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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  October 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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one. thanks for being part of the journey for the last 20 years. and thank you for inviting us into your home. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. here's that brit hume guy. this is a fox news alert. on a day of major political news, which we will get to shortly, hurricane matthew has brought a dangerous storm surge expected to hit 9 feet in parts of florida, georgia, and south carolina. and right now more than a million people are without power in florida as the danieling hurricane works its way north. let's get right to fox news chief meteorologist rick reichmuth, rick? >> yeah. we are almost done in florida. starting to see offshore winds here around the jacksonville area that will push some of that storm surge away. the storm surge increasing across the coastal georgia area and in towards north carolina. and we are still, last couple of images seeing an eye pop up there at the center of the storm.
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winds 109 miles per hour. category 2 it has weakened some. we knew that would happen. the pressure is really low. it's a very, very strong storm. a lot of water. a lot of wind. and we have a lot of rain yet to be had. hurricane warnings in effect just from the north of daytona peach. up across areas of just to the north of wilmington, north carolina. this entire area with the hurricane winds yet to come. and the storm surge is about going to be big. worst of it to the areas south of savanna up to around charleston. all of those nooks and crannies and little waterways here are going to be seeing a lot of storm surge flooding. we're also going to be watching the threat for a lot of rain coming. in the rain is going to be worse as we move to the north. it's going to start to mix a little bit with a front. that is going to ring out a lot of moisture. i think areas of south carolina through north carolina, even up towards virginia beach going to be looking at the worse of the rain. widespread 5 to 10 and some isolated spots see up to
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15 inches of rain. get ready for a major flooding event this weekend across the coastal areas of the carolinas, brit? >> rick, thanks very much. >> you bet. we will continue to track matthew throughout the hour. turn now to political news. the national polling average continues to show hillary clinton with a lead just under five points in a two-way and just over 3 point lead in a four-way race. there is interesting new poll out from fox news tonight. betting odds show clinton about 3 to 1 favorite as you can see there we will get to the polls in a moment. first the story the political world has been buzzing about all afternoon. a just released tape from 11 years ago in which donald trump can be heard making some extremely crude comments about himself and women. our chief political correspondent carl cameron reports from trump tower. carl? >> hi there, brit. this is a recording of donald trump speaking with billie bush, then of access hollywood on a bus as they were headed to another program that trump was going to be on. it is graphic. it is raunchy.
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and it has been bleeped for family audience. but here's just a sampling of it. >> she wanted to get some furniture i will show you where they have some nice furniture. i moved on her like a bitch. i couldn't get there she was married. all of a sudden i see her and she has the big firestone [bleep] she has totally changed her looks. she is the in the purple whoa, whoa. >> yes the donald is good. >> oh, my man. wait, wait. you have to the to look. >> set this up. >> you are a [bleep] automatically attracted to beautiful. like a magnet. and when you are a star they let you do it. they let do you anything. grab them by the [bleep] do anything. leg looks good. come on, shorty. nice legs. >> get out of the way.
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go ahead. >> it's always good if you don't fall out of the bus like ford, gerald ford, remember? down below. pull the handle. >> hello, how are you? hi. >> donald trump, how are you? >> nice to meet. >> you terrific. you know billie bush. >> good to see. >> you are you ready to be a soap star? >> we're ready. let's go. make me a soap star. >> very shortly after the tape went public, mr. trump himself issued a statement in which he says this was locker room banter. a private conversation that took place many years ago, bill clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course. not even close. i apologize if anyone was offended. trump insiders say this is the first time during the campaign they can actually remember him actually apologizing. and the clinton campaign has weighed in. only with a tweet at this point. they just wrote this is
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horrific. we cannot allow this man to become president. we are two days away from the second dewait of the presidential candidates. it will be on sunday in st. louis. pretty fair bet this will be one of the issues. brit? >> carl, thanks very much. so is this story a one-day wonder or will it have a lasting effect? some thoughts from our nightly political panel. by ron york chief political correspondent of the washington examiner and heidi, senior political reporter for "u.s.a. today." byron, your thoughts? >> it's more than a one day wonder. that's certainly true. we will see it for a while. the thing you have to scope out in just the immediate shock of all of this is what effect it will have on the voters. i think with donald trump's voters, you have to remember they where him now after everything that has happened and all that he has said. so i really don't think that it's going to have a huge effect. >> on his base. >> on his base support. we know where the democrats are would be on this. there is that small group of independent voters. we really don't know exactly how they are going to react.
