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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 7, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most. florida is still getting pounded by hurricane matthew but is georgia about to take the brunt of it? welcome, everyone. i am stewart barney in for neil cavuto. this is your world and we are all over it. jacksonville, florida where the storm is headed and janice dean on the storm surge that could be next. we begin in jacksonville. what's it like? >> reporter: an hour away from the worst of the storm. you can see this wind and rain is picking up. we are in a lull with the storm.
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check out the debris blowing around from winds, gusts of 80 miles per hour is what we've seen thus far. you can see to the right a metal gate blocking this parking lot that's been blown over as well. right here we are along the st. john's river in downtown jacksonville. this ship right here, this is the famous ship, the america from the america's cup. we just spoke to the captain. the ship was on its way to galveston when the storm came along and it had nowhere to go. they had to tie up here in jacksonville. he is hanging out in the parking lot on the second story, hiding out, waiting out the storm, hoping these waters don't right up high enough that the ship goes into the parking lot. here's what else he told us awhile ago that he is worried about. >> this is the only replica of the america from 1851. the real irony for me is that the original boat was sunk here in 1862 by the confederate navy,
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so i certainly don't want to repeat history. >> reporter: yes. folks here still bracing for the worst. it is a couple hours away. they say 8:00, 9:00 tonight is when the worst of the storm will be over, but the effects afterwards will be around for weeks to come. >> you're right there on the shoreline, obviously. have you felt or seen any storm surge yet? >> we have seen the water come up several feet in the last couple hours, expected to go up several more feet. high tide was a while ago. we are getting closer to low tide now. these waters haven't gone down, despite getting closer to low tide. that gives you an idea how much storm surge is expected to be 6 to 9 feet just here downtown. as far as 10, 11 feet on coastal towns, jacksonville beach, about
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16 miles from here, part of that downtown, first two blocks from the ocean are completely flooded already. >> thank you very much for joining us. florida's governor earlier today saying this is not over. meteorologist janice dean, what can we expect next? >> we still have 24 to 48 hours of this storm left and the second half of the storm, stewart, might be the most dangerous. winds are at 115 miles per hour, still category three storm. this has been a major hurricane for a week now. so historic certainly as it moves up the north coast of florida, east coast of florida towards georgia and the carolinas and the threat now for tornadoes. we have a tornado watch in effect until midnight tonight for parts of georgia and towards the carolinas. we can see the potential for tornadoes as well. looks like we have a tornado warning in and around hilton head island.
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weak tornadoes with land falling hurricanes, and that's on-going for the life of the storm. the water temperatures here i want to point out, sea surface temperatures are warm enough to support a cat three, even strengthening it if the core of the storm stays offshore because it is the land that loses its strength. it gets its fuel from the warm water. so i mean, it is amazing this is still a major hurricane, and the storm surge, let's talk about that real quick. 8 to 12 feet over vulnerable areas that are at sea level. the national hurricane center saying what we saw during hurricane sandy with vulnerable beach areas on the jersey shore and long island, could see similar effects because of storm surge with this system and the counterclockwise winds just pounding the ocean water along the coast. that's the real danger. we are already getting incredible pictures across north
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florida as well as georgia, south carolina. this will be an on-going event for the next 24 to 36 hours. >> january is, superstorm sandy was actually a category one storm and lefty norm us damage. that was the storm surge that did it. this could be worse. >> i can't stress enough, dr. rick nab from the national hurricane center puts it best. moat deaths occur because of the water of a hurricane, so the storm surge and the flooding. people don't realize how deadly that is to drive through water you can't see the bottom of, to go outside, to not evacuate. these are the problems. and i'm glad you brought up superstorm sandy. people are caught up in rankings of the hurricanes. doesn't matter if it is cat three or four, could have the storm surge of a cat five. depends where you are in geography of the place you live. >> and hard to forecast a storm surge. >> yes. >> janice dean, thank you very
