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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 7, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> hurricane matthew packing winds of 110 miles per hour and surges from northern florida to south carolina. this is a fox extreme weather alert. >> four people are confirmed dead and more than 1 million without power, roads have been washed out. now, jacksonville and st. augustine are in the path. half of the residents are taking shelter elsewhere while half a million people have been told to leave jacksonville, florida.
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the governor there, rick scott is saying it's going to get worse. >> impacts now, we're seeing impacts now from st. augustine to jacksonville beach. this is going to continue throughout the night. >> further up the coastline, flood waters threatening savannah, georgia and south carolina's capitol of charleston. forecasters say a storm surge is possible in places. one boat owner who sought ref e refuge. >> if we get reports very
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important rick, what is the storm's path for overnight? >> it will tell you what you're just seeing across florida. that northern corner around jacksonville, we're seeing a wind with that. most action is going to be north of that and increasingly, south carolina. you can see winds 35-55 range and the center of the storm is where we have had winds. the worst of it is in the center. and we haven't seen the worst of
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it. along with that, all of the storm surge is going to continue to be with funneled in. we're going to see maybe a 10-foot storm surge. this is the storm that weakened a little bit. we have a good structure here and winds are going continue to remain strong north. flooding is going to be our biggest thing. coastal flooding with flash
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flood warnings from savannah to charleston. and far eastern areas of virginia. and eastern area of north carolina had incredible flooding and maybe up to 15 inches of rain is going to cause flooding. it's going to get close to the south carolina coastline. this is our storm surge and you can see that and last thing i
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want to show you here, 1:00 next hour or so, heavy rain from is a van from a towards charleston and throughout the night towards 7:00 a.m. and from tomorrow evening, eastern part of north carolina and mid day sunday, when this thing is after here after a three-day tour. >> let me ask you about charleston. is it low tide or high tide? >> it will be toward low tide when it is hitting maximum strength. it's going to go through high
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tide sequel. >> you topped out at virginia beach, virginia. beyond do people need to worry? so heading towards the area we'll see a hill bit of it. the official track hugged the coastline and that will bring in the interaction with that front is coming it's going to be a lot of moisture out of here.
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and colder air mass is coming and that interacting with this storm will wring a lot of moisture out. and that doesn't happen and we're going to get more rain. >> rick is talking about rain. that is causing big concerns to folks in jacksonville, florida. they're concerned about flooding and storm surge. and now we have the latest. is it raining now? i can't tell, garrett. >> winds are still kicking up here and now, after hurricane matthew worked through jacksonville, and you know, officials said that this storm could be deadly.
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and our local affiliate is reporting there has been another fatality. and you mention we're getting ready to hit high tide again. that means flood waters are going to rise more. you can see in this video, storm surge is carrying waves and flooding the downtown area because the worst of hurricane matthew didn't hit until tonight. and they're going to figure that out tomorrow morning. you can take a look at the debris and this is what we're
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seeing. more than 1.1 million people without power, still, tonight. and crews are going to be out as roads clear tomorrow, it's still a long ways away. as i mentioned high tide is still coming up. >> that is a big concern and seems like folks there had orders to evacuate. we'll get back to him here. >> hurricane matthew continues to track along the coastline.
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and so rob, wow. looks like the same thing right now. >> we're getting closer and closer and hooked like savannah was going to do this. and flooding no matter what, these are going to get hit hard here in the next hour, this is going to be a water event. i'm standing here on river street. we're across from and what is going to happen is that this is going to move in. the tide is going to come up and hit around 2:00 a.m.
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we're going to have to figure out whether or not savannah is going to be able to take that level and that will help. there are businesses here on the river and i just took a look out there. that is a foot or two from coming to where i am standing and we're toing to wait and see what happens. right now, if you need anything like you're not going to get it as the night goes on. you're taking a big risk and there are roads so nobody can help you until the storm is over
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and the roads clear up. it's going to be 6, 7 hours. we've been saying get moving, storm. this storm surge, a combination of high tide and storm surge made that devastating. water came in and is just inundated the jersey shore into new york city. and that is what they're hoping to see here. it would be a shame to see damage and about 300 years now.
