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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 7, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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storm. 120 miles per hour sustained winds and gusts. the pressure is still low. this is a strong storm. it's been a major hurricane now for a week, which is unprecedented. unprecedented category 3 or higher which is what we categorize a major hurricane. this is making its closest wrush to florida that it has in florida. 25 miles east of cape canaveral. if it were to make land fall that is historic. it makes a close hug of north carolina. don't focus on this. the nuances of the storm are something we can't forecast. bobbles for the east and to the west that's something that is
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hard to forecast. as we go gur they are vulnerable beaches in the carolinas. storm surge and flooding will be an issue. the days of hurricane force winds that could potentially effect the coastline then perhaps make a recurve. that's five days out. right now 120 mile per hour sustained winds is literally offshore off cape canaveral ladies. i am seeing hurricane force winds of over 80 miles per hour along the coastline. again the storm surge. that's one of the biggest threats from this. 6 to 11 feet. that would be devastating for northern florida as well as georgia. storm surge, flooding, winds, we are not done with matthew yet. >> i have an aunt in north carolina keeping an eye on it as
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well. >> this will be their story next the carolinas and georgia. >> thank you janice. north of melbourne in daytona streets are already under water the worst yet to come with the storm surge as you heard janice welcome at least 11 feet expected. >> leland is live with the police chief. >> it has gotten more significant in the last hour. he is soon to be the sheriff. earlier you said it's not a matter of if but when people die in this storm. is it that serious? >> the way we are seeing the reports is whether it goes inland or out to sea is a huge difference for us. >> how bad is it compared to how you have seen things in the past? >> this is probably one of the worst storms in the last 10 years we have seen and we have
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not seen the eye come near us yet. that's supposed to happen around 2:00 this afternoon. around 8:00 a.m. we can see the hurricane force winds come in. if this thing turns further to the east it will give us a little bit of a break. >> it is fair to say this is the beginning of the beginning. >> as we look behind this is pretty bad. >> 45 mile an hour winds right now looking at the rain. we have high tide coming. we ask everybody to stay off the streets and hopefully we will keep power here. right now we don't have any power outages. >> janice dean is talking about it's not so much the wind which is the number to talk about but it is the storm surge. we have the delicate dance going on between the storm surge and high winds.
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>> you can have 7, 6, 5 feet of water. >> what does that mean for your police officers? you called in 20 hour shifts but what does that kind of danger mean to them? >> you can't get caught in the current. it we will be on lock down. that is where the importance was of evacuating. >> it is 6:00 last night we were seeing people on the beach taking selfies. do you get the sense people heeded yours and the governor's admonitions? >> i think when they saw what was going on in the state rest of the state of florida it was time to hunker down. it is not necessarily the rain coming down it's the storm surge coming in. is that here in the outer line islands and the mainland? >> it is all connected. we won't be able to pump water out of the main lan land to get it out of there. we are going to fold.
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daytona beach is in a fold. you will have areas that will fill up quickly. >> this is such an unusual hurricane in that it is moving up the coast. it is coming inland taking a bulls eye or direct hit. give us a sense of what that is meaning for the storm surge from west ball am beach from melbourne to here. >> they are looking at a high tide on top of that and waves on top of that. it will create a hazard here. >> so far no injuries? >> so far no injuries. >> you and your men stay safe. >> it looks so bad it is just the beginning of this. the intense winds as you see there and torrential rain wreaking havoc in melbourne florida. >> phil keating has been out all night. i have been out since midnight. you have been out longer than that. what is the situation right now? >> heather, it is too dangerous
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to be out there and totally exposed where we were at midnight. so we are up at the second floor of our hotel right now. you see how black it is. it is pure darkness all over this part of brevard county. power outages. 88,000 people. households without power right now in brevard county. we lost it about an hour ago. no electricity in the whole building. the streetlights are all out. we are battery power with the camera and the late right now. lo and behold one of the guys who have been living here is lewis. lewis, how long have you been living in this place? >> four years. >> this is the strongest hurricane experience while you were here. are you pretty confident? >> it is a strong building built for storms and hurricanes. >> you p haven't slept at all tonight what have you been doing? >> just watching tv. the lights went out so now i am
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watching my dvd. >> no more television no more cable. hard to keep track unless you have a powered up lap top did you power everything up you need? >> you can't do anything in a storm like this. if you stay inside you will be safer. just ride it out all night long. >> why did you choose not to drive further west inland? >> if you go inland sometimes it gets boggled up with trees falling down and everything. no good. >> thank you very much. stay safe, all right. >> there have been downed trees every where. the governor said last night not only has about 250,000 people lost power already the worst is yet to come>> you are going to lose power in on the east coast. you will lose power.