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much indeed. now, daytona beach has been hit hard by matthew. michael chitwood is the city's police chief and joins me by phone. i understand storm surge is flooding some roads and high school in daytona beach. do you think there's more storm surge water still to come for your town? >> difficult to tell right now. we have probably 100 people out to assess it. down power lines, broken water mains, trees down, trees on houses, these seem to be the big issue we have. the flooding has been i would call it moderate to say the least, but we dodged a bullet. no doubt about that. >> you're expecting a lot worse i believe? >> we were expecting worse. had it hit land, it would have absolutely been a game changer. there are at least two dozen homes that trees collapsed on them, and fortunately no one was killed. >> again, i want to go back to storm surge because we've been
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hearing constantly that's the great danger, but that did not hit daytona beach in any way you expected, correct? >> that is correct. it did not come to the fact or the point the ocean and coastal waterway may have met one another, that didn't happen. doesn't preclude that there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in damage. >> do you think people will be not able to get back to their homes in daytona beach for how many days? >> well, as of right now, pending inspection upon bridges and cleaning up the power lines, bridges will remain closed to get to the barrier island until further notice. that could be 24 hours, it could be 48 or 72. >> thank you very much indeed for joining us. we appreciate it. i want to reference one other thing which just started, there's a press conference in north carolina, the governor there, pat mccrory in raleigh,
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north carolina, is about to start, just started a press conference. i should also tell you that earlier today president obama declared a state of emergency for the state of north carolina. we'll keep you posted on that press conference. next, someone who did not evacuate, he stayed and he weathered the storm. crisp garden vegetables. no artificial flavors. philadelphia® garden vegetable. rich, creamy... ...and delicious nothing else tastes like philadelphia®.
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veer oh beach. i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer.
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if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps
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these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. just coming into us in florida now, more than 1 million people do not have electric power. we do not know when they'll all get it back. hurricane matthew as you know taking aim at northeast florida as of now. massive flooding already reported in st. augustine, florida. leland vitter is with us from daytona beach. what happened. show us what happened in daytona beach. >> reporter: a whole lot happened, including the entire island of daytona beach being
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without power. judging from the number of power lines down, transformers we saw explode, and signs like that flying around in the wind, bringing down more power lines, it will be a long time until they get crews in here and clean up. there are hundreds of power crews staged near here, as soon as the winds die down, the other thing they contend with is damage they have to get through. you take a look. this was the awning on the top of a gas station. supposed to protect you against wind and rain when pumping your gas. clearly it didn't exactly excuse as planned in that department, destroyed this gas station. gives you a sense of the amount of debris here. we are going to walk toward the debris. we were here after this collapsed and had all this stuff flying around, razor sharp sheet from the gas station, signs with gas prices, all those kinds of things. when those things fly around, it is like razor blades flying
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through the air. now it is like razor blades on the ground. we got finished driving around, dodging dozens of boards with nails sticking out, screws, anything and everything that can puncture tires, make moving difficult here. that's the big challenge post hurricane. post winds, post flood comes the cleanup. it is a long time. on these barrier islands, all of which got hit up and down from melbourne to daytona beach up to st. augustine got pounded and it takes an awfully long time to clean the islands up. before the storm they said a week or two before they would be inhabitable again. with damage like this, you can't get gas or groceries, even if you decided to stay and weather the storm. >> leland vitter, thanks so much indeed. even with strong warnings from florida's governor rick scott, john viotto weathered the storm on hutchinson island, florida. he joins me by phone.
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you toughed it out, didn't leave. what damage did your house suffer? >> hi, stewart. the structure itself was minor, some gutters being torn or, we had a lot of coconut fronds fall. a lot of debris. >> i think you got lucky, john. what about the storm surge? that was the big danger, especially where you are, you're right on the beach. >> right. we're fortunate we're on the beach, we have a nice grade from the beach up to our building. we're about 40 feet higher than the surface of the water, but we also have like a crosswalk that we walk from our property out to the beach. that water went halfway up the crosswalk. so we had plenty of room for us, but that was pretty high. >> you took a risk. would you do it again?