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on the one hand you may say well, the american people are good and decent and they would be offended by someone saying stuff like this. on the other hand, you can say we have a popular culture that's been profoundly vulgar rised on television and other things that maybe they won't be affected that much by it i don't know. but i think that the effect on those voters who still might have been willing to choose trump is the story of this. >> heidi, your thoughts? >> well, my immediate reaction was this is going to just lock in that gender gap at a minimum. the problem. well his explanation was this is a private discussion. well, i think that's exactly the problem is that it was a private discussion which means that it provides a window into how he really is in private and who he is in private. and that, you know, up until now he said these comments on at this phiing women have just been for entertainment and public consumption purposes. but this wasn't meant for public consumption. but the most incriminating part of it really was just
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the comments about how he can essentially force himself on women and he can too that because he is rich and famous. to your point, yes. we have had this discussion before, that he is himself as he said he could shoot someone on fifth avenue and his voters would still be with him. >> about 40% of the electorate that seems locked into him. >> we are talking about those suburban, philadelphia, soccer moms. and with them, i don't think they are very happy with him tonight. i think they probably want something more than the aapology that he just issued. >> there is kind of a renext with republicans. any time there is any sort of sexual impropriety mentioned they go bill clinton. did he it. it was worse with bill clinton. that's immediately what trump did in his statement. you see it across the twitter verse tonight. i don't think that's going to work although she opened that when she said this man cannot be allowed to be president. i think, again, you are going to see whether trump
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really plays that bill clinton card and whether it work with anybody this time. >> what about the fact that donald trump in 2005, although he was not like the celebrity he is now, was a pretty well-known figure which explains why he was going to be on access hollywood, which was a show that he was joining billie bush on. but the question is, why would you ever could that with a microphone attached to you whether the cameras was outside the bus or not? >> you know -- >> --maybe he did not know at that point he was always going to be an entertainer. >> any time you put on a microphone you know that somebody can hear it and somebody can record it. it could be the billionaire effect. in which there is a man who is used to being the boss. used to getting his way and used to being able to say all sort of things in front of people and never coming out. indeed, it never did come out until we get in the total white hot atmosphere of the last month of a presidential campaign. >> yeah, it's been 11 years. >> that's right. >> is there any reason to say look, that was 11 years ago. is he a different guy now.