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you are going to lose power we just don't know how long. millions of floridians will be without power. >> the center of the storm of hurricane matthew now about 40 miles southeast of cape canaveral. looks like it may hamake land fl in the next few hours. >> we talked to another resident for floridians it isn't happening until it is happening. >> it has been a long night. >> in the race for the white house, two-days for the second debate donald trump hits the trail showing support for people in the path of the storm while hillary clinton stays behind closed doors. >> good morning heather and
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abby. they asked new hampshire voters to pray for people in florida hillary clinton tweeted this. hurricane matthew is a major storm. i urge everyone for emergency structures. if you are told to stay safe, florida. her campaign manager was giving them more time to register to vote. >> our first priority on hurricane matthew is people are safe. one of the things we are hoping and respeexpecting that officia florida will adapt headlines to account for the storm. the voter registration deadline is october 11th our hope would be a little more time would be given. >> the request was denied by the governor. they wiare set for sunday nightn st. louis. trump isn't so sure. >> give me a break.
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you really think hillary clinton is debate prepping for three or four-days? hillary clinton is resting. she is resting. she wants to build up her energy for sunday night. the narrative is so foolish. i am here for one reason i love the people of new hampshire i said i am going to be here and i am here. >> he's taking a rare day off the trail to study up for the event. the st. louis event sunday night will go on as schedule. there were questions about whether or not it would be postponed or canceled because of what was going on in the southeast. impact that will not be the case for the commission on the debate. >> the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. dozens of afghani soldiers training in the u.s. van nashed.
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pete is here live to weigh in. >> jam packed roadways aren't the concern for trying to escape the skern. thousands of flights are now grounded. we are live.
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>> we are back with a fox news alert. hurricane matthew is bearing down on florida at this hour. the monster storm is just miles off the coast of melbourne and could make land fall in just hours. cape canaveral is facing a possible direct hit. 300,000 people are right now without power. it could be weeks before it is turned back on. experts say the storm has a
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sandy like surge and the result could be catastrophic. the hurricane as you can imagine causing travel chaos. thousands of flights already canceled and train services suspended. cheryl casone of our sister network fox business is here with that part of our coverage. i cannot even imagine the chaos. >> the numbers have been changing over the last few moments. let's go over a few things. the airport posts are going to effect that. delta already canceled 130 flights yesterday in anticipation of the storm. they say 150 at least are going to be canceled today but that can all change in particular in the miami area. southwest canceled 60 flights. florida affected by the storm. all of that is going to change today as the airlines are tracking the storms just like all of us are here. miami travelers you may have better luck but orlando,
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jacksonville in particular those are going to be problematic 180 flights from wednesday to saturday as they are looking at those areas. those plans can change scheduled flight check in with the airlines that's a national story right now. when flight cancellations happen in one part of the country that's the entire country. we have several airport closures to tell you about. i want to show you this. they will be up and running pretty quick here guys. they are technically open. fort lauderdale same situation. they closed it but you will see good news there. palm beach and tampa. carnival cruise lines may make some changes today.
