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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 7, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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come in daytona. >> about 2 million asked to evacuate. hopefully, they did. >> take it seriously. >> thanks for being with us today. "fox and friends" starts right now with continued coverage. this is a fox news alert. it is 6:00 in new york city and in florida as well. the time to prepare is over. right now hurricane matthew lashing florida's space coast. >> the eye of the monster c category 3 storm getting closer to the u.s. it could make landfall at any moment, probably throughout our show. >> unfortunately, this is going to kill people. >> hundreds of thousands of people are waking up this morning without power and they might not get it back for weeks. >> hurricane matthew packing winds up to 120 miles per hour
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and the worst is still yet to come they tell us. >> so we have live team coverage from palm bay, florida and fox news chief meteorologist janice dean. but we start with leland vittert live at daytona beach as he's been throughout the night. hey, leland. >> reporter: brian, ainsley, steve, good morning. through the night, it's gotten so much worse as matthew approaches. you turn your head towards the beach and the wind and the water, it's gotten painful now when the water droplets hit you. it's like a sandblast and it will get worse as the wind speeds pick up here as the storm moves forward. the storm surge coming in, roads with water on them and more to team. we're still at low tide. the police chief said real danger is coming now of a combination, deadly combination of high tide an the storm surge together as the eye passes over. take a listen. >> we've got some trees and
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power lines down now. so we're hanging in there and hoping it turns further out to the east. we won't be able to pump water out of the mainland to get it out of there. everything will come in and go to the mainland. daytona beach is in a bowl. you will have areas that will fill up quickly. >> reporter: and just since we talked to the chief about an hour ago, more damage reports, including probably the first significant damage we've seen. this is one of the things that sat over a gas station, supposed to protect you from the wind and water while pumping your gas. it's toppled over and the sheet metal is flying through the streets here, a number of the streetlights are out. interestingly enough, this is one of the gas stations, almost all that was out of gas and out of fuel in the past few days. people being told to hunker down inland. they're saying it could be three, four days until power is restored and you're able to live in your house. out on the outer islands, they're talking about a week
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plus until you're able to inhabit these islands aftermath u is finished with it as the eye is coming here another six or seven hours away. back to you. >> leland vittert, live in daytona beach, florida. it's so windy right now, the camera guy is inside the car. leland, thank you. meanwhile, take a look at this incredible video in to the fox newschannel. palm trees taking a beating by the wind and the rain. >> phil keating has been riding out the storm in palm bay, florida. good morning, phil. >> reporter: good morning to you all. we are just on the city limit line of palm bay and melbourne. just offshore, you've got that eyewall, the most intense, fiercest winds, just a mile or two ar further offshore. so the bands right now could be getting some of the most heavy. it all depends on how far west
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this inner eyewall makes it. how far inland. whether it just skirts off the shore. that really will make all the difference in the world right now. down in port salerno, martin county near stewart, they had serious damage overnight in the early morning hours. a lot of palm trees blowing violently as well as traffic lights. that's been the story coming up the state as it moves and marches north heading towards jacksonville. going to be another long day ahead for floridians. >> all right. >> thank you, phil. >> earlier, we saw phil soaked in water. his hair was dripping wet. maybe the store moved up north now. >> miami has to feel good, right? they feel as though they missed it. now it's central florida and the melbourne area. disney, only the fourth time in
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their history, closed down the park is amazing. janice dean has been tracking the storm. she's been with us. i was reading an article from fox 35, because the storm was a little to the east and hadn't made landfall, they felt blessed because they weren't hit. >> right. we're hoping that trend continues. but the nuances of these hurricanes, weep can't pinpoint whether it's going to wobble to the west or the east. we still have 24, 36 hours of a major hurricane to track. but yes, ainsley, you're right. we're hoping that the center of the storm stays offshore. that's where the core of the strongest winds. however, i want to mention, the worst part of hurricanes are the inland flooding and the storm surge. that was the problem with katrina and it was the problem with sandy and katrina was a category 3 when it made landfall and sandy was a cat 1. you don't want to look at the categories of these storms. the flooding, the inland
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flooding and the storm surge are the killers with these systems. that's what's happening right now. the water is piling to the north of the eyewall here. there's the eyewall. this is the closest brush that we have had with the strongest winds right here. this is cape canaveral, five miles from the eyewall of the storm. we might not even have a landfall of this hurricane. we're going to have watch this. this shows on shore the next couple of hours. look at daytona beach and jacksonville, up towards savannah, georgia, and charleston and myrtle beach and wilmington. we'll be dealing with days of this storm, unfortunately. and a category 3 for the next 24 to 36 hours as it scrapes along the coast. we're hopeful, man, there is a chance that the worst of it will hopefully remain offshore. that would be great news. again, the storm surge and the flooding are the big issues with hurricanes. we're not done. >> janice, what's the biggest
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change since we were covering the incoming storm yesterday? what's the biggest surprise? what's the biggest change in the model? >> not much. we've been pretty good with the cone. i mean, as i said, there's so many uncertainties, that's why we've put the cone of uncertainty out. there are nuances with the storm. will it move more to the west? the wobbles are the difference between a major hurricane or hurricane and a tropical storm force wind. the track has remained the same, but the strength of the storm this time yesterday we were saying a category 4. this is a category 3. not to make the fact that a category 3 isn't a big event. but the difference between a cat 3 and a cat 4 is significant. >> sure. instead of 130 miles an hour, it's 120. janice, i'm glad you've mentioned the fact that the number one killer during a hurricane is actually the storm surge. explain how -- because we see the swirl, we think there's wind
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and rain. it's pushing a wall of water. when you hear a storm surge of five feet. that means whatever high tide is, add five neat to it and it goes inland. right behind you, you show the low country of georgia and south carolina. >> that's right. >> this is going to be a problem. >> that's the most vulnerable area. you see the way the coast is shaped, right? the worst of the storm surge is going to come up and over this storm right ahead of it. it pushes -- it's the counter clockwise wind that determines the push of the ocean on shore and that's why, so the storm -- plet me back up if i can. okay. so you can see right now the center of storm, right? but the storm surge with the counter clockwise winds is moving towards the coastline. we're expecting 6 to 11 foot storm surge. for this coastline as it makes its way toward florida and north
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georgia would be devastating with that stourge. >> police in south carolina sent out a waiver form telling them if you do not evacuate, you're on your own. please tell us your next of kin. if something bad happens with the storm surge, we want to know how to get ahold of your relatives. >> between myrtle beach and charleston. >> democrats and republicans alike said hey, listen, i got your back. let's see and hope he does. let's talk about politics as it relates to the storm. yelled, we were telling you about how the clinton campaign, what is everyone going to be watching in a battleground state? possibly the weather channel. i'll make a $65,000 buy there. they got huge backlash. eric trump called the clinton camp evil and sick for the buy.
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so they unbought the time. >> they were going to capitalize on this killer hurricane. many republicans accused them of. >> they pulled the ads. spent $63,000 for five days worth of ads. >> they called the salesmen and -- >> reince priebus said after pulling the ads after getting caught won't cut it. a the guy who is the campaign manager for hillary clinton actually turned the storm into a political thing saying essentially, okay, we need more people to register and unless the state of florida extends registration, that's going to be a problem. listen to this. >> our first priority on hurricane matthew is that people are safe. the one thing that we are hoping and expecting is that officials in florida will adapt deadlines to account for the storm. the voter registration deadline
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in florida is october 11th. our hope would be that a little bit more time will be given. >> that's not going to happen. the florida governor, rick scott, said you've had enough time. if you haven't registered by now, tough luck. we're not extending them. >> it's going to go through the 11th. prediction is, because the governor said no, he's a republican, they're democrats, they will sue the state of florida. >> remember we had the possible cancellation of in 20 of the debates because of the economic collapse that was taking place. it was recommended. then it went back and they ended up doing it. the debate commission made it clear, we are not delaying the debate. steve doocy does still have to go to st. louis on sunday. he mentioned you. >> i'm headed that way tomorrow to do a story on budweiser. we're going to meet the guy who actually gets paid to drink beer. >> we're going to be --
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>> donald trump says that he was out campaigning last night. hillary clinton is resting he says. she's taken a few days off the campaign trail. >> one other thing, in addition to i think yesterday they canceled 5,000 flights throughout florida and throughout the system if you were flying in or out. amtrak suspended between new york and miami. if you were on a cruise ship in the caribbean, there was a good chance you were rerouted. earlier a reporter, i believe it was leland vittert talking about as you look at hurricane matthew now, currently a category 3, it's spinning towards cape canaveral. back ten years ago, whenever there's a hurricane that might approach cape canaveral, they would have to roll the space shuttles in. but they've mothballed those, they're at museums. spacex leases one of the launch pads out there. they're worried about it. that's an $11 billion asset.
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>> last time spacex tried to use a rocket it exploded. still looking into that. we have 2:50 of storm coverage and so much more coming your way. the next debate between the presidential candidates just two days away in st. louis. is donald trump changing his strategy? what's hillary doing? we're live outside both camps, next. another round of get out of jail free cards from president obama. wait until you hear -- see the rap sheets on those who are now free as a bird. eadache. that's why i use excedrin. it has two pain fighters plus a booster and for some, headache relief starts in just 15 minutes. now moments lost to headaches are moments gained with excedrin. [heartbeat]
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32 days the candidates are gearing up for the debate on sunday. >> we hope so anyway. donald trump hitting the trail to show support for people affected by hurricane matthew. >> hillary clinton behind closed doors prepping for the debate. >> we have live team coverage in new york. but we start with fox news senior national correspondent, john roberts, outside trump tower. speak softly. john, what's going on. >> reporter: good morning to you. missed you the last few mornings here on the don patrol. donald trump is going to be spending the entire day in new york this morning. he's got a roundtable. we don't yet know the topic. but obviously, a lot of his attention will be focus dsed on
3:18 am
what's going on in florida. trump owns a lot of property down there, doral, jupiter, golf courses up in that area. he's got a vested interest, clearly, not only from a business perspective but from a personal perspective, a lot of friends down there and what happens down there and how the sunshine state fares. a meeting in new hampshire, trump said his thoughts and prayers are with the people of florida. listen to this. >> we have a lot of friends in florida, a lot of buildings and investments in florida, lot of great employees in florida. southeast florida has taken the brunt of the storm. to all of my friends in florida, please know that we're praying for you and everyone in the path. >> reporter: trump will be spending a lot of today preparing for the town hall debate in st. louis coming up. last night was seen as preparation for that debate. he had a two-minute countdown
3:19 am
clock there. though he didn't use it there that much. mr. trump said debate prep? i'm not doing that in new hampshire. listen to what he said. >> we're saying this is practice for sunday. this has nothing to do with sunday. we're just here because we wanted to be here. hillary, frankly, they talk about debate prep. this is not debate prep. she's resting. >> reporter: hillary clinton has not had a campaign event since tuesday. she's had fundraisers. she's down for debate prep. donald trump will be working with chris christie and reince priebus today, by the way. back to you. ainsley, steve, brian. >> chris christie is as good a debater as you will get. >> the format too. >> john, thank you very much. hillary clinton preparing for the debate behind closed doors. >> mikey manual is live from westchester new york.
