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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  October 7, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> how many kids are in there? >> about 20. >> you are in the restaurant? >> about 20 people trapped in the casa blanca in. the sat lie view shows how widespread the hurricane is. forecasters say the track takes it up the georgia and south carolina coast as hundreds of shows go to higher ground. we have live team coverage. ryan is in florida, and we start now withcare lie shagley where officials say it could become a 500 year event, what are you seeing there? >> we discovered a lot of hurricanes, and in every one of
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them, they can turned into winds. local officials say expect it to deteriorate before the afternoon. they had buses running through the day yesterday. they started them again, they wrapped them up at noon. it is getting too tough for the buses to make their way out of savanna. they also want them to get home, get their families, and go inland. historic river street. they're here, some people boarding up the windows, some people are just wrapping things up. they're worried about the rir overtopping the wall. he has seen it that high maybe once and we have just getting started. the worst of it could hit in the
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overnight hours, a scary thing for folks watching florida throughout the night. >> let's go to leland, we have been going out to you all day and the rain continues to pummel that area. >> the thing we have been hearing about, is the storm surge. it is now here, it is surging and it is behind me going down along the access road down towards what they call beach road. we're not even able to get over to the water side and you can see the flooding that is going on here. the winds are still whipping, they're so high they closed the cause ways that go over to the beach side of this community here. the winds are so high, but also
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the flooding over there is so skreers they don't want anyone else there. you see these roads that have turned to rivers going in either direction, up and down the intercoastal water way. if it is this bad here, you can imagine what the storm surge is like over by the atlantic. this is the same kind of effect in these communities. you're talking about 40 or 50 miles north of where we are. this water has been pushed all of the way north by hurricane matthew, and once it has gotten here, it pools in between where you have the mainland side where we are now, and the beach side. and there is no way to get it out. the police here told me it is kind of like a fish bowl and once the water gets in, there is no way for the watt tore get out. there is also no way now for first responders to get around.
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at some point the waters are too deep for them. they have come out in large pickup truck and things trying to get around. we just saw police cars trying to get over on the island here. even though high tide was just a little while ago, the water is continuing to rise, sandra. a number of the businesses behind us and down this road have sandbagged, but frankly it doesn't look like they did enough here to prepare fwhar will be a larger surge. if that moves true, what we thought was a near miss will be nearly a direct hit. that storm surge is determining the damage that we're going to see from matthew, thank you. janet is in the fox weather
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center. >> we have a new advisory out, that the winds have weakened a little bit. still a major hurricane and it has been for a week now. certainly when it comes to the strength of the storm and it has continued to scrape along the east coast of florida but now the concern is the storn surge. the counter clock wise winds around the storm pushing the ocean water against the vulnerable coastline. it could potential i will be life threatening. that's the type of video we might be seeing in the next 24 to 36 hours. they are at sea level with a storm surge upwards of 12 feet,
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look at the ind gusts -- wind ge got this morning. they were in excess of 60 miles per hour up towards the coast here. tropical storm force winds at the very least there so we have a good grumt that we could be dealing with a hurricane all of the way up to north carolina. you have the counter clock wise winds pushing the ocean against this vulnerable beach area and that's why the national weather service is saying something could be similar to happen across the northeast with hurricane sandy. so this is going to be the main danger as we go through the next 24 to 36 hours.
