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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 7, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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the "thriller" concert. stay with us throughout the night for continuing coverage of hurricane matthew and we'll see you back here sunday hour before the second live presidential debate. >> see you later! this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. we're keeping an eye on hurricane matthew. it's been downgraded to a category 2 storm now. there are fatalities and damage. hundreds of thousands of evacuations. but the catastrophe that many expected has not happened so far. we have team coverage of the storm in just moments. breaking tonight after threatening to shoot down u.s. planes over syria, word that russia is moving nuclear capable missiles outside of its borders,
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a show of strength or another threat happening the same day the u.s. intelligence community officially determines that russia was behind recent election-related computer hacking. but our top story tonight is the presidential election. we have brand new fox polls releasing right now and breaking late this evening a blast from the past that seems to be exploding in the face of the republican presidential nominee, donald trump. it comes in the form of a tape of a tv shoot with "access hollywood" in 2005 where the now republican nominee can be heard speaking freely and crudely about women on a hot microphone. first, the polls. hillary clinton leads donald trump 44 to 42% in the latest four-way matchup. that is one point closer than the most recent survey remains as you see, a statistical tie. head to head it is clinton by 4, 48 to 44.
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that is also one point closer for trump than the last time. all of this comes as the trump campaign is in serious damage control mode tonight. we should point on this show we're choosing to bleep out some of the words in this audio. the unedited version can be seen and heard online. good evening, carl. >> hi, bret. the trump campaign wanted this to be a down day so you could focus on the debate coming up on sunday. obviously this is a huge ditrackd distraction. it's graphic, it's raunchy and it comes after he had been married to thinks third wife melania by about eight months. >> just kiss. i don't even wait. and when you're a star they'll let do you it. you can do anything. >> reporter: he's effectively saying because you're famous, you can get away with
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everything. he talks about groping women in a variety of different ways. it's quite vulgar. and the trump campaign has released a statement from donald trump apologizing for it. in it he says, "this was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago. bill clinton has sad far worse to me on the golf course, not even close. i apologize if anyone was offend offended." . he was talking to billy bush on his way for an appearance on a so opera. aides say this is the first time they can remember donald trump apologizing for anything. the clinton campaign issued a statement, brief, saying "this is horrific, we cannot allow this man to become president. this is a big, big development. the polls suggest this race is still as to-u toss-up.
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>> clinton had been down 12 points. when it comes to who will be a better job on the economy, trump leads 50-45. on immigration, clinton leads 51 to 45%. a border control agent said immigrants are being allowed to enter the u.s. so they can vote in november. >> they want to go ahead and fast track them so they can vote for the elections. >> and these are the professionals. >> reporter: neither offered up proof of the statement. ? florida the storm will have an impact on the election. there are only four days left to vote in florida and in matthews' wake, few will be thinking about getting registered. trump denied the hand-picked
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town hall was practice for debate. >> this has nothing to do with the debate. we're just here because we wanted to be. hillary is talking about debate prep. that's not debate prep, she's resting. i want to be with the american people, i want to be with the people from new hampshire and she wants to rest. >> but a moderator read the presubmitted questions a timer was running just like he'll face in the debate. >> trump again suggested he would not raise bill clinton's infidelities in sunday's face-off with hillary clinton. >> i think it's all better off if we can do that. it is about issues and policies. >> reporter: trump pledged to halt drugs coming into new
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hampshire. >> reporter: obviously this audiotape with a great deal of description of his conquests of women will be the rage until the debate. >> carl cameron, we'll have more with the panel and potential impact as the clinton campaign jumps on the trump audio reveal today. the democratic nominee is dealing with her own problems, more potential negative fallout from e-mails and a lot of cross-talk with president obama's people. hello, jennifer. >> reporter: good evening, bret. the hillary camp said it is confident that russia was behind the hacks to the dnc. tonight wiki leaks has posted
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the first of 2,050 of 50,000 e-mails belonging to campaign chairman john podesta. the intelligence community tried to reassure u.s. voters today that recent attempts at hacks in the state voting system cannot affect elections because the u.s. ballot system is not linked to the internet and therefore cannot be hacked as new e-mails released by the state department show the clinton campaign was more concerned about clinton's private e-mail server than it first let on. >> new e-mails obtained by the republican national committee through a foia request. while clinton's presidential campaign was in its early steps,
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white house communications director, jennifer palmeri, suggested she reach out. >> they wanted to try to tamp it down as best they could. >> in one e-mail "think we can get this done? >> a day later it's added "good to go on killing cbs idea." a senior administration official said the e-mail exchange referred to their desire to prevent kerry from doing any interviews at a time when the iran nuclear talks were at a sensitive point citing the deteriorating situation in syria.
