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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 7, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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drop off a hot meal and say a quick hello. volunteer by donating your lunch break at sit friday, october 7 and this is a fox news alert. monster hurricane matthew bearing down on florida. you are looking live at florida. the deadly storm makes its way up the east coast killing 300 in haiti and devastating the caribbean. georgia, florida, north carolina under a state of emergency. with winds up to 120 miles per hour, more than 250,000 people are already without power in
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florida. a number only expected to grow with the potential of storm surges up to ten feet. >> florida governor, rick scott issuing a dire warn thag this is no joke. >> if you are in an evacuation zone, get out. this is not something you should take a chance with. time is running out. leave. there are no excuses. evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. >> you have to leave. there's going to be 20 feet of water in your house. it's scary. >> right now, the storm is a category 3 hovering near florida. >> we have live team cover achbage from florida to georgia. >> we talk about this cat 3, that's sustained winds of 120 miles per hour and gusts more than that. >> you have to remember to put
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it in perspective, katrina when it made land fall was a category 3. you can't just measure the storm by a category. sandy, which a lot of folks across the northeast say is a benchmark for the worst storm they experienced was a cat 1. because this is a category 3, we can't let our guard down. the strongest of the winds have remained offshore, we think it's going to change in the next couple hours. you can see the well defined eye. the strongest of the winds right now and the potential for storm surge, 6-11 feet of storm surge. it could be devastating for florida and georgia because of the coastline. a new advisory coming out at 5:00 a.m. which will give a lot of details on the track, where
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the storm is going and the models as well. the storm, again, just off the coast of melbourne, florida. there's cape canaveral. this could take a direct hit from the storm, which would be historic. let's look at wind gusts. a major hurricane and the core of the wind right there. it looks like it comes very close in the next couple hours. will it make land fall? that's not the story. it's the strongest core of winds whether or not they come on shore or not. that is the potential for obviously destruction and the rain threat and the storm surge. with lots of life when it comes to hurricanes, storm surge and the flooding is what kills most people, not the winds. we are concerned with the storm surge and the flooding. then, ladies, we are going to watch this as it makes its offshore and per happen as beeline toward florida again this weekend. back to you.
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>> sounds like it could be days. thank you so much. we'll check back with you. >> you got it. >> intense winds, stren shl rain reeking havoc in melbourne, florida. we have been in the brunt of it all night long. what are you experiencing now? i know you could barely hear us earlier. >> reporter: it's getting progressively worse. we are in a lull at the present moment or two. we just lost all the street lights a few minutes ago. they are back on so, there was a big flash down the road. it could have been lightning. i thought it was maybe a transformer blowing. the lights are back on. here we go. here comes a stronger gust of wind and rain. the eye of the storm in the center and the big hurricane winds are still offshore and
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they are southeast of where we are so, hurricane matthew is still marching north up the coastline. this is u.s. 1. you can really see all the wind and rain just howling southbound down the street as we are on the western side of the hurricane. it's going to be if counter clock wise spin motion n. miami-dade county and broward county is where it started. 25,000 people lost power down there. power crews are quickly restoring it down there. now, headed further north and the eye of the storm moved closer to the coastline and bring the stronger winds to the coastline. we have been getting gusts of 70 over on the beach, even higher. it's about three or four miles east of us. vero beach reporting
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70-mile-an-hour wind gusts. inland is going to get a lot of wind. brevard county, where we are, 20,000 people without power now. people in jacksonville have already lost power. here is what the governor said about the northern half of the state. >> you are going to lose power on the east coast. there's no question, you will lose power. you are going to lose power. we don't know how long. we are going to lose power. millions of people in florida are going to lose power. >> reporter: suggesting they may not lose power three days or five days, for a week. could be two weeks. that will make things extremely miserable. back to you. >> stay safe out there. that cannot be easy. >> that's the thing about the
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storms, you have the rain and a moment like that where there's just a little bit of peaceful conditions. >> it's so dangerous. >> north of melbourne in daytona, streets already under water. the worst is to come with with a storm surge of at least 11 feet expected. >> talking about the wind. it is the floo iding, the wind. where you are in daytona, they could see catastrophic flooding. >> reporter: exactly, ladies. good morning to you. that's the fear out here. the wind is impressive to stand against as we get the first real serious tropical storm force gust up here. we are inland from the beach area and we retreated across the waterway. that won't mean much when it comes to flooding. if you get a second to look behind me, you are going to be able to see the intercoastal
