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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 7, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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hurricane matthew is weakens slightly as it continues to track up the atlantic coast. sustained winds now 105-miles-per-hour so a whole lot less than 24 hours ago. hello, i'm greg jared. >> and i'm nicole neville. and supposed to make problems all night in georgia and south carolina, with dangerous storm surge along the coast, and st. augustine, florida, are concerned about many of the historical structures in st. augustine, and about half the population is moving to higher ground and president obama is staying up-to-date with the movements and the president
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meeting with the fema director, craig fewgate, and mr. obama gave warning for those in the area. >> i wanted to emphasize to everybody that this is still a t the potential for storm surge, flooding, loss of life and severe property damage continues to exist, and the people continue to need to follow the instructions of their local officials over the course of the next 24, 48, 72 hours. >> and hurricane matthew continues its track up the atlantic coast. in its path now is savannah, georgia, and that is where we find rob schmidt. i see you're getting soaked. >> reporter: yeah, it is still raining but it's not raining as hard as it was. just an hour, ago, we are now closer to the eye of the storm than we have been all night.
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we're trying to figure out what's going on. we're starting to feel like this could be a side swipe, maybe we'll get the western part of the time, maybe beginning to shift to the eastern-northeast, maybe closer to charleston, maybe that's what i'm feeling now because the wind gusts have really come down in the last 30, 40 minutes. the rain is now lighter. i was just getting drenched about an hour ago and now at 1:00 a.m. when we thought it was going to be at its worse, it seems to be a little bit lighter. i can tell you the water on the savannah river is coming up real high and high tide blending with storm surge on the end. but if the eyewall does stay 15 miles out, 20 miles to sea that it's been doing all the way up along the florida coast if it maintains that kind of same movement, if it stays off the coast, it will really help to spare a lot of these historic pla places in savannah and the historical buildings and homes
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here. this is a low-lying -- at least this part of savannah is. there are bar yrier islands if u go east a little bit, that sit right at sea level that we're worried about, as well. so it's still going to be a wait-and-see game. the good news for anybody that lives around here -- and they've been waiting for some good news. this storm was a category 4 storm what 24 hours ago. a lot of people were worried. this is a very susceptible area to that kind of stuff with the -- as i said, the low lying buildings and stuff like that and everything else, older buildings, historic buildings. it does seem to be subsiding and we're going to have to wait and see if this continues on. the eyewall was right out there to the east of us now it. has been moving north all night long so we may begetting bypassed here but i can tell you the rain has definitely calmed down, but don't let that fool you. you're still not allowed to be
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out or under mandatory evacuations and we have about 100,000 people in the state gaff georgia right now that don't have power. >> that's a big deal. >> that's another big problem they'll have to deal with tomorrow. >> and let's hope that eyewall stays out there and does not move closer inland. all right, rob schmidt, we'll check back in later. hurricane matthew tracks ing is our chief meteorologist, rick reiknen. rick, what does it look like right now? is it going to move any closer in land and even more westward? >> yeah, not going to move any more westward. it will continue to pull upwards the north than maybe a little bit to the north and northeast. what rob was showing right there though is they're a little bit inland. taibee island, you would go out to tibee island, savannah a little bit sheltered because it's a little bit farther inland, but very close to where they're getting kind of this eyewall, very -- very close to
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the shore. you saw this hug the coast and maintain the distance from the coast for its entire path so far. however, it's going to run into land here eventually and i think probably its closest approach to land either making landfall or its closest approach just because the way the coastline moves, this is the radar image and right here, that is the center of the storm. there's savannah where probably in that a little bit of a break, but if you go out here towards the coast, it's going to be a little bit worse and then just go a few miles offshore and you've got this band. we're probably 30 miles to 40 miles away from the coast as it moves to the north and it's moving about 12-miles-an-hour. we could see this eye get close within a few hours across parts of the coastline. winds still significant. latest gusts 47, 51 in charleston and that'll likely just get worse as we move forward in time here.