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c cfx among the railroad companies moving equipment out of the area. the deliveries won't be affected. if you are traveling by rail or air you will have problems in the area. fed-ex also will have shipping problems. hospitals are modifying staffing levels. miami is running the full brunt of matthew. changed the ambulance care centers and outpatient clinic. baptist health keeping the er up. cape canaveral evacuations on tuesday. this is changing monitoring several web sites power and light being one of them. we are looking at 300,000 folks without power. we will send it back to you. florida power and light are
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optimistic about getting power up in the southern part of the state. >> the fourth time disney world is shut down. 4 dozen afghan troops training in the u.s. have vanished in less than 2 years. why are they going awall and is this a threat to our security. iraq and afghanistan war veteran he joins us now with the reaction. it is really shocking when you say that but this is something you are familiar with. >> shocking but something that has been going on for quite sometime. i was a trainer in afghanistan in 2011, 2012. this is a concern of ours when you send afghan to europe or the united states. some of the afghans are stuck inside a retractable war gaining ground and gaining momentum. american also send them to europe and the united states to train. a lot of them see the opportunity to dessert.
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it is not as if they will infiltrate they are looking to get out of afghanistan and live in a peaceful country. the united states there's a pipepeline of when these guys r off the base. they have under ground railroad type situations that take tehem to canada or elsewhere. we should still be concerned about the threat because the taliban that has infiltrated thy as well. >> people hear this, they are disappearing they don't know where they are. is it a threat to national security? >> they can't vet. these guys have been training for years to make sure their loyalty is in the state of afghanistan can we vet the national security. these are guys we are working with every single day. some are going to ranger schools some of the most elite schools in the army. they are that good of an afghan soldier and they leave. this under scores how dicey the situation is in afghanistan. the taliban controls more ground today than they have in 2001.
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they deserting at a higher rate tan in the past. >> they are spending 50 million in afghan forces. >> thank you so much. we will keep an eye on this story. >> the time is 20 minutes after the hour. a race to escape in georgia as a state of emergency is declared overnight. >> all of a sudden the house starts coming down out there. you made your decision but it's too late. >> we are life in savannah where mass evacuations are now underway. stick with us. what are you doing right now?
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first." in coastal georgia rez tensidene being urged to leave as hurricane matthew threatens to hit the state with 7 foot storm surge. a few hours until impact waiting out the storm could have deadly consequences. >> carol ann shively is here with information on evacuations there. >> caroline, what's the latest? >> evacuations begin in savannah. they are cutting off at noon. they need to get their families to get them to go inland. we are under a mandatory evacuation east of 95. what folks are worried about here of course the winds whipping through florida and the water but the storm surge is what this state cannot prepare
2:25 am
for. we have many winter inlets. >> everybody that has ever been in it talks about how they can do and how destructive they can be. there's nothing you can do about it. that's a big deal. >> there hasn't been a burn of any kind since 1990. the last time one of those hurricanes hit the georgia coast was in 1898. so they have no idea what to expect from this storm. that's why they are telling people get out, get out now before it is too late. >> caroline, you know we were talking about the storm surge. consider this during hurricane katrina 1500 people lost their lives because of the storm
2:26 am
surge. take it seriously. >> 25 minutes after the top of the hour. monster hurricane matthew is barreling toward the united states with 300,000 already without power. >> holy toledo. we are going to lose power. >> north and south carolina all under a state of emergency at this hour. our live coverage up and down the east coast continues next. the roses are blooming in herbal essences hair is delightfully fragranced with notes of moroccan rose
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>> it is friday october 7th. hurricane matthew showing no signs of letting up killing at least 3 people in haiti. as the eye of the storm looms
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over the east coast president obama declares a state of emergency in florida, georgia and the carolinas. >> this will kill you and we cannot save you. >> we can't take you by the hand and bring you to the up state. we can't take you by the hand and say we can bring you out of there. i am begging you at this point. >> board it up the best that i could and did what i could to get by. >> we have a how is that is right here on the water. >> 26 million people now lie in the storm's path. more than 300,000 already without power. >> we have live fox news team ko raj for you up and down the east coast. >> we begin with janice dean tracking a brand new bath. the storm is changing by the minute.
