there is an inner eye wall here that's been collapsing a little bit. these things are likely to congeal into one i. as that happens, that'll likely strengthen this as it moves off towards the northwest. the sustained winds are about ten miles offshore. some where between fort pearce and up around cocoa beach. we got a system on our hand that's not doing anything. you would like to see the pressure rising to get an idea and we are not seeing that at
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all. the last advisory from the hurricane center at 11:00. >> 3.5 hour ago was based on this trajectory right here. they were taking the path two towards the north. >> since that time, it is been going towards cape canavero. we got the winds and the rain on sheer right now. keeping it just offshore and we are talking about a five miles difference one way or another. the rain and the wind could be a little bit les stays a little bit offshore and maybe we would not see those 130 miles per hour winds and that would be good news. we got all of the coast to get through and it moves back here
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across areas of the southeast. and lingers there. maybe it impacts us again as six or so days right now. >> rick, i have been reading from miami and fort lauderdale because matthew was roughly 100 miles offshore, the 4.4 million people in those areas were spared from those effects. but as you are describing it now, it is going to hit towards cape canaveral and hit land there. >> likely. >> we are talking about a game of inches here. that can make all the inches. >> that's certainly the worse of it to the north of that as the storm has been paralleling the florida coastline. you are right, miami and fort lauderdale spared from the worst
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of this. >> and of the trajectory you are pointing around cape cavernarel. >> we may have a large eye but part of the eye over the coastline. georgia and south carolina thing, this is still to come. we have a long way to go from this and you get an idea here, gregg, i put on the historical track. you get the idea that we have been to the bahamas that's far away from florida. it is move uing in the intersdif land. while we are talking about this for a number of hours tonight, the worse is yet to come. the storm is moving to land and you can get the idea here. mimely and there were lines very
11:35 pm
far away or it is getter closer and closer. once we get into this spot, waef long way to go for north florida and georgia and it is going to take us until saturday evening. >> the rain and the flooding, it is that's a significant concern for both of those states, georgia and south carolina. >> i lived in georgia when the 500 years flood happens. it went over its banks and caskets floating down main streets. >> we had to deal with the water levels with all the rivers as well. >> so you may have a storm surge some where around 100 miles per hour. you have a lot of waves on top of that. you have title issues so if this happens and going in line with a high tide cycle then say of a 10 feet storm such on top of that and then maybe 12 inches of
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rain and all of that water being pushed up into the rivers and the rain falling, it is going to be hard for that water to come out of that river and that's why we are concerned about that. >> rick, thank you very much. >> you bet. >> hurricane matthew is bearing down in florida and winds of 120 miles per hour. storm search expecturge is expe to a million feet. this is the most powerful storms that is threatening the atlantic coastline in more than a decade. the bands are well in the states and as you saw rick pointing out in the next four or five hours, it will hit the mainland near cape canaveral. >> jackie is live in florida. tell us what you see and feel and hear.
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>> reporter: well, hi gregg, we are in palm bay, you can see heavy rain and we have been feeling some sporatic gusts. sometimes i am losing my footing here as well. underneath and on here at the holiday inn and here at the hotel, we have been experiencing some flickers of lights. the manager here says that we may lose power, they do not have a generator. they have plenty of flashlights for folks. it is a pretty gad out here. the hotel is completely booked and we are seeing a couple of folks right here trying to seek shelter. i was telling one man staying here in the lobby. he didn't want to . right now it is not safe to be driving. the emergency management told us that basically people are on their own right now. it is too dangerous for first
11:38 pm
responders to be out there. the roads are slick and anything could happen. several gas stations are just shut down here so you are basically trapped here trying to seek refuge. the none stop rain since last night and it keeps onramping up. it is too dangerous for us to be driving out there to show you guys. we are just basically damped and trying to stay dry. >> jackie. >> i was going to say, we have been checking in with you all week long in the morning, i know you were able to speak with some people. do you feel they took this storm a little more seriously than perhaps, they have in the past and more people evacuated and leave?
11:39 pm
>> yes, especially the long-term residents. hurricane matthew made them nervous and they did not want to evacuate. their neighborhood was basically hunkered down and they had everything shut down. they said they're going to ride it out but it came to the point there was a shelter right near by, but, thousands of residents have evacuated. there are those few that said they experienced a lot of hurricanes and they want to ride it out but again, governor rick scott was just saying that our lives are more important than property. >> jackie, thank you very much. >> something else we have not mentioned. >> disney is shutting down in florida as well just to be safe. >> a lot of people evacuated from the coastline, they have moved in wards towards places like orlando. >> folks in orlando has two
11:40 pm
sided taking ing a vacation ear than they anticipated. >> right now, the hurricane is bearing down to florida and it is headed to north carolina and south carolina as you heard. the dangers as rick points out, still by matthew and punishing winds at 120 miles per hour can claim lives and do a lot of damage. stay with us for our special coverage of hurricane matthew.