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the rain is going to be the big story, as well as that storm surge, especially into south carolina and the wind we're going to have it for a quite a bit of time. hurricane-force winds likely into the day sunday before it finally moves offshore and then the winds will subside, but, as well as the rain. here's the saltellite image, still holding together, pressure is still low, and pressure hasn't risen at all. you get an idea of the center. you still have all of that convection and the storm at the center of it. flash flooding across south carolina, in towards georgia, and we're going to see that especially coastal areas of south carolina and north car lip north carolina bringing us some very significant flooding over the next day and a half, guys. >> rick, rob said he was surprised it wasn't raining much more worse there in savannah and
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wasn't sure why. you can tell us why? >> yeah, because it's not a constant thing. you end up with these bands that move through. there's been more consistent rain recently from savannah up through south carolina and i think it will become that and transition more to a constant rain as we start to see the interaction with a front coming from the west. but they are just? a little bit of a lull. it will be back there in savannah certainly likely very shortly. >> all right. so rick we've been getting some e-mails from folks who are north of charleston. so what do you tell them? >> i -- well, there's still going to be storm surge, and most of the south carolina coastline, but if you're in the low country here of south carolina, get ready for an incredible rain event. last year we had a major flooding event in south carolina. we had it just a couple weeks ago in north carolina, and low country here, the carolinas is about to get pummelled. a lot of people with well over ten inches of rain and that's going to cause a really significant flood. and this is going to happen in a
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pretty short period of time. most everybody getting that ten to 12 inches of rain within a 24 hour period. >> have you seen any reports from hilton head, which of course has these beautiful tall pine trees with rather shallow roots? >> i've not seen any reports out of hilton head just yet, but you're absolutely right to bring up that. hilton head right in that area, it's getting very, very close to there. and they're going to get some very significant damage from that. you're absolutely right. there have been a lot of reports. it takes a long time to get video in from damage and i think we're at one of those points, we're 36 hours in and people are saying hey we're maybe not seeing it as bad. there are reports of catastrophic damage in one of the islands off jacksonville. we're going to see the same simon island. in fact we have seen that, as well, but it takes time to be able to get into those places. >> sure. >> and to get the video out of it and to get the pictures out of it. but we are seeing the report
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comes in, but specifically hilton head, have not heard anything just yet. >> and kiowa island, which is also vulnerable to flooding, and so forth, and so that kiowa is obviously at risk, as well i would imagine? >> for sure. everything there along the coast without a doubt. >> all right. and real quick question, up towards let's say beauford and the southouter banks of south carolina, what about those foxes? north carolina, above more hood city. >> it's going to be a little bit -- we're going to see the incredibly heavy rain. i don't think the wind will be as bad of an issue by the time we get out of here because we're going to see the storm weaken considerably, likely down to a minor category 1 hurricane or maybe strong tropical storm by the time it gets out in towards
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eventually the outer banks. >> right. >> is wilmington sort of out of danger right now? >> no. >> because i know at one point matthew was heading directly towards wilmington. >> and rightsville beach, really at the outer edge of wilmington. >> everything along the coastline, guys is going to get that rain. it's going to be a sharp cutoff between the haves and have-knots. there's the little bands along the coastal area. we have flood watches for the possibility if it takes a little bit of a track further off. but the best bet is that coastal area and maybe inland by about 50 to 60 miles that's where we're going to be seeing the stripe of heavy rain go inland maybe 100 miles or so and probably not getting much of anything. >> all right, rick, thank you very much. long night for you. good job of keeping us abreast of what's happening. and the storm has moved off
