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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 7, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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harris: great to have you. sandra: thanks to dan henninger. happening now starts right now.
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down as they enter the home state for the white house. it is all "happening now". >> we begin with a fox alert on hurricane matthew. the storm is pounding northern florida and closes in on south carolina and georgeia. >> i am jon scott. the eye of the storm is passing by. parts of georgia under mand tory and voluntary evacuations. we have fox team coverage. johnathon is standing by and first to garrett live in jacksonville, florida. garrett? >> reporter: jon and jenna, we are an hour away of feeling the full brunt of hurricane matthew. but we with are seeing gusts of 50 miles per hour. and an hour from now, they will go to 60, 80 and 100 miles per
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hour. and the winds in their own right will be dangerous. that's not what officials are concerned b. this is the st. john's river that runs through downtown jacksonville and goes to the ocean. when hurricane matthew comes through. we'll see 6 or 9 feet of storm surge downtown. you can see the bridge over here in the end. if it rises 6- 9 feet it will cover the bridge and railings. and in the neighborhoods. that is all up in people's home and yards and garages. officials told people to evacuate. do not play around with the storm. if you at a home for the evacuation areas, you will be be on your own. we don't know how quickly we'll get there to help you. 450,000 people were ordered to be evacuated and officials are
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not sure how many people followed through with the evacuation. hopefully 50 percent. many of the other folks on the beach said they will stay in their home and that's where the worst of the storm is hitting an hour from now. and we'll keep a track as officials keep an eye on the storm and beach front communities. >> you mentioned the river behind you, garrett. the storm surge pushes right up the river and inland? >> absolutely. and the officials have said really, they are not sure how bad the damage is going to be be in the communities. frankly many of the areas have never seen flooding before. that is how historic it s. and this storm will redraw the coast line. and eye of the storm staying
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offshore and the worst of the winds are not hitting land at least not yet. >> we'll continue to monitor what has happened in jacksonville. hurricane matthew steering east of the southeast coast line and thankfully so. we'll bring someone whose team is first in history of forecasting. he is a forecaster for colorado state university and department of atmosphereicking science and joining us on the phone from hawaii. his expertise is in the hurricanes in the atlantic and hurricanes in general. to tell us about the storm in particular, what is noteworthy to you? >> hi, jenna, the storm did quite a bit of damage in through the caribbean. it is the first hurricane on record and followed by cuba and the bap hammas. and there are 300 fatalilities
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in heighty and obviously coming to florida and tracking up on the east coast of florida. fortunately the center of the storm remained offshore and it looks like it will remain offshore. but it is a significant impact and the water levels are are rising in jacksonville and potential for storm surge. and i saw the governor of south carolina nicki haley was concerned about the storm and all of the floods from last october as well. certainly it is a storm that is moving slowly and there will be be a lot of rain and a lot of storm surge from this event. winds will be a factor but less of a factor than yesterday. certainly strong winds and heavy rain and potential of significant storm surge as well. certainly not a storm to be be
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taken lightly. >> what is the biggest risk to public safety? >> reporter: i think water inunidation from a combination of heavy rains and storm surge. the storm surge potentially 6- 9 feet in areas and that is not a place you want to be if you are looking out. >> i want to look as we continue to look at matthew. you look at forecasting over all. is it consistent with your forecast and what else do you see as far as major storms beyond hurricane matthew. >> so far it has been average. the numbers are going to come in close to normal assuming no other additional significant developments later on in the season. over all, the season has been quiet until matthew.
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we haven't had much hurricane activity until matthew. but the last ten days or so it is active. and now you can see how it has been with matthew. >> one of the things you can see on the screen, the tracker for matthew, and our viewers will notice that there is a path that rurps matthew back to the southern part of florida. what conditions have to rise that matthew hits the areas it impacted one more time? >> there is that potential. i think the storm would be be a shell of its former self-. they are forecasting it to be a tropical depression and encountering strong winds and upper levels of the atmosphere. and also very, very dry air. and it should start to weaken significantly. and whether the storm makes
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landfall would be a form of its former self. and our viewers will notice the edge is off some of the reporting on hurricane matthew and feeling that it is not as bad as it can could be. i am curious whether or not that is appropriate considering we have a cat dpoer three hurricane going up the coast and hasn't each hit georgia or south carolina yet. >> yeah, as the storm goes along, the biggest concern is the storm surge and unidation. and wobbles in the track has a potential to bring the storm on store further up in georgia and south carolina. the event certainly is not over. and certainly focus of the attention will focus up north. and certainly. >> and that is a much needed
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perspective, you are a expert in research science and hurricanes. thank you very much. we'll take you inside of american's election headquarters. both candidates for full preparation mode. donald trump is spending today prepping at trump tower and joined by new jersey governor chris christie and reince priebus. hillary clinton is in chappaqua. she is looking to maintaining her momentum as what was considered she was success. she has a three point lead in florida and two point lead in new hampshire. we'll bring in our political panel. nina easton a fox news reporter.