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>> take a look what preparations did the homes and businesses make in anticipation of this wall of water that could come over at any moment now. and and i see a couple sandbags here. what shocked me is how many businesses and bars don't have anything up. they're just going to try to ride it out. i didn't see a lot of shutters. and river street here, i see a lot of places where maybe there is 1 or 2 sandbags. what is that going to do?
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i'm worried about charleston. they do not handle water there well. and people here seem to be comfortable leaving business was out protection here on river street. we're about as low as you can get. >> thank you interest in georgia. >> we have a fox news aahert. the trump campaign is in full damage control after a hot mic picks up trump making vulgar remarks about women. and john roberts is with the trump campaign. let's listen to the tape first.
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then, we'll get to john roberts. >> i never said i'm a perfect person nor pretended to be someone i'm in the. i have said and done things i regret. the words on this more than a decade old video are wrong. anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who i am. i said it. i was wrong and i apologize. i've traveled the country talking about change for america. but my travels have also changed me. i spent time with grieving mother who's lost their children, laid off worker who's jobs have gone to other countries and people from all walks of life who just want a better future. i have been humbled by the fanl they've placed in me. i pledge to be a better man tomorrow and will never, ever let you down. we're living in the real world this, is nothing more than a distraction from important issues.
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we're losing our jobs, we're less safe than we were eight years ago and washington is totally broken. hillary clinton and her kind have run our country into the ground. i have said some foolish things but there is a big difference between the words and actions of other people bilt accused women and hillary clinton attacked and shamed victims. we'll discuss this more incoming days. we'll see you at the debate on sunday. >> so there it is and we have heard donald trump said i'm sorry. i apologize. >> he was so stilted and so clearly reading a teleprompter. that is almost by route. and was painful to see him say the word i apologize.
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>> i apologize. >> he is refusing to apologize. >> john, i don't know if you paid attention. it seemed donald trump is reading words just written by his speech writers. >> this is a prepared statement the candidate or president may add thoughts in there. this is something donald trump had to do. . paul ryan is supposed to appear with him on stage and this is
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something we'll put together as paul ryan to say i need the picture of you on stage and there are questions being fleted around whether or not this ticket can survive. would donald trump go to the debate or would he not? there is a statement to say there is no sign he's going to drop out. and i heard he's going to stay in. this is perhaps the biggest crisis the campaign faced so far with this videotape and is
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sitting in nbc's archives. this is the sort of thing that can bring a campaign down. the people said put on a good suit and we're going to come up with a statement. and i think they saw we're on the air as were other networks. this is difficult to say. >> will this apology resonate with voters? and they cannot kick donald trump off the ballot. some ballots have been printed but if donald trump wanted to,
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if he felt like he was hurting the party with the controversy this bomb shell, he can volunteer to mike pence who made a stellar presentation with his debate to tim reign. >> our fellow looks like that is not going to happen and you're right. that you can oem be removed when you drop out or too sick to continue or in the event of your death. there are proceeds in place to replace that person. what remains to be seen is
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republicans like john huntsman called for trump to drop out of the race. and it makes you wonder whether or not support will stay with him. if they start to run for the hills, because they believe they could lose the white house, but the house and senate as well. at the moment there isn't a sign republicans are going to defect from him on mass. what remains to be seen is that this statement is some distance by the release of the audio tape. >> john, what is remarkable is
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oaf last 4 to 5 hours other women have come forward through other people, knack plus christov and other people are coming forward. it's as if anybody was waiting for one moment to happen. and so this could he is skal yaet. >> we see this in various circumstances. once one shoe dops one person comes out and one episode comes out as well. i could be wrong. i don't know if anything else could come on.
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this is about as damaging as you can get. and i don't know anything that follows don on this is going to damage him anymore. this is about as much damage as anyone could. watch for the democrat to try to run this across the goal line. hillary clinton is now fund raiding and the fact many rens are shocked about this is just going to add to any fuel that democrats try to throw on this fire.
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so this first attempt trying to repair a little bit of damage. but i don't know how far that is going to go. >> john, stand by for us. we want to go to bret baier. and do you think paul ryan will address this? >> i think he will and i think paul ryan and scott walker just invited truch and i think mitch mcconnell is calling to make this statement differently.