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the coast of florida. thousands are without power as officials continue to assess the full damage of this powerful storm. phil keating is tracking the aftermath. how is it look something. >> reporter: it's looking like a near blackout. not a total blackout in neighborhoods and communities up and down the barrier island beach islands of community's atlantic coast. this is what you see in many, many places. make-shift four-way stop signs, traffic signals still not out and residents asking, hey, do you know when florida power and light are coming out here? that's one of the major utilities. and they just are putting out now some very promising news saying number one, 650,000 floorfloo floorians have already had electricity restored and by the end of sunday, all florida power and light customers from palm beach county all the way up north into the state will get their power back. so that's some darn good news
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for floridians who number one are cleaning up all weekend and number two shuttered up inside of a hot, hot house where the temperatures in florida continue to be in the upper 80s and around 90. duke energy is the other big utility in the state of florida and both of these results have invested billions of dollars strengthening up their lines and improving their post-hurricane response plains and if y response plans and if you can get pour in three days most residents will be happy with that. what you do see more often as you drive up and down the florida coastal communities are downed trees of all sizes. i'd say this is about a medium one, but you've got big-old trees, one collapsed in miami shores, florida, in thursday and that's when it was just tropical storm strength, so up the coast, the damage of course gets worse. now there was a much different story of far-worse damage
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because in central and south florida, many people really feel, wow, i can't believe this is as bad as it was. it's not that bad for us, but the further north you went where the eyewall of hurricane matthew came closer to land, you've got a different story like up near jacksonville, flagler beach, a 1 a, florida's scenic highway, basically got eaten by the storm surge and swallowed into the atlantic ocean. clearly that's going to take a while. you've got to make repairs to that road and tourists will finally be able to get back out and enjoy that. then you also have the severe flooding that's still being recognized and seen throughout today and tonight and tomorrow morning -- or today is tomorrow morning -- that was a storm surge effect flooding all the way up there near jacksonville. there was some really dramatic video that came out. that was a big impact from florida and of course storm surge is the dead lilier impact
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storms to humans. it's not debris that flies through the air at 2/3 of the sped of the maximum winds. down the intracostal, you saw numerous boats taking a destructive beating, sinking at least partially into the water, many of them sinking all the way, but by far, the number of sunken boats, the downed trees and the damage to buildings and houses rank on the isolated and far from wide-spread scale, especially when you consider hurricane matthew, a category 4, was supposed to and was expected to deliver far much more damage to southern and central coastlines of florida. well, this of course the nanchtor hurricananchfirst major hurricane to hit the state in years. it's going to be a busy weekend not only for private contractor crews to come out and help clean up, but also for all of the
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homeowners who didn't get much sleep last night and this morning because of the howling nature of this hurricane, which really started barreling in through melbourne beach, in the atlantic beach, further up the cape canaveral area. right now almost exactly 24 hours ago. so, it was a long night, a loud night and sunrise revealed for much of the state, whoo, that was a close call. but still northern florida, in fact a lot worse damage and still dealing with the for probably days to come. >> for sure. quickly, phil, where did you say they're getting power back on sunday, by sunday night? >> yeah, florida power and light says from palm beach county, all the way north, as far as all their customers north of the state. so, that's dramatically quick news for -- >> that is good news. >> reporter: -- for all of those people home southweweating to t oldies. >> they want shop vacs in there
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for those who had water in their homes. >> fiphil keating, thank you so much. >> i was in florida about four days ago. you even though it's october, early october, so for people who have no power, of course, you know, they're living in this sort of sweltering environment. >> yes. >> that's very uncomfortable. it's very difficult. and you really feel for them to especially worry about the elderly, the infirmed and people who maybe don't have folks to look after them and without electricity, they'revulnerable. so we hope for the best. >> definitely. that's definitely crucial, but also if anybody had water in their homes, first thing you want to do is try to get it dried as quickly as possible to prevent damage to their property and their belongings and possibly to prevent mold from taking over. >> yeah, that's -- that's the big problem, especially in a humid environment. hurricane matthew moves up the coastline and flooding
