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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 7, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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an update now. team clinton strongly denies that he called anyone a bucket of losers. that was apparently a doctored quote and not real and we apologize for that error. onward now st. louis. see you sunday at 9:00. welcome this friday night to "hannity" this is a fox news alert. breaking news tonight about the 2016 campaign. new audio leaked of donald trump talking about women on a hot mike back in 2005, also tonight, wikileaks released damning new material at hill clunt and her campaign. now parts include excerpts of her wall street speeches. we're going to get to that in just a moment. but first hurricane matthew continues to make it way up the eastern seaboard. it's a category 2 hurricane. joining us is rob schmitt. that's going on. >> reporter: the worst is not here yet. the eye of the storm probably still 70 miles to our south.
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but moving in this direction. and as you know as we've seen today, the storm hasn't been as bad as we thought because the eye still has not touched the united states. that could happen here in savannah or maybe to my north in charleston. right here on i'm river street in savannah down by the water. this is as close to sea level we're going to get. that's the savannah river across the way. in savannah right now there's a mandatory evacuation under way anywhere east of 95. there's about 100,000 people in the state of georgia without power at this point. and what we're really concerned about tonight is the fact that this storm appears to be moving in this direction and the eye could be hitting savannah and surrounding areas right at the same time as high tide and that's around 2:00 in the morning. so water as it usually is with these storms could be the most dangerous, the most deadly factor in this storm, not always wind but this time water. where i'm standing would be
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completely under watt near a matter of hours. >> joining us now is fox news chief meteorologist rick reich moout is with us. >> hurricane warnings in effect for northern parts of florida but i think you're going to be getting better. george and south carolina, north carolina still under the gun. we have 36 hours to go before the storm is completely gone. and the rainfall totals are going to be extreme once it moves to the knot. take a look at this. a wide spread area around 10 inches of rain, isolated spots about 10 inches. we had incredible flooding in north carolina about two weeks ago and that ground is saturated, the rivers are still full and 10 inches op rain on top of that will be catastrophic. storm surge is going to be extreme around charles ston and at this point we're expecting to see the second biggest storm surge ever in charleston right behind hurricane hugo and that is saying something. winds still at 120 miles an
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hour, pressure is still low, an incredibly strong storm that is here. we have the rain and wind to go. the worst wind we've seen is just over 100 miles an hour in florida. the storm stayed 20 miles offshore and that spared us from the worst of the wind. but we still have a lot of storm surge to go, especially along this coasting area. tonight towards tomorrow morning, the center of the storm getting close to land, likely around the charleston area. take a look at how heavy the rain is. saturday we have it, it's gone in south carolina by the evening. take a look at that. midday sunday finally before this storm is completely off the eastern seaboard. >> we'll continue to bring you live updates hurricane matthew all through the program. earlier today, the washington post released audio of donald trump in 2005. he was caught on a hot mike while speaking with then host of access hollywood bigly bush right before he was to make a
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cameo on a soap opera. >> i moved on her and i failed. i did try to [ bleep ]. she was married. she wanted to get some furniture. i'll show you where there's some nice furniture. i moved on her like b[ bleep ]. she's married. she's totally changed her look. i got to use some tick tacks incasein case i start kissing her. and when you're a star, they let you do anything. >> anything you want. >> you can do anything. >> donald trump put out a statement reading quote, this was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago. bill clinton has said far worst to me on the golf, not even close but i apologize if anyone was offended. joining us tonight, monica crowley, the host of justice, judge jeanine pirro.