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models showing us a hurricane. also want to make mention, not only the storm surnl but the epic flooding in parts of the carolinas. that's another concern. the number one killer would be land falling hurricanes, is the water, the storm surge, and the fresh water surge. >> we're going to be talking about that in a little bit, and nikki hailey saying nothing safe is going to happen. >> the second part of the storm could be the legacy of hurricane matthew. >> our fox team coverage continues down the coast. the worst of the hurricane could
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still yet be to come. we're in florida with the latest there. what is happening there right now? >> talking about that extreme weather happening in the north of florida, south and central florida. we did not get hit as hard as we expected. where we are right now, take a look we have cars in here and this is the debris field that we see on this road right here. car that's are going, even some that had flat tires if from fails and docks, and they stop people kbr from going to their homes. why? they have two power lines down, all of these people, a line that extends about a mile and a half down this road of people that have been waiting since 10:00 a.m. this morning to get to
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their homes and have not been able to. one of those people is max. max tailor who has been trying to get to his home. your home is over here on the barrier islands? >> yes. >> how long have you been trying to get home? >> about five hours between the different bridges and now we're in five miles of the house. >> why did you decide to leave this particular storm when that asked >> category 4 storm, you don't mess with it. you just leaf and get out of the flooding area. >> damage to your home? everything okay? >> i had friends that said the house is good, i don't know about the flooding. tloo there is an oak tree down in the drive way. >> thank goodness for that. downed trees, power lines down, and flooding. thankfully it seems like we
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missed the worst down here in south and central florida. >> tracking every minute of the storm. as the impoverished nation deals with the effects of hurricane matthew. the storm is killing more than 500 people in haiti with the death toll expected to rise. thousands on people now living in shelters. downed trees and power lines making it hard for rescue crews to deliver supplies to those who need them. >> a nasa scientist is on deck to talk about what is going on inside the eye of the storm. all of this as it makes it's way
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up the east coast. the governor telling people to get out of the area now, this is the last time you will hear my voice, she said. >> we have, in every way, tried to prepare to keep you as safe as possible. we can't take you by the hand and bring you upstate. we can't take you by the hand and say get out of there. i'm begging you at this point.
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the damage from hurricane matthew could reach into the millions. that includes 950,000 homes with a value approaching about $189 billion. the total economic damage
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estimate is between $35 and $50 billion. the eye of the storm is just off shore, and moving north ward, but what do we mean by the eye and it's intensity? scientists are usiing satellite to look in the eye walls and they're seeing concentric eye walls. what do we need to know about them? >> nasa has a suite of tools to look at it like every before, and we have looked to understand the physics, the intensity, an help improve the forecast of the storms. what we saw late yesterday was hurricane matthew when it was still a category four.
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up to that point it had a small and intense eye wall with maximum sustained winds about 40 miles per hour. in the satellite image, we saw there was another larger eye wall forming and this is called eye wall replacement. it caused the storm to weaken. however, it also created a larger eye wall. and that creates more area of intense winds for this storm to affect the coast. >> without the hurricane making landfall, it can do as much damage. the destruction that can be caused from those winds is wider spread. >> this is still a major
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hurricane. everything from a very intense wind, but the heavy rain associated with the storm. we're also seeing very heavy rainfall, and from the global precipitation mission, we can see through the clouds layer by layer to see through the structure as it was developing and moving across the caribbean and as it moved north ward to dump over 20 inches of rain of haiti. >> so looking at this fascinating imagery, what can you tell us as far as perspective on the storm and what it might look like at the end of it compared to recent historical storms. >> it is for sure the most historical storm for this season. it has more power in it, in the
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atlantic, than we have for the past four seasons. this will go down in the record books as a major storm to affect the u.s. and we had previous storms, you know, ten years ago with hurricane katrina and will ma, but ten years ago we didn't have twitter and eye phones. there are two missions launching next month to better observe hurricanes that he looks like really evolution nice our ability to track the storms, and a constellation of smaller satellites that will help us look at wind, so we can get a better understanding of the rapid intensification and hurricane impact. >> fascinating stuff, fascinating pictures, thank you.
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>> thank you very much. so many people are sharing pictures of this storm on social media. this shows hurricane matthew rolling into cocoa beach, florida, before it got bad. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
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i'm graduation for members of the national border patrol. >> they're saying immigration is so tied up trying to get the people on the waiting list,
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hurry up and get them their immigration status corrected and make them citizens. >> why? >> so they can vote before for the election. >> you're letting people pour into the country so they can go vote -- >> they want to fast track them so they can vote for the left. >> and these are professionals. you hear a thing like that, it's a disgrace. alex is now a political consultant at firehouse strategies. good of both of you to be here, maryann i will start with you first, what do u yo make of that? trump saying they're rushing in immigrants so they can vote. i would simply add it to the seemingly unending long list of
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allegations made up by the trump campaign if that is true, provide the evidence. there is only 32 days left until the election. how are you getting people in for them to vote. >> i think border security is a real issue, and a real issue in this campaign. and it is one of his most salient messages in the general election. i have not seen any evidence of people rushing to get naturalized to vote in the fall. >> likely to be discuss now. hillary clinton taking time off of the campaign trail to prep. donald trump having a town hall as a kind prep last night.