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"any communications professional would have advised his or her boss against going out to do a round of interviews." the interview appeared on the cbs morning show. he was not asked about the server. today the state department pushed back on a separate story first reported by fox news concerning two missing bankers boxes of clintons' e-mails. according to the report, the i fbi -- newly revealed fbi transcrip transcripts: >> we strongly refute those claims. we've been clear all along that our freedom of information act of former secretary clinton's e-mails was a complex and multi-step process. state department lawyers who were part of the staff in
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legislative affairs did not change proposed upgrades. >> the state department released another batch of clinton e-mails tonight. 75 chains and 270 pages. one of those e-mail was from her form are campaign strategy, park penn, who suggested in 2012 that she try to bump vice president joe biden off the ticket. hillary clinton's response was, quote, please print. >> jennifer, thank you. >> this is a fox news extreme weather alert. hurricane matthew is making its mark on the southeast coast forcing millions to leave their homes or consider it and leaving up to a million so far without power, a number that's expected to rise. but it appears the region has dodged the catastrophic event that is forecast, at least so far. right now we have at least two reported fatalities from this
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hurricane in the u.s. still the threat is a long way from over. we have fox team coverage in south carolina where flooding is the primary concern. we begin with correspondent garrett tenney. >> reporter: good evening. we are in the middle of what is supposed to be the worst of hurricane matthew and it's expected to last for at least a few more hours, this while millions of floridians continue to hunker down and wait for the hurricane to pass. hurricane matthew is continuing northward on its slow path of destruction battling florida's eastern coastline after devastating the caribbean and killing nearly 300 people in haiti. hurricane winds of more than 100 miles per hour tore through neighborhoods in daytona beach,
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ripping roofs off of businesses and homes, knocking out power to more than a million people. the real damage, though, is coming from the record amount of water that inundated many areas that have rarely seen flooding. and towns along the shore such as cocoa beach in st. augustine saw the worst of it with entire areas of downtown flooded with the storm waters. they are emphatic in warning that this storm is far from over. the worst is still yet to come with parts of northeastern florida along with areas of georgia and south carolina. president obama warned folks to be ready. >> this is still a really dangerous hurricane, that the potential for storm surge, flooding, loss of life and severe property damage continues to exist and the people continue to need to follow the
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instructions off their local officials. >> and we are already seeing significant flooding here in jacksonville with two hours to go until -- at least two hours to go until the storm starts to move on. in jacksonville beach not part from here, the first three blocks of that town from the ocean are now completely flooded. let's now go to my friend and colleague jonathan in folly beach, south carolina. >> thank you, garrett. in just the few minutes we've been on the air, we have noticed an increase in the wind and the rain but the major concern out here on folly beach and other barrier island communities is going to be the storm surge. in fact, just before the rain started, we're able to watch a drone to give you an aerial view. look at the video of the raging seas near the beach. it also gives you an idea of just how close to sea level most of these island communities are.
