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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 7, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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it will be a shadow of its
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former south. savannah up towards charleston, beautiful area and we're going to watch a big storm surge likely to cause a lot of flooding. the rainfall amounts are going to be extreme. we will see it become more of a rain event as it starts to interact with the front off to the west and we're going to see spots 15 inches even up into eastern virginia. and yesterday asked me about vi virginia, norfo norfolk, we're going to talk about significant rain. >> so, in terms of the expectation level people were projecting for this hurricane, where do you think it's basically plays itself out in that sense? >> like was the forecast accurate? >> yeah. >> yeah, i think it's been pretty spot on. the overall behavior of it is run just right parallel to the coast and continues to do so.
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so i think what we've seen with the damage in florida and what we have yet to see is going to continue to be really extreme and another dangerous night ahead across the areas of georgia, and south carolina and a lot of flooding in jacksonville. we had record breaking flooding across areas of eastern north carolina that means the ground is incredibly saturated. and if we get in the 10 to 12 inches of rain, we're going to have a massive flooding event across parts of north carolina as well. >> and you look at hurricane katrina took a direct hit towards new orleans and hurricane sandy came directly westward and that caused a lot of the damage. we're going to go now to sebastian, florida. it looks like it's not too shaby there right now. >> reporter: let's talk about
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what rick was talking about which is any 20 miles to the west and this storm could have been a lot worse. right behind me we have beautiful homes. we have our cameraman come behind him, you'll see they would have been damaged had the category 4 hurricane made it to west. and the broken piers, the kayaks and boats that have been lifted from the forest. this is the indian river. behind the homes i showed you, that was the atlantic oegds and how it's really hitting in daytona and jacksonville with that kind of severity, that's why people here are breathing a sigh of relief. we have about a million people without power and plenty without power, especially in central florida. but we've had four deaths to the storm and they have come sadly -- two people had a generator in the garage and
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another woman had a heart attack and emergency services couldn't get to her and anath r woman had a fallen tree hit her. people expected a really serious, serious storm and right now the damage is minimal with fallen trees and puddles, thankfully. >> thanks, bryan. the low lying city of jacksonville, florida is bracing for massive amounts of flooding as the storm moves north. >> we're talking earlier about the worst is yet to come. jacksonville is where they were talking about. right now you can see we're just starting to feel the full brunt of hurricane matthew and it's going to stay this way for at least the next three hours. because jacksonville is such a low lying area, is the storm surge. right now if this raises up another foot 1/2, that is going
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to be clear covering this entire board walk along the shore. already a jacksonville beach 15 miles from here, the first 2 1/2/3 blocks of that town are entirely flooded. so the worst is yet to come as we'll watch over the next three hours. >> we're going to be monitoring hurricane matthew throughout the hour. there's only two days left before the next presidential debate. our predictions and advice. vo: hey, evan. so, you're stuck at a work thing. with directv and at&t you can stream all your favorite shows without using your data. that makes you more powerful than a table for 60. businessman: wednesdays are the new thursdays! or the mandatory after party. evan: how early is too early to leave? vo: you're not going anywhere. evan: i'm not going anywhere. it's your tv, take it with you. watch all your live channels, on your devices, data free.
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welcome back. this sunday is the next presidential debate. hillary clinton's off the trail today but donald trump took part in a round table this afternoon and a town hall last night. here's what he said there. >> donald trump is going to new hampshire to practice for sunday. this has nothing to do with sunday and it's like -- they make you into a child. i love the people of new hampshire. this was set up a little while ago. they were going to cancel it and i said why? and they said you wanted debate prep. do you really think hillary clinton is debate prepping for three or four days?
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she's resting. >> we've got a live show this sunday a few hours before the second show down. so please make sure to tune in and watch "the five" at 5:00 p.m. more of what we can expect on this week's face off and the washington post, posted a story about donald trump talking with billy bush as they were doing a show. and apparently donald trump is in his private van or whatever and they're talking about women in the most derogatory of ways, using language we can't repeat here for you. so, let me ask erick what do you think of this? >> we have a live show sunday? great. >> you don't want to talk about this. >> that sounded like an invitation to a funeral. >> i listened to the tape and listen donald obviously heard it and apologized immediately.