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he was settled into his marriage. he was 8 months into his current marriage when this happened. would it be fair to argue that, look, he has grown up some? >> i think his supporters will definitely see it that way. but, to women who are looking at the fact since then he has ever made comments about women, about minorities, the polling does show that women doview him as having an issue there. so, i would say, you know, if he didn't have a preexisting condition, in that sense yes, probably possibly, i don't think that's going to be a compelling case to the suburban mom. i think he is going to have to answer for this in the debate. this will be interesting to see if he just issues a very wholehearted apology or if he does go the route of saying hey, bill, you are in this with me and they pull out the opo and things defend and get really ugly
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in this debate. the only place where that could work is if they have something that we don't already know about in terms of hillary's role in going after the women. >> bill, not the candidate. >> it's bill not the candidate. and the grown up part really doesn't work very well because he was almost 60 years old when he said this. he is 70 today. >> live and learn you never stop -- growing old still thinking you are growing up. all right. you two stay with us. we'll be right back with you. we have plenty to say about hillary clinton tonight. stay with us. trump video is not the only political controversy today there are not one but two clinton email scandal revelations out today. fox news correspondent jennifer griffin is in chappaqua, new york. jennifer? >> well, brit, on the one hand the clinton campaign may be gloating over that trump audiotape, but they are also very concerned and had had bad news today in terms of clinton's own emails. just a few moments ago i caught one president bill clinton who was out on his
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evening walk near chappaqua. i asked him about the revelations this afternoon that the intelligence community now believes russia is behind the hack in to u.s. political parties' emails. he told me had known it all along. he did not respond to accusations from trump that he had said worse things in the past. the state department meanwhile responding to a court order released a new batch of hillary clinton's emails from when she was secretary of state, including one from clinton's former campaign strategist mark penn, suggesting she should find a way to push vice president joe biden off the ticket in 2000 12. quote, one way for president barack obama to win second term is to ask you to be vp. he will realize that after mid terms. separately, emails obtained by the rnc through the freedom of information act, appear to show that white house officials were actively coordinating with the state department at the start of hillary clinton's presidential campaign in
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2015 to control the fallout from clinton's use of a home brew server. in one email exchange clinton's current communications director, jennifer pal marry, serving in the white house at the time reached out to the state department's public affairs director jen psaki to suggest that she shield secretary john kerry from news media questions about clinton's server. in one email palmieri asked psaki thing we can get this done to which hes is not asked about email agree completely and working to crush on my end. a day later psaki adds by email good to go on killing cbs idea. a senior administration official says the email exchange referred to their desire to prevent secretary kerry from doing anything sunday show interviews at the time when the iran nuclear talks were at a sensitive time. kerry ended up being interviewed by a cbs reporter on a trip to cairo. the interview appeared on the cbs sunday morning show.
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kerry was not asked about clinton's server. a cbs spokesman said that none of the questions were were agreed to in advance and that all questions were on the table. but in terms of the wikileaks release tonight of 50,000 of john podesta, hillary clinton's campaign chair's auto males, there are many emails in there that will prove very embarrassing to the clinton campaign. brit? >> some nights you just can't get through all of it, right, jennifer? >> we are wading through them, brit. but there are a lot of them. >> keep us posted, won't you? >> yes. >> and tonight it also appears that wikileaks has released transcripts of hillary clinton's paid speeches. you remember all the fuss about those? buzz feed news published lengthy excerpts this afternoon. here are a few samples from different speeches to wall street and other money groups. quote: here's hillary clinton's remarks to a goldman black rock quoting here, quote. we had a solid middle class upbringing so i live that.
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and now obviously i'm kind of far removed because the life i've lived and, you know, the economic fortunes that my husband and i now enjoy but i haven't forgotten. here is speech quote but if everybody is watching, you know, all the pack room discussions and the deals, you know, then people get a little nervous to say the least. so you need both a public and a private position. and here hillary clinton's comments to a former brazil bank quote my dream is a hem miss furyk common market with open trade and open borders. some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere. here is speech to golden sak's summit you know part of the problem with political situation too is that there is such a bias against people who have led successful and/or complicated lives. the sale of t stocks it becomes very onerous and