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nobody is going to defend this. you can't defend. it is wrong, it is inappropriate. it is outrageous. i don't think anybody is going to argue with that. you know what it is? it is locker room. paul ryan pulled out. you don't make excuses. when you think something is wrong, it's wrong. here is where we get into i think a very important question in this campaign right now. because the media by and large, and people in the media and people out in the public, they don't know about juanita broderick who claimed she was wait, they don't know about the woman who thought he was groped and grabbed and kissed against her will, they don't know paula jones was paid an $850,000 settlement because the arkansas attorney general bill clinton exposed himself which is beyond
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perverted. open when hillary tweeted out tonight this is horrific, you cannot allow this man to become president. i tweeted back, why selected moral outrage. where were you when juanita spoke out and kathleen spoke out and paula spoke out. some people in the audience are going to say you're defending trump. no i think what he said is wrong and demeaning. >> he apologized and that was the right thing to do it. it is offensive, insulting and demeaning. but here's the thing. >> here's the thing. he said words -- >> that's where i'm going. he not only said words she's done things that are illegal and she now and the department of justice has to reopen. >> let's stay on the topic. >> he gets off the bus. the proof is in the pudding. for all of that banter between two high schoolers on a bus, he gets off the bus, this woman is so gorgeous, he gives her an air cousin. nobody is grabbing anybody or
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touching anybody. >> it was locker room talk granted. >> shameful 11 years ago. the man was in entertainment. he was in theater. i don't think excuse it. i think it's horrific. but when you junction that pose words against actions of a woman who sold arms to isis, a woman who was going to troy the lives of the women who were victimized by her husband -- >> yeah, those words were wrong and outrageous. i think we all agree. now what he said was wrong. now we have then president of the united states in the oval office with an intern an oral sex was performed and a cigar was used. we eesh going to have this national discussion. let's have it. um not holding back. and exposing himself to a woman and accused of rape by a woman and grabbing awoman, those were behaviors. is there a double standard for
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republicans that have standards and democrats that have none because they all defended bill clinton. >> poor sean of course that's a truism for me republican running for any office ever. i knew watching that first presidential debate when mrs. clinton at the very end of the debate alicia machado on donald trump that was the first from her massive opposition research file against donald trump. and you know this is the next one and there are many many more to come that she has against him. so here's the question. it's not what she's got against donald trump that they are selectively leaking now day by day. it's how donald trump is going to react to this. >> i want to get to that in a second. but i want to stay focused. what do you think he ought to do. >> what you're saying about actions versus words and in the next debate, sean, sunday night if she raises this issue, he should say you know what, this country has very serious problems. i understand you have to reach back is 1 years to try to find something to smear me with --
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>> but i think hillary is saying this is horrific we cannot allow this man to be president. now wait a minute. hillary clinton is quoted by one of her close friends as calling monica lewinsky the intern a narcicisstic looney tune. a lot of horrible things were said. i've interviewed juanita, kathleen and paula. here's two of them women. let's watch this. you describe a scene where he was biting on your lip and then when it was all over he was leaving, said you better put some ice on that. >> yeah. and casually put on his sunglasses and walked out the door. and i've told my friend who came back and found me that i was sitting there crying, so upset at the time, and i felt like
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somebody -- that the next person would be somebody coming through the door to. get rid of the body. >> it was a terrible ordeal for me. no woman should be subjected to it. it was assault. >> he assaulted you? >> yes. >> he touched, grabbed, fondled and kissed you against your will. >> yes. >> juanita once tweeted i was 35 years old when bill clinton raped me. hillary tried to silence me. i'm now 73. it never goes away. i'll sit here tonight and say what donald trump said is absolutely inappropriate, wrong, locker talk, demeaning even. are we now going to have a discussion as a nation, if we really care about the issue, the treatment of women, are we now going to have that discussion which the media has never asked hillary this campaign about juanita. they never asked about kathleen. they never asked about monica the narcicisstic looney tune. they never asked about any -- these are assaults except in the