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>> yes. the building here is poured concrete, we have impact windows, plus hurricane shutters. but we were fortunate. we were fortunate. >> john, thank you very much for joining us. we do appreciate it. >> thank you. john viotto on the phone there, his house is 40 feet above the actual water line, so he escaped. someone lower down would not have escaped. david powellnut is with us, he headed to higher ground, a resident of sullivan island. welcome to the program. glad to have you with us. >> thank you very much. >> as i understand it, you were going to stay, you were going to tough it out. now you decided to leave. what made you decide to leave? >> well, the storm looked like it would head to sea, i had be watching it on the hour with my
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ipad and iphone, checking the local news. all along i was taking precautions, putting up -- when the storm picked up steam and headed northwest, i realized it was hit us in the middle of the night, i did not want to be in my house on the front beach of sullivan's island. 2:00 in the morning with 90 miles per hour winds. >> have you seen any effects yet? if you're still in the house, can you see the sea coming at you? >> well, i'm expecting three to six foot storm surge. i walked into beach, went into town and the tide was already a foot higher than summer, it will be quite an event tonight, into tomorrow. i am glad i left. >> you left the beach area and are hold up in charleston, is that it? >> right. downtown charleston, right in the middle of the historic
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district, it is pretty vacant, here, too. >> i imagine every hotel is jam packed? >> i would suppose so. actually, people leave, tourists leave when the storms come. i'm in my childhood home with my wife and couple of family dogs. going to stay here. >> good call to move out of harm's way. he is in charleston now joining us on the phone. david, thank you for joining us. much obliged to you, sir. thank you. now the second presidential debate is a little more than 48 hours away. and vice president joe biden is getting hillary supporters pumped up, or is he? >> i know some of you and some of the people you're trying to convince aren't crazy about hillary. i know that. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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sunday night in st. louis. both candidates are of course preparing. how is this, for a clinton confidence boost from vice president joe biden. roll that tape again. >> but i know some of you and some of the people you're trying to convince aren't crazy about hillary. i know that. >> reaction to that and to the debate from gop strategist kevin scott and democrat strategist, crystal ball. you heard that. was that a gaffe?
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>> i don't think it is a gaffe. i think it is honest. people you're trying to convince are undecided voters on the fence not crazy about either of the candidates. look, people love the vice president because he says what's on his mind, he is very direct. i don't think it is harmful to hillary going into the debate which i'm excited about. it will be a fun one to watch. >> you say donald trump choked in the first debate. real fast, in what way did he choke? that wasn't the verdict from most people. >> well, it was the verdict from most people across the country if you look at the scientific -- they thought hillary clinton dominated the debate, shows up in terms of polling we have seen where she pulled into a nice lead nationwide and in battleground states. but look, i think the next coming debate is absolutely critical for donald trump and
1:23 pm
may be too late for a solid debate performance to turn things around for him. >> i have to go to kevin here. you had your say to some degree. >> all right. >> kevin, must win for donald trump, yes? >> well, i think first of all no, it is not a must win. regardless of his performance most in the media are going to say he lost. that's how the narrative of the campaign has gone. here's what's important for the debate. donald trump has to come across as approachable, especially in a town hall style. can't appear to not answer the questions. he needs to effectively prosecute the case against hillary. last debate didn't mention benghazi, he has to do that. she talks about bad deals, he needs to talk about a bad deal where four americans died. this is the big opportunity for him. hillary was so scripted last time. and that kind of worked but it's going to be tough if she appears that scripted when it's a voter question, a town hall style doesn't bode well when she doesn't come across as genuine.