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unnecessary. our nightly political panel bacn york. hillary clinton we have seen lately is not the hillary clinton speaking so sympathetically about executives within involved in divestment nor the rest of it nor is she the person who will tell you she has public and private positions. what do you think, heidi? >> i think we are going to have to created a classification system for these, going through all of this i'm going to say part of it is minorly damaging and part of it majorly damaging. >> which is which. >> majorly damaging shocking politicians talk different in private than they do in public and that she would try to ingrashiated herself and show sympathetic side to wall street bankers. that's minorly damaging. the majorly damaging part is the part where they talk about trying to fit their policy to her rhetoric and the part about open borders and trade because this is the exact opposite of the position that she has presented to all of us. ever since bernie sanders
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essentially to the left of this and he knew, as did a lot of his supporters and that's the reason why they are still skeptical her today in her heart she a free trader. >> and open borders person. >> same thing with calling the tpp the gold standard. when you look at the fact that donald trump has propelled to where he is in this race, based on this trade argument and based on the immigration argument, that's hugely important and a problem for her and just like he is going to have to answer in the debate for his hot mike, this is going to be something that she is going to be dancing around in the debate as well. >> i disagree a little bit on the public and private, because i think that will come back over and over and over again. simply because any other candidate could say well, secretary clinton, is that just your public position or do you really believe that? i mean, can you use that for anything that she says. but the truly radioactive one is the open borders when she says my dream is a memo miss furyk common market with open trade and open borders. now, this is what donald trump, it's what mike pence have been saying over and
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o'er and over about hillary clinton. she wants open borders. and democrats always deny that. schroll, look, we are calling for tough security on the borders. i mean, they are going to throw this at her every single day. >> i guess we have to balance out bad news today for both candidates. revelation, of course, jennifer griffin is still along with others trying to plow through the emails that get released. why ask it always on a friday afternoon. i just wonder about that. total up the damage and take an early crack at totaling up the damage to what we learned about hillary today and learned about trump? >> i think they both actually fit into preestablished themes about them. obviously the whole alicia machado stuff from the first debate and now this new surreptitious audio from earlier, i think this is something that hillary clinton will just continue to fit in to this, to this pattern. and as far as hillary clinton is concerned, this
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idea that she is a different person when she talks to fat cats from goldman sachs and other, you know, millionaires in new york. i think that's a team theme that's already been established. if you believe one, this just makes it more serious. >> heidi, your final thoughts. >> well, depends on how each of them handles it first of all. on surface i think this is going to depress her effort to try to court some of these bernie sanders voters who have been skeptical of her all along. may hurt their efforts for turnout. for donald trump, i think those suburban swing women are -- they are going to be locked in. >> who is more hurt today by the revelations? this is a unfair question i realize but take a crack at it? >> well, given where the polls have today, if we consider it -- even if we just considered it a draw, he would be more hurt because he has got to do more to turn the numbers around. >> he needs to get ground and she needs to hold ground. got it thanks to both of you. i appreciate it and some more brand new poll numbers are next. we will take a look at one
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of the most important parts of the electorate. independents and hurricane matthew has weakened slightly. millions of americans are still in its path. we will keep you updated throughout the show. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪
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for hillary clinton. that is the god news. she managed to close the gap with independents from 12 points down to about 4 points. but she has also got some warning signs to this poll and one is enthusiasm gap that exists out there. the fox news poll found that trump spurters are about 7% more enthusiastic about turning out for him. and when you ask people who more strongly supports their candidate, clinton still trails trump by 13%. so that is a problem for her. it's been a problem for her and it remains one today. >> tom, just this poll actually, our poll actually was better for donald trump than some of the other recent polls have been. you know, the lead was 4 and
4:23 pm
2 i think. in a two-way and four-way race. after the week he had with the rocky debate performance on his part followed by the troubles he got into talking about former miss universe and the rest of it, he seemed to be cooking better than i imagined he might. he is up and she suspect too. the gap is a little less than it was the last time what do you think is responsible for it effectively. could it have been a pence effect from that debate, do you think? >> definitely the people who saw the debate said that pence won by 20 points. i'm not sure how much that affected the overall numbers. the one thing that jumped out at me, brit. the dissatisfaction on the economy and whether government is function something rising. is up. it was 7 points back in january of 2015, i think. now it's a 15-point gap between those who think the economy is doing well and those who think it isn't. that's the highest it's been