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case of monica lewinsky. if hillary tweets that is horrific, we can't allow this man to become president, why did she sit silent when her husband was doing this in the white house. >> bill clinton is not on the ballot, mrs. clinton is. it's not about mr. clinton's infidelities. >> she's criticizing donald trump. she didn't criticize her husband. >> the allegations of rape and sexual assault. not without adultery. the question is because mrs. clinton was on the ballot what was her role in smearing and destroying the women involved with her husband and or accused him of these serious crimes. if she wants to raise the women's issue -- that's what -- >> what donald trump said is wrong, we're agreeing that it was wrong. was it wrong for her to refer to monica lewinsky as a narcicisstic looney tune. >> she called them bimbos. she had a team out to destroy them. there is a difference between the penal law, sexual assault,
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rape, you know, and words that are not in effect doing anything to any other human being. >> let's discuss that further. there was a child rape victim. >> the pedophile. >> hillary clinton, we have the tape of her long before he really got into the world of politics. she denended a man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl. she got the rapist off. what's interesting is we're about to play a tape where hillary pretty much acknowledges she thought the guy was guilty. listen how he took a lie detecter test and passed, forever changed my view that lie detecter tests work and laughs afterwards. we're going to have a really important discussion about donald trump's discussion, whether the media now also show outrage over all of these things up to this point in this campaign, 32 kdays out that
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they've ignored about the other candidate. it's all out there. you may be seeing this for the first time. >> do you remember the case where i represented that guy? it was a fascinating case. a really interesting case. this guy was accused of raping a 12-year-old. he took a lie detecter test. i had him take a polygraph and he passed, which forever destroyed by faith in polygraphs. >> how did this turn out? >> plea bargained, got him off with time served in jail. >> wow. many. >> the 12-year-old girl in this case, hillary clinton -- >> kathy shelton is her name. >> kathy shelton now realizes that not only did hillary ruin her life but she accused this 12-year-old girl of seeking out the company of men like the rapist. she said she was emotionally unstable and there was
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absolutely no evidence to support that. she trashed the victim early in her career. that is the course that she had taken throughout her life -- >> but the comment about the lie detecter test, she knows he's guilty. >> mrs. clinton enabled an accused rapist in this case and aalleged rapist in her husband and we're talking about donald trump. >> locker room talk. >> russia today threatened the united states with world war ii with nuclear weapons and we're talking about something donald trump was joking about 11 years ago. this country has sirius problems and we need to be focused on that. >> the media needs to be indicted here because they're all into the tape. they want to play it again and again. has anybody in the media played that kathy shelton tape but me? >> i have. here's the bottom line. we now know what she said to wall street. >> i need 12 hours to do tonight's show.
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i can't get it all in. i only have an hour. and by the ware, it irritates some people that i have one. coming up we're going to continue to monitor hurricane matthew as it now batters the southeast coast. tonight we're less than 48 hours away from the second presidential debate in st. louis. today wikileaks released excerpts of clinton's wall street speeches. we're going to reveal what she was saying. very interesting. more straight ahead. for years i've trained dogs for the marines -
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welcome back to hannity. we' only two days away from the second presidential debate. and according to a brand-new fox news poll tonight, the race is neck in neck. in a four way matchup hillary clinton has a slim 2.lead among donald trump. joining us now, chief counsel for the american center of law and justice jay, doug schoen. i know you've got a lot to say. let me start with you. i think we all agree what trump says on this tape is wrong and inappropriate as i said. but does it now open a door and a narrative that probably wasn't going to come prior to these tapes being we leased? and that is the kathy shelton
7:19 pm
issue i played, the paula jones issue, hillary's enabling and smearing and slappedering of these women. and does it help trump or hurt trump? >> i mean my view is donald trump has a very serious situation here. >> agreed. >> this was as you said indefensible. a situation that was caught on tape ten years ago. the politics of reality is it's now front and center in the campaign. you had today a huge story -- it would have been a huge story on the e-mails and speeches that have been released. but the situation with the release of this audio and video i think is very damaging for that campaign. >> i'm not going to disagree with you but i'm asking a question. >> i think it's very serious. >> the hillary says it's horrific and we can't allow this man in the white house, okay, that's her value and opinion. but you've got to -- you know the media double standard, jay. >> yeah. >> does it now raise -- a lot of
7:20 pm