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forecasters are saying in a worst case scenario some of these barrier islands could see storm surges in excess of eight feet. and some low lying neighborhoods, first responders have been making reverse 911 calls to residents, in some cases sending firefighters door to door to urge people to leave, a message echoed by south carolina governor nikki haley. we understa >> we understand the situation that is before us and it is not a good one. this is the last time you will see me before we are actually in storm mode. so please evacuate, even if it's to a shelter. >> 69 emergency shelters have opened in north carolina housing more than 1,200 or 4,200 ev evacuees. state officials would like to
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bring the number to half a million but they warn the window of opportunity is closing as the winds increase, it's going to be very dangerous driving over some of the higher bridges and then some of the lower aligned highways and roads are likely to flood out. so there are probably just a couple more hours before people can leave these lower lying areas or else they're going to have to just hunk are down in their homes and hope for the best. coming back to our live shot here on folly beach and surrounding folly island, can you see there's still electricity out on the pier here but that's not the case for some of the barrier island communities just down the coast from us. seabrook island and keowa island, we're hear they are powering down substations that provide electricity to those islands because they want to protect those substations against further damage from the storm surge. bret? >> jonathan serrie in south carolina, thank you.
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from the weather center in new york, good evening, rick. >> interesting shape of the coastline here has made all the difference. it's really hugged the coast as it moved up the coast but now it's moving towards the north and coastline changes. we're going to see getting closer to the coast probably between savannah and charleston by overnight and tomorrow morning. winds have come down to 110 miles an hour, the top threshold for a category 2 storm. the pressure at 948 is really interesting. still very, very low for that strong of a storm. so it is still a very intense storm as it pulls off towards the northeast. a lot of energy still pushing all of that water in across the coastal areas and the coastal areas across especially south carolina and georgia and northern parts of florida are susceptible to the storm surge. hurricane warnings to the north
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of the beach, continuing to pull a lot of water to areas of georgia and charleston, that's where we're going to see the worst of our storm surge and inland flooding. the other thing we're going to see is the rain fall become extreme. as this moves towards the north, it gets caught one a front pulling in and that's going to wring a lot of moisture out of this storm. it will weaken it eventually but flooding concerns through parts of virginia and south carolina and northern parts of florida as well. rainfall totals are going to be extreme. a lot of spots will see the 5 to 10 inch range. i think we're going to see spots, maybe up to 15 inches. bret, worth noting we had historic flooding a couple of weeks ago. that ground is saturated, the rivers are full. we're going to get a very quick maybe foot of rain on top of this and we could be dealing with a really major flooding
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disaster. bret? >> rick, we'll head back for any other breaking news. up next, the breaking news about russian missiles as the obama administration talks tough and backs down against syria. a lot of news tonight. we'll be right back. so they can detect and repair corrosion before it ever becomes a problem. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. becaustill not sure nwhether to stay or go on that business trip? ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ this fall at choice hotels, the more you go the better! now earn a free night when you stay with us just two times. book direct at
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now going to a break story we told you about at the top of the program, a u.s. intelligence official says russia is moving nuclear missiles into kaliningrad. he says that they've done this before for training purposes but
3:22 pm
con seeds it could be a show of strength. >> we go the white house for the latest foreign policy flip flop. >> it was an unprecedented call by secretary of state john kerry. >> these are acts that beg for an appropriate investigation of war crimes. >> kerry claimed that russian aircraft bombed another hospital in syria overnight killing 20 and wounding one more. >> those who commit these would and should be held accountable for these actions. >> then later today the state department pulled back on kerry's crime for a war crimes investigation. >> not a new idea these are violations of international law. we have long said that people should be held to account. >> while the u.s. was sending mixed signals, russia was matching its air campaign with escalated rhetoric, too, that after the pentagon yesterday promised to continue its own air
3:23 pm
strikes on isis targets in s a syria. >> translator: the range of missiles may come to a surprise to any unidentified flying objects. >> russia knows whatever opposition the u.s. throws its way is done with the consent of the u.n. >> we've been disappointed that vietnam and russia have used that veto to protect assad. >> reporter: administration critics says even a unilateral u.s. threat of a war crime investigation would be seen as toothless by russia and syria. >> they are taking advantage in a particularly brutal way of america's failure for five years now to respond to the carnage in syria. >> reporter: embolden by what is