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will he be more prepared this time? >> he has to. we have quantitative evidence in the polling that that last debate and the days ahead of it hurt him across the board. he has been preparing. it is going to take a lot for him to really perform at the level he needs to. what it has to do about his temperament, his bias against minorities. they are everything to republican nominee. he needs all of them and he is losing them right now. >> this could be a make or break moment for the election. this is the second of the three big presidential debates.
11:26 am
a townhall style event. candidates have the ability to get on the stage, move around, they're answering questions, who benefits more? >> donald trump did not do well in this first debate. sunday night the debate is the next best and probably the last chance for him to change the trajectory of the race. i think trump and clinton have real issues going into this debate. they will be sounded by average middle class voters. neither one of them has been in the middle dallas for decades, trump never has, and they live in a bubble and now they have to relate to real people. hillary clinton has experience with that because she has done so many townhalls.
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>> i think that they're both making a good decision by not going to florida because it is focusing all of the resources and efforts on the hurricane and the people there. i do hope that -- i'm disappointed as i think everyone should be about governor scott's decision not to extend voting registration. 2.5 million voters in florida vote early and that's one-third of all of them in florida. in the last five days, 55 people registered to vote the first time. >> just to note, florida law gives the governor power to delay the election, but not make any other changing. thank you both of you. >> thank you. >> check this out, the city of
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st. augustine is almost completely under water. >> we're very focused on jacksonville. there is potential for significant flooding there.
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hurricane matthew now grinding it's way to the north.
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as emergency managers worn of the danger not from the wind, but from the tremendous storm surge. we start with jacksonville florida. and it still looks pretty bad there, what's going on? >> yes, the full brunt is just fwining beginning to hit the jacksonville area. right now we're getting wind gusts of 80 miles per hour here downtown. you get to the coastal areas and it is even beyond that. we're expecting gusts and highs in the 100 miles per hour. i want you to look out here at st. john's river. you see how choppy the waters are right now. you see how walls of rain are beginning to come down. take a look at this bridge right
11:33 am
here. we're looking at the water line to see how high up it is hitting. if the water rises another few feet, it will cover that end of the bridge. they have been worried about the flooding but they're all right seeing several flooding. but st. augustine just south of us, there is reports of a bed and breakfast, 20 people are there inside, including children, and they're there, stuck, and the mayor said coming into this storm if you did not evacuate, you're on your own because wee don't know how quickly we will be able to get to you because of how bad the weather is going to been. and not just up there in st.
11:34 am
augustine. >> the storm surge there that is a major threat for the people and the residents of jacksonville. unbelievable pictures. jonathan, how are conditions where you are? we have been hearing the warning coming from the governor there to get out now. >> yes, very serious about this. i heard you talking about the threat of storm surge and certainly a major issue here. other barrier islands across the coast of charleston. you see the water lapping up to the edge of the property. folks keeping a nervous eye on that. take a look at this video from the drone that we launched earlier today, just before the
11:35 am
raining began. as the storm gets closer, in a worst case scenario they could be dealing with storm surges in ek access of eight feet. there are inlands and tribute tears connected to the inlet. so they have been making reverse 9 11 calls and going door to door to encourage people to go to higher ground. >> our bearier islands are the biggest concern right now. >> that's because as the winds pick up many bridges will become dangerous to cross. some of the barrier islands may be ice laids in just a matter of hours. >> unbelievable images, especially from the dorone, the
11:36 am
water, and the waves. thank you, sir. farce the evacuation process is concerned, we have been talking about the governor saying get out now, the coastal areas. how many people so far have been evacuated from their homes? >> 310,000 have been evacuated from homes and lower lying areas. officials would like to bring that number closer to half a million and that is why in some neighborhoods they're going door to door and making those reverse 911 calls, getting the word out that it's not too late to evacuate, but that could change in a matter of hours. >> thank you. now a quick primer on how a hurricane forms and blows on. the outflow blows out and over
11:37 am
the hurricane, then there are outer band that's get stronger as the storm picks up. in the midding is the eye wall where air rushes towards the center and into the cloud. then it comes into the eye. it dries out and it is clear and calm until the other half of the storm moves in which is why we're hearing from some many government officials that we're not in the clear. this storm could still intensify and we saw that nasa imagery earlier, there is still a lot going on and a lot of evacuations still happening in those communities. so many people stuck inside. the power is out in the city of ormond beach. an hour and a half south of jacksonville, florida. everybody is in this wait and see, what are you seeing right n
11:38 am
now. >> right now we're on the bad side of the storm. just not getting them as often. a couple hours ago it was pretty scary. the people that decide to stay on the barrier islands, you to rethink that. we were eight miles from the shore, and were we getting 85 and 95 miles per hour, seeing trees bend in ways that i have never seen before. i can't imagine trying to take that kind of storm surge and wind on beach side. >> what are you seeing as far as the damage. first of all, do you have power? >> no, we lost power about 7:00 in the morning. we walked the neighborhood just enough to realize we need to get back in our house. there there are trees snapped in half, light poles down, structural damage. >> we're watching the video that you stepped in.