things that have been off the table, do they now come to the forefront? is there going to be a national debate about her behavior, her husband's behavior, the treatment of women by both of them in many ways? >> well, look. it may become a national debate but it's not a national debate that's going to help donald trump. >> why do you say that? >> if anybody thinks this is helping donald trump i kplecom e completely disagree. >> do you think this kills trump's campaign? >> no i don't think it kills trump's campaign. but it's an unnecessary distraction. >> don't you think the clinton campaign had this a long time. don't you think it was released on wikileaks day? do you think this was an accident? i've been around way too long. >> i don't think anything is about an accident. this is about winning and losing an election. and when donald trump is on issues like change and corruption, he has a real chance
7:21 pm
to win. when he's defending the indefensible, this tape, when elected officials are moving away from him and with college age women being his target audience and they who would be most sensitive to this. this is a big problem. >> you were there during the monica lewinsky, intern, cigar, oral sex, impeached over it and his ratings went up. what do you tell donald trump tonight? >> i tell donald trump to say look, i've made a mistake. i apologized. let's talk about the issues facing the american people. >> sunday night he goes into the debate. and you know that martha rad is, anderson cooper, this is issue one, two, three, four, five. >> if he makes it clear he's
7:22 pm
sick and tired of distractions. he's apologized. he's not politically correct and he wants to talk about the -- >> you think that works? >> it's a lot better than going to sex and getting in a smear-a-thon. tell trump that. >> you know what? i would actually give the same advice to him. now with that said as a tax show host, to me the phony moral outrage and selective outrage of hillary, hypocrisy on display. that bothers me as a citizen. >> if you're hillary clinton's campaign manager right now, you would have her say nothing. but this story is unfolding. she's said something since then. you say nothing, this thing is going to play out. it didn't play out well for donald trump. i'm giving you the reality check as a lawyer. the e-mails would be the story but for this. >> what would you tell him on sunday night? >> address the issues, don't get into a personal attack on bill clinton. i don't think that helps him at all.
7:23 pm
deal with the fact that this is an administration with the kind of scandals that we had. the justice department, the state department, the white house were in cahoots with everybody -- >> i hear your indignation -- >> same lawyer. >> my question is i hear it but there's a lot worse on the other side. and i don't hear the same indignation. >> sean, please. >> why? why is there a double standard for you then? jay? >> well, look, i mean it's not a question of a double standard sean. it's a question that i'm giving the political reality of the evidence as it exists. >> why aren't you as outraged on these other issues that should have come up but didn't come out because i would argue that we have a biassed media. >> i agree with you that the media is biassed. i don't disagree at all -- >> curveball, you got one, you got to react to it.
7:24 pm
>> look, sean -- >> she was guilty -- >> sean, let me be clear. the russians are wreaking havoc in syria. they're destabilizing the middle east. >> and you think a trump pivot, apology, i'm wrong, 1 is years ago, it was stupid, pivot to the issues, wins the debate and wins the race? >> yeah. >> i don't know if he wins the race but it is sure a lot better than getting in the mud. the problems in the country haven't changed in the last 48 hours. >> jay, do you agree? >> i do. if this becomes the cause in which he spends 10 minutes in the debate deal with he's going to lose the election. he has to get -- he should be out tonight explaining this and apologizing for what he said. that would handle it. not through a tweet. if i was his lawyer i would tell him to get ahead of this. hae's not. and every moment that's going by
7:25 pm
is worse. the media isn't going to help him. >> good advice from both of you. week key leeks released damning documents for the clinton campaign. also hurricane matthew continues to bear down on the southeast coast of the united states. we're going to check in with our reporters on the ground and more on this busy friday night. ♪ ♪ ♪ look out honey... the highly advanced audi a4. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies... ♪
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♪ jingle bells tents up guys. and used to find a place to service it at a fair price, too. signal, signal hey guys, how's it going? that's not even music. ♪ now when you're ready, you can sell your old car and find your new one all on you know us for shopping, and now we're there for every turn. welcome back to hannity. today wikileaks released over 2,000 e-mails allegedly from clinton campaign staffers containing excerpts of hill's wall street speeches. and they all contained information about research done on clinton rival vermont senator bernie sanders. joining us now, best selling
7:28 pm