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and it's i guess that's all you can really do and hope for. >> so, do you think the women's issue is back? >> will wel, you remember what she did with -- what was it? machado? she wasn't even asked that question but somehow worked it in. so i'm sure they're figuring out how they can grab it and -- it's going to be tough though. i mean -- >> it's not fun listening to that. >> i mean, the women's issue and that discussion has never been off the table. this has remained a constant throughout this campaign and election. i think issuing a statement right away was imperative. it's obviously not a positive story, that's for sure. we're going to have to see where it goes from here. >> what about politic s in the
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debate? >> first of all, he apologizes if you were offended which isn't the same. >> i tried that. >> tried all the time. and the thing about this is i can -- i hear him, he's saying locker room banter, private conversation. did not expect it was on a hot mike in 2005 but culture has moved on and one of the things you see repeatedly and you'll see more tonight when fresh polls come out is donald trump trails with women by a huge margin. he's not doing as well with men as he needs to be. these are points in the campaign when there's no room for error and when it comes to the debate prep, he praised governor pence for his debate performance for good reason and pence basically shut himself away with governor scott walker and they practiced for that debate for days. it does pay off to practice and i do believe that hillary
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clinton is not resting. i think she is making her team put her through her paces over and over again to see how she can at least not flal at this debate. and try to see whatever it is people want from her. the last thing on this statement from him today if you listen to it is it goes back to this issue of it's not just with women, but the issue of temperament and judgment and over and over again the numbers are flipped in terms of temperament and judgment. if that's what you care about when voting for a judgment, it's difficult for him. and donald trump's quick reaction to this was better than in the past. >> so, greg, you and i are so expert at dealing with women. donald trump said last time after the first debate that he held back, he didn't bring up bill clinton's problems because he felt it would embarrass
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chelsea and hillary. >> i think he will now. because this is full board misogyny and accusations and his only defense is using bill clinton. look at your husband. because he's kind of up against the wall when you're on tape. the town hall thing, it only had trump supporters. he continues to retreat into comfort zones instead of putting himself out for prangt practice. and she's lined up i don't know how many trump impersonators and she's actually prepared. he thought pence dade great job. why did pence do a great job? >> they may be interested to know the chairman of the republican national committee has been in donald trump's sessions and throwing questions at donald trump. chris christie is playing the an
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tagnist and they're trying to talk to trump, kellyanne conway about body language and how the questions are coming from the audience as well as the two moderators. >> it's going to be a war over who's more focusy. she's going to amble around like a friendly farmer from up the road. >> i think she should cut any canned line from her performance. the canned lines from kahine wee not good. >> she prepared last time and it worked well for her but now it's going to be about personality and so in terms of her relatability and people liking her, people say if you know her personally they find her likable but it's not translating, not resonating through the screen and in these groups. perhaps this will give her an opportunity to show case it if
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it is there to find it deep down. trump seems very comfortable in this kind of format. maybe this is more of an advantage for him to try and show case. >> problem is this is not the same kind of town hall. that was not a dry run. there was no conflict. >> those were all trump supporters and the it questions were prescreened. don't forget to watch us sunday at 5:00 p.m. a quick break and then a new bomb shell on the clinton email scandal to tell you about. how the white house tried to help hillary clinton contain the scandal next. d, you've got... with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands.
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shortly. there will be live reporters on the ground that we'll talk to. there's news on the clinton email controverscontroversy. emails indicate that the white house is working with the state department and the clinton campaign to manage and minimize the fallout over the secretary's private server back in 2015. an official issued this statement. "we have always been transparent about the fact that we were in touch with the clinton campaign about stories related to the state department." when i look at some of these emails i see the communications team coordinating as they do and the reason that the emails are public is because the rnc asked for these emails based on a freedom of information request. they got them. in one way you could say they're colluding to protect hillary,
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even though she husband had this server is there was no wrong doing but they were early on recognizing this was going to be a bad story for them. >> and my issue is they discuss how they're going to spin it to the media. they're saying what are we doing with cbs? we're doing good with them. is steve harvey -- the coordination and then -- if it's not illegal, it should be unethical. >> but it's not illegal and we're talking about the state department and the white house. what's interesting -- >> they knew she was going to announce her presidency. >> you have jennifer pallmaury and she goes to work for hillary clinton's campaign and they're communicating about whether or not they can avoid having the current ser secretary of state, john kerry ask questions during
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a cbs interview and it looks like they finally come to a decision that cbs is not going to ask about this which suggests that they will avoid this. well, cbs today says no, we never bought into saying anything was off the table and the second part of and maybe more troubling is you see the state department assuring a lawyer who worked with mrs. clinton that the state department's not telling congress that mrs. clinton did anything wrong. clearly they're in touch with the lawyers early on. >> and they had told president obama and he went on "60 minutes" and he said she had had done nothing wrong. >> and had to be aware that she had her own email server and multiple devices, another lie and did send classified information, another lie.