4:24 pm
since 2011. that is also contributing because the fox poll also found that among those attributes. policy attributes trump is leading in the economy by five point. one of they to four that he was leading hillary clinton on. >> and it looked like he did a little bit better of questions of terrorism and the ability to defeat isis, which i imagine is, you know, persistently on people's minds. the economy, of course, is number one. your thoughts about that? >> yeah. so he leads on isis and economy, which are the two biggest -- the two biggest issues on the minds of the public. but that is counter acted by the fact that he continues to trail clinton by double digits, 20, 30 points on issues of temperament, judgment and experience. and so it's not at all clear. that's obviously hillary clinton's biggest asset in this campaign. trump's biggest vulnerability. he hasn't moved the needle on that at all so far. he will have another chance to do it sunday night. >> tom, you heard about the first part of this broadcast we talked about donald trump
4:25 pm
and crude remarks 11 years ago and about hillary clinton and her speeches and the things that she said that contradict things she says now. what do you think about those two sets of revelations? in all happened friday afternoon. the public isn't going to be able to digest it all before the debate happens sunday night. it is a case of whoever manages to do a better job of exploiting mobs of problems of the other candidate. and what comes out of that debate on monday. whichever story has the longer legs. it's more of the same. reinforces the negatives both of these candidates have been struggling with. >> we'll look at those candidates on sunday night and they will both be trying to exploit and they will both be trying to explain. tom, thanks very much. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> speed read other news from the world of politics. the u.s. government has officially accused rush shah of an attempt to entry with the 2016 elections and that
4:26 pm
includes the hacking of the democratic national committee. u.s. intelligence officials say they are confident the russian government directed the attacks. the a spokesman says the accusations are nonsense. a witness in that bridge gate trial has walked back her comments inclaiming governor chris christie, quote, flat out lied. the crist text message said christie flat out lied when he denied his senior staff and campaign manager were involved in the deliberately created traffic jam. she made those comments based on what her former boss and christie's former deputy chief of staff brigitte kelly told her. kelly is one of two former aides currently on trial. donald trump has suggested that illegal immigrants will be sent to the u.s. to vote in the 2016 election. we take a look at that and voter fraud in general coming up. hurricane matthew has left a trail of destruction in its path. right now the hurricane is helded up the georgia coast to georgia and south carolina. update on that and the forecast coming next. my insurance rates are probably gonna double.
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but dad, you've got... with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands.
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elections days 31 states away. voters in some states have already cast their ballots. early voting has begun in 12 states and next next two weeks many more will start the voting process. ed henry took a look at the impact of early voting. >> before heading home to chicago for some r and r, plus a little weekend fundraising for hillary clinton, president obama shared a little secret. >> i will probably do early
4:31 pm
vote. i will fill out my form don't worry i will be voting. >> early vote in illinois won't matter much for clinton. aides believe 40% of the votes cast in this election will come in before november 8th. the clinton camp hopes with 36 states and the district of columbia having some form of early voting, they can deliver an early knockout of republican donald trump. clinton campaign manager robbie mook asserting that especially with help from minority voters they could lock down three battle grounds ahead election day. florida where early voting starts october 249. nevada with early voting beginning october 22nd and north carolina which kicks off on october 20th. the intensity of this race and the emphasis on early voting can best be seen in florida. where 2.72 million voters have asked for vote by mail ballots. a massive jump from the
4:32 pm
1.86 million requested at this time four years ago. mook noted clinton will particularly benefit in the sunshine state from a 77% increase in vote by mail ballots among hispanics and 79% among asian americans. though republicans counter that overall in florida they have historically had a strong advantage in early voting. and trump is now pressing this point in other key states like colorado, which starts early voting on october 24th. >> and you have to get out and vote. >> and if all else fails in florida, clinton aides may fall back on a lawsuit over, of all things, hurricane matthew. clinton aides have used the hurricane to press state officials to extend next tuesday's deadline to register to vote, either early or on election day. though republican governor rick scott has rejected that request. declaring floridians had ample time before the storm to register. a good example of clinton's edge comes in iowa. early voting started there last week and so far three