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waterway, white caps right there. the water has come up over the seawall and starting to lap up there. from there, a couple more feet before the lower level units here. this story is repeated dozens, if not hundreds of times up and down the block here in central, north central florida. the wind is becoming a bigger issue in daytona, orlando and cities like that in the surrounding suburbs where they are worried not only about rain damage and flooding. we have one road closed because of flooding. we are also worried about the issue of wind damage to homes and those kind of things. 4:00 a.m. right now. we expect the eye farther south between noon and two when the worst conditions will happen. it's eight hours from now to continue to blow and cause damage. most of the people over there
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where you see the lights have evacuated. that's the beach side, if you will. the police were very clear as conditions get worse, they will not be able to make it over the bridges to find people if they are in trouble. the police saying it's not a matter of if people die in the storm but when. this is going to be an issue of negligence if people die. they were warned about getting out before the storm got too bad. most people are in shelters. all hotels have been filled up. the question going forward is how close today toe that the eye of this storm comes and the most intense winds come. they come in bands. right now, we have one of the stronger bands we have seen here. it will let up a bit and heavy rain squall lines. as the eye gets closer and closer to us, up the coast, then all of a sudden, the rain bands
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get more intense, the wind gets more intense and turns into rain and wind all the time. ladies? >> stay safe out there in daytona for us. thank you. we'll keep an eye on that. >> the deadly storm and the race for the white house. >> donald trump hits the trail showing support for people in the path of the storm and hillary clinton stays behind closed doors. >> peter is live for us in d.c. good morning, peter. >> good morning. donald trump was in a swing state last night, new hampshire. he was giving a lot of attention to voters in another, florida. >> all my friends in florida know that we are praying for you and everyone in the path. you have to take care of yourself. you have to get out of the area. you have to listen. you have a great governor, governor scott. you have to listen.
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it could be a really, really bad one. so, it's going to be a rough couple of days and beyond that. we'll see what the path ultimately is. >> hurricane matthew, another variable for the candidates and their campaigns to deal with. the clinton campaign manager urging officials to give people who had to drop everything and hunker down more time to register as new florida voters. >> our first priority on hurricane matthew is that people are safe. we are hoping and expecting officials in florida will adapt deadlines to account for storm. the voter registration deadline in florida is october 11th. our hope would be that a little more time would be given. >> every vote in a place like florida could make a difference. the latest rasmussen shows trump 43, clinton 41. they are preparing behind closed doors for the debate.
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there are questions on whether or not it will cause it to be postponed or canceled. no changes in the schedule. >> this will surely come up on sunday night. politics are always involved in these storms. >> thank you very much, peter. 12 minutes after the top of the hour. a way to escape in georgia after a state of emergency was declared overnight. >> all of a sudden, the house starts coming down. maybe i made the wrong decision. well, it's too late. >> sure is. we are live in savannah where mass evacuations are under way. >> the monster storm downgraded to a category 3. the danger is still there. we are tracking matthew's path. that is next.
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that is hurricane matthew lashing florida right now leaving a path of destruction. >> millions could lose power, could be up to two weeks as the monster storm makes its way up the coast, dumping rain, packing winds up to 120 miles per hour. >> the national weather service warning of catastrophic surges. >> the storm could make landfall within the next two hours. janice dean in the weather center. this is an hour-by-hour storm you have to track. >> yes, we are doing now casting as we speak. we are getting reports we are now seeing and feeling hurricane force gusts along the coast of florida as the eyewall gets really close to the coast and
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cape canaveral. category 3 storm. brand-new update coming. we will get new co-ordinates, the track of the storm and how powerful it is. there is a sign it is still strengthening. we are going to deal with the storm on friday for the georgia coastline. storm surge and flooding. as we get into the weekend, perhaps a recurve. for now, we have hours and hours to go of this huge hurricane, category 3 hurricane. they have no record of something like this happening across the florida coastline. it's really unprecedented. the storm surge, this is the number one killer, water, when it comes to hurricanes. storm surge of 10 feet plus along this vulnerable coastline especially georgia and the carolinas, that could be devastating for them. we have the most dangerous part
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of the storm to go the next 12 to 24 hours. >> thank you, janice. in georgia, you heard janice mention residents along the coast urged to leave immedia immediately. >> homes and businesses boarded up. with a few hours until impact waiting out the storm could have deadly consequences. >> we are live in savannah with new information on the evacuations there. what are you hearing? >> reporter: good morning, heather and abey. the buses rolling. they want the last of struglers out here. mandatory evacuations. people have six hours to get on the buses and go inland. after that, the mayor and governor say the first responders are going home, gathering their things and families and they will be out of here. tonight, when the storm hits the georgia coast, there won't be anyone to come rescue you.