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you can say something not legally punishable or a violation of a specific law but honestly, this is what undermines people's faith and trust about the credibility and the hawnonesty as government as stands today and this is the call to arms because they don't like this. exactly what we're witnessing. >> i wonder if it's republicans or democrats, the white house or the state department, the campaigns, there is coordination. i don't know if you're going to out law it or be able to convince people it was wrong. >> bethe fact that it's acceptable. the media is a beeves to the democrats' but head. and if you like the gilmore girls, the media is lane and the democratic party is rory.
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the media is ren, the democrats are stimpy. >> i'll stop there. >> so you do interviews with politico. they may be running or not be. and you go if it works in, you say maybe i can work it in. it's interesting. >> and sometimes not ask questions. >> sorry, can't do that. if you're good you say no, i can't promise you that and my problem is there's much more coordination going on. yes, we have them, cbs is on board. a wink and a nod, maybe not written in an email but a wink and a nod that there was coordination between the journalist and the campaign. >> because most journalists are uncoordinated. >> there's gambling here? i'm just saying. first of all you'd be upset if the white house wasn't talking
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to the state department and secondly, it happens with republicans and democrats. it's just politics. >> they're actually not at fault here. all right. stay right there because we have a big birthday to celebrate ahead. it's our own. the fox news channel. i got a little choked up. fox turned 20 today. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. did you or anyone in your household work around asbestos-containing gaskets, packing, or equipment? if you or a loved one have an asbestos-related disease, you may have a right to vote on a plan to reorganize and pay claims in the garlock/coltec bankruptcy. garlock's and coltec's products were used in industrial and maritime settings, including where steam, hot liquid or acid moved in pipes.
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(announcer vo) you can commute. (man on radio) ...40! no flags on the play! (cheering) (announcer vo) or you can chest bump. yo commute, we got serious game. siriusxm. road happy. welcome back to "the five." on this day in history, october 7th, 1996, a little channel called the fox news channel was born. and here we are today, 20 years later, proud to be bringing you the fair and balanced coverage that you deserve day after day. "the five" turned five this july and to celebrate, we'd like to reflect back on some of our favorite moments since the show began, starting with erick. >> i've had so many great times.
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the five 1/2 years i've been here and snowden, and five 1/2 years ago this day changed everything. >> hello everyone. 5:00 on the east coast and this is "the five." it's our first show up next, president obama vowing to get a debt deal done, warning that they'll meet every day until an agreement is made. thank you our viewers who have come out in droves to support us. last week we were the highest rated show. without that there's no reason to put the show on. >> four years, four more, i don't know. 40 more. it's been great. we'll be dead by then. >> 1300 shows, five plus years it's been a wild ride but a great ride. >> never a dull moment. that's for sure. >> remember this in new hampshire this past year.
2:38 pm
>> this is the best segment in all of new hampshire because the five of us are going to pick the top five candidates and then slide down the hill. on your mark, get set, go. oh, no, he's going to beat us. >> congratulations. >> and that was a predictive primary win. you won. >> trump. >> and i didn't even cheat. >> people all around the company, around the channel were jealous. >> it was pretty funny. this is the job that we have. >> and i had that idea the night before in the bar and you were like okay, fine. >> remember i ended up with all the ice. i was crazy but juan was helpful. >> helpful in what way?