3:20 am
what's the late snes. >> reporter: hillary clinton expected to do more intense debate prep in the area. clinton is clearly the type of candidate who likes to do her homework. feeling prepared and not like, you know, worried done enough homework. bottom line, she'll do plenty of debate prep in the new york area. her aides feel it's worked well for her the past few weeks. they defend her taking time off the campaign trail. bottom line, they think it will pay off in dividends sunday night in st. louis with a huge audience. back to you in manhattan. >> mike emanuel, thank you very much. >> by the way, we chose john roberts first this time. mike emanuel, we might choose him next time. that's the way it broke down. hurricane matthew streaming on shore right now. in florida, the storm closing disney and universal and seaworld -- disney for the fourth time in history. live on the ground there with the latest. stick around.
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6:24. in daytona beach right now, live pictures out of there. you can see the palm trees getting pummeled by the rain and the wind. our affiliate wofl, we're live in new smyrna beach, florida. is the hurricane expected to reach there any moment, right? >> reporter: yeah. good morning to you steve and brian. we're on the beach which is just north of bravard county where the storm is approaching right now. new smyrna beach is just south of daytona. if you've ever been here, you've been to the daytona speedway, we're about a half hour south of the speedway. winds picking up. the palm trees starting to go
3:25 am
sideways. that's always an ominous sign. the rain has been real tricky here. it's been quiet and then it starts to really ramp up and then it backs down. this storm is affecting everybody here in central florida, including disney which is interesting. walt disney world only closed its park three times in its history of opening here in central florida in 1971. owl four times, including this time, weather-related. in 1999 it was a pair of hurricanes and then in 2004 it was hurricane jean and this year, it is hurricane matthew. the theme parks, water parks, disney springs, the miniature golf courses, espn, wide world of sports, that complex all closed today and will remain closed through the end of business today and will likely open tomorrow, weather permitting. the storm is not done with florida yet. there was an image online with
3:26 am
mickey mouse in his fantasia blowing pixie dust blowing the hurricane out to sea. he did just enough magic to keep it far enough this trek a little bit. just a little bit helps ever so much here as our central florida residents and our coast land residents deal with the battering winds and rain of hurricane matthew. we've taken shelter here at the community center in new smyrna beach because of the wind and the rain so hard right now coming down at the beach in new smyrna, which is less than a mile from us. brian, steve? >> andrea jackson, thank you very much. be careful out there. ainsley, you're ready to take it from here. >> i am. thank you, brian. governor mike pence calling oupt hillary clinton for wanting to turn obama care into a single payer system. >> even former president bill clinton calls obamacare a crazy plan. but hillary clinton's campaign,
3:27 am
they want to expand it into a single payer program and for all the world hillary clinton thinks obamacare is a good start. >> will it push workers towards a public option? hear to weigh in are two -- what do you think of the single payer public option? >> i think governor pence is right about this. what hillary clinton has in mind is first of all to add a public option to the exchanges and second, say you can buy into medicare at the age of 50 or 55. those are both public options. also, to give money to taxpayers, which sounds great, up to 177 million, ainsley, are going to get $2500 for single people and $5,000 for families to cut down on out of pocket costs. but that costs almost $100 billion to the taxpayers. the more money given to people to cover their insurance under
3:28 am
obamacare, the less employers are going to want to provide insurance for employees. they'll say, go to the exchange. get it from obamacare. why should we pay for it? if there's a tax incentive, paid by the government, employers are going to bail out. right now, over half of our employees in this country are getting their health care through employer-based insurance. since the eisenhower years. that's the backbone of the system. if that erodes, we'll end up with single payer. >> this is a land grab by hillary clinton and the government saying we want to control your health care. we know what happens when the government controls things. lower quality and increased waits and less time with your doctor. they've choked the system. they've said if you want to sell insurance on this exchange, you're going to sell it in this way and guess what, companies can't make money. it's destroyed the profit motive and the ability of free enterprise to shape the system. what do they then say? well, now we've broken the
3:29 am
system. we'll take it over. this would be the equivalent of saying here's how you have to make a car, it has to have these options and sell it at this price. they come in and say since you went bankrupt, all of these automotive companies, we'll make cars. guess what? they won't run right. how many doctors refuse medicare? tons of them. you can't get lots of doctors that way. doctors from droves will not provide it. >> quality of care will go. you got to be on that train. everyone has to have a ticket on the train. you get on the train, it's full. nowhere to sit. quality of care will be affected. doctors are dropping out. we already are choes choked by the amount of time we spend at computers. doctors are already giving up. >> why are so many insurance cops dropping out? we were reporting 24 companies and now 16 >> because they're sensible. they run the numbers and you can't make money. >> not as many. >> insurance has to pay for people with diabetes and heart
3:30 am
disease and -- exactly. as mark says, listen, it's a broken system that they then want to kill. they were the ones who broke it. >> the second thing is i had a primary care doctor tell me i can't afford my practice. who would buy it? you have to see a psychiatrist now. >> usually we have a -- >> thank you. >> doesn't charge me -- >> yet. >> breaking right now, 350,000 people, our friends in florida, without power. as hurricane matthew is reaching havoc on the coast. we're live from daytona. when the power goes out, what can you do to stay aware of the danger? kurt the cyber guy has the best app to keep you and your family safe. fascinating. that's next.
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that is what you call straight wind. hurricane matthew churning up the coast with winds of over 120 miles per hour. at least 350,000 people are waking up without power. most in florida and the experts say it could be weeks before the juice is turned back on. experts say the hurricane has a sandy-like a superstorm sandy like surge and the worst is yet to come. >> that's scary. because sandy was a cat 1. we have live team coverage with our chief meteorologist janice dean. we're going to start with leland vittert live in florida. he's in daytona beach. leland? >> reporter: hey guys. some of the 350,000 people without power are those all around us. we've got the transformers that have blown.
3:35 am
the squall line is right before some of the big eyewall bands started to come in here to daytona beach. it's pretty dark. but you get a sense of some of the damage here. this was the roof over a gas station. it's now the roof that is crashed down next to the gas station. this is one of the many gas stations out of fuel. the storm surge has started here as well. it may be difficult to see, but over there you've got a lot of water that's flowing down here off of the beach. the stop sign back here blowing pretty good in the wind as well. i've got that. you can see the lightning lighting up. which is the only lightning that we had here. going forward, this is only going to get worse. we're still a couple of hours away from the eye. that means the winds pick up, the storm surge picks up and the storm surge is what everyone is worried about. by high tide, which would be will noon, the water will be here. by the time that that happens. up to here by me. it means this is clearly flooding people's living rooms
3:36 am
all over. transformers have been blowing. we have a lot of lightning too. the threat of tornadoes are built inside of the hurricanes that can be so much more destructive. we're hearing alarms here at the gas station. probably coming from right over there. you can see that the force of this hurricane has blown open some of the gas pumps and those kinds of things. no smell of gas, though, which is something that you'd worry about right now. you can hear the thunder coming in. a couple of minutes ago, we got a strong gust of wind. you can see some of the sheet metal flying around here. we're going to try to get on the other side of the sheet metal so it doesn't come and whack us out here. you can see it's flying all around. we've put our camera crew inside the car to keep them safe. so you can see the windshield wipers going back and forth here. a lot of debris flying around. this is the debris so dangerous.
3:37 am
when it gets into the storm and starts getting blown around. pardon me, as i'm not looking at the camera. we're trying to figure out where stuff is going. we're if front of the power lines. if they go down, it will be that direction. the sheet metal has incredibly sharp edges. if this hits somebody in head or something like that, you can imagine the damage that it will do to anyone. that's what makes it so dangerous in terms of the wind as this hurricane is coming ashore. what makes it dangerous afterwards, the storm surge that would be coming, we're already seeing water coming across the main roads here. not much water. about 6 inches or a foot. by 2 or 3 feet as high tide comes up, that's when it can start washing away vehicles. i talked to the daytona police chief, about a mile from where i am, he just left our location, he told me that there is even more flooding and we've got really serious not only flooding
3:38 am
but power transformers blowing as well. >> guys? >> leland, you're in a developed area of daytona beach. one of the reasons we put the reporters there is so you're near a building because the winds are so strong, they blow you off your feet. how far are you to the beach where it's really blowing? >> reporter: we're about 150 or 200 yards away. you get a sense in terms of the way that the winds are, you can see the palm trees right up there. they're a little bit above what you might say is the wind line. so you can see them going sideways. this is probably a good 20 miles an hour stronger up there than it is where i'm standing right now. we're getting a little bit of shelter from this thing. the fallen over gas station lid. the hotels are two or three stories, they block a lot of the wind where we are and we have safe havens to get to as well and our car as well. i hope national rent a car
3:39 am
executives aren't watching this. we'll bring it back in good order. we promise. the big issue for the wind is at what point it becomes -- the police become unable to move around. that's what the police chief was talking about. once we get through this next lull and then the band that comes in for the eyewall, the police say they're not going anywhere and believe you me, we're not going anywhere either as we sit next to them and watch the storm come in. >> i'm fearful for you. that stop sign has been shaking. go get in that rental car and stay safe. >> keep an eye out. we should point out, 20 years ago today, the fox newschannel started. we had planned all sorts of looks back. one of the things i remember, i think brian you were with us at this point. i think it was bret baier during a hurricane, reminiscent of what we saw. he was in the shadow of a hotel so that he could broadcast and
3:40 am
right behind him some -- a great big piece of sheet metal went flying, cartwheeled through the shot, almost hit him live on television. >> were you at fox from the beginning? >> no. >> i was here in -- i was full-time in '97. didn't get dental until later in '97. so i was -- got on a ledge for a while. >> janice dean has been here for over a decade. she's been, i'm sure it seems like you've been tracking this storm for a very long time as well. we have been tracking the storm for a very long time. >> really. it's been a major hurricane for a week now, which i think will go in the history books as one of the strongest hurricanes that we have had in the atlantic basin. still, a category 3. i want to point out the radar here. where leland is, daytona beach. by the way, i've had conversations with our assignment desks about the safety of our reporters.