2:31 am
the center of the storm is coming close to the shoreline. we saw the hurricane make its way toward florida. 40 miles off of cape canaveral. the east and west portions of the eye wall as the storm continues to rake its way up toward georgia and the carolinas. will it make a land fall or will it stay offshore? the one thing that is for sure it is a major hurricane. it has been a major hurricane for over a week now. we are watching it again with the strongest of the winds moving in right now. 85 mile per hour winds reports east of the melbourne area. taking a look at the wind gusts this forecast model shows most of the storm staying offshore for its duration. you can see pushing across georgia and into the carolinas
2:32 am
this is saturday. we will be tracking this well into the weekend. what happens after that? a curve. those are the answers we are going to want in the next couple of days as we get close to tropical storms. it is the water and flesh water flooding. you can have a storm surge of 10 feet plus in the south carolina lena coast that's where it gets very dangerous. the worst of the storm is yet to come. >> the flooding can be devastating. >> daytona beach preparing for the worst as hurricane matthew is closer by the minute. >> katrina under water and the worst is still yet to come. you have been dealing with
2:33 am
strong winds as well. leland? >> certainly strong winds. i told you about an hour ago. the winds pick up it is beginning to happen in daytona beach of the the police chief echoing it is the flooding and storm surge they are most worried about. this hurricane if you can imagine this road line to be where the atlantic coast is the hurricane would be marching up the coast. it would be more and more water to slam in as it moves forward. they are coming up all over these berms here 150 yards from the water. they are expecting almost a flash flood like event here. it is a combination of high tied and the eye meets daytona beach
2:34 am
just about noon. 7 or so hours from now if this storm will continue to intensify. a lot of rain and wind trees down and power lines down. that gives you a sense of how much wind there is the trees are completely horizontal now. they really watching minute by minute they see how close the eye wall is to daytona beach. the flooding and the power outages which are sure to come. the national weather service says if this storm hits daytona beach could be uninhabitable for weeks. >> the power could stay out for upwards of 2 ex wouldn't. >> every time we have gone to leland the last two hours it has
2:35 am
gotten worse and worse and worse. it is wreaking havoc miles from the coast. >> phil keating has been out in the storm all night. phil, what is the latest? >> it is off the shore of brevard county which is where we are in palm bay and melbourne. it is about 40 miles southeast of cape canaveral it is head that long way. there are more than 100,000 people in bref vafd county without power. 350 without power in the state of florida. you did hear the spokesman saying they restored power to 100,000 plus people. there were power outages in miami dade, broward and palm beach counties yesterday. a lot of that has improved. in fact from jupiter south all
2:36 am
of the way to key west. no more hurricane warnings. miami, dade and broward county there's no tropical advisory whatsoever. it's the upside of living through the 8 to 12-hours of intense wind and rain. once it is over you are looking at a day of most likely blue skies and allowing to you get outside of the damage. power went out a few hours ago no electricity in the area of broward county. they add dressed the issue of what all of northern florida take a look. >> no question you will lose power. you are going to lose power. millions of floridians will be
2:37 am
without power. >> they have been touring the state giving news conferences live on tv saying this is serious, you have got to evacuate the coast if you live on the coast, do not take a chance it is your life you are talking about. a lot of floridians did that even though there was much worry about the comply sen see there has been for the last 11 years since the last hurricane hit the state. >> he also activated 3500 national guard troops there to help with the cleanup and recovery wihen that begins. federal state of emergency now covers georgia and north and south carolina in addition to florida. highways packed with evacuees racing against the clock. stores left completely empty as
2:38 am
others prepare for the absolute worse. officials are begging residents to take this storm seriously hopeful their warnings will save lives. >> this is really a serious storm. we have in every way tried to prepare as much as possible to keep you as safe as possible. we can't take you by the hand and bring you to the up state. we can't take you by the hand and say we need to get you out of there. i am begging you at this point. >> leaders in each state say the resident's move is crucial since it brings help to the looming devastation. f.e.m.a. also on stand by ready to move in to areas that are hit the hardest. >> as millions of americans await matthew's wrath the deadly impact is being felt across the caribbean. 300 people already confirmed dead in haiti. that number is expected to rise drastically as hundreds of others are still missing. look at this. tens of thousands of homes leveled, gone and a company
2:39 am
still reeling from the 2010 earthquake the category 7. more than 300,000 people are without power, self service or water at this pour. jamaica and the bau ma'hamas le utter slam bells as well. >> hurricane matthew is now front and center in the race for the white house. >> few days before the second debate. donald trump hits the trail showing support for people in the path of the storm. hillary clinton stays behind closed doors. we are live and the debate goes on. >> we got word the second trump clinton debate in sient lewis on sunday will not be postponed or canceled. commission on presidential debates says the debate will go on despite the debate this weekend. we saw donald trump on the trail in new hampshire.