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people in jacksonville florida, feared they'd be hardest on friday, but the eye of the hurricane matthew, stayed about 40 miles offshore that passed by the city and every mile counts. that was really important. heavy winds still left a huge messing behind and of course the storm surge. joining us by phone, jacksonville resident bill mcmahon, so bill, tell us what
10:21 pm
you experienced. >> i'm a life-long resident of jacksonville and about yesterday at 4:00, i was preparing to hunker down in my condo on the intracostal waterway and the reports were coming in, 12-foot storm surge, and cat 4. i had been watching the track on it, so i was prepared to stay where we were at, in the condo, right up in the identintracosta. it looked like the eye was going to make landfall so we made the decision to move about eight miles inland so we've stayed here for the last two days but it's been maybe a huge rain event, a lot of wind. the storm surge that was projected to be 12 feet, i think at the end of the day is going to show up to be about six feet. friends in the condo where i live were sending pictures and
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there was every bit of a six-foot rise and the water was lapping in the bottom floor. condo, so we -- we would have ended up being fine staying there, but they've been without power now for 24 hours and it was kind of amazing that just eight miles inland, you know we -- basically we've had a couple power outages but nothing major. i don't think there's been any loss of life as far as i've been able to find out here. the damages from water damage, our sand do you know system protected us pretty well but pictures i saw took out maybe 30 feet of the sand dune. >> what about your condo. have you gotten pictures? do you still have a home? >> yeah, we're very lucky. i think this storm would have jogged another 20 miles inland, it would be a different story, but a little bit of wind damage.
10:23 pm
hi frien i had friends that decided to stay, but me being the engineer, i decided i'm going to heed the warning. the city did a great job preparing and the preparation was good, but our luck was better. >> right. >> but the condo is fine, i don't know when i'll be able to go back. like i say i've been without power, but physical structure damage was fine. i've got a picture of it -- normally, i can look across the intracostal waterway and so mashes amas pla marshes and trees it. looked like the atlantic ocean. >> the photos that your friends sent you, from where you live, and you went inland -- >> right. >> -- what does the damage luke l look like? >> just right across is brandonville, and neptune beach. the dune system was penetrated and there's a lot of flooding in
10:24 pm
that community. they're not letting people back on -- that's essentially an island, the intracostal cuts it off from the rest of the country if you will, in the st. johns river to the north, but they're not going to be letting you back on until sunday so there's a lot of flooding and wind damage. my particular house looks like we've -- other than loss of power and some minor wind damage, looks like we dodged a bullet. but where i was, even just eight miles in, we are still had 100 mile wind gusts, trees down, cars damaged, but as far as i could tell, just south of us about 20 some-odd miles, st. augustine took a bad beating in the historic district, three or four feet under water. >> and we're showing some pictures right now, coincidently, of st. augustine, and wow, there's truck trying to drive -- that's all four-wheeler and then some -- trying to drive through it the waterway -- the
10:25 pm
street, but it's now a waterway, and homes -- >> yeah. >> -- just inundated there. what you have learned? >> i think it's more flood damage. not a loss of life. there wasn't -- you know, we've had tropical storms that have been as strong as this, but not -- the storm surge was the -- the real deal here, and i think the models were amazing and the projections were correct and we just got lucky on it. but you know five or six feet, when you're at elevation seven and you get water surges into elevation 14, you've got a problem. so -- >> right. >> -- like i say, we really got lucky. i don't know what's going on farther up the coast. it's been a long couple days. >> right. >> i was taking a little snooze before you called. i hope the best for you guys up there. >> sure. >> i think we got away with one here. >> you know are you a life-long resident of jacksonville?