3:41 am
i'm hoping that leland really takes precaution. that's one of the dangers is when we have a reporter out will in the eye of the storm or close to it, we have the potential for flying debris. there's where daytona beach is and there is the strongest part of the storm. he's not even close to that. you saw the fierceness of the winds. we've got wind gusts in excess of 100 miles per hour now at cape canaveral. again, the storm really hasn't even come on shore. the strongest core of the wind right here. right where we have the 120 mile per hour winds and beyond that, 60 miles from the center of the storm, we still have hurricane-force winds. which would be 74 miles per hour or higher. we were talking about this earlier. the storm surge. the biggest threat is not the wind. it's the storm surge, the freshwater flooding. with this, this could be devastating for this area. because you see the bend here of georgia into south carolina. we've got the counter clockwise
3:42 am
winds pushing all of that ocean water on shore. that's why 10 feet-plus could be devastating to them. we have not seen the results of this storm yet. then the flooding rainfall, anywhere from 8 to 12 inches plus depending how slow the storm is. here's the forecast path as of now. so the storm is making its closest brush to florida and then it curves its way up towards georgia and then gets closer to south carolina. will we see a landfall finally? we'll have to wait and see. we'll be dealing with a hurricane certainly as we head into the weekend. then we have to watch this because there is the potential for this to recur of and possibly affect the southeast coast heading into next week. so we're going to be tracking this for, i mean, two weeks. >> crazy. real quickly, there's a possibility when it makes that boomerang, it could combine with hurricane, what, nicole, off the coast of bermuda. >> you see nicole. nicole is interacting with this
3:43 am
storm as well. the upper level steering. this is the gfs model. watch what happens. it recur was. >> i don't like that at all. >> we will stay on it. >> thank you, janice. you're looking live at sanford, florida, where hurricane matthew is hammering the coast of florida. we're live on the ground there, next. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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so don't wait. call to request your free decision guide. and gather the information now to help you choose a plan later. these types of plans let you pick any doctor or hospital that takes medicare patients. and there's a range of plans to choose from, depending on you needs and your budget. so if you're turning 65 soon, call now and get started. because the time to think about today. go long. 32 days to the election. we'll get back to the storm in a moment. but first another bombshell in the ongoing clinton e-mail scandal. newly released interviews from the fbi's investigation into the former secretary of state, hiary clinton's private e-mail server show that a number of boxes of printed e-mails of mrs.
3:47 am
clinton's have gone missing. this as we learn that a top official at the state department put pressure on staffers to change e-mail classifications to keep them hidden from -- clinton's communications from the freedom of information requests. there were a lot of them. here to explain the ramifications, judge andrew napolitano. judge, we've been talking about her tens of thousands of e-mails. >> right. >> they've printed up a bunch of them, put them in bankers boxes and now two of the box rs missing. >> remember when this was first discovered and she was ordered to return all her e-mails to the state department, on her own, she decided to return the work-related ones. that's problem number one. under the law when you work for the government, all your e-mails belong to the government. the government decides which you get to keep as personal and it gets to keep as she reversed th. she didn't actually return the e-mails. if you send an e-mail to me and
3:48 am
you deleted it and say judge i need a copy of it. i would hit reply and send it back to you electronically. thereby giving you everything you gave me. what mrs. clinton did was to make paper copies of the e-mails and deliver those to her lawyer to go to the state department much the paper copies do not have on them all the underlying met a data. where they came from, when she received them, were they altered. >> that's handy for her. >> right. was kept from the government. now we find, not only did she keep that from the government but somewhere in this process, from her to her aides to her lawyers to the state department, to the fbi, two of the 12 boxes of paper e-mails are gone. >> with tens of thousands probably inside. judge, is it just me or does it remind you of -- remember when the boxes of the rose law firm documents showed up on the table
3:49 am
at the white house? >> very interestingly you should say that. that was the opposite. that was the appearance of document that is nobody could find in a couple of years. this is the disappearance of documents that everyone has been looking for, for a year and a half. >> real quickly, 30 seconds. somebody else, mr. kennedy over at the department of state has been messing with the classifications to keep things out of the public eye, right? >> this enabled her to make the argument that these documents were not marked confidential, secret or top secret at the time she sent or received them. the markings are irrelevant. as the secretary of state she was obliged to know whether the contents were confidential, secret or top secret. >> sounds a little fishy. >> all the best, stevie. meanwhile, you're looking at hurricane matthew hammering the coast of florida. straight-line winds, we're live on the ground coming up next. when the power goes out, what can you do to stay aware of the danger? curt the cyber guy has the best
3:50 am
apps for your smartphone. they'd be smart for your phone.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
hurricane matthew now down graded to a category three, but with 120-mile-an-hour winds the threat is far from over. >> kurt the cyber guy is here with the best apps that you can download right now so that you can stay safe. >> even if you are in this bad weather or you are not, these apps are phenomenal. i will tell you right now the american red cross has nailed it. just a few weeks ago they came out with their updated hurricane app. it's free to download. this is what it looks like. it shows you the tracking of every storm. you can see where the nearest shelters are to wherever you are in the united states. >> it's screen left. >> it is screen left.
3:54 am
>> and also you really get good education. i rode katrina out in new orleans and at some point you are up for hours on end when you are in a storm and your mind is not 100% there. this gives you really great just common sense reminders about -- we're about to hit this part, which is right after the hurricane, what did you do? let your family and friends know you are safe. it goes through a laundry list. how to avoid power lines. then we got into these ones. we're talking about a hurricane that's riding so cloeft to the coast. that's the wind you can see spinning around here. janice has been talking about how the wind and rain from this as it's so close to the coastline right now really helps you with this to see how -- you are either on the tracks and getting hit by the train or you are just off of it. as this skirts up the coast, this gives you that vantage point.
3:55 am
>> the closer the lines, by the way, the windier it is. >> and the faster they moved. >> a lot of people don't have power. >> you can still have access -- if you are at home right now, and you have relatives that are there, you can also put in their address and it will track you alerts. say there is flooding in their area. hurricane hd, those have made it to the top of the apps. hurricane hd, hurricane red cross. if you've got access to twitter and you are in any storm, common sense, amazing thing to do, sign up for your public utility twitter account. that way you'll know when the power company intends on restoring your power. >> that's great. >> because they are going to let you know first. they are the ones doing the work. >> we've come a long way,
3:56 am
haven't we? >> one thing would be to have a charger with batteries. >> when i was caught in katrina and the power was out, we used those backup power supplies that are hooked up to pcs that happened to be at this hotel and that's where we charged some phones and we got a couple more days on our phones from that. >> what about if people don't know what you are talking about? you go to best buy and talk to the experts and they will correct -- direct you. i don't think my parents wouldn't know how to charge their phone if they don't have electricity. >> it's about having a car charger ready to go. not having your car too far away. dont start your car inside a garage. make sure you got plenty of air. good use of it. backup, turn off your phone for a while during a storm. turn it back on as you get closer. >> we all understand you, so do ainsley parents. >> for those who are not up on technology.
3:57 am
>> you got me scared for a second. violent wind and rain slamming the florida coast. hundreds of thousands people without power. we're just discussing that. where is it heading now? we're live on the ground with the best team coverage you can find. a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun.
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4:00 am
a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about opdivo. bristol-myers squibb thanks the patients, nurses, and physicians involved in opdivo clinical trials. it's 7:00 down in florida. right now, hurricane matthew is a category 3, 120-mile-an-hour winds. it's blasting florida with high winds, with gusts, every once in a while, over 100. >> wow. take a look at this video. pour lines are down. transformers are actually exploding into flames. >> if you need to evacuate and you haven't, evacuate. this storm will kill you. >> wow. this is the kind of force we're dealing with right now. these are the hurricane hunters. they are flying through the eye
4:01 am
of the storm. they are plane tossed around like a toy. >> oh, my goodness. that's from the hurricane hunter plane right there. >> oh, just look at that. why would they do this? >> they do to figure out how strong the winds are and the bearometric pressure. >> the choice was very strong. >> we have live news coverage right now with janice dean, leland vittert and who just 20 minutes ago was doing a report when a great big sign come through and it got you. it did, steve, that's why we moved back behind, what was a thing that stood over a gas station. we also had enough wind come through that all the debris that was going to fly around has flown around. it gives you a dangerous debris
4:02 am
is. this is the price sticker that would have been some gas that would have been up on a sign somewhere on this gas station. this thing hit you, it would not be pleasant. the bands in daytona beach are starting to intensify here. we're still a couple of hours from the eye wall moving through here. that's when we get the heaviest winds and rain. it's still pretty violent. look at what it did to that gas pump right interest. you can see where you put your credit card now, blown wide open. there's some alarm going off. i think it's from the credit card machine. i don't think it's the gas. the winds, you can see the stop sign blowing in the wind. those things are put down into concrete. we've stuck our camera crew inside the car with the windshield wipers on to keep them protected because they don't have the viskt we do as we move around outside. the wind obviously is what causes all the damage.