2:40 am
he spent a lot of time talking about florida. >> wanted to send our hearts our thoughts with all of the people. and prayers to the millions on the path of what's now known as hurricane matthew. we have a lot of friends in florida. we have a lot of investments in florida. for the folks in haiti we will be helping you and we will be with you and we send our best wishes and prayers. >> meanwhile the clinton campaign is walking a fine line calling for caution but also looking for deadlines they could could help their side. >> our first priority on hurricane matthew is people are safe. we are hoping and expecting officials in florida deadlines account for the storm. the voter registration dead lean
2:41 am
is october 11th. our hope would be that a little more time would be given. >> we don't expect to see donald trump or hillary clinton. they think give donald trump an edge because their belief is that the person who does that to the town hall is the person who can give the most unfiltered answer. back to you in new york. >> we will have to wait and see. >> thank you, peter. >> update for you talking about cape canaveral and the hurricane headed that way. an extreme wind warning right now. wind gusts up to 115 miled an hour. capitalizing on catastrophe. playing politics with panic. while the tem kratic nominee from the weather channel. >> the hurricane bears down on the southern states monster
2:42 am
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side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. >> hurricane matthew leaving a path of december strks. >> the monster storm moves up the east coast dumping rain and packing winds 120 miles an hour. >> those powerful gusts knocking around hurricane hunters flying through the eye of the storm. look at this. this is their plane shaking up and down uncontrollably. >> janice dean is in the weather center tracking the latest on this hurricane. we are going to have her back in just a few moments to give us the latest. it has been changing by the
2:46 am
minute. >> she is incredibly busy in there this morning. meantime, hillary clinton's campaign scrambling through the weather. the democratic nominees has a catastrophe by buying time on the campaign. >> in politics timing is everything. >> it really is. good morning ladies. hillary clinton doing damage control this morning as hurricane matthew slams into florida's coastline. her campaign yanking more than $63,000 worth of political ads from the weather channel only after being accused of voters directly in the path of the rnc. couldn't let this crisis go to waste. shameful hillary clinton's campaign even considered exploiting hurricane matthew for political gains. it set off a furry of debates
2:47 am
whether they are insensitive to voters for the headquarters. >> seeing an advantage is highly i will add vised. this is a weather event. >> people understand the importance of government in the time of emergency. >> what is the proper role of government in our lives? >> that is a really timely issue during a storm. >> clinton's campaign says the political ads will run after the storm has passed. it is unclear what damage they have done to clinton in a narrowing race in the sunshine state. >> jackie ibanez. thank you, jackie. >> we will continue to follow the latest with hurricane matthew. we will be right back.