3:24 pm
called the obama administration's passivity, some fear it is inching closely to a war against the u.s. >> if i were going to move, i would do it between now and january the 20th. >> the defense ministry revealed that russian bombers buzzed the coast lines of the norway, the u.k. and france, forcing each of those countries to scramble their fighters jets. >> today is the 15th anniversary of the longest war in history. anything new there? >> yes the taliban invaded konduz. after 15 years of fighting, the taliban remains, and also this week another u.s. soldier died in afghanistan from an ied
3:25 pm
attack. he's one of 2,200 americans to die here. >> doug, thank you. >> russia's defense ministry says it is looking into the possibility of reopening soviet era military facilities in cuba and vietnam. russian leader vladimir putin ordered the military to pull back there in 2001 as he sought to bolster ties in the u.s. >> a u.s.-based monitoring organization says satellite images show an increase in activity at north korea's nuclear test site. 38 north group says that could signal preparations for a new test soon. last month the communist regime conducted its fifth and biggest nuclear test. the u.s. and south korea are pushing for tighting sanctions
3:26 pm
against the kim jong un government. >> and want mantle santos was awarded the nobel peace prize. just five days ago, colombia votes are dealt him a stunning blow by rejecting an agreement. >> few things can inspire either unbridled joy or a case of the willies, like clowns. there are a lot of people in the u.s. getting the creeps. all across the nation, people dressed in clown suits outside their windows or near their kids' schools. it's become such a concern, law enforcement is getting involved. >> the creepy clown fad continues to intensify with incidents happening in more than half the states across the country. in concord, california, a woman with her 1-year-old daughter is
3:27 pm
approached by a man in a clown costume. the clown starts talking and then grabs the little girl's arm in what appears to be an attempted abduction. but mom fought back. >> she reacted by kicking the suspect in the shin two times. >> reporter: a young boy in michigan said he had a run-in with a clown with a butter knife and ran the dull blade right down his arm. >> reporter: how scared were you? >> i was like a lot scared. >> reporter: there are seemingly countless examples of pranksters throughout the country. some are threatening violence against school, one in new jersey threatening to kidnap high school students or kill teachers going to their cars. most law enforcement agencies say most threats are fake but, again, it is a crime and it's a problem. >> it's not a game in terms of
3:28 pm
the manpower that we're using with all of our resources. >> in fairlawn, group of teens wearing clown masks were arrested after taunting passengers in a car, forcing them to go off the road. >> and clowns are being spotted on the sides of highways or walking down the streets. we've seen the internet go wild with this creepy clown fad. there's nothing, it appears, to slow it down. halloween coming up on october 31st. bret. >> ron, thank you. the maker of the emergency allergy treatment epipen says it has agreed to add 465 million settlement with the justice department. that is related to improper
3:29 pm
classifications for epi pens. >> the economy added 156,000 jobs in september, far less than expected. the number of people not in the labor force fell to just over 94 million. the labor force participation rate was up .01%. stocks were down today. the dow lost 28, s&p down 7. for the week the dow lost a third of a percentage point. the s&p 500 was down two-thirds. the nasdaq was also off a third. >> continuing our look at some of the interesting elections around the country, tonight we're in missouri where
3:30 pm
residents picking a governor are facing similar choices to those picking a president. a republican with no political experience versus a democrat with plenty of it. but the main issue may surprise you. here's correspondent matt finn. >> should an employee be forced to pay union dues? the issue of right to work is at the center of missouri's governor race. if elected, this republican says he will immediately declare missouri the 27th right to work state. >> states that have had right to work legislate 63% higher job growth. so i'm going to sign right to work because it's real simple, leads to more jobs and higher pay for the people of missouri. >> republican turned democrat candidate chris poster, missouri's attorney general is against the policy. costar is receiving strong
3:31 pm
support from union members. >> my platform is no never affect against the people who elected me. most republicans say right to work creates jobs. >> we did a survey by gal yup that said we're missing out on 60% of our work flow because we're not right to work. >> for too long missouri's been run by career politicians. >> in attack ads, write-ins calls him a crooked career politician working for special interests. his campaign says cost. >> the labor issues aside, the
3:32 pm
governor's race here in missouri is mirroring the presidential election in one regard -- greitens has yet to release his tax returns. his opponent said no more debates until he does. >> new controversies for donald trump with a hot mic and another hillary clinton wikileaks dump. we'll discuss with the panel when we come back. (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes
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stomach. i don't like to use the words when he calls women pigs, dogs and slobs. i didn't like to say it on the stage the other night with my mom and daughter in the front row. >> donald trump wearing a microphone on that bus, as you saw. he was on his way to tape a so opera episode and caught on the tape with a number of lewd things about women that he tried to court at some point who were married. it goes on for quite some time. there's a lot of reaction to this, as you can imagine. the trump campaign -- and mr. trump put out a statement saying this was locker room babbiter, a private conversation that took place many years ago. bill clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course, not even close. i apologize if anyone was
3:37 pm
offended. meanwhile, hillary clinton has her own problems with the white house e-mails. now wikileaks putting out a number of e-mails that are showing the transcripts of her paid speeches behind closed doors. buzz feed has excerpts of these transcripts and there is a major subjects of contention?; obvioy in the democratic primary when bernie sanders was calling for them to be released. it includes court from clinton about her distance from middle class life, quote, i'm kind of far removed, vision of strategic governing, quote, you need a public and private position, views or wall street private trade policy, quote, my vision is a hemispheric open trade with common borders. these come from john podesta's e-mails that were hacked. we're going through all of these and there's a lot of them. now let's look at our latest
3:38 pm
poll, just came up. the four-way race here, clinton on top by two. that is a statistical tie within the margin of error. whew. let's bring in our panel. lisa booth, columnist with "the washington examiner," amy, put it in context. >> everything you just put at the top of the show is the reason that so many voters in this country are saying i can't believe i have to choose between one of these two people to be president of the united states. it's why you're the frustration in many voters that i speak to about having to make a choice between two people that they don't feel particularly good about. and each of these topics that you raised go to the very heart of the difficulties that each of these candidates have. for hillary clinton, when you -- i've only started digging through some of these transskrupts but you can see why
3:39 pm
she dunt put them out. it goes straight to the heart of what bernie sanders supporters have said about her and what a lot of younger voters have said about her is she's part of this rigged system and has benefited from it and has said things privately she's not saying publicly, especially when you talk trade. and for donald trump, it goes to the heart of what people don't like about him, his temperament, his judgment, the way he treats people. >> i think that is a completely accurate statement. i mean, it does continue to feed existing perceptions that people have about the candidates. there's not a whole heck of a lot of time to try to shape voters' opinions and it's how pivotal sunday night is. there really aren't many
3:40 pm
opportunities to change voters' minds. if you're donald trump, he need to do clean-up to convince voters and biden's comments about how he knows voters don't like hillary clinton. so hillary clinton is going tro try to go into sunday night and convince voters that she understands their problems and try to connect with them to some degree. >> matthew, we're just getting these e-mails so we're kind of going through them live realtime. obviously the audio came out late this afternoon. and a number of places went whole hog with it and you could see why networks maybe are going to take that -- it kind of hits you in the face when you listen to all of it. >> the rhetoric is extreme, even for trump, which is saying something. you know that's what hillary clinton is going to want to stress in the debate on sunday. she's going to want to turn the debate to donald trump like tim
3:41 pm
kai kaine did. for donald trump in particular, who has staked so much on the immigration issue, this is something he'll stress. the other is where he talks about sometimes you need to have a public position in addition to your private position. and that goes to the heart of the untrustworthiness problem that hillary clinton has had throughout this campaign. >> i want to put up two polls. one is women in the fox news poll. clinton has 50% to trump 38%. and that actually is a bit of a change for his numbers with women. the other one is honest and trustworthy. and this is upside down for both of them. and clinton's at yes honest and trustworthy 33% and trump 36%. charles, of these two stories, which one more damaging, fitting
3:42 pm
the narrative of both candidates? >> that's a little bit hard to judge. we also haven't had a chance to go through all the transcripts of what hillary said. but based on a very small sample, there is some devastating ammunition there. particularly open borders and open trade. >> remember these are speeches given to wall street firms in which they are transcripts of speeches that she delivered -- wrote and delivered. there are e-mails going back and forth with john podesta that they need to scrub the policy to make sure that it matches the campaign. obviously it's not matching where the campaign was in the primary. >> these gring -- are going to be in republican ads and trump ads within days. none of this is surprising. if somebody asked you about trump, do you think he talks like this in private? you would answer of course yes.
