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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 7, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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hillary clinton represented the guy that she claims raped her. you hear hillary bragging and laughing about it. the next 32 days open a new pandora's box. we'll see you sunday night. john scott is next. >> this is a fox weather alert. an update on matthew. the storm currently at maximum winds of 105 miles per hour. it is 70 miles south east of savannah, georgia. good evening, i'm john scott with special coverage of hurricane matthew. the storm is headed to historic cities like savannah, georgia and charleston, south carolina. forecasters say the storm weakened, matthew could bring life threatening conditions from florida to north carolina.
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rick? >> you're right. it's weakened but pressure has not dropped so we have a strong storm off the coastline of florida and now, off the southeast coast of georgia. you can see this indentation here along the coast. that is where we've been seeing the storm surge today and now moving north but it is going to run into land. there is a good chance this is going to have an interaction with land around the charleston area in the morning hours. we're having a lot of storm surge looking at the second
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biggest storm surge we have seen behind hurricane hugo. that was a very damaging storm there. hurricane warnings down towards daytona beach. we expect the storm to hold together as a hurricane. and look at the rain. we have rainfall rates high. and that means we're going to be seeing a lot of flooding from the rain that is yet to come. we have the center of it not far off shore. the winds still in that 105 range and we're going to be watching potentially a lot of wind damage for this storm surge that is going to be still in the 8 to 12 foot range.
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you can see rivers and marshy areas along the coast here, expect to see quite a bit offed intoing in this storm surge as we go into a high tide cycle. where you see green, and that is because of the huge amounts around the coast. 15 inches of rain in this spot in north carolina. and incredible flooding here about two weeks ago in north carolina. trees are weak and you get more rain there. and this extends farther east. and you see we might get yesterday quickly. that is timing this out tomorrow morning, the rain is very heavy in south carolina and moving into north carolina. by 5:00 you're mostly done and
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we go until sunday, mid day before the storm is off shore. >> so that is a big hook east. is that likely to happen? >> what we didn't know is when that might happen. some models continue to pull it right. will weaken in this process. we're not going to be worried about what happens but the bad scenario is that it hugged the florida coastline and about 20 miles off shore. and now we're going to see this hug the coastline of the southeast as well. fox coverage continues now in
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jacksonville, florida. what is the situation in jacksonville, gary? >> about an hour past feeling the brunt of hurricane matthew. gifts 40, 50 miles per hour at times, sustained winds 30 miles per hour. this debris caused by heavy winds that have been going on into this evening. really, this storm is not over yet for jacksonville. high tide is coming up here in another couple hours and that is a concern in jacksonville. you can see these storm surge officials have been worried about has been carrying the
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waves in the ocean into downtown area this afternoon and evening. this afternoon, there is a bed and breakfast, you can see video about 20 folks were staying inside of the bed and breakfast. that first noor was flooded and they have food. teams are going to be very busy there, especially along the coastal cities along northeastern florida. john? >> thank you. team fox coverage continues now with rob schmidt live in savannah, georgia.
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>> it's gotten worse. we've seen the rain infence fiing. we're getting 50 miles per hour wind gusts. we're expecting this to get worse and the eye of the storm is 70 miles away. where i am is under he he vac wags. from boston to miami, anywhere east of that in this area is under mandatory evacuations and there are other islands out there. there are people staying out there so we're going to have to wait to see how the night goes but it's going to be a water event. this town can handle wind, what we don't know whether or not it can handle rain if that does hit
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here, the surge comes in as the tide is up we're expecting high tide around 2:00 in the morning. where i'm staying is less than three feet above sea level. this is going to get worse and a wait and see game where that eye goes. we're going to see whether or not it hits here in is a savannah. that seems to be the line wait and see game here. a storm surge is potentially deadly and could wash away structures out on rhode island
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-- the island. >> he said they went against orders and said we're going to stay here, it's kind of like the boy that cried wolf. you have many close calls like georgia has had over 50 and 100 years, there have been times they thought they're going to get hit and it doesn't come. georgia is bent inward. like you saw on the map, it's protected so you can goat everybody riled up and people stop listening and one day, it does happen, you never know what that can lead to. evacuations they're saying 75% of the county has evacuated. they say they're gone. and i can tell you from walking around here, there is a decent amount of people left in savannah. i say most people are gone and it looks like a ghost town. you can see he people doing what they do.