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welcome back. ten minutes before the top of the hour. we'll check in with steve doocy. been monitoring this hurricane closely. i have a feeling they'll be doing the same there. the 20th anniversary of fox newschannel. >> you've summarized. it was 20 years ago coming up in nine minutes that we signed on from little studio a in the corner of 48th and 6th avenue at 1211 6th avenue. 20 years ago. bill o'reilly was here that first day, the judge. how bad will the winds be. while the winds have diminished, it's a super strong category 3 hurricane. the number one killer is not the wind, it is the storm surge.
2:52 am
we've got people up and down the coast but janice dean, best in the business, going to tell us what's going on down along the southeastern atlantic. >> steve, i heard you mention maybe a couple days ago about your home. you have a house in florida. >> yes. >> you were getting ready, the storm shutters closing them. >> exactly. we were up here, got somebody who helps us, one of the neighbors helps us. we've got impact glass, which is fantastic. it's good for 150 miles per hour. we thought we were safe. unfortunately, because it's been so long since we actually used hurricane shutters on the one door, we couldn't find them. they had to put up plywood yesterday. thankfully, i was monitoring all night long and so far, we did not lose electricity. that is some good news. >> good news. >> thousands of floridians absolutely did. >> not see good news for everybody out there. >> thanks, steve. meantime, preparing for the
2:53 am
worst as hurricane matthew marches closer by the minute. >> streets underwater this morning and the worst is still yet to come. >> leland vittert is live in daytona where we could see catastrophic flooding. leland, earlier, strong winds whipping you around. i can't see you yet. what's the latest? >> reporter: heather, we had to put our camera crew inside the car because of the way the winds and the water have gotten out here. you talked about the strong winds. this is the aftermath just the beginning of the beginning of some of the damage here from matthew. you see this is the roof over what was a gas station or is a gas station without their roof. came toppling down here. this gas station is one of the many that ran out of fuel as everyone tried to get ready for hurricane matthew. we're about a block off the beach and already the big issue we've talked about is the storm surge has begun. that's the water that's now coming down the street here. and then rushing all the way
2:54 am
over to the intercoastal. you can get a sense here the water flowing over, how much worse this is going to be. we're right at low tide. wee haven't gotten anywhere close to the eye of this storm. so the water that could end up here is about 20 or 30 miles south of us being pushed by matthew up. the winds will bring it on shore. the winds have picked up substantially now. certainly well over 40 miles an hour. everything up there is horizontal and this sheet metal is now blowing around. that's what's going to be the real danger after the storm is all the debris, the downed power lines, those things left. >> back to you. >> a real trooper out there. we've been wearing flipflops. the camera crew is inside the car filming. >> you can see the wipers there covered. we did that same thing in 1998. i was tell leland, he bepter be careful.
2:55 am
once that water recedes, fire ants because they go to dry land. >> we'll be right back. stay with us.
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> ♪ ♪
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if you need to evacuate and you haven't, evacuate. the storm will kill you. >> heed the warnings as hurricane matthew lashes florida leaving a path of destruction. this morning, hundreds of thousands of people are waking up without power and they might not get it back for weeks. matthew is the most powerful storm to tear through this area in more than a decade. winds up to 120 miles per hour. i've been out here with you since midnight. the worst is still yet to come. the national weather service warning of catastrophic storm surges that could bring immense human suffering. >> the storm could make landfall near cape ka and a half develop in a few hours. it could hit the kennedy space center there. the last time they had to deal with hurricane-force winds was in 2004. this obviously much, much
3:00 am
stronger. >> the worst is still yet to come in daytona. >> about 2 million asked to evacuate. hopefully, they did. >> take it seriously. >> thanks for being with us today. "fox and friends" starts right now with continued coverage. this is a fox news alert. it is 6:00 in new york city and in florida as well. the time to prepare is over. right now hurricane matthew lashing florida's space coast. >> the eye of the monster c category 3 storm getting closer to the u.s. it could make landfall at any moment, probably throughout our show. >> unfortunately, this is going to kill people. >> hundreds of thousands of people are waking up this morning without power and they might not get it back for weeks. >> hurricane matthew packing winds


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