4:03 am
that's what's knocking power out all around here. we've seen transformers blow. what everyone is really worried about and the reason the police chief in daytona beach said this storm is going to be deadly, not a matter of if but when is because of when the storm surge is coming. low tide is at 6:00 a.m. and high tide is at noon. we're getting minor street flooding here. we've heard farther inland there's more significant flooding near marinas, the fire houses, those kind of things. the water is starting to come. daytona beach is a a little bit like a fishbowl and the water gets churned up and gets into it. that's what makes this hurricane so different. as this storm moves up along the atlantic coast, it's picking up the water and will slam that
4:04 am
water into places like daytona beach, the farther up you go, the higher the storm surge. this is historic storm surge combined with this high tide as this thing hits and the police chief saying things are going to get much more dangerous. keep this in perspective. the police have said in tworo three hours, they themselves are going to all hunker down and not be able to respond to any calls. for a couple of reasons, one, because they can't move around and two, it's too dargs and they need to keep their men safe to be able to move around a little bit later. we've got more debris moving around. this looks like a paper bin or something like that that's been blown free from this gas station. >> what was that -- what is that thing that just blew in front of you? >> he thought it might be a paper bin. >> i'm sorry. it seems like i've lost you. the thing that we're worried about most right now is what's going to happen to the power lines and then also what happens to those power lines as we've
4:05 am
got first light here. you look up. sun is rising here, and once first light comes, weem will start venturing out. it's the one thing that you really can't do because as these power lines come down, they are going to hit the puddles and combine with the rain that we're seeing here and the storm surge and terrify -- electrify a lot of these storms. with that, we're going to head back into the car and see if we can't find a little bit safer things. >> what do you think that is, steve? >> i think he said a little paper box. remember in the olden days people would buy newspapers. there he goes, running on in. while the winds have diminished a bin, it's still a category 3. the number one killer is the storm surge. where he's at in daytona beach, low tide is at 6:00 a.m. high tide is at noon. that's when the storm is coming ashore. they are surgerying the storm --
4:06 am
surge could be 11 feet. >> phil keating has been riding out storm in palm bay, florida. it was calm a little while ago but now it seems to be picking up. >> reporter: absolutely, brian. the wind is coming directly from the west, so we're okay on the back side of this hurricane at this point, however, just on the northeast corner of brevard county, right now the emergency alert just went out. every cell phone, high wind, extreme wind warning. everybody on the space coast by cape kaferl -- -- canaveral, cocoa beach, get indoors to an interior room while you can ride out this wind. a 100-mile-an-hour wind gust was
4:07 am
recorded at cape canaveral. where we are in southern brevard county, the heaviest storm and the strongest fierce he have wind bands remain far enough along the shoreline where we are -- no audio. >> that's one of problems with live television and your satellite dish gets blown a bit. >> it's amazing. i watched two hours ago. first it was in the middle of the night for phil keating than it was two hours ago and now it's quicking up again. >> now his hair is dry. a little while ago, he was totally wet. >> remember, janice dean is in the weather center right now. where both the reporters are, the winds are at a velocity you should not be standing out in the wind. they are standing in the shadow of great, big strong buildings so they can do a live report. >> janice, you are a mom. their moms are watching.
4:08 am
>> i am the one weather person that will always refuse live shots when it comes to hurricanes or tornadoes or anything like that because i feel like i'm the one saying don't do it, please stay indoors. seek shelter, go to higher ground. >> if you toss to somebody in danger, you feel complicity. >> i can't look. i seriously go like this the whole time. >> we are assured by the producers they are in safe locations. >> good. >> steve mentioned nicole, hurricane nicole is in the atlantic. good news, she's not going to affect us. here the latest, 125-mile-an-hour sustain winds. the closest brush with florida it is making right now. we're not getting reports from some of these areas, but daytona beach which is where leland is we've got wind gusts in excess of 67 miles per hour so that can take a projectile and hurt someone. that's why we're concerned. we want leland to take shelter and be safe.
4:09 am
there's the future weather, there daytona beach. the core of the storm, we think it's going to stay off shore. this computer model says it's going to come on shore. the nuances of these hurricanes, a little wobble to the east or the west, makes a difference between hurricane force win or a tropical storm wind. then georgia and the carolinas perhaps still as a hurricane. we're going to get a new update anytime between now and 8:00 a.m., certainly bring that to you, whether or not the storm has threngtnd. if it stays off shore, but you can see as we head through friday, now curving along georgia, and steve, i know, you mentioned this is important because we have counterclockwise winds, the storm surge from this, from the ocean is going to come on shore and some of these low-lying areas, i've been reading that this could have a sandy effect. so even though sandy was a category one when it made landfall, it had an enormous
4:10 am
storm surge that inundated parts of new jersey and new york and damage the shoreline, so that is a big concern for the coastline of north florida and georgia and into the carolinas, and then we're going to watch this perhaps recurve out in the atlantic. so there are your tropical models as we go through that time. this is what makes that cone of uncertainty and we're hoping the bulk of this stays off shore. we're into a nowcasting forecast where we were doing it by the minute because it's really hard to tell whether it's going to make a right or left-hand turn. i want to show you some video out of haiti because we know that this storm was absolutely catastrophic for this area. over 300 people were killed. we knew that this was going to be an incredible story for them, you know. humanitarian story, and so we need you to, if you can, donate to the red cross. they are going to need a lot of support in the days to come and they have had, you know, they
4:11 am
have had hurricanes in the past, but we knew this one was going to be bad because it was coming from the south and they got the worst side of the storm, that right front quadrant that just destroyed them. >> janice, talk about not being able to watch, that breaks your heart. 300 people. >> it really does. >> and a lot of it is all related to the water, the storm surge, flooding, things like that. your point about the american red cross do specify for hurricane recovery. >> yes. absolutely. thank you very much. straight ahead, as we turn to politics, the next debate between the presidential candidates just two days away in st. louis. so is donald trump changing strategy? and where is hillary? we're live outside both camps coming up next with those guys. >> who are they?
4:12 am
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4:15 am
or swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, vomiting, muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills, or rash. get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13® today. just 32 days from the election and the candidates gearing up for sunday's debate in st. louis. >> donald trump is hitting the trail to show support for people affected by hurricane matthew and hillary clinton behind closed doors prepping for the debate. >> we have live team coverage. we start with fox news national correspondent john roberts who
4:16 am
is outside trump tower to talk about trump. >> good morning to you. donald will spend the entire day today in new york. he's got a round table this morning with his national security advisory team. they will be looking at what's going on with hurricane matthew hitting florida so hard there. he's a property owner down there. part-time resident. he's got a lot of other businesses down there as well. employs a lot of people. clearly he will be concerned about them and as well should he become president, the next time a hurricane hits the mainland in the united states, it may be him who is leading the response to it. yesterday, donald trump was in new hampshire, in sanborn for a town hall meeting, wildly seen as an opportunity to practice for the format ellen counter in st. louis. fielding questions from folks
4:17 am
who were in attendance at that event. even though he was using a two-minute counter, this is not debate prep. >> this has nothing do with sunday. i love the people of new hampshire. this was set up a little while ago. they were going to cancel it. do you really think that hillary clinton is debate prepping for three or four days. hillary clinton is resting. >> donald trump making reference there to the fact that hillary clinton has not had a campaign event since tuesday, though she's had a couple of fund-raisers. trump will be spending most of today in debate prep here in trump tower. he will be doing much of the same thing tomorrow but he will be making a campaign appearance at the fall fest where he will
4:18 am
be campaigning with the speaker of the house, paul ryan. >> that should be interesting. >> that's very significant. he wants wisconsin. >> i can tell you. reince priebus set the whole thing up. >> now you know. >> when he came out with those comments about mike pence, i felt that was significant too. meaning paul ryan. on the democrat side, hillary clinton preparing for the debate behind closed doors. >> reporter: good morning to you. the format sunday night of a town hall with two debate moderators and also interacting with the audience will give that debate a different feel so hillary clinton has done some mock debate preparation, also just talking through the issues with her debate prep team. clinton is expected to do more debate prep at a nearby west chester new york area hotel today.
4:19 am
clinton aides have defended taking time off the campaign trail. noting that these debates get huge television audiences. clinton made reference to donald trump at a fund-raiser in washington. >> i thought the first one went pretty well. >> and clinton's running mate is out on the campaign trail after the vp debate this week and tim kaine is suggesting all the pressure is on trump. >> he's going into this debate with hillary clinton sunday in a pretty, pretty tough spot, and then that last debate, the closing debate, the homestretch debate, right here in las vegas is going to be very, very good. >> reporter: hillary clinton's last traditional campaign events were tuesday in pennsylvania. since then, it's been about
4:20 am
fundraising and hunkering down with her debate prep team. >> all right. thank you very much. yesterday, mike pence was going to an event but he was a little late so he rolled in. said i'm sorry, i'm late but i stopped over at a pie place and i was trying to order and tim kaine came in and interrupted me three or four times. he was making a funny. >> that's funny. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about the big news story on this friday and it's not funny. breaking right now, violent winds tearing down power lines. transformers exploding. that's what you see screen left as hurricane matthew roars along the florida coastline. headed for georgia and south carolina. we're live on the ground coming up next. >> and judge jeanine knows a thing or two about debates but this morning she's getting a lesson from a debate team. there she is.
4:21 am
when cold and flu hold you back try theraflu expressmax, now in new caplets. it's the only cold & flu caplet that has a maximum strength formula with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel. theraflu. for a powerful comeback. new expressmax caplets.
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4:24 am
>> that looks like hail. you are looking live at cocoa beach, florida, where hurricane matthew is whipping across the coast. blowing over palm trees, causing power outages already. >> hurricane matthew a category 3 storm downing power lines and as you can see in images taken a few hours ago, transformers exploding into flames. short circuiting. >> not safe down there. problems could only get worse, the experts say. catastrophic flooded expected up and down the east coast and that includes the space center there. >> that's right. the worry is that it could
4:25 am
impact cape canaveral which doesn't have the space shuttles anymore, but it is an active launch pad because of the spacex leasing it. >> judge jeanine, a lot of people are worried. >> they have good reason to be worried. the more important thing is to listen to the forecasters. get out. get out in time. >> this weekend, you are going to be live and everybody is going to be looking to the sunday night debate which is really kind of a town hall between hillary clinton and donald trump. >> right. >> you went to a university and talked to some actual debate experts, right? >> you know what, guys? i love debate teams, i love the moot court, and i did all of that stuff. i went to a university to speak to these kids who are part of the debate society at st. john's. i asked them what did trump do
4:26 am
right, what did hillary do right and wrong and vice versa. it was fascinating listening to these students. "street justice" tomorrow night. i'm going to be in st. louis. it's not just what they say. it's the nonverbal messages. the facial expressions. how do they work? should they use them? i think we've got something from "street justice." >> you asked them and they will play it. >> i'm here at st. john's university and behind me is the debate society. they are going to tell us what donald trump and hillary clinton did wrong in the last debate and what they need to change and do for the debate on sunday night in st. louis. >> one thing you want to do is create a central theme in which you can bounce off your debate topic, like what you are arguing for so you can go back, okay, this is my speech, this is my pitch line and as i go into arguments and i keep working it toward my pitch line, it makes
4:27 am
it a more convincing and persuasive argument. >> why was hillary smiling when she was being criticized by donald? was that appropriate? >> if it was a male and he was smiling, we won't be focused on it as much. >> do you really believe that? oh, come on, get past it! >> nothing like sending you to a college and yelling at the kids. >> if it was a commander in cheer dnchts if she was a woman, you wouldn't be asking this. >> you are asking that because she's a woman. >> you were criticizing her and she was smiling like hillary was. >> they were so much fun and they are smart too. >> you have to be to be ton on the debate team. >>. we're celebrating our 20th anniversary today and i know you have favorite fox memories. >> i've been here for many years. when fox started, i was a d.a.