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and michael warren. on line editor for the weekly standard. poll numbers indicate it is an important debate for both candidates especially if donald trump wants to stay t >> the national polls are showing hillary clinton taking a lead and i this is troubling news for trump and the trump organization. during the last cycle in 2012, the polls were tighter and we know that obama had a comfortable win in the end. the other coming out in the polls, more people are coming home to a major party candidate. garjohnson, the libertarian candidate had a number of goofs on foreign policy and that has not served well. and that has helped hillary clinton, too those factors as well as the performance in the
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last debate and the fallout in the days after that will affect what we see in the polls today. and going into this weekend and next debate. >> we'll look at the university polls hot off of the press. the national poll. hillary clinton is preferreded 45 percent of those surveyed and trump at 40 percent. and gary johnson at six and jill stein at three percent. last month, or two and half weeks ago, the same poll found the race too close to call. and now it is a five point lead to hillary clinton, what happened? >> the debate happened and trump struggled to break out where he is in this poll and where he was over the last several week and months which is around 40 or 42 percent support and certainly the not as high as 45 percent which is where hillary clinton finds herself. the thing that changes, is that
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hillary clinton got a lot more support from the undecided voters that are moving to one of the major party candidates after a oak debate p performance. and after a rocky september. we have another month of this campaign and anything can happen. and we were just talking a month ago about how the conjectory is not good for hillary clinton. but trump could turn it around. but the problem is, there is fewer undecide voters for trump or clinton to pick up. and trump has to get a bigger percentage and this is why it is a problem for him and sunday's debate is so critical. if he can hold it together in the way he did for the first 20 minutes or so he might be able to right the ship. clinton was able to do that for herself and getting tougher for donald trump to right his own ship. >> charlie cook is long- time author of the cook political
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report and an expert political analyst and he writes this. the race has fallen in a predictable pattern. when donald trump veers off message and hillary clinton perforps well her lead swells. when trump sticks to the script and clinton goes through a bumpy. her edge is dropping down 1 or 2 point and deadine. most of the time she is up 3- 5 points. but nina, what we are see negligent latest polling, people on the fence, and who are getting off of the fence, are not necessarily falling on to the donald trump side. >> that's right. he clearly has to get beyond the core base he has in the low 40 and he's had trouble to do that when he's off script. and debates are off script. and hillary clinton went in to that first debate knowing he would be off script and had to
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get under his skin which is what she did with the miss universe episode and came back to haunt sxhim he couldn't let it go. donald trump and his tweet storm as we remembered which doesn't serve him well either. so it is a tough, and debates going to be tough for him because they are not reading from a teleprompter or scripted >> and she jammed that miss universe reference where it didn't seem to belong and she baited him into something. >> thank you very much. >> do not forget all day sunday on american's election headquarters. fox team will have the analysis before and after the debate. watch it on 9:00 p.m. eastern
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diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. >> hurricane matthew is battling floefrmentd and leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power. the carolinas are bracing for impact as well. johnathon 200 miles north of jacksonville in folly beach. >> you can see the conditions here are deter areiating. the heavy waves are pounding on the peer and look how far the water has crossed the beach. the manager of the hotel said it comes up to the porch when had
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there is severe weather brewing out in the atlantic such as a major hurricane which we may be dealing with on folly beach. it is raining hard and we sent our droep up. look at the drone, you can see the waterses of the atlantic churning along the beach area here and a concern for the folly beach and islands will be storm surge. in a worst case scenario. they could be dealing with storm surge of up to eight feet. and so in flood prone areas, they are making reverse 911 call and going door to door to urge residents to it go to higher ground. governor nicki haley made an
10:20 am
appeal to stragglers. >> this is the last time you will hear my voice when i am asking you to evacuate. we need everybody to consider evacuateing and really take this very seriously. >> and so far 310000 carolinians heeded evacuation notices and state figureses would like that to be be half a million. >> thank you very much. folly beach, south carolina, waiting for the storm. >> there is new information on missing malaysian fight. they confirmed a recent piece of the wing does in fact belong to the missing plane. that was discovered back in may. experts found a part number linking it mh370. several pieces of the wreckage
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came ashore nor the indian ocean. the search continues for the rest of the plane off australia's west coast. >> also in this the indian ocean yemeni rebels said they sunk a vessel off of the coast. it suffered a rocket attack. you can see the holes in the bow and significant fire damage. the veszil is currently operated by national marine dredging company and on a humanitarian mission to rescue civilian. at last check the ship was being towed away from yemen. no word on injuries on board. >> what do candidates need to do ahead of the next match up? howard kurtz gives us his take and hurricane matthew far from