11:39 am
you stepped out for a brief time. the wind we see there, you have three children are they home with us? >> my oldest, we flew her back, so i guess we lose parent of the year award for that, so happy birthday, brianna, you get to see the biggest storm to hit florida in my lifetime. >> some people are wondering what are you thinking. why did you ride out the storm and why did you fly your 18-year-old daughter home? >> you watch the weather channel, we were ready to go as late as yesterday morning, and we made the decision when we saw what was going on that it was more dangerous to try to leave. we have a very well constructed home, we have the latest and greatest and we're above code for hurricane protection. some people need to get out,
11:40 am
people need to get in, but the storm surge is what you worry about. i'm not considered about the flying debris, but i would not play with storm surge if i informs jacksonville, south carolina, georgia, along the coast, if you're along the coast get out. >> you said you're pretty stocked up, what did your neighbors do? >> not many of them left. i was kind of surprised. we have a facebook social media thing where we checked -- i would think about 20% bugged out, the rest stayed and hunkered down. and everybody is fine. there is, like i say there are big trees that fell and fell close to houses, so you have to keep your wits about you, but everybody did what they needed to do. the people beach side here generally followed the lead of the emergency management people, got out, and i think that made the death toll low. people are taking it seriously
11:41 am
and you should. >> justin, you sound like you're in good spirits, you're without power and you don't know when that could come back on. that can be scary as well. good to have you. >> thank you. >> hurricane matthew getting in the way of a honey moon for a pair of newlyweds in the bahamas this week. dave and amanda jenkins, they took this video from their hotel in nassau. high winds taking out a wall in their room. they tried to leave on tuesday but could not get a flight off of the island. they hope they can get on a plane back to the states tomorrow. heck of a honey moon. we'll talk to the former
11:42 am
director of fema that oversaw the clean up of hurricane katrina about how bad the surge could be. and why the greatest concerns could still yet be to come. >> this st still a really dangerous hurricane that the potential for storm surge flooding, loss of life, and severe property damage continues to exist. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable.