2:39 pm
clarify. he's married. >> anyway. that was dana's idea. that's what shocked me. dana wants to go -- >> she's a killer. >> gosh i think you're a snow bunny. >> i come up with things i can win. >> do we get on our knees or lay down flat and i looked up and dana was at the end of the mountain. >> ia yi'll let that line go by. >> it's true. >> that was just fun. that's almost like a child hood fantasy. >> we'll see what happens in vegas in a couple weeks. >> different snow. it's a terrible place, a terrible, horrible place. i hate vegas. >> happy anniversary, five. >> sticking with this year, i had so much fun when we took a bus ride, a bus ride that took us to cleveland for the republican national convention but we made stops along the way and one of the stops was at a farm festival.
2:40 pm
>>ing agriculture fair. >> but the bus ride was just too much fun. >> where is your video? >> i don't know. >> a democrat in the middle of this crazy country. we have someone who votes with her brain, that's right. >> that's exactly right. >> and that was great fun because i got to go over to the football hall of fame and throw the ball around with my son and the arcivist who shows me very valuable football cards. >> it was fun but could we never do another road trip bus ride? it was a little rough. >> i would love the bus if it didn't move. if we just sat on it and had fun and you did your rhymes and your crazy talk and crushed red wine,
2:41 pm
that was good. >> drinking wine and having conversations. >> he was like rapping. vanilla ice rapping but with penot noir. it was the motion sickness that was weird. greg. >> it must have been three months ago when a young fella started scaling the trump tower and breaking news stepped in and i step under to sheck's do you want me to get anything? i can walk to the coffee place? you want some banana bread or yogurt? >> no. banana bread or yogurt. i would go for an iced coffee. >> i could get one and bring it to the studio. >> there's no milk. >> but i got the two equals. >> who let you on this floor. >> i still have a security pass. >> that's weird.
2:42 pm
you're going to make fun of our microphone. >> yes, it's white. we're on the commentary side of what we do but we have the best news delivery system in the country and the best news anchor in the world. i think he's the fastest, smartest person in the business and he is our captain kirk. he's running that deck. >> you give him three facts and he can talk for an hour. >> we can talk about anything because we're not beholdn to facts. it's just opinion. but he's got a stick. you give him two words and he'll weave it into the a giant sweater of beauty. >> what a winning endorsement of shepherd smith. >> cnn had a piece up there saying that fox changed the media for the worst by increasing political polarization. the translation is the liberal
2:43 pm
media had owned the turf for so long and then fox showed up and pants them. >> so we took back our playground. >> that was pretty interesting t too. my turn now? this is probably the inception of kimberley's foot court. everyone found out my love affair with food and in the fourth of july with the west point band playing and boom, the chicken wing eating contest. take a look at this. on your marks, get set, go. >> wow. oh, my god. you got 10 seconds left. and it's 10, 8, 75, 4, 3, 2,
2:44 pm
1. >> that is the most amazing footage ever. >> winning. >> keep watching. the runner up ended up choking -- >> he's a choker. >> you know how sometimes in the packages they'll do speed it up walking. that is not sped up. that is kimberley. >> i crushed it and dana goes any competition i'm in i want you and i'm a killer. undefeated. >> is this something you do? >> no, i don't go on the i circuit. >> joey chestnut. >> i've been working on hot sauce, actually. >> i mean, i'm glad because i think you could win. joey chestnut, watch out. i know joey. >> i'm going to help you.
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we'll be looking forward to the next 20 years and hope you're with us for the ride. and matthew and winds up to 100 miles per hour. across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships,
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we want to go back now toflorida where hurricane matthew is relentlessly pounding the coast. leland, what is the latest there? sfwlr >> reporter: greg those counterclockwise winds still coming through as it goes aught to sea. you can see the famous daytona beach pier still standing. and still very, very heavy surf. when you look out towards the bord walk and down, you get the sense of damage and destruction. but when you don't see the decimation to say it's not a big deal. senator marco rubio said what you don't see is most important, like the beach erosion. he said it will take a lot of time and money to repair this, which is critical for the infrastructure and tourism here in daytona beach. so much of their money comes from tourism and to the point of
2:50 pm
money, the senator said it's going to take a lot of time and money to repair this beach and that means it's going to take a whole lot of both. >> be safe, talk to you soon. let's go to chief meteorologist tracking the storm in the fox weather center. >> and we've always been planning that the storm surge is going to be worse around jacksonville to charleston and that's what we have going on now, on shore wind piling all had that water. the storm has weakened a little bit. it's still on the verge between a cap 2 and 3 hurricane. it's still a very, strong storm right jirts off shore. the center of the storm is about 35 miles off the shore and because the way the coast line moves it's going to start getting closer tonight into
2:51 pm
tomorrow across parts of georgia and the carolinas. the worst of the rain is yet to come and that's going to be in south carolina and north carolina. some spots up to 15 inches. one more thing is up next. when it's time to potty train... it's time for training underwear! new pampers easy ups. has an all-around stretchy waistband. and pampers' protection. so you'll see drier nights. and they'll see their first underwear. new pampers easy ups.