1:24 pm
he has to appear more genuine. >> trump already said he would not go after bill clinton's women. just by saying that, he is raising the issue, of course. do you think he should? kevin, do you think he should go after bill clinton's women? >> well, you know, i think all these things are on the table. what he needs to stick to are the issues in hillary. hillary has enough challenges on her own, without mentioning the ones her husband brings with him. i think he can stick to hillary, stick to the issues. this is what he has to be care. . he can go after madresors, if they ask a question he thinks is unfair. he doesn't need to do that with voters, he needs to be approachable and effecti isiveld not go down the bill clinton route. >> one criticism for hillary clinton is she doesn't layout a vision where she wants to take america. trump has his one liner, make america great again, hillary
1:25 pm
hasn't got that vision statement. if she did, what would it be? >> well, i think stronger together is certainly her vision statement and while we cover the sensationist topics, fights between her and trump, you've also seen her out on the trail talking about college affordability, laying out a plan that would encourage businesses to come up with more aggressive profit sharing schemes so workers can participate in rewards of the economy. you see her layout agenda for national service. you're right, she can get bogged down in details, she's had these plans, had a whole book of plans for the country, can get bogged down in details without the catchy one liner but it is not accurate to say she doesn't have a real vision for the country. i am sure she'd be happy to talk about that sunday. >> donald trump's vision is growth and prosperity. >> he needs to stick to message. a lot of talk about he needs to get into policy. i don't think he needs to get
1:26 pm
into policy, he needs to answer questions, he needs to talk specifically about his vision, how it is going to be better and prosecute the case against hillary. if he does that, this town hall style will be perfect for donald trump to succeed. >> interesting. kevin scott, krystal ball. thank you. here's something that may come out. showing the white house coordinated with hillary clinton's campaign of fallout from her e-mail problem. jennifer griffin has the latest on that. >> reporter: hi, stewart. the state department released a new batch of clinton e-mails, 75 e-mail chains, 270 pages in length. a team of reporters and producers going through them looking for news. separately, e-mails obtained by the republican national committee through freedom of information act appear to show that white house officials were
1:27 pm
actively coordinating with the state department at the start of hillary clinton's presidential campaign to control the fallout at the start of revelations that hillary clinton used a home brewed server. in one, jen paul mary reached out to generaljen saki to shiel questions about the server. in one, pal mere ee asks saki think we can get this done so he is not asked about e-mail. agree completely and working to crush on my end. day later adds via e-mail, good to go on killing cbs idea. senior administration official says the e-mail exchange referred to desire to prevent kerry from doing any sunday show interviews at a time when the iran nuclear talks were at a sensitive moment. kerry ended up being interviewed
1:28 pm
by a cbs reporter on a trip to cairo, appeared on face the nation. kerry was not asked about the clinton server. a spokesman pushed back on any notion that the reporter agreed in advance not to ask about clinton's e-mails. quote no subject was off limits when this interview was arranged as is the cbs news standard. cbs news state department correspondent was in egypt with secretary kerry in the home stretch of the iran nuclear deal, discussed policy issues of the day with him in this official trip. the white house said today they've never hidden the fact their communication teams would coordinate any messaging about clinton's time as secretary of state. they say there was nothing untoward in this e-mail exchange. back to you. >> thank you very much. the department of homeland security and u.s. intelligence community now officially blaming the russian government for the recent hacked political e-mails and say it is trying to
1:29 pm
interfere. russians trying to interfere in the u.s. election. we're just getting this in. five confirmed deaths in florida due to hurricane matthew. repeat, five confirmed deaths in florida. now, the next state to feel matthew's impact is georgia. it's already hitting there. we're going to take you there. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands. there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal.