4:28 am
and it was right during the o.j. case. i was doing a lot here as a sitting d.a. in the 20 years, what do you remember the most? it's when i was working for fox and i went to a courtroom in the robert durst case. i get thrown out of the courtroom because i'm working for fox and they don't want me in the courtroom. i call him diane brandy. i said i need a lawyer. fox gets me back in. there's robert durst. >> who you have written a book about? >> he killed them all. he's on his way on l.a. to be tried for the murder of susan burrman. there he was. i was sitting there with all the press people in the front row and we're ready to take notes in the durst case in new orleans
4:29 am
and the defense attorney steps up and says get pirro out of here. i said wait a minute, i have a first amendment right to be here. it's interesting. you know what, we should congratulate ourselves. this network is fantastic. >> absolutely. and we're number one thanks to all of you who have been watching over the last 20 years. judge we'll be watching you on sunday night from st. louis. >> saturday night from st. louis. tomorrow night. on my way. >> you all can have dinner. are you going to be out there? >> yes, ma'am. >> he's got a huge expense account. >> do you? do you have a credit card? i don't have a credit card. >> i'm taking cash. meanwhile, 7:30 here in new york city and a fox news alert. one of our country's greatest assets under threat as hurricane matthew bears down on cape
4:30 am
canaveral. how much danger lies ahead for americas space coast? we'll examine that coming up next. so they can detect and repair corrosion before it ever becomes a problem. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
4:31 am
because safety is never being satisfied. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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4:33 am
terrifying overnight, hurricane matthew a category 3 hurricane. lashing florida. winds over 100 miles per hour. >> transformers are bursting into flames, leaving hundreds of thousands of people in the dark this morning and power may not be restored for weeks. >> millions are under evacuation. governor rick scott warning that their lives are at risk if they are riding it out. >> we have senior janice dean in our weather center. we're going to start with leland vittert live in daytona beach.
4:34 am
i can see the winds picked up there in the last half an hour. i've got a question to start with and that is this. the governor made it very clear yesterday if you are in the hurricane zone get out. any estimate, how many people did evacuate and how many people are still there hunkered down? >> there are hotels full. there were a lot of people who say they weren't going to stay. no way to have exact numbers. the police chief said because of how many people are staying, it's not a matter of if people die in this storm and when they die. we're getting a sense of why that is as the win speed picks up here. the best way to figure out how how strong the wind is. the rain pellets hurt when they hit your face, you know it's a pretty strong wind. we moved back from where we were
4:35 am
earlier. one gas station got destroyed here as the win toppled over the awning over it. this one, it lifted the awning clear up, brought it over and flipped it upside down there. you can see it of the 350,000 people or so without power right now in central florida, that's as an of hour or so, the number could have gone up. there are a lot without power here in daytona beach as the power continues to go down. you can see the palm trees are completely sideways. a lot of debris flying around. speaking of debris, the thing you worry about is stuff flying off that. we're up wind of it. it's going to fly up that way. the supply of gas has already flown away. speaking of gas, you can see the yellow right there. there is no gas. people have been out of fuel for two, three, four days, those kind of things. whoever is hunkered down needs to be able to survive for a long time.
4:36 am
we're told in daytona beach, it could be a week or two or perhaps even three before they get the power restored, before they get services up. as we've moved away from the beach, the storm surge is expected by about noon it will be up to here on me as we have the perfect storm literally of the hurricane eye wall coming up in the coast and high tide here in daytona beach. the storm surge hasn't hit as of yet but we're certainly expecting it here in the next couple of hours, guys. >> what's behind you? is that somebody's roof? >> gs station -- gas station. >> this is the roof that would normally protect you from the wind and rain if you were pumping gas here at this gas station. so the wind that's coming from thp direction here as the eye wall spins around, the wind is coming at us basically from the northwest, it lifted that roof up off of that gas station awning and flipped it on its
4:37 am
side. you can imagine the power needed to do that. we're not close to full strength of matthew here in daytona beach guys. >> you can hear the win whipping and see the trees. get back in the car with the camera guy. >> standing out there in an open parking lot makes me worried. janice dean has been tracking the storm. janice, he told us, it's hard to tell exactly how many people did evacuate. yesterday, the governor was very clear. get out, and the number one killer during a hurricane, it's not the wind. it's the storm surge and that is coming. >> right, and when you look at previous hurricanes that we have covered, the big ones, katrina, the strongest part of that, the most deadliest part of that hurricane was the storm surge and the inland flooding. the same thing for hurricane sunny. that was a category one storm. you don't get caught up in these categories because the big threat from this is going to be the storm surge because we have low-lying areas all along north
4:38 am
florida in toward georgia and the carolinas and perhaps a foot of rainfall on top of that and six to 11-foot storm surge on top of high tide depending on where you live is going to put things under water. we're not done with the storm. we still have really several days to go. i want to show you where the eye wall is at, the core of the strongest winds is 120-mile-an-hour sustain winds. we also got a report of 100-mile-per-hour winds on cape canaveral at a higher elevation. that goes to show you that not only are we going to feel these battering winds, depending on the center, the core of the storm, but we're going to get the potential for heavy rain as well beach erosion. forecast wind gusts, hoping the worst stays off shore but we're into a power of nowcasting where we're actually forecasting, you know, an hour in advance because the nuances of these hurricanes, a wobble to the left or right could mean the difference between hurricane force winds and tropical force winds. we'll continue to keep track of
4:39 am
it. new update coming up before 8:00 a.m. >> we'll be watching. she's been talking about the impact at the space coast. nasa now bracing for the worst. the kennedy space flight center has been completely shut down as the storm has bear reled along that coast. >> and someone who knows just how serious matthews compact could be our very own kristin fisher. >> we wouldn't say that story without telling you that kristin is our student year. both of her parents are astronauts. we look at it from afar. you feel like you know that place well. >> right. >> what's the danger? >> most people think that because the space shuttle fleet has been retired that cape canaveral isn't as active as it used to be. that's not the case. right now there are billions of dollars worth of facilities and equipment at risk, in danger of being damaged or blown away by
4:40 am
hurricane matthew. cape canaveral air force station, you have -- that's where spacex just had that big explosion. they are in the process of trying to rebuild that launch bad and fix all the damage that was caused by that. >> this does not help. >> this does not help. perhaps even more important, that's where the cape canaveral air force station, where delta four and atlas five rockets are launched frxt our country's most sensitive spy satellites are launched from. >> i'm curious. your parents both astronauts. your dad is retired. your mom is still an aws stroe naught. >> she's still there. >> with the shuttle being retired, would she be going up into the future? >> i'm afraid she's a little too -- a little too old to go back in space. she's going to kill me for saying that. she's working on the new space launch system which is designed ultimately to take astronauts to mars and beyond and she's been
4:41 am
very integral with the space station. >> in the future, we will see american astronauts going back in space. >> i sure hope so. if not through nasa, then certainly through spacex. >> thank you very much. we'll be watching you 5:00 a.m. eastern time on sunday morning. >> i know matt damon was in mars for a while. but he got off. >> that was a movie. >> he's an actor. >> it seem so real. >> i know. it's amazing what hollywood can do. straight ahead, hillary is hiding, preparing for the next debate as donald trump continues to campaign. do you buy the fact that she's actually studying? sean hannity weighs in and that's his side angle. music: suspenseful ♪ if your heartburn medication's not doing its job... the food you eat during the day... music: loud mariachi band can also haunt you at night.