4:33 pm
times as many democrats have turned in ballots. in a tight national race, the hawkeye state's six electoral votes are in heavy demand. brit? >> thank you, ed. in 2012, more than 1/3 of voters cast their ballots before election day. that is more than double the000. one fear that reemerges every election cycle is voter fraud. and that includes the possibility of votes from illegal immigrants. donald trump spoke about that today at an immigration round table with art delquato vice president of the national border patrol council. >> several agents in my sector that are in charge of a lot of this processing of these individuals that we apprehended. a lot of them do have criminal records. and the problem that we are seeing and that's being reflected to us as a voice is that some of these individuals that were apprehended with criminal records, they are not -- i mean, they are checking the records. they are noticing that they have criminal records but setting them aside because at this point they are saying that immigration is
4:34 pm
so tied up with trying to get the people that are on the waiting list, her upand get them their immigration status corrected. >> why? >> so they can go ahead and vote before the election and for us to. >> [inaudible] letting people pour into the country so they can go and vote. >> her upand fast track them so they can go ahead and be able to vote for the election. >> these are the professionals. these are the people on the border. you hear a thing like that, it's a disgrace. >> john fund, national affairs correspondent for national review joins me now from new york. john, have you had your eye on this issue for a long time. what are you seeing? >> we have an honor system in all the 50 states if you want to register to vote and vote, the only thing that prevents you have voting if you are a noncitizen is checking a box saying that you're a citizen. we don't have any kind of verification on that. we have evidence all over the country the last few
4:35 pm
weeks whether it's virginia, pennsylvania, illinois. noncitizens are on the registration roles and they can easily vote. this story that came out today reminds me of the 20 years ago this month the clinton campaign bill clinton campaign had a were citizenship u.s.a. they were rush ago million people through to prove marry ma temperature citizenship. several thousand didn't have background states. criminal aliens were made stains back then. roundly condemned that program for its sloppiness and its lack of adherence to established procedures. >> john, the argument is often made by people who don't think we need voter i.d. laws and strict standards for people to meet to be able to vote, that for all the the evidence that we have through antidotes about, you know, people voting fraudulently or improperly, that it doesn't add up to enough to have
4:36 pm
made a difference in any election. what do you say to that? >> well, in 2008, al franken finally won the senate race by 315 votes. we now know there were 1200 felons who voted illegally in that election there were also a lot of noncitizen those voted in that election, enough to make up the difference. al franken became the 60th vote for the democrats in the senate that enabled them to break the filibuster on obamacare. we have obamacare today in part because al franken was elected, declared the elected senator and cast the deciding vote on obamacare. >> >> people must have forgotten about florida 2009 timiest amount of votes made all the difference. >> it could happen again thissier. >> i also have to ask but the notion that i mean, the notion that fraud won't matter seems to me is contradicted by the fact also that you have a lot of down ballot races in which the volume of votes is much smaller than it is in a
4:37 pm
senate race and certainfully a presidential race where cheating could much more easily make a difference. >> we see that over and over again. the races that really decide how people live on a day-to-day basis. the sheriff's race, the mayor's race. the city council and school board race are often decided by a handful of votes. you put your scale on the hand of democracy and have a few fraudulent votes or votes counted improperly it could change who sits in those positions. >> john, i posted a tweet the other day in which i said that anybody who says that -- if somebody tries to tell you that there is not enough voter fraud in american elections to make a difference should ask that person to volunteer to have his or her vote canceled by a fake vote. i didn't get a lot of volunteers although i got a couple. i think that's also an issue. every vote is supposed to count, right? isn't that one of the democrat party's mantras of not too long ago? >> two civil rights one we fought for in the 60's to make sure everyone can vote without intimidation and
4:38 pm
poll taxes and other pairiers we need to keep that fight going. there is another civil right, everyone in your audience has a right to have their ballot cast and not have it cancelled out by someone who is a felon. someone who doesn't exist. someone who is dead. someone who is a noncitizen. that is also a civil right. we need to protect both civil rights. >> john, thanks very much. always good to see you. watch out fraternities and sororities. one public university says you are appropriating greek culture. our campus craziness segment is next. more than a million people still in the dark without power from hurricane matthew. we will stay in touch with it. and bad for the barkley twins. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. upgraded to our most d3 ever. ♪ you foundi'm a robot! rawr yeti and found a place to service it, too. ♪ jingle bells