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the buses are running and they want everyone out. here is ha the mayor had to say. >> you have people that will not move and will not go. when, all of a sudden the house starts coming down out there at the beach or something and wondering, maybe i made the wrong decision. that's too late. >> reporter: think about the knowledge lacking in georgia. the last hurricane a category 3 or above was -- it was david, a very weak hurricane. we are dealing with a different thing here. georgia is vulnerable because of all the inlets, the low lying area. we have 15 feet above sea level. further inland, ugly things, too. because we have florida to the south, they take the brunt of these storms. this is a new experience for anyone we talk to.
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no one know what is happens when the hurricane hits. >> very historic area there. hopefully they will be spared the brunt of it. thanks. the time is 20 minutes after the hour. capitalizing on a catastrophe. hillary clinton accused of playing politics with panic. >> pulling ads from the weather channel after being slammed for exploiting a tragedy. what the campaign has to say about it, up next.
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we are back with the fox news alert.
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hurricane matthew unleashing fury on florida at this hour. the monster storm is just miles off the coast of melbourne. it could make land fall in hours. >> more than 270,000 people are already without power. it could be weeks before it is turned back on. the u.s. military now on stand by mobilizing 4500 guardsmen in four states. >> four bases along the coast will serve as hubs where search and rescue are by fema. $11 million has been designated for disaster relief. >> hopefully all that is not needed. the hillary clinton campaign scrambling to weather. they are accused of capitalizing on a catastrophe buying ad time on the weather channel. >> the backlash and quick about face. good morning, jackie. >> good morning. it comes back to politics. hillary clinton evacuating florida's air waves yanking
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political ads set to air on the weather channel. it comes after critics accused clinton of targeting victims for political gain. trump's son eric didn't hold back when describing the intentions as, quote, evil. >> i'm a guy, who maybe in a certain, crazy way believes in karma. there's something evil and sick if you ask me. that's the playbook. typical politics. >> rnc chairman calling clinton out on twitter saying pulling the ads after getting caught won't cut it. she should apologize. clinton's campaign passing it off as an honest mistake. >> it's unfortunate the chairman is trying to politicize the hurricane. we don't think that the voters in florida need this election to get mixed up in their efforts to
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get information on this storm. >> the political ads will run after the storm has pass zed through. it's unclear what damage they have done to clinton in a narrowing race in the sunshine state. heather? >> time sg everything in politics. the time is 26 minutes after the top of the hour. monster hurricane matthew barrelling toward the east coast with 26 million people in its path. more than 170,000 already without power. >> holy toledo. guess we are going to lose power. >> florida, georgia and south carolina under a state of emergency at this hour. our live fox news coverage up and down the east coast continues next.
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it is friday, october 7. hurricane matthew showing no sign of letting up after ripping through the caribbean, killing 300 people in haiti. stk eye of the storm in florida and the east coast. states of emergency in florida, georgia and the carolinas. the governors issuing dire warnings to the residents. >> this can kill you. we cannot save you. >> we can't take you by the hand and bring you. we can't take you and say you need to get out. i am begging you. >> boarded up the best i could and did what i could to get by. >> construction. we have a house that is here on the water. we said good-bye to it. >> 26 million people lie in the storm's path.