4:42 am
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4:45 am
we're back with a fox news alert. right now, hundreds of thousands of people are waking up without power this morning. winds clocking in at 107-mile-an-hour at cape canaveral. prompting a rare, extreme wind warning and putting one of our nation's greatest assets at risk. >> right now, we take you to sanford, florida, where david williams is in the middle of the storm and david, you know, they have said oh, it's been down graded, but this is still a super storm. >> reporter: it is. it's very powerful. you can see even though we're probably about 25 or 30 minutes inland from the atlantic ocean in suburban orlando, you can see these winds are very powerful. i want to show you we've got some debris in the streets that are flying around and the only people that are really on these streets are sanford police officers, and if the photographer can pan around to show you the trees up here, you can see, are just bending and
4:46 am
flexing in the wintd. also, a little further what you are seeing is the marina in sanford. but a few thousand people without power. this storm is packing a powerful punch in this part of central florida lts. the two big stories going into the weekend, this storm and the big debate on sunday. we woke up sean anity -- hannity this morning. we wanted to talk to you about the debate and how donald trump is preparing. hillary, they are saying is resting up for the debate. donald trump is preparing. he's out there on the campaign trail. what can we expect for sunday? >> you know, i think this is going to be a little bit different. town hall format. trump prepares differently i think. a little more unconventional in the way he prepares and he did a town hall in new hampshire last
4:47 am
night so i guess that's part preparation as well. look, it's going to be interesting. you have two very different candidates, offering two very different futures for the direction of the country and, i know hillary is probably predictably going to drop a kitchen sink like she did in the first debate like tim kaine repeatedly tried to do to mike pence in the vice presidential debate. it's a matter of how trump is going to be able to handle that, whether he pivots off and talks about the things he wants to. that's what i would expect. >> mr. trump has actually been on your program a number of times where the venue has been like a town hall, so that kind of experience can help him, right? >> yeah, i think so and i can just tell you watching him up close in those moments, he's very comfortable in that environment. he seems to enjoy the interaction with other people. i think it gives him an opportunity to connect with people, and i did watch a little bit of last night and he was
4:48 am
connecting with people and thanking them for their question and moving on, and, you know, one of the things that happen with a lot of candidates is they overprepare. tim kaine did a really good job of memorizing his robotic lines but it didn't work in the end. he came off as pretty unlikeable. constantly interrupting, and governor pence used that to his advantage by saying, okay, you memorized your lines but this is what matters to the american people which i think is the perfect pivot point. >> of all the debates we saw in the primary process, by the way, thank for getting up with us. we don't know what you are wearing but we know you are up. >> would you like to know, brian? >> you could tell us. >> we don't. yeah. just my sweat pants, brian, and a t-shirt and my baseball cap. >> i'm happy now. he's getting ready for his radio show. but sean, i have yet to see donald trump pivot to get a
4:49 am
personal barb, accept it, ignore it and go that way. do you think that he understands that if he doesn't pivot, he will lose? >> you know, if you look at, for example, frank luntz and his two focus groups, he had the people in the first debate, he had hillary winning 16 to 6 in his focus group. it was 24-4 for mike pence in the second one. i think if you are not going to interrupt and -- for him, look, hillary clinton is going to come in with her list, but the question is, okay, the people want to talk about donald trump said 20 years ago or donald trump said this 30 years ago. oh, donald trump, you know, we already know his business, one business out of hundreds and hundreds went bankrupt and i
4:50 am
think you should just sit there and let her repeat the list and say i'm worried more about the 12 million people on food stamps. you can talk about that all you want. >> you mentioned 20 years ago. we're celebrating our anniversary. how long have you been at fox? >> i've been here from day one and i pray to god that your producer doesn't put any of those pictures up. >> we have your picture up right there. you haven't changed a bit? >> yeah, actually i've changed a lot. if you see the original 20 years ago pictures. >> i know. we look at ours too. believe me, you are not the only one. >> it has been a great ride. there's a picture of you on "fox & friends," there's edie hill back on studio one. >> there you go. >> you all look the same. >> no, we don't look the same, but -- oh, my god. >> all right. sean thank you for waking up with us.
4:51 am
you were just on a few hours ago. go back to bed. thank you. >> all right. thank you. happy anniversary to everybody. >> see you soon. meanwhile, wonder why president obama's justice department didn't prosecute hillary clinton? brand-new claims the white house helped her get away with it. james rosen breaks it down. next.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
it looked like an audition for "dancing with the stars." he's got a grand must book out and james rosen joins us to talk about a torch kept lit, great lives of the 20th century. what's this about? >> so this is my third book and i tell people it's my best because it was actually written by william f. buckley, jr. this is a collection of 50 eulogies that he wrote for the
4:55 am
towering figure of his time. >> like churchill. >> churchill, john lennon in there. we have a section on president of the united states and a lot of cases he knew these people personally. he's drawing on his own experience with these people and his own correspondence with the family. the idea was to collect the best pieces of writing. he was a best-selling novelist as well. he had the gift of con juring people and their mannerisms. he was able to share with the reader his own experiences with them. if you love history, politics, art, music, sailing, spy novels, all the things that he loved, you are going to love this book. >> you and i spent some time in california together.
4:56 am
>> i thought we were going to keep that on the d.l. >> it was on cam rax you talk a lot about bill buckley. why? >> he was the founder of the modern conservative movement but he was a sparkling personality in his own right and he had a great wit, back in the cold war, someone would equate the kgb and the cia, he would say men who push old ladies out of way on rushing bus, and men who push old ladies into a rushing bus, it seems they ought not be pushing old ladies around. >> real quick, james. how would brit hume -- what does he say about your book? >> i think he's fantastic. he says it's a great book to
4:57 am
read and read again. he did say something about it. >> you would say it's a great book to buy and buy again. >> congratulations. breaking right now, transformers exploding like fireworks as hurricane matthew goes up the coast. geraldo rivera next. man: dear mr. danoff, my wife and i are now participating in your mutual fund. we invested in your fund to help us pay for a college education for our son. we've enclosed a picture of our son so that you can get a sense there are real people out here trusting you with their hard-earned money.
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5:00 am
serious allergic reactions may occur. see me. see me. see me. on my way. find clear skin... and a clearer path forward. for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. you need to evacuate and you haven't, evacuate. this storm will kill you. >> holey toledo! we're going to lose power. what you are looking at is mother nature's wrath. hurricane matthew hammering the florida coast this hour. category three. winds up to 130 miles per hour.
5:01 am
>> mother nature. you don't want to mess with her. after a night of pounding rain and wind, we are now getting a firsthand look at this hurricane as the sun starts to come up. >> now, we have live team coverage this morning with phil keating in palm bay, florida, and senior meteorologist janice dean as well as leland vittert who is in daytona beach where things are still looking crazy. we begin with leland. >> reporter: brian, good morning to you. and certainly crazy is the right word for it. as the sun comes up and the storm continues to intensify. they talk about how the wind is most impressive and it is the water and flooding that is really truly deadly. inl flooding. we're a block inland. the flooding has began. you can see the wind moving the water right down the streets here and the stoplights swinging. the wind has gotten so bad the
5:02 am
ambulance here has stopped running and just checked in with the daytona beach fire department. they are one of the only fire departments in about a 30-mile area up and down the coast that are even able to get out of their firehouse because of conditions have gotten so bad here. power lines down, down this street as well, and this is just very, very -- the beginning of it. low tide was 6:00 a.m. the storm surge which will be coming about a block that way hadn't even gotten yet and already we've got at least a foot of water standing here. you can see the liquor store. i'm going to get greg to stay over here. the liquor store has got sand bags. the water only needs to come up another foot or two before this liquor store totally floods. the sand bags help a little bit but certainly won't if things go further to the left, even more destruction here with the fence. you keep in mind what the daytona beach police chief said it's not a matter of if, but when people die in this storm.
5:03 am
that will happen for a lot of different reasons as we've learned. number one, probably is electrified puddles. number two, an awfully huge concern here, is this high water and as this water rises and people start to come out of their houses with the sun coming out to check out storm damage, so often it's cars getting stuck in the water. we're a couple of hours away from when the eye will make its way up the coast and the highest winds and that's when the police and fire departments say it's going to be way too dangerous for them to go out and rescue anybody who is stuck here and clearly people riding out the storm, just viewing lights on and cars and houses that appear occupied, there are a whole lot of people who are going to be hunkered down for a very long time, with the power going out, the storm surge coming and the water continuing to rise here,
5:04 am
guys. back to you. >> at least they have electricity in that neighborhood. it looked like a branch fell behind you. did you see is that? >> it wouldn't be surprising given what's happening. at least 300,000 people are waking up in the dark this morning. florida power and light officials say it could take weeks to get the juice back on. >> oh, my gosh. it's hard to stand in the wind. wow! >> wow, is right. phil keating is riding out the storm. he's count in -- down in palm bay, florida. you talked to some folks who decided not to evacuate, right? what was their thought process? >> yeah, we did. here in the tropical inn resort, they are without power. no electricity. it went out here in 3:00 in the morning and much of brevard county has the same story. more than 100,000 people have no power. this was the big ma -- marquise
5:05 am
name sign, that blew over here between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m., it was howling, howling winds and rain. all of it coming north-to-south. if you can look down there, that restaurant, you can see the rain blowing right-to-left. that's coming in from the west and the whole shift here in wind and rain speed is all about we're on the backside of the hurricane now. the eye of the storm is northeast of cape canaveral where 2 hours ago they had 100-mile-an-hour wind gusts. barrier islands and anybody who decided to hunker down and avoid the evacuation request, well, they certainly have no power right now. i did talk to one special operations guy at 1:00 in the morning who just appeared in the wind and rain.
5:06 am
here's what he told me. >> it's pretty rough. it's comparable to some of the stuff i've seen on okinawa, japan, i spent a decade there. the typhoons would come through four or five times a year, and i would have to say the difference being is america is not used to this kind of weather. >> he had seen our previous live report and he thought on his tv in his apartment. that's not that bad out there. then he walked half a mile to where we were. he said it's that bad out there. that's how it was and that's how it's going to be further north in florida. >> all right. phil keating live in palm bay, florida where the latest. let's go to janice dean. as the sun comes up, we can see the damage. you got to worry, because the big blob behind you is skirting the coast and bringing a huge storm surge. >> if the center of the storm remains off shore across the warm waters of the atlantic, we could see strengthening because if the eye wall moves over land,
5:07 am
there is more potential for weakening of the storm, but this storm is not weakening. category three. we just got the latest updates, still 120-mile-an-hour sustained winds and getting tropical force winds south of the eye wall on the coast. we've got those 120-mile-per-hour sus twands coming so close here to titusville. we have no reports of winds here. we've got leland vitert in daytona beach. maybe a landfall. we have to watch for that. it's not about the landfall. it's about the strong winds, the heavy rainfall, the storm surge, which is the worst part of this storm, in some cases, six to 11 feet of storm surge on these vulnerable areas along the beach on top of high tide that's going
5:08 am
to put things under water and we're going to deal with this across the mid atlantic on sunday perhaps with the latest computer models and just a quick look at your forecast tracker, remaining coring 3 for the next 12 hours and we're going to watch this skirt the coast of the carolinas, georgia as well. i want to point your attention to haiti because this storm was in haiti a few days ago and it caused catastrophic damage. it was a category 4. high-end category 4 that brought up upwards ever close to 40 inches of rainfall and these are the pictures that we are getting out of haiti. it is just catastrophic. over 300 people have died and a lot of people -- rescue workers can't get in because the roads are still closed off. this is the power of this storm and what it has done to haiti is devastating this morning. >> all right. thank you so much. >> we appreciate it. >> i was just going to say, today we will be talking about
5:09 am
it more but given matthew we're not. today is the 20th anniversary of fox news channel. >> happy anniversary. >> no kidding. when you look back at some of the iconic video of things that have happened on the channel, i remember back during a hurricane, i think it was rita in galveston where you were doing a live report, we recommend nens about it because earlier leland vit territory was almost attending out -- taken out by a -- you were taken down. >> a rogue wave, took my feet out. >> who would you sue when a rogue wave hits you? >> thank god this hurricane appears to be at least as it's impacting the southeast coast a moderate rather than monster storm. the eye has remained off shore and it's almost never the wind. it's always the water. high tide. midday today with the storm
5:10 am
surge on top of it with the waves on top of the storm surge. i think that's where you will have the damage in this particular case, but when you think back, even though with all the talk of global warming, 2004, there were four hurricanes that impacted florida. covered them all. the next year was katrina, 2005, and the devastation that katrina wrought. new orleans is not the same still a decade later and hurricane rita that you mentioned. when you look at the political aspects of these storms. 2004, the federal government, george w. bush was the president. jeb bush was ultimately the governor. the federal government poured resources in. people said they were getting $10,000 for wet mattresses that elect year. then you have katrina, fema dropping the ball and the military coming in and that one impacted george w. bush's party and i think it impacted mccain's
5:11 am
race several years layer, that's when you had rappers and artists saying the government doesn't care about black people. the point is politicians can be used and abused or benefitted by storms. even thou you have hillary clinton taking ads on "the weather channel" for god's sake seems to me to be the -- >> they took them down. >> it seemed much more too opportunist opportunistic. but how they respond to this, it seems so far as i mentioned, i don't think you've had any fatalities yet, at least as i've heard and it stays off shore, i don't think you will. it seems to me, looking at the track of it, the low country of -- around charleston, if the tide is right and the storm surge comes in, you are going to have extensive, extensive
5:12 am
flooding in that poor area over the weekend. >> not good. lots of family there. >> happy anniversary. >> best shoes that have been on the couch on quite some time. >> what are those? >> erica got them for me. what are they? frys. >> i thought they were keds. meanwhile, straight ahead, two days away, is donald trump going to change this time around? what about hillary clinton's strategy? we're going to go to both camps next. john roberts and mike emanuel will talk. as we just told you, fox news channel turns 20 today. we're celebrating with a walk down memory lane. harrison ford. bill o'reilly coming up.