10:26 pm
i mentioned i was down there a couple days ago and i love jacksonville. it's a beautiful place. and do you ever think about, gee, why am i here, because we always get hit with hurricanes? do you have second thoughts about that? >> i don't know eye wasn't bo--n here, but i've been here several times since the mid-'60s. i'm not quite as old, but my dad has been here forever, and part of the reason i relocated inland is two days ago he was going to sandbag. he lives in jacks beach. he was going to sandbag and sit it out. i was like i think this one's different, and you know i called him yesterday morning and i said are you -- you're not going to sit this one out are you? he said no, i'm no alabama where his friends live and that kind of scared me. so -- but yeah he was a life-long resident and beautiful place, it is low-lying, but
10:27 pm
we're kind of protected from direct hits. the last one was dora in '64. this wasn't technically i guess a direct hit, but it felt like one, but you know you kind of -- you know it's a beautiful -- it is a beautiful place, and it's -- it's home, but i don't think about that -- you know, i've got -- >> we're just getting some new pictures in and twewe're showin our viewer what is jacksonville looks like, or at least over the last several hours as the storm surge and the flooding, i mean, it's -- this one picture -- i don't know if you have a tv set there, but my goodness, you're seeing huge flooding and waters that are rising above street level into the structures and homes there and i mean -- >> right. >> -- there's going to be total devastation for a great many people there. >> yeah, i saw the eye saw the
10:28 pm
pictures live when the dunes got breached in south jacks beach, which my wife works down that way, so we know that area well, but you know it's -- there was actually a picture -- and i don't know if it's verified -- they were showing a shark swimming down third street, which is a quarter mile inland from the beach. but, yeah, it's -- and i've got friends over there and i've talked to them. but that's portions of jacks beach, and atlantic beach that are high and dry and others under water. but there was no tornadic act e activity and the winds were high. we're kind of a new area and all of our stuff's built to new building code, so i think we -- that was another factor for us. we got a lot of young -- my biggest concern is we have a lot of -- we're very young demographically, a lot of people haven't been through storms like this. >> sure. >> and they evacuated -- they
10:29 pm
gave an evacuation order for the beach and the city estimated 30% maybe heeded that warning, 70% stayed. >> right. >> and by luck, the storm jogged out and now these people might think they're invincible, but the next time the storm comes through like this, if we're not lucky and we don't leave there could be haiti-like loss of life. >> chicken little syndrome, you know, so many warnings and after a while you become sort of deaf to the warnings. phil, best of luck to you, and i hope when you get back to your home -- >> thank you. >> -- there, that it's okay, and thank you for sharing your observations and your stories. good luck to you. bill mcmahon. >> appreciate you guys. >> i'm glad bill's elderly father is out of harm's way. he went to alabama. bill didn't even know. >> dad where are you? i'm in alabama. well, we just showed you the picture there is in jacksonville florida, and the big concern is going to be the flooding.
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. tracking the path of hurricane matthew is fox news chief meteorologist rick reikmuth. this gentlemen next to me says i should call you sparky. >> wow, coming by surprise on that one. that's his nickname. >> yeah, if you say chief meteorologist, it's hard to say just rick at the end of the that. you have to throw a last name in. >> yeah. >> squirky is easier. >> everybody in my family says my name different. >> what's matthew up right now? >> i tell you what, it's getting
10:34 pm
really close to the coast. we've had this entire storm and you think of all the damage and the images we've seen, five fatalities in florida and we've never had this storm make landfall in the u.s. and it's getting actually probably at almost its closest approach right now. take a look at this. there's savannah. we were just talking about hilton head, greg. 17 miles off of the shore right there, is this right here, which appears to be the center -- or the eyewall, what is left of the eyewall, and this would be the strongest winds that exist and they're only 17 miles offshore. the storm has been moving towards the north. it has not begun that northeast turn, at least in any dramatic way, and that means a good chance we're going to be seeing at least this wall get right here towards the coast, maybe around buford, towards hilton head, and maybe still rotating around here back towards the savannah area, with the very strong wind. so we are probably in the next couple hours, going to see the worst of what we've seen from
10:35 pm
this storm over the last now say almost 40 hours, we've been talking about it. we're about to see probably the worst of it -- the worst of the storm surge moving in towards it is charleston area, the worst of the wind, and the rain is also going to be increasing more than we've seen so far from anyplace in this storm. so, get ready, 15 miles offshore right here, it's been moving to the north at about 12-miles-an-hour. >> all right. rick reichmuth in the fox extreme weather center. hurricane matthew is going up the atlantic coastline, in its path is savannah, georgia. let's check in once again with joel walderman who has somebody with him, joel? >> reporter: greg and arcel, we'll get to that guest in just a moment. this is the savannah river. high tide started at 1:26 a.m., and take a look at the riverbank. it is overflowing now.