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and roadways are going to be underwater. >> millions of people evacuated in florida. if they find their homes are okay and broken tree branchs they might not evacuate in the next storm. these can be killers, you just never know. a slightly different track on that hurricane eye. and there could with a lot of people in trouble now. >> u.s. navy ship responds it's sending a ship to haiti. local officials tell reuters hurricane matthew killed 800
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people in that region. and u.s. officials say the mesa verde is on the way to haiti to help distribute aid and say the military set up a joint task force to oversee relief efforts. as parts of georgia brace for what is still to come, in florida they're starting to clean up. we'll take you there next during a special coverage of hurricane matthew. everyday millions of women worldwide trust tena with their bladder matters. thanks to its triple protections from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you ♪
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>> in florida, folks are starting to clean up the mess left behind. phil keating reports. >> reporter: up and down the
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barrier islands is a near total blackout and many intersections have become four-way stops because signals are still not working. no red, no yellow and no green. this hurricane could is been far, far worse so a big sigh of relief. before matthew struck, both owners tied up their vessels to moorings, marinas and trees tucked away on the western side of the island and afterwards,
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for most, it worked and this being the first major hurricane to hit the state in 11 years. a different story up north. matthew's eye wall passed closer to land. that is going to allow residents and tourists to take in the scenic drive but far, far better than feared. tomorrow there remains downed
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tree debris. floridains can say we can clean up. >> keeping an eye off shore was a big part of the puzzle. what about power? how long does it appear to take? >> for 11 years, florida power and light and each improving the security and force that could be taken by the lines up on the polls so difference is that the
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eye wall bringing in hurricane winds and further into the main land. so the forecast from the governor yesterday is that you're going to lose power but may not have electricity for a week, maybe two weeks. it's early to assess how long it's going to take but here in melbourne beach, we saw numerous intersections that were still not functioning. light polls down, and exposed wires and the cherry picker
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trucks had come and gone and lights were getting back to normal. so there remains a lot of communities where bridges are still closed to the public. and the population returns, but there is a lot of damage to this island that really is yet to be revealed. >> continuing coverage ahead, we'll ask with an official on the front lines of a recovery effort, coming up on our special coverage of hurricane matthew. ♪
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hurricane matthew heads north into georgia and south carolina. they say is not over yet. john ward is with the clay county division of emergency management. john, how bad have you been hit? >> we're out and assessing the wi winds subsided so we're taking a posture that we've wanted everybody to come shelter in place. and we wanted to wait until sun up. >> what about storm surge? how much water did you get? >> we're still inland, we've got
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the st. john's river. so we're seeing a surge coming up the river and have water getting close to homes and have got runoff going foo the roadways and we believe into the weekend we're going to see them going into homes. >> there is a terrible danger in situations like this. isn't it? >> that is correct. we've got power lines across the roadway and due to the winds, we're going to wait until sun up to do this. we're cautioning crews to stay inside. >> the worst of the storm has passed your particular area,
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you're telling people to hunker down, stay inside and don't go on the streets just yet. >> we've got to wait until daylight and put our eyes on. and we're trying to get those sheltered and just hundreds of trees down. we're encouraging residents to stay in place and we'll get it into sunlight and be able to take a look at how we move forward with this. there is going to be with debris. >> in terms of just your own experiences how did this rate? >> we have damage and power
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outages but we're looking at the cat 4 storm that could have gave us damage. i think we're doing very well. partners east are dealing with strings and compared to what we're looking at, this is a different outcome. >> that can be a blessing and curse. people heeded warnings and find out their home is nod batly damaged maybe in the next storm, they decide not to move quickly. >> many folks in northeast florida this has never been a storm where we needed to push this button so now we've pulled this evacuation and they say yeah, it wasn't bad, next time we pull that trigger,
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complacency is maybe we don't go john warren, thank you. we're watching hurricane matthew. ahead, we'll take you tloif savannah and look we'll take a look at other major news events over the years as fox news channel turns 0 today. shepard smith will highlight the stories we've covered coming up. . shepard smith will highlight the stories we've covered coming up. with advil, you'll ask what twisted ankle?