author, sue so, also dr. gina louden. when i look at it, wall street insiders are what is needed to fix wall street. she time-outs her relationship to wall street as a senator. no wonder why she didn't want this released. clinton talks about the challenges of running for office how you have to lie and be a phony, act one way in public and another way in private. does this damage her orb was it overshadowed with the information about trump. >> trump was right to emphasize the incompetence of hillary and the failures of hillary but he didn't emphasize what he has been calling crooked hillary. the wikileaks opens up a window into that. what hillary does, on the public campaign trail, she savages wall streert and acts like she's their enemy. but not only does she receive large amounts of money from
7:29 pm
these guys but she sbi mates to them wink wink she's their friend and happy to conspire with them against the american people when it's in her interest to do so, when she's paid enough. >> i just got a text from somebody, i haven't been able to confirm this, dr. james dobson said trump is a new christian and that what he said in 2005 is probably not the same man today. do you think the american people would look at it that way or no way? >> i do think the american people would look at it that way. i was thinking tonight i wish we had one of your town halls that you used to do when you had all of the people in a room it would be interesting to ask a roomful of men if they had never said anything remotely like that aside from maybe pastors and priests, right, in their life. because i think that was locker room talk. mr. trump has apologized. and when you rolled that up and look at what hillary clinton has done -- look in mr. trump's
7:30 pm
case, no one was raped, nobody has died. >> that was -- >> the list goes on. >> this is important because we're talking about his words and then we're talking about bill clinton's actions and bill clinton's actions and hillary's defense of him, not only defending him but smearing women who made allegations, you know, seems to be huge selective moral outrage and everyone is all offended. the person i laugh the most about is hillary. he can't be in the oval office. she didn't say that about her husband. and her husband's actions while he was in the white house. she went to bat to call monica narcicisstic looney tune. so all of these people saying hannity, you got to condemn trump, his words were wrong. but bill clinton's actions are far worse. why is it covered this way? >> i think that what we're seeing, we have seen a biassed media in my entire adult lifetime but never have i seen the media so aggressively
7:31 pm
huffing and puffing to drag this crooked hag across the finish line. that is their objective. to some degree we're seeing journalists wearing the label of journalism. >> let pe go back to a tape i played earlier about kathy shelton. we played a cape of hillary clinton telling a story of how she defended a child rapist and how i got him to take a lie detect detecter test and then told me those things don't work and laughed. she got the child rapist off and as a result kathy shelton has gone on to say horrible things about hillary, she was portrayed as a lifetime champion of women on the campaign trail but just the opposite because of the way she attacked her as a 12-year-old girl. now my question, dr. london, if
7:32 pm
that was trump, i bet everybody would have seen that tape. i bet most people saw it right here for the first time tonight. >> this is a whole new level of global corruption with the media and politics in the united states and abroad. let's not forget that the cofound are of politico said that the media cards are stacked against donald trump. this is a conspiracy like we've never seen before come to light and we're witnessing it and we have a clear choice to make between somebody who is part of that corruption and somebody who said some things once who i'm sure he regrets, and who hasn't. >> we're told that donald trump is going to be released in a two camera statement. when that happens we're going to bring it to our audience live. thank you both. coming up, more hurricane matthew news. it is bringing a large storm surge and strond winds up the southeast coast. we'll have our friends on the ground that are bravely facing this storm, of course our
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with a n(announcer vo)ion you can go straight home.ithin. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. this is a fox news alert. any moment we expect donald trump is going to be releasing a video statement on the issue of the tape that was released by the washington post earlier today. also after hammering florida hurricane matthew is continuing to sit off the coast of georgia at this moment causing heavy flooding and high winds. joining us now is rob schmitt. rob, i'm very found of savannah. used to hang out by tybee island when i was there. >> reporter: we hope it's going to be protected tonight. we're waiting to get popped by
7:39 pm
matthew. it's been flirting with the coastline for the last couple of days. it still hasn't made it ashore. that could happen here in savannah or maybe up in charleston. we're going to have to wait to see where the line goes. what's interesting is it's going to be high tide when it looks like it could move in here. that's exactly what happened with hurricane sandy. that is what made that hurricane so devastating is all of that water. water is really the problem when it comes to the hurricanes. you saw it with katrina and sandy, water is what makes things so dicey and dangerous. right now in savannah it is a hand do mandatory evacuation and curfew. we're waiting donald trump's video statement momentarily we're told it will come out. mercedes schlapp. good to see you both.