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more than 250,000 already without power. >> we have live fox team coverage for you up and down the east coast. >> we begin with tracking a brand-new path in the weather center. what is the latest? >> we get the new advisory in minutes and will bring it to you live. already seeing the hurricane force winds at vero beach. the storm is coming very close to the shoreline. see that band right there, the yellow and oranges? that is the strongest wind with the heaviest rain and the potential storm surge as it moves up the coastline. 120 miles per hour sustained winds. strong category 3 storm and very low pressure, something you would see in a stronger hurricane, a cat 4 or low end cat 5. this is intact. the structure is intact. we are starting to see the center of the very strong winds moving on shore, close to the shore of cape canaveral.
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if we have a land fall of hurricane 3 on cape canaveral, that's historic. 10 million people under hurricane warnings. we have tens of thousands that don't have power. that is going to be ongoing as we go through the day today. let's look at the track again. a new track coming up in moments. we think this could restrengthen as the core of the storm remains offshore and we have very warm water. the gulf stream is here. that's why we could see the potential of strengthening and curving. i's 6 to 11 feet on shore. it could be devastating for them. that is something we are going to watch and into the carolinas where we have a brush of strong category 2 storm. what happens after that? it recurves and maybe comes back. we have to watch. let's look at the fietuuture ra. 24-36 hours, it makes its way up
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the coastline into georgia and the carolinas. this is saturday and sunday. the rainfall with this could be pretty epic for this region, upwards of 10, maybe 12 or more rainfall depending on where the center of the storm goes. keep in mind, the flooding and the water is what kills people out of the hurricanes, not the winds. >> storm surge. expecting a lot of that. we'll check in with you shortly, thank you. >> all the power outages. >> daytona beach preparing for the worst and hurricane matthew marches closer by the minute. >> streets under water this morning and the worst is yet to come. >> live in daytona where we could see catastrophic flooding. you were in strong winds earlier, leeland. >> reporter: indeed. the wind has gotten stronger and we are a long, long, long way away from the worst that is about to come. in about eight or nine hours.
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the winds picked up considerably since the last time we talked. you can get a sense of how bad they are. if you turn your head, you can't lean into them all the way. it doesn't hurt when the rain pellets hit your face super hard. once you get to hurricane force winds, that's what it feels like, like you are being sandblasted out here. we have a couple miles inland and it's this powerful. we decided not to go to the outer islands. we'll do that in a couple hours. to give you a sense of what we were talking about when it comes to flooding. we have standing water here. pretty soon, the storm surge, combined with the high tide right around noon. local reports here say much of where i'm standing now will be under water up to here or so. the first floor of this condo building we are taking shelter next to pretty much is guaranteed to be flooded as are a number of hotels, low lying
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houses along the beach. as janice pointed out, it's the water people are worried about. the wind people can stay inside from and in shelters. once the storm leaves is when many, many, many people end up severely hurt, dead or stranded and forcing police to come out and find them. the wind and water combined, they knock down power lines. many power lines around here are strung up aboveground. toward the beach, they are below ground or buried. here, they are up. you get a sense of what's happening to the palm trees. the palm trees are swaying. they are built to sway. telephone poles, electrical lines are not built to sway. when they break and end up and combine with the flooding, you get big puddles and those kind of things that are proven so deadly in the past and people here have not experiencing a
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hurricane. they have no idea the dangers. that's why it is truly terrifying to first responders right now. back to you. >> you are a trooper. stay safe out there. >> unbelievable wind and he is inland. >> the storm surge is not just a surge itself, add in rain and the rivers that will be rising, the flooding. south of daytona, in melbourne, the category 3 hurricane is reeking havoc. we have been out in the storm all night long with the latest. phil how does it look there? >> you can see how black it is. it is pitch black. this is 4:35 in the morning and the power is now out, not only at our hotel, the street lights. they fluctuated on and off for a long time. this is going to be the