3:43 pm
but it's hearing it. this is what video/audio evidence does. once you hear it, it becomes she has a private position and a public. if they intersect, that's nice. if it doesn't, that's the way she operates. but when you hear her say it, admit it, stay it pa it's going to make it an election against the two most unpopular for him it's about temperament and attitude towards women. i don't think either of them is defensible in any way. it's a question of how skillfully the opponents are actually able to use it against
3:44 pm
them. >> the closer we get to the election, we're talking more about tapes of donald trump or are we talking more about wikileaks? the closer we get to the election, the bigger problem for the person who is under the light. ia but you know the draw of that audio because it's like catnip for a lot of folks just to hear it. >> i kind of like the open trade and open borders. of course that's going to be more sensational. and also legs, these quotes which are devastating are from a cursory examination. imagine what else is in there. >> clinton, quote, but if everybody's watching you, you know, all of the back room discussions and the deals, you know, then people get a little nervous to say the least. so you need both a public and a private position. you need to balance those efforts successfully, p
3:45 pm
politically. you see why these didn't come out. you see now, lisa, why this was such an issue during the primary. >> absolutely. there's a reason why she didn't want this information to get out. this is information that's very damaging for hillary clinton but it is dependent on how the trump campaign decides to utilize it and if they utilize it effectively. just going back to sunday and the upcoming debate, depends on if donald trump can successfully lay out the indict. he really needs to go into sunday armed with this, hitting her on being cozy with wall street, hitting her on open borders, hitting her on trade. he needs to be able to make that argument on sunday. >> wall street insiders are what's needed to and when bernie
3:46 pm
sanders was saying again and again and again. >> we've seen support for the third party candidates decrease and kind of move towardiliry. >> which candidate is more capable of maximizing the opportunity? trump has a weakness. he likes talking about his liabilities because at the end of the day, he talking about himself. during the keefe p debate he's presented with past comments he's made. he's fine trying to defend them. if he gets caught up in that bramable bush on sunday, he's in trouble. >> and hillary clinton goes on to say i've -- if it had been
3:47 pm
released in the primaries it, would have been far more effective. clearly whoever behind the leak, whoever had this all prepare was wade willing whose sentiments at the laet least are somewhat. >> but it could have been dropped -- >> it could have been dropped earlier. but i'm just saying when it hit the myspace in my world, it was after the audio had already been out for an hour and a half. >> i was quite fully expecting that we were going to see something like this in the immediate hours after that first debate as a way to sort of stop the stories being about how terrible trump was and to try to put the focus back on hillary clinton. so the fact that it came out
3:48 pm
today right after the audio, i don't know if that -- >> but if you're also donald trump, i would use this to muddy the waters a little bit at a time where hillary clinton has been hitting him hard on the taxes angle. here's hillary clinton who is absolutely cozy with wall street and she's making these comments she didn't want released. if you're donald trump, i would hit this hard, that she doesn't understand the little guy. >> the battle of controversies and sticky situations for campaigns. next up the friday lightning round is going to have to be lightning.
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we're back with our panel. winners and losers. winner first. >> magnificent 7 the movie.