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time to take a look at the craziness at our nation's schools and universities. conservative milwaukee sheriff david clarke says an invitation to speak at the university of new haven in
4:43 pm
connecticut was rescinded due to his views on black lives matter. the university tried to cover up the cancellation when they blamed it on their inability to meet sheriff clarke's demands which they say included first class airfare and presidential hotel suite. sheriff clarke denied ever making those demands and the school later said the invite was indeed rescinded it was determined his appearance could potentially become politically polarizing. in response sheriff clarke wrote on his blog quote i understand why you don't want people to know why a predominantly white college won't let a black man speak on campus because of your incredible support for minorities. end quote. prestigious bank street school have opportunity to segregate into white and nonwhite safe spaces. students who self-identify as white meet together to discuss their experiences as white people. nonwhite students meet together to discuss their experiences separately. part of the school's official racial and justice advocacy program. by the fourth great stiewndz
4:44 pm
at the school begin to discuss the history of race and racism. the school has always stived to promote a diverse community. the university of california member said has advised students not to use the term greek life because it's a term of cultural. greek life ubiquitous term to describe fraternities and sports. often named by greek letters. the college which first broke this story also reported that replaced greek week with a new fraternity and sorority life week. university told fox news the changes make the terms more temporary and inclusive. new study of faculty voter administration at top universities found that democratic professors outnumber rubbing bias 12 to 1. the study published in the journal econ watch shows that our universities have become much more democratic since 2004. and some universities departments the ratio is he is herbally stark. journalism departments have
4:45 pm
20 democrats for each republican professor. history departments there are more than 33 democrats for every one republican. of the 40 schools covered by the study. brown university was the most liberal with 60 democrats for every one republican. pepperdine university in california was the most university with the roughly even ratio. if you have a campus craziness story, let us know. email us and tell us about it campus craziness at we would appreciate hearing from you. >> hurricane matthew is much of a direct threat to the east coast. bring you update next.
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this is a fox news alert. hurricane matthew moving its way up the florida coast and with it heavy rain, wind and the threat of devastating
4:49 pm
storm surge. fox news chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is tracking the hurricane. hi, rick. >> over 24 hours into this and we have another 36 or so to go. unbelievable, such territory under these hurricane conditions. hurricane warnings still in effect from just the north of daytona beach. we are improving here across florida. now we will see conditions get worse and hurricane warnings up into south and north carolina. the storm is moving off toward the north at this point. if it continues to move toward the north. before making a little bit of a northeast ward jog, we would see some sort of a landfall of this. possibly somewhere around that georgia, in towards south carolina maybe charleston area. this is future radar look. this is midnight tonight. zoya loft wind and water still pulling into savanna and storm surge. the worst of it heading toward the charleston area. and kind of whatever is left to the center of this, flirting somewhere with the coast by the morning tomorrow morning. notice this incredibly heavy
4:50 pm
rain all across parts of south carolina and moving in to north carolina by the morning. by tomorrow afternoon, south carolina, you're mostly done and you are settled here across north carolina and in to virginia. the eastern side of virginia. and then finally, there you go. sunday, brit, 11 o'clock a.m., around noon. all of this moisture is finally gone. >> rick, as bad as this has been and as horrible as the maps always look, it does strike me that this didn't quite hit the coast of florida as badly as it might have. am i right about that? >> you are right in the sense that the strongest of the winds were right at the very, very center of that storm. and the storm tracked about 30 -- 20 to 30 miles offshore. almost all the way up the florida coast line. we were spared the worst of that wind, which certainly relieved us from a lot of the damage from it. and the storm surge that we still have and rain. you are right that we got on the good side of that storm that took the same thing happens up across the carolinas. >> rick, thank you. you are the best at what you
4:51 pm
too. >> thank you. >> let's go to fox news correspondent rob smith who is in have a vanna, georgia where hurricane matthew is on the way. hi, rob, what are you seeing? [bad audio] the identity theft storm is still about 100 miles away. it's a fairly intense storm. we're standing here on right on the savanna river across the south carolina. right at the border there georgia and south carolinanto aa river itself as you can see here. savanna under a man can a tore evacuation right now. a curfew in place here in savanna as well. sundown to sun up. you can't be out on the streets. and with good reason. this storm, as rick just kind of got into, really hasn't touched shore yet. the eye of that storm, the worse of that storm hasn't touched shore yet. that could happen here in a place like savanna or charleston. that's the way the track is looking at this point.