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time for one more thing. >> this week, as you know at home, my little road dog
2:55 pm
celebrated his 10th birthday and these are photos we got to take with our friend, amazing photographer at kpk and you can see the big teeth, the big smile there and so many of the photos. and they grow up so fast. so give your kids extra hugs and kisses. he's really, truly a treasure. can you believe how big he's gotten. and thanks to kevin for taking care of us and there he is with his dad as well. all right. erick. lots of accusations have been lobbed at hillary clinton. pro-na pro-nafta. but they're from this guy. >> senator clinton is the same person who has taken more money from lobbyists than any other candidate, democratic or
2:56 pm
republican. this is the same person who took money from financial folks on wall street and then voted for a bankruptcy bill that makes it harder for folks right here in pennsylvania to get a fair shake. >> he went on and on and on. trart that's 2008 and rnc cut that ad. >> i think some of that is why hillary clinton has had such a hard time by millennials. the relentless pounding she took from president obama and then bernie sanders with the same type of message this year. >> theyicide start using some of those. >> mine is we're going to celebrate a colleague of ours in the washington d.c. bureau and that is james rosen who has compiled and edited a beautiful book -- well, a compilation of work by william f.
2:57 pm
buckley jr. >> this is a collection of 50 y eulogys that he wrote. if you love all those things that bill buckley loved, you're going to love this book. >> the smartest people i know always read the obituaries, including my husband. so, congratulations to james. >> tucker reads the obituaries. >> because that's where you learn about america and great people. >> tucker sees dead people. >> it's true. >> greg, you're up. >> saturday show, 10:00 p.m., you got comi-con, the great pro wrestler. we're going to have a debate
2:58 pm
preview and carl, it's going to be great. we'll have a debate preview. tech billionaires are investing mucho bucks to find out whether or not we live in a matrix. >> somebody trapped me here with you. >> is this the secret to happiness? i can't remember. maybe not. but if you're a polar bear and it's hot out, this is actually a polar bear cub enjoying himself in a pile of ice. a neat fact about this adorable polar bear cub, when he becomes an adult, he'll be able to rip you to sh reds. everything adorable as an animal gets big and then they will try and eat you. >> that's how much i enjoy the hot tub. i can relate to this. if that was a hot tub, forget it, amazing. >> so i was reading an obituary this week. it was for a recluse named rod
2:59 pm
temperton and to my surprise, he wrote some of my favorite songs and probably some of your favorite, too. here are two bit king of pop, michael jackson. ♪ thriller, i can feel you more than any ghoul would ever dare ♪ ♪ i'm going to rock with you all night ♪ >> so that's pretty amazing that rod temperton wrote both of those, but he also wrote "boogie nights." >> great song. ♪ boogie nights, set this night on fire ♪ >> his songs are going to be on the radio forever. >> kudos for giving, you know, credit to the writer. they never get any credit. >> he deserves it. he was great.
3:00 pm
>> adrian's favorite concert was the "thriller" concert. stay with us throughout the night for continuing coverage of hurricane matthew and we'll see you back here sunday hour before the second live presidential debate. >> see you later! this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. we're keeping an eye on hurricane matthew. it's been downgraded to a category 2 storm now. there are fatalities and damage. hundreds of thousands of evacuations. but the catastrophe that many expected has not happened so far. we have team coverage of the storm in just moments. breaking tonight after threatening to shoot down u.s. planes over syria, word that russia is moving nuclear cab


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