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20 years ago today, fox news channel went live. shepard smith has a look back at events that shaped our lives and history. >> we're better off than we were four years ago. let's keep it going. >> he's better off than he was four years ago. >> we launched before the reelection of a president. and in the years that
8:32 pm
followed... >> i did not have sexual relation was that woman. miss lewinsky. >> william jefferson clinton, president of the united states is not guilty as charged. >> it appears now the next president of the united states is all but signed, sealed and delivered in the name of george w. bush. >> this defining moment, change has come to america. >> we've covered tragedy. >> mission control in houston lost contact with our space shuttle columbia. the columbia is lost. there are no survivors. >> we begin with the latest of the disappearance of the malaysia air hins flight. families are hoping for a miracle. >> mass murder by jet.
8:33 pm
a german winged co-pilot plowed his jet full speed into a french mountain side. >> disasters of unimaginable scale. >> on studio b, the human tragedy across the northern gulf coast. the live rescues continue and frustration builds. crisis in new orleans and beyond. >> earthquake created tsunamis that sent waves hurdling through the coastline at 10 countries. >> the situation in the gulf of mexico is growing more urgent by the minute. >> there is no one that wants this over more than i do. i want my life back. >> this is part of the scene in japan when the quake struck in the middle of the afternoon. >> it's a towering tsunami with water as high as 30 feet. >> the status of the nuclear
8:34 pm
plant is a big question mark here in japan. >> massive destruction caused by a once in a lifetime storm. >> enron saying it's very troubled about the destruction of thousands of documents, at least 71% of the income is coming from bogus transactions. >> i am a victim of bernard madoff. >> lehman brotherses filing for bankruptcy. >> up , unthinkable attacks. >> tonight, breaking developments in the shootings at virginia tech.
8:35 pm
>> here in newtown, i come to offer the love and prayers of a nation. >> crimes that captured our attention. >> i did not kill my daughter jonbenet. >> i did not have anything to do with this. i loved that child. >> the search that gripped the nation is over. police confirming tonight the remains of 23-year-old chandra levy have been found. >> nat alee's bags were packed and she's ready to come home. ms. help bring her home. >> 1100 days after hill caylee anthony was last seen a live, her mother, casey was acquitted of killing her. >> wednesday night, jody arias guilty of shooting her ex-boyfriend, guilty of stabbing him 27 times and slitting his throat from ear to ear. >> we the jury find george
8:36 pm
zimmerman not guilty. >> hiv pictures from emergency gus on, missouri. >> we have shots fired in the direction of police. >> the five officers who gave their lives to protect the people of dallas. >> we followed crying legal battles. >> scott peterson's alibi is that he was far from his home in modesto at the time of his wife's disappearance. >> the neighbors saw you carrying out a big blue barrel. >> that is not what we agreed to talk about. >> i didn't agree to restrictions on conversation. i would never do that. i just wonder -- >> then, i guess i got to walk away. have a good day, mr. shepherd.
8:37 pm
>> to the italian press, amanda knox is a pretty american face with a murderous american heart. >> and our blahhingo can fly but not out of prison. now, he's over the news desk. hello, blago, wave, everyone. >> the 33 miner ascends. the end of an odyssey watched around the world. >> this is a fox news alert. dateline, salt lake city, elizabeth smart found just 15 miles from her home. >> it is astonishing to see a plane in the river. >> passengers and crew are off of the plane and safe. >> we've covered terrorism overseas. >> two men drove their boat alongside the cole and detonated
8:38 pm
their explosives in their boat. the attack killed 17 crew members. >> somebody killed 23 americans in an attack in benghazi, libya. fox news stations joining us. there has been a series of attacks tonight in france. and here at home. >> another plane just flew into the second tower. this has to be deliberate, folks. >> and that makes eight confirmed cases of anthrax exposure in the united states. >> this is a fox news continuing coverage of the tragedy at fort hood. it's hard to imagine the chaos in there. no one has been allowed to leave the post. we're not getting firsthand reports. our coverage continues now. i'm accept yard smith in new york. the video from the marathon as it happened. first of two explosions. >> you're looking live, san bernardino county and a mass shooting is underway. >> this is a fox news alert. a mass shooting in orlando
8:39 pm
ov overnight. it's the largest mass shooting in u.s. history. >> we watched our nation go to w war. >> the taliban regime and a long convoy of marines in iraq because of operation security operation. there are marines in tanks. >> they found a disheveled man hiding in a spider hole. >> this video appears to show the death of the world's most-wanted terrorist. >> the united states conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda. >> over the years, we've said goodbye to many icons to name them all.