5:13 am
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will you be needing anything else? no. not a thing. beautyrest black. get your beautyrest.
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5:16 am
32 days, just a little more than a month until the election. the candidates are gearing up for sunday night's debate town hall style in st. louis. >> donald trump is hitting the trail to show support for people
5:17 am
affected by hurricane matthew. meanwhile, hillary clinton behind closed doors again prepping for the debate. >> we have live team coverage with mike emanuel. he's up in west chester county in new york, covering the hillary camp. we're going to start with fox news senior correspondent john roberts who is in front of trump tower in new york city. >> because john outranks mike. >> only in your eyes. 32 days left. not that anyone is counting until we can go back home and see our children. donald trump has got a couple of quick things this morning. at 9:00 he's meeting with the immigration and customs enforcement council. he will be officially receiving their endorse. talking about border security. he's got a round table with his national security advisers this morning. he's keeping a close eye on what's going on in florida with
5:18 am
hurricane matthew. he's got a part-time residence down there. a lot of businesses and employees down there. and friends. he wants to make sure things are smoothly. if he becomes president, he's going to be the one to make the call of when and where to send in fema. yesterday, he was north of the border of massachusetts, this was billed to us as an opportunity for him to get used to a town hall format before that all-important second presidential debate coming up in washington university in st. louis. trump last night, even though he was working with a 2:00-minute countdown clock was disabusing of the notion that this was practice for debate prep. >> we're here because we wanted to be here and hillary, frankly, they talk about debate prep. that's not debate prep. she's resting. >> donald trump will spend most
5:19 am
of today in with chris christie and reince priebus. tomorrow he's going to be at the fall fest. he will be campaigning with speaker of the house paul ryan. this was an event put together by reince priebus the chairman of the rnc. he wants to make sure he gets the two of them together at least once on the campaign trail before the election on the 8th. let's go to mike emanuel in west chester county with the hillary camp. mike. >> reporter: steve, brian, ainsley, good morning to you. hillary clinton's campaign defends her taking time off the campaign trail noting these debates are expected to attract huge audiences and will likely be the three biggest events down the homestretch before election day. he's expected to do intense debate prep. the town hall should be good for
5:20 am
her. the risk with so much preparation is you sound too rehearsed, like your answers may be canned. clinton's running mate says the pressure is on donald trump at this point. hillary clinton says she's looking forward to that showdown in st. louis. her last public events on the campaign trail were tuesday in pennsylvania. since then, it's been about debate preparation and doing fundraising to make sure she has the resources for the final four and a half weeks of this campaign. bottom line, debate preparation here in the west chester, new york area. thank you very much. >> it's going to be almost impossible to script everything this time. you've got two moderators. you have random questions and you have an opponent. back to the hurricane. look at this picture live. that is storm surge. that's what we're talking about all morning long. it's not the wind that kills
5:21 am
people during a hurricane. it's the storm surge. we'll take you there live next. we're celebrating 20 years here at fox news. who better to party with than tucker and abby. where is is clayton? clayton? and bill owe rightly is going to join us. bill oh, riley is going -- bill o'reilly is going to join us.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
look at that. you are looking right now live at storm surge in daytona beach, florida. that's what we've been talking about all morning long. >> yep. let's go out to david williams. he is nearby in sanford, florida, with the latest. what's it look like there, david? >> reporter: good morning to you. yeah, you can get a clear picture. these winds are very strong in this part of central florida. we are about 25 to 30 minutes
5:25 am
from the beach in daytona, but we have debris has out along the streets. you can see our palm trees are bending and flexing in the wind. i heard a while ago about 100,000 people possibly more are without power. in this part of town in sanford people do have power. we've not seen people on the streets. we've seen quite a few officers who have stopped and asked if we are okay. a lot of people are off the roads and definitely hunkering down and waiting for this hurricane to pass. we're live in central florida, i'm david williams for the fox news channel. we thank you very much. talking about when people are going to hit the streets. wait in your towns until the cops say it's okay in south florida. >> meanwhile, with us right now, 20 years. >> we have 20 people on the
5:26 am
couch. >> do you even know these people? >> not really. >> tucker, clayton, abby are joining us. what's the significance of fox news and the zietgeit? >> it was the very first day. fox has changed everything. i worked for another network at the time and i was thinking what is this, some little network. that's why i'm not in finance. >> you were against fox at first. >> i was out there picketing with signs. i was out there with tucker. saying this was not going to work. i watched you in the green room when i worked at "good day l.a." as a producer. i was watching you guys doing the show back then. it's hard to believe it's been
5:27 am
that long. >> i grew up watching the show like so many people out there. it's one of those that continues to just i think connect with so many people over the country. >> "fox & friends" weekend, it started at a pet show. >> pet and animal circus show. >> i used to get a lot of his clothes, his name was brian. i used to get a lot of his messages. i can't help your labrador. >> it started at 9:00 in the morning. there was a show on before that, it was taped and because of all the news and fox news started picking up popularity, we had to go live every day of the week. >> from pets to clayton, that's nice. >> you know what the difference is between fox and everyone else, when you watch fox, you get a sense there's a country outside of new york, washington, and los angeles. every other channel i feel like is programming to the neighbors of the producers. >> when we meet people in new york, they tell us there's other places you could go.
5:28 am
they don't like us here. >> that's hilarious. everywhere but here. >> they say they like to visit. >> we were together on your very first show. >> almost nine years, i've been here. so january will be nine years, and, yeah, on our very first show, ainsley did "fox & friends" weekend for the first time. >> who played the other man? >> dave briggs. he's now nbc sports. he's a sports guy. >> you've had three kids. life has changed. >> you've had a kid. >> i think the first time i ever had a tv was on this couch. when my dad was running four years ago, i had never been so nervous. the lights, the cameras, you've never done it before and you guys just made me feel comfortable. >> bring the whole family. >> the whole family always goes. >> how many siblings? how many kids are there?
5:29 am
>> seven. one of seven. >> that's why we have a big couch. what do you got going this weekend? >> we're going to be heading to st. louis after the show on saturday. the second presidential debate is happening on sunday night and it's actually a big deal. we can't overstate the importance of the debates but i don't think you can overstate the importance of this one. this is trump's opportunity. >> last opportunity cht. >> it kind of it, yes. >> the town hall vibe is going to be interesting to watch. how he interacts with an audience. >> he's prepared a little bit more. he may not want to admit that, but his schedule looks like. >> i'm not going to attack bill. i want to focus what i'm going to do. >> i thought to myself -- >> did i just hear that. >> people don't give him credit for being hilarious. trump is a funny man. >> you all have fun in st. louis. i guess we'll have to hold down the fort here, right? >> we'll try. >> all four of them are going.
5:30 am
>> happy 20th anniversary. exciting. >> you know who we have to thank for that. our viewers. you guys keep us employed and we appreciate that and do not take it for granted. meanwhile, from politics back to our top story, hurricane matthew still a category 3 slamming into the florida coast at this moment. most people run from these storms, except these guys, hurricane hunters, so are they crazy? >> they are flying through the storm. >> there is leah gabriel, she's a fighter pilot. and pete hegseth is also here. he's an army veteran who knows all about evacuating people.
5:31 am
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>> it looks like the fourth of july. that was last night. transformers blowing up and power lines sparking, cutting off electricity all over florida has hurricane matthew swept through the state leaving a path of destruction that's continuing right now. >> in cocoa beach winds were ripping a hotel sign right off the ground. there it is. laying on its side. monster storm, clocking winds up to 170 miles an hour at cape canaveral. >> the trouble is nowhere near over unfortunately. this is a live look at daytona beach where that storm surge has already begun. officials say the surge could be just as catastrophic and life-threatening as the storm itself. wait until high tide at noon and you've got ten feet on top of that. we're going to start with leland vittert who is live on a street somewhere in daytona beach.