10:36 pm
that is something we did not expect to see this early on. i'm going to bring over fred who actually owns the bar and restaurant that were kind of hunkered down in, and fred, you've been here for 18 years i think you said. >> yes. >> have you ever seen this happen? >> never. never. the first time i've ever seen this and quite scary now. >> i know your wife and i were kind of having a marital spat over whether or not you should evacuate. you wanted to stay here to protect the business, you wanted to go. are you regretting is right now? >> maybe now, because you know, we -- we thought we were going to be okay and now eye mean i've never seen this in 18 years. >> i mean how concerned are you now seeing that water has breached the riverbank? i mean how much flooding do you think there could be now potentially? >> it's hard to guess, but it's probably not going to be good. it's coming down fast, and i just saw the last update and
10:37 pm
it's coming closer to savannah, so it's scary. >> what do you do now? >> you know, probably going to -- we've got to think of safety first, so gotta go talk to the wife and then come up with a plan. >> okay. and try to get to higher ground if you can? >> most likely. thank you so much. thank you for the hospitality. >> thank you. >> fred has been wonderful taking care of us and some of the other crews here. but greg and arcel, what's interesting about this, high tide is at 1:26 a.m. meteorologists have told me that the -- there's delay with the savannah river so you're not supposed to see an effect here at the river, for at least an hour or two after the high tide at thetioocean, but we're seein the water gushing over and i can tell you i was in a very similar situation when i was working new york city and i covered hurricane sandy. we were set up in an inlet in howard beach queens, we were keeping an eye on the river level in that inlet it. wasn't exactly a river next to jfk airport, but you get the
10:38 pm
idea. it was an inlet where people docked their boats and suddenly that water breached the bank in howard beach queens and the next thing we knew it we had to take refuge on the second story of a motel, because that water just rushed in like nobody's business. so obviously we're going to keep an eye on this situation, hope that things say relatively okay, but the fact that water is coming over the banks right now is certainly not a good sign and keep in mind, the storm, hurricane matthew, the brunt of it, still has to make its way here to savannah. greg and arcel. >> you know, joel, it can move so fast, and the -- the water can rise so high. can you pull out a little bit or pan over a little bit camera right and show us more of what the water situation is like and then describe it for us? >> sure. phil, they want to see the river. so just pan right a little bit
10:39 pm
and if you can, pull out. >> reporter: it's obviously real dark here. there's obviously a couple boats more to the dock, and in the river, and people are coming out. these are these old, you know, mississippi steamboat looking type boats so they're coming out to check on them, but obviously that could become an issue, as well as these water levels rise. it's awfully hard to see across the river. there's big westin hotel for anyone who knows the area, and there's kind of a convention center attached to it. maybe two, three hours ago, the lights started flickering there, the alarms went off, so it's hard to hear, but we can hear the dim of an alarm and making it especially erie, realizing this hurricane is slowly, very slowly continuing to make its way towards savannah. you heard fred, the owner of this establishment, he's been closely monitoring local
10:40 pm
forecasts and now they are suggesting that perhaps the eye of the storm will come even closer to savannah than anticipated. so, again, people here, they have not seen this. keep in mind there has not been a direct hit in savannah savannah since 1898, which is really hard to believe when you consider all of these atlantic hurricanes. back in 1999, there was a mandatory evacuation, that was for floyd, but floyd sidestepped savannah at the time and went straight up and v-lined into charleston, creating a lot of mass devastation and some deaths up there. so, you know, again, i said it before, the story early on was the florida coast, but when it is all said and done, and hurricane matthew passed the area, perhaps the story will be in savannah and charleston, and north carolina, as well. so we'll see how it all plays out, guys. >> yeah, poor fred, i think is going to be on the couch tonight. i'm not sure his wife's talking
10:41 pm