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beginning of many hours if not several days of no electricity in this part of the county. 25,000 people live in the county that had no power. 250,000 people in florida have power around the city. it could be days, if not weeks of no electricity which would make life absolutely miserable for all the people who are not only dealing with damage when they return to their homes or emerge from their homes some time later today after the weather starts to improve. if you don't have electricity and air-conditioning in florida in the month of october, you are not really a happy camper, by any stretch of the imagination. the wind bands and the rain bands, i believe you can see in the light, it is strong. it could get stronger over the
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next hour as the center of the storm gets closest to melbourne. back to you. >> all right, phil for us in melbourne. thanks. turning to politics. the storm front and center in the race for the white house. >> two days before the second debate, donald trump hits it trail showing support for people in the path of the storm while hillary clinton stays behind closed doors. >> we are live in washington, d.c. with the latest from the campaign trail. good morning. >> good morning. late last night, we heard the second presidential debate in st. louis will not be postponed or canceled. the commission on presidential debates says the show will go on despite the clean up in the southeast over the weekend. we did see donald trump on the trail in new hampshire and he spent a lot of time talking about florida. >> i want to send our thoughts, our hearts are with all the people and prayers to the
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millions in the path of what's now known as hurricane matthew. we have a lot of friends in florida, a lot of buildings, a lot of investments in florida, a lot of great employees in florida. to the folks in haiti and all over, we are going to be helping you. we'll be with you and we send our best wishes and prayers. >> meanwhile, the clinton campaign has been walking a fine line calling for caution and also calling for an extension of deadlines they think could help their side. >> our first priority on hurricane matthew is that people are safe. we are hoping and expecting officials in florida will adapt deadlines to account for the storm. the voter registration deadline in florida is october 11th. our hope would be that a little more time would be given. >> the governor says no more time will be given. the deadline will not be extended. we do not expect to see trump or
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clinton today. they are getting ready for the debate. the trump team thinks that gives them an edge. that kind of format would benefit which ever candidate gives a more unfiltered answer. >> trump doing more preparation this time around. thank you. >> i do wan to add to this because we have been watching governor rick scott monitoring the storm. he said four minutes ago, the eyewall of hurricane matthew is within five miles of the central florida coast. extremely close. be ware and stay safe. >> the time is 40 after the hour. hurricane matthew leaving hundreds of thousands in the dark in florida. the monster storm spinning off the coast in florida. janice dean is live with a brand-new track. that is next. staying safe, the app that you need to weather the storm. he joins us live, up next.
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>> holy toledo. i guess we're going to lose power. >> holy toledo says it all. hundreds of thousands of people waking up without power as deadly hurricane matthew hovers over florida. it is the most powerful storm. in is jenson beach in florida. so storm surges and winds up to 120 miles per hour. janice, we said it's five miles off the coast. i'm sure closer now. >> yeah, we are starting to feel the hurricane force winds along the coast, heather. 74 miles per hour in vero beach and we are getting reports
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outside of melbourne with over 80-mile-per-hour winds. you can see the core of the hurricane force winds are coming on shore. we expect that trend to continue moving to the north and west. new advisory coming out moments from now. here is the track as we know it coming very close. maybe a land fall over north or central florida curving to georgia and the carolinas and back out to sea. some models show a recurve back to florida over the weekend. look at the track friday through saturday. a period of 24-36 hours with a major hurricane kissing the coastline and bringing the potential for not only hurricane force winds, but storm surge. 6-11 feet would be devastating for areas along georgia and the carolinas. the rainfall, upwards of 12 inches through the next couple days, which could be very dangerous. heather, back to you. >> dealing with the flooding and
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the high winds. thank you so much, janice. we'll check back with you. >> okay. s hurricane matthew claiming the lives of over 300 people. how can you stay safe? kurt, the cyber guy is here with the best app you can download to stay safe. thanks for being with us this morning. this is so important for people. it seems like an hour-by-hour storm. these apps can save lives. >> i rode katrina out -- good morning to you. your mind goes somewhere else. when you are caught in a storm, you are trying to make heads and tails of what is up and down. you are up for hours on end. apps like these will really pay off especially now. if you have loved ones up and down the coast, take a look at what the american red cross -- this is what janet was saying about monitoring the wind. talk to a pilot, this is the app they use to monitor the weather.