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one is that donald trump does not apologize. and at the end, turning to bill clinton and the lead is that he's going to be at the debate on sunday. that is the news here that will be one fiery debate. >> you said in that prepared statement that we've just showed of the team, he did turn to bill clinton. he said look. i played golf with the guy. he said worse.
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donald trump has been able to grab a portion of the country. >> this is a major problem. this is a major problem with this campaign. and the associated press has a story about the apprentice and talking about what's happening and the associated press moved that story. and that is what started the tapes. it is a sequence and there are "new york times," you know, had this column that was also coming out at the same time.
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i think that this is a big moment with the campaign. he's got a real problem that he's going to have to address. >> is it stable to his campaign? >> i don't know. i know there is a level of chaos. this comes after new hampshire that a debate is donald trump a role model? and she said they had to issue a statement saying no. on second thought it's really not a role model. neither is hillary clinton. so i know there is a lot of act
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about this. and so this seems to be a different level. >> did he make it worse by in a round about way, trying to blame hillary clinton or bill clinton? saying bill has done worse? >> the fact he got to this point, the other thing is this release tonight that we're not talking about it. and that is e-mails with quotes from the speeches he gave to
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banks and different companies. some is pretty damaging. >> once again, the trump campaign is this is the headline. is there any possibility that they're one of these scenarios said we need to maintain control of congress and to gain control,
9:30 pm
would you bow out? >> you would to have rnc call another convention to get that process and you have some that are computerized. so it would mean a defensive loss and i know it's been talked about. i think this is donald trump saying he's going to fight off. this is an election of shoes
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dropping. >> bret baier, many thanks. >> okay. >> hurricane matthew continuing its track and we've got it covered for you. stick around for our live coverage. >> we'll be right here. timent. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you. get organized at
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path of hurricane matthew. i do that, rick. just 12:30 we have four and a half hours to go. i'm going to just call you my man, rick. rick, what are the conditions like? >> we have the storms off the coast of savannah. sit actually about 70 miles southeast in savannah. looking north. so savannah, i think is going to be spared from the center of it. it's going to be very, very close. this is a wind map that you can see here. that right there are winds that are close to the coast here. a little bit of an easterly jog. we have not had land fall from this hurricane just yet.
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if we do see that it's going to be over charleston and up the carolina coast line. we're going to see tropical storm-forced winds before this thing is done. from the center of it, it we'll see as well as because of the winds the worse of the storm surge and so this is where we like to see the worst of it.
9:37 pm
i think we're going to get in towards record breaking territory as well. latest information from the hurricane center, 105 miles per hour winds. pressure holding steady there. you can see weakening and still holding together well. that means weakening at this point is unfortunate as this pulse north. we have a very significant rainfall risk going on. some spots may be a foot to foot and a half of rain by the time this is done. >> not out of the woods yet. ed intoing can be dangerous and deadly. >> absolutely. >> my man, rick. thank you very much.
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>> hurricane matthew is continuing its track up the atlantic coastline and reaching savannah, georgia. that is where we find joel walledman. what is it like there now? >> we're having a lull in rain now which is odd and the wind is coming to a stand still. so i know rick is taking a stab at this and this is the mighty savannah river. it's tough to see because it's dark out there. when we started broadcasting about 3:00 there is a foot or so to go before waters would reach the banks of the river.