3:52 pm
remakes are awful this one isn't. enjoyable. diversity done right. losers nobel peace prize committee once again it chooses a good guy as the winner. president of colombia for creating a peace treaty. unfortunately, it was rejected by his own people immediately and rather resoundingly. >> winners and losers. >> for my winner i picked larry hogan who is the republican governor of maryland. this is a deep blue state a state that hillary clinton is running at 63%. he has an approval rating of 71%. he ha has been able to really show how you can be a red state governor in a new state and do it successfully. the loser gary johnson. as matt pointed out. in polling we are starting to see his numbers start to sink. he has ha bad two weeks of foreign policy blunders and even among those staunchest supporters of his, young people the new quinnipiac poll found him losing younger people by 18 points over the last month.
3:53 pm
>> do johnson voters go to hillary clinton. >> yeah she picked up and he lost 18 points. >> we will see what she does after the wikileaks speeches bernie sanders type. lisa, winners and losers? >> windsor senator rob portman who opened up a 15 point lead over ted strickland. ohio is supposed to be a battleground stated. chances of retaking the senate nationally democrats are san cold $7 million of advertising in the state. is he looking really, really good. loser is senator ted cruz and a sad people of him phone banking for donald trump. i think it sort of represents the rise during the primary and the subsequent fall that he has had and some of the political rebuilding that he is going to have to do. >> some of those twitter jokes were horrible. >> my winner unfortunately is bashar al assad, bombing of aleppo. and the move of the rugs air defenses to syria doesn't seem to be going anywhere
3:54 pm
soon. perhaps ever. and my loser for this week is the national football league, which is reeling from low ratings, divided fan base. and player community over colin kaepernick and politics. and then, of course, the problem a lot of parents don't want their sons playing football because of the fear of safety. >> we have just a quick quick thought about russian move. moving nuclear missiles. after the threat to u.s. plains over syria and now the u.s. intelligence community says it was russia that hacked into those computers. >> putin's arrogance is pushing the envelope here to the point where it could get dangerous. after deterring us, warning us about syria they now had a spokesman say we are capable of shooting down your so-called invincible airplanes and reminding them that they will shoot if we go in the air over their territory.
3:55 pm
in other words, syria is ours. stay away. and the missiles moved is astonishing. they threatened to do that when we were going to do the defense system in europe. we capitulated on that. and now they are back with a few months left. they are showing obama that they are totally unrestrained and that is a huge step to threaten europe. >> and quickly the u.s. economy, a little flatter than we thought. >> a little bit flatter. interestingly enough, we now are at the unemployment rate now is the best since it has been since 2000. never had unemployment rate 5%. actually the same rate a it was in 1988. , the anxiety that's the issue. not the number. that fragility that that many americans people what the economy is going to look like next month and next year. >> people not in the labor force as well. panel, thank you. matthew, great to have you. next up, a very big anniversary.
3:56 pm
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>> good morning, welcome to fox news channel. >> that is how it all started. 20 years ago. 1996. today, 20 years ago, when fox news channel began. since then, we have become the number one news channel, trusted for viewers like you. and it's because of viewers like you. i have been at fox for almost 19 of those 20 years. starting in the atlanta bureau, covering the pentagon for 6. a years. covering the white house and then taking over for my mentor and friend brit hume in 2009. during that time i traveled to 74 countries. while working for fox news channel. covering the u.s. military. and covering stories that i will never forget. but it's you, the viewers who have helped us be number one.
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thanks for being part of the journey for the last 20 years. and thank you for inviting us into your home. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. here's that brit hume guy. this is a fox news alert. on a day of major political news, which we will get to shortly, hurricane matthew has brought a dangerous storm surge expected to hit 9 feet in parts of florida, georgia, and south carolina. and right now more than a million people are without power in florida as the danieling hurricane works its way north. let's get right to fox news chief meteorologist rick reichmuth, rick? >> yeah. we are almost done in florida. starting to see offshore winds here around the jacksonville area that will push some of that storm surge away. the storm surge increasing across the coastal georgia area and in towards north carolina. and we are still, last couple of images seeing an eye pop up there at the center of the storm.


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