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glrchlt one of america's oldest treasures, st. augustine florida is taking a hit. here is a look at the city right now you can barely see anything there. i'll speak with the city's mayor. that is coming up on "shepherd smith reporting." >> breaking news on hurricane matthew tonight, a monster and a killer already. >> this could drag on forever all up the coast. you turn your head towards the
11:46 am
beach, and the wind and the water, they start to hit you and it is like a sand last. >> it is several street signs uprooted. >> you see how the palms are really blowing, breaking apart and shooting across the roadway. two times now the street lights have gone black out. we thought oh man, we're doomed now. this is one of the things that sit over a gas station to protect you from rain, and it is toppled over. today folks in florida are dealing with high winds and more heavy rain. but the been concern, a storm surge, predicted to be up to ten feet high in some areas with
11:47 am
waves at 25 feet high. we have the director of the federal emergency management, good of you to be here. what are you seeing as far as this storm and the potential damage as it continues to make it's way northward. >> we have seen some of the potential, the actual damage, and it could be worse. the winds are down to category three, a still very powerful storm, but right now we have to watch the storm surge. going into areas that are low lying, into jacksonville and savanna, and you heard the governor calling for a significant evacuation. >> can we be clear on what that storm surge is for those of us not from coastal communities. what exactly is that? >> when the wind is pushing, the hurricane has winds going in a big circle. because the land is there, and
11:48 am
pushing the water up against the land, and don't forget we're at high tide and we have the waves on top of that. we'll have significant flooding all of the way from jacksonville, savanna, and into north and south carolina. >> when you talk about storm surge, what areas are you most concerned about right now? >> the coastal areas, all three governors are telling people to evacuate and move out because it will come quickly. you have high tide, you have five, six, seven feet of water on top of that. >> we're looking at images. people are inside of there. but going inland, when you're looking for safety, we just
11:49 am
spoke to someone on the family that said they feel they're far enough inland the surge won't affect them. >> some areas it would not be that far. if you get out of that evacuation area, more than likely you're out of the storm surnl. they don't set them for wind, it's set for the storm surge and flooding. particularly those in mobile homes need to get out. >> what have we learned, david, from recent catastrophic storms in this country. that we can did b doing differently now as we watch hurricane matthew make it's way up the coast into the carolinas? >> i think one thing we really need to do is after this is over, when the storm is done, and next year after the
11:50 am
election, we need to sit down with the new administration and talk about, you know, how are we responding to these disasters? we're spending so much money on the back end of it that it's so back end of, it it's not even sustainable anymore. billions and billions of dollars in every storm. we're spending very little in the front end. the organizations like the build strong coalition need to sit down with the administration and say, hey, we need to spend more money on the predisaster side as opposed to the post disaster side. even the gao has said, for every dollar we spend on the predisaster side, it saves us 4 or $5 on the post zargs side. >> as of today, only 16 states have side wide codes like florida it to prevent from damage like this. all right. very good of you tocule in for us today, david pallson, former director of fema. good to hear from you. >> freedom of information request revealing details about
11:51 am
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newly released documents showing the clinton campaign got a big jump on dealing with potential fall out from her e-mail investigations because they were actually in communication with the white house. before clinton officially announced her presidential run, doug mcelway is live at the white house. where did this latest batch of clinton e-mails come from? >> they came remarkably enough from a freedom of information act request from the republican national committee, of all organizations. and they show a failurly close t
11:55 am
of coordination between a spokesperson and a close clinton confidant, head aid and gen psaki. it also shows a close coordination between those two and what appears to be close coordination with cbs news. one e-mail exchanged shows the two working cbs news to keep secretary of state john kerry from being asked about clinton's e-mail scandal on cbs's face the nation in his headline, between us on shows. and it reads, think we can get this done so he's not asked about e-mail. reply, agree completely and working to rush on my end. the next day, march 13th, 2016, a new mail headlined, good to go on killing cbs idea. are we going to go any other tv options just given the swirl of crap out there. and palmier, swirl of crap jk is crushing everywhere. the response, the channelling
11:56 am
stories out there and thank you, hope you are hanging in there. now, asked whether the administration attempted to influence coverage of the scanned and the especially the cbs news segment, eric schultz said today, that is not my understanding. you'll have to talk to the state department about any engagements they had with media out. and cbs news told fox news just today, officially, and we're quoting here again, no subject was off-limits when this interview was arranged a as is the cbs news standard. as you know, it's not unusual for public relations officials to try to push news organizations into any quid pro quo is a different matter. whether or not that crossed this line, we don't know. >> we'll see where that conversation goes on sunday night at the debate. thank you. >> so if you have a farm full of animals and are in the path of the hurricane, what do you do with the animals? well, this stork got creative. we'll be right back.
11:57 am
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that's a stork from the st. augustine's alligator farm and he's riding out the storm in the bathroom. and the lemur found his way up to the rafters. and the rest of the gang, you'll be happy to hear, safely indoors. i'm sandra smith. here's harris. >> busy hour ahead. we begin with a fox news weather alert. i'm in for shepherd smith. hurricane matthew battering the coast of northern florida and threatening to hammer georgia and south carolina with howling winds, pounding rain, dangerous flooding. >> do you guys run the restaurant? >> yeah. >> yeah? do you guys have phones you can call if you need? >> and this just coming in from our fox affiliate. amateur video here, showing


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