9:39 pm
it's staying steady but the banks will yoef flow and of course that is the key phrase. the storm is expected to coincide with the brunt of it. it will coincide with high tides. so let's say you've got a seven foot storm surge, it's 14 feet of water. it's got to go somewhere. it will damage some ininfrastructure in this area. >> if it does begin to fly, what
9:40 pm
does that mean? what damage does it do? are we talking homes? and businesses? both? >> where we are now, this street will likely flood out. and there are stores here to river walk. good thing for savannah, it sits on a bluff in california. and so etc. on higher ground. there is an island about 18 miles east of us that juts onto the ocean. that is tybee island at sea level as well. we're hearing the road which connects tybee to the road land
9:41 pm
is flooded out. the owner says he has friends who decided to stay out on tybee island depending on how the hurricane decides to move up the coast. and i'll add you know, the story at the beginning of this, everybody is talking about florida. it could be this part of georgia and could be charleston, south carolina. >> is there power there? do you have a generator? >> we're not on a generator. power stayed up and there are street lights behind me. so so far, no real issues with power. i was in new york city for sandy. it's unusual to see the power
9:42 pm
this steady. we have not gotten the brunt of the storm. i know they don't believe it's going to be a direct hit. savannah has not had a direct hit since 1898. a half million people ended up evacuating. in 1999 it skipped and side stepped savannah. >> right. yes. >> joe wildman, thank you very much. savannah, georgia. we'll check back with you as we ten our live coverage. we're going to return to coverage of hurricane matthew, continuing a slow trek up the ant lata coastline. >> millions without power as the storm tears through knacking
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see me. see me. on my way. find clear skin... and a clearer path forward. for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. welcome back. hurricane matthew killed hundreds and aftermath and cleaning is still ahead. president obama declared a state of emergency. are you seeing any proof of it? what's happening there? >> crews are working and a long day of electricity, restoration and debris clean up today. and up and down the barrier island beach communities in florida, the scenes are blackout, near blackout, and no electricity. and all day long, the stores and
9:48 pm
businesses remain shuttered up. boarded up and not open at all. you can see to everywhere, too there is becoming dangerous for drivers aacross the street and an enormous sigh of relief. winds are ripping across a 1 a.
9:49 pm
and by far, the sunken boats, the number of them, downed trees and damage to buildings and homes ranks as isolated. providing a huge sigh of relief for the state where most of the population is after the first major hurricane to hit florida in 11 years. piles of trees still littering the roadways. you can see more of this all around the community branchs and trees need to be cleaned up. many did not get much sleep this
9:50 pm
weekend, everyone canning clean up. >> stay with us throughout the evening as we continue to track hurricane matthew. >> we'll have the latest reports on the ground and along the atlantic coast. keep and reporters along the coast. keep it right here on objection fuse help very gently release the clutch. -okay that was too fast. so is managing your credit. get experian creditworks basic for free today and you can start getting better.
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. hurricane matthew now taking aim at georgia. ted wynn is the emergency management director for bullock county, joining us by phone. mr. wynn, first of all tell us what's the weather like there now? >> well, it's been deteriorating since about 10:00. we've had wind gusts between 40 and 50-miles-an-hour and heavy rain and trees have come down on some roads and houses and we've had several thousand power outages. >> now i know that governor neil called for a mandatory evacuation, governor manathan dl called for the mandatory evacuation for the entire georgia coast. do you feel most people complied or are emergency crews having to deal with residents and perhaps business owners who were stubborn and stayed there? >> well, we're one county. we're not on the coast so we do not evacuate, but we were in
9:55 pm
governor deal's declaration of an emergency, so as a result of that, we did not shelter folks here, but we are having to deal with our population that lives here every day and -- but things are going okay. >> what's your biggest challenge right now? >> right now we've got trees that are coming down on roads and just keeping the roads open for the emergency crews to do their work and to -- and people that have homes that are damaged, we're relocating them in some shelters that we may have open. >> are you getting any calls from residents? >> we are. 911 calls specifically about trees coming down and power being off and you mix that in with your day-to-day emergencies and it's pretty busy. >> and in the extent of the damages what so far? >> so far, we've had some structural damage on some home, mainly from trees, and some localized flooding, but that's not too severe, but the biggest
9:56 pm
thing is trees blocking interstate 16. we've gotten that back open. and blocking our county roads. >> mr. wynn, good luck with everything there and stay safe. >> thank you. >> more coverage in a moment. it's endless shrimp at red lobster. with another new flavor you never saw coming...
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hurricane matthew is weakens slightly as it continues to track up the atlantic coast. sustained winds now 105-miles-per-hour so a whole lot less than 24 hours ago. hello, i'm greg jared. >> and i'm nicole neville. and supposed to make problems all night in georgia and south carolina, with dangerous storm surge along the coast, and st. augustine, florida, are concerned about many of the historical structures in st. augustine, and about half the population is moving to higher ground and president obama is staying up-to-date


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