4:52 pm
this storm could get a lot worse for the united states as a whole. as the night depose on. it's looking like it's going to hit here sometime in the middle of the night. we can tell you that in savanna there is a lot at risk in this city. i do want to show you a little bit of video right now of some of the things that you have saw today. if you have never been to the city of savanah absolutely beautiful. so much history here. so many historic buildings protected boy the federal government. it's a city that was built almost 300 years ago. so there is a lot at risk that needs to be protected. we're hoping that matthew does stay fairly tame. another thing bit of a problem in georgia. a state that has had a lot of close calls with hurricanes but hasn't been hit by a good one since about 1979 and that was david. which initially was a cat a and went right up the coast. kind of the same way this one has and was about a cat 1 when it hit here. but did kill people in the united states. >> rob, thank you. as of midday today, my recollection is that there was only one person killed.
4:53 pm
has that number been updated to your knowledge, rob? >> >> if you are asking me if that number was gone up to about at least four now in the state of florida. >> four in florida. >> updated total at this point. >> all right. thanks, rob, thanks very much. and evan auto even more death and destruction could occur as this storm makes landfall, if it does. part of the coast there whichouts out and we will be waiting to see if that happens. haiti, of course, the death toll now is something like 142 people reportedly killed. tens of thousands of people as that picture there suggests have been left homeless. most of those killed were in towns and fishing villages around the southwestern coast. many of them killed by falling trees, flying debris and floods. stay with fox news throughout the night for live updates on hurricane matthew. and coming up, once again, some twitter users are not too happy about my clothes, but according to others, i'm
4:54 pm
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let's getting some of the feedback from you the viewer offering encouragement. sort of. folks, please keep the feedback coming tweet me @ brit hume or send me an email. 20 years ago today fox news
4:59 pm
channel launched. i joined my wife kim. she was the first fox bureau chief and i was managing editor. today we set up this bureau with many men and women still here today. in 1988 amid the lie lewenski scandal a new political show was born. watch. >> welcome to washington, i'm brit hume and i will be here at this time each night with a special report on the events that have engulfed the clinton presidency. we will bring you up to date each day and try to analyze what's happened. >> 15 years later i handed over the raines to my friend bret baier, bret will be here after the holidays no to in a new day in a new role will i. >> one thing i didn't realize when i signed off to become an analyst that night this would happen a full 8 years later. >> goo good evening. i'm brit hume in washington and i will be here through election day with a nightly hour on this extraordinary political season. >> to all my colleagues,
5:00 pm
current and former, happy anniversary to us all. we leave with you a quote of the day tonight from the journalists and humorous rosenbacher the party of government activism the party that says make you richer will get the rest of it later. good night. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> >> start kissing her. i'm automatically attracted to beautiful women i just start kissing them? releasing a private conversation between donald trump and entertainment journalist. in that chat mr. trump talks about women. tonight, dana perino and i will analyze the latest trump woman controversy. >> how many kids are in there. >> 20? >> hurricane matthew spares most of florida but is still dangerous. we will have live updates this evening. >> you can call us


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