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matthew is slamming the florida coastline now. people there have been preparing for the arrival of this monster storm. some two million people are urging to flee. >> joining us now by phone is
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denise. thank you very much for joining us, how are you doing? >> caller: we are waiting for t for matthew getting out of the way. >> describe for us, where your home is located and how far you went in land and where you are now. >> our house is located on an island. we are at atlantic beach florida which is an island out and our house is on denton island which is a mile and a half and inner coastal. with the storm surges that are coming and predicted, there was no way to say there were water behind it and in front of it. >> you had a certain amount of time to get out and make that
11:46 pm
decision, right? >> caller: we had a mandatory evacuation started yesterday. i do know it is i mminent. they'll shut down every bridge that goes out to the bridges. >> how far away are you now and are you, how do you know that you are safe? >> caller: we are still not out of hurricane matthew's path. we'll experience more so of rain than heavy winds. we are a mile and a half south of, 20 minutes out of gainesville and 40 miles off the coast. we are a lot safer than where we would be than we were at home >> absolutely. >> go to safer areas and 2 million people are force todd
11:47 pm
evacuate. >> you said you are an hour and a half away from your home. you were driving that distance, was there a lot of traffic and did it look like people were listening to the warnings? >> caller: that's weird, we came down wednesday night to avoid that. it was really, really easy. i had a lot of friends waiting it out. >> we did not get hit as hard as we thought. i think my friends have been heading out yesterday so a lot more traffic especially down i-10 and i-75 yesterday and yesterday afternoon when i left earlier on wednesday. >> you evacuated your whole family, husband and some other members of your family are with you, too? >> caller: our dogs and cats are
11:48 pm
with us here as well. >> denise, this is gregg jarrett. a lot of rain and what does it look like and sound like where you are? >> caller: right now it looks like it is really quiet. watching the forecast from what i am hearing, the winds is more of what we are looking at and it is starting to pick up. >> was it a hard decision for you and your friends and neighbor, sure, i think for me, yes, it is you are leaving behind everything you have and not knowing what you are coming back to and i am a native of tennessee and being down here, this is the first time i have gone through this and going through a storm of the century, you don't know what to think,
11:49 pm
you grab what's important to you which was my husband and my dogs and we headed down here. >> my friends have been in florida most of their lives, they're going to stick it out and hunker down but they ended up leaving and evacuating as well. yeah, it was a hard decision but it was something we had to do. everything is replaceable except us. >> denisedenise, what was that that you used? >> caller: us down here, we don't think it is never going to happen. we have not had a hurricane like this in year os or ever. it is one of those things where it is settling in for a lot of people. >> stay safe denise, our prayers are with you and your family and friends as well.
11:50 pm
>> caller: thank you very much. >> i am very touched that you said "you grabbed the thing that's most important to you which is your husband." >> i wish my wife would say that. >> matthew is getting closer to the florida coastline. >> it is effects that's being felt. that number is expected to grow as many are left without power. we'll be right back. so they can keep watch over operations below the sea, even from thousands of feet above. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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hurricane matthew left a trail of destine destruction, jackie is standing by in the newsroom with the latest. >> yeah, good morning heather. according to the associated press, death toll is 289 deaths and 283 of those confirmed in hai haiti. that number is expected to rise as the water recedes of the hardest hit area, southwest peninsula. >> it flattens palm trees and ripping off roofs. >> matthew of 145 miles per hour was the strongest storms that
11:55 pm
hit the area and more than half a century. >> haiti government is estimated 300,000 workers needing some work. >> across have been destroyed by sea water and facilities destroyed. >> haiti is the hem fear lead twoped and most aids depatieendn patien patience. >> the bahamas national emergency management say authorities have rescued 30 people who were trapped on their home. that area including a big destination as you know, twelve inches of rain predicted and a storm such up to 25 feet. there is not been any deaths
11:56 pm
reported there. >> thanks very much for the update. our special coverage of hurricane matthew continues in just a moment. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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you go first. the most powerful storm to threaten the u.s. atlantic coastline in more than a decade. that is how officials are describing hurricane matthew. good morning, welcome to our special coverage, i'm gregg jarrett. >> and i'm heather childers. it's now a category three hurricane. but packing 130-mile-per-hour winds as it bears down on florida. and this morning, states of emergency exist in florida, south carolina and georgia. matthew has yet to hit the u.s. co


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