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hurricane matthew slamming the florida coast and it is barreling its way up the eastern seaboard. worry over storm surge and flooding prompting georgia's governor to order evacuations. to the lieutenant governor of georgia, casey cagle. sir, the governor ordered evacuation of five counties and that's 500,000 people. do you think you might have a problem getting them to leave because some people stayed behind on the barrier islands in florida and were okay. do you think some of your people will be a little reluctant to leave? >> well, actually six counties that are mandatory evacuation. the agencies have done a good job. it is estimated the total population in the six counties of about 521,000 individuals and
1:34 pm
only about 120 of those remain. we obviously are sending a very strong message that they can still seek shelter and we very much encourage them to do so. but all of the agencies i just left our state operations center, they're on full activation levels and we're very pleased where we are, but obviously it is not too late. >> it is mandatory evacuation, but you can't actually force people out of their homes, can you? >> well, you can't force people out of their homes but you can send a very strong message that this is best. as you have articulated, lives have already been lost as a result of hurricane matthew and we don't want any of that occurring in our state of georgia. those six counties are at risk and we're very concerned about the surge levels that are being talked about, possibly 7 to 9 feet. the impact of that would put savannah underwater. individuals need to be mindful of that, need to be mindful of
1:35 pm
the 100 miles per hour winds potentially and devastation that could occur as a result of that. >> you really are facing a real catastrophe if you get storm surge of nine feet, you say that savannah would be underwater. is that correct? >> that's exactly right. we're very concerned. that's why we're taking every precautionary measure possible. every one of our agencies are activating. currently i was in the middle part of our state earlier today, we were seeing a lot of first responders already getting in positions to be prepared for what's going to come tonight and how we're going to take care of individuals and the community tomorrow after the storm. >> going to have a long night, aren't you? >> it's going to be a long night but obviously our thoughts and prayers are not only with citizens here in georgia but everyone that's been impacted by this horrific storm. we always have to be prepared,
1:36 pm
you know, for whatever may come and obviously hope for the best. i believe the people of georgia will respond very strongly, hopefully getting out of harm's way now. more importantly, will respond to ensure first responders can take care of our citizens. >> five confirmed deaths because of hurricane matthew in florida. lieutenant casey cagle. appreciate you joining us. >> stewart, thank you very much. good to be with you. hurricane hunters, they fly directly into the storm gathering critical data that helps to track changes in the storm and help to generate more accurate forecasts. one of them joins me now. jack, i believe is currently on board his plane. are you in the middle of the hurricane? it looks like it. >> stewart we are southeast of the center of the storm now. >> i'm sorry, i am not hearing you correctly. i'm not sure it is jack parish. who do i have with me?
1:37 pm
>> this is jack parish on noaa43. >> are you flying into the middle of matthew now? >> we are southeast of center, going to go to a point east of here and head in again for a third pass through the center. >> i think you enjoy this. do you? >> i have been doing this since 1980, there is some job satisfaction in it. it is to get accurate data to the hurricane center so people take the warnings seriously. >> do you fly right through the middle or around the edge? >> right through the center of it. perpendicular lines if you made crosses through the center, that's where we go. collecting data constantly. it is not just getting center information but strong winds
1:38 pm
outside of this very bad storm. it is just offshore st. augustine, just offshore of jacksonville, next stop georgia, and nasty storm north of the center. >> you guys are following this thing and flying through it with other planes all the way until it leaves us. that's right? >> that's absolutely right. we will have airplanes in it at least through tropical storm strength. we do expect it to eventually weaken. would love to see it weaken, but it is not indicated very much weakening as it goes up along the georgia coast and heads to south carolina. >> you can tell us it is not weakening from your observations of the flight so far? i think we just lost communication. i'm not surprised. if you're in a plane flying through the middle of the storm, communication is difficult. jack parish, thanks very much for being with us, albeit shortly. how will a disappointing
1:39 pm
jobs report effect sunday's presidential debate. we'll debate, you decide. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges.
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the job market adding 156,000 new positions in september. that's disappointing. the economy is one of the big themes for sunday's presidential debate. what's the fallout from the employment disappointment. what's wrong with the economy? >> growth of government the last 16 years basically stops growth of the economy. government spending in the year 2000 was 1.8 trillion, we are
1:43 pm
now 4 trillion. that comes out of the private sector. that can't continue. add in the debt, add in the deficit and it is a gargantuan head wind. that's why we're sitting in the ones and central bank had to print money, refuse to leave 0% maniacal intervention and it is going to cause problems down the road. >> robin, hillary clinton's plan as i understand it is to spend more government money, a lot of it, tax the rich. why will that work now when it hasn't worked to produce a vigorous economy in the last 8 years, robin? >> first of all, i appreciate you having me on. her plan is very solid. she has detailed 64 pages of financial plans on her website to trump's four plans. her plan does call for increase on the ultra rich. it is actually the top one-tenth of 1%.