8:40 pm
>> farewell to a princess. >> a pop star, world super star, michael jackson. >> people are crying. people are clapping. people are smiling. people are celebrating the life of john paul ii. >> we're talking about the life and death of mother teresa. >> americans remembering gerald ford. he passed away in his home. >> nelson mandela has died. he was 95 years old. >> i knew him as dad. >> nancy, reunited finally with her beloved ronnie. >> two souls happily entwined. >> resting in each other's arms
8:41 pm
until the end of time. >> and some 175,000 hours after we began, we're still covering the news. tonight the news is hurricane matthew. the category 2 storm up the east coast into georgia, we will take you there next. jesse. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you. get organized at
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>> tybee island is a tiny patch of sand close to savannah, directly in harm's way. we're hearing most of the 3,000 people evacuated but some refused to leave their homes. joining us now, the mayor of tybee island. mayor it's my understanding you tried to get everybody off? >> yes. myself and many, many others worked hard to get as many people off as we could and i'm happy to say most everybody left. many chose to stay behind. >> what did they tell you? >> various reasons. they wanted to protect their homes and stubborn, you know?
8:46 pm
nobody is alive now who was alive in 1898 the last time we're hit or brushed by something this powerful. it's unfortunate. most people did leave a few stayed behind. i just pray that they come through this okay. >> if that hits your island what is it going to do to it? >> that surge would be very bad for our island. i'm most concerned about the lives that could be lost potentially. i'm in savannah. we left, but the eye of the
8:47 pm
storm is not looking like it's going to hit us directly. and as you said, it was 7 to 11 feet on to have of highs so that would be catastrophic. we don't know until the morning. it's going to happen overnight and pass at about high tide. it has weakened a little bit. it's now a cat 2 and so we're going to help for the best. >> is the island likely to be overswaept by this storm surge? >> we actually have a very good system and is for years worked
8:48 pm
to build up the extensive dune system. we're hopeful that is going to be put to the test so hopefully it will hold out. >> of the 3,000 people who live there, how many do you think stayed behind? >> it's hard to say. a couple maybe. we had 3,000 here and we put out evacuation request and most everybody got out. i'm praying the surge isn't life threatening for them this evening. >> you can rebuild a building but you can't replace human live. >> absolutely.
8:49 pm
absolutely. we appreciate your time. and hope your island and those who chose to stay are safe. >> next, we'll step back into savannah. old homes, some dating back centuries. we'll take you there right after the break. woah! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. woah, woah! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. like their photo claims tool. it helps settle your claim quickly,
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>> update now on the path of hurricane matthew. rick? >> winds right here across the north florida into 50s and 60 miles per hour range.
8:53 pm
but in a tropical storm force winds in georgia and south carolina coast line. center of the storm moving north. it's going to get close towards the charleston area and that will probably keep it off of the shore. still holding sted kwee. winds 105 but pressure does not drop as much. so plenty of structure here still for the storm to keep it very strong and win to continue to file through the coastline. we're going to see the storm surge in the charleston area,
8:54 pm
flooding concerns are gooding to be big. and we have had up to about ten inches of rain. a cold front is going to bring out water that is into this storm that will help us weaken. we've got a number of spots in 13-16 inch and that is very understandable. that is what we're seeing right now. you can see tornado concerns still heavy rain in in savannah. john? >> thank you, rick.
8:55 pm
>> you bet. >> so officials in savannah told folks who stuck around they should be sheltering in place. >> we're getting a gust right now. it's been a rain maker here all day. these are tethered to the eye of the storm in georgia. there is not been a direct hit here since 1898 but they've expected one with hurricane floyd. that went up to charston. you heard rick talking about the storm surge in charleston.
8:56 pm
once hurricane matthew leaves us, it could be tybee island and charleston that could be the story. the mayor of tybee island decided not to leave the island and the person who owns this restaurant and bar shut down and he told us he and his friends decided to have a hurricane party. they're posting on facebook. that is a really bad idea. yesterday was the first with one since 99. john? >> four people dead in florida that we know of.
8:57 pm
and there could with other discoveries so these people are beyond rescue, right? >> this is river street at sea level. and the people here now are members of the media. i haven't seen people at all. looks like most people here have. >> the eye is still out over the ocean and now a category 2
8:58 pm
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>> hurricane matthew packing winds of 110 miles per hour and surges from northern florida to south carolina. this is a fox extreme weather alert. >> four people are confirmed dead and more than 1 million without power, roads have been washed out. now, jacksonville and st. augustine are in the path. half of the residents are taking shelter elsewhere while half a million people have been told to


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