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over as torrential rainfall and dangerous storm surge pose a threat on the southeast coast. , the night off. ♪make tonight a manwich night
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>> even though the eye of hurricane matthew has not come ashore it is slamming florida before going up the predicted course of the east coast. two areas that have yet to feel the full area of the storm. storm is toppling tree and power line and leaving hundreds of thousands of people without pour in florida. heavily populated areas in the southern part of the state were spared because the eye of the storm hung just offshore.
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officials are warning people they are not out yet. storm surge remains a problem be and the magnitude of the danger comes in to focus and learn that the death toll in heighty stands at 842. there is one confirmed death in florida. >> hillary clinton and donald trump preparing to go toe to toe. both candidates are preparing for the big face off. hillary clinton is in new york city. and donald trump at trump tower where reince priebus and chris christie are helping him to get prepared. howie, you have thoughts of what needs to help for both candidates. tell us about that. >> first of all, it is it a different format in st. louis. it is a town hall and anderson
10:27 am
cooper and abc's martha raddatz and less room for the candidates to it attack each other. and every four years, i often say for all of the media attention in the debates, they move the needle little. i am not sure it was this case. hofstra debate was a missed opportunity to move his number and expand his base. and this is a rematch and a chance for trump to not only score points who did well on the long island debate. but expand his appeal and be presidential. >> undefinable quality. and people know it when they see it. when trump handles the xx factor. what are you talking about. >> a reference to his standing with woman. it is no secret in this campaign
10:28 am
he has a big gender combam. hillary clinton is up with the women in the polls that we have seen. it is interesting, you will tomorrow the end of the first debate, donald trump said i could say something rough and i shpt say. it and he made it clear it was bill clinton's past. and some said on tv hillary clinton was an enabler. and trump said the gossipy post that he will not bring up the clinton sex scandal and probably a wise decision. it doesn't get him much. much of the country was through the impoachment ordeal and knows about bill clinton's past and a chance for do other things that might appeal to suburban woman who he's had a hard time to connect with. lester holt, and saw the media
10:29 am
coverage post that debate and a vice-presidential debate and the media reaction and coverage to that. and how does that set up this debate differently and how the media is digesting the headline and reporting on that in the week to come. >> i am convinced no moderator can come away unscathed. however anderson cooper and martha raddatz. two moderator and the questions will be coming from the audience. the press likes to pick winner are and losers and i think 80 million people will watch the debate number two as they did number one. when the punditry and commentary and reporting from the next couple of says, it was a great moment for donald trump and replays it again and again.
10:30 am
it amplifies and author what people thought when they watched it. hillary clinton had a better night. but 48 hours, it was a total disaster for donald trump. not so much. he didn't drop in the polls, but hillary clinton got a bump after hofstra. >> and social media in 2012 and now a whole other level. >> everybody gets to weigh in. >> we'll look forward to your show on sunday. we'll have live team coverage and analysis before and after the debate and the show down on st. louis on fnc. >> it appears all florida will be spared a direct hit from hurricane matthew. forecasters warn the threat is not over yet. and meteorologist janice dean with the latest on matthew's path coming up. plus, how both campaigns are
10:31 am
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>> right now hurricane warnings stretching from north florida to south carolina as hurricane matthew moves up the east coast. evacuations orders in place. local officials urge people to take it seriously. our meteorologist janice dean will be live in the fox weather
10:35 am
center and we heard are from one of our guests, that this is indeed a very dangerous storm and despite the fact that many in florida, feel they dodged the bullet, you can still see on the radar. you have a category 3 storm going in the state of georgia on the coast and also in south carolina. you will remember the project n projections predicted it going up the east coast. we'll have more from janice dean in a moment. jon? >> both the trump and clinton campaigns are putting staffer ares out of harm's way. this could be a major issue in the race for the white house. let's bring in doug, a fox news contributor and brad, who was a assistant to former president
10:36 am
george bush. what do the campaigns have to think about as the hurricane hit and the aftermath and clean up begins. ncouple of things. governor rick scott is aggressive in seeking federal aid for the state in advance of the now category 3 hurricane and how governor scott handles the clean up. whether it is a significant clean up or hopefully a less substantial impact on the state could well impact the election. why? because governor scott's popularity is linked to that with the republican party and donald trump. if there are problems with the clean up. it paints a picture of a republican party that is more out of touch. the presidential race is tied in florida, so even a slight impact here could influence the voters a month from now.