to him. are you on -- it looks like you're on a little bridge there, is that about right? >> yeah, fred, we actually started off the day right where that water is flooding. that's where we started. we talked about it. the reason we came up here, we're on a balcony, is because when the winds started to whip around, i know you guys know this from covering hurricanes yourself in severe weather, the garbage cans start the flying, some signs started flying, so we just felt safer up here. taking a look at fred, he's down there assessing the situation. i can tell our good friend is getting awfully nervous right now. this is precisely why authorities and people like the mayor of savannah who i interviewed yesterday, exactly why they say you need to evacuate and listen to these orders, and i'm not trying to throw fred under the bus by any means, but he's just one
10:42 pm
example -- >> fred's well under the bus already, i'm afraid. >> reporter: [ laughter ] his wife already has him there, unfortunately for him, and we've all been there we center to feel for him in that regard. but, in all seriousness, you know, the mayor of savannah and the mayor of tybee island, 18 miles out at sea, there are people out there right now, they were incredulous at the fact people wanted to stay and this is why you need to heed those warnings, greg and arcel. >> that's for sure. hurricanes are sneaky because there's the wind and the rain that you talked about, and there it is. >> you said at one it wasn't there, at 1:42 it wasn't there. joel we'll check back with you, stay safe. donald trump, hillary clinton spent friday off the campaign trail dispatching runs mates and surrogates out to stump while they tried to prep for sunday night's second showdown. clinton and trump will square
10:43 pm
off in the second of three presidential debates. this one, held in st. louis, is a town hall format. half the questions will come from an audience of undecided voters, but half will come from the moderators themselves, and challenge both candidates to connect with voters in a swing state. >> yeah and greg, heading into the debate, clinton holds a two point lead over trump in a four-way race, according to brand-new fox news national polls out friday night. now clinton's lead expands to four points over trump in a head-to-head matchup. she leads 48% to 44%. now, trump, who provided easily baited -- or proved to be easily baited in the first debate heads into sunday already in damage control. an audio clip from 2005 that leaked on friday, trump is overheard discussing women in vulgar and lewd terms.
10:44 pm
the clinton campaign was quick to condemn the remarks tweeting "this is horrific. we cannot allow this man to become president." >> well, trump apologized first in its sort of a if apology. he half apologized in a statement followed by video released around midnight. take a listen to this. >> i've never said i'm a perfect person, nor pretended to be someone i'm not. i've said and done things i regret the and the words released today are one of them. anyone that knows me don't reflect who i am. i said it, i was wrong, and i apologize. i traveled the country talking about change for america, but my travels have also changed me. i've spent time with grieving mothers who have lost their children, laid off workers whose jobs have gone to other countries and people from all walks of life who just want a
10:45 pm
better future. i have gotten to know the great people of our country and i've been humbled by the faith they've placed in me. i pledge to be a better man tomorrow, and will never, ever let you down. let's be honest. we're living in the real world. this is nothing more than a distraction from the important issues we're facing today. we are losing our jobs, we're less safe than we were eight years ago, and washington is totally broken. hillary clinton and her kind have run our country into the ground. i've said some foolish things but there's big difference between the words and actions of other people. bill clinton has actually abused women and hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims. we'll discuss this more in the coming days. see you at the debate on sunday. >> so donald trump says his words that were heard on audiotape do not reflect who he
10:46 pm
is. are those -- you know, clearly vug vulgar and disgusting words the definition of a disgusting man? has he changed? it will be up to voters. >> we did show donald trump in that readsing fr that reading from a prepared statement, but he did say the words i'm sorry, i apologize. >> and we've never heard. >> we've never heard that from donald trump. >> not that you should be credited for saying i apologize, i'm sorry. >> sure. >> and that may be an extreme weakness on his part. >> to not be able to say it? >> right. >> we're not sure how that prepared speech that we just showed you, that video that's going to ease tensions inside the republican party, because already you have republicans including house speaker paul ryan distancing himself from the nominee, trump by the way was scheduled to campaign today in wisconsin with speaker ryan, but
10:47 pm