7:40 pm
mercedes, what's your reaction? >> where do you want to start, sean? >> anywhere you want. you can start anywhere you want. >> i think i have to say i think both campaigns are in crisis management mode. i think for donald trump, you know, this tape, it's been devastating after having a rough week last week with the aloo sha machado tweets and the debate. and now this. donald trump is taking action immediately. he came out with a statement earlier apologizing. i think he realized that the stakes are too high, that he needs to move and shift quickly to the issues and i think that's the right approach. will it be able to salvage the campaign? you know, this is the wait and see. we've seen the polls. the polls are tight. but i think that the steps he's taking tonight are critical because he realized he's got to get back to the issues. >> tezlyn, your thoughts. >> i don't know if we're watching an episode of porn hub
7:41 pm
or politics. >> yeah. >> it's been the conversation of who is sleeping with who. we want to be fair about it, let's talk about bill clinton and how women -- >> hang on. how dare you bring -- i've been watching twitter all night. how dare you hannity talk about bill clinton and how he behaved in the oval office. that's unfair. you can only talk about donald trump's words, not their actions. and not what they said about these women. >> well you know, it's been going on since the beginning of time. women were lined up with blue dresses since the kings. >> whoa. >> in the bib la call days. at the end of the day there are no victims. no one is confused. if someone was waiting in line to kiss donald trump as a billionaire just as why no one is confused when women have blue dresses in hand with hillary clinton. hillary clinton predid he understand to be the black woman she says she is, when is she going to put bill clinton out. when is she going to burn the clothes on the white house lawn
7:42 pm
to prove a point that she won't tall rate any foolishness from him and moving forward and continue on without bill clinton at her side. that's why millennial women and young women between the age of 18 and 40 are not buying into her message. >> i agree with all of that. tonight we begin or 21st year here at the fox news channel. i'm appreciative to all of you who are making this happen. mercedes -- >> you're a keeper sean. you're definitely a keeper. >> thank you. i understand people's outrage over the tape. i heard it and said good grief, you know. >> right. >> but why are people more outraged -- why does the media cover the words as strongly as they do, fair game to me, but yet all of this campaign most people do not know who this woman is, kathy shelton. hillary clinton bragging.
7:43 pm
most people don't know that hillary was part of a group that slandered these women that were accused. so why is there that double standard? >> first of all i think that the media and many liberals are thinking that this tape is really what's finally going to bury the trump campaign. they keep looking for the key moment and yet he still manages to have nine lives and continue moving forward. and i think for hillary clinton, you know, it really has been a long time since the 1990s and you know, they have to short term memory. and there is that double standard of the fact that hillary clinton did make those comments, did call the women that were victims of her husband bimbos and made several awful comments. but it's -- >> narcicisstic looney tunes. he wanted to crucify gennifer flowers. all true. >> but hillary uses the sexist card constantly. she used it on bernie sanders.