1:44 pm
there's that. i wanted to point out there was good news in the jobs report today for us because there's additional 444,000 people that are looking for jobs that were not previously, so that accounts for one-tenth of a percent increase. >> there's 94 million people out of the work force, the participation rate crashed over the last 8 years and they believe the unemployment rate to be down at 5% when it is really above 10%. statistics or the real world are more important, not enough people are working at this point in time, businesses understand the debt, deficit, regulations, rules, mandates. you talk about 64 pages of hillary clinton, i don't want any more pages out of the government. i want to free the private sector up to be what they want to be. greatness of this country does not come out of washington, d.c. it comes out of people working
1:45 pm
their rear ends off every day, trying to make good for themselves and their families. >> gary, robin, i have to cut it short. robin, i do apologize. i almost cut you out of this. i apologize. i am going to breakaway. leland vitter is with senator marco rubio in daytona beach, florida. go ahead. >> reporter: stewart, we are here surveying damage, found senator rubio out with his team, looking around as well. amazing, you and i were talking, ten years since we had a major hurricane in florida, now this. lot of people say we dodged a bullet but not really. >> we did in terms of not being hit by 140 miles per hour winds. if you look behind us, this beach in daytona, significant beach erosion we're going to have to set up supplemental funding and get money to fix in the long term and structural damage. we will see how significant it is when the right people get in. we dodged that bullet. now northeast florida, jacksonville, nassau county, they're facing a serious threat
1:46 pm
of flooding and storm surge even as we speak now, very dangerous conditions. >> so much has been made about the storm by the federal government, president obama holding briefings, talking about federal assistance. is there enough coming in? >> he is our emergency operations guy during jeb bush's administration, he understands the issues. millions of people living in the path of a category four hurricane, they responded appropriately. once conditions improve, you're going to see them respond further. >> we only have 30 seconds left, senator. want to hit on this. we hear complaints, the media was here, elected representatives promised help and never showed up. how are you going to ensure help that's promised is delivered? >> that's why it is important we are here today and you are doing the coverage. this can be documented, people can see damage that's occurred.
1:47 pm
>> saw you taking pictures with the ipad. >> beach erosion is important. people may not think of it that way, this community, this community, it is their life blood, that damage takes time to reverse and usually is not budgeted for, like after sandy and other floods, need intervention. >> appreciate your time. stewart back to you. the rebuilding effort now begins as winds die down. >> leland vitter, thanks so much. to repeat moments ago we heard and confirmed there are five deaths in the state of florida because of matthew. here's what's coming up. areas in florida, beginning to assess the damage. is the worst to come further north? what is the risk now? that's next.
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1:50 pm
just a few minutes ago in this program the lieutenant
1:51 pm
governor of georgia warned that 9-foot storm surge along the georgia coast would flood savannah. and is that the next big risk area, storm surge, georgia coast? sfwlrks we >> reporter: well, yes, storm surge is going to take over along with very heavy to excessive rainfall as this continues northeastward. it's down graded to a category 2 which i think is a good idea. it's down graded from a 3.05 to a 2.95. and you heard the hurricane hunter talk about the strong winds to the north of the storm. that's just pushing water towards the georgia coast and piling it up before the storm comes in. the coast is adding to that problem that they have all these low lying areas. and water gets pushed back up
1:52 pm
the river. refrts it's a problem in char stn. >> i'm sure you remember superstorm sandy was a category 1. this is now a category 2 and going at georgia. >> i had had this power and impact scale. sometimes, people don't understand the cat gir is based on a wind speed usually very close to the storm. so you could have danny, no more than 60 miles wide and 115 miles per hour was only five miles wide or you could get a storm like this or what sandy was doing. the wind was 95 miles per hour at the center and two miles away, it was the same amount of wind. and it's piling up the water. you notice that the coast where
1:53 pm
savannah and charleston is, is in a cyclonic shape and that helps pile water up. >> what's the chance that matthew curls back around and comes back for a second time to south florida? >> well, that's happened before but if it comes back, it will be a ghost of itself. these hurricanes, a lot of times they take a
1:54 pm
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