10:37 am
>> we remember what happened after hurricane sandy and katrina and more on that in a second. brad, donald trump is not an officeholder and he is a wealthy man and could write checks but could not order national guardsmen and what should he do in the state of florida as he tries to win. nfire up trump force one. load it up with supplies. lison with the community and charity and i am loading up my plan and i will turn my campaign workers in to volunteer and ask them to distribute the aid and coordinate with will salvation army and local authority and synagogues and mosque and making sure people are getting what they need. it is not political and shows action and caring. not only for battleground state but people who are affected.
10:38 am
up the sea board and georgia and south and north carolina. be be proactive and use your campaign resources to help people now. >> i mentioned some of the earlier storms, hurricane and super storm hurricane sandy that hit new york and new jersey. chris christie was critized, this was on the eve of president obama's reelection for the. chris christie was critized as being too friendly with a president who was not too popular in republican circles at that time and brad, you well remember this. there was george w. bush's fly over of a force one of all of the damage from hurricane katrina. he was crit otherwised for not setting down and helping the people and taking in the damage. you are darned if you do and
10:39 am
don't, doug. what is a political candidate supposed to do. >> i think brad gave good advice to donald trump ands his campaign and he would do well to follow that to the letter. i would say that given the examples that you cited, the beginning of the end of the bush presidency was how he handled katrina. and you know, you are doing a hell of a john brownie will be eched on his political persona. and chris christy may have well elected president obama with how he handled the clean up and president obama with a famous hug and embrace. when christie said it is it a nonpartisan issue. that gave swing voters license to vote for president obama. this is a very, very difficult
10:40 am
situation to assess until we know the damage and how the candidates respond and how those in office respond. >> if doug is right, brad. if chris christie gave the election to barak obama, it dpz to show how heightened the sensibilities have to be be. in florida, for instance, the democrats asked the governor to extenderly voting. why is that an issue and will that contain blow back? >> to me, it was poor timing on hillary clinton's campaign to do two things. seek advertising on the weather channel to exploit the viewers that are moving to get critical information and number two right out of the box asking for an extension of time and not talking about the empathy for
10:41 am
the people that are affected by this. so timing is everything. politicalizing a national disaster is something i don't think that voters will take too kindly to. it is a fine line and politicians have to make between political and caring and a- political. right now, the time is to be smart and you think of the people who are most affected and if you make good decision for those people you will make good decisions as well. >> look at the real clear average poll. hillary clinton just up over three points on donald trump. but doug, those are numbers that could change based on how two candidates respond to what is happening there. >> that is the margin of error. couple of polls out on thursday and one had trump a point or two ahead and another secretary clinton three points up. really what happen and how trump
10:42 am
and secretary clinton and governor scott handle this could make a difference. what the candidateses say in the debate on subpoena and potentially what they do saturday or sunday morning could well have an impact on how people persoef the impact on the hurricane. >> it will be fascinating to watch. our thought and prayers with the people of florida and other states that it are impacted by the storm. thank you. >> talk a little more about the storm and what it looks loc this weekend. meteorologist janice dean joins us from the fox extreme weather center. what are we watching? >> still a major hurricane and we are concerned with georgia and carolinas, we think the legacy of the storm will be a life threatening storm surge. counter clockwise winds around the hurricane is pushing ocean water in vulnerable be areas
10:43 am
that could on order see 6- 12 foot storm surge on top of high tide. you have to know where you are at sea level. if you are are at sea level you will have dangerous catastrophic storm surge. we have hurricane warnings stretching up to north carolina and storm surge is what everyone is talking about. 8- 12 feet on top of high tide could be life threatening. that's what we are concentrating on in the next 24- 36 hours. >> we are following the latest from hurricane matthew. and more political fallout from hillary clinton's e-mail situation. the newly uncovered documents reveal how the white house tried to help her campaign get out in front of the scandal.