7:44 pm
>> do you think that impacts the race? we'll start with tezlyn. >> no. just like last week the people who support trump will support him prior to the debate and after the debate. >> what about the people in the middle, the independents who haven't made up their mind? >> i think independents have made up their mind. people have heard hillary clinton's story, they heard it when she ran the last time and lost and got beat. >> real quick. >> nothing has changed. >> mercedes. >> there's some woman out there saying can we get a do jofr and get two new candidates on the ballot. >> no do over. 32 days. >> that's right. >> i can't go back to march 2015. >> i can't either. >> i can't either. >> i need a break. good to see you both. we're going to have more with mercedes and tezlyn after the break. and donald trump expected any moment to release a video statement. when he does we'll bring it to
7:45 pm
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. welcome back to "hannity." we're being told that donald trump will be releasing a video statement momentarily. when it happens we'll bring it to you right here on h"hannity." we continue with our panel.
7:50 pm
what does he do tezlyn sunday on the debate assuming that he releases a statement, addresses it before? >> well, i think that trump probably won't focus on the statement but focus more on the missed opportunity that he had during the last debate, which was for the country, really focus on what hillary clinton has not done over the past 30 years, and he started out strong in the last debate and i think he'll carry that through. we know he is a businessman. i think he'll look at this as another business opportunity for him to be successful. he doesn't like to lose. >> let me ask you, mercedes, i know there is a lot of sank ti moany and i know everyone feigns
7:51 pm
outrage and it's the worst thing they've ever heard. i go back to actions versus words and is there going to be context given to trump? are they going to see this as we've heard this before? it could play out in different ways. i think the clinton campaign are going to push it forward through more negative ads as they keep spending millions of dollars portraying trump being a sexist and racism and ifs. and so i think the challenge will be with this direct response, saying i'm here for those who do not have a voice
7:52 pm
and have been left behind, i think if he comes across as being authentic, i think he realizes at this point this is a has been an awful mistake and i think he wants to clear the air and move forward and move on and talk about what is important in america. >> and what have you told him to do sunday night? >> he's got to stick to the fact with this apology, and then, say look. we've got to focus on the policies and job creation, those messages will resonate with the american voters and talk about not only his strengths, but hillary's deficiencies and trust worthiness of hillary clinton. and i think you know we've seen obviously, she struggles to connect with middle america and says something different to the
7:53 pm
wall street big money people. >> assuming he does this video, tonight, or tomorrow morning we're told it's coming any minute. assuming it's sincere and resonates, then, it's going to come up. i imagined question 1, 2. 3, 4. what does he do? move on? >> nobody cares. where is heidi fleiss? >> if i get in trouble i want you defending me. >> well, let's take a look atmo? there is nothing different. women and men have laid at the feet of others and i'm hoping hillary clinton has her mistress
7:54 pm
this side around. >> i don't know if they apologized to lying about jennifer flowers. i don't know if they apologized to juanita or kathleen. >> he did have several consequences. >> that is true. >> thank you. and if that is released we'll show it to you, straight ahead. . . if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit which is good for me 200-degree range of sight hey! and bad for the barkley twins. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. upgraded to our most d3 ever. ♪ yeah. well, we gotta hand it thto fedex. glasses.
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welcome back to "hannity". a lot of people are outraged about the comments donald trump made, the words he spoke. question is, be is this going to be in play? there is a lot of actions the media ignored. i challenge the media to talk to women that accuse clent ones of inappropriate behavior, of smears and slanders.
8:00 pm
hillary clinton represented the guy that she claims raped her. you hear hillary bragging and laughing about it. the next 32 days open a new pandora's box. we'll see you sunday night. john scott is next. >> this is a fox weather alert. an update on matthew. the storm currently at maximum winds of 105 miles per hour. it is 70 miles south east of savannah, georgia. good evening, i'm john scott with special coverage of hurricane matthew. the storm is headed to historic cities like savannah, georgia and charleston, south carolina. forecasters say the storm weakened, matthew could bring life threatening conditions from florida to north


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