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it shows the wind patterns in this. you can layer, whatever you want. the american red cross, this app here, these people are gone to town with an app that just a few weeks ago was updated. this is called hurricane from the red cross. this allows you to put in all your loved ones, track the storm. it also puts your mind at ease and gives you an idea of not just preparing and what to do during a storm, but what is about to happen next. >> does it show where shelters are as well? >> a list near you. it is location based. it will suggest for a loved one whether they should or shouldn't be in a shelter and what to do ahead. it gives you step by step. here is what you need to do before you go to your house. check to make sure it is safe, watch the power lines. basic stuff. when you are out and your mind is in another frame of beinging
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this helps. hurricane probe, the winner if you have an iphone or android. this is the version of this. this is a weather geek app. this is hurricane hd. this will cost you $3.99. the other is $2.99. it's worth the money. you can get it free if you want the commercials on it. this just really is what a weather geek is looking at right now. it tells where the storm is, the kind of forecasting that janice has in her fingertips. of all the hundreds of weather apps, these three or four, i added a fourth one. >> for $3.99. if your power goes out, this is crucial. >> everything is free unless you want the pro version and skip the ads. >> heather? >> the state of florida sending out emergency push notifications on people's cell phones as well. the time is ten minutes until
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the top of the hour. monster matthew moving in, bearing down on the state of florida. strong winds combined with heavy rains making a mess in the sunshine state. we are live on the ground in the cross winds of the storm, up next.
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we are back with a fox news alert. the eyewall of hurricane matthew within five miles of central florida bringing with it the highest winds and the worst weather matthew has to offer. >> wtvt is live in davenport, florida. the concerns are the wind and rains. what is the latest where you
1:53 am
are. >> reporter: yeah, you are absolutely right. the major concern for folks in davenport and throughout florida is what's going to happen with all this wind. we are continuing to see gust after gust of wind throughout the morning. the ground is already saturated from heavy rain in recent weeks. we are expecting more rain here in relation to this system. davenport is one location throw poke county, florida, 100 miles aw waway from the east coast. people have been here seeking shelter at locations, including this one at a high school behind me. we are just had a chance to speak with emergency managers this morning. while they are continuing to monitor the wind, they are paying attention to power outages. at least 1,000 people reported outages in the eastern locations throughout the tampa bay area,
1:54 am
including davenport and winter haven, florida, too. finally, emergency managers are urging people who live in mobile homes to seek reliable shelter. hundreds of people are doing that throughout the county and we'll monitor it throughout the bay. back to you. >> live for us, thank you. be careful. the time is now five minutes to the top of the hour. hurricane matthew hovering over florida. the deadly storm unleashing strong wind and heavy rain. governor rick scott issuing a dire warning. >> if you are in an evacuation zone get out. this is not something you should take a chance on. >> you are watching fox and friends.
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it is friday, october 7th. this is a fox news alert. monster hurricane matthew bearing down on florida right now. you are looking live at florida as the heart of the storm slams the southern state. >> more than 26 million americans now in the path of the deadly storm as it makes its way up the east coast after killing more than 300 people in haiti and devastating the caribbean. florida, georgia and the carolinas under a state of emergency. with winds up to 120 miles per
1:59 am
hour, more than 300,000 people are already without power in florida. a number only expected to grow with the potential of storm surges up to ten feet. >> florida governor rick scott issuing a dire warning that this is no joke. >> if you are in an evacuation zone, get out. this is not something you should take a chance with. time is running out. leave. there's no excuses. evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. >> drive by this morning. you have to leave. there's going to be a 20 foot wall of water in your house. scary. >> the eye of the storm is a category 3 hovering near the eastern coast of florida. >> we have coverage from florida to georgia this morning. >> le's begin with senior meteorologist janice tracking the latest. new information? >> yes, we discussed the 5:00 a.m. advisory still a category 3 storm. 120 miles per hour sustained
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winds and gusts. the pressure is still low. this is a strong storm. it's been a major hurricane now for a week, which is unprecedented. unprecedented category 3 or higher which is what we categorize a major hurricane. this is making its closest wrush to florida that it has in florida. 25 miles east of cape canaveral. if it were to make land fall that is historic. it makes a close hug of north carolina. don't focus on this. the nuances of the storm are something we can't forecast. bobbles for the east and to the west that's something that is


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