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. . . . . >> hurricane matthew still a dangerous category 3 storm.
10:47 am
it has mostly stayed re, that is the eye. and the noon to 3:00 quadrant if this were a clock stayed offshore. that's where the worst of the wind and rain are. that is good news. we'll have an update in 13 minutes. top of the hour and the latest on the coordinate and what they expect from this storm. >> new temperature temperature on what some consider a controversy dogging hillary clinton. documents obtained that the white house coordinated with the clinton campaign regarding the damage control over her use of private e-mail. mike emmanuel is outside of clinton's home in chappaqua, new york. >> reporter: these e-mails were obtained by the republican national committee and they were shared with fox news.
10:48 am
there was close coordination between jennifer palmerry and announced to head to the clinton campaign. and they tried to make sure secretary of state john kerry would not face questions about the use of the private e-mail server during her name. palmi eri e-mailed psaki think we can get it done. >> agree completely and working to crush on my end. and then it was i am good to go. >> cbs ended up with a interview, but the e-mail server did not come up. no subject was off limits when the interview was arranged as is the cbs news standard. we reached out to jennifer palmi
10:49 am
era. and obama official responded said they were transparent about coordination between the obama white house and the clinton campaign about issues related to her time as secretary of state. jenna. >> thank you. >> job's report for the month of september is out now. how did our economy do? a look at industries that added job and others that are are worse off. >> we are tracking hurricane matthew. they are urging people in the path to get out of the way. as time is running out to evacuate. right by our custome. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait.
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it is almost 2:00 p.m. on the east coast.
10:53 am
the city of st. augustine almost completely under water. and how dangerous is that surge? we will explain. and donald trump told at a border patrol meeting this morning that people at the mexico border are being fast tracked and allowed in so they can vote in the election. a problem? one of the top issues of the presidential election, jobs. u.s. employers added 156,000 jobs last month, lower than the 175,000 jobs that experts predicted. peter barns live with more. >> on top of the lower than expected numbers, the unemployment rate ticked up from 4.9%. the first time pack at 5% since
10:54 am
april. mainly because more people entered the work force and not all of them had not found jobs. >> when they're on the sidelines and they come back in because they see the economy adding jobs and they want to participate in that, that's what we're seeing. >> so let's look at the sectors that added job. professional and business services up 67,000, education and health, 29,000, and the construction 23,000. and retail up 22,000. sectors losing including manufacturing, down 13,000. government down 11,000. transportation and warous. 9,000, mining and logging
10:55 am
stopped losing jobs this month, perhaps showing a sign of stability but added no new jobs. this comes just before the new presidential debate on sunday and you can bet it will come up then. no comment on it yet from hillary clinton, but donald trump said after seven hard years of the clinton/obama administration, they still can't produce better paying jobs and upward mobility. we're tracking hurricane matthew. in the meantime, we're getting a clearer picture of the damage left behind in florida. we continue as we await a update from the national hurricane center just moments from now. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to?
10:56 am
this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges.
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so we're not out of the
10:59 am
woods yet by hurricane matthew. >> and as we look at some of the numbers from haiti that appear to be going way higher than we thought as far as fatalitiefatat takes a few days sometimes to really assess the damage and lives lost. >> we thought after hurricane andrew blew through that everything was okay, but was i north of downtown, the damage that was south of downtown was h horrif horrific. >> fox news alert for you. rurk matthew is charging up the southeast coast. held row, every, i'm sandra smith. >> are you calling for help? have you called for help? >> yes.
11:00 am
>> how many kids are in there? >> about 20. >> you are in the restaurant? >> about 20 people trapped in the casa blanca in. the sat lie view shows how widespread the hurricane is. forecasters say the track takes it up the georgia and south carolina coast as hundreds of shows go to higher ground. we have live team coverage. ryan is in florida, and we start now withcare lie shagley where officials say it could become a 500 year event, what are you seeing there? >> we discovered a lot of hurricanes, and in every


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