5:35 am
>> steve, we've been talking for a while about how the worst was just beginning. in the past 10 to 15 minutes things have kicked up quite a bit here and that tree was the first victim. you might remember from our live shot at 8:00, a couple of branches broke off and the tree fell and you can see this car barely making it through the high water here and that is what's going to become most dangerous here over the next four hours and probably going through the next eight or 12 hours is how high the water will get here and people trying to drive through, oftentimes is where the deaths from these hurricanes come. remember, the police chief here in daytona beach says it's not if, but when hurricane matthew becomes deadly here in this town. you can see as i step out a little bit here into this street, the rain and wind really coming down in a way we haven't seen. we're even inland from where we were earlier and this is much
5:36 am
stronger than anything we've been experiencing and you can see a number of the trees have been brought down. these are palm trees. most of them are meant to blow in the wind. that's how they have been designed over thousands of years. however, in this case, the wind may just be too strong and snaps them and brings them right down. in terms of destruction that we've seen is to far, those roofs came off. a number of gas stations, those kind of awnings, but now we're getting a sense of what the flooding could be. the wind speeds are a little bit hard to decide how exactly how strong they were going to be inland. you look at some of the buildings here. a number of them have hurricane windows but a lot of them also have been boarded up here. people, though, still inside these houses trying to ride out the storms and they are talking about that the damage from this storm in terms of when the power can come back on, when people may be able to actually live here could be a week or two, especially a little bit closer to the beach than where we are. as it gets closer, and we just talked to the daytona beach fire
5:37 am
department, the fire department has stopped answering calls for fire alarms. they say it's simply not worth going out. most of them, they say they just can't get to. when it comes to answering calls for the ambulance, the ambulance can't get around and the wind as now. they said no, unless it's a true medical emergency that's life-threatening, then they will try to send the fire department out to come get people. as for people like the guy driving around in that car, the police department saying to us, look, if people decide to drive around, we will most likely not be able to come fetch them and fish them out of high water and those kinds of things. it's simply too dangerous for their officers. that's the next four hours. going forward, we can only imagine how much worse it's going to get here, guys. back to you. >> great point. all right. thank you very much. janice dean joins us. janice, as actual about the storm surge. we have a place down on a barrier island that's 7 feet above sea level. you are talking about a storm
5:38 am
surge at least 11 feet in some spots at high tide. >> it depends where you live and where you are alock the vulnerable coastline. 7 to 11-foot storm surge on top of high tide is going to put things under water. putting it in perspective, when we talk about a hurricane, typically we see a point of landfall and it spreads out and it's pretty much over. this is a category 3 hurricane that's going to be with us for many days along the coastline. that's what makes this so different, and you can see the center of this storm still being fueled by the warm waters of the atlantic, just off the coast of florida. an historic storm is what we're dealing with is because it's going to affect tens of millions of people in its path. still a category three storm. it's been a major hurricane for its lifetime of seven days which is historic in itself and the center of the storm right now is off northeast of cape canaveral which by the way had a wind gust
5:39 am
of over 100 miles per hour. the strongest winds right here, that's the core, where we're seeing those 120 miles per hour sustained winds and they are moving closer to daytona beach where our own lee land vitert is. the battering winds is going to last for days. north florida, up toward georgia and south carolina, i think we're going probably going to see some mandatory evacuations along the coastline here. very vulnerable to storm surge ahead of this storm, and, again, if your local officials are telling you to leave because of hurricane matthew, you need to do so. >> good advice. >> listen to the officials. >> j.d., thank you. this hour, hurricane matthew is is still pounding the florida coast. how is the military responding? let's ask -- she's over here, lea gabriel and pete hegseth. you go do a lot of evacuating.
5:40 am
that's a lot of things the military does, the national guard does. >> on the army side, the active component steps back, a lot of the posts, you evacuate active duty perish -- personnel and you mobilize national guardsmen. they got 2,500 high-water capable vehicles. 700 generators. they are moving out and doing evacuation and rescue if necessary. >> what does the navy do? >> first off is to protect its own resources at its bases, that includes aircraft, flying them 100 miles inland. ships go out to sea, it's safer for ships to be out to sea. things like their weapons they protect and secure. the other main role that the navy feels fills is the humanitarian aide and the navy is excellent at doing that, when you go back to katrina and sandy. the u.s.s. george washington is ready to assist right now as
5:41 am
well as u.s.s. iwo jima which is an amphibious ship. we have helicopters. >> some will go to haiti. >> yes. the navy official i spoke with tells me that one of those two ships, if south com were to asked, southern command were to ask then the ship would go to haiti to provide support. we wait for that from neither northern command or southern command. >> thousands of national guard soldiers and airmen have been activated. so at what point do they wind up getting deployed if somebody needs them? >> on a case-by-case basis. they are going to be prepositioned in places where they believe more help will be needed. it's things like food, medical supplies, evacuation, trafficking streets that are untrafficible. mill vehicle that can go places others cannot. >> lea, have you ever been on board one of those when they
5:42 am
have flown through a hurricane? here they are is flying through hurricane matthew yesterday. >> the answer to that is heck no. i avoid really bad weather. the aircraft carrier would move west. they crab into the wind as best they can. aircraft go a faster than the winds. they break through the eye of the storm where it's all calm. >> that sounds like the worst thing. >> this is a good reminder of how awesome our military is. >> and thanks to all of our service members who are out there right now. >> thanks to both of you. see you guys shortly. straith ahead, bill o'riley joins us live. he will review every show that he did.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
these are live pictures coming in right from daytona
5:46 am
beach. that's the storm surge we've been talking about all morning. that's the closest look we've had. >> that's right. let's bring in bill o'reilly right now. thanks for joining us on "fox & friends." >> sure. any time. >> it wasn't that long ago, four year ago, there was a big -- there was a hurricane later called a super storm sandy, actually kind of impacted the election. here we are 32 days out. does this have any political impact? >> i don't think so. we're going to cover it live tonight on "the factor" it seems everybody is pretty well organized for the storm. i don't see it having a lot of impact. >> do the candidates need to go down there? they have this debate on sunday. their hands are tied. >> i don't know if trump's hair can handle it at this point. if i were the candidates, i wouldn't go down. >> you had your big premier last night at the "killing reagan"? >> yeah. big premier at washington, d.c.
5:47 am
at the news museum. first time i've seen the movie with music cut in. it's really good. i was watching the crowd to watch the movie. i understand you saw the movie, kilmeade? >> i thought it was awesome. i thought it was really good. >> four star. >> you even have a little bit of sympathy for the hinkley's family for the way you wrote the book and we also see them come together. i thought it was great. >> how about you doocy? >> i haven't seen it. i'm going to watch on october 17th. >> you didn't feel the need to do any prep, steve? >> i didn't get a copy of it, bill. >> oh, man, i can't believe that. >> had you given me one, i would have watched it. >> bill, it's been 20 years since fox has been on the air. any great memories. >> you were here day one. >> yeah, i was here in the beginning. it's amazing how two decades can zip by and all that we've
5:48 am
accomplished, because you guys doocy and kilmeade were there in the beginning too, weren't you guys there? >> i was here. i got here a little late. >> well, that's the history of your life, kilmeade. you are always a little bit behind the curve. but you know, to dominate the news industry the way we do, and for such a long period of time, it's pretty historic, and so it's a good day for the good guys. >> we're watching a video of you now. your show was called the o'reilly report. >> yeah, they originally had me scheduled at 3:00 in the morning. they put us on at 6:00 p.m. just to upset everybody at dinnertime, and then when we did okay there, we moved it up to 8:00. >> sure. real quickly, having been here back then, they said at that time msnbc just getting started. they got the gigantic assets behind nbc going into them.
5:49 am
why is fox doing this? you are going to wind up just spending a lot of money not doing anything, but as it turns out the laugh is on them because we wound up at the top of the pile. >> well, even more than that, it was cnn with ted turner gone we're going to squash them like a bug. >> yes. >> there were all kind of terror tactics to keep fox off the cable bands. rudy giuliani got us on in new york city. >> that made a difference. >> yeah. i think what happens is just the same as in sports. you put together a good club, a good team, and the team performs, and the folks then know that they have this and they can choose to watch or not and obviously they choose to watch in great numbers. >> you are the king of cable. we'll be watching you tonight at 8:00 right here on the 20-year-old fox news channel. >> happy birthday guys. >> happy anniversary. >> okay, all right. >> maybe we can hang out sometime. >> i doubt it.
5:50 am
>> thank you, bill. when we come bark i'll explain that story and we'll continue the celebration after the break. let's check in with martha first. she's really looking forward to her show. >> will you be his friend? he needs someone to hang out with him. >> i do. every wednesday, i get paid to hang out with him. >> on the radio. >> obviously, everybody, we're watching this hurricane very closely. in particular right now and over the next couple of hours, daytona, cocoa beach, cape canaveral that area, we're going to get is straight from the man who knows, dr. rick nabb is the director of the national center. he will take us through that. so is donald trump ready for the big night and it is a big night for him? very important in st. louis. howie will join us with his take on that. all the breaking news. murm, bill, me all of that, coming up at the top of the hour. we'll see you then.
5:51 am
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20 years ago today the fox news channel took the air. in those 20 years, a lot of stuff happened on this show. >> how do you know? >> did you at any point call your hair? >> no. >> that is stylish. >> where did you get that shirt? >> bill o'reilly gave me this to you. >> they have to crawl under kneeing the wire! let's go. we got some kids here. ready. here it is! >> oh! that is your machine. you are a machine! how do you stop this? >> okay. >> that's how it's done!
5:55 am
>> try it. there we go. very nice. >> halle berry performing. >> harrison ford. good morning. why are you doing here? >> good question. >> the words number one britney spears-ologist is on. >> there is a rumor that you are dating our sports guy, brian kilmeade? is there anything true about that? >> are you serious? >> you can look at this. 1, 2, 3. >> kathy griffin still be here. >> brian! >> i blame the chair. >> squeeze my buns. >> he is currently in new york. we've got 50 degrees.
5:56 am
>> i'm not going to accept any more outside assignments. >> oh, my! >> this is my first time driving a ferrari. >> what's your soup of the day? must be your microphone because mine is brand-new. >> uh-oh. >> everybody loves "fox & friends." >> keep watching "fox & friends." >> give me an f, give me an o, give me an x, "fox & friends," you'll love it! >> thank you, party city and butterfly cake shop! >> all right. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. cut the cake. are we still on?
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♪ ♪ >> celebrate good times, come on
6:00 am
♪ >> it take a village to produce this show. >> more on facebook live in about 15 seconds. >> thank you for watching our show every morning. you keep us employed. we don't take that for granted. we love you all. >> see you this week. bill: good morning. the time to get out of the hurricane's way in florida is over. matthew hammering the florida coast. 300,000 without power this morning. to give you a sense of what people are waking up to today, check this out. howling winds, sometimes they last for hours. storm surge could be devastating as we wait for the worst for some still to come. martha: good morning. i'm martha maccallum. this is


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