mike pence will take his place because trump was dis-invited. speaker ryan saying in a statement that he is quote sickened by what he heard and this controversy won't go away by sunday night, you know, setting up the stage for a firery debate, wouldn't you say? >> i would say it will be interesting. the question is, when will somebody ask the question about what did you mean when you said those horrific, horrible, and yes, vile words about a woman? and so the question is, how will he address that? what will hillary clinton say about it? >> right. as of -- as we know now, as of now, trump will be sort of off the campaign sort of hidden this weekend because he is now going to be doing debate prep. so we won't see him until sunday night but i'm sure it's going to come up at the debate, meanwhile governor pence will be out there, speaker ryan will be out there tomorrow -- today, in
10:48 pm
wisconsin, surely they're going to get asked about this. >> yeah, this is not going to go away and the other part of the equation is, that apparently other women are now coming forward. this is like the crack in the dam and all the sudden, it just flows. and there are at least a couple of other women coming forward who are saying he did this to me, and this is not just one incident that's isolated, but a pattern of behavior that is despicable. so we'll wait and see. >> yes, we'll wait and see. meanwhile, all residents of bryan county getting back to this hurricane matthew, all residents of bryan county, georgia, who live east of i-95 have been ordered to evacuate by governor nathan deal. joining us by phone is jason blalock, emergency services division chief for bryan county. chief blalock, did everyone take heed? did they evacuate? >> no, they did not. >> and what sort of problems
10:49 pm
does that cause you? >> i have got several people who are you know stuck in homes, we're having issues right now. we have suspended all emergency services operations as you of 8:00 p.m. this evening due to the sustained tropical storm-force winds we've been experiencing. i have got several calls, texts, faceboo facebook. we're a tall tight-knit community and everybody knows everybody, and as soon as you can get to us, we need some help, we can't get out, you know that type of thing. >> yeah, so chief, how does that -- you know, what do you say to them? how does that make you feel first of all, if your first priority is to keep residents safe, but they put themselves in harms way by not evacuating. what happens when they call into the 911 system? what are they being told? >> actually they're calling into an emergency operations center right now. what they're doing -- honestly,
10:50 pm
it's a helpless feeling because what we do is a laborer of lov and we understand their pain and we do sympathize with them. but you know we have to understand that we have to keep our team members safe so we can safely perform our jobs. >> chief, right now, a part from trying to help the residents over the phone, if you ngsd, what could, who the your other biggest chal snen biggest challenge? >> the other challenge is when the sun comes up, when the storm passes. right now, it's almost directly over our coast right now. like i said, the biggest chal everythi challenge is making sure we've got the assistance we need and the people we need to get to and get our roads up so the ambulances can make those necessary runs. >> chief blalock, i can tell
10:51 pm
this is indeed a labor of love. we wish you the best of luck, sir, thank you. >> hurricane matthew still packing a powerful purchase. our special coverage continues in a moment. n. you grow up wanting to be a lawyer, because your dad's a lawyer. and you land a job with a 401k and meet your wife. you're surprised how much you both want kids, and equally surprised you can't have them. so together, you adopt a little boy... and then his two brothers... and you up your life insurance because four people depend on you now. then, one weekend, when everyone has a cold and you've spent the whole day watching tv, you realize that you didn't plan for any of this, but you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan.
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our special coverage of hurricane matthew continues. we'll be checking in with our correspondents out in the field. >> and we'll check in with the fox extreme weather center to find out where matthew is headed. stay right here with us. >> we'll be right back. guess what guys, i switched to sprint.
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which may make existing kidney problems worse. with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option click to activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. this is a fox news extreme weather alert, hello, thank you for being with us. >> thank you very much. we' matthew eye is now moving north, heading close to the georgia and south carolina coast. a midnight 6:00 a.m. curfew is in effect for savannah as the city gets prepared for the hurricane. rising water is already in


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